The Perry Daily Chief from Perry, Iowa on June 15, 1883 · Page 5
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The Perry Daily Chief from Perry, Iowa · Page 5

Perry, Iowa
Issue Date:
Friday, June 15, 1883
Page 5
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THE PERRY CHIEtf. FRIDAY, JUNE 15,1883. --We understand Dr. Hull will remove to Manning. --Dr. L. G. Fitzgerald inserts his professional card la this issue. --John Dnnlap has moved his news depot into Dell Lorn is' store. --Willis Lunt, land and insurance agents, have an "ad" in this issue. --Don't forget the social on next Wednesday evening at the M.EX Church. --Col. Otley was up from Des Moines Wednesday looking after his interests here. V " " / -- Patsey Cokeley, of the Milwaukee / road, is the proud parent of a nice little girl since Monday. --Hubble Pattee's little Rirl has been very sick with catarrhal fever, but is much belter now. --The Hatty House near the Milwnu- keo track, will be run by Mr. Ellis, of Jamaica, an experienced hotel man. --Harry Mills, formerly a conductor on the Wabash Narrow Guage is running as express messenger between Des and Ruth ven. --Fred Knell's letter descriptive of liis trip to Switzerland, is unavoidably crowded ou t in this issue. It will appear next week. ----The ground just north of H. H. Blodgett's store has been selected as the spot to erect the bowery for the celebration on the 4th. --Mre. Frank Durfee and Mrs. Henry Holmes expect ~t»go to the eastern part of tae state in a few days m a visit to friends and relatives.. --Street Commissioner Thornburg, has put in some good work on Fifth street north of Willis Avenue, and it is now in a passable condition, --We are unable to get hold of a, now Ft. Dodce time table this week in order to make the change, but next week the "finura" will be correct. · ». --Capple Holmes, of the Bayard Times, took In the commencement exercises fast Thursday evening. We acknowledge apleaaantcallfrom him. 'fJc^--'Dr. Johnson reports the following births June 13, a daughter to Mr. and Mrs. Win Conner. June 14, a son to Mr. and Mrs. W. D. Stranes. --Mr. Hugo Kne'l, of Berlin, Canada, in in Perry visiting his uncle, Fred Knell. He intends to remain and en-gage in the upholstery business. --Businessis rather "quiet in town.) --Last Tuesday evening the many Since it has quit raining the farmers I friends of Mrs. L. Willis worked a coin- are putting, in their best licks, anil corn is looking better than it did a,t this time last year. --The regular meeting of trie I L. of H. occurs in the G. A. It. Hall to-nijsht. Members will try and he preseutasbusi- ress of importance meeting. will be before the --The next M. E. Social will be held at the ch'irch on next Wednesday evening, and w i l l be entertained by class Xo. 9. A good timo may bo expected. Come every body. --The engineer on tiie Spirit I. train on Tuesday evening pulled out of i j- tr practicin Rippcy xvithout Conductor U : \ o n , ,in run to Angn?. Billy was forwarded by a special sent alVr him. plete surprise upon her, the occasion being her 43d birlhd.iy. Through the trickery of her huib.ind s!ic came up town and dining her absence, the friends took possession of her comfortable home. When i he returned she found :i host of fi tends, nii-lllic tables groaning under A Io.d of cood things. A liand pointed china, tea. set was presented her w i t h the well v.ishe-i of n i l her good f'-iemis. TIio*.ethnt were present put in the (-veiling eating of! !ie least and cn- idj ing theinielves in e.very way jo-si- j !)!o. Liuds-ey has been ui:it-r the v, cither for 'Oineliine. which istheouiy viiiii'^ tluit "aioit him from catching it Trade Topics. Sot!p.\n millertl'.NI'i'Jd «i!l befliarjcit lo m V'Tllii" nr ;:.v lii-it iii-cilUKi :Hsd M: I n ' j :vi vrti- «riUr.n ;n^ -ruoa. All local loil .si.i'.n'..i!^ an!:! or.lorcclopt. Kirks h.vs ii'.e exclusive f-ale of the State Register- Call iu and leave your order. LOST:--A Linen Lap robe, stripped wiihrc'I. Lost somewhere between Peiry and Beaver Creek. The finder w i l l plcsFO n-turn lo Mrs. Laraway or this oUicc. --Ed. D.Lunt informs ni tint he has been transferred from tho Ft. Douse line to the Boone narrow jjiiiiite. The route is a much easier one, and will give? im a chance to learn the basiiic-is grad- ally. --Since putting into type the article n "Big Building Boom," -,ve learn that 3. H. Ainley owns the south 25 feet of be ground credited to Dr. Goff, and that ie intends building with the rest of the oomera. ··--We acknowledge a pleasant call last Week from H. M. Pchamell and Ed. Nazarene, of Dallas Center. Mr. Scham- «11 owns some property in Perry. --A folding }cey was tonnd last week . on upper Willis Avenue and left at this office. The owner can have the same by describing itand paying for this notice. --Mrs. Horace Campbell is in Perry visiting friends. Horace was up over Sunday. He is much pleased with his new position in Ainsworth Bon- bright'8 store in Des Moiaes. --Mrs D. W. Payne is still very low. Yesterday afternoon her life was dis- paired of, but in the evening a change forthe better tookplai.e. As we go to press she ia reported alive with small hopes of recovery. ;. --The Odd Fellows at their meeting last Thursday eveninc elected the following new officers to be installed July 1st- N. G.-L. Beeson; V. G.-H. L. Davis; Tress.--W. N- Croft; Eec. Sec'y. --B. A. Hale; Per. Sec'y--W. M. Quinn. --The Ft. Podge road will sell excur sion tickets on the 3rd and 4th of July . good until the 5th, to and from all points at one fall fare for the round trip. Full particulars as to the running of trains can be obtained of their station agents. --The work men at the Artesian well Were down 1,510 feet last night and still in solid rock. There is no certainty when they will strike water. It is as liable to found a foot further down as 100 feet, and no the work will continue until water ie struck or they are ordered by the company to stop. --The farmers living southwest of Per 17 and tbe business men of the town can rejoice in the fact that a count} bridge is to be built across Coon river a Thomburg's mill. The bridge has been badly needed for many, years and thi order of the board will be heartily sane 'tioned by th« people of this section. Xh bridge will bo 100 feet long and is to be built by the King Iron Bridge Company --The Chicago G'oiiK-t-.y Company are billed for a whole week in Perry commencing next Monday cvcnine"t Union Jail. Thev claim tobea, strictly first- lass troupe, and propose to prove it if lie people will give them an audience. --Mr. Hartley Phillips and wife, from utlme County, are i.t present staying n Perry. They are tiie parents of C. I. Phillips mid are hero for treatment ndcr Dr. Leonard, lira. Lisle, mother f Henry anil John Lisle,is also here be- ng treated by Dr. Leonard. --During the past fveek we printed a ull sheet poster announcing the 4llx of uly Celebration at Angus. Also sever.-) inndrecl programmes. The Angus peo- Ie get right to the front when it comes o cetting up a celebrat.iou and our peo- ile had better vakd up on (he matter. --A man named Rood living in the square honsein the Dr. Johnson blocl waa arrested last week for selling bee: and whiskey--whiskey contrary to tin State Jaw and bfeer contrary to the cit; law. He had it government revenue li . cence which Would indicate that he pro posed to keep uncle Sam from disturb Ing him. He has only been here abou throe weeks.,.- His trials are set for nex Tuesday and Wednesday before 'Squire Chappetett audHayor Hennessey. --Jamaica is having quite a 'oooin --Ten ··jception upon In.- wife, the Pri:!i lpn\ A!I kinds of 'I i;r \VorK done up-stairs in -Parker's buildini;. \Ve will be pk-.s- fd to have all c.ill. it Y::.«niisfi Kvnx t r oiT. .'ill dosirinsthoEoeisier call at Parks' will be employed in o-.r schools n e x i jr-.'-'k s t o i L - a s h e ha^ ihe e::chi-ivo gale- I bmiucto hoiisu lo rent. Enquire ye:ir. Tilii. Jesse Mary aril Thorn AV.irrcn ,uil Claia Ken^orthy are [ Q c amolis:t!:e r" ···'.'. ono« employed. It is with noMiiali .la-iree of rr j j;rct that « c j le.irii Ui.'.t .MKos Ohvt; Mellenry, Yida ami PadioOtU have declined the positions tendered t h e m at advanced pay. No teachers c-ou!d have endeared themselves to the piiiiils i 1 .*! iljo-e have--they loved t"nc;r ] upiS p.nd their pupil4 loved them. Asbijcce^ssul teachers they rank among the host ot the staie, and our schools v.-ili greatly feel their absence, ilisses Olive McHcnry and Vida Otis have hcen tendered position'-; in tho Carpets! Carpets! If vo'i i\a;;t a Carpet don't fail to see X. IlennesV Xeiv slock. For Sale. A good road salkcy. Enquire of "V. I.. AVi\rnjn. - ?rev/ r«lillinory Store. Hjibd LOH-::I!III, in II:;i Inn's urick block on Warford street, :wirc» to keep it be- f° rlj '' l f i people tli;!t hhi) has :'. fine stock of Millinery Goods, embracing sill the Litest Kly.'es and novelties. Also .Miss II tiHa Ycraiiilion car. be found at the sane room*, and « i l l make dress-making a specialty. Ha \*e you seen tliose beautiful BIrthtlay cards at Parks' Book store? It is tlie Ir.rg-est and finest stock in Perry. Piescriptious a. ' ialty. H. COL'RTXKY. Fon SALE.--A new house of six rooms --Iiish ami dry locatio"--no incum- biance--perfect tiile--cheap for casli. Buy :'.£t John s-'ei\ing iM.ichinc and yon v. ill lie );:upy. A lo; of H iiijitr Vapor Stoves ju-4 ra- ceived !iy t!ic Pi-rrv foluist. I w i l l furnish customers w i t h oil by the barrel s.t rost. Bread. Broad. Go to the Chicago Grocery Store qood II'P.K!. for lioine. Ifor Sale or iratli*. A good stock farm to trade- for ! property- llou-e HTK! Lot ir-.T. II \V;'i':-' is ditiou, lo trade for go d teai:i. JIouMio and Lots to seil -.vitlioiit 'pm- ad- mith Parhieuter has recently put up a jsohooIs at their home in DCS iMoiues, usiness house,and several other pan\e? wh'eh they accepted iu order to be at j ave been building. G. 11. liowlev, ormerly of this place is there with a tock of goods. --On Ed Lunt's first trip as mail agent n the Booue narrow KUIIRC, he forirnt limself and stepped too far to one side, of i he car causing it to tip over and I c i v e and the '.initrfoieeu all t)ieilirtai:d sub-1 you. -M-it he track. Ed's corpnloucy will get him SUUU-L" to Ihe »,;i lucf. OT .late -ever,-i j ~~^~^~, n i 1 (v ,.,, "'T^T nto trouble vet. N have vi\MPd lio epi.n-, a i d used i . I ) e i 2 . J L ! J _ J _ ; ll _!'_! Lllll --Sevo'.'.i'vvi.e'r.-- :u;o while Win. Moffitt, living-1 aiile= iior'l-e:'St of Perry, j II w,vs horiu;: Tor -joal n;i ;:is fawn, ho sM-nck j i3»r. a. heavy floiv of v.'iiler at ;ho dup'h of oJ | jf V 'j:i v.vnt lo h feet, lie bored down sotn» uishty feet | v-'iil:si.i Lr.nt \vill · ?.7iy lr'.- to nr seii accomp.irclato A lai^e sisfortment of carriage, robes just..receive;! at W- L. Wurrcii?. Slop at J. L. Grace's and ex-iiuine tlie ev \Vcsiern Ppiintj Cultivator. e credit Dr. Rtir.cbnrn tiiis week th aO-pouud boy at Mr. John Drcni- ney's, seciiou forentan on the niidillc division of the Mil^aiikce, since Tues Jay. Also on Sunday a 10} pound boy tMr. Kels. Oa:an3, and n inno-iiound )oyatths home of tFhrniasSaunders on resterday. | --Our dincy den was yesterday orna- menteuvrith n beautiful bouquet of flowers, selected and a| ringed by the deft itlle hands of MisaKittv Willis one of he sweetest and brightest little pirls in r'erry. And yet thd wearied pencil pusher is not forgotten by the purest earth's KjOrtals--tlie children. of --A very large a^d costly m o n u m e n t ,iasrecently been Greeted in the City Demetery to the memory of Win. Chup- jelear. Dr. Pan^bnrn and many others interested'arc improving their :ots in (lie cemetery, which would be n pood example tor others to follow. The road to the cemetl-ry ought -t" be pui put in a better condition so th:it h 7 ill je passable :it all dines. These improvements aro needed and should be m.ide- K ITT 1 ' f.' - ·-ill. jL\J Tii n uiuler-ipi'cd :ire now ready lode- livorto :iny anil all iarts of the city i'-e in any quantity. Oiders be k-ft at our store 0:1 V,";!i:s Avenno. 3(tf. Siio~iv"Lt«S: D\vis. Chnni!!".' is soiling piles of barbed '.\iro :.'id iir. 1 -' plonty more to ^ell. Futjeu's Impoitcd (Jlyilosilatc Stallions at T.lf. Uluo's i iu-ry Stible, Perry, Everybody Suited w h e n liiey purchase their Jewelry silver* ivnre, Closks, c. of-J. P. Spaulding Co. Tilehig 1 , Tileingr. Tlie bet.t and cheapest m.imif.ictureil can be found on sale :it W. 11. Chandlers AVithoiit donht the Second Street Jeweler has the largest stock iu the county, consisting of CoM ami Silver Watches, l/.itiie.s' Wai dies, Ilinjrs, Breast Vins, Ear Riii~. Br;-ci'!cts. etc. FKED Tv.'o desirable Avenue for sale cheap. lots on Willis W. S. JESXIXCS. Barbed Wire at Chandlers. If you went to savo money in your fencing give him a call. Do you w a n t a n y t h i n g in the ware line, it"HO call on Ainlev. Hard Do you want the best stove iii the, Ainiev has it. Store, Xew Goods, and Prices Low. MVE ASI LITT J.IVB is THE JIOTTO. Hnvint; opened a general stock, consisting of Dry Good:!. Groceries, Hats and Cups, Boots and Shoes, Queeusware and Glassware, in the Leonard Block East ekle 2nd. Street, and in the room foimcrly occupied by M. E. Hnwley. I respectfully invite the a i t e n i i n n of chiiserr, I hereto. Please call ami FC^ nn-, get acquaintcJ and be posted in prices. I'uibli Wire is the iigl-.test and strongest in t!ic markci. Grace pel M it. W. II. C'li.iiulli-i haj t h e laijjcstE inent cf the bp^t iniiniiOotures, of ons ami bui gi'.-.--iii Central Iowa. wag- Give water. L.J'. G.imMe iml II. H. Omloll tt'i-.o li-ive iis-d C«iif.ix water, sa.v ilie ef- ;'ocl of ihi? water i» about the '·rant. L:^t Mo\ii?R,y i'i company w i t h M. K. I! - i'.vlev It. P. Loih and p^.r. W. S. \Va! !:cr. wo visited t!~e ^;'ri;l^. It is loc.iicd :.!, i h e foot t/f a f-li'e;) hill cioe to the LMUS o r B-.Mver Croel:. The water Sables wrongly o f s i!;jlicr and the smell of it at first is r.ither oilen^ive. prof. "'cc 1 , i u r\i»i;j to m.ike ,111 niii-'vi-is of tlie water bcilo-,7 UK hiirini; broke ln.i ciieaiinil ap- parati, but he t' ot; r " r enough n.Ion^ to tell tint it posss,x*ecl magnetic much iu f n c t ' h n t he took the ground that a mixture with ton firma could surround and act upon a falling body almost instantaneously. fay'nis ,'..sid« other matters, we believe the water Pimm properties. Several parties in Perry using it and testily to the effect t h a t it does theia as much Rood as the Colfax water. "We have not learned yet us to w h e t h e r Mr. Mofiitt intends inckimr any improve- nieuts at the sp.-ins;. \ V e h o p e t e will. F i \ o top." ofi;o5»! i'.iy n'vc of X. I(. »Vha,k-y F f i o w n . Jor -,vt\ Tn- c-p.u mile east -U-it, You an is t h e old S'ill I t . s ' l i u to h .vo '^o ,vtii:i il Yc-isi. !c!i,il)Ie brand. if AH sr-icers Tho ''Ijulr.-' best o: cigar in tiie marbet. It ir, no\v evidoul that 1'cvry is going to Have a big boom in the way of business blocks, and of n most substantial kind. W. S. Russell has _ notified W. It Chandler to vacate liis lots at the cor- ncv of Second and \Villis Avenue, by Septem'onrl'-t, when Mr.- Russell will at once cocimer.ce the erection of a solid brick uOxUO two stories high. Tho second story will be made into an opera hall, fitted up iu an elegant manner. W. II. Clnmdlcr, Waldo M'immer, Cardell Sliortley will join together and build ;i two-story brick on Second stieet with a fiont of jOO feet. Dr. Goff, who lias purchased D-:. Hull's o i Prces. If C;i;ity Cnllant can't, Johnny Coope can, and will always be on hand at iuy stable in ferry, la. 40-21. For Sale or Trade on Lots in Ferry, Io\va. House : nd Lot No. 11, Bl. 2, Holland's Add to T.una City, Tama Co., Iowa. Lots No. 11 and 12, Bl 11, Blair's Add to New Jefferson, Greene Co., Iowa. Lots No. 1 r.nd 2 Bl 23, Rail's Add to Lyndon, VThiTcVni*' Co , III. For forlhc-r information inquire of Ti! M. Koyer, nt, Hari in and Kude'r-, Perry, loiia. :-.o.-.layj., Fri.lAis ami 'satnr- I l l i m . tt TM" " i: -' n - voa vnllt « substantial (l«i\? The iett "-i t!-.s timeat the farm of J. E. ITiicc^, two N. E. of Perry. 920 te insure u live, sucking colt. Don't f.iil to «ee thc'e horses. "7-1 t:i .7. E. W. P. Standard -1 ton scales for ^30.00 at H. Chandlpr'-=. \V. Western Ci'hsj .itors r.t.T. L. Any ?.ud evcrythinir found at. A Init class Hardware, at Ainley's. Grand Jnni-tinn Ti li:ig at J. L. Graces. The .iltcntion of everyone is invited to the stock in Spaulding Oo's Jewelry Store. They have most everyihiiiK to b e f o n n d i n a first-chiFS Store. Prices .ow and quality guaranteed. The best section r.j stock of Hardware in thi Thy Uest »r;im Tile in the market isoki bv W. II. Chandler. Take Watches, clocks and jewelry repairing to E. A. Parks.' Any Oue Can Play the Piano or Organ at sight by means of Burner's system. Cull at Park's book store and l(iok.:it it. Foi; t?Ai.;::--Pair second hand F.iir- banks scales for sale cheap- Enquire of Jesse 2»o.\/nort. 3S-'.f. E. A-. L'ai'ks h«s ihe finest Clgurs in Perry. It Is a Solejmi Fact luit you c.-.n ':et tho nest Ice Cream. Confeclionery, --Tho new airr.ngeincnt in running the Ft. Dodge trains changes the service around iu away that is entire'y unsatisfactory to Hie people along the line. Tho Ft. Dodge passenger train carries only wail pouched for junction stations. The regular mail is the Spirit Lake train which arrives here nt 7:-K going south and 8:07 going north. The arrangement has been remonstrated apainstby all the stations, but it seems to be of no avail- --Tlie Register publishes an account of a "great discovery" at Wall Lake. It gets away with most anything in tlu- "offensive" line tie have ever FCC;I in print and yet there is nothing vulgar pr'ipL'rty acijoininp; on ihe south, has i n , K , s'.«;;ii'-i n (l ms wi'.Sinjmess to join these pri-ntlcin: 1 .!! ;v;;d build a two-story biicl; \. p ith n front of 50 feet, thus makinj: 130 ieet solid front. The b'liUling utc.,ut Croft's Uketaar.uit ou Willis Ave- block has already coinrucaccJ and be pushed to completion. Anothei of tho '.n.-ililings decided upon is that lo be by the Masonic fi.ilemiiy. which will bo a two-story hrick. Tho exact location of this brick will be dt-eiiied upon to-morrow evening. Upper Willis Avenue promises to catch onto the boom too. 1J. W p ''Payne will this seas.ou erect n tlwee-slory brick oil \us lot adjoining Clark's tin shop, .ind Messrs, ftoff ifc West promise to build ou the Phelps property just adjoining, if they can get uosscsion. Tlie Odd yellows :iteo have in contemplation the erection of a home of their own. They juwe the money to b'yld with and the only deeesion to be m;vle nuv, is w;ien and where to build. SfJ' Ple^u reineinbi-r tlu.t wo keep in our Grocerv department, bast Le:;f Lard, of this J 'lam. Bacon, Boii^le^s IInn, iv.e. LH;t- ter and Ksjgs boi:j;ht and soli 1 .. \V-.T. I Wail Pauer. I have the finet-l line of Wall Paper ever brought to Perry. Call and be convinced. II Tlio Ice Creiuu Season in now open at Mortr;iu Walker's. Call in a::d try r. I^-.r. about it. It is just the con;:! ruction you put,upon it. Bro. Wright's attention is directed to it. As the Register is his idol and authority upon most everything, and as it circulates largely among the higher classes, it might be well for him to demand an apology for its actions. · · HI ' --The new Minneapolis and Spirit Lako train was put on Monday and will j be in charge of conductors Given and Weston. Conductor pasqnin will have charge of tho Ft. Dodge passenger By the new arrangement Scott Alexander, formerly conductor 'on the "C.".nnou Ball," takes a way-freight, and also Irvin Ankeny. Conductors Tut tie and Fit?.- pemld take the mixed frrtins. Billy IClderis promoted to conductor on the short tmin ninning between Perry and Angus and will make his home here. A new switch engine has been purchased for pulling Hilly Elder's train and will bekepthere meet of the time. All the above improvements me;i!i much to Perry, and will jive the town buildings of a more substaiitir.l urttnic. Parties wauiinp; K iiso '' ;! e will their cans in the evening and they M i l l be delivered in the morning. I am scil-JiCent for the De« Mnincs "; Color Co'b. Mixed I'aitite. Host in ihe market. II. Col KTMEV. If you need .v \i::l Jewelry, SpinMiug t nbargain. Call am! linking p. selcjlion. h. c'ock Co. n i l ! give you them before vcnicle. Tl?o Best ·re ,sol! by llh--'idler. Ii you want any kind ol si vehicle he can furnish it to ,.i)ii as iciii-oiiiinlc us it can bs bought Call on W. H. f'.nnody /or choice Hour am' cured m rat's iit hotto-n prices. AH kinds of Groceries ;nid Tobaccos bottom priccs.itOannody's. Wall paper, "widow slia cleg and fixtures at 1'arks* new Book store. AH new styles, yon want the best flour made bv any mill in the country. «sk your grocer for F.iucy Piilent, made by the Polar , of Frirbault, Minn. House Moving 1 . E. G. Perrolt.s-.nil Q. A. \Villi8 have purchased the house-moving utensils of E. C. Howard, and are now ready to do nil kinds of work in the house-moving line. 28-tf A new lot of men's shoos and Ladies* -SHpper? just received, cheaper than ever at H. H. BlodtiPtt's, Second street. For painfinc paiier han^iiu.' c., call on Thorp A-lIow.-.Td at Sbiiiini; Bros. j|, ( . nl Second street Drug store. Tho Imperial Hiding and Walking cultivator is the simplest strongest and best. Call :it J..L. Graces and look at Go to V/. IT.'s u her. you want a good square meal. Just Received At Parmenters, n comn'eto assortment of Ladies, Misses and C!i:kheiib bhoot:. I oficr them on good terms. Call and see. for ready »ay I ivill not he undersold; Millinery Dress Miss Anna Grndy h^s opened a Millinery and Te--s Mak:m: ebtahlishiuent on Vi'illis Avenue, K o i t h s-ide of the triangle. The ladies ,:re invited to call. Please call and examine the Grand Junction Tiling made of tire rlav. It has no equal. J. L GR.VCK. E. A. Parks, the \\eFi tide stationer, keep's a A-,11 lu:c of h-s.'I a::d school hunk's. Atto'-in'v"- 1 Ti.l Jufciu'cs 1 filtt-il out with a full lino -it reasonabl The best hue of pocket, and table cu'lory in tlie citv at Ainley's. Kccollect that Parker the Perry Picture Taker, will sell yon a VBDOF Stove and give \ o u a o n e week's trial against an v other stove in tbe world. JUST RECEIVED the largest stock of Sett and BpiP.d Rings in the county, at the Boss Second Street Jeweler's. Buy tho MoIincSnlky Plow of J. L. Gnic-e. It you want the best pump in tho market buy it of J. L. Grnce. Lunches, Ii-e Cream. Ciiiar*, Tohat'i-o. '"'.uuipd C roll's Xevv V.Ootar.rn.rt, A Vine Candies. Fruit, etc., at illis Avcni'o. 1*111? ers are ° 11 nlc and sufosci iptions taken for all sorts of Periodicals at Parks' Book Store. from 'he Pac.-.hontas county anarries. con^jntly or. h a n d , I' 1-:' K .V J * I i r, L T' 0 ·? D *·-. II in a in" i i ' i a n t i t y , by (i,o. U::\TOV. I-'hic Conicotdoiici'y. Morgan ct Wsvikcr filicd up ctn'irc.i'-es this week v if h a fine hue i;o!i» liliie. ii i-.o,ir l\onnd of the David ·iO-if We have the facts froti I'ciid()iiai|ter5 i Candies -.;i.' in regard to these Itnproveuiesi'.s and | ·will say tbiit they fi;c f.iels and mtf ' rumors. y«U« of French!--,, i n v i t e a tri". 1 of tisei!:. ! ' I ch.'.ir. Schcoiljcnic. Tor i f=.-.L;:---A lifly . r.ul "ooily new. l^ricc %SO. oi'S. .1. Kenc.:r, An^iss, la. barber Superb: That stock of Jewelry at J. P. Spaulding i 7 * Cc's. on Willis Avenue. En- 40-11 II. C'oxirtito-v. I . A Lin's of ' j..« A Uiilon School Picnic will be held jit Meadow's (.;rove, six miles east in* 1'erry. 'I'lmrsilay June 21st. JCxcvcises coniint-ncing 10:KO A. M. A"il schools we invited to join. Tcachors will collect Bve cents from each pnpilaudiuii'ii ( the same to tho Treasurer. Lemonade j wii) then bo fnnii.siied IVco to school J cinklren. -Mrs \Vliinei-y will bd there. and .1 good titco is anticipated. A pre- i liminr.vv mectinj; will he held at Center' jnst received at School llouso, lieavoi-tp. .luno 1-^th ar I--7~,~~,~ h(\;,"- -- Two j-'oiitlyn-"! an 'inu i:: c v r l V n t plai 'snii'riri^ ;T 'ii..^ o fit"!. and ;i lody if board by j I aiu prepared to y i \ e H.vtlis, either Uiu-.ple, piunjj, Me'::i;atod.or T- 1'. Ji H' % civcd nt Mr*. H:iw- Il.'irhius Block. A n e w " ! ."7c T.Iy line of Paint Bru.'-i. le;it for qu.ihiy or jirice. not be ' of La"cl;, Marsh and GarOium Perfumes | voi 1 tp. .Iu C:?.0p. Jt. J. II. r.n-ON, Pics. LETTIE DUOAN, S-,:c. and Tres. A brick cotto.ce lor tulcor rent, quire of Dr. Johuton. A sjian o:':u:i',co, iv.i^on and for sniy. Jm-j.iiiu at the ofticc of J ytewart , Co. Look out for another iii- invoice of Books, Stationery -sind Notions at Parks' Book Store this week, 3IONEYTO LOAN. Tallies ilr^h-iTip to borrow money on one year's lime can be accoiiiino'latcd by making application to W. P. C.irJcII. The demand for the servji-cs of our Clydes«i.;!e .Stii'iion has been so great in order to accommodate nil wo have just received another Imported. Registered. Uuaranteed, Clydesdale. Please seo him before breeding eko,- where. J. Ji. W. P. F.\o::s. Perfumery and all kir.rjs of Toilet Ar liclesa' Co«rti"v'. II. ·School Boolcs an:! kinds at Courtney's. i-'s'iicncry. o£ all To the Farmers I -.vouhl say: If yo-.\ want a pair of wjy plow boots and shoes we can ofl\jr prices-'. them at acceptable WM.KAROES. The St. Join: sowing machine is simply, Simplicity Sim;ili(lcil.' IN FW SPA PERI ^WSPAPER!

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