Ironwood Daily Globe from Ironwood, Michigan on August 5, 1965 · Page 22
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Ironwood Daily Globe from Ironwood, Michigan · Page 22

Ironwood, Michigan
Issue Date:
Thursday, August 5, 1965
Page 22
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six IRONWOOD DAILY GLOBE, IRONWOOD, MICHIGAN THURSDAY, AUGUST 5, 1965. T Class 0/7955 Of Mass Holds 2-Day Reunion •;•<.:• !\u;!i Kcskinen> of Blake; most changed, Renn- A'.;- Calif sending hrr hak: iHlow with highest hair L> :>' il-.c group and ox- lino IMVJS Aliola; most, interests'' '.r^rets tor beine un- ing occupation, Donald J o h n; : :;o;u1 ..son. fellow with largest waist- wcicorne was given b \ line [Vnnls Aho: most eligible .V.linson. master of cere- j person Beatrice Anttlla; travel- and the blessing w a s : cd farthest to the reunion L> Dale Blake. A 11 e r; Doris \aklyvich, t!-o following pros ra ID The elass song, as revised by rented- MASK — The Mass H i $ *i School class of 1055 eeler-rs:^- its lOtr. year reunion Ju'.y v and 11 Activities began Ssr.v day nt 6:30 p.m at the >wv.f >cnta-; >r 'of memory 'books 'MI- - the youp. of Mr and Mrs. Dale Blake '-".am Ricklard nnd Diane Kaik ' A private party was held at Ontompon, where 17 classmates k-o. olar? history, Nancy K a n - the Veterans of Foreign W a r s and 19 guests met. A g r o u p gas; C!PSF prophecy. Doris Yak- Post Home at East Branch after picture was taken: registration lyvich. class will. Marge Sch-! the -.I'.imer. On Sunday a fam took plpce and name tags were ires: -Tesentation of class hon-lily picnic wns held at Bob Lake, presented Mrs Blake" served ors. P iland Antila and Arnold 1 Attending the reunion were punch KaikK<> Dinnet was served at the Em- follow-; ber Rnom at the Shamrock, Blake Ontonacon. at 8. A telephone Kangas Antila of White Pine, Mr. and Mrs uale Blake of Ontonagon. Mr. and Mrs. Donald Johnson of South Range, Mrs. LeR o y Yaklyvich (Doris Siren) of San Clemente, Calif, Edwaid Kangas Mr. and Mrs. (Nancy Ran- kineni. Mr. and Mrs. Donald SchirPF (Marge Turin), Mr. and Ms. Wyne Niemi, Miss Beatrice Ar.ttiln, Davis Ahola, M r the awards beiiiL' a s Mr. anr 1 Mrs. Dennis Aho Mr First marled, Dale and Mrs Arnold Kaikko 'Dia- largest family. Nancy' ana Mackeyi, Mr. and Mrs Mart-r sehircs, Carole Lieb and i and Mrs. Kenneth Lieb (Carole -Uvtion ot teacher*, pre-' Nancy Kangas, was sung by<Kangasi of Detroit, Mr. and Mrs George Rumentzas (Janet Taro> ol Chicago. Teachers present were Mr. and Mrs. John D. Wilson, George Mikkola and Mr. and Mrs Miles Plutchak The committee in charge of the reunion arrangements i n eluded Mrs. Ricklard, chairman; Roland Antila, Donald Johnsnn Mr. and Mrs. Kaikko. Dale Blake, Dennis Aho and Edward Niemi. They were assisted this summer by Doris Yaklyvich and Nancy Kangas. Sidnow Personals i Mr. and Mrs. Arnold To w n- send and family, Iron R i v er, i recently visited relatives here. ! Mr. and Mrs. Glen Fellows, i Jackson, recently visited friends i here. youngest child. Dennis j Lowell Ricklard (Miriam K a n- call ".-£.£ received during" t h e Aho: lost married. H c r b ert jgasi. Mi and Mrs Ray Shafer evening from Mrs. Art h u r Rennhak: oldest child. D a 1 e • of Mass Mr. and Mrs. Roland ALBERT'S Summer Clearance! SENSATIONAL BUYS IN SUMMER WEAR ENTIRE STOCK OF MEN'S SHORT SLEEVE SPORT SHIRTS REDUCED O39 O 89 19 19 Plaids, checks, solids, Values to $5 _ O 89 » 3 19 . A MEN'S SUMMER WEIGHT SUITS & SPORT COATS 20% OFF CLEARANCE PRICES ON ALL SUMMER SHOES DISCOUNTS UP TO 40% MEN'S STRAW HATS MEN'S & BOYS' SPRING JACKETS MEN'S & BOYS' WALKING SHORTS MEN'S BATHING SUITS 20 70 Off Albert's Clothing & Shoes Suffolk St., Ironwood Phone 932-3820 Gifl House Stamps with cash purchases Eagle River's Second Annual Homecoming Is This Weekend EAGLE RIVER, Wis.—Pioneer; honor Robert C. Zlebell, Eagle ««*- African war vetcrnn gather here this weekend Aug. Price. Both will address 6-8, for the second Eagle River audience. ; River and St. Peter's Catho lie is a st-nor at Luther L. Wright .9. h " I i c . h ^! 1 l?. a - r ?.' s P! clal . llla .!; ei ' 1 ' -Hie 1 " 1 School. She is Miss Ironwood for 1965 ancl is sponsored by the Ironwood Chamber o f Conn uTce. Theresa Lee Cain, 18, of Man- Rte. 1. She is 1 Mr. and Mrs. Eagle River high school graduates of classes 1910-14 met in decded another an . ion honored Prof Alvin B. , U1G sen high school principal during |C a I n and is the Manistl q u e those years Taped greet i n e s' Fourth of July queen. Miss homecoming. The celebrations. B urt Walters will be the main rrorr , both Prof olsen anct Mary jcaln i.< sponsored by the Amer- m e e 11 n gs and entertainment ; Afternoon speaker and Mary vuught Sotv ol Walla Walla lean Legion to represent School- will mark the first time since, walsh Jones, daughter of plo vvash kindergarten teac h e r 1929 that these early residents nee r William J Walsh, wll' re- Kinaeigaiten teac n e i have come together. ; ca n the two Waish 'amilles Early Eagle River education; Former Vilas County treasur- here in 1897, will also add to the homecoming program. will be the theme of Friday's, er Edmund C. Espeseth, now a meetings. Registration, beg i n- resident of Onelda County, will nlng at 10 a.m. at City Hall, will spe ak Saturday evening on Eabe conducted by Howard Olm- g j e River's transition from tarm- sted and will continue through- i ng community to recreation cen- out the morning. At registration ter. Harry Hanson, class of 1911 tables will be old photographs now living in Los Angeles, and of individual and club and lodge Donald Bear of Elkhorn, W 1 s., groups of special interest to w m also address the homecom- ESCANABA - Five U p pe r SinU.P.Fair Queen Contest those at the homecoming. Friday's meetings will | ers Saturday evening, wel- ! Saturday evening will be high- Peninsula girls, each a queen in her home community, are | come graduates of Eagle River lighted by old movies and tapes registered as candidates for high school, said Frank W. Car- provided by Judge Carter of the tlt'e of U. P. State Fair ter, Sr., class of 1910 and home- the 1960 reunion at Carters Su- Queen, according to Mrs. Lency coming chairman. Eagle Riv e r gar Maple summer home. Home- Clairmont, Escanaba, the queen high school was established in coming guests will be able to contest director. They are: 1893. hear and see friends and rela- May Lou McKinnon, 18, of St. John Vandevort ol St. Germain, tives - mar >y of whom are now Ignac-. daughter of Mr. and class of 1911. will deliver the deceased. Mrs A D. McKinnon. She is ^,, Friday welcoming address ° » v « 1:30 p.m. at City Sail. Glen Palo ° at Saturday's farewell address by the Mackinac County Michigan Dyer Prosper Stein, the response by Week queen and Is sponsored class of Lester Bowker of Tiger t o n , by the St. Ignacc Chamber of wss a n d friends, Plainwell, are visiting at the Beulah Grooms mii wm glv ~ the response Wis., and the singing of A u 1 d Commerce. \? e ' ,, »„ ^,u , ^ -FHrinv'c main cnpoupr win ho i Lan ^ Svne led bv Lyman Carter Susan Makela, 18, of Coving- Mr. and Mrs. Charles John- w ^^ "FU'"e^f of Dema ' closes the ««*• »on. daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Ga. Pmipr was i^criP pi u .' _ Special services will be held Eono MPkela and a graduate of lean Legion to represent Schoolcraft County. Emmy Lou Mattson, daughter of Mr and Mrs. Walfred Mattson of Felch. Miss Mattson. a graduate of Felch High School, is the t' P. Potato Queen and is sponsored by the U. P. Potato Growers Association, There is still time to register candidates for the queen contest Siild Mrs. Clairmont. To be eligible to enter girls must be single and between 1( and 22 years of age and must have a sponsor, a Chamber of Commerce, service club or other group The deadline for entries is Aup. 6 The' U. P. State Fair dates are Aug 17-22. The queen will be selected and crowned o n Aug. IK She will reign as queen of the fair for the week and later will represent the region at the Michigan State Fair in Del roil son Jr. and family, Menominee, recently visited friends here. Mr. and Mrs. Audrey Pequet, Grand Rapids, are visiting re| latives here and are spending i their vacation at their cabin [ near Sidnaw. j Funeral services were held : for Mrs. Evelyn Breeley, Eng- 1 land, at the St. David's Epis- I copal Church. I Mr. and Mrs. John Burchett i and family and Mr. and Mrs. er hleh school m-incina if rnm \vav TTocrlp Riir "fcv-i - Suncjav services Eagle River churches L'Anse High School. She Imports Are Up 18% WASHINGTON (AP) — Alis though West German statistics 1902 6 the years the school in honor of tne Pioneers and queen of the Chasseli Straw-, show a rise of only one per cent changed from a three tn a four early cnurch organizers. Judge berry Festival and Is sponsoed in total imports from the United _____ B ,.,_,_ ______ ,:."_.. Carter will snpnu- at HIP nnUori hv rtin T 'Ansp T.inns rini-i rinrine 1964. commercial year high school program. The history of the Carter will speak at the United by the L'Anse Lions Club. ^, c ,,, a i U1 v u, ,„<- *;x,r Riv ' Cnurch °^ Christ (Congregation- Roberta Johnson, 17, daughter imports rose by 18 per cent, the er schools with special emphasis lal) at 10;3 ° a - m - Slindav a n d of Mi and Mrs. Robert John- U.S. Department of Commerce on the first three schools in the' l ^ e Lutneran Church of Eag 1 e son of Ironwood. Miss Johnson has reported. system will be related by Ful- ! ler. The first school building was a lumberjack shack set up in Jack May, Waukegan, 111., are 1883, Carter explained. A frame visiting their parents, Mr. and building erected in 1885 at the Mrs. August Rappi. present site of the Gaffney Fu- Mr. and Mrs. Waino Nie m i j neral Home on First St. in Ea: and daughter, Karoll, returned ! home recently from Mass where they visited relatives for several weeks. Dr. and Mrs. Lowell Peterson, L'Anse, were callers here. gle River served as the second' schoolhouse. When this frame building burned in 1892, a red brick structure with a round turret was constructed the follow-; ling year at the location of the 1 * . 7, —I—TTl , . ; present grade school. Carter A naturalized citizen of the j sa id. U.S. has the same rights as a; Pupils in the early Eagle River native-bom citizen, except that, schools will be recalled by Burt he may not become president. ; E . Walters, editor of the Eagle ~~ " River Bindicator The Friendly Store (CUBE-OUT We're clearing our entire line of 1965 merchandise to make room for 1966 stock. These end-of-season reductions are terrific, enabling you to SAVE BIG $$$$$$$$$ POWER MOWERS 69.95 154.95 199.95 259.95 2—21" 3 HP Rear Wheel Drive Self-Propelled Mowers, were 114.95, now 89.95 2—21" 3 HP Front Wheel Drive Self-Propelled Mowers, were 124.95, now 99.95 1—2Vi HP Rolo Tiller, was 93.88, now 88.95 1—19" 31/2 HP Riding Mower, was 99.95, now 1—21" 4 HP Riding Mower, was 169.95, now . 1—21" 4 HP Riding Mower was 219.95, now . 1—32" 6 HP Riding Mower, was 279.95. now TELEVISION 1—21" Color Set. wood cabinelry, was 625.95, now . 1—21" Color Set, metal cabinelry, was 369.95, now 1—11" Portable TV, was 119.95, now 1—16" Portable TV, was 119.95, now 499.95 339.95 89.95 109.95 HI-FI... STEREO 1—4 Speed with Detachable Speakers, was 84.95, now 69.95 1—4 Speed with Swing-Out Table, was 59.95, now 49.95 1—4 Speed with swing-out table and detachable speakers, was 79.95, now . . 69.95 REFRIGERATORS 1—18 Cubic Fool Combination Reir.-Freezer, was 389.95, now 1—13 Cubic Foot Combination Refr.-Freezer, was 269.95, now . . 1—Boat and Trailer, complete with lights and winch, was 314.95 269.95 229.95 246,95 1—Snow Blower, 23", 2 stage, was 239.95, now , 1 89.95 All Merchandise Fully Guaranteed! - WE TRADE - Ironwood 130 E. Aurora St., Dial 932-0531 from 1902-6. Emma Morgan Cook of Eag 1 e River will also relate some of the area's school history, and Harley Caves, who attended Eagle River high school in 1906, will discuss why he and h i s friends, John E. Conetz, former state senator and Hubert Cotton, former University of Wisconsin professor, traveled to Eagle River for high school. Eagle River high school principal Win Abney's address on the "President Eagle River High School" completes the day. Saturday's activities will begin at 9:30 a.m. with a welcome address by Ed H. Drager, class of 1914 and former Vilas County District Attorney. Mrs. Ella Thompson Clough of Falmouth, Maine, will give the response. Carter, a federal judge for 42 years, will trace the history of Eagle River from its beginnings to the present time and will present tape recordings of William Patten and Paul Cook, both deceased describing early Eag 1 e River and its entertainment. The homecoming will then A DELIGHT FOR ANY HOMEMAKER! You can't afford to be without it! VACUUM Easy roll wheels for handling ease. Chrome wands, dusting brush, fabric nozzle, crevice tool. 5-qt. disposable bag. Swivel-top canister type. Easy to clean under low furniture. OTHER G.E. MODELS from $44.95 GIOVANONI'S HARDWARE Silver St. HUrley Ph. 561-4141 New Low Prices! 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