Ukiah Daily Journal from Ukiah, California on August 15, 1890 · Page 3
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Ukiah Daily Journal from Ukiah, California · Page 3

Ukiah, California
Issue Date:
Friday, August 15, 1890
Page 3
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DISPATCH AMI DEMOCRAT. FIUDAY.. AI'OI.'.ST 15, 1800. C'lllIRCII USTIAN CIIUKCII niir.iSTiAS CIIUKCII - rinui' iiurTox, ~\J P«»lor. Soi -vices every Lord's day nt 11 A. -'M. and 7:110 I*. >i. Sunday school ut ii;i.-> A.M. •DttrWYTElttAS Clll'P.r:!I-I. N. WATKtt- -X man. pastor. Services everytsuiidiiy at II . and fi i*- M. flumltiy Sell""! nt J2:l/i. A Sad Death. i it 55i^- At a quarter after :> o'clock, Tuesday Rnfternonti, Mrs. Alice Thompson, the Innllinor, passed from earlh. Tliu an­ il ltouneempnt of hcrdcntli caused u tliriil of ff 8adno .su and deep reyrot to patSB along tlie $ street in which her place of business linn ? been located for HO iniiny yearn, and 1 among her nearer friendB many a tear of Borrow was shed. It had been known for hours that little hope remained in the breasts of the anxious watchers by her liedBido and people passed the store with a silent tread uetokoning the sadness of respect for the dying woman. She had been taken sick but ten daya before and •! until last Friday her case w:is not thought 5j to be serious. Tho dreaded typhoid jj which had tirst prostrated her was being 5 steadily, but successfully overcome up to ; that time, when peritonitis set in and iior condition became most.serious. l)cs- pite the efforts made to check the progress of the disease, she becamo gradually 2 worse and au hour to so before her death an operation wan porformed ns being the one meagre chance left forsaving her life. She died surrounded by the broken hearted members oi her family, all save one, her sister Mrs. N. .Shotlio, of IJkinh, who arrived loo late to gaze on the face ' of the sntl'erer while yet the warm touch of life lingered over the features. Mrs. Alice Thompson was born in Ukiah, Mendocino county, in lS.iT. In 1870, at San Louis Obispo, sho married •John Thompson. Death robbed her of •her loved husband in 1882. Soon after | . Ahat great sorrow fell upon her she started m business in this city, and had lived hare ever since. .She was a bright, in- tellijgent and energetic business woman • unddrew to her a host of friends who, be . it said, never found occasion to alter' • their relationship toward her. The ipiali- i J' e!11 '' ties which exalt women to tho highest j Joe Jacobs' Shaving Parian is tho best sphere in the estimation of mankind were I placein town to get a shave, hair cut, hers, am! to those who held her most | shampoo or anything else in tho tonsoriul -.dear ft'.ic waa known as n woman oi warm ; linn. * and loving heart, charitable to a fault! Taylor Day went to Snn Francisco laHt and considerate to a noble degree. Her | Sunday. He will attend the Democratic McDonald's is the best, hotel in Westport. Everything bough* and Rold at. \V. A Holl'nian's. > !l Buy your mea(» at .raniisnn & Obarr's, City .Vu'rkel. *>> Siberian Arctic Soda—best, quality—nt Geo. Jamison's. { (i. II. Scott, of Cleone, was registered nt the Grand last Friday. CmcKicss WASTED — 7f>0, two-thirds grown. \V. A. Ilotl'man. 1:1 0. K. Johnson, of the Kort X!rngg Ued- wood Co., was in town last Sunday. Prom I lo 125 shares of II kinh IJnnk stock (or sale. Apply to .1. It. Donohoe.* .T. II. Hughes and wife left the fore part of thi« week for San Joso" to visit friends. Timp is money. Ibty a watch of King and yon will have. lime. Next door to posloflice. a) I\ M. Mason, oi Pkiaii, W.IH one of the bidders for tho carpenter work on the asylum building. f.'aplain Bulger, Pilot Commissioner of San Francisco, spent last Friday and Saturday in Ukiah. A young daughfor of II.Boyle, of Leonard Lake, toll from u porch last Friday and broke her arm. Draperies, corpots and wall paper of the latest designs at Evorsole'fl furniture store, F.aglo block. * Nothing can exceed the delightful, refreshing effect of a glass of Jamison's Siheriaa Arctic Soda. } Sheriff" Standley took two insane persons—Mrs. Hor'con and .Tames Hansen— to Agnews last Friday. Col. Con O'Conner, of San Francisco, was in town last Saturday on his return home from Saratoga Springs. Jamison & Ohnir will supply you with the very choicest meals at all times. City Market, north side of court house- 41 There are n largo number of tourists nt Mendocino State Asylum Bids. Vichv Si prings. This beautiful and desirable resort increases in popularity every Bids for the construction of tho Mendocino State Asylum and for furnishing materal for the same were opened at the ofliee of Yell & Soawell, in Ukiah, last Monday. Following nio the bids that were put in: MAHONHY WORK. A MeKlroy McClowcu & Butler C Herrier V Jourdati Shaln it Hoffman Richardson it Gim CAKPKNTMt WORK. K M Mason 190,000 1110,000 206,700 1110,000 111 1.100 l'JI Mil A MeKlroy Ilfitcmau Urns. . Alex L Campbell. R -McKillioaii 1» Williamson J lti-k J .1 Lawton FrlU vt Keim . Corwlu A Robert* J K Froderor W ••r.inln The lowest are: Masonry work Carpenter work bids • t 1-'1.1M . 1I«,S26 1111,090 llr .,!><l0 $ '-"i.fillO 1M,1»0 21,175 J !>l,!>f.7 .. . 17,02!) . . . 'jo.smii in pilch department $ 190 000 11.1 9110 l'luiflbiDV! • '21,175 Kooflog 17,!Wf> LOCAL KEWS. Total $ 3'H,690 Owing to the absence of Messrs. K. W. King and T. L. Carothers. members of the Board of Directors, the contracts! W. B. Griggs, of Santa Rosa, formerly were not awarded, and August the iifith i of Saratoga Springs, was in l.'kiah last has been appointed as the time for ] Saturday. This Space Is Reserved For TEMPLET0N Watch for His Advertisement. -death was a severe blow to her mother, Bisters and brother, by whom she was uloli /.ed, and the spnipnthy of ihe community is with them in (heirdeepsorrow. JSho leaves a daughter aged 8 years, a rn'Sther, Mrs. M. 10. Graeter, a brother, Henry Graeter, and four sislers, Mrs. W. It. Phelps, of Los Angeles, Mrs. N. Shot- iie, of Ukiah, Mrs. C. D. T. Johnson and Miss Ida Graeter of this city.— .Sanla Jio/a Oemocvnt. i .'iivention at San Jose before he Round Valley, was He went to Sac- liepublicnn State Challenge Ohum Power. Mr. II. W. Sniith, of Henldsburg, has arrived here with tho celebrated Challenge Churn Power, for which he is the ' sole agent for Mendocino county. This is tho simplest, cheapest and best churn power that has ever been placed on tho ^market. Mr. Smilb has given several .exhibitions of this power since his arrival .here, and the many people who have ween it say that it is tho very best thing Sat that line they have ever seen. Owing to thp peculiarity of its motion it mnkes butter quicker than any other power, and is worked much easier. It is really a marvel, .and has to be seen to be appreciated. The price of the power is only |8.50 and Mr. Sniith will furnish (free of charge) afhurn to accompany it. Mr. Smith will canvas this vicinity within the next few weeks. Persons buying •churning to do cannot afford to do with- iout one oi these powers. * As Official Visit. District Deputy Grand Matron, Mrs. Iteit, of Healdsburg, paid an oflieiiil visit •to 'Hose Chapter, O. E. S., of Santa Rosa, lust Monday evening. Tho following uwnnkers of Kingsley Chapter, O. 10. S., of Ukiah, were present: Mrs. Archibald Yell, Mrs. W. A. Hugnns, Mrs. W. M. Hagans, Mrs. L. T. Day. Mrs. Hale McCowen, Mrs. 8. W. Jlaskett, Mrs. O. Hofman, Mrs. Thos. Charlton, Mrs. J. M. Standley, Mrs. J. 11. Saunders, Capt. W'm. Isbell, Dr. G. \V. Stout. A Note From Potter. To "Observe Her," tho correspondent in the Republican Press: I want it fairly understood that tho "Singing Bird" is not afraid of a mob. She is not of the "scary" kind. The Tomki parrot or Denver cyclono are not to be feared. As for ihe ladies, they do not class them- eelvos with parrots. If the Tom Id parrots do not mind their own business, they had better, or they will be made do so. Tunny. Potter Valley Aug. I2lh, 1S90. Battle of Gettysburg- and Miuoum. The Panorama of the celebrated Battle of Gettysburg and Museum, corner Market and 10th Hlrocts, San Francisco, fs <:arryiug the town and Stalo by storm. Like tho Cliff House and Golden Gate I 'ark, it is regarded ns one of the groat attractions of i he city to see. It is located just one block irom MeclrmicH' Pavillion, the headquarters of the Native Sons in September. Camp Meeting. Tho Anderson Valley eomp-meef ing will begin August 22d ro .d continue over two Sundays. Great preparations are being made. Kminont ministers aro expected, ltov. T. A. Atkinson, of Ukiah, and Rev. T. II. B. Anderson, of Santa Itosa, among them. Good restaurant and feed yard for the accommodation of the public. Come one, come all. P. Mii .Mticvros, P. C. Take Cnra I Tlmre la DftnB«r III allow I lift Inactivity of tho kldn/ya logroiv through neglect. The deadly HUOUIH O( Jirlglu's •ul»ea«e and diabeteH will \yrook iho godly bark <.( health it It Is allowed to drill riHlilerlcss iijioii thorn. T (U< bladder, too, If Iimoth'e, and Jndl- ulovix medication dne:i not speedily dlreel the littlni toward tliu port of safety, wili be whelmed by tho quU'k«aud of r»l*eH«». la feleellnir a dlurelle, let your ohoUre-fjill upon Ho.stelter's titomtw!) Illltem, widen ttlmulHtea die venal organs without frrllutiuir *iid uxelliuir Iheni, I wo iiifuilH io lie ii|i|iri!lietid«l /row th« iimnedl- esfed Hllinnll lnrtfely rcnoncil lo. 'f hew h ;jva a loiidiiiiiv to renin prejudieinlly. The llitlur* liivlKoriiie the kidneys iiud Ihe bladder, In common ulih Ihe iien'o. and Ihe dluenllvu orK«u». And no aa 't .nl liuiinn aid. It also iill'nrUN dual iutlMmice la iirevenllng mid eurhut Intermit- tuut and rauiilluiit tever. UUilousnen. constl- patlou »nfl/beiuo »U9i .u It also subjugates. Stale (.' relurns. II. A. Kldred, and wife, of Round Valley, who were visiting Dr. W. N. Mooro and wife, left for homo Inst Saturday. Will Melendoy, of in town last Saturday ramenlo to attend the i Convention. Tho Fort Bragg Redwood Co. talk of using horses exclusively in tho woods in" stead of oxen, claming that they do better and faster work. "When tho warm days of summer come, gentle Annie," ask vour fellow to treat yon to some Ice Cream Soda, at Geo. Jamison's. § J. F. Clark, Sunerintendent of the Navarro Mill Co., was in L'kiah last Monday. He leit for San Francisco on Iho afternoon train. Rev. I. N. Waterman is taking his vacation, and there wil,' bo no service in the Presbyterian Church until the second Sunday in September. In the way of fine edge tools for carpenters and farmers, as also pocket cutlery, you will find Ihe most complete assortment at Brunner's, at boltoin prices. « The Cloverdale Reveille snys tho place known as the Carpenter runch of 400 acres owned by Humphrey Myors was sold to C. K. Leavitt, of Mendocino county. The pupils of Gnskill school, in their respect for their late teacher,Miss Fannie Forsythe, whose death ocenred the 2'Jnd tilt., have raised the flag at half mast for thirty days over their school house. II. W. Sniith, of Healdshtirg has purchased the right for Mendocino county of the famous Challenge Churn Power, and will commence a tour of the county for the purpose of soiling the same about the 1st oi August. tf The Henldsburg Tribune, says: "It. F. Davis, "Dick," son oi Dr. 10. P. Davis of of this city, has accepred a situation in the Magnolia Hotel, of Santa Rosa, as clerk and on last Monday loft here to ass- timo his duties there." The Davises were formerly of Willits in this county. Bill Nye writes to the bald-headed man who asks for his advice ou bajr restoratives as follows: "Take your hair restorative motiey and buy a town lot in a' growing town that supports its home paper and advertises, and go abend, and you will bo fixed, and the man svbo is fixed dou't care whether he has any hair or nol." The Mendocino Beacon says: "The Sonoma county canneries are calling for help. Hero is a chance for tho idlo men and women." There is no necessity for them to go to Sonoma county. The hop picking season has just started over here in tho volloya, and a!! your idle men and women enn find employment |n tho bop fields. Deputy Postmaster Caylatt, of Willits, whom we mentioned last week as being very low with pneumonia,died onWednes- day evening, tho 6th inst. Deceased had resided In WOlita a little over a year, during which time h« made twirj.y friends by whom ho was highly respeetfld. Ho leave!! a wife and one child to mouru his loss. Sir. and Mr.'i. Gordon Baeohtel, of Willits, bad the misfortune to lose their only child—a lieautiful little girl 14 month old—lust Saturday morning after a few hours illness. The little ono was the light and joy of its home, and a universal iavorito oi the neighborhood. Us death was a sad blow to tho parents, who have tho sympathy of the community in their bereavement. .1. M, Magoo, Iho druggist, wishes to remind his patrons thot it is a dangeroiiB policy to wait until taken sick before buying a bottle of Chamber lutu'tt Colic, Cholera anil Diarrhoea Romndy. Kvery family should bo provided with some reliable remedy for bowel complaints, ready for Immediate use, wheuovor required, during Iho summer mouths, and this remedy \t> ijp.quesilonably far superior to any other, U can always be depended upon, and is pleaniint and suta to take. It is | put up in 25 and 00 cent boUJea. awarding them. Before the contracts are awarded, however, some reductions will be made in the amount of work to he done, in order to bring tho expenditure within tho limits of the appropriation of •350,000 less $50,000 reserved for site, bringing in water, and other incidental expenses. It is expectod that this will be done by leaving ono wing {incomplete iu the interior, leaving tho upper stories of the laundry, kitchen and bakery buildings unfinished, and a few other details. Work will commence as soon as contractn are let. Mr. McKillican, who will undoubtedly get the contract for carpenter work, stales that he will purchase his lumber in Ukiah and also have all the work done here that he can possibly get done. Hu will also employ all the good workmen that he can get bore. Messrs. Me- Gowen A Butler and Mr. Jordan, who have put in the lowest bids for masonery work, also announce their intention to give our local institutions and our people everything they can. It will thus be seen that the construction of the asylum building means lots oi" work for the mechanics of I'kiah. Shipping- Wood. Look ahead and you wi soon need an Imperial plow. Brunner's. Messrs. Mcl'cnk, Miller, an and their families, have returned from the coast. A splendid new stock oi furniture will bo found at tho new furniture store in Eagle block. * Robert M Fruit Sales. Last Monday Judge^lelinrvey sold to tho Stnr Dried Fruit Co., of Healdsburg. Gibson and Miss F.lta C. I ll' e entire crop of prunes in his orchard, Williamson, both of Ukinh were married j i l,st " P ' 0 "' town, for L" 3 ' cents a pound last Saturday. j delivered on board the cars) at Ukiah. ' Have vou'fonnd out what the number 1 Tho Jl ">' 1 ' hafl twe,u - v aure9 in « ood b, ' ,,r •170 means? Look on Slate street. There 1 1 "« ,V ™ ^"»»>PH the crop at 80 tons, aro votes in it. I He *»» thoroiore f '**'>•*> »•* ' ll0 I'"" duce of his orchard. I ho gentleman who purchased I hem offered $.>0d0 for the crop on the trees. .1. It. Donoboe, last Monday, sold the iruit crop in the SVagonscller orchard, LOCAL NEWS. $50 for "Justice.' J. S. Reed and daughler, Miss Susie | of Long Valley, have been visiting in town this week. The Point Arena Jiword says that the burning o[ the Navarro Mill baa thrown 200 men out of employment. Fon SAI.K -A good driving horso; will work double or single. Also a two-seated buggy. Inquire at this office. • | ' owned by tho S. F. & N. P. Ry. Win. Van Allen, of Healdsburg, purchased tho Bartlett pears at $45 a ton for first class and %'i0 a ton for second class; tho prunes at $40 a ton, choice plums at $20 a ton Messrs. Copeland A Pierce, t?io arclii-! "•»<•'• mix«<t plums sit $10 a ton, delivered tecls of the Mendocino Stale Asylum,were j llt Healdsburg, purchaser to furnish the in town the fore pint of the week. ; boxes. T. S. Merchant, of the Magnolia Freight Superintend- For the best, stoves and ranges go to Brunner's. The Superiors are the leading ones everywhere. Prices way down.« Miss Amos, of San Francisco W. H. Menton ent of the S. F. A N. P. Ry., was in I been visiting the past six weeks with Ukiah the latter part of last week making ! M rH . W. A. Hoffman, returned home on arrangements for the extensive shipment] Wednesday, of wood from this vicinity to San Francisco. In conversation with Mr. Menton ho informed us that his proposition was as follows: Ii be can secure the shipment i of several thousand cords of wood in such a manner that he can transport it in train-loads, he will put tho freight down to the same figures as aro given shippers at Guerneville and other points on the lower end of the line. Tho rate will be about $1.75 per cord for redwood and fir, and$i'.25 per cord for oak. This arrangement places our wood men in tho San Francisco market in the most 'favorable circumstances, as our wood is quoted as the very best, and will bring the highest prices. Of course these arrangements cannot be perfected unless tho shipmen'.s are made on a large scale. This would enable the railroad to transport the wood in through irain losda, thereby not interfering with Ihe regular mixed freight traffic. In 6fMer to further assist our wood tnen in this enterprise,- the railroad company has made arrangements whereby money will be advanced on tho wood as it Is piled at the railroad track. We hope to see the ranchers in this vicinity having wood for sale tako hold of this proposition. It would make a ureal deal of business, and would bring into the vicinity a large sum of ready cash. Persons deririug further particulars can secure all information on the subject by applying to J. II. Donohoe, or Station Agent Johnson. Cannery, Healdsburg, purchased the mixed pears at $10 a ton. We understand that Dr. King nni offered a good prico for the fruit in his orchard across the river. It is principally prunes, and he intends to dry them himself. The Bartlett Brickyard. We made a short visit Inst Friday to the Bartlett brick yard which is located close to tho si!e of the Mendocino Slate Insane Asylum. The yard has been in operation about two months, and we were surprised to find that about 1,200,000 brick had been made, 200,000 of which had been burned. II. is Ihe intention to manufacture 8,000,000, all of which will he required for tho asylum buildings. The brick are of lirst class quality. The work of making theni has been somewhat retarded by the fact that water ior making them has had to be hauled from the creek in barrels. This has been obviated by the introduction of a water power and pipe system which has recently been put in by F. Brunner, oi Ukiali. \rni^> w -r lei i„ i A gentleman hv the name of Wallace Major W. f. \\ hitton, who roeentlv re- 1 . . . . , ,, ., , >„-„^i r*ti* i 11 ' .i ., i haB charge of the yard, and he evidently turned irom an extended Inpio the north-; , ,. , . ., .i „ .i 1 understands his business if we may ern part oi tho .>tate, has gone to Napa! . . , , . , , , , „„„.,,„ i • ,- ., , , ! judge from the success that has attended county to visit Ins lamilv, who are spend-: . J > - • ' '• the work. Just, at present about 12,000 bricks aro being made daily, hot as soon as work comuionoos on the asylum tho output will be considerably increased. who ha .i The celebrated Buckeye Pump is being more and more appreciated, so easy to work, and durable, and a big premium in case of lire. •"• T. A. Templeton has gone to Snn Francisco to lay in a fine stock of goods, and will be ready for business shortly. He- serve your orders for him. Win. Van Allen, the well-known fruit ninn of Healdsburg, wns in Ukiah the fore narl of this week, buying all the fruit he could get hold of. Why swelter over a big cook stove when you can do your cooking with comfort, on a gasoline stove. Can be had of all sizes and prices at Brunner's. We are sorry to bear of the loss sustained by Mr. and Mrs. C. Toney, of Redwood Valley, in the death of their baby, which occurred on Tuosday night. ing the summer ther» Win. Hanen, of Mendocino liearan staff was married on the third inst., to Miss Nettie Collins, of Mendocino. The Dis- G. K. "White, of Round Valley, is in town. There Avns quite a thick fog in the Valley yeHtarday morning. We had a pleasant call on Wednesday from Z. P. Millington, of Boonville. II. M. Serr, returned on Wednesday from a business trip to San Francisco. M>R . T. L. Carothers iH spending a week in San Francisco and Sacramento. A. W. Boyd, the liveryman, of Mendocino, was in town on Tuesday and Wednesday. Ice cream daily by the gallon, pint or dish at Ed. Geilsdorf's City Bakery and Confectionery. 33-tf Land for sale in lots lo suit purchaser, on easy te-ms. Inquire of W. J. Hildreth, Ukiah Valley. « Orr's Hot Springs is enjoying a boom this summer. The place is crowded with guests all the time. Go to Jamison & Obarr's for choicest meats of all kinds. City side of court house. 4 s The purest materials and finest flavors aro used by Geo. Jamison in the manufacture of his delicious Soda. t I). Vincent and family, of Willits, returned home Wednesday from a few weeks' visit to Duncan Springs. J. N. Ren, tho Republican nominee for Supervisor from the 3d District, waB iu Ukiah the fore part of tho week. Mrs. J. H. Carothers, accompanied by lOniTOK DJSIMTCH-DKMOCRAT :— Sir: —Seeing a false statement in your paper of August 8, signed " Justice," referring to my article in regard to a lire in ltiley Valley on the 25th day of July, I ask permission to make tho following sworn statement: About 3 p. M. on Friday, July 25, 1S00, fire was set in tiie brush near the north end of Riley Vallev, which fire reached the grass in the valley about ti i: M. I fought the fire until 8 i\ making two hours, when 1 discovered a fire raise near the middlo of the valley, half a mile distant from me and near the house nnd bam. I hastened to that fire and fonght. it with n wot sack until 3 A. M . Saturday before 1 got it under control, at which hour I rode hastily after Larkin Kelsey and Ben Daly, who were at the old lady Kelsey's cabin about a mile and a half distant. The two gentlemen came and stayed with me until after daylight and then went home. I saw tho fire was going lo get beyond my control. I then Market north i wet, t back a second time nt 9 \. M . after ' Kelsey and Daly and offered them $10 n day to stay with me for as much as two days. They had other business and could not stay. 1 succeeded in getting them to stay and help me burn the grass from around the house, which took about an hour. I paid them $5 for the hour's work. On Sunday I and Henry Ortman, of Hopland, fought the fire at the house and bam all day. The buildings have about 12,000 feot of lumber in them. M'o saved the buildings, but the grass burned Notice to Road Contractors. her children, has gone to Point Arena to ; all around them. About 300 acres of visit her parents, M'. and Mrs. D. Tanner, j grass burned. The pine timber I referred 10d DeCamp, of Willits, passed through ' io < mostly lies northwest of the valley, Ukiah on Sunday en route to Saeramonto j ftm ' is ' n School Section of Tp 14 N. R 11, to attend the Republican State Conven-! M D nnd belongs to the Stale and is tion. 1 unsurvoyod. W. W. Herrod, formerly a congrai uia- Died in the Calaboose. PATCH extends its warmest, lions to the happy pair. A Mrs. Horton was brought over from I Boonville lust Friday morning charged) On Saturday a man, giving Ids name as with insanity, .she was examined by | Hiram It. Lawson, came into Ukiah from Dis. Bond and .Moore, who - ( ,ronouneed i Hpr,p& Reynolds' mill and In the evening her insano, and Judge McGarvoy commit- ' Hops. Judge McGarvey sold sixty bales of bops last Monday ior 20 cants a pound. D. Pitner aisosold sixty bales at the same time for 20 cents a pound. The Santa Rosa Republican sayB: Captain Grosso thinks that the Santa Rnsii district will produce about 5,500 hales of hops thjs year. Lnst year it produced 0,700 bales. Prices this voiv, however, aro much higher than they were last year. At a recent meeting of tho Sonoma County Hop-growers' Association it wns resolved that any momber violating the new tare rule of 3,'jj pounds per bale shall bo subject to a fine of $!00 and .expulsion irom tlio Association. The following cablegram was received by .fudge McGarvoy ou Tuesday, from W. H. & II. LeMay, Hop Factors, London, England: " LONDOV , Aug. 12, 1890, Judge AfcCj>fr<:ey ;—Market js rising and excited. )'<I:MAV, At a meeting of the Mendocino Hop- Growers' Association, held in Ukiah on Monday, August 11th, the following resolutions were adopted; ReHolt'etl, That wo request the Stato Association of California to make all necessary arrangements for haying the tare on hops reduced from 7 poiimls to HSi; pounds per bale, nnd that they use iili honorable means for that pnr|w>se. Resolved, That tho price for hop-picking for tho year 1800 shall not exceed one cent per pound to Indians nnd Chinamen and one dollar and ton emits p><r hundred {rounds of green hops to white folks. | tei1 her to Agnews Insane Asylum. W. P. Thomas and wife arrived home began drinking pretty heavy, On Sunday he was arrested for drunkenness and lined $7. He paid his fine, but continued last, Monday from a visit to San Francis- j driukiug, and on Tuesday was again arrested and put in the calaboose. HE was taken sjck there, but it was not thought that he was In a dangorous condition. On Wednesday afternoon, however, upon entoring the calaboose, Deputy-Marshal Carothers found him dead. Dr. Bond, County Coroner, he|d an quest oyer thp body on. Wpdrieaday evening, and the jury returned a verdict that (he deceased came to hjs death from in- flamation of the boweki, The Furniture Store. f 8»ored Heart. Convent. 44 The next term of school at Sacred Heart Convent Ukiah, will open the first Monday in September. For prices of tuition, board, etu., address or apply to the Mother Superior, 5» - • — • — How to 9»ve Money, Buy your Shoes from S. Ilooko! Get him to repair vow old ones!! Gel, a pair of his own make Bouts, $li I!! The game of baseball botvvoen the Greenwood and. Boonville nines, which wfls U) hay/i t^kosj p/aco ou ^agypt lJ4th r has boen postponed to September 7th. co, Sacramento and Oakland. They will shortly occupy ono of tho Oool; cottages on the northern end of State street. D. L. Bravton, of Mendocino city, was in Ukiah last Tuesday. He brought over Mr. lO.irl nnd family ami Mrs. L. II. Whiting, of Oakland, who had been ramping on tho cons!, for several weeks. Dr. Frank Cornwall, who mokes H specialty of operating on dtfOasos of Iho eye, ear and throat, will come up tomorrow (Saturday) to operate on sevoral eases. Ho can be found at Dr. G. \V. Stout's oflico. A leading lumber firm of San Francisco has just received an order for 100,000 feet of redwood from London, 1-ingland ,cou- siBtlng of lifted bolts, burhl chunks, sawed lumber, lumber sawed from stumps and tho stump, to be used to finish houses in natural wood and for furniture and cabinet wofk. Tlin Jfydesrille Home Journal has tho the following to say of a a former Mondoclnolte: " Prof' C. 10. Millard, who hits been sojourning in Hydesville for the past two months, left Thursday for Eureka. From there he will go to Sim; Francisco, and thence to Portland, Ore-; gpn, wherp he ljas been engaged as iiutsir enl director of the Moody nip) Stmkoy | Society." ! W. W. Moore, of the Grand Opera House, DPS Moines, is au early settler iu i.lint part oi Iowa, and hud. a great den! o£ experience in his lime, lie says: "At various limes I have had aculo attacks of bilious colic and violni|t pains iu thu stomach, and found nothing that gave me relief like Cbnmboi-lain's Colic, Cholera and Diarrhiia Remedy. Kvery person," he says, " should have a bottle." Forsido by ,|. H, Mi|gep, !! J. 11.Donohoe received six NnwZoalnnd, pheasants last Sntr.rdny from the Noflli Pacific |''|s|| ai|d Giimo Club, which ho turned out on nio club's preserve- on Robinson wee!'.. These birds are n cross between (in lOngbsh and Japanese pheasant. They were, impirtud by tho club from New Zealand. Three bird* died on their j A bund of 740 sheep wore brought arrival In Snn Frnncisui), but tho oUiurs | down from ttoniut Valloy Ui|s» WfKtfc V* 4, W*i |tlonl »Wv t«» MP. ^W* Fwn-'ipco I uiitrket, Among tho new institutions which linve recently been estijblisbfld in Lkiah js tl^ fnrniiyre storo of .[. W. Kversoje, in the Kaglo block on State street. Mr. lOversolo Is lately from l*s Angeles, where he has bad much experience in the furniture business. His waro rooms aro now open for business, and the public is ijiyLod to C()|l nild ii|snoct hjs stuck, is a vflfy ci.qice selection of goods, and every thing in it wlli be sold at the most reasonable prices. The stock consists of a full line of furniture, carpets, draperies, picture frames, uil paintings, wall paper, canvas, etc. The penplo of thjs vicinity sljould not fail to call and see thisstqek of gOO|)». To the OPRI rielcts, Lust, Monday .1. Richards, .1. W. Richards, Thos. Jans nnd L. Nation came up from San Francisco, and on Tuesday morning they left for Eel river lo do some prospecting about the poal ro«i«(( tyest of Covplo, jn this coipity. These gentlemen have been sent up here by Flood and Mackay, of San Francisco, who own these coal fields, and before returning they will pretty thoroughly (nvfjlT tjgate t|]p cqijl deposits there. T'ho area of coal lands there is enormous, comprising 23 ,04.) acres, owned by the Flood OH- lilts iind John W, Macknv, The co«i la of excnllent quality, and In tho near (u- lure will ho a veritable mine oi wealth to oiir countv. sepm to hu in good tt-fin, ijipl Hindu for I cover, uumcdiatplv upon b«|U|| liberated. The DISPATCH office is indebted to Mr. Caleb Bailey for a fine big watermelon, which ho rolled in ou us yesterday morning. Messrs. T. L. Carothers, J. M. Mnnnon, 10. W. King, and P. It. Klein, of Ukiah, are iu Sacramento attending the Ropub lican State Convention. Col. John Ginoehio left for San Francisco on Wednesday. Mr. (Tinochio has gone down to manage J. V. Coleman's fight iu the Democratic State Convention. Several drunken Indians got into a row near Dr. King's residence on Wednesday. One of tham named Stonewall was terribly beaten by two others named Huldy and Ackerman. Sheriff Standley returned home yesterday. He brought with him a tine Winchester rifle and belt of cartridges which he captured from tl'ie escaped San Quentin convicts. He will keep them as mementoes of the chase. Fine stock, ri',neh of 1000 acres, near I'kinhi well located on county road, good house nnd barn and other improvements. Land first-class; range will keep 1000 sheep or 200 cattle. Frice $4000. Inquire of W. P. Thomas. • 1 " i Thp Womnns Relief Corn/i, held its. seini-annual meeting oti Wednesday evening After the usual order of business had been, gone through tho doors of the lodge room were thrown open and a number of Invited guests entered. A short programme of literary exercises was rendered, after which refreshments of cake, i lemonade and ice orenin \ygre Beryeii, Altogether a very pleasant evening was spent- Tho leading question now Is; " Aro you provided with a bottle of Chamberlain's Colic, Cholera and Diarrhoea Romedy, as a safeguard against an attack of bowel complaint dlirill£[ the granuiar mqnih.s'' i' >(o tymjiv can afford to risk being without this Invaluable medicine •luring the hot weather. It Is almost certain to be needed, and is a friend indeed when required, ns it never fails and is pleasant and safe to take. 25 and 50 pent hott|ea far sale by J,, N, Mntree. « The Missti.iippi Valley Lumberman, \»\\\- lUhed at Minneapolis says: "California redwood and Washington cedar shingles Hie now both sold froelyin tho Minneapolis market. This may seoi". like carting coals lo Newcastle, but the redwood, as part owner o" the ranch, told me that if li had been surveyed he would • have bought it. in. Peiers Bros, would have bought it before this if it had been surveyed. J. i'. Poor and John Kelsey are now preparing to get out barn frames out of some of the same timber. The timber would be valuable here if there was a road to it, had it not have been burned. The area burned reaches into thousands of acres. I give the following names as witnesses to the facts in regard to the amount of country burned and damage done: Larkin Kelsey, Ben Daly, John Kelsey, of Lakeport; Henry Ortman and J. S. Poor, of Hopland, and Albert Good, of S21 Pacific St., San Francisco. Now, Mr. Kditor, the villain sinning the name "Justice" has not got the honor nor tho principle to sign his name lo the lying article tt\ which he signs the name of "Justice." I have placed $50 gold coin in the hands of T. Muloney, postmaster at Hopland, to be paid to "Justice " as a reward for him to subscribe bis real name and swear to the article ho heads " Communication " and signs "Justice," before any notary public of Mendocino county, Some peoplo here that have read "Justice's " statement think he is the (ire fiend nnd is trying to use your valuable paper ns a medium between himself and the piihliu to make peoplo abroad believe there was no firp. Now, Mr. Kditor, I do not aim Ut use your pa|ier as a means to quarrel with an ass, but I want the public to know what as* is bray hut. 1 propose lo provo overy stnlempnt I have R IVER UOAD DISTRICT HAVING BERN divide.! intoScctlouH respectively uurabered ; unit fleHCrtbed m ioi'cw.i: j SUCTION 1—-CommcneiuR nt tho north Hue at 1 Ihe Dinlrict lienr Uklali city, running south to ' the mouth of the lane between lands oi Howell , nnd Cox. ] HBC. 2.—CommenoUijr Rt the mouth of tho : lane between the Jowl of Howell and Cox, and ; running to the bridge at U. F. DiHK'*. I HKC. uommrncltiK at Kiittdan River be} tween the liind of liomday nnd Ruddock, run- i ninir eiisi. following the lune to rond leHdiiiK ! north nnd south. i NOTICE IS HKRKHY GIVKN that pr-nled lildawtll \ be reeelved bv the Boiird of Supervisor* of Men; doeluo county up to 10 o'clock, A. M., on the ! 8ili Unv of (Itwbtr, 189(1, i ot the office of the Clerk In Ukluh City, in said ' -ouiily. to be opened at thut time and place, and to be neled on us »oou thereafter as may suit the convenience of the Board, for proposals to maintain the public roads within such respective sections of River Koad lllstrlet for a period of two years endlriK: with the lit day of July. lft!2, upon the conditions that tbe contractor shall, within a reasonable time thereafter, effectually drain and keep drained alt spring;)' places In the road, that he provide proper drains or brVrtifP" for all streams or water courses crossing the road at any sonsnn of the V4'«r, that he ahull r«- mov« nil obstructions Jroia the road within a reasouahU* time aft*r they may nt*rur, that be prevent as fur an possible the water from ruu- niiig on the roaiihed. Unit he keep the chuck- hoie .-j ami ruts filK'J up with rot'k or some other suitable material, that all roeU uswl on tbe roa*l Hhnll flrftf be reduced to it fllz** of not over turt**i Inches In dlumcier, that be Khali maintain the road at tho established grade by removing all .slides down JO the old roadbed, that heuiuiutuin. the road on excavations at a width of not b'Sft than Pitfht feet and on tht; ungraded portions at a vvidth of not than twelve feet, that ho shall remove stump* and projecting roots and roeks from tht* roadbed and branches of buahe* and trees from within reach of poMMing team*, that he #hall keep all bridges In reasonable repairs. X Wilder ia require A to be o resident Within tbe Hniin oi Hirer Hoad PNtrlct, bui mav put In bldn for-me or more at for all the Sections hereinbefore described, but he is required to specifically state the ai»mvnt per year of twelve successive months for each specific Section, describing it by its respective number, for , which he pr-ipo^es to malutiiin the public roads | therein according to the suecLUcauonshtrela- • before given, and In addition thereto he shall also slate at what rate perron he will affree to rock Mien portions of the roadbed to a depth of six fncheft, and a width of eight feet, as may be required oi him to do j-o during the terra of hla eon tract by the order of tho Hoard nf Supervisors, the compensation for which to be Ju add!* Hon to the cotttrant price agreed upon for the Section. Upon »iu itward the bidder will be required to. give bond.': for the faithful performance of his' contract in accordance with these flpecllicatiouj* with t*v<) responsible boudmnen to the amount of the eon tract price per annum, and unless such bonds be provided necnrrting t'» law and approved by the Hoard, or one of it* member* appointed as a committee tor thai purpose, withlu ten days after the award, the Board reserves the riiilit to award the contract to amuher bidder, and also reserves the right to reject any and all bids. By order of the board of Supervisors of Meu- doetno County. SAM. D. I'AXTON, July 18W0. (If)) Clerk. Notice to Koad Contractors. L CiSG VALU'.Y KOAD DISTRICT. HAVING been divided into Section* reBtwetively numbered and described a." follows: SircnoN i.—Coiuii.euciiut at the north boundary of Long Valley district at Ten lllle River Valley, ami running to L*yto.iwiUe. SKC. From taytotiviile to Eel River on Round Valley Road. A KC. x.- Kmbraciug all the balance of the road* in the- lil«trtcT. NOTICR is HKUKBY OIVBS, that sealed Wd* will be received by the Hoard of Supervisors of Mondo. ino County up to loo'nloefc A. M 4 ,on tbvft Sill day of October, 1890, At the office of the Clerk In Ukiah City, la said eouuty.te. t*e opened at that time and plaen ami to he acteil upon as soon tuerea.itor as muy Milt the convenience of the Hnani, for proposals to inulntatu the pul .Uc roads withlu sueh respective suctiousttf Louis Valley Road District for the of Vv:o years eudinif with the 1st day oS July, 'l>w. upon the conditions that the eon- tractor sh.^ll, withlu a rea.souahl,; time lh«fre* afior. pffl>cl nally drain and keep drained all *prlwr> places In the road, " „....„., , that he provide proper drain.-, or bridtres for all streamsor water courses crossing tlio road ai a^j- season of ,be year, Unit he shall remove all cu.Urucitous from the road within a reasonable time aflcr they iiinrin nnrl fin It liofnrf'n onnrf, of roonrrlH I m "- v nL '. lur ' " l "l ho p,«Yeul as far ax possible the. mil IP tllUI (to li. n <W[' "I J- <-oroH. Wlllpr lrom r „ liu|l>) , m , lht . ruujijej t hat be Binl I rlepoHlt ^.50 ns a Btarlor for Mr. keep ihe otmcVnoles and ruts filled on with " .ruction" to swenr on. Now, Mr. "Jus- I rock, or IODIC other s litable material, that all (ii-o " I will nnt nnnrrol witli von >hr.-,in .l. rop * 'i* 1 '" °» lh eroad shall first be reduced to n ' "ot.qiinrrei vum >on ,<.rutys»< ( „jze of not over three. Inches In diameter, that the nrnw, but. mmply nsk you la onmo t he ahull maintain the road at the osiabllsoea out. like a man or liwiy ltk« an n,gs atwtWH ! wade hv removing nil slides down la tU« ol<l J„„ U . ..w • j routined, that he maintain the road on L."' -• . •,, v „ ^ lions at,i width oi uotless than etaht », NQW, it .fcrit.ico will KO OBloro n mturv public nml swonr thnt ho wrote tho nrti- clf> and Mint- the lhingn thprein ptntpd are true, nnd sign his name, he can have the J. S. O'NICA,!-:- Hopland, Cal., AngivH «, 1890, Suhsci<\^iii-\ anil aworn to Iwforo :nf thin day laHt, above written. WtliL TTUSTI.EY, Notary l'lililic. STATE OF O.VLIKOItNIA.j. COOSTV nv MKNUOI.INO, \ Albert Good., A|«t be<n,« duly xn-nrn, dcpoHfis «ml s^yfi that he resides at 821 I'lu^flc. Kt., ?nu KranciBco; thai he if powonally acquainted with .1. S. O'Neal, nnd waH in H\}ey Valley with iilin three da >'N last week and known from pprxnnal olworvntlon that- thero In full SiKl'ncres of grHHs hutiieil nod helievoH endi and every > statonient, iiiitde byO'Noal to be true anil j correct. AI .nF .HT GOOI'l. WuliRrrilied and swortt to teSoTO I well its the slilnitlea powow qualiiie« { t | )iB ntJl d! , y o{ ^,. g .. g . ^ which are rare and are liegintiing lo iip |)VO ''i(Uo(|. T \\«ni i» h v«\fy ftll'Vi fipmlli in the denning for the nhini;leN vvhli -h aro likely to be very generally used for eoino CIIWHCH of ornamental architecture." Uinter t-h a 'l B 1«^ °! " "nele SitmV Nieces, 11 ihe Ohmntcle wives a Hal of tlitf ladies employed In tho vurUnia (edera) ofilcea of Situ PraiU'luco, Of tho Survey- or-fleneral'H oflico It »yjN: "lit tbe office oi the Survevor-tioneral there are in present on I v four linlieH. Klinor O. IValt, the accoiinliint,, draws a "alary of $2000 a vnar, while Klsie Kelly, Ofa M. 1/iud atjd Klj/^lteih A|ii«iiire, oopytsiH, eac|( receive *3.80 a day." MJHH Kelly, | «»v)ve «<f*;refl to ia Uie ^im^hter of W. U. K>Uj,otMtiwtocii.o, W'll.l. lfllN'I'LKV, Notary Public. STATE OF OAUKORNU.) COUNTV op MKNIIOOINO. \ 'i'. Mnloiiny, first twinii d«lv «worn, depose* '^(V5> he is noatniaaler at Hoplaiiio, and tiifl J, 8. O'Neal dopo«UM t50 wltii Him a» u rewanl to lie paid to the itwriy '.vrlUnii. » oommmficatlon »i(?tt- ed " -.hiHtlct;" oad liilblisbed in tltq l)w- I'AWit'DimoxiKAT rtf Ukiah, after aaid pariy Hiilim'rlbes and swears to the niliolt) referred to, Iwtorc auy notary ^itibUu oi Mendocino county. Sit Id «u|yicrlptlnn iiiiiHt b" inado witlijn rir«* weak, after the publication ti( thIK i^tiwlnthalliiNi 'ATctHi-'' . T. MAfvONKY. ttnhfturlM and sworn, to l«(nrf» this (kit day of August, ISOft .,.. . of nol less than c-tffht Ivet atw] ou the uuxraded uorltou* at a vvidtb ot not los* than twelve ft-e.t, th^t he shall remove slurapa and tirojcntiiiji roolh and rocki from the roadbed and branches of Uusbo« and \tw.n from within reach tvf; PiiHiiiW temnii. thnt be shall keep all hj-lftges in reiiion»t.»e repaint. A. bidder is rviiulred In be a resident within Ihe limits of I^IIK Valley Koad l>i«!rle<, QUI aay nut In btds for one or more or for all lh»8entfoaa hereinbefore described, hutliu is reoAUtedloa^e-* elflcally state the amount per yearol twelve •uc eesslve mouths for each speoltto aeelloudeaeHh* I UK It by its respective number for whieh ho proposes to miiln'.ulu the poblle roatts therein neeordlns to. W) a|«H!t(te»Uou«hafeisafansiVMi and lit ndd'tioix Inerelo he shall also stato at Yfhtkt rule uer rod he will akreo to rock saoh |iortini;s of the rnai|be<t lo a depth of six inchoa, ami i< syldth of eiaht feci, as may be required of him to do so ditriitK lite term of his contract by trie order cf tho Hoard nt tsupervt'ors, the com- pcnaallou fur which to bo in addltiou to tbe contract V RLU ^ agreed upon for the section. I.'poil nil award the bidder will be required »o KlVo bonds tor the falltifnl |»rfnrmaucn of hla uoutrtict in aoeor<lauee with Uieaeapueitleajlloua•. with two responsible bondsmen to Ihe'ataoauV of ihe eontnita |iiii.-e per milium, *m\. luilana: sueh kouds be provided acvnrdlMl to law -Wkt approved bv tho Hoard, ru- UMS vi. its mamhara:':. apnoln'i-d as a <rn<nm.m<'o tor that yunyaut within ten daya after iho award, the Board reserves Uu- rfunl to award the eont (act to another bld'^or, «u/l iilso maatvea the right to reboot any • aiwl ail bidB. , •• fcv ardrr oj the ll<wd of Suporvlaora nt Hoo' j Attest: ••••• •:«•.•.-•'• SAM. ». I'AXTOS, Jnly lt .m (HO • Clerk:.,, y Notice U> Howl CoDinelohii Hit- N OTICK IS HKItKUY qiVKN bids will he witvwt b )-Se_ vmn-a of Moiidoi.iuu County up to day Ot4»a»r, at the IUIICO n(ihe Clerk, in DklahCf ownty,in heopened altW tt«a and •-0 lie noted qjnui «KIU tattr^fHriUaW eouvou enae of Uui tonfolaiSZi malutalp Kneiiou u, MU>» '^J"* *">t• •«id 'toeaoBtolagdM J>i>piD«y ', |W ,tfca Hall James Bralka. ur twa e«si »'"OWH^iMillhllBlL,, MrthwitiavitMtitiaip Ropo heai/ijuarters—W. A. Hoffman's. 11. B. Smith is out nt Orr's Hot Springs rusticating. Fresh lard at Kdwards Bros, at 50 centB to $1 a can. si Monlo Banker is rusticating at Orr 'B Spiings Ibis week. Fresh and sailed meats, lard, etc., nt City Meat Market. « F. Brunner i-i agent for several kinds of iron and steel fencing. 4C > I'M Irish, of Christine, made (he county spat a visit las! Monday. Don't fail to visit the now fimiituro store in Hie Faglc block. * I. II. Barker is at Oil's Hut Spring" enjoying a week's vaciuioii. Jnck HoHiday returned borne on Tuesday from a visit to Lake county. W. M. I'eery loft tor Orr's Hot Springs on Wednesday to spend a few weeks. Dr. M. Hoffman is out on a camping trip and will be absent for several weeks. T. J. Coinpton, the well-known merchant of Potter Valley, WAS in Ukiah last Friday. Will Holliugsworth and Mrs. Ida E. Cooker, bolh of I'kiah, were married last Sunday.

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