Mt. Vernon Register-News from Mt Vernon, Illinois on November 21, 1966 · Page 12
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Mt. Vernon Register-News from Mt Vernon, Illinois · Page 12

Mt Vernon, Illinois
Issue Date:
Monday, November 21, 1966
Page 12
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12 THE REGISTER-NEWS — MT. VERNON, ILLINOIS MONDAY, NOVEMBER 21, 1966 -WATCHmtt TV- TONIGHT 6:00—2 Tales of Wells Fargi 3 Cactus Pete 4-5^12 News 8 Antiques U PDQ (color) B: 15-4-5 Weather 6:30—2-3 Iron Horse (color) 4-12 Gilligan's Island (color) 5-6 The Monkees (color) 8 Turn of the Century 11 The American West (color) T: 00-4-12 Run, Buddy, Run (color) M I Dream of Jeannie (color) 8 Science Reporter U Of Lands and Seas (color) 7:30-2-3 Rat Patrol (color) 4-12 The Lucy Show (color) 5S Roger Miller Show (color) 8 What's New 8:00-2-3 Felony Squad (color) 4-12 Andy Griffith (coior) M Road West (color) 8 Passport Return of the Stone Age. U Movie: Arsenio and Old Lace. Gary Grant, Raymond Massey. A delight- ftil comedy-mystery Black And White Or COLOR TV Comes In Better On CABLE TV Phone 242-5684 Today MT. VERNON CABLE TV 1306 Broadway when two sweet old ladies serve 'spiked" wine to some elderly gentlemen and then hold funeral services in the basement 8:30-^-3 Peyton Place (color) 4-12 Family Affair (color) 8 NJS.T. Journal 9100^2-3 Big VaDey (color) 4-12 Jean Arthurs (colort ^ iPeny Como's Musie Hall (color) 8tS0-4-12 I've Got A Secnl (color) 8 BiographJK Fnutldhi IX Roosevelt. 30:Qa-^34 -5«U News 8 Cinema: David and Un U Alfred Hitchcock «J:15-&« Tonigjit Show (color) 12 Late Weather 10:20-2 Sports 10:20—2 Sports 3 UntouchaUes 4 Weather 10:25-4 Eye-line 10:30—2 Moviei Remains to be Seen. June Allyson, Van Johnson. 4 Movlet The Family Seei ret. John Derek, Lee J. Ctobb. 32 Movie: The Harde« They FalL Humphry Bogart, Jan Sterling. lltOQ—11 Moviei Let's live A Little. Robert Cum> mings, Hedy Lamarr. A female psychiatrist and a young advertising «%• excutive create mental disorder. 21:20-8 Maverick 12:00—5 Movie: (^sablanca. Humphrey Bogart, Ingrid Bei^an, Paul Henried, Peter Laure. 12iOS-4 Movie: Road to Zanzibar. Bob Hope, Bing Crosby, Dorothy Lamour. ]2:(15—2 Movie: Murder on the Bridle Path. Helen Broderjdc, James Gleason. 12:20-12 News 12:30-3 News and Weather 1:40-5 Weather 1:50-4 News TUESDAY PROGRAM Morning 5:20-4 News 5:30—4 Sunriss Semeiter 6:00-4 Town and Country ^ 12 Sunrise Semester '6:30-4 P.S. Four 5 Focui Your World 12 Chuck Wagon Gana 6:48—2 Farm Report 12 Breakfast Show 6:50—2 Country Muste Ctravm 7!0O-5-« Today (eolor) 7:05—4-12 Morning Newa. 7i25-5 News. 7:30—4 Morning Scens 7:40-4 World of Mr. Zoom 8:00—2 Tree House Tlm« 4-12 Capt. Kangaroo 8:30—2 Remper Room, 9t00—3 Jack Lalanns 4-12 I love Lucy (color) 5-6 Eye-Gue$« (eolor) 9:25-5-6 News 9i30—2 Score Four 8 M-Nof For Hire; T-TH- Callfornlansj W-f- Family Theatre. 4-12 Real McCoy* *4 Concentration lOM—2-3 Supermarket SweepstaVt* 4-12 Andy oi A/laybsrry fr6 Chain letteu; Pat Been* Show (color) 10:30—2-3 The Dating Game (eolor) 4-12 Dkk Van Dyk* S4 Show Down; The Holly wood Squares (color) 10:45-11 Newi IIiOO-2-S Donna Reed 4-12 lov» of life 8-6 Jeopardy (color) 11 Modern Almanac lltlO-2-8 Father Know* Beat 4-12 Search For Tomorrow S-6 Swinging Country (color) l1i55-5-6 News Afternoon naO-i Charlotta Petera 8-11 Ben Casey 4-5-6-2 News |8{0S-4 Dennia the Menancs 5 Noon Show (color) 12:15—6 Pastor Speaks 12 Farm Picture 12:30-4-12 As The World Turns S-6 let's Make A Deal (color) 12:55-5-6 Newa 1KXI—2-3 Newlywed Gam* 4-12 Password 5-6 Day of Our Uvea (coloi) 11 Mid-Day Movia (eolor) (eolor) 1(90-24 A Time For U» 4.12 House Party (coter) M The Doctors liSS—2-3 News, Woman's Touch tiOO—2-3 General Hospital 4-12 To Tell The Truth 64 Another World (oeter) 2<2S-4-12 News 2:30-2-3 The Nurses 4-12 The Edge of Nighl 5-6 You Don't Say (coter) 11 Best of Groucho S40-2-3 Dark Shadow* (color) 4-12 Saeret Storm for a cash advance Shopping with ready cash iean help you complete your holiday preparations early ... and getting the money you need to do it is a simple matter at your GAC office. You'll get prompt, personal service, and convenient monthly payments fitted to your budget. Stop in or call. Get a cash advance from GAC for gift-buying, new clothing, home furnishings, holiday travel... or for any good reason. pniMN cnnuTiQi 5-6 Match Game (color) 11 Topper 3 :25-5^ News 3:30—2 -3 Where th« Action la. 4 Early Show 8 Mike Douglas « TV Bingo J? Three Stooges 4:00-2 Doble Gillli 3 The Hour 4 Popeye (color) 4:30-2 lassie 6 Cheyenne 12 Punch and Judy Show (eolor) 4:45-11 Rocky and His Friends fi:0O-2 News 8 M-W-F Adventure Club; Tu-Zorro; Th- Lone Ranger. 4 Leave It To Beaver 11 Superman 12 You Asked For It 5:30—3 Rocky and His Friend* 4 -12 News §^ Huntley and Brinklay (color) n Huckleberry Hound 5:45—12 Scoreboard 5:50-12 Waather iveiiinf «:00-« Tela* of Walt* Farge 8 etctvt ftm 4-5-6-12 News 8 Big Picture 11 Bobby Lord 6:15-4-5 Weather 6:30-2-3 Combat (color) 4-12 Daktari (color) 5-6 Girl From UNCIE (eolor) 8 Spectrum 11 Islands in the Sun (color) 7:00-8 U.S.A. Music 11 Of lands and Sea* (color) 7i30-2 -3 The Rounders (color) 4-12 Red Skelton (color) 5-6 Occasional Wife (color) 8 Whafs New 8:00-2 -3 The Prultts of Southampton (eolor) , 85-6 Moviei The Court Jester (color) 8 Passport. Conquest of Mount McKlnley II larsmie 8 :30—2 -3 love On A Rooftop (color) 9i00—2-3 The Fugitive (eolor) ^12 Speeiali Inside R«d Cfiln* (color) I V.SA. Poets II An Evening With 9i30—8 Biegraphyi Roo**va(t Part II. II Marshal Dillon 10.-0O-2-3-4-5-6-12 New* 11 Alfred Hitchcock 10:15—5-6 Tonight Show (color) 10:20-2 Sports 3 Movie: Three Sailors and A Girl (color) 4 Weather 10:25—2 Weather 4 Eyo-llne ]0>30 -a Moviai Hot Summw Night. Usil* Nialaon, Collan Miller 4 Movie: Ten Wanted Men. Randolph Scott, Richard BOOIMe 12 Movlat Bom YMt«rd*yv Willam Holden, Judy Holiday. 11:00-11 Movie: Above Us the Waves. John Mills, John Gregson. An operation to destroy a German battlship is set up and •arrled through. 12:00-4 Movie: Th* Happy Tim*. Jourdan. $ Merv Griffin 12:15-2 Movie: Old Mm Miytfim. Betty Grablc. 12 New* I1OO-3 Nevtn I1OO 3 New* liSO S W«*tfi«r |i40-2 Newsi Sport*; Crodft I18O-4 New* Arabs Ban Coco Cala And Fords KUWAIT (AP) — In an action that could significantly affect Arab-U.S. trade, the Arab Israeli Boycott Bureau has voted to ban the American Coca-Cola and Ford companies from 13 Arab states and sheikhdoms. The bureau said at Its 341h regional conference Sunday it had received "unconvincing replies" from the two companies about their plans to open factories in IsraeL The bureau also considered whether to ban the Radio C^jrp. of America but reached no decision. Ford and Coca-Cola are among the largest U.S. sellers in the Middle East.. Officials of the two companies in New York declined to comment on the boycott until notified officially. The Arab bureau seeks to reduce Israel's foreign trade by retaliatory boycotts. 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