Ukiah Daily Journal from Ukiah, California on August 8, 1890 · Page 3
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Ukiah Daily Journal from Ukiah, California · Page 3

Ukiah, California
Issue Date:
Friday, August 8, 1890
Page 3
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DISPATCH "» DEMOCRAT. FRIDAY. Ai'uusT 8, 1800. LOCAL SEWS. rtHRiPTtAS CHTTITCII - 1'nn.n; BRnTox. \/ I 'nmor. Services every l.nnl s liny at. II A. M~. nnd 7:tftl r. «. Huurlny Helmut Ht '-» : <•» A.M. 1 -lViF<BVT w KI4K rilrUCH-I. X. WATER- man. pastor. Services iw Kundnynt 11 A. M. anil 8 P. M . Sunday School ut l'2:ir.. Point Arena Notes. LostnK on a Dead Sure Thins. Misg Nettie Arnold left for Knrfc Prase on Kriday 'N ulniio, to lake charge of one i of the rooiiiH of the Hchool sit tli.'tt. I'lnco. I ' We would like to know why Homo of' our young hidiofl vi-iit, Mnnchpsfor so |><>- i qnontly. What, is thpiittr.iclinii, touching or preaching? All cvcniiifis do not, ond as hriuht. ns aa thoy begin, IIK one of our young men can tnatify to. 1 Fred Arthur nnd Pcrlev Tliptt left, on Paturday'H steamer, for Oregon. We widli them HiiceeRR in their new home. Ahe W. 0. T. T. orator of the 4th is j still untinp: his claims upon the Fnioti. ! Brother tie charitable; thirty dollars does not crow on every hush. The Point Aronti landlady does not : boast, any more on her mmine. A ilip in I the river will take the boastoul, of most ! anybody. Don't say I told you. j Mrs. IJ. Shepherd, of Vetnluma, with ! her rhiMren, is visiting her mother nl • Itollervillc. j Mri. Oallowny. wife oi one of our oldest citizens, was laid to rout at. Evcrcreon cemetery on Saturday last. She has suffered many yearR of pain nnd longed to sleep the InRt sleep. Our school house flat; floated nt half mast on Monday last in memory oi Miss Mneirie MeMnHteru who was formerly a pupil of this school but haH resided in Greenwood for (lie past, two years. The many friends of the faintly sympathise •with'them in their Had affliction. Some of our citizens are much amused at our editor, thinking that the sea lion oil that has been shipped from here lately •vm* obtained from hard wood burned in the retort, that, has fjeen runnirtL' nicht nnd day (?) The proprietors evidently do not think this retort, in which tar end arid U extracted from wood, much of a bonanza, as thoy are desirous of sellinc out. The old stage bnrn, formerly owned hy ,7. Allmnn, has been bought by W. Tomlinson and rented to "W. Miller, proprietor of the new stage iine. Sir. Tanner, of the Grand Hotel, passed through town to day with a stage load of campers. We learn that Bud Estnrc contemplates leaving town. We are all sorry to hear this. Pinging school is a failure here at present. They cannot organize one. L. AM.HN. Point Arena, August 2nd, 1890. Cormrmni cation. EllITOR PlSPATdl-PEMOCItAT : Sir—I nsk permission in the columns of your paper to correct an exaggerated Btatoment in a paragraph that appeared in the last issue of the Ukiah papers, as also in the Lakeport Democrat. I feel this to be a dutv, in as much as tho reputation of tho great agent of the little Peters ranch is doubtless not as thoroughly known abroad as if is hero at home. The paragraph in intention charges some person with having, on tho 25th day of July, set tiro in the brush at the north end of liiley Valley, which burned about 300 acres of grass, most of the fence in the valley, besides several hundred acres of valuable pine Umber. A reward of onr hundred, dollars is offered, etc. Now, I will briefly state facts, partly from my own personal knowledge, and partly from statements made by some of our best and most reliable citizens who have witnessed tho desolation caused by this terrible conflagration. In tho first place, the grass burned in the valley was but four acres and the open range burned outside of tho valley does not exceed 25 acros. Secondly, the fence burned consists of a few rods of old brush fence inclosing a small calf pasture; and thirdly, the several hundred acres of valuable pine • Umber is entirely mythical; it was never 'thoro, nor anything that resembled acres • of-.valuable pine timber. A very few scnt: tered scrub pine treeB without vahio is the • only foundation for this wild statement, '/This is all there is to the matter. Mr. O'Neal, the great agent of n small Kill pnsturo, is evidently trying to gain fame for faithful vigilance. He iB doubtless s 'believer in the saying that history repeats jise.if, which i:-t some times trno, as in the case of Balaam's ass, whose speech at the time was recorded as something remarkable. But there has been a great chang« since then and everything is different now. ASROS of our time open their raoutha and speak daily and attract no more attention than the braying of tho • ordinary ass. Had tho great agent of a little dry grass, brush fence and scrub lpiue trees, lived in the days of Balaam 'then he might have been immortalized, bnt as it is, I fear he will sink into oblivion like the ordinary ass, unwept, unhon- ored and unsutjg. JUSTICE. Battle of OettyBbursr. We strongly advise our readers when visiting Ban Francisco, to bo sure and see the wonderful Panorama of the "Battle of Gettysburg" and museum, corner of Mnrkot nnd 10th streets. There is now quite a talk concerning it amongst the newspapers and people generally, as to whether it would not be best for tho State of California to buy it and make it freo. It is the most wonderful Panorama the world has over seen, and a great educator and ineentor of patriotism. The museum in tho same building haR become the popular resort of California lor children. Saoi rd Heart Convent. The next term of school at Sacred Heart Convent Ukiah, will open tho first Monday in September. For prieeH of tuition, board, etc., address or apply to the Mother Superior. ' 25 Notice. As I will be absent for some time, I Uiave left my books and accounts with J. . J. Morrison, who is authorized to collect all bills due mo. 38 W. T. WIIITTOS. How to Save Honey. Buy your Shoes from S. Hooko I Get him to repair your old ones!! Get a pnjr oi his own make Boots, $61!! "Royal Gallery of Poetry and Art" is the title of a rmmptuous Koynl Quarto Vol- unio of 1542 puges devoted to selections from the wido range of English literature, both prone and poetry, made bv skillful and sympathetic hands. Its value is enhanced by abort biographies of each of tho 400 standard authors, whoso production it contains. A prominent foatnro of wonderful beautv, interest and attraot- iveness in found in its nearly 400 superb illustrations,. The combifod result is an inexpensive yet elegant volume (retailing for 13 .50 and If4,ft0 in choice bindings) which introduces us to the bent company the world has ever known. The work • is Bold by subscription only, and its rnre artistic, us well as great literary and historic value, uro ut once recognized and ap- jiroeittled by twont and subscriber alike, making it a tmro sale (or bnginnors a« well as more experienced canvassers. For tsrms or agency apply to Tho J. Dewing Company, 813 Market St., Ban Fran- Parker, Mendocino County's Jeweler. * .McDonald's is the bent hotel in Westport. 89 Remember and get good tea at the Grand Tea Store. * Fonatnr Yell returned f'.om San Fran-1 cisco last Friday. j K. Clifton, of Covelo, was in town the fore part of this week. Deer skins taken in exchange for unodsnt.J. K. Scoggins'. 41 Miss Annie linrdon, of San [J.ifpel, is \isiting Mrs. J. Buckingham. Miss Ora Orr, of Hot, Springs, iR enjoying an extended visit, in Ukiah. R. II. Bnwlox. of lioonville, paid a visit to tho county seat last Saturday. The Comer Grocery for the choicest fresh groceries st the lowest, prices. <o Mrs. N. Vincent ami Miss II. Vincent, of Willits, were in town last Saturday. Frank Ashill nnd family, of Round Valley, spent a lew days in town this week. From 1 to 125 shares of Ukinh Bank stock for sale. Apply toJ. II. Donohoe.* F.-cd Legcr, of the Albion Ridgo Hotel, was registered at the Ukiah House last Sunday. A. Hawlos and family, of Boonvillo, were registered at tho Ukiah House Inst Saturday. Land for sale in lots to suit purchaser, on easy terns. Inquire of W. J. Ilildretli, Ukiah" Valley. «> S. Coombs, of Little River, was in town last Sunday, and left for San Francisco Monday afternoon. F. Holmko, of Blocksburg, formerly an old Mcndocinoife, wuc. registered at tho Grand on Tuesday. Contracts for furnishing tho material and work on the new asylum building will be lot no .tt Monday. Thofl. Henley, of Covelo, waR in town the latter part of lastwoek, and made tho Dioi'ATCH office a short call. The purest materials and finest flavors are used by Geo. Jamison in the manufacture of his delicious Soda. J Mum Social, AugiiHt 12t.h, nt St. John's M. K. Church. Admission, It) conts; ice cream and cake, 15 cents. Tho Santa Rosa Democrat says it large quantity of hops were contracted for there last week at 20 cen.s a pound. Tho bargain seeker brings up at the Corner Grocery nt last. He has to, you know, to get bargains in groccvies. 40 Joe Jacobs' Shaving Parlors is the best place in town to get a shave, hair cut. shampoo or anything else in the lonsorial line, * Freeman Parker, who lias been spending the past year in Oregon, arrived homo last week, and will remain here for some time, I). W. Philbrick, formerly of Mondo- cino, with his famous German Renovator, is located at Middletown, Lake county. John Krens, mate of the schooner Ida Florence, was drowned at Iverson Landing on the const, this county, one day last week. Thos. Parsons, of Largo, called on us last Saturday and informed lis that the hop crop in that vicinity and at Hopland was looking well. G. W. Parker, left for Oregon last Sunday, to be. absent Borne time on business matters. HiR son Freeman will havo charge of the jewelry establishment during his absence. A. HUBS , of Greenwood, an enthusiastic Democrat, accompanied a load of foreigners to Ukiah last Monday. Before returning they were all run through the naturalization mill. John Robinson's ten big shows will exhibit at Santa Kosn on the 18th inst. We acknowledge the receipt of eight complimentary tickets. These circus men never forget the editors. The Lakeport .lunMncftc pays: " Will Boggs, Ceph. Jenkins, Bud Hudson and Joe Southwick have gone to Eden Valley, Mondocino county, on a two weeks' hunt. We will all have lots oi " jerky " when they return." Mrs. E. H. Herald, of San FranciBco, who has beon spending five weeks with Mrs. J. C. Bonsell, in Ukiah Valley, returned homo last Sunday. Mrs. Bonsell accompanied her, and will visit in the city for a couple of months. J. L. Johnson, of Fort Bragg, brought over a load of foreigners and had them made good American citizens last Monday. Mr. Johnson has recontly gone into the liverv business at Fort Bragg, nnd as he is a rustler, will do well, no doubt. Sheriff Standley spoiled a first -clasB Chinese tight on Wednesday evening. About twenty celestials got into a row at Wau Yuen's, over some hop-picking contracts, and things were lively for n few minutes, when the Sheriff swooped down on them and poured oil on the troubled waters. At tho Humboldt Democratic County Convention list week, the following delegates to the State Convention were chosen: Daniel Murphy, Henry Cohen, F. A. Cutler, E. G. Ogle, W. J. McComi- ghv, J. F. Gamble, M. Fitzsimmons, J. F. Thompson, Thos. Bair, .1. P. Cunningham and S. S. Lovern. United States Surveyor-General W. H. Partt is at Ukiah trying swamp laud cases, but is expected back to-morrow. Complaint is made that compotent men to mako surveys are hard to secure, the roaaon being that the remuneration allowed by the Federal Government is wholly inadequate for tho work and good man will not unnortako it..—,S. F. Call. W. W. Moore, of the Grand Opera HOUHO, Des Moiuos, is an early settler in that, part of Iowa, and iiad a great deal experience in his time. He says: "At vnrioUB times I havo had acute attacks of bilious colic and violent f.ains in the stomach, and found nothiug that gavo me relief like Chamberlain 's Colic, Cholera and Diarrhiea Remedy. Every person," he says, " should have » bottle." For sale by J. N. Magee. « A man by tho name of James Thomas had his leg hrokon on Monday, while riding down from Round Valley. He and another gentleman were riding horseback down a grade, when the Round Valley nxpreas wagon came along', and tht'y moved their horses, on* on each side of tho road, to let pass. Thomas'horse shied iia the wagon passed, and jtimnlng to tho inside of the bank, crushed its rider's loft leg, breaking it b»dly a faw inches above tit* »uklo. lOCHi NEWS. Rope headquarters— W. A. Hoffman's. The census gives Lakeport a popnla- of 1012. Everything bought and sold nt W. A Hoffman's. 13 Rptid the ad of J. W. Kversole, in another column. Fresh lard at Edwards Bros. at. 50 cents to *1 u can. *• Mrr<. A. Yi'll i« spending n week at Saratoga Springs. C.W. Uohrlmugli, of Covelo, is in town It is an old saving that it is not advisable to bet nn n dead sure thing. A San Francisco sport had this forcibly illustrated to him last Sunday, at the race track just south of Ukiah. His experience coflt him $000. The affair has been kept very quiet, but the particulars of it uro about as follows: A short time ago a couple of foot-racers named Clayton nml Rosentield, of Snn Francisco, entered into it conspiracy to beat some of the local sports of Ukiah out of some money. Clayton tinted to Rosentield that ho know a man by the name of Tom Gregory, who would hack j ,)n lo -' nl bwinoHH. j him (Clayton) in a good round sum to j Fresh and salted meals, bird. etc.. at, j heat him (Rosnnficld; in a half mile foot' Ci'y Meat .Market. lr < | race, ft was agreed between them that! Clayton should come to Ukiah and got into the good graces of 'Gregory. Then KoHcnfield would follow him and challenge him to run a foot race. If Gregory would back Clayton it was arranged that he would chuck tho race and let Rosenfield win it, and then they would divide the spoils. Everything wont along all right and tho match was made for $1200, and last Monday tho race was run at. the Ukiah race track. Instead of chucking the race, however, Clayton ran it out nnd defeated Rosentield, thereby winning the $1200. To say that Rosmiilold was miiii at being heat at his own game is elating it. very mildly. He went, so far as to pull a pistol and threaten to bore a hole through Clayton and bis backers, of whom there were three in number. Hops. will G.T.Rhodes, of Ukiah Valley commence picking next week. All hop-growers should attend the meeting at the court house next Monday. Encouraging reports reach us from all the hop growing sections of tho county. Tho crop promises we'll. The San Francisco Call oi yesterday saj'K: "Hops are very stiff and 20 cents is froely bid for choice. Growers continue confident, however, and indisposed to sell. The English markets nro very firm, owing to unfavorable hop weather in England and Bavaria, and tho inquiry there is sharp." Tho Santa Rosa Rcpnhlicnn says that it is estimated that the Sonoma county hop-growers will be saved nearly $1,000 by tho new tare on hops that has recently been adopted. The old rale was seven pounds tare to (he bale. The hop-growers oi New York have had a 3|,j pound rate for some time and there was no reason why California hop-growers should not have the same rate. The Sonoma County Association took the initiative in the movement that resulted in the Stale Hop-Growers' Association declaring in favor of tho ?>'•< pound rate, and has thus done a work that should entitle it to the commendation of all growers of that product. A Pleasant Gathering. On last Wednesday tho ladies of Fredericksburg Corps No. 71 tendered a surprise party to a great favorite of Point Arena, Miss Nettie Arnold, the retiring secretary of tho corps. A company of twenty or more ladies accompanied by their husbands, the vetorans of the Fredericksburg Post gathered and presented themselves at the parlors oi the Point Arena Hotel, where they were warmly greeted by the genial host and hostess. After some time spent in pleasant conversation, tho company were invited into the dining room whero dainty refreshments awaited the merry makers. Adjourning again to the parlors, they all made merry until midnight with games, speeches, etc., after which each expressed their delight at tho ovening'B happy gathering nnd wished Miss Arnold success in her new field of labor, saying that it was the wish of her order to present hor with a gold recognition badgo which the treasurer was instructed to order ami send tho young lady. The evening wilt long be remembered as a most enjoyable one. The Navarro Hill Burned. On Thursday morning of last week about 5 o'clock, a fire was discovered in the engine house of tho Navarro mill, which rapidly spread ovor tho building and totally destroyed it. A largo quantity of timber was burned In tho conflagration. Tho bridge across tho rivnr caught firo and before it could bo got under control about a third of the structure went up in smoke. Tho firo Bta.ted just ovor the engine, prosumably caused bv sparks. With commendable enterprise the Navarro Mill Co. began work on Monday morning to rebuild the mill. Tho now mill will bo situated about a mile up the river, and when completed it will be second to none in the county. New Citizens. Judge Mc.Garvey granted naturalization papers to the following persons last Monday: Samuel Kerr, Thos. Gibson, Michael Connaughton, Simon Dormott, Patrick Looney, LudwigPeterson, James Nelson, Mugens Masterson, I-Innis Cbiis- tinn Beeck, Francis Wilson, John J. Dougherty, Alfred Legor, VVm. Lemoine, Frederick Windelinox, Andrew F of >kes, Goorge Travors, James Martin, Alox. Wilson, Charles August Honningsen, A. B. Campbell, James B. Fitzgerald, Fred Allenbesl, Thos. Aherson, Chas. G. Christian8on, Henry Lind. On Tuesday John F. Johns and Dugald MoKollnr were admitted to citizenship. W. C. T. V. School of Methods. D ..M. Copsey, of Mountain View, was in town this week. Don't fail to vi»it the new furniture store in the Eagle block. * CmciicNs WASTKP—75:1, two-thirds grown. W. A. Hoffman. 4i Joe Lierly, of Potter Valley, made us n pleasant call last Friday. The Ladies' Prcsb)'ierian Society will not. meet until October 1st. Hop-growers should not forget, the meeting of hop-growers uext Monday. Frank H. Severance, of Navarro Ridge was in town the fore part of the week A large number of Hound Valley people were iu town this week attending court. C. W.Tindall will receive subscriptions for the Disi'ATcii-Dr.MocHAT at Pt. Arena. Timo is money. Buy-A watch of King and you will have timo. Next door to postoffino. " 1 Judge McGarvey and dniiglu'-er, Miss Sailie, returned last Saturday from a trip to the const. Ice cream daily by the gallon, pint or dish at Ec. Geilsdorf's City Bakery and Confectionery. 33-tf A $28,000 mortgage was filed for record in tho County Recorder's office the latter part of last week. The Idaho Stage Co. has placed a lot j of new wagons along the route between | Ukiah and flydesville. Nothing can exceed the delightful, re| freshing effect of a glass of Jamison's Siberian Arctic Soda. J The Good Templars havo changed their night of meeting to S'alnrday, the same as their former date. Major George Tuttie, of Santa Rosa, has leased the Occidental Hotel of that city for a term often years. j Joseph Roads, of Christine, was in \ Ukiah, last Monday, and made the Dis- i CATCH office :i pleasant call. j T. llielt., of Point Arena, was in town J on Tuesday looking after business mat-! iers before the Board of Supervisors. A. L. Kingsbury, of Long Valley, the well known bridge builder, has been in i Ukinh Ibis week looking after bridge contracts. j The Pptalumn .lr,7>f.i says: "Quito a j hand of Mendocino county Indians are i on a pilgrimage to Bodega to gather inn• .-hells." Tho Band of Hope now meets ut the : Baptist Church every Sunday afternoon, ! instead of Dr. McCowen's residence, as stated lust week. J.N. Magee, the druggist, and N. M. Decker, the aroceryman, will move into the south side of the Marks building us soon as it is completed. Rev. D. Bailor, of Lakeport, made us a pleasant call last Monday. Tho reverend gentleman bad beea attending the camp- meeiing a fow miles north of Ukiah. I havo some nice furnituro for Bale. Also a fine young horse, perfectly sound and gentle; will work anywhere. Call and see me at once. Pint. BBIITON. A big coach load of young people went over an for as Carroll School House on Monday night, and returned by the light of the moon. It was a jolly crowd and they had a jolly time. 11. Krusie, tho well known bridgo con- tracter, of the San Francisco Bridge Co., spent the fore purl: of tho week in town looking after bridge contracts which wore being let by the Board of Supervisors. We wero mistaken in saying that Clark Bailey had taken charge of the Mitchell School. Miss AlcGough is the principal of that school and Mr. Bailey has the school between Caspar and Noyo, back oi Mitchell creek. Finn stock ranch of 1000 acres, near Ukiah, well located on county road, good house and bam and other improvements. Land first-class; range will keep 1000 sheep or 200 cattle. Frice $4000. Inquire of W. P. Thomas. so W. G. Bonner, who has beon running tho Humboldt Mai), a very creditabln weekly at Eureka, has launched out into wider fields, and has started the Daily Hail. We wish him unbounded success In his now venture. Joseph Hansen was brought over from Boonvillo on Wednesday, charged with insanity. He was examined by Drs. Bond and McClellan. They pronounced him insane, and Judgo McGarvoy committed him to Agnews Asylum. Rev. P. Piruton, who has beon pastor of the Christian Church in Ukiah for the past eight months, will shortly take tho editorial chair on Truth, tho organ of tho Christian church, nt Sat Francisco. Mr. Brnton's many friends horo will bo sorry to see him leave Ukiah. Tho Directors of tho Fair Association of A VERY CLOSE RACE! Bat the Great CORNER GROGERY^^^ GOOD We beat all competitors in the race for GOODS -A-ILSriD LOW PRICES. Follow the crowd and you will come to us, for the crowd is with us. Wo keep constantly on hand the finest Stock of GROCERIES to be found in Mondocino County, Best Selected Provisions, Green and Dried Fruits. We lead in Potatoes, Flour and Feed, etc. CASH PAID FOR COUNTRY PRODUCE CORNER GROCERY, - - J. E. SCOGGINS, PROP., Corner Standley and School Streets, UKIAH CITY, CAL. LOCAL NEWS. Band of Hope Social. A School of Methods will be bold in Mondocino City August 20th, 30th nnd 31st. All tho W. O. T. V. of Mondocino county are requested to tend delegates. The public at largo are kindly invited to intend all our sessions. Delegates will he entertained froe by the ladies of Mon­ docino City. By order of President,. MKS. E. G, MAST. Notlob to Hop-Growers. There will ho a meeting of the hop- growers of Mendocino county at the court house, Ukiah, on Monday, Augimt 2d, at 2 i'. M . All growers are requested to bo present as tiiere will be businnvs of luiportwiee before the mei-tinf?, G. T. lfiiouKs, Secretary. Mum Social, August 12th. your meats at Jamison & Obavr'B, City Xarkot. •«•"' Siberian Arctic. Sola—best quality—at Goo. Jamison's. { Mackerel in bulk or by tho piece at the Grand Tea Store. * All the insurance on Amos Snuffin's house has been paid. S..'. Rodwino lias been in town this week attending court. Harry Morris lias purchased Georgo Jamison's newspaper routes. Will Huntley, of Sanel, was among the visitors to I'kinh this week. H. Fldred, of Kotind Valley, has been spending several days in Ukiah. I'M Hontoii, of Novo, was in town Tuesday on his way to San Francisco. J. W. MeAheo, of Rnoiivllle. was uniong I he visitors to the county sear this | week. Tiros. J. Hudson and Miss Annie Hink, of i'kinh, were married in Sun Francisco last week. A splendid new stock oi furniture will bo found nl the new furniture store in Kagle block. * S. W. McMullen, of Kort Bragg, visited the county seat this week on his way to San Francisco. Loss of appetite may often be caused by insipid food. Buy fresh groceries at tho Corner Grocery. The camp-meeting closed last Sunday i evening, ft was a very pleasant and j successful mooting. j Quito an improvement is being mado j to the Masonic Hall by the erection of n verandah at tho east end. J. S. Lilley, Road overseer of the Albion Road District, attended the moetingoi the Board of Supervisors this week. FOR SALE—A good driving horse; will work double or single. Also a two-seated buggy. Inquire at this oflico. 14 J. E. Scoggi.iB wont to Orr's Springs on Tuesday to spend a few days with his family, who are sojourning there. John and Oscar Bueho|tz two of Fort Bragg's enterprising young men were in town on Wednesday and Thursday. Jamison <Sr. Obarr will supply you with the very choicest meats at all times. City Market, north side of court house. 45 "When tho warm days of summer come, gentle Annie," ask your fellow to treat you to sorao Ice Cream Soda, at Geo. Jamison's. § • Mrs. Kate Asbill has placed her two children in the Sacred Heart Convent iu this place, and gone to Harris, Humboldt county, to visit her mother. W. P. Thomas passed a very creditable examination before the Supreme Court this week, and is now a full fledged lawyer. Will's many friends will bo pleased to hear of his succoss, H. W. Smith, of Healdsburg has purchased the right for Mendocino county of the famous Challenge Churn Power, and will commence a tour of the county for the purpose of soiling tho same about the 1st of August. tf Col. Con O'Connor, of San Francisco, one of tho Mendocino Stato Asylum directors, went, over to Saratoga Springs List Saturday. He will return hore in timo to attend the meeting of the Asylum directors next Monday. F. W. Young, fiptvi.'il agont. and adjuster of tho fc'iromans' Fund Insurance ('Q., was in town this wook, and paul A. jSnuflln the full amount, of his insurance in that company. Mr. Young paid our sanctum a visit during his stay here. The San Francisco Examiner states LIIC1L NEWS. At the Band of Hope dime social Saturday evening, August 2d, the following card was pleasantly carried out. From 7 to 8 o'clock—Reception, greeting, games, checkers, etc. At 8 o'clock—Literary. VROORAMME. SOUK —"Tho Donate Band of Dluu" Band Huuitalion Xpllie Huntington " The Dreary Pay." BtliKtnK—"Only an Armor' Bearer " Baud Recitation Emma Leiupko " Whar the Temperance Cause Has Done for John and .Me." Chorus.—"I'u'.t for tho Shore" Hand SOUK —" My Kittle " Oracle Jones , Recitation—" Only Once More ". Charlie smith I Song—•' From McGlnty's" lamest Mathews Keeitation Lena Johnson "How Kate Shelley Crossed the Bridge." Song—"The Tcninerauce Home" Baud While preparations were being made for serving refreshments, a solo, " The Cottage by the Scs," was happily rendered by Mrs. Mary S-mith, after which pastimes were indulged in a short time, when ice cream, cakes, etc., were served by the Misses Nettie Jones, Grade Johnson and others. Friends and cbaperones , now entering, the Superintendent stated ! that the object of tho dime social was to j supply the Band of Hope with literature. ' I'nough has. boon taken in at this time ! to pay the incident expenses and to so- j euro fifteen copioR more of the Water Lily and Qve copiesof the Banner and Magnet. Very sincere thanks on behalf of the Band of Hope wero tendered to all who assisted in making this a pleasant and profitable occasion. Several of tho ladies present ox pressed themselves well pleased with the performance of the young people and children, who bad, each one, merited the encomium, "well done," both for graceful address and courtesy of manner. Thus cheerfully passed the merry hour closer with early good byes. Ushers for the ovening—Masters Charlie Smith and Willie Brnnner; committee on programme and reception—Misses Emma Lempke and Dora Jones. this district in Lake county complain that j that John C. Hnddock, formerly Supor- Preachinfc at the Christian Church Sunday morning ond evening. Subject In the morning. " The Church and Its Preacher." The members of tho church especially are requested to be present. Vim., ttftuvos, l'Mior. tho Mendocino county Directors nro not giving tho coining fair proper attention. Thb dato for tho fair is not far off now, if nil there uro many urgent mutters that should bo attondnd to. We hope to, SOB our Directors stir up a little. The Lowor l-iiko llulleti'i says; "A gentleman at Lakeport has received from Mr. Huntington »n autographic letter in which lie states that ho will construct » road from llumsoy to Clour Dako if tho poople will give him $500,000, tho water privileges of tho l.ako and tho right of way. We are waiting an opportunity to built! a railroad uud furnish it with rolling stock ami donate (t to the Southern Pacific So be it Selah," Tho value oi tho Disi'ATCJI-DEMOCRAT as au advertising medium wits forcibly illustrated this wook. On the night of jujy 18th, I'- W, DeGuire, who lives out on Co)d Creok, lost a valuable mnro. He opont three weeks lookfn^ for Ifer, and on Monday dropped into the DISI'ATOH UBM- OMIAT office mid loft an advertisement, offering if reward oj |1Q for her recovery, to be Inserted In tho paper. That Mine nay, on returning home, he found tht> mare, Who *»•)'» advertising dooan'tpay t luteudent of Public Schools iu this county, but now Cashier of tho Mercantile Bank of San Francisco, is a candidate for State Superintendent of Pubho ln- stmctioi), We doubt it very much. John would make astrongcandidate, but he has got a better thing. Marshall Speck, n resident of Keisey* villo, ljftlte county, wus thrown from a header wagon last Saturday afternoon. Ho fell between tho horses and was frightfully kicked. Ilia noso was completely kicked off, his skull fractured and he was also badly injured about the shoulders and arms. He was still alivo Sunday morning, bnt thoro is scarcely a possibility of his recovery. The leading question now is: " Are you provided with a bottle of Chamberlain's Colic, Cholera and Diarrhoea Remedy, as a safeguard againBt an attack of bowel complaint during the smpmer roofltiia? " $o can a.tToro] to risk boing without thjs invaluable medjeiue during the hot weather. H is almost certain to be neodod, ant) is a friend indeed W|K*<» jreoufrcd, as It nov»r fails and ia pleasant and safe to take. 95 and 60 cent bottle* foe nl* by J.N. A|agM. u Camp Meeting-. The camp-meeting closed on last Sunday evening with a high tide of interest and feeling. There were largo crowds in attendance at each service and especially at the evening services and on Sundays. The order was absolutely perfect, there not being the slightest interruption or inteutioual disorder from beginning to end. The services were excellent throughout, and it is the universal verdict that it was the moat successful oamp- meeting ever held in the county. There were thirteen additions to tho church hist Sabbath. The pastor was assisted by the following ministers: Samuel Brown, Presiding Klder, W. G. Swan,, of Woodland, R. A. Reams, of Chico, C. N. Golder, of Petaluma, D. Bauer, of Lakeport, and A. I.. Paul, of Potter Valley. A subscription was raised to fence in the ground and hefore another vear the entire ten acres will be enclosed with a BODBtaqtial picket fence, gates hung, and other improvements made. Mum Social at St. John 'B M.E.Church, August 12th. A. E. Norris and wife, of lakeport, visited Ukiah on Tuesday. Deputy Postmaster Caylett, of Wilits, is very low with pneumonia. Chas. Burbeek, of Fort Brags;, has beon granted a patent for an oil cup. W. H. Menton, General Freight Agent of the S. F. rtt N. P. R'y is in town. Mr. S. S. Baeehtel and wife are spending a few days in town, visiting the family of B. B. Fox. 1 Draperies, carpets and wall paper of Hie latest designs at Eversole's furniture store, Eagle block. * Go to Jamison & Obarr's for choicest meats of all kinds. City Market, north side of court house. & W. A. McGlmpsey nnd J. \V. Hiatt, o! Boonvillo, brought an insane man to the county seat on Wednesday. The City Board of Trustees will meet as a Board of Equalization on Monday, 10 o'clock A. M., at the City Hall. Ii looks very much as if Ukiah will have a new hotel before long. Tho ball has been set rolling in good style. The case of Mary Asbill vs J. M. Standley, Sheriff, was trlod this week and resulted in a verdict for tho plaintiff. Xivlr. and Mrs. John Baker, of San Francisco, have boon spending the past week in Ukiah, visiting Mrs. Baker's parents, Mr. and Mrs. John Taylor. At tho CIOBO of tho morning service at the M. E.Chtirch, South, on Sunday there will bo a reception of tho members. There will bo the usual service In the evening. Supervisors Barry, Bingham, Becker, Kingswoll, Pilster and Noblo, of Snn Francisco, camo up on Wednesday's train and went ovor to Vichy Springs, whero they will spend a couple of weeks. A, Jamison and S. R. Obarr have purchased the retail meat business of Smith A Gibson, and will carrv it on under the firm name of Jamison A Obarr. Smith & Gibson will continue tho wholesale butchering business. Dr. James Boggs and wifo, of Havana, Illinois, arrived in Ukiah on Tuesday's train from Seattle, where they have been on a sojourn of two years with their son. : Thoy are now homeward bound, and are visiting friends in Ukiah. Mrs. Bogga is the youngest sister of Thos. McOowen, of this place. I McAUSTER — In Jackon county, to the wifo of DeWitt pound son. Valley, Mendocino McAl!»t«r »18 HUPSON-HINK-tn San Fr»nolMo, August -. i?"Js b /u Ruv L J - H » n »°n. Pastor of Oeutennary ¥• h : C £". r . eh ' South, ThomiM J. Hudson and Annie E. Hink; both of Ukiah. H VE ";^, A ? H ? UBN - ln Jadite'a Chambers, Ukiah, August 6,1890, by Judire McOar- vey, James A. Lnne, of Redwood Valley, and Luclnda it. Waahburn, of f.tikeport. men. i ,U r Bd ? n VaJ 'ey.. Augurt 3.1880, Minnie Fish, wife of John ft. Fish, seed about 26 yrs. SCOTT- In Ukiah. Auyiist 2,1890. Nona L., tii- i. B. and M. C. Scott, aged Taut daughter of C. 4 months. F.UBANKS- II. Eubanks, grandfather of" ... Mrs. E. tl. Harris, of Ukiah, aged about 80 yra, In Los Oatos, 0»1., July 6,1890, £. Mrs. A.. Yell «ud A. BASCH, STATE STREET, UKIAH, CAtV Take Oars ' There Is Dinger In allowing inactivity of the kidneys to grow through neglect. The deadly »hoal« of Brlght'k i disease and diabetes will wreek the godly bark j of health If tl la allowed to drift rudderless upon I them. The bladder, too, if inactive, and Judl- i cioua medicallon does not speedily direct the ' hulm toward the port of safety, will be whelmed by the qvileksaud of disease. In selecting a • diuretic, let vour choice fall upon Hostetter's • Stomach Bitten, which .-tlmulates the venal , organs without irritating and exciting them, \ two erleets to be apprehended from the unmedi- ealcd stimuli largely resorted to. Those have a ML . , „ I tendency to react prejudicially. The Bitters The next annual camp-meotmg opens > invigorate the kidneys and the bladder. In coin- on Friday before the fourth Sunday in J ™. 0 j'»;:- h „J*c uery^jtud the digestive organs. Julv, 1891. ! nnd so afford lasting aid. A Sanitarium. i assistance Iu preventing and curing intermit Ittent fever. lilUiousness, eoustl Th .-i Mount! Cottage Hotel at Lakeport has been leased by a company, with Dr. O. W. Swayw of that place at tho head, and it will be fitted up at once for a Sanitarium. The hotal i« situated on ono of the most picturesque spots in Lake county, occupying an entire block on a high knoll overlooking Oloar Lake, which can anil doubtless will be made a most lovely place The great advantage of a sanitarium at Lakeport will be its central location to all tho springs and poiatw of interest in tho county. Or. Swayze's repata- tion as a successful physician and surgeon insureB guests the best of medical attention. Tho extensive improvements contemplated indicate that Or. Swayze's Sanitarium w'OI at no distant day bo one of the principal ppintB of interest in Lake county. tent and remltu._. . , , potion and rbpunistism It &t»o subjugates. It also affords dual t- l- •nr *Fashionabl« Suits at tn* Most Reasonable Price*. Perfect Fit Guaranteed Do M Me Chinese or Tenement House Made Cigars. -THE- Ukiah Cigar Factory! MAKES THE FINKST ORA9M OF CICAIta TO BC FOUND ANYWHERE. Only the choieest material used and White Labor exclusively employed. Cigar dealers, do not fail to give our cigars atrial. Your \ivttrons will be delighted with them. Ukiah Cigar Factory; PAUL BAIER, Prop. ' UKIAH NORMAL SCHOOL Card of Thank*. We take this method of expressing our nlucore thanks to the neighbors and friends for their kind ministration during our late affliction. Very Respectfully, Mas. C. A. BEKTON, WM. BKSTON. Ukiah, August 1, 1890, -s J. N. Magee, the druggist, wishes to remind his patrons that it ia a dangerous policy to wait until, taken sick before buying n bottle of Chamberlain' B Colic, Cholera and Diarrhoea Remedy. Eyery Jant- \ly should be provMed wU)i some reliable remedy fo? howel complaints, ready for Immediate use,-whenever required, during tho summer months, and this reme<ly le tviquentlonably f» r »nperlor to any o\hpr. }t can » be depended upon, snn M ple^aant and »*<• u» **>•. it ,}s ^vpinUanaNeiiitlpiiMifc « I • •• ••• x,.ii-:-. T ; ' : A Rare Opportunity! Good Agricultural Land for $10 to $20 per Acre, The Pnolflc Improvment Company has recently rmrtsbftHed twelve thottsand acres of land In the heart of Tehama count}', for the purpose nt promoting subdivisions and settlement. This land embraces lands from Srstolasa Saerameutu Valley agriculture laud, to land of fair average quality, ami ia offered at from f 10 to f 20 per acre, in subdivUlona of 40, 89,123,100, :»0 acres. The terms upon which these lands aro orpjred are especially attractive, lliey will bo sold iu subdivisions, as alinyo indicated, by.tta payment of interest only tqr three yours at which time thv ]>u ,ic,haaer can begin the payment of principal by paying the first of live equal annual Install- incut*. Thus no part of tho principal ia to be j»»(d tor three years, and then tuo purchaser Is to bayo flva years In which to pay flvo equal aunu- al Installments, with Interest at the rate of seven per oont per annum, making payment!) extending over a period oi eight years. Intending purchasers are assured that this ia an opportunity In purchase laud ot fair average n »«lHlc» ut 110 per acre, and good agricultural laud nl »W per iiere, with othor grados of land at prleen to correspond botwoen ther,c (Inures. The insertion is (rei |iiei|tly trt!\de> that good l »,uus ,*uit«hle for general fa .rm,lng aad oapcclrJIy adaptor; ;>r (rutt growing, cannot be had in California ( or loss than from ftH> to 1100 au aero, An, examination ot the land subject oi this ad-, vertlsemeut '.vill prove to homo seekm toat this Is an opportunity for the purchase at (food agricultural land at ISO au acre, and tor <tt**uUo> grading down tg fair agricultural land at 110 au p,or«| ofl tcnn« ot payment which should make (he disposition of these UiuVt to actual aeUtan ft remit ca«}- oi accomplishment, Trio primary Dbjest of vh« purchase of this body of land wus U»o toakliyc tip,, o< a Urge hol'lifi? ?<>r (he purpose of prumuUnn its aettla- moivUu, Brevier qnimUtk'* **Ml Iti devotion tq : d".lK«nt htia > »ndry. .-„..•:•„ r.v . P«T furtbw paiticHlan e«U WM».O*»MIM(Y , Uwi Aa»t »1 ft" 0, p.H,«. - ' The first term.of tour scholastic months, will begin In QA .UNK8' llAf.L, MONDAY .BKPT. i, io90, aud clone DEC. 19, 1H»0. The wcosd; term will open JAN. 5, W-l, and continue Twenty Weeks. Instruction will bo given in tbe Primary And. Uminuiar Qmdes, and the Grammar Houool Course. * TCRM8, 98 *Un MONTH. J\itfaDlc monthly, m advance.. " . llnlil August 2uth, address tun at BauU fyiaa. J. 8. AUSTIN, A. M *:v 39.2m. l'rluetpaU, General Blacksmith! Corner of State and Stevtmon Sfreite, nUoi*? > inp iVnfwfcy Mobk»i l'kto,\ CUy, 0»l. ; ;4 . jn^-Carrlago and wagon maktuf, »ho»Sof and genera) blauksraitblnK done. ~: Agem for the Duurlug Mow er.Seli Humping Hakes. MltoH. ell Wago.n, and other farm machinery, ,11- sal 1 Sacred Heart Csaveit ofleixy! * NOANDINO AND DAY SQHoOt FOR YOUMa LAOIMu Con duo led by the 8iit Mendocino Oo„ 0«1. ~ plytotlio , 3o -tf

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