The Malvern Leader from Malvern, Iowa on January 25, 1934 · Page 2
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The Malvern Leader from Malvern, Iowa · Page 2

Malvern, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 25, 1934
Page 2
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THE MALVEftN LEADER AttMM in tfce Pott offc* it MftlvW*. of Sabserijjtum: Payable in HATtOttAt fiOtTOftlAt OFMOtAl eotTJrrir PAPER:—AH the offtciai proceeding* of Are printed fa tail it this pipe*. Adirertfiiflf fttte* DISPLAY, 26 cents a column Inch; 6 cents an Inch additional fof ,«„,.„ composition, Extra for guaranteed position, LOCALS, Classified * * * EC a lln* LOCALS, among reading ttattef ******* ioc a line Obitnary Poetry * * * * fie a line £«2>n"ofls ....*» 6c a lint Card of Thanks* • * * * $06 bn*8laeBB ne-nse. ft ft that AWea be paid *»« Wester* thotttd the *e«bersWp cotnSrft tee fry paying promptly tne metnfc'wsBt starts later oft. Equally flecessary 1* the personal Interest and sctfvfty fit the #8*1 of tfce cfao By «tery fcembtr. It ft vastly ttftfatt to feat* tire btrffc «f the WOTI ol the organization to the few officer* of one or two coftmft- te«, for Its wort fceneftU the entire com m unity. And every ImslBftg* person hi town owe* It to President Batyers, because of his work last tear, to wittingly offer him toe help cooperation required. JAfrUAftt &, 1131 SEND CHANGES OF ADDRESS PROMPTLY trfiAIXBR subscriber* ire MfcMl to notify the eutwcrlptlon depart* »»Bt promptly of .any chnngwi in their addreMe*. Under the new . aw», newspaper* and perl« nm«t par peltate due for notices of any enamreiiln addr«M furnished by the post office. In addition, there Is also the prob* Iwn of delay In delivery or failure to ««t the paper. The best clan to the change of address In to vend advance. EDITORIAL Iowa seems to have a little graft investigation brewing in its own backyard. Perhaps Lleut.-Oov. Kraschel and Mr. Beh neglected to follow the CWA code as carefully ns they should. Judging from the reception given beer dealers In the smaller Iowa communities, the state liquor dispensaries will not be particularly pressed for business. The profits, according to the present plan, will be used to replace direct taxes. lowans need have no immediate fear of not having to pay any taxes next year. Plumbing v*. Poisoned Water Supply Plumbing properly done is good "health protection." Otherwise it is positively dangerous to the health not only of the user but of his neighbors as well. For instance there are some apparently fine looking water closets that will contaminate the water supply in the house piping and even back in the mains under certain pressure conditions, As there is no plumbing code nor inspection here you can protect yourself and others connected to water mains by depending on experienced and licensed plumbers only, J. R, CARDWELL Licensed Master Plumber Phone 08 .;, Malvern CWA working hours are being halved In some counties, and the work spread out to employ twice as many persons, tn many wayg this la a wise procedure, although It may result In getting less work done. It will have the effect of spreading the relief of the CWA payroll over twice as many families and will yet provide a living for those so employed. Also by spreading the work in this way the CWA will not compete with the demand for farm labor which will undoubtedly start within the next month. Farmers simply could not offer the hours and wage now being offered CWA workers and as a result they might find it difficult to obtain help. But with the CWA weekly wage halved, there are few such workers who would not take steady employment on the farm, even with longer hours and lower wages, to the CWA job. Of course, in the case of skilled artisans and special mechanics, this does not hold true. In fact it would be wiser to continue painters and similar workmen on the same basis as the present one, for much more work would be done by the CWA money and just as much relief would be furnished. A letter from P. A. Schtttt* of San Pedro, Calif., says: "the weather has been very mild and everyone is looking for some relief." if this present streak of spring temperature continues Milts countians wilt he looking tor the same thing. Get ready for some good basketball at the county tournament next week. The seven Mills county teams competing look as if they can give each other plenty of opposition. Basketball fans will see some fast games at every one of the three night sessions. tWy tfiseftSB ft freely. —M^ t&trte?. ______ rte»d«fi ftfe urged tft *«# tfcetf letters brief aad to «« point—• trota for trt* *t.fce a*fl the sake of our re*def6. if business had been no better than it is now. But since it is now better than it was one year ago most of them are feeling fairly prosperous. -f-M- Since starting my present employment t have chomped 440,000 grape nuts, a fnvoHte cereal, Purely, because of the processing t have been willing to pay $11.20 a bushel for the things, although a correspond Inflation of t r . 8. Moftey W. Bonds iwd Ban* wotes Say Bill: Bid ton hear Wan Street "hollering its heads off" about issuing anlfcnited U. & money and implying that someone is advocating that thing? Who ever heard or read of anyone who wanted that? I never did and neither did yon. "Printing Press Money" is jnst another slogan used as Edison •said "to shout the people down whenever an outbreak of com' man sense" or if there seems about to be one as now. Say, Bill, did you ever hear History , . of the , . An interpretative news summary of the important events of the past week, attention - b elpahw towwaci ii m wfeb to ra HBf JBtew BBBfft At its annual election meeting Thursday evening, the need for an aggressive, constructive program for the Malvern Community club was definitely shown. An organization which can sponsor and furnish personnel for every community promotion and activity is always needed and the Community club furnishes this. Much praise and credit is due President R. W, Salyers for his work the past year. In what was undoubtedly the most difficult business year ever experienced in the life of the club, President Salyers managed his organisation so that not only did the club carry out its usual program and care for its several functions, but it dig so without incurring a deficit and with a small surplus in the treasury at the end of the year, This is no small feat for It must be remembered that when business promotions are so discouraging Jn their effectiveness, support of the club, both fina'p, clal and personal, is exceptionally difficult to obtain. Nonetheless the organization had what could not be termed other than a successful year and finished with a better standing Jn the community, perhaps, than was apparent when the year started. It will be still more impor* tant for every business person In Malvern to work with the Community club during the coming year, Business wllj very possibly continue on the up, grade, but will go to those places where the most attractive is offered. Competition, after the lean years, will be keener than ever and It will demand more promotion to get results. First necessity in the pro* gram, of course, is obtaining membership and the member* ship dues. Dues, considering the fact that the money thus obtained cares for all of the club activities throughout the year ,are exceptionally low could easily he paid by Strained Fax (Notes TIU* department will be glad to send complete proof of all fact* listed to anyone •ending a BelNnddresaed envelope and enclosing 18 seven* rent stamps). -f-t-1- It carefully positioned, the entire population of Malvern could be carried in the rack, without additional sideboards, of the biggest truck of either John Waller or Marion Wise. The arrangement, however, might provide discomfort for those at the bottom of the pile and as far as that goes It is highly probable that neither the entire population would want to be carried at one and the same time nor would either Mr. Waller or Mr. Wise care to load their truck with a weight of some 65, tons, I ' ' Enjoy Thii Finer Quality Assuming that Malvemians play 5000 hands of bridge yearly and started in 1981, tt will take 3,175,000 years before any of our local citizens have the pleasure of holding an honest solid-suit hand. Of course, if there has been a stacking of decka—but, no, no. -f-t-1- Most famed advocates of tb bare bead in this vicinity ar Frank Austin, Pale Kltae, and Bill Dunagin, Each have lush locks of hair on the uncovere< pate which goes to prove tha that mode of dress is an excel lent preventative of baldness, I I bad gone without hats during the past ten years I would not only now have a heavy hirsute growth covering the .dorsal and frontal lobes, but would have saved |fi6 spent for bats. The lat er sum, however, might have >een reduced by unwise inv^est- meats and my marked suaceptl Wllty to city slickers, Most helpful economic indi. cator (to «s) of the past month has been an. Increase In The Leader's subscription Hat (ftdv.) of a fnU flyp per cent, all made without, benefit of a , thankful, printers, porters, writers, pressmen, comps, operators, editors all put forth renewed efforts to make the sheet ten, pep cent better than heforW -f-M* A wag could embarrass JBQ., 000 persons temporarily by removing »a«W the mass, of which is not more than two cubit? centimeters from Its accustomed place in this community, Proud of tM» department wju a haiMjaonje personally autographed year's subscription t« the person flrst seudJejj | B »cj method snd jocation of ing out this foul design. parent BO. on* satisfactorily 8P, , title ing amount of wheat, furnish* ing no more nutrition, would have cost but from flOc to •1.60. During the time above mentioned 1 have consumed but four bushels although, because of peculiar way one must grind the things with the teeth, it , may have Bounded like 40. Even with that low a consumption I could have saved $40 by using unprocessed wheat in* stead of tbe grape nttta. i -f-t-1- An 'NRA worker works no longer time In a year than is spent by Malvernians tn church each Sunday. And he works no longer in two years than the good folk of Malvern spend In Sunday school each week. -f-t-1- Qneattons on the Above Fact* What is the department's favorite cereal? What is the advantage of going hatlessT What is the'geographical relationship of .the second paragraph T fine? **"'("$ <.'** n ° °*t*£ n **" ' ; -f-t-1- Test yourself. If you answer one question you should be considered fairly intelligent. If two, the I. Q. is above that of an advanced moron. If three, yon are probably bordering on Idiocy. If four, the I, Q. approximates that of a low grade imbecile. If you have read through to the fourth question •ad are still awake, see your family physician for » cure for I N Wa»hington By Oth» D. Wc*rin The House of liepresentatires Is still prodding into the depths of appropriation bills. The measure now under consideration is to provide funds for the Department of Interior, When the chairman of the sub-committee reported the bill be indicated that if it wssed without amendments the otal savings over last year to A considerable portion of tbe nterior bill la always devoted, to • ndlan Affairs. Congressman tastings who represents an 0k» tehoma district and who. has in, dlan blood in hja vejna handled hat particular section of the measure in a remarkable »8n f ner, • , " ^^ The far (ame4 WtsMngton HO* Uft* ft&ft&QXk f~ *-' * ** If l may be farm. Right the Mrs. Roosevelt at ttw the in e and <**¥» u«- T*eFB*ft1» »£ »°»»1 tntftof teSSSlftHfei UUB- «L«5« By Olendon Williams The development in the monetary policy of the administration which had been foreshadowed by the president's moves the week before Was revealed In his mes sage to the congress last Monday The message asked for specific legislation nationalizing all stocks of monetary gold in the United States. He asked that the congress fix the upper limit of revaluation of the dollar at 60 per cent of the present legal value. The lower limit of revaluation had been fixed last spring In the Thomas Amendment at 60 per cent. The president refused to recommend further legislation to aid tn the rehabilitation'of silver, expressing the point of view that further action must wait on developments in the present policy and on international action. Of the profits of revaluation the president asked that two billion dollars be set aside as a fund for the purchase and sale of gold at home and abroad, for operations to protect the credit of the United States, and to secure the economic welfare of the United States. In the message the president did not specifically deal with the possibility of, further issue of pa- boVevVr, he dlstlnrtly^i^t^Jtblf the profits of devaluation would not be used as a basis for the Issue of currency, and that there was no intention of embarking on a policy of issuing greenbacks. The president again expressed the determination of the administration to raise commodity prices and to establish a dollar of less variable purchasing power. Analyses of the presidential message showed that the policy was a distinct, if rather small, retreat from the unsuccessful gold buying policy of the administration, The creation of the huge stabilization fund was similar to the exchange equalization fund of the British, and was seen by some as a threat to Great Britain that a currency war might well follow a refusal to stabilize the- pound and dollar on favorable terms, influence with the 'administration may sow have shift«d, it was pointed out, iron pro. feasor Warren back to James p, Warburg and Professor Sprague — who were sifted from the gov. ernmental picture when Mr, War* ren became the unpfflelej brains of the president 1 ? money policy, Concessions to the h»nki must finance' the huge, deficit were,,§$en'ln, " * declarations, against frte sliver, 11 . _ . of tbe of jail for falsifying voters' regls* (ration books in connection with the approaching city elections 1 New Orleans. In Washington the senate in vestlgating committee headed b Senator Connolly described th political situation in Louisiana a vicious, abhorrent, and a frau on the rights of citizens, and th women's committee of Loulilan filed a contest of the, election o Senator Overton, Huey's aide. In the House the elections com mlttee refused to seat Mrs. Bol; var E. Kemp, whose election wa engineered by Long officeholders The candidate elected by citizens election was likewise refused th seat, but the House exprease sympathy for the intent of th elections. * * * * The strong man of the Cuban situation appeared to have at las been made president after new records had been made for quick shifts in the presidency, In flv days three presidents had held office. The resignation of Dr. Orau San Martin was tendered Sunday after the months of disorders,in Cuba bad shown him unable to adequately control the situation Carlos Kevia was named president by the dominant Junta,; and t&tift "feofleffnt abotrt too ftr*nt 8. roffw wares oisw KHP6WM aftattf if *«**,AHnf t tft ottgh t BroltMrfil t nfW Mfff^ would b* tot* a abo-at if fcTftfofl? aft ft Jewel" Bond* ftft<f otot totH Ire ver* sottftd" tot tbeta bm teiry. tefr tmsotmtl for tfee feW oi t»*. Tours for soniid »c*«t fctt tet tfre Street Itfnd. Wttte Soon. bye, Bffl. i*..t>.. Attstte. men were sinoBg lb« eieveti who escaped last Meftidfia! b*y from the saine prison. At. St. Pant there was tae kid- naping of another weaftny young citizen, under stmffaf clfcnm- stances to those snrfoftndl&fc the kidnaping of Williftta itaftin, j r By coincidence, the vtetfts tn this case, fidward Bfenter, #ai t like Hamm, the heir of a great brewing fortune. DRS, KLINE & Ot. 6. M. kff«t Bft i» A. Kim* Offl«« h*uf»: t id ft 0. Kb and 1 to | _ p. m, ert . Oth*r Hour* »y AppAffttflitHt dffl*» ovtr lewt 6UU ftaWngt Btnk X>R»y OliftflMfk Ph6n«»: Oiti«« lid; HettiS lit . _„_ -.,„ ~-™,™',L>,demqMtr«fB< that his „was; not the, power to solve the Cuban tangle. Carlos Mendiet*. the new president, has been perhaps the most important personality in Cuba since the fall of the Machado regime. Until this time he has steadfastly refused to take the presidency under the conditions with which it bad been offered. At Washington the selection of the new president was observed with satisfaction and prospects of early recognition seemed brighter, » » * * Apparently unconcerned with, tbe popular belief about the laws of lightning, crime does strike the same locality, At Lansing,.Kansas, the Kan. sas state Penitentiary was, 'the scene of the break, from seven desperate roeo, ~ IN ST. PAUL Vftfiour Nationally Known BEIR Garden HOTI «w^^ jr***«B» HS^^S' @@m The Noth weft's great hotel. Ideally located in the Gateway to Minne- sota'8 Ten Thousand Lakes Country. ';•* Clot* to thMtnae, shops, bnsf. ness crater, Luxurious rooms, thrss) famous dialog rosins. 900 Rooms ,* , jii," *r.*>j>fii>*f ,\-j , , .•tj: *ot tbjt.wy ts Bjr tfte , UM w Tha «»» exchange 04 *$» *jw*» iSasr^ Ml9fS»..«ftt $$¥• rnySlgB Q^JOT£% .*Vt.i- ; r -:.;•>, •*WTE **,

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