The Malvern Leader from Malvern, Iowa on January 25, 1934 · Page 1
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The Malvern Leader from Malvern, Iowa · Page 1

Malvern, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 25, 1934
Page 1
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i**j jMf||- " ^^^^^^^^± LEADER mmm ', in SfctrSfl ler » *** » •. tt. *» 4 ». AiHltvmt n a special y tfc« Mea t!(t it- ay froafd Was greatly tft£ e| by tttfc Ifrt»e«. Witt f nhda •1.WI beeanftt »f t«H»-8f tat f«i t*ar# to n .rt y »n Its wstoin- *JSF*1*' Wtfc elflM tns abote »Wn the Katrons, its stacks can be fitted fchd gfaatw Ihtefest **d asgulgeiM mil result. The Mwonic School fjn«trticlio« Wa« Well Attended leu Row phmfc, in «« of who,* dtoth OB*** Township .Moa^y, Jan. 2§t SSSif ***""* " i!le One* Township *» ' t ' *• »" «o«h of Highway 14. *i,£W* **"' W*' Middle one- third of town.hlp at Farmer? Union tall, on Mo. 4, two mil"nth of f m f hway 14, " Oleawood Township '"•*»« South ?K'mi ^'H*. I' ,Wi K ''iA' ( — : ' »And Other* HI II I |M istrict School of Instrno* M * , * Master Masons for this jutttut was held in the Masonie hall Jn Malvern Monday and Tuesday of .this week and was w«J Attended and full of Inter- U was neid for the especial benefit of the Masons In the lodges of the Nishna Circle — Olenwood,, Silver city, Tabor, Malvern, Randolph, and Emerson ~£P"»«enUttves were present du i°° *£«•• were a number "from *tea oak and Council Bluffs and "°?h ° lher towMi : r&sirP «nlnd. m • addition there "were* ^J'itfj* ^fotwwi Lowell L Elliott city H*o Hicki Heliry °' *"™ &5d MetffiT &£ wmtf Music was furnished by a «fcaf» Fdfrestal, with Mrs. 'chHstoffef* sea as accompanist, MfV Wlitttt also sang a 8o io, -**• Old ftnffett Cross," requested by Mrs. Pltiinb. Burial was In the Wesley Chape! cemetery. The pall bear* ers were nephews of thd deceas* ed.' KllsWorth and Cliff Plumb Lynn, Clinton, and " " " * and Paul Philips, at the funeral, many eomingltroB Oerald Plumb and their mother MM. Nina Mills, drove from filoomfleld. III. and return* home Sunday. Carson Plumb an< •on, Ralph, drove from Kaycee lot of car trouble and an aed* dent enroute and did not reach Henderson until Sunday morning. The following lite sketch was read at the services; 1984 this Community was shocked and bereaved by tn« passing ot one,of our most.beloved members. J 1 ** are the homes who have not at some time felt the warm friendship or loving care of those hands now at rest Madly deeds. or .* -T ° er Sb*!* ^r^V'S- and or the **'* r Kllng Mtate, three ^tt?*** 8 » »»"««! Tlalbett, Auctioneer. . . Admn., M. C. liteiry cows fc mtie .»••*•« «r« - mvruWQlBUlii "V?t JJ Crattw, auctioneer. «J*net*l «atft, Jtatvern Sale fiWtt. L. A. fitbttt, auction- rW it Arlia- Millet. Closing out ram sate, »|* tBtles south* aa«t of Mftivern. L. A. Talbott, auctioneer. Feb. lit Floyd Northrtin, on Fred Dav» farm, south of Malvern. Farm sale. Cramer & Talbott, auctioneers. Fathers and Sons to Banquet Here on Tuesday Night Th* Methodist <Jhurch Is sponsoring » -Father and Son" banquet to be given. In the dining S^J^S'52Sj i sgjfjjj «i,°2?n dlrl "- 0a ^* the kales' Clr- f/A*! 1 !.? 8 ™ **• Olnner, good as -and rip- Quick' h! en made ha W>>w ana,better, by Quick, | her example of unselfish loyalty, ner untiring devotion to the relief of suffering and distress, and *er never falling ability t o sean , fay'-Mondlay 6 " * first to , The cmaxptrey was **** «t fjt tTme r!.*SP» a »•«: He^«?5!& rtai to n 8 ^ 6 ^ B » lted J« »•? Carson'F; Plamb of Hen- tbls itnlon one son,'Ralph A^was born, She Hved In.bis community S ^^^ ISP ^ SB K v '- - 8 8n - e menu menu and the price will be but 86c per plate. "-. The committee in charge, who are Planning; the* program and X* bttre &**** ot th8 "cket sales are -Vlt f jd* Bower, Dale f^ k ^ H « A o °^ er - J ' *• mifL? ',?' wHk B real Atf *??. »* »"• 8nd w e may ,on thinMiomg OT er big. from one of '' If.pos- Shirley Lincoln Jr. (right) is probably the youngest member ot a township corn-hog committee In Iowa, tte and his father, Shirley Lincoln 8r., of Pacific Junction, both help with the sigh-up —— in their township. I* Bruce Kllpatrlck. 4-H Club Agent to Work in Mills and Fremont Counties Harold Eagle Selected by Farm Bureau} To Begin Work Tuesday The 4-H club committee members from Mills and Fremont counties met in the county agent's office at Malvern and selected a county club agent to work in the two counties under the direction of the county Farm Bureaus of the two counties. Harold Ingle of Bondurant was a 4-H club member during his years In high school and won several prises in the state fair Poland China classes. He also represented the Iowa F. F. A. at th national judging contest at Kan sas City. Mr. Ingle is a graduate of Iowa State college, having specialized in Animal Husbandry'and Agricultural Journalism. He begins his work next Tues day Jn Mills county. Mr. Ingle,has a pleasing per~ and-we feel tha counties a re- -N-E-W-S from the County Seat *i,«^'jjr^"*T T tt'*""*"* r ''' ! f or '"if°you haven't a^bpy to bring, just ask th.e_, : commit^ pr «eV. ?. T? SW^-*** they wla 8ee th * you have .one for the occasion , The principal address of the evening vuj pe g| ven ' by Dr Arthur He.«th of Council Bluffs. E. S.'.Si** 1 *:' 11 ' P res We as toast- ago she came ?«S£5Pv**°«"' ^ ^-J."«. ;g?S»**»!«w ppssasw""** r. J*. BfnitJ^oienwp^r ^^J&^^f^ r/?fes^«v^ arsok^M«LM_?* l **% B»T *J»W» *%JJ»t,SOHth: Dea CafnM, fe^ps^^^w- JBJ»,, Senior Descon;. a I* LegS «rf t Council Bluffs ,.T,,t,i7L-S??n , . and and, has «we.^^SS 0 '" d»«r two sisters' b.e presented: '. 1 (Tune, Do „,. i. Rev.'L. R. Bobbltt. *•"?_ ueeis, sunshine salad hot ffi. •*,/?"• u 8 " 11 W. <iate pud- dine .,1,1. .k,..., ^^^ an(J Program the tyro wuuiiBjs, •- *; 4 -- '^. ^ " Those presenfc^from Fremont county wer& County Agent George Smith and committee -members Ray Teachout, w, P-J3aton, E, H Stevens,' and Qle» Greedy. From Mills county were County Agant Bruce Kilpatrick, J. F, Wearin and Hurb Benton. Leaders Explained Corn-Hog Contract Township Meets Final Educational Work for Reduction Program ' Finished Time is Cut for CWA Worker Effective last Thursday Bl Mills county project CWA work ers had the time of their work Ing week cut to 24 hours instead of 30 hours as heretofore. Ther will be no replacement of work ers and no "make-up" time a! lowed for lost time, Slxty-nln counties, comprising all countie containing towns of 2,600 popu lation or over are Included In thl order. The 30 counties that have no towns of that site, have been cut to 16 hours. i>er week, effective on the same date; Fremont county is Included in this last order. County Nurse Smith Leaves Ua Next Week week. She will probably quit at he end of this week as she has other work claiming her attention., A report of her work was eiven in last week's Leader Reelected at Community Club Meeting Thursday Aetft* Progfam for 1934 SttittJfed* Yearly Report* Sack In office In tne Malvem Community club is the entire list of 1983 officers as a resnlt of the r*ihnal election meeting of the organisation which Was held last Thursday in the Comtnnnlty gliding. To head the group R. W. Sulyers was reelected, after an enthusiastic approval of his work during the past year. At his customary job was Robert Boehner, vice president, and w. D. Blothower Was reelected reamer and Allen Wortman. secretary. While the yearly reports of of- icers were Incomplete, Treasurer Blothower reported a slight bal- ce for the year, in spite of a reatly curtailed Income. Membership held up fairly well, how* ev»r. and prospects for member- hip in 1B34 are better than they hate been for some time. . 8o ««t««J at the meeting was he holding of a dinner meeting or February and plans were made to make this an enthuslas- Ic start for the year's work. De- alls of the affair will be announced next week. The club passed Its regular resolution favoring the establishment of a state normal college at Tabor and copies were mailed to Governor Herring, Senator Hotter Hush and Representative R. C. Hopp, In discussing the 1934 Mills County Fair, members of the club were enthusiastic for the exblbl- tlon and voted a recommendation to the fair association favoring a free outside gate for tho 1934 snow, * Dr. Gidley Directs State Vet Meeting M « 1 * V< l rn !f n P . r «»i d ent of State Association; Now in Session Dr. and Mrs. T. W. Old ley left ?5 *£-**.?•?.<*>!?•• where Last Week for Aviation Club Has r A* Meeting on Tuesday ifii^^^*^]** 9 ** e«nijUuti8»j Pro, .•MSV i 5ASKHJS*«»'.»»« 1 . • :{Kwii9^qi KJWJ «.?»,; f -•',.: '; : Y-i!mmm*i—. to Song, Lads and Pads chorus. ' ( Inolln9 » on ." Paul '" J ' , Lads and Dads chorus. Address, »r, Arthur A, Heath , Announcements. w Benediction, Rev. Roy g, Expounding' on the application and effect of the corn-hog reduction program on cooperating farmers was done In a wide way this week as Mills county farm* ers attended'a series of township meetings. At these members- of the county temporary committees told all regarding the reduction contracts, Reported by those conducting tne meetings was a sympathetic interest and an entire absence of neekllng speakers, Because each farm 'represents an individual problem questions regarding individual application were nunjer* ous but a desire to cooperate with the program was apparent. The meeting? were the final part of the educational work pn tne program 6n a nj e actual sign" vp meetings will star* eext week Most Q| tfte mseUagf were'hel and at these commute Auto Licenses - i We are on the last week for securing auto licenses without penalty as next Wednesday, Jan 31, is tlie dead line. They have been coming in pretty fast this week and are keeping County Treasurer Judklns and h|s 8 tants working pretty steady. Frank Wallace Goe» to What Cheer Frank j,.'Wallace received a message the latter part of the week from the eowptrolleV of wf!^ : -">»Ww him to go wh»f n h ^ T| IQW8> ^ co^..^^ National Bank there. tion started Tuesday and s sessions today. . > Q n. Crfe , nt ' al lm P° rta '»ce wjll be . aidley» part in the meeting as he has been president of the state group during the past year and will preside at-the sessions. The convention will include routine business detail, educational features and studies of advancement made In the profession and entertainment features Several other veterinarians' Iron, this aectlon of the state are also attending the meeting. Hopp Writes of Recently Adopted House Liquor Bill •S!!Lt ^e second bank — »--» ,^ SWT —», vu«*! O^l year, The first was at —rS ne spent several months straightening up. }t 8 R ff a | ra . RodabaughReelected Head of C. of C, At the annual meeting of the Glenwood. Chamber of Commerce Jast FrWay evenlftg, W. H. Rod«^ S *, I* 8 elected to »»to beS th» ,,I.,K M p rf8Went Charles was B»wed vice presl- .*,*«». Faults of Contrever»ial Measure An excellent explanation of the liquor coutroi bill recently passed by the Iowa House of Represent, atives is herewith explained by Representative Rudolph c. Hopp m a le«er to The Deader. Dear Readers; For the past two weeks j have been so busy getting the 1.111 i.. tt Haney, treasurer. The ' report showed the . Client condition with bills paid- Last week, however, we finished our work on the bill for the present in the House and sent it over to the Senate by a vote of The bill as passed by the House * not going to please everyone, JSLf . fcWP *V? ttt U "Presents, the begt thought of the majority of he House members. I tope whS "Wily passed U will wet Vttb xeneraj a WO v»J and resiu in the , st s te»entB of sun and ye atten Places e f tb» 8S*' PtsJie by w , p xMJ' !**• ' t - rfa^t?^^ . ^ ~ , • -

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