The Malvern Leader from Malvern, Iowa on January 25, 1934 · Page 5
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The Malvern Leader from Malvern, Iowa · Page 5

Malvern, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 25, 1934
Page 5
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Mf. and if». fie* JSfoftHk en- tftfttfwrt eattrrdat eteiii&t tt*f? tote* fco*a*ffeg Mr. Jttt. Meffftt Ftefofr rf Hastings fir* «tift»g **• sftent ia fcftyfcj cttfo *ftd i deHdotis lunetteo wit wtreS &t i tot* fcanr. t§«««tt tmtfft* thote honored wet* MM. titef* FJsfcir, Frances fMfcSf, Bogefte Mote, afig W.ttet Henderson ef Hastings, Opal AH, fttswtf tt*lt of Ot«nwood, Maree Kelly, Lofeft* Wills, and Leonaf- Andefsoii, ft fe "tlijMH ttJMi l^AFt^ 'The jtttftg married couples class ot tha Baptist Sunday schoo were entertained-Tuesday evening in the home of the Ret. and Mrs 1*. R. Bobbltt. The elass which has last beun lately organlied with Mf*. J 4 W, Mctfuity us teacher, is gaining in membership and enthusiasm. A large gfOUJ attended the party Tuesday ete- ntttg aad enjoyed the evening of games And other entertainment after which refreshments were served, Mi*. Stuan Ctuunbetn Hostess to It, 8, C. Mrs. Susan Chambers was bos' tess to the H. 8. C. last Wednesday at the home ot her daughter Mrs. L. L. Richardson, There were about 40 present at the noon-day dinner. Mr. and Mrs. Claude Brooks were guests of the club. The program In the afternoon consisted ot talks on Eddie Cantor, led by Mrs. Glen Seeger, and a review of the life of Walter Damrosch by Mrs. June Wise. Also original limericks were writ* ten by the club members and read. The next meeting will be with Mrs. Fred Dickersbach Feb. 7.. Honored Birthday of Mrs. Jjoot* Bass Mrs,'Louis Bass was pleasantly surprised on Friday night, Jan. 13, to remind her of her birthday. The party was planned by Mrs. Austin Bass and the evening was spent in playing cards after which a lunch of ice cream, cake, and coffee was served. Thote present were: Messrs, and Mesdatnes W, A, Bower, Austin Bass, C. M. Wilson, M, R. Cunningham, Floyd Rhoades, Glen Seeger, Theo. Powles, Everett Knop, Misses Bernlce Caudell, K»thry»i»lnd Caroline Cunning- Entertain Teachers at Dinner Saturday Mr, and Mrs. Fred Farqubar entertained the Junior high' teachers Saturday evening to dinner. Those present were teachers ot their daughter, Elinor, and a few additional guests including Mr, and Mrs, Dale Dyke, Mr. and Mrs. Ward Roberts, Misses Conboy and SchaJkJe, Paul Hertz, and Miss Emily Boland of Olenwood, After dinner the evening was spent with cards. ***• **"** *««">«>* **th *'* ***** * . M. WRsOB, It ft. Bus, AfHtoa Ban, *« S«*g*f, D. O. , Uotftf3 &ata% W. A. Sttfref, to* CfrMeti, Jane «.. toft, tot Mis* BerHice dttfteft. A dettefatrt isaelr was terted *t tte clot* o* tfce afternoon. Ott* iHttj** f o* the l*«te fwce . *&a MM. W. P. Wottmaft and Allen entertained the Leader office fofee And their families to dinner Friday wetting, those itfesent were Mr, and Mrs. B. fi. Herihg and sons, Jim and lack, Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd Short, and Miss Inei Raines. Additional guests wefe Mr. and Mrs. Clifford bitlehay. Grasp of Neighbors Hate Oyate* Supper Last Thursday etening a group of friends and former neighbors enjoyed an oyster supper at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Frank Raines. Those present wefe Mr. and Mrs. 3. R. Httfst ( Mf. ahd Mrs. Clark Hilton, Mf. &ad Mrs, Oeorge Lloyd, Mr. and Mrs. A. J, Berkhlmer, and Mr. and Mrs. Carl Wilson, . o* tffwntlrfp, fa basement of Metncftffst titotcffc tsk FBC»C itoc- Mou. tffe«d»t. l*ri. SO: MWdte one- third of towiMMp, tn oa*eteent of Metnodltt chtrreh at P*efflc Jttno- tfon. . one-tWrd of townahfp, A meat of Methodtgt chtn-eh In Pacific f ttaettoft. Monday, Jan. SB: East ote- thlrd of to*»«Irtp, M the Coma^ fifty church In RAwies towftflhlp. Taesday, Jah. 80: Middle «*e- third of township, M the COMMIT nity church ffi Rawi«s tdWnship. Wednesday, Jas. iii West oft* third of township, at the Ooiamu^ nity chnrch in RAWlei township St. Special time arrangement from 8 a. fit. to 6 p. in., Monday, Jan. 49: for alt St. Marys township, at the Eureka school house No. i. Tuesday, Jan. 80: Wert pan of Oak township, at the Oak Bluff school. Bflire* Cr*ek Township Monday, Jan. 29; Korth one* of tow**Mp, In the basement ol tfce Cttrai&aBtty building at Malvern. tfresday, Ian. JO: Middle one- third of town*hfp. In the bttte- ittent of th* CwflanitJnfty building at MaH-ern. Wednetdat, Jan. *1: South one third of toWnsWp, la the base- ffieM of tft« dMf^Mty binding at Maltern Monday, ith. 89: South half of the township, «ut of the met, it the Strahaa church. Tuesday, lift. 40: Korth half of the towasfilp, east of the river, at tft» Stfanaft church. Wedniiday, Jatf. 81: West side of the river, At th« fiaf rett school. In ofdet that the committee can handle the crowd at these meetings they have asked that a ceft&tfi part of each township come each day. these division* are listed In the above schedule. ft in very important that each producer get nig Work sheet, statement ot ittpfottiag evidence, and farm map filled out before these sign-up meetings If It is at all possible. LOCAL SPORTS CORH-HOOS (Continued from page 1) Indian Creek Towiwhlp Monday, Jan. 29: West one- :hlrd of township, at Hastings Methodist church, Tuesday, Jan. 30: Middle one- third ot township, at Hastings Methodist church. Wednesday, Jan. 31: East one- bird of township, in mayor's of* flee in Emerson. Ingraham Township Monday, Jan. 29: South one- bird of township, including chool district 1, 2, and 8, at the Burgoln hall in Silver City. Tuesday, Jan. 30; Middle one- bird of township, including chool districts 4, 6, and 6, at he Burgoln hall In Silver City. Wednesday, Jan, 31: North one bird of township, including chool districts 7, 8, and 9, at he Burgoln hall in Silver City, Lyons Township Monday, Jan. 29: East one- bird of township, at the Burr Dak school, , .Tuesday; Jan, 30: Middle one* bird, 0faowjJsb|p,,|«,t^Burr*4p»j( chool, ."' ' ' **" Wednesday, Jan.' 31; West one- bird of township, at Burr Oak ibool, Oak Township . ' Monday, Jan. 29; East one- bird ot township, in basement ol Lutheran church at Mineola. Tuesday, Jan. 30: Middle one- third of township, in basement of Lutheran church at Mloeola, Wednesday, Jan, 31; West one- third of township, in basement of Lutheran church at Mineola, Plattyjlle Township Randerson's Specials This Week Leather Suede Jackets -$4*95 2 Buckle Hens Rubbers -$1.1) H Boys Bheep Lined Coats$iJO Boys Blue Heavy School Jackets ~ - ~ - Tall Cagert from Junction Wm Tilt Oriole* Tumble in. Friday Onslaught by Cloce Margin Five tall gentleman from Pact* flc Junction did wrong by the Malvern high school Orioles Friday evening when the cage teams of the two schools clashed on the Community building floor. After an hour, plus rests, time-outs and sundries, ot fast ball, the Junction team could claim a IB to 16 win. Starting furiously the Orioles seemed worried not a whit by the elongated stature of their opponents. All through the first halt they managed to keep a short lead over the Junction athletes. But along about the final qufer- ter the home team tired, One Haney ot the Junction suddenly found himself able to stroll quietly and inconspicuously down toward his basket and there, when a teammate would pop him the ball and he in turn would pop in a basket, These tactics caught the Orioles, already showing fatigue, off guard and they shortly lost their lead. After a furious final few minutes, in which the status of the .game *ung-suspended,- like Mahomet's coffin, halfway between Malvern and the Junction, the visitors cinched the, affair by two able field goals," ' ;* * ' , '. ..Second strings/ .of , the * two schools battled In a preliminary 'in which Malvern, with .scores made chiefly by'- quick Devere Knight, won 17 to 13. Knight brought in 10 of the total but was greatly helped by expert passing of his teammates. Referee Crotchy of Plattsmouth worked the first string game and Henry Hummel served as official for the preliminary, The box score: Ualvem, ja fg |t p|nts Summers, t ,_»,_8 Qxl ST 4 Fasel, f ,_,, w ,^.j} 0x0 i Jackson, c ,.,,„„,„% 0x0 1 Bowers, g ,,,,,,,i 0x8 J 8 Conner, g ,,.>,^,o 2x4 l Wills, g ,. mvM , rm Q 0x0 0 Pacific June., 10 fg ft pf pts Haney, f r ,.,,,. w 5 1*8 I U Stirfc, I „„„,;.! 0x0 8 2 Hostetter, o % ..,,,l 8x3 i 4 Harris, g ,,»,,,, r i 0x3 i 8 Codsey, g fm ^ n , f Q 0x9 1 0 •Seven Teams will Clash Here Next Week in Tourney Annual Cla«*fc to Furnish Thrill*, Excitement for Spectator* Seven closely matched high school basketball teams will clash here next week when the annual sports classic, the Mills county high school basketball tournament will be played on the Community building floor. The games will be played the evenings of Feb. 1, 2 and 3. Sending teams to the meet are Emerson, Olenwood, Henderson, Malvern, Pacific Junction, silver City, and Stratum. Games played by these teams thus far Indicate that competition will be close in every game and that the outcome of the tourney is vastly uncertain. As In, previous years the tour- naufent is sponsored by the Mills County Schoolmasters club and Paul Hertz will be in charge of local arrangements. Scheduling of all games in • thBs evening is In innovation in the tournament' all games in the evening is an to attend -without missing class work and business people without, losing .hours, HASTINGS Silver Wedding Was Celebrated Mf. tfui Mrs. Lane Mar** Stifpritecl on Tweftt fifth Anfirtert&fy Sunday, Jan. 14, was the silver wedding anniversary of Mr. and Mrs. L*ae Morse and their three children, Mrs. Don Fleming and Bessie and Raymond Morse, planned and carried out a very Mce surprise celebration for them at their home here. they presented Mr. and Mrs. Morse With a 26-plece set of silverware as a memento of the occasion and spent a most enjoyable time With them. those present were Mr. and Mrs. Lee Kepple, Oeorge Stockstill, Mr. and Mrs. Don Fleming and children, Darrell Fleming, Bam Dunn, Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Morse, Bessie and Wahneeta, and Mrs. Dan Morse. All report a most enjoyable time and Wish Mr. and Mrs, Morse many more happy anniversaries. Mildred Shaw and Floyd Mall are Wed The marriage ot Miss Mildred Shaw, daughter of Mr, and Mrs. Wm, Shaw, and Floyd Mall, son of Mrs. N. J. Hall, all living south ot Hastings, took place Wednesday afternoon, Jan. 17, In Red Oak, they were married by Rev. J. P. Lester at the Presbyterian manse, and returned to Hastings the same day where they are receiving the congratulations and good wishes of their friends. The bride is one of the very nice and popular girls ot this vicinity and the groom is one of our sterling young farmers. They will make their home on the Hall farm south ot Hastings. Mft. frtiay lot MefHtt Fisher LIQUOR . "-, f ^. Safe Drivin Hitair " (Continued Irani page i) It provides for a Commission of three members wbo wJU Devote tijeir toll tl»» to thr an4 BUows thew to empjoy delp 99 |a actually necessary. The CommissjQB is authorised to establish liquor etorea through put tbe state at ppl»ts where the it t e»(i in towp ^^V^r T^-isr <WTH93<flV?P^ U^^RW- JWS *»* tify a liquor store the dammta, ~tea may eeifci a special dietribii* ffi £& dlsaensa liduor., -' These a m, ~™™«iw-rf prwTBSW; 49nj|B4Jaf v cm _ ia their IftcalJty, ftfld, - •!*»- Act and will continue to be sold through the;same channels as at prevent v* no sale of beer will be permitted through the state •stores oij special distributors. 'Local option, as predicted, was a hard fought battle and I believe the vote of 68 to 36 against it would- have been much closer if a different form had been proposed. The plan presented left the decision to the city councils with the right to call election each two years to let the people of the municipality decide. It was thought by many that this would result in endless controversies between the neighbors of a community and forever keep the liquor control problem In politics. Those Interested in having hard liquors sold through private enterprise made a desperate attempt to substitute when Representative Cunningham offered an amendment that would allow a comparatively free sale of 14 per cent liquors by individual concerns, Hi? amendment received only 17 votes. This indicates that the House by a vote of more than 5 to 1 feels that a state monopoly pla similar to that used by variou Canadian Provinces and some te foreign countries offers enoug: hope of satisfactory control t warrant a trial. I am informed that there wll 1)6 a special effort made in the Senate to amend the bill to allow :he sale of a H per cent Uquoi jy the drink at hotels, b«t Judg ng from the vote of the Housi on similar amendments I doubt I be House would accept it. A feature of the bill which caused considerable discussion and some controversy was an appropriation that provided the fl* HSBcial means for the distribur tlOR setrup. This is probably the most misunderstood feature the entire Act. T&e Commission, could wot be } to, establish stares aud special witlioijt some, money »—»,.. with. Tike appropriation, I69Q.QOO a« provl<ia4 lu 09 w»y tbftt iae* wUi uie ttat , tot it slwpiy i* § jjwu __ w&leb tbey cwuttot fa. With W.OQO thj« ttttl U all " WtU • *«* Dr. Christy reports the birth of a daughter to Mr. and Mrs. James Brown at Henderson, Jan. 10. She has been named Bonnie Elizabeth. M. B. Fellows, D, D. Fellows, Fred Priest, and Dr. Edgar Christy attended the Masonic school of Instruction In Malvern Tuesday evening. Henry Clark was taken to Iowa City to the state hospital Tuesday evening where he was thoroughly examined, He returned Friday, ™ [ Mr. a,nd Mrs. Bill ClarJr and Wilson Clark and family of White Cloud visited Wednesday In the home of Mrs, Wm. Clark, and Mr, and Mrs, BUI Clark remained for a longer visit. Miss Bessie Morse Is caring for Mrs. Hattie Hascall at Emersor who is suffering with heart trou< ble, Mrs. Hanscom of Pacific Junction visited last week with her son, Ralph Hanscom, in Hastings Mrs. Heber Hillyer and daughter, Mildred, of Jmogene visited Tuesday in the R, F. Crawford home, Ora Douglas of Asbury was able to be in town last week and is getting along just fine. Miss Evelyn Crawford assisted Mrs, Lee Kepple a few days last week with her housework. Jesse Bell of Malvern repaired the furnace in the Colonel Smith home last week which he has recently rented to Mr. and Mrs, Shank of Corydon, Jack McQinnis of near Jmo. gene was in, tows Wednesday. Mrs, pearl Niday and son, Franklin, pf Olenwood visited her brother, A. V. CHtes, and family. Mrs, Cecil Woods, Mrs. Wm. Clark Sr,, and Mrs, Bill Clark were Malvers visitors Saturday. Mrs. A, L. Gustefson, Mrs. Herman gchurr, and Mrs. L. A. Clancy were Qmaha visitors Wednesday, A. L. Largeut visited his mother, Mrs. 8, E.. Largent, and brother. Frank Largest, Sunday, Herman Schurr and family were R,e4 Oak visitors Friday. Joe Haden a»d family wer Majvern visitors Saturday. Kietb and Floyd elites visited Mr*. Arthur Ooehrlng of Qlen- wood entertained at a miscellaneous shower Friday afternoon, Jan. 19, at the home ot Mrs. lames Fisher, honoring Mrs. Merrill Fisher. After the guests were assembled the presents were brought out and opened by the honor guest. Refreshments were then served consisting of sandwiches, elites, two kinds of cake, fruit salad, and coffee. Those present were Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Qoehflng and Mrs. M. H. Ooehrlng and Alfred ot Qtenwood, Mr. and Mrs. John Plan and Oeorge of Red Oak, Mr. and Mrs. Bert Shaul and Norma of Strahan, Mrs. Ben Martin of Malvern, Mrs. C. T. Smith and Irene, Mrs. Rea Shepard and Rowena. Mrs. Fred Henderson, Mrs. Henry Washburn, Mrs. Roscoe Parker, Mrs. Harry Potter, Mrs. Chas. Hall, Mrs. James Fisher and Frances, and Mr. and Mrs, Mrs. Merrltt Fisher, Birthday Dinner for Butter Largent Mrs. S. E. Largent entertained a number of relatives at a birthday dinner Wednesday, Jan. 17, In honor of her grandson, Buster Largent. Her relatives helped paper and paint her home. Those present were: Mr. and Mrs. K, S. Powers of Olenwood, Mr. and Mrs. Roy Hat- fleld ot Emerson, Mr. and Mrs. Henry Schilling of Emerson, Mrs. Susie Hall, Mr. and Mrs. Oene Crouse and Harriet elites, C. O. Hall and son, Kenneth, Mrs. S. E. Largent and Frank Largent and family. All departed wishing Buster many more happy birthdays. New« of Hastings Public Schools High School The Phllaphonlan Society will give the following program Friday at 3:16 p. m., Jan. 26, Every one welcome: Orchestra selection, Organtal Hastlonana. Talk on "History," Velma Mings. Fire Chief, Lenord Chief, Song, Edgar's trio. Debate: Resolved, "Women were more lady-like In 1914 than today," Helen, Virginia, Tom, and Leonard. •. •. Virgil Shank enrolled Monday in the junior class. This makes ten in the class. Miss Varley and Mr. Blttner spent the week end with home folks. Mr. and Mrs. Will Young and daughter, Irene, were Omaha visitors Saturday. Harold Blxler of Omaha spent the week end In the Will Young home, Mr, and Mrs, Donald Vestal entertained a number of friends at a card party Saturday evening. TillJe Mings accompanied Harry Patterson to Shenaudoah Saturday, Mr. and Mrs. Oeo. Huntsman of Emerson and Mrs, Wm. Clark were Council Bluffs visitors Friday, Mr, and Mrs. Floyd Hall and Mrs, Nelson Hall were Council Bluffs visitors Saturday, Mrs. Eva Van Ausdftle is on the sick list this week. Mrs, Scott Edie left Thursday for Rockport, Nebr. where she will attend the funeral services of Donald Qustin, Mr, and Mrs. Wendell Ord are staying at their the Wayside Lake to help oversee things until she returns. Will Mings and family were Randolph visitors Saturday. thejr cousin, Emerson Saturday. Oiites, Miss MJUie Gale wag an pver guest IB the R, F, Crawford Saturday. Mr«. fern fceppJLft 6uff W ed. *cjj el ftpnenjHgJU* jajgj w better aow. hut QVBT tfetftow 91 4.. V, §»d family of b«iin,ajj, where be win course. , to Stem MW. *»* Mr», wwe t»M»*4 te tauiftU tUulte Maturity WESLEY CHAPEL kales' Aid met with Mrs. bitt at the parsonage Wednesday with about 13 members present. The next regular meeting will be Jan. 31, the place to be announced later. Clinton Kenneth Parker aud Lawrence Lisle returned to SQbool Moaday after g siege pf the mump^ L.D|S aud Tacy wnson now have (hem. Nebr. visited Plskti, *W> nvtdi wUJa ft cold MU* .U "Wk^r ft «io« trip. lister. Mrs, family, lapt WM quit* w«ek uu,t is luuft Fjelui ar- i, a 0. Wed- tt Ne*t Sunday this featnrc of thi service will be takM by lim» foTfcs. The younK people of Wesley are to hold thefr regular monthly Epworth L«IKU<» and nocfal at th» home of Mrs. Mabel Ptereon j«. 28. Att youn<t people of th« com- mttftity ar* urged to attend. Saturday, Jan. 27, there will h« a Young People's Institute it Olenwood. All young folk* 6f both churches are requested to ittead. Henderson young people notify Ida Slmmoftds, Wesley folks ftc- tlfy the pastor U you Intend t» go. John Horsley, alumni secretary of Simpson college, will be with us on Feb. 4. He will speak at both morning and evening services. We owe to ourselves the privilege of first hand Information relative to the place the church school occupies in the lives of our state's youth. Mf. Horsely can convey that Information in as interesting a way as anyone we know. Sideboy* The custom ot sideboys and 'piping the Side" originated from the necessity, in the old day.s of having to hoist the Captain out of his boat and over the nettings by nreans ot a yard and stay, it the weather was rough. The boatswain used his pipe to give the signal for the men, or side- boys, pulling on the line. The higher a man's rank the older be was as well as more portly, so that more boys were necessary to hoist him over the side. In present days the sldeboys are a form of courtesy to officials making official calls and the number ot sldeboys depends on the rank of the official. The President ot the U. S. receives eight sldeboys when coming over the gangway, a minister resident receives six, and a captain four sldeboys. JANUAUY CLEARANCE 8AM4 —Coats, Dresses, Hats and special groups of accessories. — Mrs. C. O. Nlckols Apparel Shop, Shenandoah. tt <3 v . 3 Lb. 7 oz. R. & W. Oatmeal,. largest size -, Largest size B, & W. r- Corn llw • Flakes — IlC Prepared Mus- 1 C- tard. qt.— O.C Lewis Lye, can 10c 7 Cans Milk. 25c Jonathan Apples, •te..:. 1.50 Head Lettuce, finest quality, 2 for __ Oranges, nice and yellow, Tangerines, juicy, large and fine, QQZ.-, ._,^,' Toilet Soap, 8 cakes——_. Pascal Celery, finest flavor/, head——— Itens Crackers,- fresh and fine, 8 Ib. box U MdMMW N«Uliu \* MMt » W m «MMI Red & White Vacuum .Tones (Coffet House) Csffee/vacuumjg-g Gidley's Guernsey Milk Wheat-Oata 0, L Dauis

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