Ukiah Daily Journal from Ukiah, California on August 8, 1890 · Page 4
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Ukiah Daily Journal from Ukiah, California · Page 4

Ukiah, California
Issue Date:
Friday, August 8, 1890
Page 4
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S. AMES & CO., Palace Shoe Store," Grand Hotei Block,State Street, UKIAh T caL WE ARE NOW OPENING A TREMENDOUS STOCK OF run THE NI'IEIMJ ASI> SIMMER THAIH:. Imported direct from the very best Manufacturers. Look at the Latest Styles ! They are all Neat, Durable and Comfortable, and the Very Best Goods that money can buy, tiud they will be sold as low I as .Reliable Woods can possibly be sold. TERMS CASH, AND CASH ONLY! If you want Credit, we can't Trade. Goods sent to any part of the County C. 0. D., or on receipt of money order, kinds of Boots and Shoes made to Order, j ^8^1— ^^NCV REPAIRING NEATLY DONE. IE2. JS. JBLJUEESS db OO. 5 Palace Shoe Store, Grand Hotel Block, State Street, Ukiah, Cal. WHAT THE HOT SUN DID. A TYPICAL STORY OF THE HEATED SEASON IN NEW YORK. - Mow X^Uic 2 <orall W HS Horn In n Cherry Hill Tenement ami How She Lived for * Tilno bat Finally Gave I.' JI the Struggle and Went to .Sleep. (Copyright by American Press Association.) When Norah McCormack came into tho world by way of Middle alley, in Cherry itreet, New York, last September ber aether smiled upon her baby and then Ml "ROBAH WAS AX UNCSUA U,Y EOBt'ST 3ADV." Into the slumber that knows no awakening. Norah was an unusually robust baby, lull ol vitality ami dim plus. She took Wndly to her bottle of condensed milk, and all through tho winter kept getting fatter and stronger, until nho could stand without help by clinging to d elialr. Norah was taken care of by her 10-yeur-old sister, Maggie, upon whoso immature shoulders rested the responsibility of caring for the domestic Interests of her convivial father, a boy of 0 and the baby. Maggie was a fair sample of the little mothers so frequently seen in the poorer quarters of New York. She was prematurely wise and faithful as a dog. The onlyrsgrst she had when forced to give h«r attention wholly to housework was that ehe could not continue going to school. But the vague yearning in her mind to "know something" Ijecaine more and moro vague as the months rolled away until it wasasadrcam of impossible fulfillment. A •weary, pitiful existence it was for the child, redeemed only by her love for the fcaby, but none the less heroic. Norah never suffered lor want of attention in the daytime. Sometimes, however, at night, when fatigue had locked Mag- Ijla's senses inexorably, tho baby r.woke and oiled and then sobbed herself to sleep again. Maggie wa -s so weary that a thunder clap would not have disturbed her. Up to the month of July the baby had enjoyed excellent health. Thru came the heat an from a gigantic blast furnace. All day long the sun poured its (Ira down into Cherry street until the basement was JUS hot as the sands of Sahara. The heat invaded the tall tenement and turned the two rooms of the McCormacks' into veri table bakers' ovens. The children could •09 the East river rippled by a breeze as they looked out of the front windows, but not a breath of coolness invaded the stuffy apartments. Under the influence of this consuming Are Norah began to grow fretful and peevish. The summer sun Is vory cruel to little children iu Cherry street. The baby threw down the stopper of the vinegar lx>t- tle and refused to be comforted. She cried continually to be carried in Maggie's arms She began to lose lleah. In one week ail liar dimples had gone. The fiery sun was drinking the child's blood. The air which paeaed into those feeble, panting lungs was not freighted with the scent of apple bios- aonu and the odorous perfumes of the dewy wood, where verdure cools the air. 1: was laden with noxious gases and the aotaome exhalations from sewers. Dew Barer eparkles in that blistered locality. I D the evening when the lamps on the biff Brooklyn bridge were lit and the sun had act behind the Statue of Liberty the moon and the stars came out with a more gentle, kindly ray for the children than tlx aun had »hovm, and sometimes these heavenly lanterns brought with them a little breeze, which ••mw «'j»hlni{ down tho brick and mortar canyon witli a benediction of coolness from the swift river. Not •very evening did theso blessed come, but on those rare occasions when the breeze was strong enough to raise the dust. Maggie took the baby down to the street and ant on the doorstep. She watched with delight the cool breeze lift the hair from the temples of the child. She knew that coolness meant life and health to the baby. These were brief oases of refreshment which served to temporarily check the progress of the disease slowly eating the baby's vitality. A little of the former Btightneas came back into the baby's eyes •a ahe reclined in her sister's lap and watched the children darting lu and out among the idle trucks. At first Norah and'with the loss of vitality came lack of appetite. The condensed milk was always warm because there was no ice to keep it cool. The neighbors came in now and then with little delicacies, but, Norah could not eat them, for desire hail failed. One day a rlohly dressed woman entne Into Middle alley and gave an Invitation to all the mothers to go to an excursion to Itock- ftway Iieaoh on the Fourth of .Inly. With delightful anticipation Al ;i ^gie Ironed out i the baby's calico dress and decorated her : cheap bonnet with new ribbon. The ex- ! cursion w-111 surely cure the baby, she I thought. It was a pitiful undertaking, , this dressing the baby fox a day H outing. As if to wneourage Maggie the Fourth , dawned misty and cool. It was a sign to the anxious little mother of hope for the : return of health to the baby. Everything was so bright and cheerful on the boat • that Maggie thought where there was so ' much happiness there surely could be no i paiu. Maggie thought she -saw signs of j improvement in tho baby at first under j the influence of the ocean's cool breath. : Perhaps the ocean air wa* too stroug for ; the baby, or it may have been that tho i change from the oveu air of the tenement, was too great fur her. At any rate, after Maggie had listened for the delightful strains of and other bewitching airs, its played by i the baud, she noticed that the baby was j lying unusually quiet in her arms. She ; looked down at the infant and saw that its i eyes were closed and that thore was a ! pinched look on its face such .'is she had | never seen before. At first she was ' alarmed. Then she thought the baby was j asleep. It was Buch a glorious day in 'j Maggie's experience that she did not notice I the unusual profoundness of the baby's j slumber. ! When the excursion returned at night Maggie carried tho still sleeping baby back ; luto the wooden oven again and laid her iu the cradle. As she removed the calico dress and the little bonnet slienoliccd that no matter how she shook the child it did not awaken her. t The next morning one of the neighbors ; came iu and prepared the baby for another ] excursion. She was xtill asleep. This tlmo I the trip was in a carriage to a green field ' across the East river, where thousands of j other babies had preceded her. The field : was covered with low mouuds and the He Didn't Object. She—Albert, I have come to the conclusion that I love George better than I lovo you,and He—'What about that engagement ring 1 gave you to wear? "Oh, that's all right. George says he won't object if I wear it."—New York World. Mj\ues a Difference. "Are you aware, sir," said the man in the rear fiercely, "that your umbrella is poking me iu the eye!" "It isn't my umbrella," replied the mau i just in front with equal fierceness. "It's I a borrowed one, sir!"—Chicago Tribune. I -TJHTJEl- Onicr of Adjudication of Insolvency CONSUMPTION BRONCHITIS SCROFULA COUGH OR COLD Throat Affection "Wasting cf Plo:h DO YOU BEAD A Ucntle Hint. Miss Van Prim (40)—Don't you think the census perfectly lovely. Mr. Weeks" Weeks—Well, really Miss Van Prim—They say it embraces 25,000,000 women!—American Grocer. ! JJe J'rnmiaed. "I hope you will always live within your | income, John," said the old gentleman to : his son. j "Relieve me, father, I shall never try to half «u hour to j '' v e without it."—Washington Post. 'Annie Hoonev" ' Out of His Depth. Or any .Disease where Hie Throat and Lungs are Inflamed, J.arlc of Strength or .Vi-iM l*oiver, you can be relieved and Cured by SCOTT' EMULS PURE CODUVER OIL with Hypophosphltes. PALATABLE AS MILK. Ash for Srott's Emu'ston, and let no ap­ planation or tftlieltatton indues you fa aoeejpt a snbstltute. Sold by nil Druggists. SOOTT & BOWNE.Chomlsta, N.Y. Intelligent Readers will notice tiat THE • MOCRAT? Miss Lennox—It seems to me that all the nice people are out. of town. Mr. Townbound—Thanks, awfully! Miss Lennox—Oh, I didn't mean that. You aren't out of town, you know.— Chatter. Kind Treatment. "How did the wind treat you*" asked a llower of the field as a leaf fluttered to the ground. "Oh, very well. Just blew me off," answered the leaf.—New York Herald. 'THE BIRDS BI'.vG LIQUID ItKcJUIEMS." grass was luxuriant. Under one of these mounds they laid Norah to reui. It is cool and pleasant where the baby is sleeping, and sometimes tho birds perch upon the lonely mound in the twilight and sing liquid requiems. E KHKST J AIMIOLD. All Lay Dolegutes. She (at the poultry farm)—Just see what a convention of hens! He—Yes, a convention composed entirely of lay delegates.—Burlington Free Press, •re not "warranted 1o cure" mil «ii»«e» of di»e*»e», but only »itcli a* reeuli from it (Unordered liver, via i Vertigo, Headache, Dyspepsia, Fever3, Cosiiveness, Bilious Colic, Flatulence, etc. Tor theM« the; are not warranted la-' fallible, but are an nearly so as It !•t>«»" Bible lo niuko a ranietly. Price, 35cts. SOLl> EVJERVAVmSliE- "STOTJ J DO 1TOT SEE! All the Local News. All the County News, All the General News, All the Court News, All the Supervisors' Proceedings, All the Real Estate Transfers, All the Legal Advertisements, All the Business Advertisements. OUR FACILITIES FOR DOING N Tin: STI»I:KIOK COURT OF THE COU.\- tv in M '':i «luoiuo. iStme of ('nllfurnia. In' tli" niittui .if Timothy Murruy, i\» lusnl- \i-tii iltl'i'T.Tinmtliy Murray having tiled lu this (\nirl hi* (i.thiou. M 'htMlnh; and mvoutoiy In I M "n! viMicy :n>ni wlikh il in incurs that ho la an lu^.'Ivi'iH ht'foiur, ill** siihl I 'unolhy M UITRV i*. lu -rvM tl.-laml lie lnsolv«ul.. Th*.i Slu'i'ili'nf tiir rmimy i>| Mi -mlocinci In heruhv •tt -il to \n)i<> ptHsesvloii m' nil Ilin onlutt>, rrii'l t iiMrl pi-onintt, <•!' llif salt! Timothy .Murray, Insi .lv.-m I lot it nr. I'xceiii :siirl> na intiv In* hy luw cxtMup' from • ulMMI, urn) of all Ills ilurds, M'Ui-h*-.*. UioU* urnmut. mill n.^H'i's, And tu kivji tin- win,,!, -uft'lv until thu appointment oi mi .\s- i-jiu'v >>f his i -Mair .\\\ pursous tiro for- hhiih'ii tn pny any d. l.i-, lu M M* mild Insolvent,or to drluvr »u\ pmprviy. btlonuiii!; to nnch ln- .-••Iwii!, io lihii or to any person, linn, eorponi- ti'.n nr iisj *ocUn (i'U for' his use; and the ^tthl il.-litor is hm-ehv forhiddfii to transfer or deliver r•uy prop .-iM, until tho further order of thiM t 'l 'iivt, fxeepi ii•* herein ordered. It jf I'mtlhi-ordereil, that all tho. creditors of •.aid di-liior In- and appiwir before the Hon. H. M« <;<m <->". Jii'l;-..* of tin- Superior Court of tlui ,'omily of Mendocino, in open Court, nt Ihti j Coint-Voom of !~«ld Court, in the County of Meiiihiehio, on the ilth day of Atifrust, 1890, at 10 o'clock ,\. M., of that day. to prove their debts tli-vint'd i mm r'miofc one or inurt; «*si£iicen of tho csliito ,1 w . } 4 i .it of *-aid debtor. Mr (ho purpoiifi. AA nrmnrerl to do all HI, innher ordertMl, that the order bo pub- tljitt run I io reiiHonitMv cxpci'tOil ol the [ Ufhnd in the P ISI'A U' JI- P KMOOKAT, rt newspaper vow hr»Rl t vnevvritor oKtiint C'-iiKihli 1 ol i »»f ne»en:l oiveiiluiliiii, pnolished lu the count\' \u\ hcRi l\pcv\nu ! i.Miim-. .ip.nn , of ^,, 1Hlooiin)j (gotten HH II IO said paper Is pub* ll-died Ivioiv the ?iuld dny set for the meetluy uf creditor 1 ;. ,\ tid ii l .i fontier ordered, that, In the mean* Utiic, all proeeedito'-: ii -vjihut the said Insolvent he ^tIl^cd. J );:!cii June .V 'tls, Irt 'D. U. Me.GAUVEY, •'iiMd ..mine of the Superior Court. T. L. t',iHnrni:]!\ .\tt'y fur I'ctlttoiU'r. A ntri**tly in-Ht-claK.s innrhhii.*. Ktilly warnuiUui. .Alado from \'ory 1>M tnuto- rial, by Hkillcil wnrknicii, nml with Lin 1 lu'nt tools that luivo nvcr been * v riling ir»n wonlH f>or inintitp—or innrt*— j I iiLVot'iliiiL' lo lisp ubiliiy of tlio ojionUor. j PRICE. - - SIOO.OO. j Ii ihi>ri> in no aupnt in your town, ml- j j tiroes I he nianufaoturprf:: I j THE PARISH WF'C CO., j J Aytnt,* M'ant'-ii. I'arish, X. V. t V-QVV HTF.Nt rilM WJUT1NG FUKE. Firrtt-elase hu'ilitiee and best of teaclierf. Address, with stamp for return postage. THE I'AHISIl MF'ti. CO. Parish, N. Y. Notice. PRINTING Of Every Description are Unsurpassed. To cure Biliousness, Sick Headache, Constipation, Malaria, Liver Complaints, take tho safe and certain remedy, SMITH'S BILE BEANS Vac the SMALL Size (lOlittle Beans to tho UOUIC). TllBY ABB THE MOST CONVENIENT. SuitAblo lox> All Age*. Price «>!' cither 35c. per ItotUo. ICiSSIIifi« 7 - ,? - T0 '^"™" 8« I %9 VB 9 V U ^1.11< 1 <1 fori ctl. ICOPF'LT. or 'Uuip*). i.r.SMUH iOO.M.v.^.ui-uiLiiuSASS, 1 ST. tOUIS MD. MMSBnoHBwnn NOTICE OF SHERIFF'S FORECLOSURE SALE. Order of Sale anil Decree of Fortv closure and Sale. ANNIE E. DIXON. 1'litinttff, WITH OUR Ample. Clerk (of St. Louis store)—Will one llau- nel sbirt be enoui /h, sir! 1 Customer—Yes. I only expect to be gone a mouth.—Clothier and Furnisher. To Go Among: the Lepers. Another woman liss started out to alleviate the auiteringi. of the victims of that terrible disease, leprosy. When Father Damien went to Molokai the whole world balled him as a hero. When Sister Hose Gertrude followed in his illustrious footsteps, she too received the praise of the multitude. And now Miss Kate Marsden has decide*! to devote her life to the same object, but in a different field. Miss JIaidden will couliue her labors to the lepers of India aud Russia, and iu her wort will have an advantage over those whom she is emulating, In I hat the accen- X>own in tfc« Mouth. "Do you ever get down in the mouth, Jack?" "Yes, when the covering on my older down quilt gets torn."—Yankee Blade. Social PastelH. Mr. Hounds—How nicely that Miss In- style carries her head! Miss Dukatts—She ought to carry it easily—it's so light.—Puck. Power Press t Steam Engine We are prepared to turn out First-Class Work on Short Notice and at Reasonable Rates. 1 A. M. AKM.sTONG, Kt Al I Prj'i.ntl'intx. 1 ! TfNDEK AND HY VH'.Tl'E OF AN ORDER ' YJ of stile nii-'l "U'cree al fnrorU^ilr^ anil siiio, j i.HBuecl out of the superior (,'ourt of tho Comity ol Mcniloelno, Miiue of Cuiif.milK, on the lL'lh •Inv of Julv, A. Ii. l^io, lu Hie above entllled ; uct'ion, wherein Auuie t:. lllxon, the above mimeii iilnliilllV. ohinlneil n jmliiiiicvt nml ile- eiee of b>reeU>aui^ u;ni sub' n^nlust A. M. Ann- .ytroiiK auil K. A. Sherwood, defendant?,, uu the :tl»t day oi March, A. u., i for lhe sum of el^ht hniulretl and .seventeen and cbshty-eislii one hmnlruilths (tsiT.sS) dollarH. in l.'tiited Stales jrokl coin, bisides ln- [ teiej.1. eoKts (^lll.r.O), and aeerninvj inleiest mid costs, whleb said decree was, on the 12th dav July, A. D. 1»'J0, recorded lu Judgment linok a of said ('ourl, at pa^e -?'.', 1 am commanded K> sell all the certain Ini. piece or uavceln of land, siluate, lyinj,' anil beiliK lu the county of Meu- doi.'lno, Slate of California, and buuuded anil described as follows, to wit: The 8W '., of the HE U mu! SE H of 8W Sec lion li, and the NK !., uf lhe NW \: and Hie N \V of thi'Nr.ofsec is, in Tp s;i N, K if> \v, M D M, contninliiir Hit) acre?, lucelller Willi and singular the tfiietncniM herediiaments and ap- purU'uaiiccs. ,therelu behuigintr or lu anywUe appertainlni;. I'ubUe uuitcc is heveby Kiveu Hint on Siitnrilny, tlip, lOlli diiy of ilngust, 18IK), At 2 o'clock v. M., of that day. i:i froul of the Court House door ot tho Couiltv of MendoeiliO. I will, in Mbodience to yald order of sale and decree <if foreclosure and sale., xell the abovt, de- scrlla'd properly, or no much iheivof as ina; be necessary to.satisfy said iudirmenl, whh interest and costs, etc, to Inc Minlicst and l.'csl bidder, for uoiii coin ul Hie tolled states. Dated Julv i:,ili, lS'.'O. .1 TN rt 'liSUAN 't 'E OF AN ACT ENTITLED AM .1 " Act \o eHlublish a branch Insane Asylum ; For <'a<arrlt V. 1, ISIJII;\T Has j ; I'eer. Try it. liDlorseil b .v Hie Meilienl tacit j. | l*r «Meribe <l by KanJl'raiielceos Leading 1 I'liysleiaiiN. Copyright, UM. ' LITTLE no riEr.e fcs <l_ lo«t her sheeii and couldn't tell whera So the old nurtory rhyme the "111 HIAO HtJSQ OVBB UAOOIE'S ARM." osald ait up with her head resting against v *a«r aUtar'i ahoulder But as tbedaya gr*vf Iwttor aart hotter the baby began to droop ;«mwd mora, and .v.i .WiUMred like a flover &«*••:.:.• Ih»< lamralMng tor tboiuln, nntll htr bead hung omr Maggie'* arm /ItM * lUiay pluckad from the nmiow, .{.St»* , 4o«Mr oataa oku» a wa»k to look at , kMhia wdMaw wan ot W •T«il MISS KATE MARSDES. sibllity of her territory will mako It possible for hor to reeelvo more assistance than could be rendered to the workers at far away Molokni. Miss Marsdeu has already made an enviable record. During a prolonged residence in New Zealand she gave untiring service to the sick, and instructed the minora in ambulance duties and the principles of first aid to the injured. Durintr the Bui- i garian war she was one of the most do- voted of the Bisters of mercy, and the czar showed his appreciation by awarding to her an especial decoration. Her work In Russia will ba under the direct patronage of the czarina, and in India the Princess of Walaa ban promised to aid her as much as possible. A medical official from St. Petersburg will accompany her ilnriug her travels iu Russia, and great results are ezpect«d. A Jjeattaa i.. -eulture. A couple of thriviu^ruliiicco plants stand jn the window of a cigar store. A young lady stood looking at them Tuesday after- soon, and just then Shep Cone stopped from the door. The following conversation iusued: Younj? Lady—Can you tell me what kind of plants those are, slrf Mr, Cone—Tobacco plants. Young Lady—Do clgurettoa "grow on them' Mr. Cone—No; cigaretteu are not made out of tobacco. Young Lady—When do they bloasoaif Mr. Cone—Never. When the leaves wither aud turn brown. In the full ot tho rear, and ourl up aud dry in tho shape of ttgara, than the; are plaited. Youug Lady—How funny! ! _Jto t'pn» —Vary town. to nml them." So the old . — •ays, and it goeii on to bid her " Leave them aloue and they'll come home and brinir their talis behind them." All this may be true of lost sheep, but if jou have lost your health you cannot afford to leave that alone. It will not ooms bae'« of its own accord. Some people br-Btr that they never bother about colas. They "let them go the way they came." Alae I too often the victims go— to a consumptive's grave. Until very recently a cure for Consumption, which la universally aeknowlodfod to be scrofula afTectlng the lungs, would have been looked upon as miraculous, but now people are bekicnmg to realize that the disease is not incurable. Dr. 1'ierce's Golden Medical Discovery will cure It tf token in time and (riven a fair trial. This world-renowned remedy will not make new lungt, but it will restore diseased ones to a healthy state when other means have failed. Thousands gratefully testify to this. It Is the most potent tonic, or strength restorer, altera* tlve, or blood-cleanser, and nutritive, or Bess builder known to medical science. For Lingering Coughs,Woak Lungs. 8pltting of Blood, * Liver Complaint" and Dyspepsia or Indiget- tiou, it is an unoqualed remedy. Camphor Chloral Liniment. .... OAKLAND, February 7,1S90. ! ' nut may ceil Ify that we have used the (• r>. I Uiiiiuem In our family, and have found it to 1 be the best and mosl e(l'ec!ive medicine for lieu- i ralKia and Uudred diseases of auv that we have tried Wecau unhesitatingly recommend It as a most powenul and useful reinedv." I E. It. DIM IC, Pastor ,,f lhe First .M. E Church. j CALL AND SEE SAMPLES AND GET PRICES. Anything from a Visiting Card to a Three-sheet Poster printed in the most artistic style. for tho luMiinti of the State of GiiUforuio, at CkliiU, Mendocino Comity" (dint, of JSS'J, Cliup. '£t. piitfen 20 to :V2), wo are hereby iiiuhor- izi'd to iutvenise for senleil proposnla, wblcli will be rnoeivuiJ at the oiiin* of t!:e president, of the H OMM I of Dlreetorn of thtt Meiuloehio Slate Awyluui for the Insane in the Town of Ukiah, .Me'mioi-ino Comity, Callfoiula, until 1? o'clock M.. ou MONPAV. TIIK 11TH DAY OF AUGUST, Itil'O, for the several lirr:vtu'S of labor aud ma* tprlnlfj to be furuUnecI for the erection aud comjiletlou of tmllilinps for tho Muudocluo Sfate Anylum for tlie Insane on the land known HH the ''Htutlett Kaneh," near the Town of L'kluh, Mendocino county, (.'aljforuia. DrawiiiKS and HperiHealioiiM for the fiatd buildtuHH e«u he seen dally from 0 o'eloek A. M. until 1 u cloek e. M., at the oilluo of the architects ofthe said lJoiu-d, Copelimd A Peirce, No. l*jfi Kenrny Street, San Franeiseo, Cal. lilnnk pro )nisid Uinns, and al] information in regard to the inntiner in wliieh propoaaU are to he temU -ied, to be ohtalned from the architects aforesaid. ravmeut« to be made \\\ State witrrauts, which will be available at the time sfaled in the aforesaid Act. Encb proposal must be iU'eoin|.-.inied by a bond of 10 per cent ot the amount of the proposal tendered. No Chinese labor, or materials manufacture* bv Chinese labor, to be liked in tho erection of the Huid buildiutr. The Hoard of ijireelors reserves the right to reject any or all bids if found ueecKsary &» tbo jmbVic vrooil may require. U KIAH, Julv nth, l»H0. ARCITIDALI) ViaL, J. II. yEAWEI.I,, .Secretary. I'retddeut. Tor the Board of Directors of tho Mendocino Slate Asylum lor the Iumtne. Election Notiee. SCHOOL TAX. Hy T. J. WKLboN, Under . M. STASDLKY, Klierifl'. •iherlil*. -l'i.\d VOTiU-K IS IinKKBY OIVKS TO TUK QUA..L\ itied eleetor*": of Mill Creek School District, County of Mendocino, State of California, thut an election will be held ou the Second tiny of August. ISOO. at which will be Kubmlttcd the question of vfiting a lax to Mine funds to purchase, tho laud (t\vo acres) w '-tere the school limine stands. It will be neeevfiiii-v to raise for this purposo the sum of K20.00. The polls will be open at Mill Crock Seli?o! House from \\ o'clock A. M. until 7 o'clock V. M. The Judges appointed to conduct the election are: Kohert Clark, Samuel Diddle, Hr., and Claho, JOJtN HlLI.MAN, K. B ARCOUK, \v. P. V AN* N ADRR, •VI District School Trustees. Administratrix Sale of Hen! Estate.! NOTICE OF SHERIFF'S FORECLOSURE SALE. For all chronic eases, In connection with c P J;>?!'-J , | IS - ,{ Ti ««e"t't)JIl , OUNll Sfi.l'lU'H POW- DEK for iliorousjlily t •leuuslm,' the blood and : t'miiiit up the entire sysiem. It U put m> only i by 'II,.' W. II. Hone «'o„ 12 Uush street, lii I large hollies. Price ji per "bottle, ii bottlee 'or Sir. sent poslpnid on receipt of price. OR cures ataoalmr tne ^Jorat ^asea 1 , T^ma?ter ot^cow^lSJ "» 60 cents, by druggists. " THE i\ C. LI\1 «KM 12 H IH I I Sloeei, H. I. tWrOn SAI.E BY ALL riUl-GOISTS II. BOKTB, UeiiCial lliiiiriner IIIK I Neer<l»ry. C0.,| eF"If you are going to Call on a Neighbor, Dim an Enemy, Marrv a Friend or Start a Circus, the pain will ba greatly allaviated by patronizing the DISPATCH AND DEMOCRAT Steam printing: House. Order of Sale and Decree of Fore- c'.obuve and Sale. EUZADETII MAKDEN, Plaintiff, JOHN MISTO, 'IM;^ I;,S !,N " •YOTICF. IS HEREBY HI VI'.N", Til \T IS Virit- j\ aunnce uf an order of the .Superior Couit of the said eountv of Mendocino, State of t :alifor- i Vila, made on lhe I61I1 dav of .Inly, 1SWI, in the mutter of (be estate of J p. Wathen. deceased, the underbittued, the Adniinlstratrlx, will sell at public auoliuu, to the lil |:lie .t bidder, for cafili, and aubject to coutlnnailoii by said Superior Court, on the 1'Jtli day of Aueusl, 18»u, at uue o'clock 1'. M.. at Covelo, al II. Marks' store, hi tho county ol Mendocino, all the right, lltle, Interest liui estate of the said deceased, at the time of his death, and all tiie rle/hl- title and Interest that the said estate has, b .v operallon of law or othcrwiHC, ac ,iuli ,-d other liian or in ad . . , , . . , _ diilon to that of Hie ' suld J. 1). Wathen, de- Under and by virtue of an order ot lisle slid de- ceoned, at the lime of bis death, In and tu nil 1 <•"'" <" loreclonuru and sale issued out of thJ ihm certain Int. piece or parcel .,1 land situate, 1 Snperlor court ol the County o. Mendocino, lvluLMiud Iwiintiii lhe s 'ii .1 con nt.- of Meudo- I -Slate ni 1 'eiifornla, on the Vttb day of July, A. p. c'hio, Staic of California, and hounded and de- 1 I" ,'hf olove entitled action, wherelii acrlbedas lolioivs, to wii: All that real estate I Elizabeth Maiden, the above Darned plulntln, obtained n Judgment .and decree ol foreclosure and sale nguliuit John Mluto, H. M. Dftnlellilind J. I). Hunt, dufeiHlantJi, on the Hth day of July, A. II. isvo, lor the sum of twenty-alx hundred aud Iweutv-otic aud tiity-threo one hundredths (fJ,i',21.M) ilollars iu Uuited Stutca KOld coin, beslO .oH interest and costs and counsel fees, said Judgment ninonutlin; In all to $2,789.6H. And. whereas. 011 the same day In tho same action the said defendant J. H. Hunt recovered a Judiinieut against the defendant H. 51. Daniels for the sum 01 iilteeit hundred and '.hlrty-sevmi state ;ino county, stale o! Calilor- loll .iws, to ivit 01 Sec in situate in Mend nia, described a: .v „ . N'.v '/.< of Sec I, and SE I, oi Xe | i Also all real estate si^nutc in Triullv couuly, M1U0 ol California, de.sciilted sitollows. to wdt': Se. 'i of f>» '; ot «>••• 1ft. Nw i.i of Sw 1 , and \V ol NW '„ s-ec 11, also W I, of Sit No U ot theNw 'i of the N« '', of See 1',, also lot No 1 of the Sw \-l 01 the Sw !-, »i Sec II. and tin .» 1 L of the Se \i of Sec tu, also S I.j »nd Ne •;, of Svc >...' and .\'w \i ••:! *e of Sec lu. all In Tp S .-, H HE, 11 M. A.!S.O sw 1; of the Sw of Son'jn, 1 he \v ! ,\'w t. aud Sir '4 of the SW of tk-c '.'a, iu 27 14 12 W, M I) M. Defendants. • -NIV 1 .' Sw ) cWc* 6 S\. ZB UNIONSQUARE.Ny. "NfjjTjST ^ FTT TANTA E ^ CALVISH fil.tOUIS.MO, • tT AUAS . TEX ,. T, ,'S N !, cw 7Iomc Sowing Mnohlr.n CoroDunv l'iicIlloIlepnrtineut,UI«trfb«tlngO!tlce,725Ma'r ; ket street, History Iimi ,l!ng B»,, p r Ageau, ViMu, cia. The North Pacific Land and Improvement Company will put in an Electric Light System in Ukiah as soon as the weather will permit, and will furnish Electric Lights and Electric Power at the lowest possible figure. Por particulars address W. H. H. GRAVES, Seoretary North Pacific Land and Improvement Co. 29 New Montgomery, San Francisoo. Also Sw Vj ol th. aud the Se t{ ol the sw 01 See 31, in Tf It 12 W.M II -M. B H ol Ho \i and lhe Sw >.,' of the Kir and lot 3 of Sec 11, in Tp 6 s, II8 E, 11 M. Alsothe one undivided hall interest iu all that real esiuto situate In Trinity enmity, state ol Caliloruia, known and described as follows, to wit.: The s Wot the Se',', Sw!-{ ol the Se '4 and the go >i ot the Sw of Mee 'J!, also Ne ', ; : of the Sw K-:, S U 1 ,' ot the N-,v':i, and \V '.J ol the Se V ot Sue H.B'A of the Se >,i of Sec 20, ami the IV Uf ot theSw l <fofS:«'.'21,nU InTnSH, It 8 E, ll'M., >'w "4 of Sec 22, Tp IS, H 11 fe. II M TEK.MK AND CONOITIOS'S OX S.U.K: CASH - 'j'on per cent of the purchase money ro he paid Io the auctioneer ou the dav of salr-, bahuico, ou conllnuiilion of sale In said Superior Court. Deed at expense ol purcluiHci July Kith, two. ' lil.I.EN WATHEN, A'liiilnlstriilrlx. J. K. ClIAMllEIls. Att'y for Ad '.u 'trlx. «-Wi JT VITEI! STATES LAND OFFIOB, S\N FllAN- l; eisco, Cal.. July 1,1890. Notleii 1» hereby K I YUII 'hat in eoraplliinoe W'lth the. provlsIonH MI" tiie Act of C OOKI-CHS of June 3, 1878, entitled "An Act for llin mile, ol timber landu In the States of California, Oregon, tlcrodii and Wnshlugton Terrllnry," SYDNEY (!. MIT'CHEfX, of Alainedn, County ol Alameda, Slute ol Ciill- foruia. has Ihls day filed In this oillcc his sworn iitaleineiit No for the purchase of hot S of Section No. 18. liiTownshlp No. If, north,Undue No. II west, 41. f). M., and will oll'er proof to nhov that the loud aouuhl l u . inure valuable lor Its timber or stone than for HKrlciiltur.-il purpos- en, and \o vstubiitdi his claim to said lane before theKi'giBtvr nml lleeelver of ihl.s n(i|, Fittliclscu, Cal,, on TV'liSUA'V, tbo September, IWUi. He names as wllnoiiaes Morrell, T. .1. IJailey /rauclsco, Cnl. Anyillidull iicrsiins claiming adversely the ubove-descrlbeu lauds are reuncsted to Hie their claims 111 this office ou or before said sad day of September. JOHN 1'. 6HEEUAN, KegUWr. cu .mi iuiriy-scveu aud twenty-live one hvnirtredths (fl,ii37.S>) dollars, besides Interest, costs uud counsel feci, making In all $l,i;:i7.2o. lii'Twl Sll ld sale to he made lor tho satisfaction of both of the above Judgments, omonul- r the Vof the Sw \/, liu; lo *4,427.7il, besides iutureat oud coetn to of Sec 31 iu Tn "7 X accrue, which said decree was, on tho Hth day '' 1 ' ol July, A. I). 18110, recorded in Judgment Boot' No. 8, ol said Court at pi*" an, 1 am com- mnmlcd to Hell all that cerb-ln lot, piece or parcels ol laud situate, lying and being In the, count v "f Mendocino. State of California, and hounded and described HB follows, to-wlf. The southwest qunrlerof the northeast quarter ol nec.tlou three (il), the south half ot Um southwest quarter ol section two (2) and thw east half of the northwest quarter 01 section eleven (11) and the northwest quarter of the northwest quarter of sectlou eleven (ij), •ill In towuKhly fourteen (II) noitl. 01 •uiiKO llfteeu (!;,) west, Mount Diablo Meridian, containing two hundred ami lortv acres. Also, allif iliat nortlou ol norlh half of tho northeust quarter bl aeetlon eleven IU) m township lourtcen (14) north of run "ie"n 'it."u!wY«» west., that Hen south ol ti le eomVtv rniifl eon' "ioreorlo8s ,tdg«therwiUi inoineiita, herodltaflieuti at San iM day of „ ,. V; 1 ,V '"" ?ri "e | . C. (J. I'. It. llallcy, all ol Sim laiulnir eighteen acres more or loss,together with all 11ml slUKulur the tenements, hvredltauieuU and iippurtenanccs Ihorounto bolonf;lng or lu any wise appertaining. Public notice is hereby given Unit on Siilurday, lhe 23d iliiy of August, 1890, nt 2 o'clock I". M. of (hat day, lu front of (ha Court House door ol the couutyof Mendocino, I will, In obedience to said order of sale and decree of foreclosure and sale, sell tho above described property or so much thereof as may bo necessary to satisfy stild Judgment, Willi Interest and costs, etc., to the hlghcstand best bidder for gold coin of the Uuited Status. Dated this 2-lth day of July, I8D0. J. M. STAN1UKY, Sheriff. By T. .! WKI.IION, IJintor-Slll'liU'. «ltd JoiHom; WIB I I I IIU to an Iwcri lie for Uie DiHiMrcii-lJitaiooitAT van tin no (.hrouirli any nostuinHtor, » PIANOS Only tj»* tlpilil ,»H »Bo. im. t»s »uil uoi OttUnrt will: «ood Moo I m,d „, »" „„ JSJJI

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