Cumberland Evening Times from Cumberland, Maryland on December 7, 1955 · Page 9
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Cumberland Evening Times from Cumberland, Maryland · Page 9

Cumberland, Maryland
Issue Date:
Wednesday, December 7, 1955
Page 9
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Dial PA-2-4600 for a WANT AD Taker EVENING TIMES. CUMBERLAND, MD- WEDNESDAY, DECEMBER 7, J.955 NINE — Brucellosis Battle Needs More Funds BALTIMORE tfi — Lawmakers ivill be asked ..ext for $94,000 more to continue the University of Maryland's campaign against disease in cattle. Dr. Wilson H. ; Elkins, president of the university, told the Legislative Council yesterday the money is needed to combat brucellosis an infection whir! 1 causes premature calving in cattle and undulant fever in humans. Elkins said the university tests cattle and helps ccmuensate farmers for infected animals which must be destni',ed because of injection. The U S. Government also helps compensate ''the farmer, he said. '' But the universiiy president said funds to carry out the program were nearly depleted. This included 5110,000 previously appropriated and 574,000 from the State' emergency fund." The Board of Public Works, which controls the fund, has told him it can spare no mere, said Elkins, so the university finds itself in' this position: . It can stop the detection and compensation .program Jan. 1, in mid-fiscal'year; or it can ask for a "reasonable assurance" that it will receive additional money during the legislative session beginning in February... The Council agreed to support a resolution, urging the Legislature and Gov. McKeldin to approve a deficiency' appropriation to con tinue the program.. Rupert's Reckoning. . BILLINGS, Mont.. UP)—A Billings pet shop owner destroyed ravenous Rupert the' raccoon after Rupert got loose and ate:"One parakeet, two canaries, a pink eyed white rat and 12 small but tender alligators. REDUCING IS EASY! [fee new simple Plan to Redact MAIL ORDERS SENT C.O.D. RAND'S CURATE Baltimore at Centra Cumberland Second Day's Deer Kill lpvrky's G»r»it 133) Robert CarroU, Dunkirk, Md.. 4-90 Town Hill. J. K. Lcighty, Oldtown, Md.;~ 8-110 Little Orleans. J. Fantasie, Baltimore. Md., 10-125 Polish Alt. Charles E. Irwln, Baltimore, Md., 8-130 Green Ridge. William E. Karns, Amaranth, Pa., 5 110, Dick's Rldfee. Lynn Ferguson, 212 N. Centre St., 6-115 Polish Mt. .William P. Nussbaum, Washington, D C.. 4-90, Black Sulphur. Thomas Harris, Baltimore, Md., 8-125, Black Sulphur. Richard Corbin, Westminster, Md., 8 145, Green Ridge. Morris Kisamore, Baltimore, Md., 7< 12V. Piney Ridge. Roland Zoelkel. BaUifli6ro.~ Md., 10-125, .Martin's Mt. Clinton Hartley, Little Orleans, Md., 4100, Dick's Ridge. W. It. Taylor. Towson, Md., 13-120, Town Hill. Charles llollinger, Funkstown, Md., 8< 110, Green Ridge. H. T. >Miichell. Orchard Beach, Md., 4-106, Green Ridge. Albert Gosnell, Westminster, Md., 4-90, Polish Mt. Calvin Shook. Hagerstown, Md., 95, spike buck, Polish Mt. Stephen Marenka, Landjun, Md., 8-133, Polish Mt. Weizie Sheridan. Upperco, Md.. 7-127 Green Ridge. Baden Winters Jr., Baltimore. Md.. 5120, Creen Ridge. Stewart Whisner, Patapsco, Md., 8-122. Green Ridge. Crady Oidliam, Hyattsville, >ld., 8-128 Polish Mt. . - • . , Teddy D. Rill, Patapsco, Md.. 5-82 Polish .Mt. J. M. Beck, Bethesda, Md., 8-119, Green Ridge. James E. Gray, Hyattsville, Md., 7-105. Polish Mt. . • • C. E. Walker, Seat Pleasant, Md., 6-100, Green Ridge. Vernon E. Thorne, Baltimore, Md., 6100, Green Ridge. Elmo Nixon, 434 Race Street. 8-125, Little Orleans. Harry Gilpin, Flintstone, Md., 6-100, Maple Run -Hollow. Charles J. Fink, Baltimore, Md., 8-100, Town Hill. Leonard Smith, Temple Hills, Md., 6198.. Polish Mt.. Donald McCusker, Little Orleans, Md., 3-120, Dick's Hidge. Leonard B. Moffett, Marbury, Md., 8100, Green Ridge. Lewis Store (S3) Edward Hartsock. Route 4. Cumberland,-5-130. Walnut Ridge. Boryarmic Lemke, Hyattsville, Md., 8135, Green Ridge. L. L. Reynolds Sr., Route 4, Cumberland, 6-130, Green Ridge. Samuel M. Cousins, Oldtown, Md., 6120, Town Creek. Frank .Turley, 621 Montreal .Avenue, 9-171, Green Ridge. Harold B. Critchfield, Baltimore, Md., 7-129, Green Ridge. C. \V. McCoy, Baltimore, Md., 0-129, reen Ridge. Allen L. Cessna, 1023 BraddocK, Road. 6U20, Caller's Run. - . . * — ^~ Coley Hammond, 240 Utah. Avenue, 10187, Wagner Road. ; Mary L. Duvall, Route 4, Cumberland, 6-120; Green'Ridge. Paul Coffman, 547 Eastern Avenue, 6115, Town Hill. Cora D. Crablree. 205 Fifth Street, 3115. Town Hill. John M. Schaidt, Oldtown, Md., 10-173, Pond Woods. Harry B. Rice. 213 W. Oldtown Road, 6-135, Green Ridge. Ellis R. Dolly, Route 2, Flintstone, 5113. Collier's Run. Robert L. Wilson, 526 Louisiana Avenue, 5-127. Green Ridge. W. ,F. Combs, 507 Eastern Avenue, 9.39. Green Ridge. Robert L. Nesbitt, Jano Frailer Village, 9-140, Green judge. James D. House, Route 1, Paw Paw, W. Va.. 10-135, Green Rldfie. Noel Klnser. Oldtown. Md., 10-210, Warrior Mt. George A. Shaffer, 427 Valley Street 10-185, Green Ridge. R. p. Frankfort. 210 West Elder Street, 7-120. Green Ridge. Jack Ankeney, Oldtown, Md.. 6-129, Green Ridge. La Vile State Police (17) Ronald L. Crowe, Mt. Savage, 9-155, Piney Mt. Carroll Sanders, Route 3, Cumberland, 8-165, Shrivcr Hill. Eugene C. Sewell, Route 3, Cumberland, 8-118, Rocky Gap. F. W. Sherwood, Rawlings, Md., 8-110, Dan's Mt. Dwight C. Lecse, Rockville, Md., 2-120, Ellerslic. William Brotemarkle, LaVale, 7-100, Evitts Mt. John E. Twigg, Route 4, Cumberland. 3-100, Dan's Mt. James L. Cecil, Crcsaptown, 8-105, Dan's Mt. Thomas E. Hartley Jr., Galthersburg, Md., 6-125, Town Hill. John E. Gross, 639 Bedford Street, 8130, Wills Mt. Howard G. Flanagan, Rawlings, Md., 11-135, Dan's Mt. Robert Datri, Valley Road, 4-80, Wills Mt. Edith L. Grapes. 933 Glenwood Street, 13-145, Creen Ridge. W. J. Hednck, 512 Pine Avenue, 6-105, Shiver's Ridge. Jacob A. Fletcher, Valley Road, 8-128, Town Creek. W. V. Martin, 507 Riehl Avenue, 4-130, Polish Mt. Thomas G, Barton, Pinto, 10-150, Dan's Mt. . ' Westernport Police (3) Charles. 0. Haver, McCoole, 8-140, Dan's Mt. O. M. Kile, Dawson, 8-110, Black Oak. Harold Moran, Westernport, 16-180, Hill Top. Charles R. Miller, Westernport. 4-125. Dan's Mt. Junior Blizzard, McCoole, 9-122, Dan's Mt. Don't Faucet •NEW LONDON, Conn. WV-On a day when New London went 12 hours without water, because of a break in the main, a cigar store had a lot br its merchandise damaged by water. A tenant in an-'apartment above the store forgot to close a .faucet. South Carolina was the eighth state to ratify the Constitution. STOP! It isjdangaroiM to let cough from common cold hang on Cbroriicv bronchitis may develop if your cough, chest cold, or acute bronchitis is not treated. Get Creomulsion quick and use as soothes raw throat and chest membranes, loosens and helps expel genny phlegm, mildly relaxes systemic tension and aids nature fight the cause of irritation. For children get milder, faster Creo- mulsion for Children in the pink and blue package. Adv. CREOMULSICN relieve* Coughs, Chert Colds, Acute Broncfairil Shortage Of Jurors Causes Kecruitiug CHICAGO Wv-Judge Julius J. Hoffman of Federal Court had a full docket of cases to be settled and few jurors to hear them. He ordered marshals to buttonhole passersby when only 80 vcn- iremen reported for duty. cruit taken before the judge said he .was a French horn player and was urgently needed at a theater. The judge let him go. The problem was solved .when attorneys agreed in all cases to juries of only eight members instead of 12. . New Facts On Forming Cancer Cells Revealed Franklin D. Roosevelt, with more than 12 year's in office, had the longest presidential administration. William' Henry Harrison, who served one month, had the short est. NEW YORK W — One of the country's leading cancer research organizations reports "new and fundamental evidence" .lias been uncovered in the past two years formation of cancer cells. The Sloane-Kettering Institute for cacer research said yesterday that "there seems now to be good reason to believe that we have a rational approach to cancer control." . The report said one of the most important discoveries is that "every kind of cell has its own particular requirements', for the buildup of its, nucleic acid." This information, the institute Trouble finding money help? If the season's the reason you're temporarily out of cash—here's a timely suggestion: At HFC— Household Finance Corporation—you can borrow the money you need with little or no fuss. Your promise to repay—on terms that you select —is all that's usually needed to get the money in your hands. • There's an HFC office near you. Why net phone or drop by today. 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Furnace, Built 1950, Immediate poitoiiion, 535 Vall«y St. 7850.00 4 room brick, 313 Maryland Ave., it alto hat 3 room frame on rear of lot. A real bargain! All for . . . 3000.00 Irving Millenson REAL ESTATE 108 S. Liberty St. PA 4-5590 Bald and golden eagles are about the same size and except for the California Condor are the largest birds of prey in North America. , Sc\ times as many people live, in' Neu York City^today as occjf". pied all North America north of Mexico when Columbus arrived,-* FOOTER'S Super Special Dry Cleaned and Smartly Finished Harry FOOTER & Co. CLEANERS This Special Price effoctive at all our stores in Cumberland, LaVals, Froitburg, Keyser and Piedmont for a limited tima only. Fast, dry cleaning vervicu an request ... No Extra Charg«l DRESS SHIRTS LAUNDERED -JA Hand Finished and Individually Cellophane Wrapped. |Qv Try ui . . . you will b« as plcasad at your neighbor! arc The speed of flight has a sleek, new look . .. 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