The Carroll Sentinel from Carroll, Iowa on December 14, 1894 · Page 7
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The Carroll Sentinel from Carroll, Iowa · Page 7

Carroll, Iowa
Issue Date:
Friday, December 14, 1894
Page 7
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\ DAiLt A»t> ALL HOME PRINT. BIMttrittb l» the onu neWBpabeHh car- i Wll dourttr tliat Is printed an at home and Itcou- alttt mow local and county news than any other •two patters to tun county. f OWSBB it COLCLO, FJUDAY, DHOBMBEB 14, 1894. PEOPLE AND EVENTS. Ed Signal, of Warren township, was in the titty yesterday on business. B. W. Mftcotubet returned last evening from a business trip of several days in South Dakota. ' : The infant child of Henry , Musselman n, of Washington township, was burled in the city cemetery yesterday afternoon. Quite, a number from tbis city were hospitably entertained last evening by Mr, and Mrs. W. F. StelgerwaH at their • borne south of town. Ernest 'Draheim war a city visitor today, Mr. Draheim expects to move from his homo in Washington township to Mills Bounty some time next spring. ' The ladies of Carroll will bo given a lecture next Monday evening at the Baptist church, on health and the cure of the body, by Mrs. J. B. Huso of Omaha. The lecture will be free and all ladles are cordially invited to be present. Jos. Lewis and T. Philips of Dedham were in the city today on business and •called at THB SENTINEL office and as a result of their visit will read THB SENTINEL and the New York World, twice a week, during the' coming' year and will therefore be well informed on the news both local and general. J. B. Lempker called at the (office to•day and said. "W<-.ll I guens I will pny ior THE SENTINEL. I will just pay for this jcar Ktid nex»,;too, now while I have the money for if it docs not rain any more next year than it did last I do not know what will become of us; but I must have THE BKNTINEL anyway." That is tbo way all of the old readers of this paper feel, and wo are proud to know we merit their good will. The northwestern road has rightfully won the laurels for the rapid transportation of stock by making a run from Council Bluffs with a stock train that has seldom if ever been equalled. Tuesday afternoon at 2 35 a train of fifteen OHM of stock, received from the Union Pacific, left the yards for Chicago and the next morning at 0.45 the train arrived at'the stock yards in Chicago and at 8 45 the cars were unloaded and returned to the yards. The distance of 400 miles had been made in 10 hours and 14 minutes, which is but an hour and a half slower than the schedule time of the fastest passenger train run on this road. FARMER'S. INSTITUTE. AT OABBOIiIi IHOB8DAY AND FBIDAT, D«- OBMBBB .'0 AND 21— -A GOOD PBO- OBAM— A FDIOi ATTBNDANOB SHOULD BB PBMBNT. PBOOBAU. PinsT DAY. 10K»a. m.— Address, of Welcome. .. Cattlo vs. Horsos, paper by James Murphy. PUouaalon, A. Armstrong, Ethan Alken andothew. Clover culture, paper by Robert 0. Rogers. Discussion, John A. Hood and B. Odon- AFTHBNOON SBBBION. • 1 :00 o'olock— Sorehitra culture, paper by C. W. Sanderson. * Discussion, Joseph Zorwiis, Frank Turo- cbek. 1 ;30— Election of officers, 2 :00— Crops and the Weather, lecture by J, B. Sago of the Weather Bureau, Des Mojnes. B;00— Tuberculosis, paper by Dr. 8, B. -Johnston. ISviUUNCi SBSHION. 7 iOO— How shouln county fairs bo conduct* •od, paper by C, M. Mohlor, Discussion, H. A. JuuoU, JJ. B. HusolUm, 8 lOO— Agricultural chemistry, paper by Geo, W. Barclay, Discussion, B. Thurliuiann, Oeo. Uussull and others, FUIDAV SMBION, OiOO a. m. -Stoop and wool, paper by PUousiion, Sam'l Duokot, 0. Q. Sands. Qrapo culture, paper by T, B. McOluo. Discussion, J. W. English, Joo Linden. Hog brooding, paper by Gap, W, Brlgga, Discussion, Goo. Dlnglwui, Dim MerWn. Corn culture, paper by Lowls J«nnl»RS, Discussion, Andrew CroUlnger, Joo Col- SWMHON, llOO- Answering ijuosUqn» iu query box, Cprn fodder, paper by Quo, Mtt«o. Plsousslon, J, W. Oobbs, C. A. Daniels. aiOO-Lwlure by Urof. Juwea Wllaou, of the Agricultural Collogo, Ainon, Taxation, paper by Joo Wllloy. D^iouailoai U. Barr, J. B. Qratutiu, ' Tfaeiutilu^U to !>• baldiu tb«iu>ml of Ittt feruuM «l kbit want/ t»d ihould btl»H alteededfor there i*j)p|hjuf}n " w* H ii IM* i»|MrUiil brft&ob of fTra*. lh« furore do n?l hope by IbfM Hwliqga to dey|»* »««•• for avoiding 4w«Mi aud oth«r mietortimaa ttybia nature, toU Ibi/ «M» lilfc OW ««jw ot uoAdaaliuf tya i(r« ot the farm wtf, he greatljr bjn»flf aby. Tlwe la ua claw of people »y, thnl work li»d»p«o(JwiUy ol all lh»'H«W« biwiUMi 10 e ruruit- « du «u4 ii to o»U»r. II )o der «*ery fartnef who tna» b« whether they AM on the program or not, The disonseion will be general end en opportunity wilt be given for a wide ex* change ot opinions on all the qneetione before the meeting. L BOBOOL DIUKOTOB'S OOKVHMIOM. A call has been issued for B state contention of school officers to be held at Dee Molnee, December 27, whith haa the hearty approval of the slate superintendent. All school officers of the elate are requested to join iu making this meeting one of interest to those interested in school work. The following questions will be discussed: "The People: What they have a right to expect of school officers?" "Teachers: Their appointment and dismissal." i "School laws: Changes ,'and amendments needed." ••School eanition: Heating, ventilation aud light." Botii OF HONOR. The following pnpila of the south aide echools w.ere perfect; in spelling daring last week: Minnie Stokoi Frank Yonkor Wilbur Dity. Bertha Kutzhale Minnie Fisher Charles Long Clara Bomls Karl Sinclair Patrick DoDolon Frank Flanagan > Carrie Scharnmber Husta Fleoher, Lizzie Kramer Albert Long Fred Elliot Dotty pjuig Orover Belter Pearl Hinting BeitBiilley Hearr Soharnweber Winnie O'Brien Lol la Johnson ''''''" ' , Henrj Kurtzhtli Gertie Kramer Beaile Hlllmer GERMAN OITIZBNS MBBI AT A DRLIOBT- FOI, OONOEBT. Omaha Bee. The audience which gathered at laet night's Sangerbnnd entertainment wee select, embodying as it did some of the wealth, refinement and fashion of the city's German-American population. Tney came expecting to be royally en- tertaineJ aud in this they were hot - disappointed, especially were the oroheetri- an music and solos far above the .average, and this imparted •ncoeea. at once to the whob affair. H. Basse, this cor- netiet, became a favorite after hie first solo, tbe applaaee engulfing him at the close being evidence of this faoi. Only an encore could allay, / the m|inif sated eif- tbusiaem. W. Harnaok in his Xylophone aolo received similar, treatment, while F. Tbiee made an immeqee bit with a couplet in which the indivjdaaiuty of Herr Lindemann played a prominent part. Those knowing Mr. thiee befo re b^d hardly attribute:! anooegi to hini before. The quartette opered the program with a phantasie from Tannhaoser gaining thereby great approval from the audience. "' '. : ' ' "'' ' ""-. ' . Norib'k. Notice is hereby given that all persona emptying their ashes so they will fill the gutters an liable to • fine aa provided by ordinance. Her»a,fter voa, will plea** scatter them near center of tbe atreet when ypn have pp other place to empty them and save trouble, ' E. M. FABSOMB, UATOB. THE ST. LOUIS 'Rtf PUBLIC FREE. SPECIAL OFFKU TO BBADKhS OF TBIS ' ' ; PAPgu. : " A OBBA.T METltOPOLlT^N PAPER. 18 1MD18PBN8A.1U,B NOW. The "Twiee-»- week" tit. Louis Kepub- llo will be sent free for one year to any person sending, before January 81, 1800, a club of three new yearly subscribers, with 98 to pay for HIP same. Already tbe claim are gathering tor the fray in 1886. and 1896 will bs fail of Interesting uvtmts, The eklrmUh lines will be thrown oi^t, the iu»neuertag done (and the plans of campaign arranged tm the groat contest In 'V6. The. regaining short session of toe Democratic congroes, to lie followed shortly by a Republican } uongreiw with •> Deroocraj |o the presldeqtlal ehijf,w |)| be produotlve of events of iqoaloulable ID' ' ' - • '•• ; John BoffaMn retttfned home lilt Week trom a visit at Hostile, iir. Bslke, ot Arcadia, was at the fount last Sanday. We made a little mistake last week but souse us,partner,for it was purely, aodi- ental. Mr. SAenkelbefger, ot Halbnr, was a leltor iuthie locality last week. Why was the Templeton oorrespon- lent waning laat week? Dan Wolfe, ot Balbur, bought; some orn in this locality last week at 60 cents per bnehel. : Deo. 10. last TEMPLBTON ITEMS. Jno. Dodzler was a Osrioll visitor Saturday. . H. Hermeen viaited with us laet Bunday. Jno. Alberts has moved hie family to farroll where he is engaged in the iqnor business. Ohae. Bomey and wife were presented with a eon and daughter laet week. All are well. • • Mies Mary Wiedemelr. of Carroll, |ift vieiMng her annt and uncle, Mr. and Mrs. Aug. Tbielke. fl. A. Sohoeppner and wife were at tft. Cnrmsl recently and bad a young daaghter of Joe Endenz baptieed. 'The ittle daughter had six brothere. Wm. Hagerty, ot Carroll, was among na Sunday . Hog cholera ie beginning to be heard of in this neighborhood. . Bernard Kettmann haa returned from Milwaukee. He is borne on the account of eiokness. Frank Botb baa gone again to Chicago or treatment for bis cancer. When he came home a few weeke ago be thonght t was cured, but symptoms of its return are again seen and he fears it will get worse if not properly treated. We mat he will be completely cured this ime. • Billy Dunn accompanied Jno. WoJd- mann to Fonda. ' Theotand Anna 8. were at Carroll last latnrday. Messrs. Shoemaker, Modlen and Eitrom were at Manning attending lodge meeting. , '' ' ' : ' ' ' '' ' ' ". '' Last Friday was the fifteenth anni- eraary of tbe inetitntion of the Sacred Heart devotion and was dnely celebrated here. N«ar the alter stood forty-five girls dressed in white and a number of Itor girls and fifty-eight boys. They II sang hymns of glory. The eiatera bad rained them well. V.'O. Soh waller one of the beat ano- ioneera in this part ot the state has ori^ed bree sales during tbis week. Vic Is a good man for thia work and it always Mtyato get hitn. He haa more "alee now than a year ngo and is one of t leet nuokioneera in Iowa. Deo. 11. OLAUS. PLEASANT QIUJ. A number of farmera are plowing gain this week. John Duoton ia teaching the winter erm at No. 6. - Tbe music olaaa at tbe Pleasant Valley borob started in .with 18 acholara. O. A. Bailey baa a lot ot oattle about ready fora car ride. Adam Broiok lost a valuable bone laat »* by tbf barbfd w^ir*. O. W. MoNanght walled the pomp •f OarrafltoQ with brick. Tbe serieaof revival meetings at No. 8 loeed laat Sunday night. Mra. 8. Oundy, ot Lorena, la., ie isitiug with b*r sister, l|ra. A. Bedford. We learn that a party eonth ot Oat' penter'a grt te hea fed twenty-five horeM to his hogs ibis tall and winter. A slight unpleasantness ooonrred last week about damage done by etook but Sheriff Jeffrey adjusted it temporarily, A meeting was held recently in Willey foooQaicler a change in eohool mattere. No definite action was taken, The Templars' aiok committee in Carrollton wail eimplt an honorary one lately, A hired man ot A. Newport has been quite ill lately with typhoid fever, but ie improving. * A number of the Hill elite have attended meetings at the Friends church in Blqhland and at the StarJ meetings and report good interest and large crowds. ' SANTA. EAST LIBERT? AND BOOK BUN. Plowing still going on. Several Buck Ban pnpila attended .the German school nt Prairieville. The John Vangh, place was sold lately to a railroad mon in Carroll, but; we failed to get hia name. Consideration, 885 per acre. A tramp found comfortable quarters in. tbe Buck, Bun school house last Friday night. He kept warm by burning kindling and indulged bia literary and artistic taste on the board. Some have read a prediction that next season there will be a woree drouth than the one through which we have just passed. The ground is unmistakably 'dtry, but we will wait and hope. Little Johnnie Moore met with an accident a few daye since,by which became near losing an eye. He fell on a knife blade and the point entered just above the eye. Tbe wound is healing nicely and he will soon be all right. Deo. 11. JIM. UNION TOWNSHIP. Brooka Tnel called on his brother, E. Tnel, Tuesday. School commenced at No. 2 Tuesday with Steve Crittendeu as teacher. Harper Bailey was a Glidden visitor Tuesday of laat week. Mrs. Tnel and Mrs. Arbingaet visited With Mrs. Ike Thomas last Wednesday. There was a dance at Lenn Dolan'a Tuesday night of last week. E. Tnel killed a fine beet the first ot luat week. • Steve Orittenden will board with Elba Heald this winter. Elwjn Updike and daughter viaited with Mr. Leffing well Sunday. . Oeo. Bowman and family apent laat Tneaday with E. Tnel. Mra. Gibeou and daughter and Mr. and Mra. Bay Biglor, of Dadbam, were calling in this part of tbe oonntry one day laat week. ' Tom Bplgeria building a new barn. Mr. Parrott ia doing tbe wotk. Laurence Johoaou ia putting up a new cow abed. Andrew QravM and Jamet MoQuinn hauled bog* to Glidden laat Weduitday. Mr. and Mra. Tom Bolger and Mr. and Mra. Wm. Slater viaited with E. Tuel last Sunday. Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Slater from Anita, Case eoonty, are visiting with Tom Bolger and otbere at present. Dee. 11. ' BiaFom. MOUTH OF OABBOLU Albert Langmeyer often hia farm for sale at 8*0 pei acre. Ha baa a floe farm.; Joe. Tbiolke ia viaiting relatives at Ooon Bapida for a few weeke. Jake Sfmont, a eon ot Geo. Simons, bad th« misfortune to break hli leg In a coal aloe near Boon*. Hia father got him home this week to take dare of him. Jake Will recover all right, aa he;is a strong lad, We had the pleasure ot ahaking hands with our friend) Frank Pape, trom Boone county, Neb. Frank it visiting relatives and friends and will stay tor a time at least. We got acquainted with the Templeton correspondent laet Sunday and .we are glad of it, for T. ia a worthy young man. Geo. Walz and hie sister Bertha, trom Mt. Carmel, passed through Carroll Sunday morning tor a southern trip. Born to Mr. and Mra. Jos. Kaone a little girl. Mother and child are doing nioely and Jos. wears a smile like a pumpkin. Cigars, pa. Jos. Wiedemeyer is having R deep well made on bis farm. Trnhe Bros,, of Hillsdale, are doing the job. Our jolly friend, Obas. Sobmioh, biter enjoying a two montbs' visit with relatives in • northern Iowa, returned; home laat week. Charley soye be enjoyed it immensely. We believe it. Messrs. Knsobel and Platt have erected new wind mills. Patterson & Sheffield did the work. The work is said to be satisfactory. Ae we are yet a student in oorrspond- ing we will try andjga|b'er more in the future. Deo. 11. FABHBB Bor. OAK HIM,. John Vlsner and two other uiea are grubbing In E. 8. Wine's timber. The Oak Hill school bouse has been painted inside and out, partially reseated and pictures hung on the wall. Now give it a good scrubbing and we'll have as fine a school house as there is in the county. ' The literary at the Center is being well attended and promises to be a grand suc- Letters received by the Connor boys thli week states that Lnther is no better, also advises them that no change can be ex* peoted in him tor three or four weeks to come. Mrs. Frank Harris la visiting her par* ents at Folton, Nebraska, frank Harris Is selling lumber for hia father in most any quantity to .suit pur* chaser and at almost their own prices. E. 8. trine-was In this vicinity last week with the view of disposing of hit corn stalks. • Messrs. C.W. aud A. H, Vaughn dressed and shipped their poultry last week. Somebody over across the river shot somebody else's dog, and now Mr. Somebody else Is madder than a horbet. : A couple of the Oak Hill boys went summering the other day without their, parents' COUSODI. They left their skates in the bottom of the river. Oliver Harris is teaching the Bell school. Afrs. Matson Afowder Is on the sick list. Miss Lora Alger Is verry sick. It is just as we expected, our "large minded friend" imagines he Is the "public," and our items are obnoxious to him and goes on to exhibit that wonderful brain power and education he's so proud oC by'whining out gilt-ediied fur dealer— to'ftst-innster—catnip teaparty, and so on aiid in this way excites the ridicule of his own utiighbors. As for the* reliability of his Items he need not go out of bis own neighborhood to find that from two'to three misstatements occur each week. Dec. 10. I PK OLABE. Carroll Market Report CORN-60 OATS-25C HOG8-$860 POTATOES—75 BUTTER-15 EGG8-16C OAT.TliE—82.25 RYE-76 BARLEY—W FLAX-SI. 10 WHEAT-80 CALIFORNIA.- Farmer'- paradise. delightful climate, no crop failuros. Fdr general farming, dairying and trait raising eui't be excelled. 30,000 acres Irrigated landr at Bukorafleld, Kern county, for sale. Lowprlcei, oi«y terms. Write W. R. HOMAN, Omaha, Nebraska. 84-4 CCHACHTNER & EGAN GROCERY STORE In the front rank with a large line Groceries and t Queensware and can sell you groceries cheaper than anybody else in town. * * * **'*'* 14 bushels Potatoes 10 Ibs — Christmas Gaudies 8 " AseortedNutB 20 " Granulated Sugar 8 cans Blest:.......Oherriie0 8 "" 9 " 10 " 12 " 12 " 14 " 9 bottles Heintz's b^st Cat#up \ All Queensware, Glassware, etc., go in Proportion. A GOLDE1 OFPORT^If T I*//, TOBUYFMHJB TWO WINNERSf, Jersey Lily and Hard to Beal The Bsat flour Made. For a ale by Sohaohtaer & flgan, who'will meet all competition ~ in quality and prloea, ' Beit Flour *1ade 90c. to $1.00 iiAitisi«tt"»i'''" !.••-.-•• -•• i '. •' n ......,.-.-.. *4T*»T . flood Minnesota Flour [\ fl I /JA JENM80NBROS.aCO. Bast!in the Market HAP t W,K fi A JAUISVlLLt MlHU. For the Money 101 0<M, UUl;, .JERSEY ULY For Snlo by SCHACUTNEIl & BO AN. In fact, more political history will be constructed during 18^. than in any year •luce the foundation of the government, and a uian w||hput > Row«pa|^r Will Oft like a UH01u» lump ty the luovemei^t* of publie opinion. ' ' " !T " • r MUoangetthrae new •utoiorlbew for HK^ou^io by | ^ pjln^ej*' effort, Reutenberlo The Republic mbjcrlber^ get a paper twloe-a. week for the price of a weekly-only |1.00 a year. Try It at once, and §e«bow «ully It can ,bedpm»< If you wish a package of (ample eoplee, write for them. 0^ out this advertise* went aod fi§«4 *|lh Mil Deaob, at Carroll, WM HOLIDAY GOODS Open all the Time, ^^^ * are ready to receive our friends and customers and can assure them that Banta Olaus' old reliable headquarters is this year, i| well aa in previous yearp, ready to show John Botb and brolbw, of Tawpl«4oo, were pleaitnl viaitora recently. Jobf> Jauniog left S»|urd»» (Of • (short trip watb viiitiug relative* ajtd tri*nd». A turker ahoot WM to lik« plaoe at Juo. Mauuaaiuin'a iu Ffifik ,J}af ger and fff mil .Rattan melar •ooowpitoied by two ii*t«ni AS FINE A LOT OF GOODS As was ever brought to Carroll, and from now on our Christmas Novelties will be open for your inspection, We have purchased as many good! as we ever did and alt about ONE- HALF THE PRICE. We have elegant presents for youth and maiden, toys, etc., in groat variety for the little folfcs, handsome and subntanti&l gifts for father and mother, In short something to please everyone. 411 at prices that will more than please you; they will astonish you- * ™ v^w ^^W^^^W ^^n '™P™^IWV ™ ^^WW vS^P^^^TT^^^BPIII^^ ^^ "^F

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