The Austin Daily Herald from Austin, Minnesota on January 15, 1959 · Page 9
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The Austin Daily Herald from Austin, Minnesota · Page 9

Austin, Minnesota
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 15, 1959
Page 9
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,0 n ANNIt %SS»S2?*"l ™%*3* «*?u>« 8^$$ J «j^:«MhiiD fH'ceM*ireKv, EH? MOT .... YEARS,, -^'•^ THAT IS? au —.r- _ SHB 'S STIU« NOT THAT TUB AMERICANS iNflPB SOVIET •nMfmeMRTyEXPKTs 6WNPON6JSAN THE MAN SENT By KXn&QB&QgP6RS-NOT AGENT. 1 HE IS RE<5« WASHINiJTON! WHAT *66AW>K>MISSKCAL. TERRITORY' MWRTANTBtolWH * NOT COMPLETE TK6 •JTI.r ^r^" «r-i-»~-i~i . « i ENRICH VOUR PIAR^J fcTBBEP AS STEVEN- SOKTOF CPm» 7KH Miff P_«EN? A SPECIAL SON RCANWN-ji NIC06 IS THAT ? A6ENTTJJ INTERCEPT MARY WORTH WHEN WE MET, YOU WERE MARRIED TO A FLAGSHIP, AND I TO A DYING OLD MAN. 1 NOW-WE BOTH ARE FREE! ABNtK PRISCILIA'5 POP~By Al Vermecr BUT LOOK AT YOUR S PLATE.' IT'S ENOUGH TO RIGHT IN THE CUP- HAi AND I THOUGHT YOU DIDN'T SURE! IT'S HER NIGHT TO DO THE DISHES! OUR BOARDING HOUSE-With Major Hoople ^'"W^^^^m^ HEWAS ARE, WBAW DISTANT CBDSIMS.' DOES HAVE AM UNiCLE 5YMIN6TOM -THAT WAS TRUE CARNIVAL-By Dick Turner .OUT OUR WAY-By J. R. Williams AUL.RIGHT, so i SWEAKED V c\ \, vou CAM COUNJT OM APIECE OF JELLY BREAP TOO \ ME A3 A FRlEWp ALL, CLOSE TO SUPPER TIME.' ARE \ KI6HT, BUT YOU'RE YOU'CiOMWA SQUEAL ON ME OR J YOUR OWW WORST EWEMY.' vnpffv ' x TIZZY-by Kate Osann 'Don't you think we're overdoing this homework business, Miss Jones? Mom's complaining Dad doesn't have time for his housework!" THESE WOMEN-By d'Alessio Don't you just love the glamour of a big city?" "If it's all the same with you, let's skip the conversation. I'm starved!" IT PAYS TO READ THE CLASSIFIED ADS compete with more compact coal. Ireland now has a railway loco-! Albany, the capitol of New York motive which burns peat instead'State, was first n.'iued Fort N. ,-of coal. Peat is low-grade coal, butisau, then renamed Fort Orange, it has so much water and vegetable The British named it Albany hi matter that, usually, it cannot WINDOW .'/-AH TO START MtATHIf THE TOODL6S 'LET'S FACE VT, PLEASE tX)NV LET WHAT THAT STUPID JEWELER SAID UPSET V TOM TDODLE WOULDN'T SALLY--HETHOU6WT . i f APPROVE OF MY TACTICS ^ =,< BUT l r M SURE HElU APPROVE • ER—THANK YOU FOR.YOURTROU8LE MR. LEVIS—I MI6HT TAKE YOUR ADVICE-- ™ E END RESULTS IF I ^ik SUCCEED IN NIPPING THIS WILTHINK,' TH1N&INTHE ARCHIE ARCHIE, WE'RE STUDYING WORUD CURRENCIES/ NOW, WHAT. DO THE Y CALL MONPV IN .. I BTfe TRY GIVE YOU ENGLAND- * 2.OOO. MOW MANV DO SAXON-By Ken Bald and Jerry Brondfield I THINK NOT, CW. LUCAS. I'VE CHECKEC7 YOUR , FORMUtA.' PR. WRISHT.' WHEN... WHERE...? HERE'S A NEW APPROACH TO TOPAY'S MIX, HELEN. PR. LUCAS, I'LL SEE YOU IN MY OFFICE -- IMMEPIATELV/ ONE MOMENT, OR. WRISHT.' MR. MARSHALL ANP MR,SAXON SAID I'VE WORKEP OUT A NEW SYNTHETIC STIMULUS BASE, HELEN. PLEASE USE IT TODAY'S THANKS FOR RILING- IN PURINSMY ABSENCE. BUT I'LL TAKE OVER NOW' WHOOEEE.' THE JOINT'S JUMPING.' ANR IT'tL BE FUN 6EEIN& WHO TAKES THE BISSEST BOUNCE MORTY MEEKLE I'LL 6AY/THIS MORNING A MEMBER NATURALLY, 16AID I'D BE GLAPTO 00 ANYTHING TO IMPROVE OUR NEIGHBORHOOD. THAT WAS MY MISTAKE/ ISNT THIS ALL RATHER 6UDDEN, OF THE COMMUNITY IMPROVEMENT LEAGUE CAME TO 'SEE ME... I ASSURE MXJ.SIR, I 1 1 ^/ VVELL MICE ^ WELL.WELL.' \ AM NO MORE AN AP^K-AVHO, I OF YOU IF IT'S NOT OLD \ OREO OR OTHER- /OBVIOUSLMX TO SAY ...BUT COME, MY/ WELL, ALL FRIENP, WILL / RISHT...ANY YOU SHARE MY I THING TO MEAGER FARE?X OBLIGE WHY, MY WHAT DO YOU GOODNESSA MEAN, HALF? \ouMUsrr BE HALF STARVED/ / VS) t OREOPITHECUS I WISE THAN. ARE ACVANCED MW TYPE.' WASH TUBBS IF YOU 60 THRU Tl'M $ICK OF VOUK BLL'FFIN WITH THIS MURDEK, IF MtKEE WAS WSSlM'i TH 1 YOU'LL 500M PIE VfAPER* WOULP BE PULL IN THE CHAIR, A& .TNr OP If BV WOW! THERE* A REASON FOR STILL KE5PIWS IT SECRET! BUT YOU CAW 6E SURE THE FBI AMP THE SECRET SERVICE AR6 HOf YOUR TRAIL- PEAP EWP OF J&LY ROAD HILLS, 190 BUGS BUNNY IF I AtAKff TH LI'L HEY, ELMER! SEE ONE YA LIlfES? CLUCK LOOK AT THESE TIES MAYBE FRECKLES , STOP '! MY WAPPRDBE „. ISN'T UP TO PATt;, AND i MOTION FOR ' WOMDeRIN(3 — -/ AN IN- 1664. Albany was one of the title* of King James II. HILDA! ITS TME MOST/ ~r AWP TO SEW THE SLEEVES BACK ON LATEP D/.LIOKIEPS ARE / FROM THE LATEST 1O STRICT INFORM- IM. 5EGOMPS/ BORROW YOOd. TURTLE-MECX AUSTIH (Mlm)' HtrUt& II Thursday, Jan. TV$* W | SHORT RIBS i JACOBY'S BRIDGE N'ORTll AAJ885 V 74 482 + I08fi:t 15 WEST A764 V A Q 10 9 3 2 » .T + Q.95 KAST VKJ865 t 10943 * J74 SOUTH (D) AKQ103 V None 4AKQ765 Koth vulnerable South West North Kast 1* IV Pass 2V 3 4 Pass 5 A Pass 8 V Pass C A Pass Pass Pass . . •. Opening Jcad—VA By OSWALD JACOBY Written for NBA Service Thp spade grand slam represents no prohlem In tho play. South elmplj ruffa the opening heart lead, drawn trumps and goes after the diamonds. He has to trump one to setup the suit but ho can afford it. It also should not represent much of n problem In the bidding. Yet the very expert pair that held tile hand stopped at a small slam only and iwch feels that the other Was at fault. South claims that his heart one bid nl the six level told his partner to bid the grand slam while North contends that his jump to five. spades showed hla full strength and also made n very easy for South to go to UBven himself. I have to agree with North and give South full blame. To start wtth. South Hurt n perfectly good opening two bid but chose to bid one diamond only. Then after South Jumped to t h r e e spades North made a really brilliant rive spnde bid. South was looking right at hl$ own hand and It should have required no Teat of Imagination on South's part to marfe North with five spades to the ace as the material for his bid. Of '•ourse, his heart bid did invltd seven but why pasa the buck and ask your partner to do something you should do yourself? Jiffy-Knit Afghan 696 By LAUBA WBEEI458 pickup work! Strips knitted Start now — afghan grow* -. ' ' Eoouomloal b*uutj! Uw : lettovw wool, worig up ftist. Solid, lacy block* alternate la 4-lucb strips, Pattern 6M: fcultted afghaa directions. Seud Thirty - five Cwts (coins) ft» toi» pattern — ftdd 9 o«AU for *W> pattern for 1st - class mailing. Send to THE HERftlJ). NeatUecriHt P. O. Box Iffl. Old koltUng. .., tb» booft. « * little girl clothe* to color. tiii« book.

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