Redlands Daily Facts from Redlands, California on May 24, 1965 · Page 7
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Redlands Daily Facts from Redlands, California · Page 7

Redlands, California
Issue Date:
Monday, May 24, 1965
Page 7
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'Fun'... 'Youth Symbol' ... 'Poring' Now about those sports cars... Triumph's Andrews Rootes' Freshney BMC's Whitehead NEW YORK — (NEA) — It; "a car you must drive — one may be the year of the snake;that doesn't drive you. A sports in China, but in the United!car is something beyond basic States it is unmistakably the j transportation, year of the sports car or, at "We 've seen least, the "sporty" car. which are called sports cars Bucket seats, manual trans- that are certainly not. It's missions, «'ire wheels, bigger, what's in tlie driver's mind engines and better handling' more than anything else." qualities are Detroit's contribu-| And JIalcolm A. Freshney, tions to the sports-sporty car-|managing director of Rootes clamor. Sales figures support!Motors, Inc., makers of the Sun- this new interest. ' jbeam Alpine and Tiger, adds: But as any foreign sports cari "A sports car as a youth sym-, enthusiast will tell you, bucket bol makes the older man feel zip up in seconds. Triumph and seats and wire wheels do notjyoung and darmg and makeS;MG offer airconditionmg. The a sports car make. Consequent-'the younger man feel sophisti-iSunbeam Alpine can be bought ly, despite the impact of rakish J caled and worldly." «roncmiccinn American sporty models, Euro-j Once, tlie owner of a sports pean automakers—largely Bri-;car had to be a nature lover tish—still have a corner on thCjOn the side. Drafts from tlie car market. I ill-fitting lop and side curtains were commonplace. The ride was jouncy. You couldn't pull the ismglass curtains right down a lot of tilings!in case of a change in the weather and you were often drenched. The owner also had to know how to tinker with an engine for which parts weren't easily available. All this has changed. Though die-hards grumble, t o d a y's sports car is comfortable, windows can be rolled up and tops we were there first." sports There are perhaps 450,000! sports cars growling along our roads today; some 70,000 units were sold last year and importers predict a rise of about 20 per cent in 1965. What, exactly, is a sports car? The Sports Car Club of America offers this definition: "Any quality car which was built primarily for sports motoring as opposed to mere transportation. In other words, any car which rates higher than average in construction and engineering and which, preferably, has open body work." American automakers might reasonably argue that their cars fit that definition. Chris Andrews, president of Standard-', ministers when they meet in Triumph Motor Co., makers of i Paris ne.xt week. The mam with automatic transmission. And the Tiger features a V-8 engine built by Ford. What have the successful Mustang and Corvette done to the European sports car market? The mustached British auto trio of Andrews, Freshney and Whitehead agree that the two cars have helped it. Says Andrews: "The Mustang is certainly introducing more and more people to sports cars. It is, I think, also stimulating Detroit to produce cars in the European tradition. "Ford has spent millions promoting its sporty car and this promotion will make people the foreign news-want to take a look at a real sports car." Adds Whitehead: "The more people are conditioned to bucket seats and four-on-the-floor, the more people will be brought into our area of mterest. AJter all, And Freshney: "The Mustang, unquestionably, has had a beneficial effect on our market. We're naturally in favor of anything that educates people in sports cars. That's why can be happy — but envious about the acceptance of the Volkswagen. Small cars are no longer unusual." One problem which has Ion beset imported car manufacturers is the lack of dealers and parts depots in the United States. This defect will soon be hcked, the three auto men maintain. BMC and Triumph have dealers in all major cities, -with Rootes moving in fast. BMC has an IBM computer in its main parts warehouse at Ridgefield, N. J., which maintains the inventory, takes orders and triggers shipments almost momentarily. Rootes uses a subsidized air freight system. Johnson reveals climate control progress WASHINGTON — President Johnson told Congress today that "substantial progress" has been made in developing scientific means of changing the nation's weather and climate, but "the pace has been too slow." "To advance the rate of progress," Johnson said in a statement, "an effort of larger scope and direction is needed both m conducting basic research and in develophig means to put the knowledge to work." The presidential message accompanied an annua! report of the National Science Foundation on weather modification during the present fiscal year which was sent to Congress. The report, \vhich surveyed research developments in weather alteration by various federal and commercial agencies as well as foreign governments, said that unless "higher national priority" is placed on this research, "the full potential of weather modification will probably take a long time." Example of weather modifica- the Sob Hope has own way of explaining Viet Nam By VERNON SCOTT United Press International HOLLYWOOD (UPD— Bob Hope, all-time favorite of American servicemen, has joined the skirmish between United States foreign policy and college stu dents who criticize our role in Viet Nam. The comedian recently re turned from a series of fundraising appearances, many of them at colleges. Among his stops were the Universities of Illinois, Indiana and Southern Methodist. He made speeches about col- lego kids objecting to the war m Viet Nam, using gags to get his point across. "It's so nice and peaceful to be on a campus like this," he told students. "But I remember when students had something to say they wanted to stand up and be counted. Now they want to sit down and he carried. "Most of the campuses out my way are battle zones." On Both Fronts Hope is one of the few men who has been on" both fronts,: the one in Viet Nam and the involving protesting students. He told college crowds; "1 the University of California at Berkeley (UCB). "The only four-letter word they haven't used on that campus is 'soap'." Also Played Golf Hope's recent tour began as a simple mission of mercy to raise money for a variety of charitable causes. He played golf with Jack Nicklaus at Columbus, Ohio, and produced $35,000 for the American Cancer Society. In Cincinnati he raised $50,000 for the Bob Hope House, an institution for delinquent boys. He made a personal appearance in Norrislown, Pa., for a Redlands Daily Facts Monday, May 24, 1965 -7 crippled children's fund, inspiring three grants worth S30.000 plus another 525,000 at the Philadelphia Arena. The comedian moved on to Huntington, W. Va., and raised another 530,000 for the Cammack Children's Home. Another goU match—this time with Jackie Burke, Phil Harris and Jimmy Demaret—realized ?15,000 for Houston's St, Joseph's Hospital. And at Dallas he broke ground for a new building at Southern Methodist University and donated $800,000 of his own money. All m all he raised close to a quarter-million dollars—n o t counting his own donations — during the two-week trip. tion according to the report i^gi^g^j j^ll^j in Viet would include; rain-niaking for This Announcement Is Neither An Offer To Sell Nor A Solicitation To Buy These Securities. That Offer Is Made By The Prospectus. Temple Baptist Church of Redlands, California REDLANDS, CALIFORNIA $200,000 FIRST MORTGAGE SERIAL SINKING FUND BONDS 6Tc By DONALD R. SHANOR United Press International Notes from cables; NATO Problem: French opposition to U. S. NATO policy will mean tough 'going for the alliance's drought-stricken or arid areas, cloud-seeding techniques to increase snowfall, fog penetration, hail suppression, and turbulence investigation. SERVES AS PAGE LONDON (UPD — Viscount Linley, three-year-old son of Prmcess Margaret and Lord Snowdon, was a page boy at the wedding Sunday of his father's half-brother Martin Parsons, and Aline MacDonald. Nam. They know what they're fighting for—to preserve our' way of life. But a lot of the people who are doing the pick- iting don't seem to understand, what the war is all about." Hope added, "Those men out there are gallant citizens whoj are making things safe and secure at home. However, I found! that most of the college kids are pretty right-thinking." He said that instead of going overseas to entertain our troops next Christmas he might visit Maturities: Semi-annually from 6 months to 14 years. Denonimations; $5,000, S1,000. $500, $250 and SIOO. Interest paid semi-annually on January 1 and July 1 at the principal office of the Crocker-Citizens National Bank, San Francisco, California. For Copy of Prospectus Write Guaranty Bond & Securities Corporation P.O. BOX 90786 Los Angeles, California 90009 Or Call Night 792.1S3S Day 793-1665 REDLANDS, CALIFORNIA Triumph, says a sports car is primarily a " 'fun' car for people who are looking for a vehicle that is personal, attractive, reliable, rugged and performs exceptionally well. If a person simply wants to go from A to B, he can take a bus or a chrome-garnished Detroit product. But if ho wants to have fun doing it, he ought to look at a sports car." Graham Whitehead, executive point at issue is France's view that Allied nuclear policy leaves Europe too dependent on the United States. There seems little likelihood of making much headway. The meetings will b kept lop secret. Summer Sessions: Signs from Geneva indicate the 17-nation disarmament conference will resume its meetings there during the summer, possibly late in June. Western NEW CREDIT CARD FT. L.A.UDERDALE, F1 a. (UPI) — A. new all-purpose credit card is being launched by Credit Card Acceptance Corporation, according to J. C. Behringer, president. The Gold Medal credit cards will be honored initially by approximately 3,000 member establishments in more than 40 states. Behringer believes that this feature will revolutionize t h e credit card industry. Nationalist Cftinese say Reds moving equipment vice president of the British J officials say Moscow's concilia- Motor Corp. (it produces Mitory altitude toward approach- G and Austin-Healy), says it' from the West and neutral I nations indicates it is ready to return to the conference table. But the Russians have made it clear they feel the conference will not accomplish much. Petroleum and Protocol: A Paris visit by Algerian President Ahmed Ben Bella is in the works, but will not be made until agreemnt is reached on the future of French oil fields in the Sahai-a. In any event it will be handled discreetly to avoid demonstrations by the thousands of European refugees from Algeria now in Paris. A country site- possibly the Ch a t e a u de Champs, 25 miles to the east- will be cliosen as Ben Bella's meeting place with President Charles de Gaulle. Belgian submits his resignation BRUSSELS fUPI) — Premier Theo Lefevre went to the royal palace today to submit the resignation of his Cathohc-Socialist cabinet after results from Sun day's parliamentary elections showed the coaltion parties had lost majority control of the lower house. The returns gave the opposition Liberal party a record 48 seats in the 212-seat House of Representatives and pared the coalition parties down to a combined 141 seats. The Catholics and Socialists needed 142 seals to pass the constitutional reforms on which the Lefevre gov crnment had staked its life. The heaviest losers were the Socialists who took only 64 seats as compared to 84 in the former house. Lefevre's Catholic Social Christian party, with 77 seats, remained the largest single party. But with the loss of 19 seats, it fared only slightly better than its Socialist partners with whom it had ruled Belgium since 1961. The biggest gainer was (he rightwing Liberal party which picked up 20 seats. The Flemish Nationalist People's Union picked up five seats for a total of 12. The Communist party also showed surprising gains, capturing six seals for a gain of two. Socialist Foreign Minister Paul Henri Spaak told a television audience Sunday night that the results showed "a victory of the extremists." "We have been beaten both on our right and on our left." Spaak said. "It will now be more difficult than ever to find moderate solutions to our problems ... I am concerned about the future of our country." TAIPEI, Formosa (UPD- Nationahst Chinese intelligence officers said today Communist China has been moving military equipment toward its border with North Viet Nam in the past two weeks. The move was seen as a feint by the Peking regime to frighten the United States away from any plans it may have for expanding the war in Viet Nam rather than a step toward outright Chinese intervention. In London, the Sunday Express reported that Communist China is stepping up a vast movement of troops, rockets, guns and ammunition toward the Vietnamese border. ^ In a dispatch from Hong''^ and stated they were un Kong. Express correspondent!^^^'^re of disruptions of rail Geoffrey Tliursby said the build on high-flying U2 reconnaissance planes operating over the Chinese mainland and observers on the ground. They said that there was no need for Communist China to move additional troops into the border area. As long as three months ago, the Chinese were reported to have increased border garrisons to about 200,000 men and to have stationed an air division of 150 planes on Hainan Island in the Gulf of Tonkin. The island is less than 100 miles from the Vietnamese coast. The Nationalist officials said they had no knowledge of any large troop movements recent Redlands Store Converfibl© Studso Scofchgard Custom Slip Cover! luper Value! First Time With Firm Mattresses & Bolsterl Bed With up was so intense that the railway line between Peking and Canton was closed to civiUan traffic two weeks ago. Military officials here base their intelUgence information Malaysia Markets: Malaysia is expected to complain that its cotton textile quota from Britain lags too far suppHers, India, Pakistan, and Hong Kong. But the Malaysians know they are far too dependent on Britain's military support in the dispute with Indonesia to provoke a serious quarrel over the cotton issue. TREASURE HOUSE Your unused furniture or appliances will find a ready market through Classified Ads. Cage opener cau^t MIA.MI (UPI)-A 25-year-oId man Sunday ran through a "Jungleland" zoo yelling "I'm savmg us from the animals." Fifteen policemen didn't be- heve him. They caught him after a 30-mmute chase near a raccoon cage. He had been opening the doors to cages occupied by chickens, ducks, goats and baboons. "Oh well, this is show business," said zoo operator Tommy Dale. Buying something big? PUT YOUR CAR IN EXPERT HANDS. Wa guaronlee yo(i quality, reliabis service and repair backed by years rn the aufO' motive business. Your Olds. — Vo/vo Dealer HARRY & LLOYD, Inc. 200 W. State Ph. 793-2371 Apply for an HFC Big Purchase Loan We're not recommending you buy an elephant. 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