The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on July 9, 1948 · Page 8
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 8

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, July 9, 1948
Page 8
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novr BLTTH-EVTLLB UKK.T COURIER HEWS ' FRIDAY, JULY 9, 1948 "jBl ~ * - ^ % ' £ ' Interest a r liter* Crop Prospects Here 'Excellent' \ Hot Wtatk«r H.lpful To Cotton Growers; Soybeans Look Good TliU week's hot weather has been hard on humans but good for Mi.i- Mssippi County cotton and the crop outlook here is •'excellent." County Agent eKilh J. Bilbroy ol Blytheville said today. "Everything is In A-l shape," M.-. Bilbrey said. Soybeans look Rood and no green leaf beetles, which plagued farmers last season, are in evidence this year, he said. The grassnopper problem remains. Mr. Bilbre.v said, but it is lo- t-nlited, It is confined to a 10-mil? square area near Gosnell and Calumet, he said. Several fanners have been iisinij t rxii?on bran and report "saibJac- i tory kills." Mi. Bilbrey .said. | Meanwhile, fanners of the delta ; region of Arkansas \vere still hop- j ing for » week of continued dry i weather to permit them to weed j their fields, according to the U.S. ' Department o; Agriciiliiire Crop : Reporting Service and the Univprsi- [ ty ot Arkansas Research Bureau. " The soil dried some in the delta »re« during last week, the report, said, permitting some "much needed" field work. Crop.5 are fcrassy and need cultivation, but a week of dry weather would enable the farmers to make good headway. Elsewhere in the slate, the. crop situation improved. Rains fell in the dry areas ol Southern /Arkansas, but general rains still are needed in that section. Cotton Prospects Favorable Cotton prospects continued re~ lativety favorable. The crop aj a whole i-i making good growth, and old cotton is fruiting well. Insect damage has been light except in Inf lotion Hits These Cities, Foods Hardest Evergreens Used to Screen Unsightly View Horn* owners ar« finding evergreens utilitarian in helping augment ihe family food supply in these days of soaring prices and impending Good Preserving Requires Right Vegetable Variety For lilgn-qunllly preserved vegetables, start with the right variety, advises Mrs. Ben w. Holiman. home demonstration agent here. A vegetable may taste Rood when cooked fresh, but be pale and flavorless when canned or frown. Choose vegetables with i deep Trees, particularly evergreens j color and pronounced flavor, she which are ideal for the purpose, are | said, for color makes (he vegetable used a.i "living screens aaainst unsightly views such :is small chicken yards and hen houses. Although evergreens have' no peer for screening, deciduous trees of a nnture are sometimes more attractive, and Is usually »n Index to vitamin content. Snap beans are one of the problem vegetables In freezing and most varieties give flavorless products, poor In color and texture, Mrs. n.sed, according to D. Q. Grove, chief | Holiman said- The Kentucky Won- licld supervisor of the Davey Tree I der Pole bean, when gathered at the Expert Co. The evergreen's a'dvan:- • right stage of maturity, is excellent age « that it retains its foliasc I for canning and freezing, she the year 'round. A mixed variety, utilizing firs, pines and spruces, u best for diversity and color. Among the fast-growing riecid- modity reported is canned peas, 113.5. H is lender, had a deep green color, and a fine flavor. Many varieties of green peas are pule and hard for preserving. For nous trees frequently employed for i a small, flavorsome pea with good screening purposes are the silver t color, try canning or freezing the maple. European larch, mulberry. ! Little Marvel. she advised. The llotm liquors for beverage at relail on. the premises described ELS 101 E. Main. Blytheville, Ark. This permit issued on the 1st day of July. 1JH8 and expires on the 39th clay of June. 1949. CITY DRUG CO. INC. R. I Thompson Permitte* T[2» More than half the population of the United. Slates which U not reached by refrigerated cars may now be served by portable traveling Ice boxes or Church containers which preserv* lood in »l) temperatures. BUILDINGS 25'x48' Sectional Army Surplus Oriental plsnetree, black locust and Hoy Production in Missco Boosted £ Arkansas | Under Cotton Acreage Control Plan D../^^.^ * n Hold Field Day Hny production has increased •, of 29 man and 30 hor.w-hcnirs Tor rapidly in Arkansas, flnd especially in Mississippi County, since Ihe in- loose storage comjinted with lew local areas. Some damage was I farms, covered approximately reported by Hooding and excess wa- j 000 acres of farm land and 4,1^9 ter in poorly drained areas. I acres of hay crops. About thra^- Rtce was reported doing well. Some of the*' acreage is lute, but most ol the crop is well-advanced. mfiti and 7 Undo] -hours (or the of the cotton acreage! pickup later. rontrol program, according to a I Detailed comparison of the meth- sUidy of hay harvesllnR methods in ' ods ns lo Inbor requirements, costs, the county made by the Bureau o4 are shown in Arkansas Agricultural Agricultural Economics in co-oper- i Experiment Station bulletin No. 481, aUon with the University of Arkan-[ sas ColleRe of Agriculture. 'I'hIs study, which included 76 35,- Stands are lair to good, althout;n quarters of the hay was aLEnlta, and of the 2,909 ncres af alfnlfa. an equivalent of 880 acres was tie- 'Malaria in U. S. Down 75 Per Cent Since Last War ex- hay some fields are grassy. Early corn is the best in several , years over most ol Arkansas excep'. in .some Southern areas where it IT as damaged by Jry weather. "u\re corn is doing well In most are AS ' mon methods of harvesting but needs eolUvaVion. i in use in the comity. Soybeans are making excellent ' The pickup baler Is the most hlgh- progress in all ol the main produc- ly mechanized and the loose Mor- hydrated tor meal, and was cluded from the analysis ot harvesting methods. The pickup baler, the .slocV baler, the stationary bnlor. and storing of loose hay were the most com- found ing areas. of hay is the other extreme. The Hay crops are In good condition, i shock baler nnd .stationary baler although the quality of recently- • represent the transition between the harvested hay has been impaired j horse anrt mechanized harvesting by wet weather. Grn&shoppcrs aie ' methods. In the study, it was found NEW YORK. N. Y . July 9.—Malaria in the United Stairs lias decreased by 7ft percent during an:l since World War II, according to the .statisticians ot the Metropolitan Life Insurance Company. There were 68.075 ca?es reported 194i and by 1947 the number had dropped to 17,311, If the of malaria brought from abroad by members of the armed forces aie excluded from llv total, the record becomes even more lavo/able, the siaiusticians said They commented on the siicces.sfu vigilance of the U. S. Public Healtu doing some damage to crops in some | lhal the method of harvesting and, > Sen-ice and local health depart- the degree of mechanization were f mentjt in their fight against' the closely associated with, the size of I introduction of the into m?.- The Eastern Arkansas Angus Breeders Assoc ia t Ion will hold a 'field day" for breeders Aug. 19 on the W. M. Smith and Sons I arm at Birdeye. in cross County. In an nou tic i n^ the t ield day. A M. Rogers, Victoria planter' and breeder, said in a letter to County Agent Keith J. Bilbrey of Blytheville that the activities planned include a type discussion of bulls and The evergreen is versatile anJ the ideal camouflage, which pro- irci.s and enhances the appearance ol home and j» rounds- Tree plaiu- ing for screening has been given con^idi-ratale impetus and the Davey Company has noted an upsurge directly attributable to jxniltry raising in residential districts. Agri Department Buys 7,858,733 Bushels o/ Export Wheat in Week Thomas Laxton nnd Lnstonlan are suitable i J F\3rd|! . but also good, she said Wether beets are canned or preferred for covering "hillsides. ( fiw.en, you will find the deep red heavy backgrounds, windbreaks and j color of tnc I)e t('oiL Dark Red var- doumg extensive grounds | iotifi -' ; has eye n l>neat as well as rine Density of its foliage makes it I flavor, she pointed out- 1 Alt jjreen lima beans f fnr preserving. The Baby Hook and Henderson Bush are varieties recommended for Arkansas. The Golden Cross Bantam sweet corn pi ves an excellent product when frozen on the cob or as cut \ corn, site said. It is alsn one ol the varieties for canninc. Much home-grown cabbape Is marie into kraut. A cabbage variety which makes a firm, compact head is best for this use. A firm head of cabljnp,e has less waste atid can be shredded finely and niorr ovenly. Tn Arkansas the Copenhfr/ ^ Market WASHINGTON, July 9, <UP)— j s ft good early variety, Mrs, Holi- Thft Agriculture Department has nion said. announced that during the week ( Take note of the cucumbers ended July 2 It bought for export 1 planted, too. she said, for some var- 7,789,28fi bushels of grain sorghums.' Export purchases for the 12 months ended last June 30 inckr /' SOfl.299,494 bushels of grain K, - ghums; 912,460 bushels of rye; 2.- Ieties are known as "Dickling" varieties and some as "slicers." JudRing and placing of lour classes 000 baAw \s o< corn; 9.S60.I09 bns- n4 C ,±"r a ,ions of reeds. hoof trimming, clipping, grooming and showing of cattle in the show ring ^'ill be held in the afternoon. Mr. Rogers said. The association has invited county ageni.s, farmers and of barley and hels or oaU NOTICE OF GRANTING OF LIQUOK PERMIT I" Nolii-e is heieby given that the j J Comini5sioner of Revenues of the \ t State of Arkansas has issued a permit. No. 212 to B. S. Simmons to sell and vinou.s or spirituous Jiquor? for beverage at retail on the premises described a.? 109 So. Division Si., Blythevilie, Ark. This permit i-sueri on the 1st day norlliern areas. , Harvest of early peaches contin nw. The peach crop needs rain in : Ihe hay enterprise with horse the. Nashville area, but prospects continue good in most other areas. Fir* Hazard 'Clean-Up' In Mississippi County Farm Homes Suggested Freeing Mississippi Comity farm home* of fire hazards is. of viui importance, say.s Mrs. Ben W. Holiman, home demonstration agent for North Mississippi County. M 0ra rt-loo« mnhorf. For MfeUa cm Records .show thai every two fo , lr times Bnd Bvcraging 32 to mnnites fire breaks out somewhere I of llBy pcr ncre it [ook in ihe United StateA, she pointed out Many home fire."; can be prevented by eliminating the following Irequent causes: 1. Accumulation of rubbish, 2. Defective chimneys and ftue.s. 3. Combustible roofs. 4. Defective heating apparatus— , ranees and fireplaces. laria-frfp .sections by members equipment on small farms, Rtid lhe nulitary personnel returning mochantefttioE! on farms with large from service in .some of the wor-si hay entei For example, 73 malarial areas of the world, per cent of all hay included in the I ^ ie national decline, they -said, study was harvested by the pickup ! is accounted for by the sharp re- baler method In 1945, even though dnction !n the number of in Ihe number ot farms using horse tne Southern states, where the nia- rirawn equipment WHS equal lo the' mechanized farm. 5 :. Labor and power requirements per acre of hay harvested were lowest for the pickup baler method, but harvesting costs were lowest for the ihe field day. Hulls for discussion specimens and judging «-ill be taken from the 4-H Smith herd, Mr. Rogers writes "Un- CHib members lo be Us guests al less one has some special interest, _ | In Aberdeen Angus cattle. I am , of Jv]lv ; 1048 an dexpires on the 31s; • sure they do not realize the excel- ',„?„ «f n^w IOIQ laria yroblein I 5 concentrated. T:i | em herds that, have been built- up Mi.ssi.ssippl. for-example, the new to Basterll Arkansas , n t he past casp.s reported declined from 36.8*5 . ( ew years."* to 9H between 1941 and 1941, th?y j The fi Vi,i day ts being held, he '"''' s»id. "fn order that the farmers in tills section of the state may become better acquainted with the to SIMMONS Permittee 1.2!) iaicl. "Throuah the more extensive use of modern methods, particularly D.D.T. spraying for mosquito con- goO d breeding cattle available ttol. malaria can be virtually eradi- ' rated in our country within a relatively .short time," the statisticians a-sserled. NOTICE OF GRANTING OF LIQUOR PERMIT Notice is hereby given that the iC them right at hamc." • Cannni^sionor of Revenues oT the Birrlseye is located 15 miles North State of Arkansas has issued a per- I and about five miles East o[ Wynne mit. No. 219 in City Drug Co. Inc., j on State Highway 42. to soil and dispense vinou.s or spif_- average Delay may mean difficulty In obtaining seed. Chip weeds in pastures before they mature another crop of seed. Make plans to keep the garden pi educing through the remainder I of summer and tall. 5. Carelessness with matches and smoking. 6. Carele.ssne.v. in'using and storing gasoline, kerosene and tractor lue'., 7. Defects in electrical wiring. 5. Carelo^sne>s in burning trasn. Bilbrey to Attend Farm Bureau Training School Keith J. Bilbrey of Blytheville. county agent for North Mississippi County, left today for Roanoke. Va., where he will attend a Southern Farm Bureau Training School, beginning Monday. The training school, which offers Farm Bureau members courser in many phases of agriculture and Farm Bureau activities, will continue through Wednesday. Farm Agents' Tips It's time to: Cut all lnying hens that *ho» yellow pigment in the beaVi »nd legs. They are on vacation until Christmas. Arrange to obWin feerl (or 3 "blanket of green'' seedmp this rail Farmers! Get the POISON That Kills Johnson Grass- ATLACIDE A LOT OF AUTO WRECK'S RESULT FROM THE \ IVEARE INTERNATIONAL TKIPtE DIAMOND DfflERS AND HERE'S WHY THAT MEANS TOP TRUCK SERVICE AND MONEY SAVED FOR YOU Screen Doors and Screen Wire Our slock was late arriving btil we have it now ot prices.vim can afford In pay. Phone 551 For Friendly Building Service E. C. ROBINSON LUMBER COMPANY • To earn otir rating »s International Triple Diamond Service Dealers we had to meet **ven rigid qualificattom. Among these qualifications »r« technical skill and training of our mechanics; use of Intcrnational-approveol'tooh and equipment; installation of International-engineered parts; and established fair prices. And the s«vcn qualifications we have met mean tnis to you: I. You get the very best in truck service from v>s. anything from a Uibrication job to » complete overhaul. 2. We save you money because of our quick, expert work and our cslitblisbcil fair prices. So bring your trucks to us for the best in maintenance service —any make of model —and to save moncv. 3f2 SOUTH22PST. "4 1 PHONE863 INTERNATIONAL Trucks • 1x8 Drop Siding. • 2x4 Studding, 2 ft oc. • Wall height, 8 ft. inside. • 2x10 Rafters, 2 ft. oc. • 12 double sash windows. SPKCIFICATIONS Approx. fiO ft. partitions. Sheet Rock In sidewalls. 4 doors. 90 l.b. roll roofing. Price $850.00 F. 0. B. Also Available: 20'xlOO' Buildings, Price $750 Fob 16'x48' Buildings, Price $350 Fob 20'x52' Buildings, Price $575 Fob 16'xl6' Buildings, Price $150 Fob All the alxjve buildings are inspected for damage and repaired before leaving camp site at Alexandria, La. Call Write or See Us for Further Details Marion Surplus Sales 805 Ward Ave. Dav Phone 836 CarulhersviHe, Mo Night Phon« 758-W DELTA NEWS Published by Delta Implement Incorporated, Blytheville, and the Delta Implement Company, Manila July 8, 1948 Howdy, Folks! The weather is too hoi, we know, to talk about anything but fishing and napping under the old shade tree, but still those old tractors and farm tools are going to break down. Don't let it upset or worry you . . . lei us do your worrying. Judging by the crops, we believe most of you farmers are getting caught up enough so that you can spare your equipment for a while. It might be best to call us now if you need repair, parts, or an overhaul job. .lust give, us a ring and we'll send out a truck to pick up your equipment free "of charge . . . while you go fishing. We have plenty of time now, and therefore we can take extra pains to see that you get * good job. DI We have a Flame Cultivator in stock, set up and ready to use. We will be glad io loan it lo anyone who would like to try a Flame Cultivator in his cotton. 01 Just received a shipment of heavy duty Tandem Tractor Disk Harrows; uetier place your orders now DI Everything seems lo he going up these days, including blood pressure, so we hate to tell you this ... All tractor tires will increase in price about TVi% according lo a recent notice. However, we have one line of tires on which the price has not gone up, and if you hurry, you can save some money on either front or rear tractor tires. If you are short of cash (who isnf, this time of year?) we, with Ihe help of Mr- Bert, can arrange some good easy terms until Fall. Check up on your tractor tires, buy new ones now, and save some monev. DI We have hecu watching with interest llie crops out at the Blytheville Army Air Base. At one time we had our doubts about lhat Bermuda sod out there, but you know the crops are really looking good. We want particularly to compliment Charlie Brogdon on his Ogclcn Beans . . . They really look fine, Charlie. Good luck, you deserve it.

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