Ironwood Daily Globe from Ironwood, Michigan on August 5, 1965 · Page 18
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Ironwood Daily Globe from Ironwood, Michigan · Page 18

Ironwood, Michigan
Issue Date:
Thursday, August 5, 1965
Page 18
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TWO IRONWOOD DAILY GLOBE, IRONWOOD, MICHIGAN THURSDAY, AUGUST 5, 1965. PTA to Make Plans for Stunt Night BESSEMER — The program to be staged by the Washington Parent-Teacher Association a t the PTA Stunt Night event sponsored by the Area PTA Council at the Ironwood Theater in October, will be organized at a meeting on Friday, Aug. 6. at 7:30 p m at the Veterans o f Foreign Wars club rooms. Mrs. Ernest Matazel, Was h- Ington PTA president, notes that more men and women volunteers are needed to take part in this program. She urges all interested persons in the community tr be present at the organization meeting in order that rehearsals may be scheduled Participation in Stunt Night is importfint, she said, because it establishes the eligibility of the communty for consideration for the awnrd of a full tuition scho- arship to Gogebic Comm u n ity College, for a deserving graduate of the high school in the community, financed through the proceeds of Stunt Night program Proceeds of Stunt Night last year, enabled awards of seven scholarships, in t h e various school districts. The A. D. Johnston High School w a s awarded one of these scholarships, she said: a tuition grant to Gogebic Community College for the year 1965-1966. If tr-p Washington PTA does not take part in October, this year, tr-ey will not be eligible for consideration of a scholarship for next year. Rules provide that failure of a community to participate two successive years lesults in loss of eligibility-Washington PTA did n o t take part in the fall of 1964 More volunteer participants, both men and women, are needed, she said. It is important that all adults persons in the community, who are willing to help, be at the meeting Friday. In the event a person is interested but is not able to be present Friday, he or she is asked to call either Mrs. Ronald Belmas, Mrs. Bernard Jacobson or Mrs. Matazel. and notify them of their interest. Bessemer Briefs Mr. and Mrs. Ray Pace and daughters, Tracy, Karen and Lori Ann, and Mrs. Pace Sr. of Euros, La., are visiting at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Edward Cocking. The Harding Community Club will have a meeting Sunday at 7:30 p.m. at the clubhouse. Mrs. Dorothy Scott, Mrs. Fran c i s Spagnoletti and Mrs. Arth u r SippOla will serve lunch. Mr. and Mrs. H. G. Evans, son, Thomas, and Miss Lynn Gulp, Detroit, are vacation i n g with Mrs. Evans' parents, Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Gustafson. Mr. and Mrs. Reino Niemi and daughter, Diane, returned from West Allis, Wis., where they visited with their son in law and daughter. Mr. and Mrs. L a w- rence Rowoldt. and made the ! acquaintance of their grand! daughter, Barbara Lynn, born ! on July 4. Mrs H. S. Winckler. son. Peter, and Mr. and Mrs. Victor Cappelletti. Milwaukee. a r e vacationing with their brother in Maw and sister, Mr. and Mrs. 'Bernard Proft. and other rela- | lives. Mrs. Winckler and Mrs. ! Cappelletti are the former Roselle and Florence DeRubeis, sisters of Mrs. Proft. Former Bessemer Man Is Given Promotion BESSEMER — Mr. and Mrs. Herman LeClaire and Mrs. Robert LeClaire and child r e n, Mitchell, Robert and Mary Pat. have returned home after vacationing in Cartersville, Ga., with Mr. and Mrs. Ray M. Hill and family. During their visit there. Mr. Hill, a former Bessemer resident, graduate of the A. D. Johnston High School and Goge b i c Community College, was promoted to superintendent of the Cartersville Public School System, at a salary of $11.000 per year. Hill was declared by the school board to be well qualified by a well rounded educational and administrative experien c e. After attending Gogebic Community College he received his Haapoja. and with'Mr. and Mrs. | Andrew Porte, and other rela-' tives and friends on the ran g e. j Mrs. Haapoja is the former \ Diane Soffiette of Verona Loca-1 i tion. Nation's Military Buildup Economic Effect the Detroit region reported ltj$16 million in defense contracts has "noticed no step-up in i.he| slnce Jan - ! for manufacture of three months" since this office was opened. gun parts: employment since , that lime has increased from 1, i 100 to 1.600 workers — dollar Arthur Haapoja Jr. and three ;dent Johnson's request to Con- Nam grew more fierce in the 2,000 in May over the 274,000 ns Chicago, are guests for a gress for more money to pay for first six months of this year, total for March. Douglas air- f , 1 fticoo 1U1 1UU1C 1UU11C.Y LU IJ&J 1UI HIM MA 111UUIU3 Ul lillh ycrtl. LWUCI1 lUi iviaii.ll. i^wt-if^nio cin- i week at tne home of Mr. tne war in viet Nam focuses Pentagon expenditures for all'craft employment moved up to 's parents, Mr. Mrs. Arthur Haapoja Sr. Mrs. James Farrington. a n attention on the impact of the types of procurement decreased war on the American economy, from the same period a year who , This story, based on an Asso- ago. The January-June period 55,000 from a 42,000 payroll eight months before. North American Aviation, Inc., has an her parents, Mr. and Mrs Roy Johns. She is the former Rosei mary Johns. En route to the United States they spent several i days in Hawaii. Mr. Farrington remained in San Francisco on business GETS TEACHING JOB— Sig-1 Mr. and Mrs. Neal Johns, and i y e _ y urd J. Hokens Jr.. Ewen, son of j son, iv?rry, Niagara, Wis.. are Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Grant, i arriving to spend several days Bergland, a June graduate at > visiting Mr. Johns' parents. Mr. Northern Michigan University, ! and Mrs. Roy Johns, and other Los Angeles - Aerospace em- ! tolals aild employment were EDITOR'S NOTE — Presi- fact that while the war in Viet I ployment in the area increasedj c i cscr j uec | a s well ahead of the "'"""pace for the first six months of last year. Rochester, N.Y. — Spokesmen for defense related firms said they have had no sudden calls for npeedups. But Eastman Kodak Co. reported sales to government and defense contractors "In strong vein," accounting for 12 per cent of total sales in the first half of 1965, compared with 9 per cent for the same period last year. Scott Aviation noted "Increased activity in procurement channels of the Department of Defense." A spokesman remarked "t hey seem to be gearing themselves for Increased procurement." recently returned with her hus- i ciated Press survey, details eco- this year saw expenditures to- $18-mllllon contract for "coun- j band from Japan, where t h e y nomic effects in many of the taling $5.6 billion, which com- \ ter-lnsurgency" aircraft^ of the i spent the last 10 months on a nation's industrial centers. '"'""' " '' '" '" "'"' " "" " busine.s? assignment, is visiti n g ! By ELTON C. FAY WASHINGTON (API — The nation's military buildup for the .pared with $7.9 billion for the kind needed in Viet Nam. Pai like period last year. Airmotive, which over- When asked why, spokesmen j j 1 ,* 11 '' 5 itrrrvj-tnt-rtfJ CPVPl*Cl1 fpptm'C Itl ' UlltO, seveiai tactois in- !$18 mililon tne ' Her in the $12 and war in Viet Nam is already ha v- ta p er ,ng off this year in "pro- 1 »JJ t mof l "Slf Is due to require in some economic effect in in- "" ing some economic effect in in- ; curement of Minuteman mis- creased production and pay si ie s as that program neared rolls, an Associated Press sur- completion and a slower rate of f vey of industrial areas and de-, sendin for t P . , n son A sin ™,"' 8 ,, " S W"H * * h ~ spending for the Polaris missile i w ain0 n g i m for tlie s late of fense buying policies showed , fleet, which also is beginning to today. | approach completion. ™ d o ,^° nn Rnn^Lu 1 - 3 " 5 ' Jt also seemed probable that maay as 500 addition- McNamara , s ., cost effective . . , will teach high school at Chas- i relatives Mrs. Johns is the for-| al workers to handle helicopter i ness .. campaign, in which he coll MA/TTT V\«-><-> rmH<-.. .» An ^ TT~ t .. _ _ r>r\n r ro n r c: A ai»r»c-no*-io ot-»^ v\l/-*t*_ i . . r ° . sell, NMU has announced. He | mer Emily Mattson, Wakefield. received a bachelor of science : M r. Johns is employed for Kim- degree in political science. While at Northern, he was a member of the Delta Omega Nu Frater- berly-Clark in Niagara. Miss Karen Haapoja. who is contracts. Aerospace employ- nas been pressing for lower ment is up in the Los Angeles. costs in production of items, area. A Rochester, N.Y., firm, may nave neld down tne dollars reports sales to government and i spen t for procurement. /Sofotico /t^nf fn /*»f r\i*e> *'IM e-f**rtv%rr i defense contractors "in strong! nity and Political Science Club, j emplo .y. e _ d in Mjnneapolis, Jsjvein." A Philadelphia firm re' "" ports. "We already are feeling A. Soetebier Speaks on Trip ! spendiri? a week's vacation with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Haapoja. and other re 1 a- tives and friends. Worship services in the Engi lish anc 1 Finnish languages will * * * There have, however, been this acceleration." These are a few of the effects reported. indications of accelerated spending in recent weeks. These hints show up in batch- But other areas report no es of contracts announced daily. step-up. The evidence still is too: Wnile the daily total of con- fragmentary to show what over- ; tracts announced is moderate or B. S. and M. S. degrees in edu- WAKEFIELD - The Wakefield be helr: at the Wakefield Apos- ! all impact the war - already small _ Wednesday's total cation at the University of Oeor- R 0ta ry Club held a dinne r n eel ' tolic J ' utneran Church Sunday at costing the United States $3 mil- j amounted to $62.677,092 - there gia where he has since complet- ln _ My01 ~,a' evenine f th p HI*' 7;3 ° p ' m ' The spaker wil1 be tlne llon to $4 million a day ~ w111 Have been some outsize totals. .have on the Americn f p * . ...... _ ....................... _. _... ed his sixth year educatio n a 1 W heel Restaurant in WnkpfiPirt ' Rev> Usko Petaisto - Tne public .have on the American economy. O n July 30. a long string of, companies were being told thev'Soiiqht for Capitol snppialist, rlpErrep.. Befnre soins ,; Jr ""^uidin in waKeneia. , = i llv iteci to attend. Certainly some of the oroduc- rrmH-ant* annn ,, n ™* I^H o *„*•,! ' c hn,iiH ) 10 ,-ouri,, t^ „,„•,,-, u, -jn'nl s K specialist degree. Before going to Cartersville in 1956, he taught for six years in Lexington, Ga. Prior to his appointment to the superintendency, he taught at Cartersville high school and since 1959 has been curriculum H. B. Sutter was the program 1 chairman and he introdu c e d Alfred Soetebier, Ironwood Ro-i tarian, who had made a trip to Europe May 30 with 90 Rotari-, ans and their wives from Duluth. i director and high school princi-j T . ne trip was made by plane! New Books at Library Told pal. I which landed in Oslo, Norway.' WAKEFIELD — New books re- * * Newport News, Va. — The Newport News Shipbuilding and Dry Dock Co. is overhauling two of five ships which have bem taken out of the James River mothballed fleet of cargo type vessels. But the work on the two will be completed within the next week or two. Dallas, Tex. — Jake L. Hamon, chairman of the National Petroleum Council, said oil companies will have to increase the flow and attributed to a military official a statement that there has been a 300-per-cent increase in oil use in the Asian area within four months. Hamon said this meant that oil New Yorker Leads in U.S. Chess Tourney SAN JUAN, Puerto Rico (AP> — Pal Benko, a grandmaster from New York, took the lead Wednesday in the U.S. Open Chess Championship Tournament with a total of eight points He defeated Bernard Zuckerman, another New Yorker, to take a half-point lead over Zuckerman and William Lombardy, who defeated Duncan Suttles of Vancouver, B.C. Historical nisroricai contracts announced had a total, should be ready to supply 300; tion increase disclosed by value of more than $245 million ! per cent more'oil in the'next checks around the country is the _ one of the largest in recent I few months. result of the U.S. effort in Viet times. Also in Dallas, Collins Radio LANSING (API—Historic objects are needed for display in the state capitol building in Lan- Nam. as well as a general mill-, what does industry say about i Corp. reported. "We have no- sin . gc sa . y f the Mlchl S an Histoii- tary buildup. And Secretary of the effects or non-effect of pro-!ticed an increase in produc-i ca ' bociety ' _ . , 0 .. «,. Defense Robert S. McNamara curement in the first half of the I tion" on existing contracts fori George A. Osborn of sault ste. said Wednesday the Pentagon is; year? "preparing to gear up I aviation and ground communi- Marie. society president, an- Supt. Hill and Mrs. Hill, the S The trip was sponsored by the ceived at the Wakefield Public.! production machine. former Eudene Cook of G r e en County, Ga., have two daughters, Paula Rae, a freshman at the University of Georgia, and Famala Dene, a 7th grader. Lodge Invited to Attend Event Sunday BESSEMER — The Bessemer re- the Ashland Order of Rune berg Lodge to attend that group's annual picnic at Prentice Park Sunday. I The picnic will begin at noon Order of Runeberg has ceived an invitation from Moprhead Club of Minnes o t a, Library in July and available to > which sponsors this alternation- be reading pUD i ic are tne follow- 1 In Viet Nam, ammunition is n°n p of them showing dramatic, up." al trip each year. The Rotanans . . hpin(r PV n P nriPri in inm-osci™, heavy imnact. but a number I spent several days with three ing: the 1 The Associated Press survey' cations equipment, "a moderate " oimcecl lne selection of a corn- brought a variety of responses '. increase which we feel is con-, mittee to scrvc as an advisory from manufacturing centers, i nected with the Viet Nam build- bocly to Gov - Goerge Romney on 1 a project to acquire such ob* * * jects. being expended in increasing heavy impact, but a number I n( quantities. Aircraft, automotive showing moderate results of thei Port Worth. Tex. — Bell Heli- 77 — • equipment communications i military's buying. copter Co. reported two con- Atter its first flowering, tne ;r ~'sets clothing and other Items 1 Among them were these: ; tracts in less than eight months > clov<? lree mav continue to bloom „ _,„, m , T i • er wear out from usaee and must' Philadelphia — Officials at j for a total of 720 helicopters and' for 10 ° vears or more. parts of the world, with next Nurse, O'More; The Looking replied But tL Defense' Boein g- Verto1 recalled McNam-j "a production increase is ob- .7.r^..,:.T~-..,..~.. year's trip planned for s o u t h Glass War, Le Garre: Wander- Department: andI manv of thel ara ' s a nnouncement last month! vious." WAKEF ELD THEATRE A«,«_;«« ore TJ'ootnravrl it'anHnravc \I7oel-_ J-"-JJdI LIllCIll dllU lllctlly Ul UlC I .,_ . .. ,_, . _ , „„ ; _ _... • • • «"ll»fcl IhkiV Illbnillb different families, which is ar- Adult-fiction: The ranged by the internal clubs. Sarah Perkins, The trips are made to var i o u s al in Berlin. Deighton; Disaster America. Eastward, wanderers West- Soetebier gave most interest-i Windsor; Nurse Ane's Emering highlights on his stay urgency, Marsh: College Nurse Hamburg, Germany, where he Shepard: Zero Minus, Zeigfreid. was born and raised, and in Adult non-fiction: Easy Steps Denmark and Norway. He said to Safe Swimming. McAllister: Germany has five Rotary Dis- ; Is Paris Burning? Collings and tricts, and that in the city of ] Lappierre: Winston Churchill: manufactures are unable "or that tnere would be a 1Q 0-P er I Nashville. Tenn. —The Geneto sav what nortion of' cent lncrease in helicopter pro-1 sco Co. reports large orders for spending rate is attri-i duction and remarked - "We al-i jungle boots, an item popular T nmm.ntinn nppric: fnr readv are Deling this accelera-1 with troops in Viet Nam's rice and each family i; asked toI Hamburg, there are five Rotary An Intimate Portrait, Carter; ana eacn lamny it> a^Keu LU '/-<I,,K I . ,,,i,;^u ,„ .. J: «r 1 -rho A,-,-,o,.;^or, T3 Q ,^i,,t;^v, T™_ butable to production needs for Viet Nam. One thing seemed certain: is going to increase. tion, requiring a 10 per cent increase in the number of em- ployes." On the other hand, a Co. paddy fighting. Stratford. Conn. — Lycoming ! Division of Avco Corp. at Strat-! ford received a S45.2-million! Showing Tonight and Friday Twice Evenings at 6:40 and 9:30 "BLOOD ON THE ARROW In Color the uic Field Guide to ad toward the noon menu The: ays of the week in order that I Ashland Lodge will provide the tne Rotanans may attend the Birds, Peterson. irolls and coffee for both dinner . various meetings and make up Juvenile fiction. Next Door to! b " u " dget ; gave t ~ h ' at i ndica tion. He and afternoon. ™ e .! tin . gs .. lf tne 7. wls .h. With the Laura Linda. Udry; The Runa- said nis de partfent hasn't had gress Wednesday for a $1.7-billion increase in the fiscal 1966 jm the area said there has been contract, mainly involving gas Showing Once Evenings at 8:00 i "nothing here at all which I turbine engines for helicopters. "' reflects the Viet Nam crisis" as it has plans to hire as many as! far as this company is concerned. Verner Sandstrom, the official bean maker, will provide the present five clubs in one city, way Robot, Del Ray; One by alone, Rotary has really b e e n Sea, Corbett: Happy Voyage, 1 beans for the dinner. E a c h i established as an important or-; Brown: Flight Into Sp r i n B , family is also asked to bring j ganization. he noted. Guests at | Bradbury; Little Tiny Women, their own dishes and silverware.: the meeting were Rotarians Don Zemach. Austin and John wern ham,, juvenile non-fiction: If I were Ironwood, and Douwe Neisingh. a Bird conklin. Kalamazoo. Victor Lepisto had i .__ as his guest, his son in law,! Charles Anderson, Saginaw. INVITATION Friends and relatives are cordially invited to attend the marriage of Sharlette Minier to Walter Johnson at 6 p.m. on August 7 Immanuel Lutheran Church, Wakefield A reception will be held at 8 p.m. at the Thomaston Town Hall. Township Library to Be Closed Aug. 11-23 RAMSAY — The Bess e m e r Township Public Library will be closed from Wednesday noon, Aug. 11 until Monday morning, Aug. 23. During this time the library will be renovated while Mrs. Helvi Rajala, the assistant librarian, will be on vacation. sufficient time to prepare de- * * * Baltimore, Md., area —• The Bata Shoe Co. received a $2 mil- 500 more workers. Burlington. Vt. — The General Electric plant there reported The 3 Stooges in: "THE OUTLAWS IS COMING" tailed requirements and plans ] ii on contract last week for 250.- i 'for the additional materiel and facilities needed for the support of the expanding operations in|viet Nam. 000 pairs of combat boots, possibly intended for use by forces in Southeast Asia." Detroit — The defense con- A check shows the curious tract administration office for Wakefield Briefs Miss Patricia Smith, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Edwin Smith left Sunday to spend the rest of the summer at the Daniel Mackevich home at Evanston, 111. j Miss Smith, a 1965 graduate of, Wakefield High School, plans to seek employment or enter North-1 Circle Has Meeting |0n Tuesday Evening i WAKEFIELD — Daughters of, western "University in the fall" (Isabella, Immaculate Conception! i r-irnlp mpt in rpmilar spssinn r> ana Mrb - ^uWin blTllth Jr. ?uesdav even ne in the Knights and daughter, Jody Lynn, Mil- 1 of Columbus Sub rooms Re- i waukee, are vacationing here for ' OI L/Ollimous LlUO luunia. nc-1 «, 00 i.. a t ti-,n TTH^MV. c n-, i t v, ^ports were presented by various , J^^J "f Bes'emer w tS i committees and the books were i J?ra Smith's narente Mr Tnd i audited by the trustees. A social JJJ|' I time was held, and a prize was MIS ' awarded to Mrs. C. Simmonds. Mr. and Mrs. Charles Ander- After the meeting lunch was son and children, Johnnie, Mary served by a hostess committ e e j Beth, Joan and Paul, Saginaw, composed of Mrs. Eleanor Ban| field, chairman; Mrs. A d o 1 p h i Rigotti, Mrs. H. C. Anders o n and Mrs. Patrick Sullivan. USE DAILY GLOBE WANT-ADS WE'LL GIVE YOU BUY LUCITE House Paint C OUR PKG. HOUSE PAINT DEAL! • W H^ltB Ml 59 (A regular 69.50 value) [NOW! - You can give your home a complete paint job with Top Quality Lucite Exterior House Paint For Only Package Deal Includes: • S Gallons Luciie Exterior House Paint • Gal. Sash & Trim Paint •Gal. Turpentine • 4" Paint Brush • \W Sash Brush • Drop Cloth ' • Steel Brush & Scraper • 2 Ib. can Glaz. Compound • Gal. Porch & Deck Paint Steiger Building Supply Co. Juci Off U.S. 2 Bessemer Ph. 667-2421 Budget terms available are visiting Mrs. Anderson's father, Victor Lepisto, and other relatives and friends. She is the former June Lepisto. They will also visit Dr. Victor Lepisto and family at Laurium, brother of Mrs. Anderson. Mr. and Mrs. Andrew For t e and Joann visited relatives in Eau Cioire, Wis., Plum City, Wis., and Lake City, Minn., While in Lake City they visited; Mr. and Mrs. Earl Gates at their variety store. The Gates' operated a store in Wakefield for many years. A meeting of the Veterans of Foreign Wars will be held • tonight at 7:30 in the Post Home. Mr. and Mrs. Louis Powell left for their home in Decorah, la., after a visit at the home of Mr. and Mrs. James Bugni, and family. Mr. snd Mrs. Robert Haapoja Castro Valley, Calif., are guests at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Haapoja, parents of Mr. Head to the BALKAN INN BIG Fun BIG Dance TONIGHT Music by RUSSBELANGEH & BALKAN STRINGS BALKAN INN Wakefield COOL IT, MAN ... REMEMBER: The cooling capacity rating of Frigidaire Room Air Conditioners is guaranteed—not just certified, but guaranteed in writing! i hnvcin MUSIC STOKE NO DOWN PAYMENTS...FINANCE WITH JOHNSON See and save now on Frigidaire Freezers and Refrigerators A TRUSTED NAME WITH TRUSTED SERVICE SINCE 1896 IT'S A BEGINNERS COURSE IN "BOY- GIRLSMANSHIP" ...with a special emphasis on figures! You gotta practice on a TAME one first! mm m i wimm- ^ ASHER- ssi mm «s« i «• a CMS LAST 3 DAYS! SPORTS * CARI °° N * EVES. 7:00 & 9:00 • MATINEE SAT. 2:00 RQNWOO TH£A7ft£ IRONWOOD OPEN 8:00 • STARTS 8:45 TONIGHT FRIDAY SATURDAY Following in the hilarious fun-steps of "Mister Roberts". Ensign STURItlJ ROBERT BURL WALTER TOMMY ,i, m r DCDI/IIIC MI ^EPERKINS WflLALK IVtoMAIIHAU dflNUo KAYMEDFORD Sa(»((aytp(JOSHllAl(15«laBlP£l£RaFtl8iai*N • FutadandD«6Clalb»JOSNl!*UB)l TECHNICOLOR' PANAVISION 1 FROM WARNER BROS PLUS .. . ADVENTURE HIT! A UNIVBRBAL PICTURB • A ROBERT B. BAONITZ PRODUCTION

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