Ukiah Daily Journal from Ukiah, California on August 15, 1890 · Page 2
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Ukiah Daily Journal from Ukiah, California · Page 2

Ukiah, California
Issue Date:
Friday, August 15, 1890
Page 2
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FRIDAY. i 'j pa. Ar «i .w 13, 1S90. DISPATCH md DEMOCRAT. | After * he j recently contracted fur are paid for ; and other ordinary expenses, it h evpected that there will lie i sur j j plus in the County (renerul Fund ! ' on January 1, 1HU1. instead of ai deficit of S10,02!).:H. as there was j last vear. And there lifts been a hirsfc ? DEMOCRATIC TICKET. KSCAI'K AND CAJ'TI'RK. j THE MENDOCINO STAGE ROBBERS ESCAPE FROM SAN QUENTIN. Pursued and Captuied by Sheriffs • Standley or Mendocino nnd Hsaly of ' Marin, and Posse of Guards. fOl'.VTT TICKET, st-riuooit .irnu.:, 11. McO.VllVKY.. <\ W .TIXllAXL. ASSr.MfiLVM.lS. Mil.; .''I'. I .r :UK, J M. STANOLKV COl'STY Jt. .1. MOHROW IT.I'STf Tl-.i.-Asral v.. D. M. 01 IK!IN OlStBlcT ATroHSKV. J. Q. WHITK coi 'srv I'.-foi'.i-i.r., p. v. AumnTHitx SCUOO!. -<C IT.KI NT KS t>>'--' MRS. S V. IIASKKTT UORONnt AM' n HUT DAVID OAKSOS. \Ssl Woll, C. P. SV.IT1I , oL'M v si it\'r.vnj.„ R. P. YORK si.'i-.eiivi'-oi'.. A. H. DAVIDSON* 1>. REDKMKYliR .Vklati . I 'Mrih At>MmsTl:tTOK. Hot S/jrias-, .Third Ilistrict . Filth tliatrict COUNTV FINANCES. Our friend " Observer'' broke out again two weeks ago, and : through the columns of the Itepnb-! lican Press,made .1 terrible expose)?)' of the t*\ir»tft^Viii<:« of (he Hoard ! of Supervisors of Mendocino ooun- ty. '• Observer " is given to such! deficit in the County G-ene-itl Fund i every year for many years past. I The interest on the registered war- j rants amounts to a large sum of j money. This will all be changed; now, and instead of the fund being, bankrupt and the county paying j |j u „ nucule interest o?i registered warrants, it ; n!n>nt one o\ will be able to pay on sight warrant drawn against it- favorable condition of I h <• County General Fund has not been brought about to the detriment of any other funds. The funds from which the general expenses of the county are drawn are the Countv General, Indigent, Gen" . sriend, suppose'! to lie a nephew ol Man- oral Koad, and Itoarf District. 1 ho ( uinj ,, s> The convit . ts oi mt]rse , }ml bocn condition of these funds on the 1st j informed of the whereabouts of the plant. . of August of eneh year yinee LSSol OpiKinito the lank, running from the wa.i as follows: liinfl itvi-s wlili tluMr htiniN :<pmi thtiir YVI*«).- ons. When Slh'rlirSruM'U'iy oimih up m i;tlk t<> tlit'Di In- firiuui Mivm inlrcnciHMl hi it itutitfot' hlith up tm Uif riilirr. from which I hey hail a v.nv VH-VF i -.f dtf rutin' mntnilnl" «!•!«• anA t»utiny;n*f euuntry iiml f PMH where ull the I-Sf-kuH were In plain view. Their pnsl- (UMI v. n<- .sjfu;iloi] tihcut fifty fvt from the trail. • l hey hii'i si-l'-e.-vt a pU\fe In Uie mitt rile r.f n ! rlnmp pine trees ami Unlit a iuirr)en<lc !»y j I'ihiii: Uviw hiiih nm! fdriniii^ it hollow - ^ squurc. rtii'l in ihe*e tin? men stoo<I wnlst (Jeep. I^.W Q (;1 ' ; - VTIN - Alljrust 11.— YesterditV ' This brnnitht their he^uls mi a h'VfO with the threoSjuKjiiemin v.mvirts, W. 11. Han- I m,,w,c , '« "» f ,l,,, ' r s,,1, V ,ul ,lw ' ,l,nfltl, « was , . »« i • Mlonf hv pn^hlnc their rifles throunh ihe intr-r- ton ami eimrles MannniL'. 'I™' 1 '"'"'^,:,,,,,,!,,,,,!,™,..^,.,,,,,,,,,,,,, Wl . r0 8ll(:1 . robliers, ami Alii-aham Tuvcot!. n San ! j,.,-,.,! iictilnil th« logn. .lua,juti\ ntunterer, wertf employeil on a.! Tin* f;>l'u':,' t„?t\vv't'n Uidr f,,vtr,"*i4 ami th>new hri.-l; bniluins in the course of erce- j ,r,lil ll,,,-k " " ,,s I'lipossibtc f„r tht'lu 1>> 1)1! .st'fii. Intru'lictlwilWll Ihi.s ffill ro*. if the men luul iK,sii'S^t'<l ],r«is [si.m^, Ur y ri'llldliiive \'.nt an Hjsnnlt an lnnir ic tln'lr innmnnltion In.'l'l uut. Mil; ,uuii JI tni'i- Junt bt-mi il^clnriMl, thi.* h. 1 lliev iiroceeileu Hit i the linn omriUs to > , . «. , , ,, , ,. , • 1 1 ! rluif v,if "l ttio t'llir:.',' fmm wlllfh tliov lutein die t'arUieivst wtuer tank from the prison j „„„,, , hl . i mlK .„ , r „„, ,)„. ,.,,„ V icf.-. r'iiios m mul'T ii:e prctex oi tieinj; or ler*"->l to re- v,,u\v\ Thi-i.- w;i^ us ncnli ^i-j|,iciim m-.uiifo^ pair the lank. ] I'm »«'vifu , , . , ,, ^ ,„ , W (iul'l warn the u r u:ir,l* nnl lo uuiv,- iiruniul lu,, >(.,-i'iuoil unilei'tlieboiirds near the tai.k i , . , . ,, were supplies uoiisistiiiL' of two rilles and • „„, f „„ i,.„ lr *.-l.i T .«.xi l..>tnr.- Shunlloy nn.l otiier v.oup,.iiis, aiui proliably clotliiug, . Heuty Kyn- vi^-n fominj? ii], OK * trail, planled there liv nil Heeotiiniodatittg! "« R"'""* »H r)=-hi. )«>•«." sulrl smndloy. 'The W ivrilvn wun'l )„• hard un [Jji'in If tlK>> 'nrvt'lKlr-r," Thu Sherltrs sltirti'il up thy rtit^o townrds tin' j Westport Items. I i Km run I 'isi'VirudH:«»ci!.vv:— Th<»re is nnl unirh to write yon from our little hap.', but no tlonht sotue, of ym.- rea*'.!'!-!* win, arc ic'iiiuirtlcil liere w ill iie fd .'ti! to set.' a rural iicrn <>r two Innit lis. We are now rc^aliiiL: <>ui>clv('y NEWS OF THE WEEK. THI'KSIIAY , AujjttHt 7. San l'i<is<>'» rnis- in i '1 '.iji tliirf season will In: .'loO.OOO boxes, • at per jirices. . land bus been comrade! u I cent, advance over last year'.i A iinnilici- of railroad washouts are re purled in Ari/.c,iia . The Senate ha "f" 1 " I innile several changes in Klectimi bill a< tiiir old diet—fog, but we have luul very | |ms} . w | |, y n„, HiMwe, the mwi, import- »f the prison walls, and :ck in tlte iiiternoon they everv' borrowed some plumbers' (onus and This! 0 "" 5 ''implements from the plumbers. proceeded with the implements lo little oi it this snnimer. The hay crop, Ihuiiirlt li^'liler than usual, is. ill eonsetpience of the dry weather, of a iar better ipjality. I tu .-iiiiOr-M is soniiovlial. better, hut Westport is not what it used to he. The low prices <i: lumber and lies malic the coast dull ami keep many from jMling cii;- I ant of which is striking out Die clause J pi'ovitlitn; Tor troops nl (lie polls.. . . I'eu:- • ocrats made larjse uains in the Tennessee • election. . . .Thousands of .lews arc leav- | iii'i liussia (or I' . .'there is no I ahatenient in the cholera platme at Mec- f tv; . .Onede.-uh from ehoU'ia has uccur- I red at Madrid I'rp-idenl Column of , , j the Argentine h'etmblic has resinned, et reached ! ; I he simmering point, hut we expect the; Kiimiv, August x. —.l.i'.m < 'o any, :i des! efiniliiliiles In make it I,oil when they | jierailo, v,as sliot and killed ai C'oronado ; come over in force. The Ilemocriits all; lSeach . . liodie, Xt'vada, is flooded ow- feel confident oi success, :md the Uepuli-' iuc to (he unpreeeilented raiuliill i licaiis claim to be hopeful of olpi'linj; \ 1 lot weatlier and la:'k of rain will cause | some of their best men. I very short crops of corn and wheal in ] The snhscnpiioii for a new school I Ohio, Indiana. Missouri, Kansas, Ne- Imiise lias reached from JJIIKW lo $1200, j bia.-ka and .Minnesota. . Sunol maihwi i and no doubt one he built HIKUI. ! mile at l'.uiTalo in '.j. the hi >Nt ion I'­ ll to mioiinco to tlio jieoplo of rkinli nnd vicuiny a FIHST-CLASS FrUNTIT H K KSTA.H- I liavo en hiimi nnd will loymeni. The political pot has not as ; I Wl that I linv LISIIMK.XT in I he Kuglu I .lotk. iilwnys t 'itriy p. V'till Slock of FrRNlTIRK, ( - ARPKTS, DIIAPKIMKS, WALL PAPER, OIL PAINTINCS, PICTi i) ii iOLDINGS, \RTISTS' MATERIALS, CURIOS, ETC. Y f. I'. lss.". ; t . IS*, 1SS7 1«S^' : IVt I i'ii''l.,'tii'!iin'iit. ti I 'e.a.l I'.i .ml ni-l. «2l II * a.'.i'.' I ...t:;'2 '.m li,::il :«i 117 19'* l .aoft u •J.:iV> S7: 'J.sSO t',si l .:.»>0 ;i.i; i:s 'jsi i.'-io H; 4,*Vt SO 'J.I'H si ::,\K; • •j. (JO • 7,'«! 77 ; Vi\ j _ The balanee in the County Treasury on the 1st of August in eaol vear since 18S.) was as follows: funds in and the actions nnd he mav lie expected for ' issi-Wi ,iu7 v!7 j t*c-^?*,i!»s 1 H*.I-K.O« 1 pw,— :»i.07t 7!i I ins*- i;4 iT '.t is i !s '.ii >_95007.20 the next three months to periodi- : eally enlighten the public with his : suprerufi intelligence on sulijeets- pertaining to our county government affairs. Recently this literary bureau of; the Kepublieim parly of Mendocino ; eonnty showed up tin- records of several Dt -mocratic county officials. Vo proved that the -'facts and figures" lie produced were a mass of misrepresentations and in many eases absolute falsehoods, and he has since failed to refute our state- : ments. In his article of two weeks ago ho undertakes to show that the present Board of Supervisors is guilty of gross extravagance, but to me.kc- his case good ho has to suppress some, very important figures and facts, and allow the reader to hill is a ditch three or four ieet deep. After securing their equipments the convicts entered the ditch and readied the lireen brae road nnporccived. Then they ran slowly toward the hills. | Captain>harpof the Jute mill was talk- j inn to a friend, who remarked that the I prisoners were riinninjr, and he immedi- I ately started after thPni. (iunrd l'lynn i also noticed their outbreak and fired a j rifle shot. The only heed paid to the command I by the men in stripes was a cry of defi- Ir. the light of the above figures j sm . c fts t | ie} . started on a run for freedom, what grounds are thc-S 'e for believ- i The i>uard tired repeatedly, but with no ing that the tax levy for 1800 will j visible ehVt, when the aatlinKjiun in the be £2.10 as Observer " predicts, i Ul, ' r(H n R"«rd house situated hiah on a Never were the various such a healthy condition. ...u, j w|ets nline ,, abmU „,„,„ blU without, indications are that instead of the < )f( , ( , t r„ rtricr ,n , U i tn cnuseihem to aceel- levy being raised it will be lowered | erate their speed. to #1.70 or SI.SO. in spite of the j .situated a few hundred yards from the We are having :i series of revival meetings, held by Kev. J'.erl Jones. His ad- lortri'ss. not lKiwuverf irithnut fli-st ilet-luriiiif, vf , r) jftpmoiit is as follows: "To-niKht. their peHi'iifnl Ititcnttoni to tin* ponvii:th. 'nioifi,. . , .- ,, .• ,,o i v„,. w... lUHilhcr ton, p^i-iov, „„,. .h«n U.o Slu-ritl's : Kov,vnl 'I 4 llU,vl .'' ) 0; rotinpi-nrwl nn.t wont ilnwn tin- mountain si.le i are invited, l'.ert .tones." And its cliirhi'ttrttit: nnottn-r roinniunli'aiioii to Llic Wurdpii. | ography HUKiiests ttiat. be nitty he an nt up On' ri'lirn .t^ain, i K^yptian autiquarian, ami has engaged not only in deciphering hieroglyphics, I 't'tioy rt'turui-'l shertly tvu4 tulkuil ttir perhaps (Ivy. lutuittox. "1 say. boy-," tin* Shi'rili'uf Mottdoclnocoliuty (rit-it eut, '-rhey ha\( 1 sm-rctKl*'!-,'!! ami arc- coin- itnjilou-a with m. s.i 4on't get frlski with your tru nt." Tin; truardjt straiclitcnfrl up anil ."iffhs ot relief em-apeit innn eyery breast, 'n a short time Strt\nhey reappeared on the tiall bearini< two ot Ibe eoiolet'.s W'tnelu-sters. He was followed by the captives, and SheritV Healey brought up the rear, bearlus tito rematulai: ttun;-.. The iruurds fell futo line behind them and the Utile army llleii the mountain side, v. tfuurd fjoing ahead lo warn the pickets not to shoor. Hanlon, Xiannlliff and TonrroU bore upon Uieir faees sillies of mental and physical sutler- ! hill was brought into play. ; volley was sent, after the I bullets ruined about them Volley alter escapes, and but in ni iil.i in' them. He preaches the old orthodox hell with souls floating in , its liquid flames as thick as snrl'-lish on '.lunn creek beach. You cannot near him without thinking ihnt he will do I well if be attempt to follow his Saviour as . faithfully as be attempts to imitate Sam !-Jones, unless he fails in the llrsl case as ; completely .as he tloes in the last. U is singular what, incidents and accidents sometimes lead to matrimony. | One of our yoimir men while peeling tan- cut his foot so that he would be unable lo work for some time, and came to the sensible conclusion that To E large State tax of 72.2 cents. REPUBLICAN NOMINATIONS. ; prison wall is agnvwth ofihicket, through ' which the gulch runs, nnd into this the i convict* piunged. They were of course ' completely bidden, but the thicket, which T HE Republican State Convention I f '"j" 1 ' 110 " h " tweoa tho nnd _, _ , ; Katael, was soon surrounded bv some liltv met at Sacramento on 1 uesday, and j wJm buuw y mf , ly ptllrte ,, (o ex . alter periecting an organization, j p| oro j t- adopting it platform, etc., on Wed- ( (iunrd Howcn was several yatds in nd- nesday nominated Colonel II. H. ! vanee of the other pursuers. Suddenly Markhain of Los Angele for Gov-! the report oi a pistol rang out and tin ernor on the first ballot. John 15. Reddiek of Calaveras was nominated for Lieutenant-Governor, W. II. draw his conclusion from an ex forte ; Beatty for Chief Justice of the Su- argument in the case. It is iiot; pm „; Court, and Ralph C. Harri- necessary for figures to lie to mi.s- ' h0n of San Franciseo and Charles- represent what li.ey are intended to H ( ian - olUli of Yolo for Associate, explain. Justices. Thursday morning the The thing which seems to trouble f 0 n 0 wing nominations were made: " Observer " most is the tax levy of j j DeHaven, Associate Justice; 1869. It was S2.00 on the $100 as , K Cr ^'aite, Secretary of State; E. against SI.70 in 188S and si.87 in j p ,joglin, State Controller; Win. 1837. The levy for the various Beckman, Railroad Commissioner, funds for these three years were as I ^y e \ lad not i oavne j the balance of follows: State Fiuut .. County General . . Rood JUsUiet.. Indigent 1'uhlte milldiUK Koad Boud N'o. 1.. . Koad Bond N'o. l -'our per cent.. Ilonds. County School ... Total.. .fins A2 | .40 - .OtiSi .04 I .W.')i .012'; .cr.t J1.S7 Si. 70 .10 .-10 .1X1 .03 .or, .01 !23(i I the ticket at, the i press. hour of going to AO .0-2 .(XI .Of .o: ii'ui 2.00 E I)! TO RIAL NOTES. ins.'-: they had iinderunne. They spoke, not a word until General McCruiiii shook the hand ol ' bark recently each „f them. Then their faees brightened up. ' Tluiy were plae.-d In the prison van, where sonic bread and coffee was siren them, and with! , ,, , ,,. , , • ,, Warden Me.Jomb and Standley as their compute , " S 1,C ,,r,lii,i ' lo not,,ln K elf,e be xm * Ul !,B luus they w..-i-o driven t Jft »k lo tie- feu Itcatiary . ;' n 'Pl' K"t married. Now all the girls are ——— — trying to get their best fellows to go to Coaat Items. hark-peeling. lithe hoys want, "ax' them. 1 hcv want lo see the boys " axed." .They say it don't, take but one. kind of " axing " to get them to marry. ( To ap- ' precintn the subtilii.v of the above excelled, puns y,,it umsi undetslamt the Mis! sonri dialeci.} Since the last visit. <•( tho Georgia Colored Minstrels, the devotes oi the Terpsi- J chorean art seem to have tost some of their enthusiasm, and dunces are less frequent than formerly. It seems that. . some of thone sable gentlemen played (he pari of " dipt. Jinks of the Horse Marines," and taught, the ladies of one of ! our hotels "how to dance," ami tho grace and ease with which those tavored ladies trip the "light fantastic loe" makes* the olhers ashamed of their poor abilities in that line. The while hoys now say that they don't give a " scent. " if they don't dance as well as a negro, i Hoping I may (ind something oi more • iiteresi. (or my next, I remain Yours', etc., UlJ.SKItV \Ve-',po,|, August 7, 1*10. Sonoma County Tickets. year-old record ever made . . .The em­ ployes of the New York Central Railroad are on a strike MilcJi distress is reported among settlers in Oklahoma. .. President I'.arillas oi (iuatemala is preparing to (lee the country Cholera is spreading in the south of Spain lOm-1 peror William litis concluded his visit in ' itotl. Kngland ami started (or home. !S.VT(-RIIAY, August 0.—A strong flow of natural gas has been struck at Salinas, this Slate. ... Wheat advanced several points in the Chicago market Trallic is at a standstill on the New York Central, owing to the stTike. Serious trouble is anticipated at the approaching Chiek| asaw election in the Indian Territory.. . . j Very favorable reports are coming from California wines in the Spirited bidding is anticipated for tho four new war-ships, which are to be let October i 1st Affairs are quiet in Central America The Czar bus postponed the enforcement of the laws against tho Jews I for one year.. . Randits in Cuba are running th :ngs about to suit themselves. A !i It! V < inoils life of I !n HRST-CLASS QUALITY. V,.T.V L ATM ST STYIJ i wi.'.r. <lY.viiANi'i:t: and of V KllYBODY Yomrs for :Bu .3iness, J. W. EVBRSOLE, Eagle Block, State St., UIIIAH, CAL. I'oi -t tiro;;,; Advnoute. .U-e sp-veiison and Walter Day, two young lads, shot and killed a deer and hear last, Wednesday it! the vicinity of Glen lilair, on I'udding creek. They both fired n< bruin at the same lime, both shots taking effect. This is what we cull pretty good limiting (or one day. The public school of this city opened .Monday with Miss Steeie, Miss Conway and Miss Arnold as teachers. The t'rin- ciple 's room is closed as .Mr. Surface bus not yet returned from his trip Kasl. It is expected thai he will be back in time to take, charge of his dcpiirinicni. next Monday morning. Unite a number uf men and teams are. order' at work excavating ( ir the pond at the mill at this place. The foundation of the dam is also being laid. It is i -alculated that the dam, when completed, will be large enough lo hold ten million Ieet of lumber. As a saw mill is not complete without a pond, it will be seen at a glance that this will he a great improvement to the company's milling facilities. A railroad has been bruit partly around the being rolled in and M AKKHAM -will be the next defeat- i ed candidate for Governor of Cali- I fornia. Commenting on this, "Observer" j WON'T the San Francisco Chrontjays: | iele have to eat crow if it supports 'the Kotu.1 nisirict, liond and School Funds j Markham. for three years are tlte same practically. The; indigent and 1'iihiic Building: Kunda have da-1 Tumi): ain't a I.'emocratic eandi- creased, but the Countv General Fund has «U- j j fc f the nomination that can't vauced 10 cents over 1K87 and VI centa over 1S8S. 1 For tbls advauce of 12 cents the Mendocino ! beat Markham With hands down. Board of .Supervisors are responsible, and when j •— — wc consider ihnt»i.w. and »t.N ran the county I TUF . Mendocino delegation stood In 188-1 and 188fi, when the assessable valuation I oi property was »<i,76f.,869, how extravaitftn! does; 9 tor Morrow and 1 tor Markham. the levy of irss a-. «.uo appear on =i valuation of [ p. yt. Klein was the Markham man. »ll,9H,26e. The increase of 12 cents In the j guards centered upon the spot from where the sound proceeded. Stretched upon the ground was I'-owen with a bullet imbedded in the Mesh of his arm. This tact told the pursuers something they had not known before. The convicts were armed. l'.nwen WHS carried to the prison hospital, where it was found that amputation of the arm would be necessary in to save the poor follow's life. He had not been gone two minn's he- fore another shot, was tired, and the horse under guard I'orter dropped dead. • iuard Ilillman ventured too close to thein and they reminded him by sending three shots after him. Sheriff Standley oi Mendocino county, who captured Manning and Hnnlon in the forests of Mendocino, Sheriff ilealey of Marin county and j pond and logs are a posse ot guards and ollicers from tho i piled up in tiers. •Slate I'rtson, are guarding all the places ; • j of egress around the gulch where the! r .uiii Arena it.-ennl. prisoners are cooped, and hope to starve; Wm. 1 ley worn I, of t.ttialula, came them out. The Jute mill has shut down j ve T "ear loosing his life on lust Monday, and may not rim to-morrow, as the guards I lle WilH driving in towards Gualahi from will he fatigued after their long and j tl>0 woods back of that place and when wearisome convict chasing. The Best Selected Stock of GENERA L MEIl (IIA NDJSE Ever Brought to County General Fund took about 113,200 out of lb" taxpayers' pockets. Such tribute do parll- :-aus ptiy for their party fealty. Now, nobody pretends to deny- that tho levy of $2.00 for 1889 was high, but is it an evidence that the Board of Supervisors has been squandering tho county's money ? i Wfc think we can prove that it is T HE people of Marin county want Standley to come down there and run for Sheriff; but Mendocino can't spare him. SAN QcnNTiN", August 12.—The convicts who leaped last evening—Turcott, Hnn­ lon and Manning—after reaching a gulch near Laurel Grove, three miles distant, threw up a breastwork of limbs, slumps and soil around a clump of trees in a dense thicket and secured a commanding and impenetrable position. They stood a siege of about eighteen Hours, firing at their besiegers every once in a while, but of that he was about half way along the Peppoi- wood grade his horse shied and backed over the bank. The horse fell to the railroad— about forty ieet and irout there fell into the Oualala river and was drowned. Mr. II. fell from the cart when it struck the railroad and was knocked senseless. He remained in an unconsious condition until the train came along and fortunately, almost miraculously, tho engine was brought to a stand HtiU within three feet of the wounded man. Had the train been loaded ho would undoubtedly, have not to kill. Guard How en, of Mendocino, !, i,tu„,i \t„e. „, ,->..• , ' , ' : been killed. -Medical aid was immediate who was approaching very closo to their rendezvous, had the stock of his gun shattered by a shot from their rifle, and | the bones of his right forearm broken by T HE enthusiasm of the Republicans in Ukiah over the nomination of a bullet rebounding from this stock. After holding several parleys with the Sheriffs, being convinced that no one j School Heport. Makham is of such tt painful charac- 1 was killed, and probably securing some i ,„, , . 1 rho following Is the report of the pub- ly summoned and wo are glad to suy that our frior.d is now out oi all danger. His right arm was fractured and ho was badly bruised but nothing more serious. The Democrats ol Sonoma held their ,'ouuty convention Wednesday of last week and nominated the following ticket: Statu Senator, Hobert Howe: Assembly- uianti^M district, Samuel Hutchinson; Assemblyman-'3d district, 1.. L. Jowett; Superior Judges, J. W. Oaies and Thos. Kutledge; Sheriff, J. K. Mulgrew; Assessor, Wm. Longmore; County Clerk, J. W. Juliiimi; District Attorney, U.K. Gale; Superintendent of Schools,H.C .l 'e- tray; Treasurer, 1\ N. Stolen; Hecorder, J. Wescoall ; Coroner and Administrator, ii. S. Young, M. 1). Tho Republicans of Sonoma couuty held their convention on Thursday of last week and placed the following ticket in tho field: .Stale .Senator, J. W. Ragsdale; Assemblyman.'J'2d district, F. J. Murphy; L'3d district, J. I). Harnett; Superior Judges, J. K. Dougherty and U. V. Crawiord; Sheriff, h. 1. Allen; District Attorney, A. G. Burnett; County ClerU, Chag. Solomon; Treasurer, Allen Bryant; Kecorder, Fi-ecl Neagle; Assessor, Joel Zane ; Superintendent o[ Schools, Mrs. I*. McG. Martin; County Surveyor, L. K. Hicksecker; Coroner and Administrator, A. S. Blanoy. j concessions, the prisoners surrendered I their Winchesters, which were of the lnt- npt. Altogether the raise in the | as to be absoliddy pitiful, levy was 30 cents. The only funds that were increased vvcre the State; n esCtt ped com-icte to! °f -^oeino «»<» Marin and County General 1 tinds. lhe ; 1 , .„ , ... Treasurer's Monthly Statemeut. AV HES the San Queutin officials I est improved make, to Sheriffs Standley Indigent Fund was reduced 4 cents. The State Fund was increased 21,8 cents. The Supervisors had nothing to do with this raise—it was catch, Msndocino county will loan them its crack Sheriff to do the catching. STAIIT up a conversation about the Guard Oowen's right forearm, which | Following Is ihe report of Couuty Treasurer Gibson for the mouth endiui; July 31,1S3U: July 1, lS'JO—Balance on hand $m,U6 81 RECEIPTS. rtncipul).. ..$ 710 00 done by the State authorities. The : capture of the San Quentin convicts only fund that the Supervisors to a crowd of Republicans in "Ukiah, raised was the County General; and the silence becomes so thick j o- Fund, which was raised 12.2 cents, that it can be cut with tt knife. \" Subtract the reduction of 1 cents in . _ j The story of the capture of the escaped \ the Indigent. Fund and we have the. T KK Chronicle is eating its dose j convicts, is graphically portrayed in Wed-i not raise made by the Hoard of of crow in good shape. It pro- Supervisors S.2 cents. Had the : nounced tt Marknam fraud before State Fund levy, over which the his nomination. It now says that it Hoard had no control, been the will support him for Governor. same in 1889 as 1888 our tux levy | would have been 8.8 cents less than ; T " K leading Republican papers of the levy of 1885, 188(1, or 1887. ; the State said that the Republican But this 12 cents increase in the j PMty < ou,d not ' afford to nominate County General Fund seems to be i Markhmn. Well, the people of tho a perfect nightmare to " Observer." He says it took $13 ,200 out of the pockets of tho taxpayers. "What has tho Hoard done with this mon- lic school, Independent, district, for the month ending August 1, ,S!)u: No. days taught, 20; whole No. days attendance, ; whole No. days nb- , sence. -lo}" ; whole No. dnvs'.t'rdiness, 0; was shattered by a rebounding bullet j N - 0 _ () , i )OV( ; enrolled, H ; No. of girls en- j ^{j^Cj i andVAntcrost) firetl by a convict, was amputated to-day , roUe , 1t 0 . t0(al Xo . enrolled, 23; average ! Klii.fn. Justice of the Peace u.. ii.,. u i..>. !.,..» n» «... sj 0 . tjeloiiging, -< I ; average daily attendance, 17.7+; percentage of attendance on average No. belonging, 8S-)-. The following are the names of pupils as they stand on the register: fvrii GKADI:—,1. M, tioiorth, tannic drown, Ira Hrown. Robert Carder. 4TII—Willie Shore, Lew Shore, Henry Carder, Clnra Shore, Ktuma Johnson, nesday's Examiner, which devotes nearly j fnooh liob | )iliHi p nu! i- c.oiorth, George a page to it. The prisoners held out for | ^ aioMu Mary .t olmKnni Coi 0 . .'in GHAIU;—Sam Shore, Uobort ltobbins, COVELO, CAL, Must be Cleared within Ninety Days from July 1st. Goods Will Be Sold STRICTLY FOR CASH, Clifton & Weill. by Drs. White of -San Uafael and Dur.tnt of the prison, liowen came from Mendocino county, and hatl served a month on guard duty. lie prevented the escape of convicts Itoss nnd Maynard on July 181)0. 1 lledmptof land sold Statu.. ' Sheritrn fees Licenses and Fine* lilclii.ti Itmul District ,. Slate Poll Tax 1 'erKOlial property tax Hospital tax Sale oallle oil Oo Fin Sale bay 'Mi Co 1 m Recorder's let-H Itcdemptlon of land Biff tiiver Spec School I-'il Clerk'.s fees ! Stato cannot afford to oleot him. ey ? This can easily he found out SJIKBIKF STAXDLEV has so thoroughly rid Mendocino county of cut-throats and desperadoes that he by looking at tho condition of tho i« compollod to go into other sec Countv General Fund. The fol . Uton, of the feta e to run some dotvr, . . " • . .,, 4 uooasionaUv to keop lumsell in good lowing table gives tho amount oi j 1 moucv in the County General Fund I P r)lL ' tl00 ' mnny hours and finally gave themselves up to Sheriff Standley, of Mendocino and Sheriff 11 fin} y, of Marin county, The incidents of the long siege are related with much detail, nnd then the capitulation is lold as follows: Mr. Lawrence of the. K.i-.u»n'»e,- ran over the rUlffe and came out on a spot to the left of where the -dioothe-r was taking place. From the Ihlck- el the voice of Hanlon ranu out loud anil plear: j "Youihluk you've trot w, don't you' 1 " tie: cried, "but you bavc'nt, you. We'll ueverj .surrender. We'll make tills spot our ttrave ! first." 1 " You'd better «lve up, boys," one of the I (ruaids erlt-d. " We've jrol you .'Uirrouiided. and \ you can't net away." "Then take our dead ' HMIICH ," cried Han Ion, j and ihe sentence was punctuated by the roar of' tt rifle, | Another fusillade was heard, seven tdiois lie-] our- 2c- 20 Od lil -III 161 f>0 •IT!) -II SO 00 l .KOO 00 ,v«) oo in i0 oo isr. t.'i 71 s:i «o 10 i:« us- Srxn.vv, August 10.—The Census Sit- 1 pervisor gives l.'tnh's popnhilion at 'JL'o,- 581) lohn Hoylv (J'Ueilly, the noted j Irish patriot, poet, editor add orator, dird nt Boston... .Trains are being moved on the. New York Centra! under miliiary es- ; court An unusually heavv catch of' salmon is reported in British Columbia, j .... It is reported penny papers are to he j established in New York, Chicago, bus- : ton, l'hiladelpbin, Washington, St. Louis and Cincinnati to boom Cleveland for the ; Presidency forty thousand persons: engaged in a socialistic demonstration in i Brussels in behalf of universal suffrage, j .There is great rejoicing fit Buenos i Ay res over I ho downfall oi l'rcsident ! Celmioi. MOSIIAV, August 11.—Tho town of Dayton, Wash., was dest: \ved by tire A I iOirilic thunder slorm visited Denver,! Col., and vicinity A damaging storm visited Connecticut. . . .Travel 1ms been resumed on tho Now York Central, and the strike is nractically at an end.. . . Vio-j m , lent, natural gas explosions have been. .AM at PriCGS LOWei' LD till GVer MOTO Offered. occurring in Indiana, doing much dam- 1 age KitRtern shoe manufacturers I have made an advance of 10 per cent on j all their goods, owing to the scarcity of !• hides Kighting is at an end between j • Guatemala and San Salvador... .Cardi- i nal Newman died in London ; he wits Sf>! years old Fearful storms are reported j in Germany nnd Helgiuivi. i TI.'KSPAV, August 12.—Sal valor again j defeated 'fenny in a mile-and-a-lmlf race. . The counting of the census returns i will be completed by September 1st... . j Senator Quay has given it out that the • Force Bill will r_ot pass this session ol j Congress One hundred thousand j stranges nre visiting in Boston in attend-; auce at the Grand Army reunion War between San Salvador and Uomhir- ; as is imminent... .Striking millnien in J Minnesota threaten serious trouble; the' militia has been ordered out at Cloqtietle. j ,.. .The cholera in Spain nnd at .Mecca , nnd Jeddah shows no abatement. .. .F.x-; President Grevy of France is seriously ill. ! W'p .nSESDAv, August 13.—Colonel W. ! tr. Yeszey of New Hampshire was elect-' ! od Coinmandorin-Chief of the G. A. 15. j lteed and other supporters of the j Federal Election 15111 are very indignant i at the proposition of Senator Quay to : postpone action on the bill Hmne ; (.'lay, a prominent young man of Paris,; ICy., is guilty of forgeries to the amount ; of $102,000.. .The population of Vermont ; decreased 286 in the past ten years . A general strike is imminent in the rail- 1 wtty and shipping business of Australia. . . .Tho cholera is decreasing in the cities of -Seddah and Mecca... .Cholera bns appeared in Japan. THE SMITH PREMIER TYPEWRITER! The tivvsktr&t Machine Ever Invented! Total. Jl"7,8lo 92 lilsllUltSCMKNTS. t.'ounlv oeneral Fund 'Jnap."Stale mid Comity, ttuap. Co. School Fund County School " ... Sell. Hist.Special " Four per el bond Fund Slate Fun.I j State School | School Library " ; Indigent Fund I Road District Fund (leneral itoad Fund t B,i Willie Johnson,Artie Foster.—2i> GUADK, A division—Sain ltobbins, Winnie ltob­ bins; It division, Paul Warner, Daunah Goforlh, Tennessee Bobbins. Visitors for tho month are Misses Annie lluc.kneli, Dora Henley, Daisy Culver, j a "' ,ll '. v Maud Bonce; Messrs. M. P. Gufurih, j lialnncoon hand Aiifrusi 1, 18U0 Phillip Bobbins, During the Inst woek in Jane, we moved into the new school house that had just been completed. It is a very neat building, is well finished, and is conveniently arranged. The contract for building the house was awarded to T. B, Henley. Ho had tho svork done well, and did more than tho contract culled (or. its Wi si so <J2 00 2,;te-t ri K \\ r.\ \;m oo ;,, o'j t',2i7 «ti 2,105 Oil 'J.IKW '.'1 i.lfai 07 2,110-1 18 S2,8:i8 Tt J'J.'..007 20 HO UN . HOMS—In I'klali Valley. August Mil, to Mr. and Mr*. J. It. itoss, a sou. UASKKTT—At Little Luke, August 12th, to Mr. and -Mrs. Ouj' Ilaskett.u ilan^liler. M A H K I K l». SHERIFF'S SALE, t-olM "n<l Mo*t Perfect. Speed, ease of ii;H'ifiii'(iu, permanent alvjiunent and dur- nbilii)! a smeiallji. Notice of tbc Hale ot lteul Estate Indcr Execution. POWERFUL MAN1FOLOER. All tbc type cleaned by a bi-uvb da vies in 10 seconds without soiling tho hands. 'Write for desuriptive catalogM* and prions to im. /•:. AU'LXAXDER <(• CO., .<*%» Saiisnme Street. Wan LVauvlsc... Oeneral ,» K cnts. K. S. GTUSDS' and MAltTIN COIIU1T, Vtuhttiffi, V. M. ASHILL and J. 11. ASyibL, J>,:fe/id«ats. LE TRIANON, hie- ilred. Ttieu fume loud shouting from both i on the 1st day of year since l88o: tho! " l,ll '«' [ leaders oi the Republican paity in Augnst of each i W'n wonder wliut some of Nothing couid be made of the jumble of | Patrons of Ihe school seem much lerestnil in tho work their children are The shouting continued for a few niiti- i <l"''"«' P"" encourages the children and blew nud at last the listener uuderslnod llitulou ! mZTf^m^-^-i^?*** j Mendocino county will do and-say. j i» yy: tm-' tjm M I it*s- ^mwiwtrim*** j Before going to the convention they j wall V,'„ ,!„^ „"»!*•• Jiaid ! said that the Hopubiioan party of | "AIII-IKII In other words tho people paid j said that the Hopubiioan party 318,200 mnro into the County Gen-j California could not afford to nora- oral Fund in 1989 than in 1888,! inate Marlthani. and ham $i2,104.61 more money to show for it. On January 1, 1890, there were warrants registered aftCrinrft the County amoral JFxmd to tho amount of £19,020.81. In other words there was a deficit Itt the fund .to thoi amount. Thai • MfHeit has been paid and $11,814.83 |,|!iw?ata« tq,iha credit of the fund. O N Tuesday the Sacramento I?ecr ord Union, the leading' Republican paper of Central California, published two columns of reasons why Markham should not be nominated. It can now publish two columns of reasons why he should not bo eleottid, ply. ''W'ho do you want to ta:ti tu? " " Is Rbcrlft'Staudley there?" " Ve«." "Then scud hi in Hi>; we'll talk to hint." "All rlitlit, hoys," Standley shouted. " Don't, shooi and I'll come up." The report era made the tr way U> where mtioke front the rifles rlalug laslly Above the llr Irecu Indicated the presence of the convicts. They met Standley omertfliiir Into the eleariiu;. " They wiui»to Hiirrendor," said he, "«nd I'm gohii! to Mie Ihe Warden about It. There's a truce up there now." Siandle-y proeeiicd to whore the Wunleii was stationed and the reporters walked along the (mil Unvhcie Ibe gmtrdu were crouch lug he- HANK.N'- -i:oi./.I!s'S—At the residence of A. It. Calder, Mendocino, Alifllisl ,'{, 18*.I0, by Kev. M. A. Starr, Witt, ilnnen to Miss Mela Collins. UtlltNS— IIK .MIN'OH'.l V—At the Cltv Ifolel, Mendocino, Aiit'iisl Ii. IW0, by Kev. J. S. Ilois, Jutues iturns, of Noyo, and L'arrle lleiiilue- way, ol Caspar. H(H,l.tNfiS\Vl>liTH-l'ltOKK!t-.\tth ot the ^morn's parents, llktnti. AUKOSI HI. IHIIO, by Kev. T. A. Atkinson, Wm. T. Ilullliiifa- [ worth and Mrs. IdaCroker. j IIIDSOS'—WILLIAMSON-At Uie residemv.. of the uTfiom'w liHi '.-llts near l/ktali. AuHust t'. j 1/,'JO, by Kev. s. L. Saiiford, llohert IJihstiu and Miss Etta Wiillftiilsor,. j L|:VA LLICY — I.ONU LA ,V1» — A I Lung Vallev. Autjuat 10, 111 )0. by J. II. Uraslrn, .1. llni) 2. Ij-Vullcv, of Weslport, and Miss Annie. I.oni;- laud.ot Wllllts. VKAMAS-KMItil-.M 'he residence of s. c. : ftnhuiui, l:uiy.ii, on Aiuinsl i:ilh, by Kev. T. A. i * , , ,i, rtJ ^ i i .... (- . / Atkinson, Win. A. Veaiuau, of San Kafaet, oltered to bend their land to tin Kngllsh i and Alary M. Smliit, of I'klali. syndicato. There Is realy no truth in the ) wiNTZKIt-uonsoN-At Caspar, Auuust uih, win ' they strive to merit, the upnrobution of I I l;olh imrent and teacher. ! Wl . 1 .1. F. PiAiini;]!, Teacher, i Coveio, August, S, 181).). j sttouted one of tho guards lu re-' i B Y VIRTUE OF AN KXECfTTION ISSt'El) out. of the Superior Court ot the Couuty of Mendocino, of ttie State of California, wherein K. S. llibson and Martin Corbit, ptiitutlti's, and F. M. Asblll and J. H. Asbill, defcudants, upon u Ju-lutnent rendered the Kith day of July, A. lb, lSlio, for the FUUI of three thousand, one hundred twenty-six and seventeen one hundredths dollars, United Slates gold coin, besides costs mid interest, I have tills day levied upon till the rlirlit, titte.eiahn and Interest of said defendant, F. M. Asbill, ot, In and lo the follotviui; described real eslute, lo wit: Tiie iiossessory claim mid Improvements and all the right, title, claim and interest of, In anil to ttie ranch Keuerrtlly knoivn as the Summit Valley ranch in .Mendocino county, California, belns about 20 miles northwest of Coveio, in township 2:1 and 2t north, range 13 west, ,M 11 M, and also all Iniprove- meuts, possessory, claim and all rlahi, title . clahn atlti interest of 1*. M. Asbill, of, in and to re„M.>,in„ i die ranch Kt-ncrlly jenouu as ttie llald Mountain n sun mi. rnncllj )n Meudoeluo countv. California, l.-.-iu-„- itlHtui 111 miles northwest of Coveio,In loivuships 2-1 and '^-i, north of ranges i :t and H we^t.M n M. I'ubllc notice Is hereby tpveu lhal 1 will, on Die Blue Lakes, Lake County, Cal. - - - Fl^OiPlRXrETOIR. THE FI3ST HOTEL COMING PROM «UIAH. VJliW AND 8Pi.KXI.IIl St'MMFIl KESOUT ON TIIK Sib.KM of It! i: K L-tKI-.S, IS TII1C CV<hi ine. h «lhinL :'.nd ' ,1 !i'. n''' 1 '' \T . , I ' ,,H '," " M ", ,is ^""l 1 " 1 ' s'rouuds, SWIURS lunmnock,. etc. I.nke County. Cal. EMILF. VFRDIt-R, llertha 1'. O. Humboldt Timber Land. KCW:KA, ACCI , I).— The statement has gone abroad that most ot the large timber holders oi Humboldt have boiidni! or by Kev. J. S. Koss, Julius wluucr and Miss 1 Krnnkle nodsnii, both of l-'ort, liia^ir. | statement. It is probably true, however, j Ihat one ot the huge compnnys here is | negotiating n stile, ami that bargain may : * ~"~~ ~ ~ bo closed anv dav. This would Iransfer I ""'"* one of the most valuable in the j ^^Tj ^^Ti^Z, ""r county, and would hitvo a favorable hoar- 1 rt o» iiaeuhtol, a«e<l 1 year and a inaitths. on the rulirond in the county and j cAYJ.ATT-At wiiuta, AUKH»I «ti», Euuenes ptlierwJKe iinprovo coudU|ouB. Cnylatl, a^ed ii, yeiim. ! Hill day of Sejiltinber, .1, II., 18 (11), j ttl 2 o'clock t*. M. of said day, In front of the I'onri house door of the Cottiuy of Mendoc-uo, ! at Ijklah, sell at public auction, lor Untied J states u'olrt eoiu, ail rhu rl({ht, title, claim and J . luterest uf salil defendant, 1\ M. Asbill, of, In: I and to Ihe above, described property, or as much ' J thescof an may be accessary to raise stubeicut to j : nullify milt, judgment, yd.u iuteresl una eoiis, etc., lo mo hitjlusl and best bidder. prSOS KKMKDV I'M It OATAHUII.—Uest. Easiest A tu .use. Cheapest. Keiicf is imiiiudiate. A. cure is cerium. FW Cold in tho Head it has uo equal. It is an Ointment, of which a small piirtielo is applied to the nostrils. Price, fide. Sold bv druggists or sent by mail. Addrosn, til. T. HAZiiLTiNi;, Warren, Pa. Dated ihls aii day of Aiis'int, I8i:0. J. M. STAXOLKV. .Sherfil'. llv T. J. WiauoM, Under Bh.^rJX MAMS. TICK At'HIW, OSlJ-ilALI' mile from the Court Hou-ie, wllhln the cur- iiorate limits, on the road tu Vichy HprlniiH, flond laud, well Improved, with good biiUillitgu, otohanl, etc, Knrpilre of IEONAKP HALE. MENDOCINO DISPATCH AND DEMOCRAT \ The Leading Newspaper w Monodocino County, Cal. SUBSCRIPTION PRICE, 93.&0 PER YEAR. 8a>"

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