Cumberland Evening Times from Cumberland, Maryland on December 7, 1955 · Page 12
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Cumberland Evening Times from Cumberland, Maryland · Page 12

Cumberland, Maryland
Issue Date:
Wednesday, December 7, 1955
Page 12
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TWELVE EVENING TIMES, CUMBERLAND, MD., WEDNESDAY, DECEMBER 7, 11)55 Dial t'A-2-4000 for a WANT AD Takei • Editor't Note: Marrii <howi no kindness, woman la tempted to have an affair. under terrible nervous my own making, I guess. 1 have been too ashamed to tell anyone. I "am unhappy with my husband he wasn't what I wanted in a hus band. ,"He shows me no co warmth or- affection. helps around the hous« scene first . . . never out ... constantly find: all. I say or do, until I am ing on eggs" for fear of making him angry. I don't think stand much more of his unfeeling treatment. ago. I still wish I had the courage to;do so—yet no court in the land would see any legitimate reason for it. He isn't a "bad" man; doesn't beat me or run' around with other women, etc. He just doesn't measure up to my kind of man—as most women would agree, I think ... * th*s Counsel Ky Mail ,...,.„., =ss man who a tempted TH: I an strain— o s. 1 have 1 anyone husband married— iscoverec in a hus ideration ie never without a .akes me fault with m "walk- f making k 1 can unfeeling d I think me time courage the land > reason man; he wants an. affair with me. And fee ing as 'l do, I am afraid I ma settle for that; although 1 wou like to spend the rest of my li with him . . . Before marriage I was alway treated with respect and admir lion. Everybody liked me i school and college. 1 was goo looking, intelligent, versatile, a excellent student; but it didn't g to my head. I think I have always been mod est and humble and courteous- treating others as I wish to b treated. But since I married Sam I feel 1 have degenerated into nobody and my cheerful dispos lion has begun to crumble . . . Tiiere is no future in my fallin n-and-out of love with marrie men; yet I am so wildly discon ended with my life that I don' ;now what to do. Would that I hac another chance to choose a hus sand more wisely. Where did 1 g wrong, and is there any hope fo he situation? Please help! E. P. your nature— as if he construes marriage to be a contest for dominance, rather than a merger in which each party identifies gladly with the other, thus becoming a more "complete" person than before. Maybe unconsciously Sam is fighting a fear of being eclipsec by you, if he doesn't keep his guard up, and his foot down, so to speak. One senses that Sam is out of his element in marriage— coldly and angrily allergic to your need of companionable closeness. And Lhough you say that no court in the land would recognize legitimate cause for wifely complaint, I disagree. Acute incompatibility and mental cruelty are widely validated grounds for "constructive separation"— and you've been suffering along these lines since early in marriage, apparently. Your panicky thoughts of infidelity are an involuntary reaction ,o Sam's rejecting bias. His un- PAlinff aftifpirlp ic Hnmnralmnir Killing* Reveal: 'Regular' Shows PT A^rf* • U\J 9/*S\S •*• ™ Most Pop i By CHARLES M NEW YORK WV- Tel small screen. Thousan ly creative executive directors, writers, car signers are striving c it larger. Something has to g giving is the once-sa of half-hour and hour The program of 90 longer, viewed with ir quency this year, will place in 1956. Audience rating sys are far from being perfect) indicate that ily scheduled half-ho quiz, variety, comedy ic shows still are the r One reason is that tl specific regularity wl framing time concep :he 90-minute shows DEAR E. P.: Your letter is cu o a fragment—hut the whole ou' louring is vehement testimony I he fact that the marriage is ser ously failing. Mostly because Sarr I can see what I am missing isn't psychologically equipped fo when I look at other men. In fact marriage, it seems. And the wors I have fallen in love, with another of the difficulty is his rigid refu man—who is a fine ail-around hus- sal to face up to his deficiency, anc band; kind, sincere, brimming try to overcome it by humble dili over with the joy of living. We gent willingness to learn how I are very much aware of a mutual love. attraction. He loves his wife, only „____ FUNERAL FLOWERS Our Specfaffy ". • ' • Arthur Bopp 1621 Bedford St. PA 2-5414 Possibly you are by tempera ment a dynamic demanding fe male, who would overrun all bu the strongest spouse, if given frc rein. At any rate, you have tre mendous emotional energy (or drive), I gather. By comparison, Sam isn't nearly so vital, probably. Also he is less smart and less able in most silua tions, perhaps. And, unforUinately he hasn't the basic self-esteem accept the difference comfortably —and congratulate himself on hav ing married a "powerhouse" wife who brings to the partnership much that he lacks. Evidently Sam is flinlily on the defensive against the currents o NOW. .Is The Time! INDUSTRIALS. The Place! To Get Immediate Service "-J-* • For The Weeks Ahead! 1 $ 50.- $ 100.-*200.ormore S£ AUTO - SIGNATURE - FURNITURE 5§k Our "Loan Plan" combines convenience, 5§K privacy with unusual flexibility and speed. i INDUSTRIAL ^ LOAN SOCIETY, INC. ^ Liberty Trust Bldg — Third Floor — Room 301 Qj£ . Phone PA 4-3100 6£" Open Saturdays — 9 a.m. til 1 p.m. — thru Dec. Z4 VJV B B B B B B B you: and to keep a bad matter rom getting worse, you should lave psychiatric help. M. H. Wary Haworth counsels through her'column, not by mail or personal interview. Write her in care ot The Evening Times. 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Its magnificent flavor has -o brightness, a superb quality. -GSve and servo it proudly. Go Stagg for better, brighter holidays! E6 PROOF • STAGG OIST. CO., FRANKFORT, KY. e beaten their opposition with relative!; high frequency. We are a people of great leisun these days. We also are a people enamored of bigness — in cars anc buildings and government anc corporate structure. The concep of longer television programs aptlj fits the structure of our lives. The many creative minds o television are fully aware of, these facts. They know that longer pro grams are not better simply be cause they're longer. The best o them view 90 minutes and more not as a time to fill but as an opportunity, to develop ^varieties o entertainment and thoughtful programs that often were distorte* or cut short under the older rigic concept of television time. Longer periods of time open the door to plays and musicals and journalis tic techniques which once were impossible on tne TV screen. Double Duly . SAYRE, Pa. Mi — Mrs. Orlando Alexander and her sister, Mrs. Michael Anlonetti. gave birth to sons £;just two days apart anc shared the hospital room. j Cold Tacts... by fair 1 - ^^^i^^c^r* SCIENTISTS FIND NEW WONDER DRUG NASAL SPRAY CLEARS KOKf DISTRESS Of^ HEAD COLDS i£T$ YOU BREATHS FOR HOURS ALMOST AS IF YOUR COLD HAD GONE; i NEW CLINIC STriE ATOMIZER Works HlnxfcctwiilmroMr tojprtid pi«ticition-«w> children Ilk* ir; ^ViCKS Medi-Mist NASAL. SI-RAY Brothers Undergo Wholesale Surgery RICHMOND, Va. W-The Hoffman brothers — Hank, 6, Joe, 5, Greg, 4 and Gary, 3, looked like a quartet ready too burst into spng. Each, .in turn, opened his mouth. But not to sing. The boys opened up for a surgeon to remove their tonsils. •' Auxiliary Police Set Ambulance Vote The Volunteer Auxiliary Police Association, Inc., meets today at 8 p.m.,at Canada Hose House to act on a proposal for taking over ambulance service in the area, Mayor Roy R. Eves announced. 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