Carrol Daily Times Herald from Carroll, Iowa on November 25, 1970 · Page 14
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Carrol Daily Times Herald from Carroll, Iowa · Page 14

Carroll, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, November 25, 1970
Page 14
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•Junior Editor Quit en- ARTICHOKES STRAMGE. WORp-A,R-nCHOKE! NOT AT ALL- \ IT'S BECAUSE J OF THE ^L ART </ ELEMENT J // NAH- »T' 3ECAUSE THEY Cf-fOKE YOU THEfA-THEY'RE gQTH "CHOKIKk3" QUESTION: How did artichokes get that queer name? ANSWER: Artichokes are not native to America. This tasty vegetable comes from countries around the Mediterranean Sea. The Italians call it articiocco; to the Spaniards, it is alcachofa and to the Arabians alkharshuf. Don't these names all have a similar sound? Of course, they are not easy words for an English-speaking person to pronounce and remember. But that's just the point. In many cases, the English names for things have come from taking a difficult foreign word and making a more English-sounding word out of it. We are not positive about this, but we think it likely that artichoke was derived in this way from the difficult to pronounce foreign words for this vegetable. But perhaps Joe, who was simply joking in our picture, has something to his side of the story after all. At the tip of each edible leaf-like part of the artichoke is a little spine — in some cases these look like thorns. Inside the vegetable (arrow in picture), there is a prickly layer which must be removed before one can enjoy the creamy delicious heart. One could easily choke on an artichoke if you tried to eat the wrong part. (Lorraine de Santis of Little Ferry, N. J., wins a prize for this question. You can win $10 cash plus AP's handsome World Yearbook if your question, mailed on a postcard to Junior Editors in care of this newspaper, is selected for a prize). TIZZY By Kate Osann rooooo 00000000 © 1S70 tf NEA, Inc. T.M. K.j. U.S. rat. Off. "Herb and I broke up a month ago, but I think it's time to try a re-run J" SIDE GLANCES By Gill Fox Daily Times Herald Features . . . Comics Wednesday, November 25, 1970 Exit Answer t» Previous Puwl* ACROSS 4 - anchor 9— —out 12 Swiss canton 33 Star (comb. form) 14 Hail! 35 Be seated 16 Spirited horse 1? Enclosure (Scot.) 18 Swiss national hero 20 Epoch 21 Agricultural area 22 Nyctitroplsta, as of plants 24 Caustic 26 Christmas carol 29 New Zealand native 32 Leaving 36 Jellify 37 Palm leaf (var.) 38 Go away (2 words) 40 Social entity 42 Bluepencil 43 Shore bird 45 Wild oxen of Celebes 49 Censure 51 Operated 54 Canadian province (aTa.) 55 Squabble (coll.) ' 56 Farewell (Fr.) 58 Bias 59 Feminine name 60 Bodies of laws 61 The entire group 62 Algerian title 63 Occupation. 64 Pigpen DOWN 1 Force? out 2 Miltoiuan archangel 3 Right to ownership 4 Existed 5 Italian noble family 6 Passage in the brain BAM " t=JMI»r=ai 7 Extensive 8 Wooden trough 9 New York county 10 Always 11 Abound 19 Yakut rivet 21 Monastic title 23 Gatekeeper 25 Feminine name 27 Japanese outcast 28 Evangelist 30 Priestly title (ab.) 31 Island (Fr.) 32 Colloquial title 33 Guide's tigh note 94 Depart forever (2 •words) 55 Primary color 39 Sicilian volcano 41 Plaything 44 Zeal 46 Russian saint and namesakes 47 Inclined 48 Burst forth 49 Masculine nickname 50 Powerful emotion KVerdiheroine 63 Want 56 Deed 57 Utilize 55. 59 60 63 6] 25 CARNIVAL By Dick Turner "We may have trouble getting him into college. He's quiet, studious and still thinks he has a lot to learn!" BUGS BUNNY By HEIMDAHL & STOFFEL V. >X WONDER I IF THAT KID W/LL ^l LEAFJM T' „ CLOSE A •< 1 DOOR •" QUJETLV/ '.*" 1 "Now just a minute! You promised your wife you'd take WHAT bull by WHAT horns and ask for a raise?" IT/VE GOT A QUESTION! ONE SHOP HA£ A KESUWK CUSTOMER: OF HERpgSCRIPT«?N»,THBy'tt PWNB NBCT By CROOKS fr LAWRENCE OKAy ( MY TURN) ,,,MO w CKN-Hoiawr Y AMP CHIPfJfJHACK! THAT OUT OUR WAY ty NCQ COCHRAN 6UR 80ARDINQ HOUSf . . . with . . . MAJOR HOOHl SO HE CAM LOCATE AMD POIMT SAME FOR VOU J SAV YOU'RE TRAIM- N YEAH, AM' 1 THIMK HE'S GOT THE HIM TO BE A HLJWTER ] IDEA OF RAISIN 1 A FROMT LE<3-- 8UT I'M HAVIM' TROUBLE OETTIW' HIM TO KEEP HIS TAIL STRAIGHT OUT/ IF I PRAISE HIM HE VVA6SIT AN' IF I BAWL HIM OUT HE PUTS IT BETWEEN HIS MAYBE THIS PROP WILL MAKE HIM SEE TH 1 LIGHT/ THE WORRV WART >t>U ARE, /WA'AM,OUR BEST I MEVfef* SHOLIIP HAVE TOU? HE COULD? sEueer Tne '.' fT'g U^ePfOESPAy ANP seeu so MUCK AS A rt?B6rreiz Tt?TH6 AAM2KGT BEFORE... ALL PAID I THE so MO MISTAKE/ seueve vr/ THE D6UV6R/ AAAM / SHORT RIBS i DON'T see 1 HOW you DO IT: PO WHAT? By FRANK O'NEAL W£AR THAT WEAVV CROWN AW. Of THE fl/vl£. , ,r's EAsv.youseL,. JM PEALUV A HARP HAT AT HEART. THE FLINTSTONES SECRET LOVE... M1LKMAM By HANNA-BARBERA I CAN'T GO ON DRINKING FOUR QUARTS OF A PAY, PRISCILLA'S POP IVE NEVER BERNARD EXCITED. 1 By AL VERMEER HE CAN MARDLT WAIT FOR HIS © TOO t» NIA. trie. T.M. ta. U.S. tat. Off ALLEY OOP ...GUESS WHAT I GOT? By V. T. HAMLIN YOU WANT TO RE-PHRASE THAT? mo t, HtA. lu., T.M. ti. U.S. ».t. off. WINTHROP / THEONtyTHiNer \ / DON'T LIKE ABOUT \ { BHNSANASTHDMAur I \ je-THATfMlSS ; *iv TELEVISION. / By DICK CAVALLI ) / ICON*TGEnO f SEE/ANVOF ^\ PROSBAM5... out: FRECKLES W.BW A CHANCE To pe By HENRY FORMHALS SPOIL ALLW MISERY? CAMPUS CLATTER •y LARRY LEWIS * • • ' ® M» to NU.!«.. T.M. In US P.| Off

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