The Malvern Leader from Malvern, Iowa on January 25, 1934 · Page 3
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The Malvern Leader from Malvern, Iowa · Page 3

Malvern, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 25, 1934
Page 3
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EMA ITCH ESS r*A(5t THftfifi fiis Hi* a*Jtffti «t«f *ft*jk * frtftd *te*8 ib*t it** &0t iwta ttsed tot M tent tbttt *««ttt w*n a tfftfM ef th&fte testa* sowi ««** irotfd fttft strtb thirty ft* ffc* wfceol btfttt* feu obtained. if twin* )«tt eotepjetely Hone, »e*. fop* tftet irettld becttirt *ettt«f bia-at? **ot« att ot«# the country. tfi'«b*f Wof«a, tbe Wtoii afeneot 4$|f ettaie* tbe n<r» en*lfon «ten though It burned the trtt*, throat, fttu., oft the ffft* feate aanetlofied tb* ta*te of the deeo* talott for the wail* with tb«r three shade* 6t Create tnake A BtUng background tof th« ffian? colored frock*. (Botte of the boy§ feel the Batae way about guiU; sol dresses), bnt-tbey ba»bfally wohld not te!l thelf feeling* to the inquiring porter. H ba* been Mia (by a teacher no donbt) that it blend* beautifully with book* specialty wbea they are opened. Setae one eteft remarked, after perceiting the pleasing effect, that it wall a shame there could not be new outside* witb such nice shiny inside*. Perhaps this is a nucleus for an idea— 'what r Anyway, we Ilka so much — tlnka so flae — thanka-you, come again sometime 1 After An «te*«ed taeatfon wMcl drastfc cttaftt *ef» ntttde %ftMn tft« seatfoV h{m*« ftHtfofk hardly fe*t»g- Mted th* ftttftttlrty O i old hid ft ftot be*n |0f 1*8 famtttaf faces, While*, and tew-hee*. ttappfly the wtniofB re*«i6«d t»«» IrWl Stoftday ttdfnttf 8n» te t« ttrteffted bt tne prln«f*l tfekl » tttnattoft dreaded by all confronted «4 —*e»e*tef «UnV Inatlon*. tTBdotbtedty A g f «n deal of ctiiSBnitftg ef Intenrtte tetiewing *IH be dofts | fl the neit few day*. £jfg« to the fact that we" did bats a Idngef tacatlon than tttnai it will be nece**aff for n* td brash oft oft eat jpast knowledge especially those who are «o fn^ fottnnate u te bate a bad iaenv OfJ", Otir wishes fot an eatly ream r aro with our clawtnats, Kfauce* Dunn, who t* etintaie*e* ing from aft appendicitis operation. Relict TOP Start Practice for Declam Contest* Fifteen Student* Sel Pi«e«*i Milt Nervtg Witb Miss Nerrlg IB coach fifteen etudeats bare begun practice for tbe declamatory contest. Practice wilt be light until semester examination* are finished. The speakers in their respective classes are: Oratorical: Freda Qrenning, Lloyd Walker. Humorou*! - Evelyn Latchaw, Kathryn Anderson, Kathryn Swain, Lorraine Fletcher, Thomas Will*, and Phylli* Wibon. Dramatic: Bdlth Bell, Delpha Donner, Lorraine Dashner, Margaret Shepherd, Marian Benton, Mary Blltabeth Bummer*, and Wanda Shook. Them, of Next Girl R«aerv« Meetinf Because of tbe approaching vacation the Olrl Reserve meeting wu postponed until we returned to school. The meeting will be held this week and the leader will be Marjorie Du Val, The theme for tbe meeting U Mr, Dyke was talking to hi* phy*ic*. clfts*^on "gravity," ^- W'«nniij''eaifo;«H'T; '"r" •-' "But please," < inquired Ocle Candell, "bow did we stick on before the law .was passed?" Varies* comment* were laid by tbe pupil* oi tfci high BetHBoi wfcea tbe tiding* afnted that tb Christina* vatatlc* was to b» prolonged for another week* gtat ing eiaetly seventeen d4y* of ff**don» fftHB tobdol. Moweter It ba* beeft rttaofed tbat tb« m te scbooi wa* tb* libetatw ttanj- frOin their pbytlcal dft ery etj tbe natterou* "6dd job*" Which bad collected tot tb«». Ml** Nervig «ay* ftttcft • tdt« vacation wa* hard ea tbe pay check. Lloyd Walker Want* t long summer vacAtiou M that be aa; spend more time witb hi* (t friend, 'way atf »o«b. Mi** Walker i* reported to have stated tbat she wilt dtsmi** school for bait & day on tbe 4th oi July for tbe pupils te shoot firecrackers, At wbicb Edith Bell ejaculated "Hey! Bo we go to school in Jttljrt" Bob Wilson spoke feelingly on tbe subject a* follow*: "Oosh It'* takes me ait year* to get this far and now they won't let tne go. They mart like me. 4 ' Bernice Schoening rejoiced ft' the added week since she woul< have time to finish ber English notebook. Likewise Lee Gary: "Swell pal. swell, Gary, tne lad!" Buster Summer* wa* much engrossed in speculating a* to tbe reason that all of a sudden they don't know when to stop a vacation. ' And Your* Truly heartily agrees witb all the above mentioned. Anne Howet Normal Trainer* Struggle Through EwmaWednewUy Much stirring about and nerr ousness wa* noticed tbrougbout tbe acbool building Wednesday and Thursday because of normal training exam*. Those given Wednesday afternoon were: psychology and grammar, Spelling and penmanship were the test* taken by the Junior* Wednesday morning, in tbe afternoon tbe •eniora wrote diligently on a civics exam, Tour Porchlight Burning Is a Cheery Qreeting to Friend* and Neighbors— and a warning to intruder* - vat- to •',_ & J' f >*•--$ write tbein, Only o»e ot the senior girl* withstood the examina tion. Bbe thinks she passed It. ^•••^••WMMI^MPMHBWVHfBMI ° *••'' Firat Grade Thursday, Jan, 18, was Paul Krleel's birthday and the first grade was called upon to help bim celebrate t«$ occasion. Mrs. Krlsel and Mr*. Jackson came to visit In the afternoon, bringing •with, them provisions for a birthday party, The pupil* -played game* and then .refreshments of cakes, and candy were 8enred, : 4n spite of tbe|r long, yacation tbere are still a few Yipttuw of the mump* in the first grade, • Third Grade gtel ftBd two word* IB the third get back to «tudy|ng, missed ie to bpy grade, .. . Herrlcfc Ana bj»Yt been Bbiest. tbft part week because of illness, Fourth Cr»de 'S t, •*»% i * cr* *» , »->** f f . rfjP*~3:g> "OTT3^s* r '*''-t i *»r«>MV'S'^Kr""-^jW" filaBit BMfpttft llMA' fl JBMW ift bun^a ^^^SS^mm^^^^^^^' .^"ZhSi^ *M1^ trwl? Sj«Jard ftu4y», AH bu| , 884 ldrL-lM4 :» . j?f f l«?t , spelling * le*B»ft, mttetk ( re? RSIifnftjfiftjf $1 fttts fbwr very -. *$**! ffc tf«*sfft* *ftd lfc|t it. the ftftitaitf 6t tfi* ***k *a« ya&ff afifi tft toaktnfc take* trailtftit. flttf fonnd tt re! teetflKf **d wtpertefcee 16 tthfce * ttfteet cake. Many tboftfbt tfcif *8f* experienced 6*1 fftft *SHrtti toft not *o good fid Stiff ifcfil tfc*r feake good e*kM *f »tij» to ft they tfttl the 8«Bi Us teen about the tl»e the eakS* 1ft baked f fat the teflttrta" ties M Htm. tt tbatf We iron- Ait, • SNOOPY SEZ Tbittf* A certain Junior girl Is rather snooty since tbe holiday*. 'Smaller? Wa* Santa Glaus so good to ber, it went to her head? Olad to report tbat tbe freshmen look abont tbe same —so whatt Howxymbottt tt? It wa* observed that a dark- haired Junior lass is wearing a settlor'* class ring. She wraps it in a blanket to keep it from catching coldT Mayhaps the ring it; a trifle large. We notice too tbat a senior boy has acquired a O. R, ring. Now since when did he join our fair club? , Convalescing Columnist Coven CampDB with Core* Have you noticed a senior with a slightly Jaundiced look? No, Dim Wit'* not down on the world. Re had yellow jaundice and Is now following the old adage, "An apple a day keeps the doctor away," by eating from five to eight apples a day. (By tbe way: eat tn onto* a day and ft t«ep» everyone away) , Ha CM cba, yeah Malrern. A banner wtn now grace tbe cbeer- tng section of Malvern at tbe basketball game*, tne banner has A black background wftb orange letter* boldly prortatoteg tbe fact tbat tt belong* to Matvern high acbool. How-re we doin'f Hey bet, tweet tweet, t*a twa. After sacb a long tacatfon most of the papil* are glad te get back in school. they are beginning review* in mo*t every aabject. A mew pupil, Robert Bingham, baa been enrolled tbe past week. Vititors the Patt Week We have bad many visitors this week from various place*. oar visitors Were: Fern Bateman, Kathryn and Carolyn Cunningham, and Matlne Wolf of Tabor, Winifred Atkinson of Randolph, Franclle Blnnall of Pierson, Thelma Oaston of Hastings, Thelma Hotden of tmogeue, Louise Mtntle and Bobble May of Qlenwood. wrtfw-bea'fen of We think Mr. »yte aboard btte ftotaetbfnf dote abo-nt his test. We noticed one day last week tbat It bad one toe many buttons at tbe top and one too many bat- tonhoie* at tbe bottom. ITenr* for bigger and better test grade*. Babylon Brook*. Miss Riddle bad foand ber class of boys reluctant fn writing English compositions. At last Bbe thonsht of a plan to stimulate their interest. Thl* wa* to have them write an account of a bail game. Her plan was *aece**fat. Witb one exception the boy* threw themselves at the task and evolved youthful masterpieces. Gerald Breeding chewed at bis pen and wa* then struck by a hurst of genius. When Miss Riddle opened his paper it read: "Rain; no game." OAKS WITH THE DIM WITS By Malcolm Juettce Listen! The weeping and wall* ing and gnashing ot teeth. What can be the cause of such sounds ot anguish? Semester exams are in progress and we of Emattchew are cramming and writing wrong answers right and left. School took up so long after Christmas this year, because ot our three (3) week* and two (2) days vacation that our Christmas presents have become so worn that nobody notices them! It's really strange how reluctant the senior boy* seem about giving up their class rings this year —except a certain few of Oak* Sunday School Note* There was an attendance Of S3 at Sunday school Sunday. Rev. Wright of Henderson came out Friday evening bringing the library books. We all appreciate the books and thank Rev, Wright for the donation. j^*?***!** 1 tll-*te«l Poflnun lb> iwmA world Utt**r*« tears, t*W. Iatre4icti th* BrtttsMtttf.iMl Mr, and Mrs. Marion Mahati and daughters spent Sunday in Council Bluffs in the home of Mr. ;Mahan's brother. Mr. and Mrs. O. 0. Ryan and children, Mr. and Mrs. t. W, Castor, and Mr. and Mrs. Marlon Mahan and daughters were guests at a pot luck supper in the L. E. Brammeler home Monday evening. , Mr. and Mrs. Henry Schilling and daughter and Pearl Flemings were visitors in the Gerald Vtner home Thursday evening. Mrs. Vernon Vlner has been having a siege of measles. . Mr. and Mrs. Forrest Achenbaugh were In Malvern Tuesday. Mrs. Achenbaugh was having dental work done. . Etta Mahan spent the week end with ber sister, Mrs. Bryan Walker. Mrs. Carl Linn of Omaha (pent most of the week witb her mother, Mrs. A. B. Stelner, who la convalescing from her recent illness. Among Red Oak shoppers Sat* urday afternoon and evening Were: Mr. and Mrs. O. 0. Ryan and children, Mr. and Mr*. Henry Schilling and daughters, Mr. and Mrs. L. B. Brammeler and Mrs. Marlon Mahan. Barl Harman and Mr. and Mr*. Marlon Mahan were in. Qlenwood Saturday afternoon. Mr. and Mrs. Bud Kroneke were In Shenandoah Saturday. Mr. and Mrs. I. W. Castor were In Malvern Thursday. Mr. Castor was having dental work done. Mr. and Mrs. Earl Harman were In Bhenandoah and Red Oak Wednesday. SI '( r* ' ~ • 3* *• -* r t « •• ,' •? ' j^*- " v 11 - -"SKriK^' i 8" , Ali am quitting the farm I willseJl at publiTauction at thllaina two miles west and a half mile south of Stfaha? six miles southeast of • Malvern and six miles northwest of Randolph, on THURSDAY Fe. 1 and livestock. Sale starts at 11 o'clock sharp. 55 Head of Livestock 55 8 Head Horses & Mules , ~ . ." f' ,i ' ' One team Molly mules, 9 and 10 yre, old, wt, 8750, Bay horse, 9 yrs, old, wt, about 1400, Bay mare, smooth mouth, wt, 1875, Team bay horses, smooth mouth, wt, 2950, Blaek horse; 9 yrs,, wt, 1400, Bay saddle mare, coming 6 yrs.. wt. 1050. POULTRY 18 Brahma pullets and cockerels, 15 Head of Poland China Stats 32 Head of Cattle .3 Jersey cows giving milk, from 3 to 4 gallons daily, 3 Good grade milk cows, now milking, Part Guernsey, part Shorthorn cow, fresh in March. Two-year old heifer, to freshen shortly, Guernsey. Shorthorn grade, 9 Yearling and coming two-year old heifers. 4 Shorthorn stock cows. Shorthorn bull, 15 months old. 10 Whiteface calves on feed, 2 Small heifer calves, J have spent five years building up this herd and have a good productive, profitable bunch of stock which will make you money. end to-fwrth OATS and HAY B^ of Oi^ 4W) BaUl of 6 l44 &* heavy work bumni, Some JS* iiffS^ £$jjj^$j&;j$ xStfj, «hi»IUk *1.«'' .iiirilli'"- -I- IMPLEMENTS • • A good lot in fine condition Tractor cultivator. John Deere 2-row above) cultivator. Uttle Genius 14-in. tractor plow, Jobn Deere 8»row litter, S^ectien harroWi Overland aiagle row cultivator, Standard 5»lt» mower, Deering 5'ft, mower, FarrosU Traetor, been runote 8 year? and in fine shape. Miadlebuster liater with planting at- tachmente. Two John Deere lUtsd earn 3 Wagone; Uninger with 8H in, tire, Newton and another, ill with tight gnln bQXM and all IB good ^ jy^^B^Hp r ^P» HM^Hif ^BiplrWilBMBRi John Deere 10*ft. disc witb horse hitch. 8rin. McCormick'Deering power feed grinder. Jobn Deere grain binder, 8 ft, witb tractor horse hikb, 8>ft» Superior presa drill witb graw seeder attachment, One )ow«wbee)ed wagoi wift rack, U te f «od ahapt and r«ady t» tra collaw. Newly D§W *nd in ^0&^jf^f% Mi«cellaneoui Scoops forka, bay rope, a wnail brooder houae about 10x14 ft, and n\tM?eHftBtou> arttolea mually m Ibj farm, 8Uabw Ladle* Uftio* will rame« ataj* Aajali H ItraUa, «Wlu

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