The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on February 13, 1933 · Page 12
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 12

Bakersfield, California
Issue Date:
Monday, February 13, 1933
Page 12
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10 THE BAKERSP1ELD CALIFOKN1AN, MONDAY, FEBRUARY 13, 1933 Special Announcements For Rent—Houses DR. PLETCHEH 6H2 Kentucky Street (Nexi to Oriinadn. Theater) PHONE 21J31-W YOU can pnvo money by consulting our P1VE-IUJOM furnished liouic. Hoi water. Bath. JI2. Call S!03 Union avenue. Tlnnln Sortlco I Station. ______ : VOn HIvXT— Kour-room rurnliheil homo with new i uterstuffctl Sft. 1014 Nlloa slroot. 1"! roil HliNT—Nlrely furnish!*! tour roomi, Slwn- ln« porch. llMurcd rr-nt. IMP It slroet. 170 For Rent—Apartments Advisory Department before making funeral nrrnnfrcmpnts. Phono 6032 | or HID. Dakersflold Memorial Park, j punMNItlcn apsrlmcnts. Nineteenth ami t>. Orer- Inc. . 1R- uluffnl fiinilliim, Frlnlilalrd. B-rooin housa. N'OTIl'lJ of <»lo tor pasture rliarnw. Nntlra l< hereby RiTpn to all concerned thnrp Till b* aolil at public auction en Salurdty, February 18. lfl.1.1. two Jersey yearling heifers. Bale will be. held at my farm. * mile* noulh of Kern I.ako Ranch, to aallify paaturo charges. (Blmeil) H. r. Preens. IJy F. Jj ar«on6. 17-1 E repaired! OTi broken furniture: if Blue l«i»e JolnU. mend broken rlnin. T»ery lob cuarantoed. Phone 4T58. Jonee. 210 Eut Twenty llrtt strait. _ _ It" MOUSES for sale or hlro. Rang-ei- Rldliiff Club, 1 mile cast of Horace Mann School on Kern Canyon hlgh- '.'000 Orange. Apply !!0!1! Nineteenth ilreet. iro- <rry sloro. I'lioiio M24-.I. 173 way. 170 \VE WILL buy your old Jigsaw pusn- zles, or bring a nickel and a puzzle and we will give you one you haven't worked. Valley Music Store. 170 Lost—Foun d—Strayed I'OtJND—Small truck caalng on North Chester. Call «S Oregon street, aflrr I n. m. B. K. T>o«i. WIUj party thnt lotik boots from Wrecked I'll moutll r(.iipe. i>n ,st(vlulfllo hlKhwny, SnturdHy nl/jllt, Until)- rplurn to .any Ti'iaro station mid ni> nutations ivlll bo asked. 17u l-Ot'ND— Large rat. Owner ran hate name by dc- srrlhlUB ami paying tor this ad. irj.V Monterey street. I,O8T— (Jlrl's purse In Krcsi' Haturday. Articles badly needed by hl«h arhool girl. Keep money. Pleaso Telnrn purse and articles to Kress* or Phone l!6.1:t. Personals >l05-?;."iO MONTH, flotrrnment lite Jobs. Many futuru vwandei. Men-uomon. IS-.'tO. Steady work. List Jobs: sample coaching and full particulars— ntUi:. Amil.v immediately—today sure. Boi -10. Tlie Caltfomlan. 10'J COMBINATION card and teacup reading. Uraper ranch, II street, two blocks south Brumlago Lane. n.-UN"ISIIUf> npsrlmrnl for rent. In Paynlcr Court, corner 1'nlrn and (I streets. Telephone; jOori-.I, or Inquire 1301 1'alm street. 161) SIN'fll.B npartmoiit. bights, gas mid gnrago furnished. $10.00. I Mil California arcnue. 170 XK'MI.V furnished apartment In bungaJwv court. Hot water. Oarage. Close In. Apartment 1. KIO'J M street. For Sale—Automobiles 10,10 Do fJoto do luxe spt. coupe, ?295. 1030 Nash coupe, good shape, $295. 1926 Chevrolet coupe, $05. AUTO LOANS; CASH FOR CARS Phono S.'ll HOP 18lh St. TS2 MODEO T Ford Sedan. Driven very little, been in Htorage for years. A real buy. Sec at Blue Ribbon Garage. 169 Poultry and Livestock Legal Notices TUHKBYB—Two larjo bronto nobbier* for tale or | trade for chldmn, or what hare you? 820 Monl- j any street. Phono 30T3-.I. Wanted—Miscellaneous MODKI, no rmipe. Hood mechanical condi- . tion. Or trade fur older car and cult. 141(1 Tuenly-flrsl slreol. HAVE Hudson UrotiKhani to trade for equity In light car. Will not? aHmime over $200.00. Write Box I68IC, The Cailfornliin, 2-lt-tf | ORDINANCE No, 250 SOCIETY ROLL GIVEN AJJ'FARLAND MeFARLAND, Fob, 13.—Miss Mnrle (.r. Lourenzo, adviser of the Honor Society at tho high school, has an- j nouneed tho honor roll for the past The Board of Supervisors of the ! quarter. She has also compiled some County of Kern do ordain as follows- i interesting figures, comparing the -,--_ r ___.__^--- 1J -. w __-_-_^-^_-^-^, Section J. It shall be unlawful for i honor roll of 1931 with thtit of t932. i any person, firm or corporation to mu- ! While the average per student for WANTl'lD-Mountaln cabin In nreckonrwg» area. . U | llto destroy, collect, or remove any I ]93l wns 2 4 tho average for 1932 Must b. cheap tor cash. Call 8889. I of the following named plant*, to-wlt: "" , £? nur Imr the former year ".—---—'•_ --^ __a-_ :: r~--•"- -'- -'----•"'~, •"•------ ' TifiNort T-Tnllv /Afi'tnlnv Vi vwiAMaMir »Vu8 *i.oO, .tvurlnis Ii!U iui MIV.I j^n.» Wanted to Buy-Miscellaneous ^ ag^^n^^S tiF^tl 3 <"iC \^°a guinea); Yucca (Heflperoyucoa whip- i straight B grade, while the latter plel), also known as Spanish Bayonet; ! year boasts 29 honor students, with Joshua Tree (Yucca luohavcnsls), also | only 2 students holding a straight B known as Yucca brovlfolla; Tiger Lily „','•>,„ „,, „, !;° 'il,.,.fi,,, v in^ hlc-her (Lilian porvtim); Kern Counly Cy '. B«ido, all of the othors ImMng higher Automotive Service roil IIK.NT—Small furnished Imusc. Hllvei. linen. I S«J and lights Included. Car spare. 512.&0. :'oo? Twentieth street. KOFI niSNT— - Wnll-furnished aparl- tnent at the Kelly, three rooms and bnlh, close In, Kurnge; iidults only. Tlcusonnblo rent. Call 1305 T street. Phone 40!)3 or 303, 171 HADiATon UBi'Aiiia: NKW conns Prlocs «l Rock lloltom. All Work (luarantecd. .IOILNSTON 81IOPS Business Cards Eighteenth and O. l^ione 65<1 182 For Sale—Furniture For Rent—Apartments " Dan " u " 11 ' "'"' C " H ° l 2 !°" i F1VK-PIECK dining room sot, $15.00. .Two-piece living room sot, $13.50. 'Gas range, side oven, $9,50. Keekers, $3.25. IV * at.- _ m HIMWIAT, U.ATKH to ailulli. No pels. Tour rooms. \nll furnished. Just reflnlshed. tlarase In- ; eluded. SI. Klnio fourl. IROll IVrreit street. 1IW — ' DAY UHD and pad. $7.00; fell ba«o linoleum . FOH lll'VNT -2-roum furnished apartment. JI2.00. Clas. llchta and radio Included. Work for purt rent. 2115 (I slreet. HiO ruas. $-.".",; Iwo-pleco no»v vclour overstuffed set, I $2.1. Davis I'urnlluro Kichango, '-'103 Chester nrenuo. 174 Wanted to Rent—Rooms Radio, Musical Instruments \VAXTKD—Jluora. wllh hmiiekeenlnB prlvlleBOl. Address adtertlser 11.11 Oregon street. For Sale—Improved Property Financial $6.50 PER $100 FOR 1 YEAR 'NO nnOKKRAOE—NO BONUS) Minimum Insurance at Board Rates Investigate and He Convinced CONSUMERS fREDIT CO. \ Reliable Coast-Wldo Institution 6 Haberfelde Arcade Bldg. Phono 1053 182 SUNSET PA UK- HOME Extremely Inrgn n-rooin home In Sunset Park, In very good condition and located on a paved street. Electro- gas floor furnace for heat. This house Is repossessed and we will sell on terms til the bargain price of $4475.00. Properly ready for Inspection soon. BRANDT INVESTMENT CO. 1813 Chester Avenue. Phono 129S. 2-9-tf 3Ms B and Id-acre tracts, with living quarters. Improred, excellent soil, available water, at foreclosure prices. No trades on these. Hco Mr. Hake. 15S8 Twentieth street. 100 properti', half block. clo»« In on paved Btroet. with potential Income of $75 per month. l.»rjo buildings. Worth *ln,000. t^an now be pur- rhMeil fnr $6500. on terms. t*ess for half cash. See Mr. Hake, 1,12,1 Twentieth strcot. ISO PIANO for sale, Bmall al/c. modern, mahogany ease, Haa gootl tone, and la In good condition. Will sell cheap and accept almost any terma from responsible people. For particulars, write Fred Outcher, 80S Ifulton tlroot, I'Vesno. CaJIf. 18* ONE dollar weekly buys a good, fully- guaranteed Hoffman piano, specially priced at $25. Free delivery. Don C. Preston. Tegolor Hotel Bldg. 182 WANT to buy, low-prlpnd car for cash. Hit Cooper avenue, Olldalo. WANT to buy for cash. H.'flO feet of 2-Inch second* hand pipe. Good condition. Phono 480. WANTED—Best late model light se- I press (Ciipressus nevadensls): iPurpus dan. $250 cash will buy. Will take I larkspur (Delphinium purpusll); equity If cheap. No dealers. Write I Mountain Dogwood (Cornus nuttnllll); Prospect, care of The California!!. ; Adobe Lily (Frltlllai'la pluraflora); 171 Bitter-root (Lewlsla recllvla); all spe: ! cies and varieties of Alariposa Lilies i (Calochortus); Clarlcla (Clarkla xtin- I tlana); lied Bud (CerclB occldontalls), j also known as Judas Tree; and Fre- inionlla (Fremontodondron callfornl- cuin), also known us slippery elm, I wild quince and leathorwood, or to pick, or to cut any branches, fruits or blossoms therefrom, or to dig 1|P or remove any underground parts thereof, whether growing on public or private land In the County of Kern, without a permit Issued by the Agricultural Commissioner of said County, or ex- 1 cept In the case of private land, the : owner gives his consent thereto. Section II. Permits may be Issued by the County Agricultural Commls: sionor to the duly accredited representatives of any public library, inu- | Noum, herbarium, or educational instl: tutlon, or to herbarium collectors to take such plants or parts lof plants fur educational or scientific purposes. Section lit. It shall be unlawful for •any person, firm or corporation to destroy wantonly the wild flowers of Kern Counly, by using said wHd flowers In the decoration of automobiles, except In the case of public displays, under a permit so to do, Issued by DR. W. TOM POLLOCK A Palmer Chlroprarlor Sajjt Headache Is easy. Ix-t him help you. ONB MONTH'S SKRV1CB TOH $13 Over Hughes Uruil Sturc Nineteenth and Chcslor 1-hone 111J-J PIANO TUNING Factory IWglslired Tuntr $3.50 Hitlifsrtlon Guaranteed CAHL J. itrno rtiono 1309-M 930 Truitun Aianua SWEDISH MASSAGE < tamer SWEATS nKuuci.vo Colonlc Irrigation INSTITUTE 0V HYDROTIIEIUPT Ills If Btroet 9 a. m. to 0 p. m. Phone SMI LAUNDRY SERVIQE Laundry Service Unexcelled-That la Out Sloiaa Ten Different Htrilres and , Zorlc Odorless Ury Cleaning CITIZENS UUNO11Y Kllteemh and O Mlrtets Phone 23» LUDWlCi long-neck banjo and case, $40; regular $150. Terms. Don C. Preston. 182 Fruits and Vegetables JERSEY sweet potato seed for sale. W. K. Leo, Lcrdo. 163 NICE potatoes, $1.00 per sack. Also seed potatoes. At Berchtold's, 330 j ISuHt Nineteenth street. 1701 STORK MATERNITY HOME (Pormerly Palms Maternity Uomc) NUW JnilEPJlOOU' SfODFJlN Ijllenscd Qraduale Nurses In Attendance Lou (Ilemllne) Denbam. Proprietor 721 Elulith Street Phone 848J the County sloner. Section IV. grades of B phis or A. The 10 students on the honor roll having the highest grades belong to the h6nor society and the average per student for 1931 was 2.659, and for 1932 tho average per student was 2.097. U. C. Allen, a member of the high school faculty, Is also adviser of tho honor society. Members of the student body making the honor roll tho past quarter nro Frances Qrober, Mary Shlck, Paullta Llndlcy, Woodrow AVImberley, Phyllis Hendry, Frank Hancock, Alice Banner, Betty Richardson, Glon Crockett, Violet Roome, Mclva Meelian, Mary Thompson, Ava- gale Trogdon, Richard Newby, Owanda Dlxon, Wayne Wlmberley, Glenn Erath, Florence Hubbard, IColeta Osborn, Oslo Turner, Vernal Perrln, Bllllo Barns, Margie Calkins, Myrtle Moomaw, Gladys Peterson, Frank Pottorff, Richard Alexander, Ella Mao Hart and Maxwell Newby. Of the S9 students who made tho honor roll. 2 are freshmen, 8 sophomores, 1.0 juniors and 9 seniors. Students comprising the honor society are 6 sophomores, 1 junior and 3 seniors. The seniors have the highest aver- ago, sophomores second, juniors third and freshmen, fourth. F i7Tn>TP* /f^l/tn^tf t&9 IRE GIRLS T HK local Camp Fire girls will hold a apociul Cunip I'Mro vesuer servlco next Sunday evening at the First Methodist Church, with the Reverend Klotuher O. Watson, assisting Airs. Margaret Sago, chairman, with ar- rangctneiits. The Camp Mro glrla will tako part In the service,' by the llght- ng of candles, the presentation of the Law of tho Fire, and the singing of Camp Fire songs, Miss TDlolse Harris 'ins assisted Mrs. Sage during tho past week In conducting rehearsals for tho girls. Theso will continue this week In tho Washington and Lowell Schools, A Valentino party will be hold by the members of tho Mapoyahto Camp Kire group tomorrow evening at 1 tho homo of Mildred Wolf, 410 Pacific street* Tho party will start at 7 o'clock and close promptly at 10, It was announced at tho last meeting of tho girls, recently, In tho new room the girls have just arranged In tho Calvary Baptist Church. Plans wore also discussed for another social event In tho form of a wiener roast to be hold In several weeks at the home of Leila Buaaa. Rules woro made for the Catnp Plre room, to be printed on placard to bo placed around tho Camp Flro Quarters. Miss Dorothy AVIlson, sister of the assistant guardian, was given a vote of thanks for the offer to print tho signs. Tho duos were reduced half by vote of the group. The (,'lrls decided to have a key for their room made to bo kept by Carlny cirlfflth, who was designated to close tho room following each evening. Among other rules made, tho glrlu voted that throe absences from regular meetings, would disqualify any member from attending the nearest party. Those present at the meeting were Mildred Wolf, Claire Creamer, Janice McNaniara, Dorothea Drawbaugh, noantng of tho na.m« and the reason or choosing tho mime, Virginia Stahl gave a reading:, * •America for Me." followed by the Inglng of 'Remember." Honor bonds were awarded by tho guardian, and birthday honors were. i warded to Elln Johnson, Eleanor i 'antell and Jea.n Ronch. After the ceremonial, refreshments were served by Edna Stahl and Joan tench. Those present woro Phyllis Hansen, Jean Rench, Kiln Johnson, Laura Bell, Eleanor Pun tell, Mdna Stahl, Virginia, Stahl and Mrs. Violet Stahl, guardian. Tho Hachachelo Camp Klre girls not at Horace Mann School last 1'"YI- day evening and hold a short, business noetlng followed by tho February stunt night. Kach girl contributed some number to the program. Those present woro Wllda Baker, 'hrlstlne Mooro, Virginia Leo Moore, Frances Huttan, IBsthoc foloy and Mrs. Jlooro, asslBtunt guardian. Tho Gatlyt Camp Ptre girls will hold a ceremonial on March 4, It was decided at tho last meeting. Plans will be completed at tho next meeting. Maxlne Jones was chosen to ropre- • sent tho group In the Fashion Show. Present wens Betty Hullett, Alva Smith, ISleanor Clark, Harriot Sheldon, Maxlno Jones, Mary Alice McKce, Befoe Huston, Wllmaloo Hoberle, Georgia, visitor and Mrs. Stlmollng, guardian. The Zhonta Camp l'"Mro girls will moot next Thursday evening to cele- iirato tho birthday of one of the mom- Ijers, Carol Reed. At tho recent mooting Roso Mario A"en was selected an tho representative of the group at the , Knshlon Show. Present were Helen Cady, Caroline! Beaty, Mary Jane Keller, Nelllft Burch, Shirley Leodum, Oleta Gad- For Sale—Miscellaneous Local Companies Quick Service Keep Your Monev in Bakersfleld. FLOYD DCNLAP. 16M 20TH ST. ^ _ 1S2 alUNKY TO LOAN— We hare an unlimited amount of money to loan on farm propert.7. Long term j leans. Ofi per (ent interest. Ouj Urccnleaf. sec- j :?tary. No. 228 Jefferson street. Phone 4123 -W. I 170 i Business Opportunities \ COMBINATION of chicken ranch and business op- i : purtunlly. We hare a business corner on what j u rapidly growing to he a main highway. , IOOi30H feet, with comfortable 4-room house. I llaih, hot water, etc. Ivcan company Instructs ; :.dl for J?350: J150 down, }25 month. Lire on It -.Uille It grows valuable. Howard Nichols. lor., l.-iflfi Nineteenth street. Phone .'iM. 3-11-lf : MANAGKH - Your own business. Your own terri- I tory. Ucliable Cpn. Requires $200.00. Amply j •eeurtd. Wrlle Hoi 35U. The Callfornlan. 171 Contractors and Bui Idizrs ^ I'APKIIHANCINO. painting, timing. Done 10 suit, i Ily (outran or hour. I'stlmates cheerfully given. I Scott. PIT, Eighth street. Phone P1S-W. 183 | CAIU'KNTKIl. painter and paperhttnger. Very ; reasonable. Kay or ronlrart. Anywhere. Phone \ !'JO-\V. 178 TWO At:riKS for sale or trade. Close in; 4-room plastered house; Kern Island water, city water for domestic use. Klmcr V. Karpc, Phone 210. Ifil7 Kfglitp<?nlli stroot g-ll-tf RAISE crfirKBN'S—Strictly modern .1-room homo on parted highway, four miles from to\vn. Plenty of room (80i2t)0>. Will sell equipped for KOO rhlekena for $;i'iiO.OO: J2.V) down. *33 month. Ifoivard Nichols, Inc., 1309 Nineteenth street. Phone ns:i. 2-11-If (CASH AND CARRY ONLT) JOO Lbs., necleaned. Highest Or ad a 100 LBS. HUN SCRATCH, Il.tO. 100 Ibs. recleaned wheat, jl.OO. 100 Ibs. lay mash (cotton bags). 11.35. 76 Ibs. nOLLED BARLEY. BOc. MANY MORIS NOT ADVERTI3I5D BAKURSPIELD GRAIN COMPANY Baker Street and Truxtun Avenuo 10-28-tf Professional Cards JOHN W. CULLITON PUBLIC ACCOUNTANT INCOME TAX SERVICE. AUDITS. SYSTEM* Bull* 103, Professional Building Phone 4511 Agricultural Commls- Any person, firm, or corporation violating any of the provisions of this Ordinance shall be guilty of a misdemeanor, and upon conviction thereof, shrill be punishable ] by a fine not exceeding 550.00 or by j Imprisonment In tho Counly Jail for j a term not exceeding 30 days, or by both such fine and Imprisonment. Section V, This Ordinance shall be In force and tako effect thirty (30) days from and after the adoption thereof, and prior to tho expiration of Fifteen (16) days from the passage thereof shall be published for at least one week In The Bakersfleld Callfor- I committee at the social given Thurs- Gencvlevo Hughes, Leila BUtttts, Betty and Miss DR. B. BUZAN \ Palmer Graduate CHIROPBACTOR Palnlesa HysUm Cenplete Glcctrotherapr Serrlce. Foot Correction Boura. 10 to 1'J a. id., 2 to 5. T to 8 n. n. Booffif 111-113-113 Morgan Dulldbf 1711 Chelter Arcnue Teltphont G510 Ladj Attwldaal AID GROUP SOCIAL AT MOJAVK, Feb. 13.—The Valentino motif was used by tho entertainment For Exchange—Properly ONE 25 and one •10-arre raut-h. clear, to cichanffe for city property. Also house and lot to ei- chanio for Rood automobile 1-M lleuKan, 807 lUker street. 170 For Sale—Automobiles DR. H. S. AKIN I.ICE.NSKD VETCIUNAuIAM '.'320 Dracena Street. Hakcrsflclrt. Vhono :,753 Over it period of 82 years our reputa tlon remains paramount. Prove for yourself this assertion. We continue to sell feed for leas than any advertised price. No limit to regular customers. No dealers, no tricks, no phonea. Business Is good. PIONEER MERCANTILE CO. *-«-« nlan, a newspaper of general circulation printed and published In the County of Kern, State of California, together with the names of the members of the Board of Supervisors voting for and against the same. The foregoing ordinance was passed and adopted by said Board of Supervisors of the County of Kern, State of California, this 30th day of January, 19311, by the following vote: Ayes: Woollomes, Brlte, Hart, Abel, Wlnimer. Noes: Xone. Absent: None. (Seal) J. PERRY BRITE, Chairman of the Board of Supervisors. ATTEST: V. E. SMITH. County Clerk and ex-offlclo Clerk of the Board of Supervisors. Feb. 4-18, Incl. FUU BAL.E— Puherltcil sheep manure, 23 cents a sack, delltered. I'hone 4471-W. 168 FAMOUS EXPLORER 'Help YOUNG nimian. 18 to 25. to uslst ivlth household fiutles. Uoartl. room. Small salary. l»hone R312-II. liclp Wanted— Salesmen DALESMAN* wanted to soil electric refrigerators. Call at MIM Chester Mvenui\ Gundlaol) Plumbing and | Sheet Metal Company. _ 17U i MK.V WANTED for [lav<lelgh routes of SOO ton- ! sumoTs In city of Ilnkeriificld. counties Tlast I Kern. Inyo and parts of Santa Tlarhara. llu- llable hustler can staxt earning 125 weekly and increase every month. Write Immediately, llau loigh Company, l>epanmcnt CA-l-S. Oakland. Uallf. _ SAL.KBl'EOPl.K wanted to »ell fJO i-oupon hook . for Jl : 00 per cent commission. Best yet. Mr. Dolly, 171.'. Eighteenth, apartment 1, 170 IN ORDER TO MAKE ROOM Foil TRADE-INS ON OKK NEW MODEL. W: AIIK GOING TO CLOSE OUT EN'I'IUE STOCK OK USED CARS ON HAND. COMIC DOWN, PICK OUT CAR YOU LIKE. MAKE A HEASONAHI.E OKFER AND SEE HOW QUICK i: BUY A CAR. NO FOOLI.V! USED CAR LOT j Sixteenth and Chester. Phone 116 j (Opposite 182 | MUST' SELL, dhow cases, scales, cash registers, meat sllrera. adding machines, freezer cases. Meat market, store, restaurant equipment. 800 liaker. _ 178 ALL KINDS of well rooted bcrrj idunts; artichokes and asparagus roots, yhruba. Red setting egga. Telephone S701-J 11. John Denlo. I'.-ullFSle. __ BO, 000 KQUA11B 1'BKT of good used corrugated galvanized Iron, all for sale cheap. United Iron and Metal Company. 2810 Chester arenue. __ 2-7-lf At:TO 1'AINTlNtl. ''DUCO." S12.50 TO »!5.00. IIOPY AND .FENTjKa HITPAIR. PEKIU,ES8 . 1'AINT 8110P. KTOEKT, PUONB 276. 2310 "EYE" 18S HORIZONTAU 1-Low place between hills. 6 A young oyster. 10 To briiig into ' .Unc. ,12 Puddle. ,14 In what portion of the British Empire, is London?' •16 To plunder. Answer to Previous Tuzzle USED CARS A DEPENDABLE DEALER 1P32 Plymouth coupe, $42i" U'31 Chevrolet sedan, $415 1930 Auburn "8" sedan. WOO I!i32 De Solo coupe, $050 inP.l DC Soto "8" scdun. $4^5 Ut'J9 Dodge D. A. sport, wpdan. J395 BAKEUSFIKLD OARAOB USED CAR LOT Next to Fox Theater Twentieth at <.5. Phone 2286 182 WOOD. Domembrr Peoplea' Wood Tard, for dry, sound wood. Honest measure. l*rompt deltf- j erj. Prices right. I'hone 2306. 179 AUTO GLASS SPECIAL Any size. Door glass installed. $2.00. Franklin Gluse Company, 1404 Eighteenth street. Phone 844. 1-30-tf BIIOODERS, Incubators and poultry supplies. Now shipment just received. Also a few flower bulbs left at reduced prlc-es. M. P. Flicltlnger, 930 Eighteenth street. Phone 100. m UOOll oak wood, all lengths and sizes. Quality Guaranteed. Mears Ice OellTery. I'hone 1808. 101 Yt'MA VALLEY alfalfa seed, highest germination anil uurtty. Uet sample and compare this seed. I'hone IIK8. 172 Wanted-— HIGH SCHOOL boy wants worlt for room and I Noard while atlending hlEl) school. Hefcrencei. l 1'hone <48. 1TO I LAWNS rokcd by tower machine. Cheaper ar.d j better than hand work. Tree. vine. roie. shrub- ' nerv pruning. Kjiperlenced gardener. I*1ione 2105-J. 16'J ForJRent—Rooiiis XICCIVV furnUlioU ro*im In prifiie home, j minutes' «•!!; to Nin«t««nth ind Cheater. Gcntlemin preftrrrd. Phone 005-.1. 170 j For Rent—RtDomsWjth Board 110O.M and board. ?9,iO wr «eck. Cumforlable rooms, pleasant surroundings. Free parking. Also Iransifnl 'iinnars, 30 cents. "0-8 Nlna- loc-nth street. Telephone 937. 8-27-tf For Rent—Houses UNFURNISHED HOUSES Three-bedroom house, clean, modern. lflP,2 Plymouth 4 sedan, run less Hutu 2100 miles. 1!»"1 Olrtsmobilf sedan, 22,000 miles. 1831 Auburn 4-door sedan, free wheeling. ItCO l-'uVd I'uupr, A-1 i-oiitlltlun. MIL'S Auburn cabriolet. All Priced Low Tprinw If Desired BUOWN-HOVD MOTOR COMPANY 222:: Chester Avo. Phone 3953. Hi!* TODAY AND TUESDAY ONLY ll):!0 Ford coupe, $225. I'.CIO Chevrolet pick-up. J140. I!i2!i Chevrolet sport coupe, $165. V.tliS Hulek coach, J18D. lic'9 Ford Kcduii, G wire wheels, J145. Ui'27 Star coupe, ?t!G. I'JL'7 Hulck sport coupe, $125. 10'J3 Hupmobile touring car. $!I5. TOP PKICES PAID FOR AUTOS Chester ttt 24th. Phone D82S. 1S2 | roll S.U.i; Alfalfa seeil. common: certlflnl purity PO.Q'J. l*rlee 11 cents per pound. llout« 3, Boi 173. I Ferdinand rtau. 171 ;19 Bringing financial bankruptcy. i21 Falsehood. 22 Golf devices. ;24 Frosting. l2o Marginal slope. '26 Small drink. 39 Humbug. 40 Typo of vaccine. 42 Story. 44 Gear-wheel tooth. J28 To make lace. 45 Visionary ;29 Light business zealot, wagon. 47 Morsel. |30 To drag along. -IS Celestial ;31 Projection ot a crown. lock. :32-To abound. ; 34 Chum. .36 A little (music). 50 Corrosion. 52 Auriculate. 53 Closed auto body. 54 Let it stand. 55 Tidings. VETlTICAIj 1 Bowie knife. 2 Every. 3 Falsifier. 4 Tedium. B Popular cant. 6 Throe. 7 Onager. 8 Large silver German coin. 9 Strip of leather. 11 Decree. 12 To pirblish. 13 Pieces out. 15 To require. 17 Box for sacred utensils. 20 Famous water falls in North America. 23 Ancient name for Jerusalem. 25 iVho discovered Newfoundland? 27 Silent. 29 Tube cover. 32 You. S3 Waves at llood tide. 34 Languished. 35 Pear-shaped instruments. 37 Huts. 38 Hodgepodge. 39 Incrustation over a sore. 40 Male servant. 41 Bewitching. 43 Volcano" in Sicily. 45 Warning cry in golf. 46 Signal system. 49 To devour. 51 Observed. day night by the Ladles' Aid of tho Community Church. This was one of the prettiest parties.ever given by tho church for the public.' The games played were suggestive of the special motif, being: Heart archery, for which Mrs. Robert Adduddell won the tlrst prize, a red satin heart filled with candy; a guessing contest, won by Mrs. I. Harbison, who received a comic doll; a slogan contest prize was awarded Mrs. John White. Mrs. Prank Dunnell, scored a hit when she gave n, reading of "Fanner Jones." Mrs. Carol Thompson, as Mrs. Jones, and Frank Dunnell as Mr. Jones, gave clever Impersonations of a "Down Eiist" couple looking over the family album. This was an original playlet by Mrs. Thompson. After the program, Mrs. Verno Cooper made her appearance drawing a Valentino lunch wagon, a boys' small wagon, decorated In red and white and packed high with red boxes, tilled with lunch. Mrs. Verne Cooper was chairman of the refreshment compiiltee and her assistants were Mrs. Herbert Frith and Mrs. Glen Emerlck. The program chairman was Mrs. Carol Thompson and her assistants were Mrs. E. E. Wilson and Mrs. John White. Mrs. Verno Cooper and Mrs. Glen Emerick enacted a story that had previously been told during tho evening by George Hodges. Guests attending were: Messrs. and Mesdumes Frank : Dunnell, John White, Herbert Frith, | Glen Emeriek; Mesdames Robert Adduddell, W. H. Kennedy. Carol Thomp' son, Verne Cooper, AVIlllam Batey, E. i E. Wilson, Harriet Morross, Nannie I White, and the children were Dorothy White and I Batey. Ina. Lee and Billy horry, ROBO Mario Allen, HlKhett. Oenovleve Parker, Helen Wilson, assistant guardian. Mother-daughter banquet plans wero discussed by the Umiluyai group recently when they (met In Beardsley. The date for tho affair has not been sot as yet. ! Tho grbup Is working on articles for ; tho stato fair with Miss Crlckmer , assisting tho direction of the work. Mrs. Cannonberry received the Camp Fire quilt, which tho girls made. Members of the group are Jeanne TIeck, Anna Green, Ila Bnker, Alta Wright, Louise Owen, Barbara Fillmore, Evelyn Shepard, Bernlco Shepard, Mildred LaOore, Myrtle Abbott Gladys Brltton, Elzora Yanderpool Dorothy Hanawalt, Audrey Davis and Mrs. Mario Schneider, guardian: Mary Esther Taylor and Helen Baldwin were hostesses to tho members of tho Wattililyl Camp Fire, recently, at a Valentino dinner and social, at the homo of tho guardian Mrs. Winifred Peterson, 2S25 Park Way. Tho two girls prepared the din ner and arranged tho appointments it the Valentine motif. Following the dinner games were played including King and Queen, Fruit Basket and Wink 'Em. Each of tho girls wrote a Valentine poem and tho best were selected and rend. First best was written by Mrs. Peterson, second. Mrs. Lane, and third, Marie Sherman. The regular meeting of the group was held last Monday when Mrs. Lane rend a story about politeness. Mrs. Peterson asked the girls to make books of everyday politeness. The remainder of the meeting was spent In plnnnlng these books. Those present at the party were Mary Esther Taylor. Frances Garraril, Mary Hudson, Helen Baldwin, Barbara Hhomate, Andrea Shaw, Mario Sherman, Lois Shay, Lorene Russell, Margaret Walters, Dorothy Smith, Mrs. T. E. Lane, and Mrs. Peterson, guardians. Geraldino Harris took the membership test at the last meeting held by the Tawasl group at tho home of the guardian. Miss Margaret Kuehn, 2105 a street. At roll call during tho afternoon the following girls answered: Alice Johnson, Betty Chandler, Geraldino Hnrrl«, Rose Mary Dunlap. Murle Stanfielrt, Mary Lou Gardiner. Barbara Arnold, and Miss Kuehn, guardian. Betty Elolse Reynolds, Lorna McClure, Mrs. Ix>u- ella Reynolds, guardian, and Mlsn Sadlo Clendonncn, assistant guardian. Council Fire of Camp Fire was held by the members of tho Otyokwa Camp Fire group last Thursday evening at tho homo of Marian Brookshlrc. Honor beads were awarded to Doris Brunn, Mildred Jones, and Clarice Green. Roselpha Humphreys reported on five Important women, Marian Brook- Rhire recited a poem, and Mary Jane Stevens gave a short talk on the American Indians. T>orls Brann was elected treasurer of tho group. Ceremonial candles were lighted by Mildred Jones, Marian Brookshlro and Doris 13rann, work, heulth and love, respectively. Present wero Ocea Manus, Marian Brookshire, Maybello Garlng, Clarice Green, Franco nnd Minnie, Leo Warnock, Doris Bninn, Mildred Jones, Bernlce Melntrmh, Mabel Vestal. Roselpha' Humphreys, Mary Jane Stevens, Miss Frances Bragg, guardian, and Mrs. Stella Brown, assistant, guardian. Tho Pipsislwa Camp Fire girla hiked to the home of Mrs. Omah Burton In Benrdsley, last Saturday morning. The regular meeting was held there and a wiener roast and other means of diversion wero enjoyed. At a recent meeting held at the homo of Miss Genevlevo Hunt, guardian, the girls studied "Etiquette" and then worked on quilts and scran books. Present Eleanor Mildred were Rachel Morton. Porter, Alberta Parker. Stockton. Roso Stockton. Emily Vincent, Mildred Birch, Nevada Gardiner and Miss Genevleve Hunt, guardian. The Apelachi started renovating tho rooms In the old county hospital, recently, and hope to uso the building for the meeting place of several groups in Bakersflcld. INAUGURM TOPIC FOR DELANO DELANO, Feb. 13.—Mrs. E. B. Arm' strong of Earllmart gave tho prograni The Steda Camp Flro girls met at i for Chapter DE, P. E. O. Sisterhood. liNUl.NU. Heavy liulj, clutch and air slarter. Cheap. Phone SM6-J. I'OH BAU>_FV>rd Commercial, 115: Bulek truclt hihlj, ?:•: ens rflUKc. $10; dresser, IS: chickens. No. 10 Warren avrnuu, Olldalo. 170 Foil SAI*i;—One lias pump. rt-limk compressor, i timber. 1703 rheeter Avenue. 169 FOII SALE—Loose alfalfa hay $8. de- llvered; or will trade for young dairy Ivlfers or horses or what liavu youV Phono 2353-W or Call LVi2li I, Mil-net. 109 and Liestock JACK SKZ: EVERY CAR A BARGAIN'! 19:!1 Ford coupe, u honey, $295. B.M1T CHICKS— From nlsli-grade blootl-teilsd | stork. IltUs. llocks. Wlilto. Custom hatchtnc. ; | Hhafter Ualchery. lulr-mlle south, hair-mllo east i I Shatter. _ 100 I FOIl HAUS — Good, gentle famllr milch cow. Fresh. I CO IlarreU lUxk pullets, llert DTUMII. rrultrsle. ! _ 170 I WOULDN'T you like to raise some fine bis bronia 1 turkeys? U so. don't delay In placlne your ortler For luby turkeys. Custom hatching. Yatei Turkey Ranch and Hatcher, Shatter. 160 double Buruge, water paid, MO per I »-'.' Chevrolet sedan, trunk, etc., $195. „ „ One „„ work ,„,„„• -,„,. month. I Lot" of Others— Priced Lower ; ,„„ m , r(( , ml co|t JerKjr holr<!r for „,,_ nc , r Two-bedroom house, modern. V-0 pei month. Four-room house, partly furnished. $17.50 per month. BRANDT INVESTMENT CO. ISIS Chester Avenuo I'lium; llifiS ^-10-tf FOR lU.NT. Unfurnished (he rooms, nioilrrn. Smilh II. I2J.OO; 5-roum modern. Highland Park, t^.uo. natpr paid; ,Vr«»m modern, •i-n.-re. »'-'U.OO; flit rbomu. 1S acres. $20.00: 5-room modern. Maul slri-et. IUO.OO. Howard Nichols. Inc. Hiuno .'tfi:;. i! 7-lf 1 Uli HUNT—l*V*jr large-room house, close In. n i-acre ground. Ixjts fruit. Chicken pcits. On- | nice. Inquire RU3 Oak ftreel Itifl ! MODERN 5-room cottage. Double garage with cement floor. 201 C street. \ Phono HiiC. Henry El.-sler. 2-2-tf KI.AI, home, east side, furnished. l*i,ur room, und breakfast nook. Garage. La\vn. Uverslufftil furnlluro. f22.50. Also 3-roum apartment, al! newly decoraled. Phone I813-M. KO IIENTAL—4-rooii) nicely furnished home; shade; good garage. Apply 1431 Oregon. 2-11-tf i'OUU-HOO.M furnished duplex. (Jurase and nice yard. f50. Water paid. 1100 'ITilrd street Phune V1M-W. 1^0 I'OH UliNT—Nicely funilshed buugaloiv in court. \ 'Pile aink. hardMooO floors, orureluffed furnt- : lure. Water paid. Adults. Inquire 1018 For- i i en street. 194 lull RENT—Tliree-rooui funnshed duplex, at -TJ5 ; H street. •nvo-IWOM furnished oabtn for bachelors.. Ijai lights. |8 per month. 110 East Kliluli street. i'Oll lUiNT— To adults, private liomo. ,u rooiru. furnished, tuo bedrooms, tfoublc irutuue. Yard tended, ^hade. Hcstrlcuid iielghburhoou. Y&<ani '•<o rlghleenlh. U»>»leii In llakersfleld. l%i Hirotmatlon. upply !00 Lincoln btrci*f. OlNfate. t'lTti ltl;NT rurnlshtd h>/us> ujul furuuiiro"iiia'n ui'.nl. I'lignc 11)07 M. H'ardilny school. IMUI'XST poultry ranch. Highest grade selected Tancred Leghorn hatching eggs. .10 cents per dnmi. hy i:asc ur thousand. Quality U. I. H. nnd Itnrrcd Hock eggs, any number. Uahy chicks or fl week pullets from our own flocks. Cheaper than etpr before. Order ahead when possible. I^«t iiri hatch your turkey or hen esKS. Hpeclal rate in»rd roadstw iHHery. ?1S; -20 l"wnl touring. J'-'O. ', by 1000. (Formerly Pat's Car Market! ' Phono 1721 2316 Chester Avenuo Jnrk Rundy, Manager ISli DOI <;r..<s«' 19"!' riurunt "V cur. VHKH c.\ttx. ;io.'' 11 sport mupc. low mile*. ! Kernville Lodges I Assist Tehachapi I KERNVILLE, Feb. 13.— Installing i teams for the I. O. O. F. and Rebekah Lodges in this district left here Saturday to sent new officers of lodges at Tehachapi. The Odd Felloivs team, composed entirely 'of Kernville members, are: j O. C. Bangsberg, John Potter, Ed Kewin, O. B. Daly, Ross Trumbull, Jack ChriKtensen and Gabe Chavez. Tho Rcbekah team, also entirely comprised of Kernville members, are: Mesdames Josephine Bangsberg, Mil- He Trumbull, O. B, Daly, substituting for Mrs. Clara Timmpns, Edith P. Bechtel, Ella James, Bertha Kewin and Alice Chavez. Miss Alice Nlcoll, musician, accompanied the team. tho home of the guardian, Mrs. Theron Taber, 423 Truxtun avenue, and continued work -on the baby layette they are making for a needy mother. Food was brought which will be given to the mother. The next meeting of the group will takt( place at tho home of Mrs. Taber on Thursday afternoon. Those present were Marjorle and Georgia Confleld. Fronces Gladstone. Wllma Mahler, Mildred DcBolt, Ruth Tucker, Mr.s. Henry Gladstone, assistant guardian, and Mrs, Taber, guardian. CELEBRATE BIRTHDAYS MOJA.VE, Feb. 13.— Misses Dclma Wilson and Kathrlne Helms, who had birthdays last week, were complimented by the Christian Endeavor members and invited guests with a party at tho I. O. O. F. lodge rooms, Thursday night. Two big birthday cakes, decorated with candles, wero cut and served by the honorees. Tho cakes woro baked by Mesdames Robert Easlorwood, Stephen Hardln and McConnell. Interesting games wero played and enjoyed by the following guests: Mlsse.s Wilson, and Helms, tho honorcos, and Helen Hilyard, Hazel and Grace McRoberts, Voll and Mary Riccomini, Juno Blngham, Ruby Fraghm, Linnoa Gcnrlch, Juanlta Kennedy, Juno Hodges, Stella Cappella, Kathleen White, Margaret Nash of Little Rock, nnd Bill Wilson, Bill Helm, Low Barney, Roger White, Hal Wllsr/n, Bob Ganl, Ho well Butey, Ed .Monroe und Charley Mooro. The- Walohl Canp Flro girls met Friday afternoon at the home of Betty Jane Stanton, 41S Qulney street. Following tho brief business meeting, Richard Stanton, Boy Scout, tiiught the girls how to tie numerous knots. At the close of the afternoon Mrs. D. Stanton served refreshments to Betty Coleman, Frances Antrim, Betty at their regular meeting on Friday afternoon. Mrs. Lena Beall was hostess to chapter members ut her Cecil Addition home. The business session convened at '1:30, with dinner at 6:30. Dinner guests of tho chapter wen Mrs. Lyman King of Napa, daughter of Mrs. Beall, who Is enjoying an extended visit here; Misses M^'lam Beall and Mary Salber, and Mcsdamos J. Warren of New York, and Ray Gll- brulth. Members present were Mesdames Annlo Jones, Lester Kiggens, E. B. Armstrong und John Hall, all of Eurllmart; Cecil Jones, Hallle Hoy ami Claud Blodgett, all of Bakersflcld, and G»orge W. McClintlck, George Ounor, Clarence J. Roupo, Vcra Beall Cobb, William Hallock, John Spoer, A. K. Holsnpple, Miss Janet Htruthcru und tho hostess. Jane Stanton, Mildred Meyer, Lucille j The .subject for tho program hour Morelook.^ Velma Legp. Rjehard Stan-i waK "interesTIng Facts About Inuu- j guration." Mrs. Armstrong gave the resume of a magazine article on the subject. ton and Mrs. Sunny Johnson. Tho Ahoha TTanta girls will hold a Valentino party tomorrow afternoon at tho American Leplon hall. , Final plans were made at tho last meeting of the group. Names for the ex- rhantre of Valentines wero drawn, and Eleanor Patrick was appointed "postman" for the distribution. Barbara Plnncll and Amelia Miller were appointed to take charge of tho gapies. Further plans were also discussed for the card party scheduled for March 11. Camp Fire ceremonial was held last Friday evening bv tho Lc-Wa Camp Firo girls at tho home of Mrs. Violet Stnhl, guardian, 81 n K street. The ceremony began with the AV~o-He-Lo call and answer followed by the entrance of the girls and the hand sign. After tho flag ealuto tho ceremonial pundlns were lighted by Phyllis Janscn, work; Jean Bench, health, and Elln Johnson, love. After singing the "Star, Spangled Banner" the- girls answered the- roll I call of Indian names, tolling the TUB BUNGM*; FAMILY News Dy HARRY .1. TUTHIU. WHY I EORQE,^ WHAT HAPPENED TODAY? DID YOU SEC- YOUP. COUSIN ALFP.CD? YOU HAVE. SUCH A PECULIAR , LOOK.. J SO. . OH.- ODD.... LISTEN JO, I'M O.K.! I HAD LUNCH WJTH ALFRED TODAY AND WHEN HE. TOLD ME HE WAS IN WITH A, REFORMER WHO'D PAY ME |i5O A WEEK I.. WELL I DIDN'T HAVE ANYTHING ELSE TO DO SO I AGREED TO LOOK. INTO THE MATTER. AN OFFER OF |Z5O A WEEK FROM ALFRED! OH GEORGE WHEN HE CAME HERE TO SEE YOU THE OTHER DAY I TOLD YOU IT WAS SOMETHING LIKE THAT. ' JO. WELL I SAW REFORMER AND HE, THIS....RAISED MY _ARY TO $3OO A K. BEFORE I EVEN STARTED TO WORK. FOR HIM. «soo! • UtNaufM a»««lc«li. ha.H. T. |30O A .VEEK! OH GEORGE BUNGLE DON'T TALK SO SILLY. SO.... HIS NAME IS MUGG! FROM WHAT I CAN UNDERSTAND HE'S GOT A LOT OF BAD DECISIONS IN HIS DIFFERENT MAP.RIAGES AND HE'S GOING TO START A SORT OF LIFE SAVING STATION ON THE SHORE OF THE MATRIMONIAL SEA.' THAT'S WHAT HE WHAT! OF ,u_ THINGS! T SOUNDS SO....WELL, UST LIKE HAT |3OO A WEEK BUSINESS. LISTEN JO, I KNOW HOW IT SOUNDS. ON THE WAY MOME I DECIDED NOT TO THINK TOO MUCH 7 ABOUT IT RIGHT NOW. v I'M GOING TO GET A GOOD NIGHT'S SLEEP AND SAVE MY STRENGTH TO. .WELL, HEAR HIM GO INTO DETAILS TOMORROW MORNING. Fry in ires to Leave for Kentucky Home DELANO, Feb. 13.— Mr. and Mrs G. A. Frymlre and their sons Sack and Harry are planning to leave soon for Ekron, Ky., where they will make . their home. Mr. Frymlro recently purchased tho old homo farm owned and farmed by his father, and planw to farm It. Tho family has lived here since 1921 .. und MTU. Pry mire has held a responsible position with the Southern California Edlaon Company as field clerk. They arc being complimented by many farewell dinners and parties prior to their departure. On Wednesday afternoon Mrs. Vry- nilro WHH tho honor BUcst at a surprise handkerchief nhowor given ut the Charles Andorwon homo on Cecil avenue, ut which Mrs. James L. Fry- . mire and Mrs. Uus W. Richardson woro Joint hostesses. After the Inspection of many beautiful gifts, a social hour wus en • • i joyed and tho hostesses served re| freshments. Enjoying the party wore Mrs. Frymlre, Mesdames Ray Llttln and Robert Bryan B of Ptxloy, Elmer Dorsey, B. F. Stradley, Frank Dor-" Ijsey. Lawrence Salea, Cal Hardcety. I Lorna Ammons, Edward Cave, Georg': ! King, William Robinson, Roy Ander- r-on, N. L. Squires, Ruth Wolcott, Percy Burum, Miss Mildred Frymire, Mrs. Charles Anderson and the i hostesses. QRAPE GROWERS' MEETING DELANO, Feb. IS.— K. M. Henscn, president of the Delano Grape Growers' Association, announces the Annual meeting of tho Association for Monday, February 27. The meeting will be held In the rooms of the Delano Chamber of Commerce beginning at 2:30. The purpose of the meeting i» to elect officers. J. B. Swan in secretary-treasurer, and hits been since Ha organization, •

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