The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on June 18, 1953 · Page 12
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 12

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, June 18, 1953
Page 12
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PAGE TWELVE BLYTI1EVIT LE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS THURSDAY, JUNE 18, 1953 Man-Size Sandwiches For Father's Day By CECILV nnOWNSTON'E Associated Press Food Editor IF YOU WANT Pop and his friends to enjoy some Father's Day enacks, make them snappy. No tearoom sandwiches lor Dad! He likrs his hearty and man-size, due way you can please him is to have a tray- Jul of such peppy sandwich makings i Spread to layer between rye bread. ' Add to bowl of corn chips for nib- biers. For a real summertime refresher that won't leave the men- folks thirsty, accompany the snacks with a pitcher of Iced tea. Here's a brand new way of making tu-o quarts of iced tea ahead of time.. Bring one quart of fresh ns slires of onions, tomatoes, cheese,) water to a full rolling boil. Remove pickles nnd (i spicy Liverwurst j from heat. Immediately add 6 ta- blr^poons of tea. Brew 3 to 5 min__ I]IOS S[jr gj rnln |, lto fl pitcher or other container holding 1 quart of Experts Teach How to Broil Steak Skillfully Meat Packing Firm, USDA Give Two Sets Of Cooking Times By GAYN'OB MADnOX NBA Food and Markets Kdllnr That superb, thick sirloin steak for Father's Day deserves the most skillful broiling. So let's talk about broiling steak. j Heat the broiling oven, and we mean hot. Next, slash the fat edge of the meat. This will prevent curling during cooking, our friends In • Washington, D. C.. cooking experts j in the Department of Agriculture. J tell us. Then, rub the broiler rack with a little trimmed-off fat. This | will prevent the steak from sticking to It, How long should It broil? Here are two sets of instructions. The first is from Beth Bailey McLean, director of Swift & Co.'s test kitchens and author of a best-selling book on meat cookery. Here's what Mrs. McLean advises: In following the broiling schedules for a large sirloin, shorten broiling time a few minutes on the second side of the steak for uniform -browning on each side. Remove from the broiler, season lightly, lop with pats of fine butter, If desired, and serve very hot on a heated platter. Mrs. McLean's Sirloin Broiling Schedule One-Inch steak, rare — in minutes : medium rare — 12 minutes; well done, 14 minutes. One and 8 half-inch steak, rare — 12 minutes: medium rare — 14 minutes: well done -— 16 minutes. Our friends in the Bureau of Human Nutrition and Home Eco. nomlcs, U. S. Department of Agriculture, give these Instructions: Broil the sieak until top side is well browned, season, then turn and brown the other side. (Stick fork into fat. not lean, when turning.) It is generally best to leave oven door open. Broiling time for stenks — the table helow is a guide to broiling time. Only approximate times can be given, because much depends on the broiler, personal preference In doneness of meat, nnd the meat Itself. * Bureau's Slrlnln Brolllil* Schedule One-inch steak, rare — about 10 minutes: medium — about 15 minutes: well done —2U to 25 minutes. One and a half-inch steak, rare — about 15 minutes; medium — about 20 minutes; well done — 25 to 30 minutes. There is a running controversy ns to seasoning steak before or after broiling. In our house, we salt it in advance and lei. it stand at least one half hour. Incidentally, always have steak at room temperature before broiling, not refrigerator chilled. Chicago Expert Offers Ideas On Cooking Beef Rib Roasts icy i-old water. Leave at room temperature. When you're ready to serve, phiee ice cubes in glasses, fill with the tea, and pass the lemon and suRar. With this new open saucepan method, it's not necessary to refrigerate the beverage. If you do prefer to store the tea in the refrigerator. You'll find it's apt to cloud although the flavor will be unaffected. However, you can bring back its bright color like magic by adding a little boiling water until It clears. Snappy Liverwurst Spread Ingredients: 1 pound liverwurst, 'L- cup chopped sweet pickle, U cup chopped onion, 1!~ teaspoons Worcestershire sauce, '..I teaspoon dry mustard, !i- cup mayonnaise. Method: Mash liverwurst with a fork. Add remaining ingredients and j r 'v 'veil. Chill. Serve with rye bread. By GAYNOR MADDOX NBA Food and Market! Editor A large rib roast for Sunday dinner—there's a welcome nnd practical suggestion. We spent several hours with Monica Clark at the American Meat Institute's test kitchens in Chicago. She is director of home economics and this Is her latest report on how to cook standing rib roasts, Just as she wrote it: Rib roast of beef is a snap to prepare — it's a one - two - three proposition of placing the roast in a shallow pan (bone side down), inserting a meat thermometer and slipping it into the oven. No watch- Ing or basting is required. At one time it was thought necessary to sear a roast in a hot oven to brown it thoroughly on the outside. Now the recommendation of the meat industry is to use one oven temperature throughout the roasting period—325 degrees F. Thfs not only Is a simpler procedure, but also results In less When PILE Misery Robs You of Sleep ...HERE'S QUICK RELIEF! nltrlit you c Thornlon Mino elief from ontrit you can »«p ornon r tal Ointment brinaa f|iiick relief from sring pain and nerve-racking Itch of ple piles. This i-oolh in K formula K°«» ork fust. Helps nature lieal r»w, sore uefl , . , re-luce awellinir. Developed guaranteed liy worM-famous Thornton or flee tal Clinic, <!et it today—sleep lyhtl Thornton Minor in tubes or ea et jood druK atorea everywhere. Next time you make doufihnuls, add A hajf-rup of finely chopped pecans or (he pnilPtl rind of an orange to t he ba I ter. Or if your family like Mio-.r millers spicy, sift a tnappoon of cinnamon into the dry ingredients. It's hickory-smoked for finer flavor I MeftipMj Pacling Co. SB0*' A Fl# M ^±/^ \)uick *n easy to cook . . . white, tender, fluffy rice ... in just a few minutes! Beautiful, tempting, delicious! ANCING GHTLY! Wonderful Newly Installed Hardwood Dance Floor FOR RESERVATIONS PHONE HOLLAND 3241 or 9411 GOOD FOOD At All Hours Sandwiches and Short Orders COMPLETELY AIR CONDITIONED All Brands Cigarettes $1.70 a Carton Completely Air Conditioned Motel for Tourists HUBERfSClUB NEVER A DULL MOMCNTt Highway 61 Hubert Utlty Holland, Mo. shrinkage and more servings. Incidentally, the roast browns beautifully without an initial scaring. Kxlra Ilnasllnjc Pointers 1. There's no need to flour a roast before cooking, or to baste it during cooking. The fat on the outside of the roast drips down over the meat, acting as a self- blister. 2. Use a meat thermometer, inserting it into the center of the roast. This is the only way to be absolutely sure you roast is cooked to just the degree of doneness you like — rare, medium or well done. 3. Roast a rib roast of beef at 325 degrees F. lind follow this time schedule: Rare—22 minutes per pound, 140 degrees P. internal temperature. Medium—28 minutes per pound, 100 degrees P. Internal temperature. Well-done -3d minutes per pound, 170 degrees F. internal temperature. Itib-Koasl .Gravy—The drippings 1 left in the pun for gravy making I will not be excessive, especially if 1 the roast has been cooked to the i rare stage. All the flavor and serve RONCO spogheftt * macaroni pure egg noodles goodness will be In th« meat and not In the drippings .The procedure for making rib roast gravy n as follows:: Spoon off moct of the fat, blend a little flour with the fat and drippings, then add only a small amount of water, '/ 2 to 1 cup. Stir constantly until thickened. Tasts gravy and add a Utle more water if gravy can be diluted. If the flavor is not full - bodied, add a little DO FALSE TEETH Rock, Slide or Slip? p-ASTEETH, an improved powder to be sprinkled on upper or lower plates, holds false teeth more firmly. In place Do not slide "Up or roofc No gummy Kooey. pnsty taste or teellnR FAB- TEETH IK alkaline inon-acid) Doea not nour. CftecXs "plate odor" (tienvure breath) Get PA6TEZTH n *ny drug «tore bouillon or meat extract. Season with salt and pepper to taste. Next time you maXe chocolate cupcakes, try adding a half cup ol KILL FLYING INSECTS ,«* REAL-KILL \ INSKTBOMB Hugiies-Brogdon DRUG STORES Main at Lake • Main & Division chopped walnut meats to the bat ter. Happy fs The Day When Backache Goes Away.... Nagging back&cht>, loss of pep and energy, headaches unri dizziness may be 1 due to a lowdown of kidney function. Doctors say good ne kidney funttio health. When as atrc-Ks and function to slo Kins biickuch " " wry important to g t .•veryiiay comlitior "iwn nmn^fnlks suiTe/ 1 *" 1 •el miserable. Minor bliull ; * ID colii or wrong diet n-.ay Don't neglec your kidru-ys if these comlU ti»n» bother you. Try Duah'u Pills-a niiJrl diuretic. Used successfully by millions iortJ over SO yenrs. It's amazing how many tim^^ Doaa'a give tmjvpy rulwf from OH.-SII tliscnm- fortg-liflpthcinmilosof kidney tubes amid), tera flush out waste. Gel Donn'a Pills today! Tuna Time lUNA--23< RICHARDSON'S *CASH GROCERY* Tall Can Pink SALMON - 430 10 IBS. Limit 5 to a Customer CANNED BISCUITS Limit 5 to a Customer CORN Mayfield Brand No. 303 Can Tray-Pak Cello-Wrapped WIENER Tasty, Large U.S. Choice Fresh Dressed HENS- Fresh, Tender CHUCK Tender, Meaty NEC, A Real Value! PORK sa ca - • n. 35c • • iii. 49c • - ib 39c • - ib 20c FROZEN FOODS Fresh Frozen Fresh Froien LIMEADE - -. - 18< Cut Green Beans -19? Fresh Frozen Garden Fresh LEMONADE - • 18* Lima Beans-10oz.19c Libby's Fresh Frozen Tender Cur Orange Juice-6oz. 16c Asparagus -10 oz. Jack Sprat No. 303 Can GREEN BEANS Heinz Brand TOMATO CATSUP 2§£ Safe-T Brand ICE CREAM CUPS 2 33d 5 to Customer POWDERED SUGAR ,, iCp Fro-Joy ICECREAM ...., gal .5§0 Diamond Brand 12 in. PAPER PLATES. 140 Special 6 BEAUTIFUL GLASSES 580 Golden Rice Brand MARGARINE Heinz Brand BABY FOOD 3 for J. S. Brand SWEET PICKLES A Real Buy POTTED MEAT Fresh, Tasty CANTALOUPES Ice Cold WATERMELONS Garden Fresh CORN Fresh, Tasty PEACHES , , b .180 Old Fashioned COOKING APPLES :.,, 140 Long White POTATOES ,, 50 PET MILK 3 cnns 430 p ,

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