The Malvern Leader from Malvern, Iowa on January 25, 1934 · Page 7
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The Malvern Leader from Malvern, Iowa · Page 7

Malvern, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 25, 1934
Page 7
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*^s—ss** sss ^ s ^ s ^^^^ E R S ON Jim MALVEft* UUftfeft, MAL' itffti^iftiA* »*. ItefM mnw 1* 4tff Met j *t her home roirtTiweist of town. I PittH Carsws m«v«d trts s | . t&aftef O.'E. „. and HnfflStlty lodge A. I*, ft A M. fro. 8t8 feetd a Joint installation of btfCer* at the Masonic hall T«e*fi3r sventtg, Jan. 18. The i§i8 officers took their station* and listened to the fate- well «f dttrt* |f Worthy Matron Elsie I* Stan*. Little Rosalie Evans and banning Coppage dressed in fotmal edstume, enter ed and gate ft gift to each of the officers. White Mrs, Clara Thor son sang a beautiful goloj "Happy Days,*' accompanied by Mrs. w Kerrlhard of Red Oak on the violin and Dana Oglevie on the piano Rosalie and Channing presented ft basket of red roses to the Worthy Matron, a gift from her officers. Miss Pearl fi. MeLaln was the installing matron and Frances Coppage the installing marshal and they did their work In a very pleasing manner. The 1934 officers are: Elsie L. Evans, Worthy Matron, Lowell K, Patrick, Worthy Patron. Llda Hatfleld, Associate Matron. . B. E. Whlsler, Associate Patron. Ella M, Longshore, secretary. Mary B. Gibson, treasurer. Clara Thorson, conductress. Hatel Patrick, associate conductress. Pearl E. MoLaln, chaplain. ! Leona Diion, marshal. Dana Oglevie, organist, Dorothea Lakln, Adah. .Ida Bell Btokes, Ruth. Minnie Whlsler, Esther. Hebe Edie, Martha. Jeanette Carson, Electa. Irene Crofton, Warder. T. F. Douglas, Sentinel. Twelve young ladies bearing lighted tapers entered and form- ved a lane for the Worthy Matron, Rosalie and Channing entered ; wilh a basket of red carnations, a gift to Elsie L. Evans. : The Masons followed with their impressive service with H. E Greenwood Installing officer and i K. A. Evans- marshal. The 1984 officers are: Prank Oglevie. w. M. wete tn attendance. ° M CHte8 *« *J? 61BB ? °* tfte b t Wm ti>e Re1le! The president appointed her ™«>**Htott for the ensu- Following the work of the Corps memorial services for our SftJ* «f. Moats, were heart and the charter draped in hi* memory Following is a brief hi? tory of Comrade Moats: A Tribute to On* Comrade Moates passed to " • . 26, at the home of his dangh* ft?,' ^ lta ttoline8 ' « l *«*• . following a Drte f Illness. Mta- W • 10, Ohl« Ohio the served . We retret Jostn* tftft eitrmab** f a«ly trots 6nr «»mm%Mty *fefc the* gteeew to t*«r hom«. Otdet Lester Cafgo* caftte to from West Potni Tnetdat **6Mftf en fttfltmrt to vttft ate |«fetit!f, Mr. and Mrs. Charles c*r*on. ieatef fe ittendlttf A* W. 8. Mfh- tary A<*d«m, at Wrtt l*»i«l and this it hte «frt tfwt borne tfi tw« year*. Mrs. iaffiws flantsman was a Red Oak sfropfa- Wednesday aR- ernoon. Mh and Mrs. tt. d HENDERSON day. Mrs. 8. F. Cheney w*nt to Lin* coin Friday to spend the week end with het daughter fthta, wfe« afc tends the University of tfeferaak*. Ous Sennits of Marian spent last week here in the home of his daughter, Mrs. A. B. stokes, Mr. and Mrs. Ray Mnntsnun, «rs. Baelah elites, and Mrs. Lowell King Were Red Oak visit* ofs Saturday, Mr. and Mft. wefe ft efhen«Mo*& Wednesday. Sfrt tmm r*t*tn«d test week fro* * »e*i9fil ,*e**s visit with **WtV» «n cwtfridd. Me enjoyed & pieasaift trip. Mr*. MoftT KHidlts of near Red O*t nii b«Mi vistting in the Newark, Sept. 20 , i.8. NB ' hrlU6 ' *«"••' •™A' M ^ t6n was a troe toa ». « good soldier, loyal to the country of his addnttnti; offering his for its fLeeW." Williams, a D. ft 1 Lyle Rfanon, j. D. J?. Prank.Shew, a a gj, Wilbur Morrison. J. 8. « T. F. Douglas, Tyler. ;•- At the close all were invited • to the dining room where a po T Jock supper ;waa served, Those on *toe eominiKee were Pearle Lang .Mabel Msrrlson, Edna Grayson ,Av|f Taylor. .Bvangaline Lang, R .8. Good,, R. W, Davis, R. B Tubbi, A, p. smith, and M, W i Taylor. >, y Thofe j present from out of ,i° w » *ere Mr. and Mrs. w. Ker- rlhard and Mr, and Mrs. Swanson of Red pak, Mr. and Mrs. W. A. Pacific | Junction, Mr. _,, j, D, Fellow* of Hast«W«, *n«^Bo|coe Greenwood of a kind and loving father. wif, W °!J 8 ', » atr »otlc cltlten, who believed in the brotherhood of man and all who knew him best felt the inspiration of hi. n™ rhn£,?« racter "~ 5" legttc y to h « children— a good name above reproach; a loyal friend of the Women's Relief Corps. May the memory of his wise cou"«l In! spire us to a greater devotion to the cause he loved so well and the example of his unselfish life be a beacon light to guide us in the years to come. I like to think of the passing of the comrades of the Grand Army of the R«public as the Blossoming Time" when their life • work is completed and with high courage and sweet submls* slon these dear ones take their Places in the meadows of Heaven. ™ e ? wer « our inspiration while they were with us.and as Kirea will the Muonie ban Jan, ™ > Hascall 'Tuesday by. mptor for. Tor. Wngton, Wy fit |o -spend several i . left but in. and around .their going comes the comforting thought that they lived for a pu£ P°"f; A " th «» »fbt from the stars millions of miles away light up the heavens so will the influence deeds and their courage make the whole world a better Place in which to live. Now is the time when we as an organisation should again Highly resolve to carry on the work for which they gave the last full measure of devotion and as the stars, our forget-me-nots of the angels, light our path may tnere come around and 'about us the radiance Iroro their live* and •ervjce guiding and 'directing us, We carry away wit* us today the memory of Comrade Mgatea ana drape pur charter la his n»erooi7-«ur last and only co». fade. "Shrer In the realms of glory Shall shine bis. starry fame: Angete have beard the story; Qod knows each Comrade by name." f Secretary-Cora. B, Ogmer,' Mr, an4 Mrs. A, H, HeB<Jriek 9 8B4 son, Donald, of Omaha spent the week end. in the bone of Dr, d Mrs, A, 1, Stokes, . J, , Srans ww a» Qmaha -rlftttTteUf /tMM$8ftftrt ,9»tefWm •IftB.Jwyt 88,7 •ayMMitf tti Oak visitors Saturday, Miss Psarle ft Lang , was a Qleawoad visitor Saturday, : Mr, i»d Mn, g, & Sppoij iej esday far thjir iow* aj urg, Mn Spaoft was sesUo* bm far ft vfttti, y, fc, fait tiiea. $^e feysm» ( e Job ». R. Davis were Malvern visitors Tuesday. Glen Shook was the victim of hree confidence men last Tuesday when he was robbed of $160 on Highway 34 this side of Red Oak. The men posed as horse buy* ers and were going to buy a team of Glen, They knew where he eotatd buy a young team of their grandpa near Red Oak. "Grandpa" didn't like checks so he cashed a check against his account In the Emerson State Bank at a bank In Red Oak. Two men were riding with Mr. Shook when one poked a gun at his side and commanded him to stop the car and hand over the cash. The men then sped toward Omaha. E. A. Draheim took down their license number when they failed to pay for a bowl of soup In the Emerson cafe. Mr. and Mrs. A. F. Smith and son, Lawrence, were Glenwood visitors Saturday. Miss Jeanette Stewart and Bertha Crabtree were Red Oak visitors Saturday afternoon. Mr, and Mrs. Elmer Bass leave Tuesday for Des Moines-to attend a short course of Farm Bu- reatf work. They will also visit their daughter, Edith, at Ames. Joe Maynes'was over here a few days last week from Glen- wpod. While here he rented his property to Homer Black. Mrs. Emily Burton and daugh- ter ' J£ el L 110 ' wer * Olenwood visit- ojns^ Wednesday,;., '/ ''&&&&& .,-JIT-"-•"»•'•» r*.»»"Bj»» r( tut 09 •• umee £ T e «*L trom Dr> Armstrong of 4>0u QftK* A family party ooniiiting of f*r. A. B. Wolfe &t Carson was * eaftftf tfe thJ* tidnfty Saturday. Sir. aid Mrt. Barwin GOSS of diaaita fftttid his p^ents here Tuesday. % • i*r». l«d UolnPoek and son, Herman, *ttd wife were in Shenandoah Wedne*day. Mh and Mrl. C. M. Workman of Bhenandoah wet* guests in the G. T.- HafOVet home Saturday. AfteT the business session of the Rebtikah Iddge Tuesday eve- hing the men treated the ladies to an oyster Sttpper at the Riggle Cafe, ft was very much enjoyed. Mrs. Georgia Wilkinson and eon, Lyle, and Mr. and Mrs. Ed Wilkinson attended a basketball «aine In Omaha Wednesday evening, The members of the Christian —idles' Aid were treated to a cake Wednesday by Mrs, Herbert 'Stephens In honor of her birthday. A lunch of salad, meat sandwiches, and coffee was served by Mesdames Art Friteher and Elvyu Galloway. Twenty-live were pres- *M.;- : - . ..•--. i Carrol Phillips had his tonsils removed In Council Bluffs last Wednesday. He got along nicely and came home the same day. He is much Improved from his recent illness. Mary Margaret Kirschbaum treated the smaller classes at the M, E. Sunday school Sunday to a cake in honor of her tenth birth day. Will Cooper of Oakland was In town Saturday. Mr. and Mrs. A. J. Harbor and son and daughter, Arlene, were Omaha visitors Thursday. Mr. and Mrs. A. S. Paul enjoyed a visit Thursday from relatives from Lincoln. Mrs. Pearl, Harbor and daughter, Marian, returned Friday from a week's stay In Missouri. Her parents are some better from their recent illness. Mrs. Dr. Curran of Oakland was in town Saturday afternoon. « 1 , * Otto » ut< ' h er. and . and Mrs, j»ete Huntsman. to Red Oak Sunday i, ' w the show they drove back to the b ? me « 1 »« enjoyed a very r Otto Butcher bad a thrilling experience tbte, week when be • y bunted ail day see, ing four foxes. About 4 o'clock as they we» deciding to quit they nt on acbase after one, Otis WM the lucky one tQ. B ho 9 t it. This waa his first fox to shoot ind B very *• . 94«ttaWe JWfe Company oj JnwaTis ami against Palo , aewuiBg a been s>fei«e4 *»« twa m« HWffiifl VftA a Rjg visitor Wedueafiey afteruwn, y, «tt4 Mm J, P. SUUe wtftt QouasU S)uf a Friday to tfeeir , to , elok M Uw towe tU few AftusktM, Mrs. ' . ftftO.*Tfsn4y»Qn S IHS^BSSB' /f-MAjfl-Blll t**ia* A ll _i >^TIi^ . The member* of the M. B. Ladles* Aid were treated to a cake Thursday by Mrs. 0. H. Amlck in heaef of her birthday. A lunch was served by Mrs. I. c. (Joss. Mrs. Waiter Coppoek has received word of the arrival of a baby girl In the home of her son, Hngh Parcell, in California. Several little folks enjoyed a party Saturday afternoon with Cecil Core in honor of his sixth birthday. Games were played by the little folks after which a lunch was served. Mrs. Bd Woods of the Wales Vicinity Is quite poorly suffering from anemia. The company ice house located on the Harbor land was filled last week. The Ice was a Very good quality — much better than last year. Mrs. Elsworth Plumb enjoyed * visit Saturday and part of Sunday from her sister. Mrs. Ulna Mills, and children of Illinois. They came to attend the funeral of Mrs. Rose Plumb. Thad Flnley and wife who have been staying on one of the Hiratt Cool farms left a week ago for Arkansas, Mrs, C. B. Edmondson and son, Joe, and daughter, Maud Darling, and Mr. and Mrs. Ivan Fisher left Wednesday for Washington. A social evening was enjoyed at the I. O. 0. F. lodge hall Thursday by 46 Odd Fellows from different lodges. Some very Interesting talks were given. The ladies of the Rebekah lodge served a lunch of sandwiches, pickles, pie, and coffee. COLOR PRINTING Increases the pulling power of any printing lob. We are equipped to ban- die colorprlnttnif quickly and satisfactorily ffce * «V U*W*UWW» D V* b«JT7 J.P* i • *%*i ctttb were entertained Wednesday evening at a two course dinner at the home of Mrs. I. C. Goss. A tety pleasant time was spent afterwards wfth games. George Caughell who lire* at Carson had the misfortune while at work at the stone quarry near Macedonia to hate a rock hit him In the face injuring his nose. Mrs. Roy Viner and daughter, Mrs. Herbert Stephens, visited Mrs. Vlner's mother, Mrs. Lydia Maxwell, in Glenwood Saturday. Mrs. Maxwell was seventy-three years old that day. of tie 8. t. IU Carson Mothb and ton arrived Sunday from Wyoming, they were detained on the road by cat trouble. C. i>. Tsley who was httrt In an auto accident north of town several days ago Is getting along as well as could be eipected. He f» In the Jentite Edmnndson hospital. Mr. and Mrs. Martin Hansen of Omaha spent Saturday and Sunday In the Jim Houspr home. They with Jim Honaer and- daughter. Addle, were guests In the Wllbnrn Houser home for dinner Sunday. Pirk Boyd and wife had busl- The ex-Kaiser is said to be worth $176,000,000. 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