Ukiah Daily Journal from Ukiah, California on August 8, 1890 · Page 2
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Ukiah Daily Journal from Ukiah, California · Page 2

Ukiah, California
Issue Date:
Friday, August 8, 1890
Page 2
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it i r> Ml If DISPATCH AND DEMOCRAT ! sions(t i >eedi! - v P™««I *'->»• WO.' . 11 itiorfi. Proof; success certain." FBI DAY. ArarsT R, l.SSKl. DEMOCRATIC TICKET. CWV.ITY TICKET. R. McOARVBY... C. W.TINlMI.t.. J. M. STAN0LEV A?SF.MIU.VStAN, siiEiurr, COl'NTY TFRK, J. J. MOSROW COUNTY TRfcAB»-lf fcK. D. M. C1IBBOX MHTRICT ATTORNEY. J. Q. WHITE OOl.'NTV REfORDtU. r. C. AI.BEHTHON' H C li i >0 I. SI' P E R (N T K S 0 B ,\ V. MBS. S. W. IUSKKTT CORONER *VD WHIM: ADMINISTRATOR. DAVID CAHSOV Hoi Spring, As^r.ssoR, 0. P. SMITH VUsh i.'OVSTY SURVKVon, K, F. YOIIK Hormitace SUPERVISOR, A. R. DAVII1RO.V Third District U RKDEMKYKR Fifth District Ukiah Point Aieno ... Sherwood . .Mendocino CkUn Cklah I'Liiti CUah The pension bill* JIIIHUOII l»y the present Congress will sweii the pension appropriations to.~?lf58,000,- 000, or one-half the revenues of the government. The legislation to secure this enormous sum has been secured by such pension sharks as Fitzgerald, aided by the Republican party in its desire to attract to it A SPLESDID ENTERPRISE. 110 ABD OF SUPERVISORS. I NEWS OF THE "vVIiEK. Notice to Road Contractor?, Elk Creek Railroad and the Now Greenwood Mill. Tt 'lMlAY, A Uyll'Sf 1800. pursuant to iuljno.roincnt. •a l>uvid*ui iOlmirninn). .). T. Jiiiv, llnut r -'tioknoy, II. rite lloitnl mot t lVo-cnt—A ll< it in somo time since we made a short : H. If^nry, L. v'.sit ut Greenwood, and inspected the 1 ^i'r,tt. mill and railroad enterprises which are I H appi'tr'nit; to the Hoard that there now under way at that p'.iu-o. j had been a mistake in the road repon of i:i.x en KICK iiAii.uo.,... •'• Li 'l'\v, which wan presented at (he We accepted the kind offer of Mr. T.! •'"'>' meeting of the Hoard, and that « P. Smvthe, who volunteered to A( . Crtm . | baiance of ip309.15 is still duo on said re- par,v im on the trio over the Klk Creek I P° rl ' he is » rrpb . v «»'.ive «l said amount Kailroad and show ns Die points of inter-1 out ol ,,!e AU,lon ! district Fund. j TiiruMj.u, July "I.—.Indue Codec ha»j p hande<! dottn his decision in 1'ne Pihthej t\ case, a«avdiiiR Ilie en,ire property toj i nlVKI! lioAP tilSTRKT H.WINII UK KM ithe O divided InioSection:-respcctivelj numbered mid de-<et'ibi'd us follows: r'lorotire l>h the. in i> iit .v i — rmnvo'r.eili - rtl lb'* north lillC of it I'ed IWttft'r l 'i""'i ,'i near rki.-t't citv. noiniii!.' .,mth *'» . , , , . ., , c . , , IlllOll Hi Of till' lllllC III I '.il '.'H l.UMlS "I destroyed property to (lie vaiiie of if -0,- ; „n .l r»\. ililil II I (il.aiwnii tl,/> will l -tinu -n I sr '• -•—t'limnionoliH; nt tlii- miuitli of tin' railroad man, was declared insnnn at Sun ! rmmiiic in i!i. : i.ii.iui' HI I., r. l.'.n .rv. UIOAO Uie lreauiv IVparlinent has I i»,in Hi,, imul ui Hulliilnv and llinlilnrk. nui- sentoina circular calling lor offers of: ^.^i iV'n'tiV!'"'"' "'° "' r '" U ' bullion under the new silver .Act . , .The I SOTICK IK UKIIKHV <;IVKS ifcnt »onlcil )il,l »,vir Eastern fruit eroji is very .xhorl An . '.«-• roieivcl i»>- ttn- H ,>iml _«>f XnjiervWers nt MIMV enormous wheat yield is reported in the the soldier vote. Is it not, time to cry halt? In fact, has not. the lim- i est and furnish UH the details relating lo ! " n motion it is ordered that time for > riiikoins and Minnesota. .. .The lea.lin- it of endurance already been passed? | *° instruction of the road. ' | ™* " "«•>;'^ across Na- [ ™> "i^^ttt^ZJ^ j Such -patriots as Senator Inmills savs ! ° n tlll? t,a >* of ol,r tr 'P w<1 boarded the Mur ot mill be postponed until ; „,,, « 1>v< . rmiient . ;Heat Hoods are re- no. He savs hr- is willing to vai'se : ,og8ing train M tirwnwo o tl »> <'>e morn- '•. M -f una " le t "" e t '' lr accept ins; ; portedin China.. Two new comets have | s „|. „„. the limit to two thousand million dollars yearly. ino C'I ilillfy U|) Ic 10 o'rlnclv', A. M.i nil till' Slh Day nf flrmltfr, ISSf), IW II ST«! BLAINE'S BOMBSHELL. EDITORIAL .NOTES. THE Federal Election Law biii o e. M., ana the time went to the terminus oi the ron.l,; bid,> tor br hl|;e« across Navarro river at 1 '"-'en discovered . A diplitlicria epidein- | and after a few hours pleasantly spent in j ^udebakei-B, and ncross fsal creek, and ,V iH "'l'ef«l from Newfoundlano. j the woods, returned in the afternoon. ! the Coonville bridge, be extended until! Faiuw. August 1.—A railroad is to be This railroad is certainly a monument ! ^ ''• v ' 1 constructed between Snutn Margarita and i of engineerino; skill. It well deserves t!ie ; 11 is hereby ordered that that portion i Kllwoo.1. this State ...S. 0. l'ettoii, a ; name of beinsc the vrookedesi; thing on ^ Calpelln precinct included within the ; clerk at .the Stntp House hotel, Sacramen- "or over six miles it winds and : ^ ,r P° ra, ° limits of the toivu of rotter , to. has skipped the country with |li'f. of | at I ln> nilli'i' of the tic I • uliiily. to he uju-iiiil | nU'l oi '-e itolc ' has been snrnnmed " raise hell in the South. the bill to '< ; curves around the bluffs of old ocean, and Greenwood and Klk creeks in a most i tortuous manner, leaving the landing Valley be attached Lower l'otter. It is ordered that. to the precinct. TUB Farmers' Alliance Conven- ! at the ocean it runs out on the north side ! cim:t ho nm! tho P!lme one of the guest's cash \ large fruit crop is reported at Santa Marin Oakland bus 51,000 inhabitants under the hereby estab-1 new census.. . .Arizona has a population The said pre- j oi 07,000, not including Indians.... New voting pre- The recent letters of Secretary "Blaine on the subject of reciprocity have placed the Republican journals of the country in a sad plight. Before the publication of these letters they were vigorously proclaiming that the MeKinley Tariff Bill vim the best protection measure that had ever been given to the country, and that unexampled prosperity would follow its passage. Mclvinley was spolcon of as the defender of industrial as well aa ngri- j tendent this year, cultural America, and what he didn't know about true protection wasn't worth knowing. The plumed knight then entered the arena of the debate on the measure, and with his sharp lance picked a few of the bubbles in the bill. Now, Blaine is the idol of tho Republican party, and at his feet all good Republicans bow in respectful submission. From him the party anil its press draw inspiration. It was a hard dose for some of the newspapers which had lauded tho MeKinley bill to the skies, to admit that it lacked many of the essentials of good sense. Tho San Francisco Chronicle, which has been enthusiastically shouting for the bill right along, struggled for a while, but at last came out on the side of Blaine. The Call also had a change of heart. In fact the entire Republican press seems to bo fast, coining to a realization of tho fact that the MeKinley bill " ain't what it's cracked up to be." The Sacramento Bee a month or BO ago thought the MeKinley bill the acme of perfection in the line of a protective measure; it now goes so far as to call MeKinley a free trader. Hear what it says: The New York Sun, the ablest tournal In America, shown thoilfflertince betiveen jcal pTo- . of Greenwood Creek for about a mile. It | HsheJ as Miovt», to wit: , ... „ ._ turn at St. Paul, Minn., pronounced j then crosses the creek on a long, hich i cint ' t to include all the territory comprised ' York is Buffering intensely from heat, the MeKinley tariffbill "the crown- ( Howe truss bridge and comes back to the i ,vubi " tliC boundaries, as they now nre, ! A violent wind .storm causes much ds ing infamy of protection." ! ocean again on the south side oi the ' oi tho voting precinct, except the . _ j creek. Hinining along the neenn and i terr 'tor>Mnehided within the limits of the JI-DOISQ from what tho Lako.povt I through a tew open fields it comes to the j ror l lr ' nitio n of Die City oi t'kiah.and Avalanche savs there is a ! mo " lh of Klk CK ' ek " nd follows the ! tlmt "° P ortion of the •«'<* territory conr :i in- nge in Khodn Island and Xcw Hampshire . . Arizona was visited by an unprecedented rain storm of three days' duration. . . .Kmperor William atarted for a visit to his grand-inn, Queen Victoria. ....Crops in Mexico have been badly damaged by rains. K .iTriinAV, August 2. —Another man j wns killed '..,>• the striking iron-molders or-1 of San Kranciseo. Palo \!to ami Ki• renzi, California horses, were both beaten in Kastern races A saloon keeper is oo! near Fresno was nearly beaten to death - s 00 I by Indians whom he had refused whisky. . . An ice famine is threatened in New I York City ; the price has gone up from j\ i '2 to •'fil.oO per ton A fearful hail •'('I -i'ivliMMilmiuir -Mi wo 1 storm visited Manitoba; three persons Jos TiiiiiriiL., juiiirtiuMit nf superior Court.. 2Si 10 I were killed and great damage done to , from the back cur it was not half the ; J H OroihiTa, CimstaliL- (e «s . ci oo proper! v nml crops The cholera is iu- Tur decision nf Tndtw PnfW l'»»t the engine was visible. i ". " " " JO iw creasing at .Mecca; -inn persons died in Inn decision of Judge Cone>, .nj .v fow tigures may assist our rcai.Iers to ! ^\ v ^w ' t T" rIV ' ,." " M TO , one day... .('bolera has appeared in Por- the Celebrated lily the case seems to 1 . . .. , - ,. , ; J w Hudson, inttlienl sprricoti s no : tugal I'resh plots against the Czar mwt „„„* , w 'TPfGcate the magnitude m tins under-, , t T ,„,,,, ,,„„,,.;,„, .„„. ;>a) . l, nv e been discovered ... Mi-s Kleanor 1 u " o<-neiai >> e (nkinsr. The full length of the mad now ; w r wnitto.i. hnr «c hire « ,» . Callmnn. an Amnricaii actress, appeared believe it was a righteous one. I constructed is sis and one half miles. ] 0 1! Hciwliif, fen-oihi,. t. ...» . ,a i-,, in bnndon and was greatly praised. Blythe's milliuns will go to voung ! There are 31 bridges on it. aggregating a I It is ordered Unit the tmm of $1SU now Florence Blvtho his illet»itiiaate i ,iM, ' , " ver onP "'''•» in ,t,n («l , • ;l " d fis a ; in (,,c '"iH'er l'otter Ivoad district Fund ' " ' be transferred to ity of a large sized kick in the Re publican party of Lake county this fill. " Mas. E. K. HUUUMOTOS has boon nominated for County Superintendent of Schools by the Republicans of Lake county. If she is elected she won 't have to go far to find companion in office. Mendocino ; whose height makes one dizzy, county will elect a lady Sitpenn- i d " H '"- ,s in, ° a tremendous cut. i mouth of Klk Creek ,, , , , n • r „ , _,, .,„,! prised within the limits ol said corpora- nonii .jank ol this creek for several miles i'. , ,, , , .. . 1 ,i . ., ! tion shrill lielonc to sum new voting ore- back into tho woods, where, at. present, it . *• ... :. . , .- . • citici to be known as "Ikiah Voting lerminates. With the exception oi a; ^ ti " i .-lioit distance through a field between i '.^ l " c '. , .,, . . i .i , i ; I'ollowing bills were allowed and ' ireenwood and Klk creeks the whole i , , ., • : , . ,-,,.i ,.,i ,m I dered paid : : road is notbing but cuts and (ills, the; ... i ii-n , t>ut. ol Indigent, t uDit: banks ot both dreenwood and Klk creeks . „,,..,,„,.„ , ,, ] N l II luslinw , cow una or.ll J : are very precipitous and rocky, and the [ j o Hulliatrfivnitli, work on Co. furm i train winds along the Mulls, one minute ' >v I Mnlley, lime fur vonuty a! on a towering cliff, then onto a hridire ' 11 " • ^, *•" , • <-««veyh.K liuti^nt then it; Out of County tieneral Tund : . i A C Scitt, cuurl luuifie steps It is a. . . 1 repetition of this all the way out, and i- oo 7 JO tectioa ao<l thst basUxri! SJ.CCIUILMI put forth certain sections of the MeKinley hill. Truth is truth, even though it be filtered through a Oem- oeratlc source. The .Sun plainly,, succinctly. Incisively and conclusively proves that Blaine is the real protectionist, hecause he sticks to the very essence of the protection Idea —that It is the power and rlcrht of tho flovcrn- meat to use the tarllTJn such a way as to encourage, stimulate and promote American industry. That Is the very kernel of the entire proposition, and the Sini U right iu declaring tiiat Blaine is the real protectionist of the Republican party, und McKlulty the real free trader. Blaine's idea is to have freedom of trade between the nations of the two Americas. To strike down the barriers which restrict our commerce and reach out for markets for our products. Ho says " there is not a line in the MeKinley bill that will open a market for another bnshel of wheat or another barrel of pork." Mr. Blaine's ideas seem to be becoming rather Democratic, and it looks as if he will pull the whole Republican press with him. THE PENSION MONSTROSITY. , , • ,. . ! prooi 01 the crookedness of tin? road, daughter, and the general behet isi', . , , ... : , . , , , ,, there is not a straight.bridge in the whole that she is entitled to them. j mlml)( ,,. K ver.v one of them is built on ... , ., , „ , ! a curve. The longest bridge is 032 feet WE deny the correctness of the . , ,, , ,,. A » „, , Tt . in length and 100 lect high, it con- explanation of the Republican Press j t:lii]3 ~xi,0t:« running feci of timber, made last week in the matter of the j There is another 4SI feet long and ISO bill of .w. Tongue. Tho original | feet high, containing 51,000 running loot bill was S2I1.10, not Sinn, as as-1 timber. All the bridges on the road sorted and reasserted by our contom-! ar0 built "f 11 1 "' nv -\ ^l'™™ 1 '^ , * , , I bridge builders state that thev luivo povaxy, and we can prove what we ... ,. ,, 1 1 i never geen anything equal toMiein. .Ylnnv say by the official records. . ot - the c(Ua otl t(ie mmi are very heftvy " BLOCKS OI FIVK " DUULKY is reported to havo recently said that " tliere isn't salt enough in the sea to make Indiana Republican this year." This is a very open confession from one of the shrewdest as well as one of tbo most corrupt Republican politicians of tho present time. SI'NOAV, August - Tim Nobles of ; Mecca Temple of the Mystic Shrine, New ; York, arrived in .Sun Kraueisco. . . .The ; site lor San Jose's new posiollice has been 1 selected . A. collision bet ween two trains near Bedford, Ind., resulted in the j ing oi several persons. . . A colored club ; in Philadelphia denounced the Federal • Klection Hill. . . .South Haknla was visit- i ed by a destructive hail storm . . .Great j damage was also done in Minnesota by the same storm.. ..lav Gould purchased the trustees of the Town of l'otter Valley. It is ordered that $765 he allowed to T. L. lliettand I). M. Copsuy as a partial; payment on the contract oi the Boon-'; villo and Point Arena wagon road, |7ii0 to be taken out. of County General Fund and ffO out. oi Anderson llnud District Fund. It isordered that now voting precincts be established us iollows, to wit: A ' a castle in Mexico for $0,000,000 An- precinct to include all the territory i ? tb <? w " r .l? i»V«''»cnt. in the Sa a Is A NOVEL point of law came up at the recent meeting of tho Board of Supervisors. The Board called for bids for printing the Great Register, and the Republican Press raised the point that the Board had no power to let the work; that the County Clerk had entire control of the matter. The law sustained this point, and the County Clerk will give out the work. THE Republicans have ousted Breckinridge of Arkansas from the House, becauso some unknown person killed the man whom he defeated a short time after the election. It seems to us t.bat Reed and his bouncers are putting themselves to a great deal of trouble in their manner of unseating Democrats, in order to get a good voting majority. They should bring in a resolution to bounce them all in a body, and be done with it. within the boundaries of Ukiah Citv i lands. . Five hundred deaths from cho! ent| north „f Perkins street, situated within | SSK ^itt the hunts ol aahl corporation, said pre- i in silver at Yienn running as high as 00 feet center and SO feet slope cut, and as j 1111 <" »«"• corporation, said pre- these ivere cut through rock the work j L ' i . nc . t ,Q bc known as " Ckiah City No. 1 was very expensive. In fact the whole i ^ otm| *' ''"'einet." All sooth of Perkins road presents a series of engineering dif- j Btrcet to bo known as " Ckiah City No. 2 THE Areata Union says "that if booming will nominate Hudson the Ukiah DIPPATCH-DEMOCKAT and the Lakeport Democrat will see that he gets there." Judge Hudson will not be nominated on the strength of his boom, but because he is the best man in the race. With him in the campaign as the Democratic nominee for Congress wo will lead the j it will make their heads swim I keep within sight of us. Dried Grapes. to We are in receipt of a proposition from N. Ward Fitzgerald, a well- known pension attorney of Washington, offering us one-third of his T . ... ... - , . , ,, i Republicans sucti a liveiy race that fees from this county as tho result ., r „ , ,, . . , of an advertisement he wishes us to j insert in the DISPATCH-DEMOCRAT. Tho unblushing cheek of this man is seldom surpassed. It, has been often asserted that theso pension attorneys (better known as pension sharks) are responsible for most of the pension legitdation that is enacted by Congress. How true this iti rony be scon from his letter to us, in which, among other things, ho says: " I was foremost in promoting the agitation of the Arrears Bill (passed in 1870) securing thus far to the soldiers and their heirs more than one thousand million dollars." Further on in his letter ho says: " I enclose herewith my now four-page .circular, giving synopsis of tho new law, which is destined to benefit nearly one million soldiers, widows und parents, and to bo tho cause of the disbursement of hundreds of millions of dollars," After giving us instructions as to mode of procedure, ho goos on to say that the logal foe under this tiweoping law is $10, but a $25 fee ran be secured in ir.awy cases. Ho also states that this now law " wili wake up many old bounty, horse, backpay, and other claims." He Tho demand for dried grapes which has recently become quite a boon to small grape growers, who are unable to go into the wine business, and who are too far from wineries to market their grapes with any degree of profit. If this do'.uand continues it ought to encourage small vineyards in this county. The following is taken from the Santa Rosa Democrat, and indicates a favorable state of affairs iu this business in Sonoma county: We have it on authority of Adam Crawford that sales were inatlo on Friday in the the upper end of the county, near I loverdale, of 900 tons of grapes, for drying, at fair prices. Tho sale of wine grapes for drying must, have a salutary effect on tho wine market, and will be tho means of compelling tbo wine-makers to hid higher for tho crop. Returned After A Brief Career. The Jlumboldt Times snye Or. R. Callahan, of Hhonervillo, has gone to assume the i»OBJtioii of surgeon and physiciou of lioopa Vallny Indian reservation. His family will remain in Khonervillo. What has become of E. S. S, Root, of Wostport, who went up to Hoops Valley last, winter to assume the position of physician for tho above numud reservation.— DlSl»ATCHd>BMOCHAT. Well, Dr. Hoot has probably jjono home again. We are told that he traded too much on government capital, and for that winds up his letter by stating that he (reason wan allowed to retire to private \ is an old newspaper man, and that a tallow-foolin fc for tliu craft prompts hiss to divide it "birthing" f?£12t us. The aiivtu 'tiuBmant he *ripbw us to pubJiih is headed "QUximvt New* (orSfeldsara! P«»- prnotice after a brief official career among the aborigines.— Areata Union. A meeting of the alockholders of Noyo f.umbar Co, will he held at Noyo, October 20th, to consider tho proposition to increase the capita) stock of the company to fl,000,OfH), ficulties. In many places, notably along the ocean bluffs, the work of surveying and construction hud to be done by the aid oi block and tackle, there being no foothold for the men to work on. Owing to the nature of the route it was necessary to build a narrow gauge line. Although the road from the river bottom (at its present ' to the top of the hill at the mouth oi Klk Creek is a steady up grade, and there is hardly a foot of Btraight track intbntdistance, the curves and grade have been so nicely equated that there is no perceptible difference in the heaviness of the pull at any place. T. P. Smyihe was tho cousi.i Hi -ling engineer of this railroad, and it certainly reflects much credit on his skill. Tom is quite proud of his achievement and well he might be. The highest credit should also be given to YV. II. White, Superind- ent of the Greenwood Mill and Klk Creek Kailroad properties. Will has achieved tho distinction of being the shrewdest lumber operator on the coast, and ho well deserves the honor. 11 is enterprise seems to know no bounds, and this railroad, in which he takes especial pride, is an evidence oi it. We might add that it is the intention to extend this road still farther up Klk Creek when necessity demands it, and it will also be run over the divide to Alder Creek, aud built along the banks of that stream to bring the timber out. Branch lines will also be constiucted up various j gulches of both creeks. Altogether it is a big enterprise, but the immense timber owned by Die company warrants it. Xl'.W GREENWOOD MIH-. The object of tbo Klk Creek Railroad was to bring logs from the vast redvvoodB of Elk and Alder creeks to a mill at the mouth of Greenwood Creek. For a long time a mill Jjan been in operation on Greenwood Creek, soino distance from its mouth, but its capacity is not as large as is desired, and it is not located right to saw up the timber oi tbo two above named creeks. Mr. White therefore decided to build a large mill at the moutb oi (ireenwood Creek, and his firs! step was the construction of an immense dam right across the mouth of this stream. The result of this work is the best log pond in the county. Its capacity i» estimated at. about 200,000 logs. On I ho north side of the pond, just, behind the dam, is now being erected the new Greenwood miil. It is a magnificent structure. Work is well advanced on it, and it, will be completed this fall. The size of the main building is 242x90 feet, and it is three stories high. The third floor is a now feature in sawmills in this county. In this mill it will lie used for filing rooms and othor light work. The timbers in this mill are the largest avor pul into a building of any kind in the county. Tliere is 2tl,0il0 running feot of timber in the building, and the smallest stick is 12xM. Tho larger portion of them are. 00 feet long. The entire llooi urea of tho building !B 75,000 square feet. It will be roofed with iron and nnishod In good style. Tho machinery for the mill will be the latest and most approved pattern. The engine will be 000 horse power. The full cutting capacity of the mil! will bo 125,000 feet a day. J, W. Harrow Is tho architect and constructor ol this mill. For years Mr. Harrett has had the reputation of being tho best sawmill man in Mendocino county, and it iR doubtful if ilia equal is to bo found on the Pacific Coast, and Mr. Wh'te showed his usual business sagacity in choosing him to construct his mill. A crow oi men have been engaged all summer in the woods getting out logs which the logging train is hauling and dumping into the, immense pond. The mill will probably be ready to manufacture those logs into lumber in a couple of months, bat it is doubtful if it will do much sawing beforo next seiiBon. In addition to being supplied from Klk and Alder crooks by railroad, tho mill will also he furnished with logs from Greenwood C'roek, which will bo cut, in tbo summer and driven down with th* fresh- eta in the winter. When in full running order this will be oco oi Ihe most extensive lumhor manufacturing plants on the Paclllc Const, and certainly a monument, to the enterprise of its owner, L. K. White, and his son, Supt. W. H. White, under whose shrewd, btistnoss-'.ike management the work lias all been done. Voting Precint." Contract for tho construction of a pub- lie wagon bridge, across Usal creek awarded to Kingsbury ix. Kamanelh. Contract for the construct! lie wagon bridge at Hoonvillo was awarded to T. C\ B. Finney for ifHTo. Contract for building bridge across Navarro river at Studebnker's was awarded to T. L. Uiett ior $1S20. Vt'EIIXF-SDAy, A"JQ. Glli. iioavd a'o present. Tho i'oll<nviti£ bills were allowrd and ordered paid. N E Grey, Constable fees ill 75 N E Grey, jail supplies 15 00 J M Standiey, transportation 16 70 Wain 1) Paiton, stamps II 70 D C Cnckett, carpenter work 2 00 Ordered that S4Q bo allowed i'roiu the Indigent Fund for Mrs J W Howard, to l>e expended by H H Hcott. Challant & Cunningham allowed HB for coffins, etc., from Indigent Fund. Board reported that they had examined the Fors5th Croe-k Uyidge, constructed by Kingsbury and Lamanoth and found it constructed according to contract, and ordered that the contractors, be paid SlSfJO out of Oeneral Fund and S90 out of Read Fund. Ono thousand dollars waa ordc-red transferred from the General lload Fund to the Lou(j Valley lloud District for the purpose of widening tho road between Laytunvttle and Eel Itiver, t/io samo to be done under the s tipervifion of Allen Davidson. Ordered that bids be received up to October 7th., for painting the bridges at Banel, at L. F. Long's, across ItUMSiau Kiver at Clark Ford, and the bridge at .South Eel river at John WatsoiiH,' each bridge to bh bid on separately, Bills allowed and ordered paid: I. O. ft«cd, lumber S 17 82 E. C. Perloy, erroneous ass'm'l IS 00 Tho contract for 1'uviiishiiiK meat to the County Hospital was awarded to Edward Bros." at the following prices: Fore quarter to 3ni rib beef... Ce Hind quarter 6c Mutton Do Pork ic Tbo coutrait fur constructing tho bridge across the Navarro river was awarded to the S. F' Jlridgo Co., by tho following vote: Henry, Day, Hticknev unci Sooti voting for tho 8. F. Bridge Co.. and |,Davii'.Bon voting for ilurrill. The sorvioes of'the night watch was ordered dispensed with by the following vote: Ayes: Henry, Hticknev, Huvidaou; Noes: Day, Scott. A. DAVIDSON , Chairman. . I feavy shipments of gold to Kurope continue. MOMMY, August -1.—Hot wind-! have greatly damaged tho Kansas corn crop The town of Shafter, Texas, was sacked and burned by Mexican bandits.. . .Klec- tions were held in Kentucky and Alabama; sweeping Wmocratic majorities on of a pub-1 are reported from both States... The coinage at the mints of the l.'nited states during .Inly was the lightest ever known. .... Every section of the United States is represented at the Odd Follows and Patriarch Militant now in session at Chicago... .Four more battles have been fought between San Salvador and Guatemala, and the former was victorious in all oi them France is adopting Btringent measures to guard against cholera Kmperor William arrived iu Kngland and was magnificently received. TVKSDAY, August 5.—The union printers of I.os Angeles are on a strike Heavy rains for the past ten days have caused damaging Hoods in Arizona A terrific explosion of henzine in a Beaver drug store toro tho building to pieces and killed several persons... A perpetual Chinese Kxclnsion Act has been in Iroduced in Congress.. . .The tirst bale of new California hops arrived in New York .... Representative r >reckenridge of Arkansas was unseated by the House on account of tho Clayton murder An outbreak is anticipated in Peru over the forthcoming election ior President It is rumored that Mexico will recognize the provisional government in San Sal vador Tho insurrection in the Argon tine Republic has terminated. WEDNESDAY, August, ti,—Kommler, the New York murderer, was executed by electricity this morning, and a bungling job was made of it... .Blainehas won tho President over to his reciprocity scheme. .... A violent cyclone visited portions of Canada Secretary Noble says tho Mariposa big trees must be protected from destruction Court ProceedinBH. llOM. It. Mf(>AU\KY, I 'HUSintNe. J !'. Walker vs Hie Creditors—Continued. T Murray vs Ills Creditors-Decree granted to set aBide homestead. Geo T Wilson vs li J C Galvin—An appeal from Justice Court—continued. F W Cook ys TJ U XJ Co—Judgment by default for plaintiff. John T Ward vs It Itercy Wright—Demurrer overruled, iu days to answer. Ceo Hay vs J B Walker et ul—Continued by council t. il P Jones vs Oscar W Day—Continued by agreement. Hank of Mendocino va H L Norton—Continued by oousvtit. U Murks vs Engono (Hilton-Motion to amend submitted. Mary Asbill vs J M Slandley—Judgment for plaintiff. Restitution live stock of horses and mules amounting to 81(100. Thos Hopper vs W J Fulwider—Judgment for restitution of the promisee ,iml costs of suit. Ukiah Assessment for 1890. City Assessor, H. Morris, has completed the assessment of Ukiah City. The valuation of property tans increased $111,818 since the iHKt iissoMsnimit. Tho following I* the locttpitiil.itlon lor 1890: Value of real estate other thnti town lotsj -18,300 Value of improvements thereoii . io ,fjiio Value of city and town lots sts/ito Value of improvements thereon *71,1£0 Value of personal property exclusive ol money and solvent credlu . 1UG.705 Amount of money mid solvent credits . 'ju«m Value of uinrtKiinus, ileeila,etc, by wlileii a debt Is secured In the property affected thereby llK .PiiF, Ccast Items. From Mcndot Ino Ileneon. There is an unusual number of campers on the const this summer and all are loud iu their praise of our glorious climate. Sullivan and Murphy have purchased tho saloon on the corner opposito the Mansion House and will take possession to-day. Kverot Kent, started last week (or a trip lo tbo old homo of his lather in Maine, and will visit othor places in the East bo- fore ho returns. A lire on Ten Mile river Thursday evening destroyed three or four buildings belonging to Snm McMnllcn. The lire caught from a defective flue. Charley Klarnot has sold bis interest in the barber shop to T. li. Cramer, and wii\ lenvo in a low days for San Francisco where ho will hereafter reside. Miss McMaster died at Greenwood Monday and was buried at Cttffey's Cove Tuesday. Deceased was a young lady and fell a victim to consumption. A heavy shock of earthquake wns felt hero at a quarter to two o'clock .Saturday morning. The peaceful slumber of citizens was disturbed by tho shaking of buildings and rattling tif furniture. The shock was felt all along the coast. The following ofiienrs of Rescue Lodge, No. SOS, I. O. G. T., wore elected Tuesday evening to serve for the ensuing quarter: C. T., A. K. Calder; V. T., Mrs. George SwiUor; Secretary, Miss Gertrude 8witz- er; Financial Secretary, I. C. Perry; Tveaaurer, C. \Y. Ma theirs; Marshal, I.. J. Allen ; Guard, Miss Ida Switzor; Sentinel, Charley Morgan, Point Arena Hecord. k in I :Uah '. ity. in sa'iii :H ll 'Ilt lime .-111 Ll p'ilfe. !- M.'-ni lheroafti -r si limy llVellietie,' oi tile I 'euvrd. fut pltij'.'-inls lo liiiiinhiin Oie pul'lie oiiets ivlit.ia «iuh re =,pert!ve ><.'ct|i»!is of Mlver Koad DtMrlet for a peri,„( in' v,\u v,-,is entlne: with the l .-t day oi July, l ^'.r.'. -ip >>!i" lb. e -oi, lilt,ms tha' 1 'ie eon tractor ^linll, irithin ,i ri'itsi ,n;:hle 1 'ine llicreuf- ter, e !V> etnully ilrmii nml keep iliulued nil springy \>iti> e« in t !ie road, thnt he provide proper drains or bridires fur all streams or woler courses crossine the read at any season of the \ ear, that lie sh ill re unive nil obilruetiims fnitti the road wtihins reitsniiiilile lime after they may occur, thai he prevent as far as p,ivsll,ie (he water from rtlli- iilii;: on the roadbed, thill In; keep the chuckholes and ruts filled up with rock or sniie- eilier suitable material, lluit 'all roek used on the ma i shall tirst be reduced lo a size of not over three tnehes In diameter, that lie sUr.ll maintain Ihe road at the established crude bv removing all slides dowu to the old roittlbcd. that he maintain the rniid on excavations at a whllh of m.r less than eight teei tmd on lb. 1 iniLtraded portions at a width of not less than twelve feet. Hint he shall remove stumps ami projecting roots and rocks from the roadbc:! anil bnmehes of blithe:and trees from within reach of passing teams, that he shall keep all bridges In reasonable repairs. A bidder Is required to be a resident within the limits of Kiver Koad Illstrlet. but mav put to bids for one or more or for all the Sections hereinbefore deserllied, but he is required to specifically stale the amount per year of twelve sueees 'sive months fur each specific Section, descriiiiiitt if b.v its re &peelive number, for which lie proposes lo maintain thepuMfe rofirts therein accordiuir lo the specllieaiious bereln- before (riven, and in addition thereto he shall also stale nl what nil" i ,-i rod he will agree lo roek such portions of the roadbed toadeplli of six luetics, and a wbllh of einhl feci, as may he re,|iiiied of him tu do so ituriu" the term of his eoutraet b .v On- order of the l'.,,;ir,l ofsupcrvis ors, the cuinpen .-Mtiou for which lo be Iu addition to the contract price agreed upon for lhe Seel Ion. Open an award the bidder will he required to ttive bond-for the faithful perfoi iilnuee of his cnulnu'l la accordance with these specitications with two responsible bondsmen to the amount of the contract price per annum, and unless such bonds be provided iiecnrtlme, lo law and approved by the Itourd. or one of Its meuihets appointed as a committee for that purpose, within leu days after the award, the board reserves lhe ri^bt to award the contract tnanolhcr bidder, and also reserves the rltrht to reject aliv and alt liids. by order of lhe Board of Supervisors of Mendocino Couiitv. SAM. P. PAXTON, July 1". isao. (l .'i) Cleric. I wish to announce to tho people of f. T ki;ih SUHI vicinity that! have opened a FIRST-CLASS FURN1TUUK ESTABLISHMENT in the Engle IJloek. I have cm hand und will •ilways carry a Full Stock of FURNITURE, CARPETS, DRAPERIES, Vt ALL PAPER, OIL PAINTINGS, PICTURE MOLDINGS, ARTISTS' MATERIALS, CURIOS, ETC. All my Goods nre ofiho very LATEST STYLES, rind of r .RST-CLASS QUALITY. I WILL GITABANTKE Spare Dealing! To EVERYBODY . A fair shore of the Public Patronnge is solicited. Call and wainine vaj flock. IToiars for 33u.siiiess, J. W. EVERSOLE, Eagle Block, State St., UKIAH, CAL. Notice to lioad Contractors, 1/ ON,; Y.W.l.KY HO AD DISTRICT, HAVINH ( h'-cn (UvUUM into Scolions rcspuclivoly '• nuinhort. 1 *] unci tU'frriln.'*! an follows: i HKI TIO.N" i,—Cammoiirln? nt the north honnrt- J nry <if Lout: Vallpy 'ils.rh't .'it V"n Mile Kiver | ViilU'v, \\\\y\ Twnninj; lo Utv-.oiivillc. SKC. 'J. —From I.uytouvlUc to Eel Hirer on Hoiiiul VHIIVV ivOfifl. SK>:. Kmbrm'iMK nil the Imlniiec oi" the romi.H in tin- Diiirtct- Norm, if= UKRKUY GIVKN. thut ponle«3 Mils will he receive'! by (lie Uonnl nf Sujiervisors of MemlnWnu CuinilV up lo lOo'eloek A. M..OU OIL * i Slh liny of flclolifr, 1S9I), j At the olHcc of the Olrrk in L'kiah city, in stiiii i county, to be opened :>t that time nud place ; aud Ut be UCUH\ a* Minn Un-ivuficr :«s may i suit I he convenience of the Hoard, for pri-po-ul* I to maintain the public roads within surh re- j sneeUvt ^"etionsof I,out? Vat Icy Hond District for j ihe period •>! iwo yrursondin« with tltelstdayof I July, !*<);.', upon the conditions that the eon- j tmelor shall, within a reasonable time there- i after, etfW'tually druin ami keep drained all I sprlnyy phiee.s in the rond, that he provide ' proper drains or hrld#en for all streumnor water courses crossing the road at any seanou of die year, that he shall remove all onslructlons irom the road within a reasonable time after they may occur, that he prevent us far as possible the wafer from nuivtiuK on the roadbed, that he keep the chuekholes and ruts tilled un with roek or.some other suitable material, tluit all roek used on thevoud suul! firnt be reduced to a size of not over three inches iu diameter, that he shall maintain the road at the established grade by removing all slides dowu to the old roadbed, that he maintain the road on excavations at a width of not ier.» than • i&ht. leet and on the ungraded portions at a width of not less than twelve feot, that he shall remove stump* and projecting roots and roeks from the roadbed and branches of bushes und trees from within reach of passing teams, that he shall keen nil bridges in reasonable repairs. A bidder Is required to be a resident within (lie limits uf Lunji Valley Road District, but may ; nut ict bids for one or more or for all i lie Section's j nereiu before described, but he is vcvjwired to ape-1 eiflcally state the amount per yearof twelve successive months for each specific section describing It by its respective number for which he proposes to inalulaiii the public roads therein according lo the specification* herd nafor? give ti and in addition tnereio he shall also state at what rate iter rod he will ujfvee tu mek such ponions of the roadbed to /i depth of six inches, aud a width of eight feet, as may be required of him to do so during the tvnn of his contract bv the order of the Hoard oi Supervisors, thu compensation for which to be in addition to the contract price agreed uimu for the section, I'pon an award the bidder will be required to give bonds /or the faithful performance of his contract in accordance with these specifications with two respoualble bondsmen to the amount of the contract price per annum, and unless such bonds be provided accord tug to law and approved by the Hoard, or one of its members appointed as a eommUtee for that purpose, within ten days after the award, the Hoard reserves the right lo award the contract to uuothcr bidder, aud also rcitrves the right to reject fluv and all bids. liv order oi the Board of Supervisors of Mendocino County. Attest; BAM. 1). HAXTOX, July lg. iP90. (tr>) Clerk. The Best Selected Stock of GENERAL MERCHANDISE Ever Brought to COVELO, CAL, Must be Cleared within Ninety Days from July 1st. Goods Will Be !5old STRICTLY FOR CASH, And at Prices Lower than ever before Offered. Clifton & Weill. SHERIFF'S SALE. Notice of lhe Sale of Real Estate Under Execution. A. LEWIS ,t CO., \ Vlnintijt's, UEO. J. I1110WN-, LitfriKlant,. LF 2J TRIANON, VIRTUE OK AN KXKCCTION ISSUED out of the Superior Court of the County of , Hauta Cruz, of the State of California, wherein ; A. Lewis A: Co.. plaiiulfln, and Ueo, J. Hrown, • defendant, upon a judgment rendered the'2ml ! dfty of October, A. D. ltfSS, for the sum of eleven ' hundred aud Hixty-eisbA nndslxty-slx one h'.m- ' dredths (f MG&fifl) dollars, Uuited States gold \ coin, besides costs and intercut, I have this day i levied unou all the right, title, claim and Interest ot said defendant, Geo. J. Hrown, of, 3n and to the following described real estate, to-wit 1 , Helng In I he village of Covelo, County of Mendocino, Stuto of California: Commencing at the soi!:h;te>d comer of lot of 11. Mark* «iid Main street, thence cast. :!00 feet to county road, thenre south V,0 feet to lhe land of Ceo. J. Hrown, thence west I'IOO feel to Main street, thc-nue north 30 feet to point, of hetfluuluK, together with alt tbe hereditament* and appurtenances pertaining thereto. I'uhlle notice is hereby given that, I will, on The 6lli day of Scptembcr, 1890, nl '2 n'clof-'k r. M. of salt! ilny, In front of th« court. tuuiHt; door of lhe County of Moniloflno. ur t 'ktith, si'll ut \utUle miction, for Uuliod stnti.'H Kohl coin, ull the rtijlit, UtUs claim unit tuioroHt of sulci ueli 'tidHut, Ueo. J. flrowu, of, In tmil lo lhe uuovi' tluseribdl iinipiTty, or so nun.'h tlii 'rcof tls may be neeuHsiiry to rulse antlielent to Biitisf y said Jii'lKinuul, wltti Interest Hllil COHIH, ci.0.. to Uie highest inil best blilucr. Dated Mils Glli day of AURimi, ISSu. J. M. 8TASDL1SY, Slierlff. Hy T, J. WKLUOK, fuller BberOf. Blue Lakes, BMIIE VEBDIEB, Lake County, Cal. - PEOPEIETOB. THE FIRST HOTEL COMING FROM UKIAIK VEW AMI MLBHin Sl'MMKlt UE5URT ON' Tin-: snow: Of III 1 1^ or oi a park of ei-mnry-ulrl trees. Uwn tennis .-mil iroauer eronud lIollllllB. hothll,^ nail fM.Ini:. Klrsi -flats l'renel. eookilH-. gW~"vl J tliere is no filne,; e.^llftl lo "l.e 1 'rlniKiu." Address. EMILE l.ake County, v.n). VERDIER, Benba P. O. LANE'S SPRINGS, If | nvuuMViuu ttuiiuyji i rOUItTEEN MI1.ES NORTH OK IIK'.AH. ppO-S 11BMEDV POU CATAUKII.—Host. KaBiest Ohonpwt-. Itehof in iinminliuie. A euro is 1'iir (JOU in tho lloud ifc hiw i 10 equul. It is an Oimml'Mt, or which n HIIIUII I I I I I HI to the nostril*. Vricc, «to. M Sohl by lln ^u T^l | b.v uiiiil. AJdret» K. T. IIAZKLTINI:, Warren, Vu. mm A, ...f^'li'rt CaaipiiiB Orounrla In tho County. «(iter, wood and sroiimla free. Hood piisiiiratro fol'buniva ut moderate rates. «-•"» T. A. LAME, Prop. Total Tola! IO? 189D aiu,66U lB <"«» SB -1111,1118 Qrita a ploiiBant furcivell pattv was ton- ilerc'l Misa Nellie Arnold, on Y\ edtiewliiy evening by tho moinborfi o( tho Womans' Heliel Corps and tho Krcdoricknhuri; I'oRt <i. A. It. AM II token ol entcom Minn Arnold WIIH presented with a gold badge of the Htiliel'Corps, llor ninny frioJtuM roarut very niituh HiatMhe ia about to leave our midst, Jvwt a» we go to prens wo bear that iV.rH. Jito. Uulloivay, wife of one olottr old- cut and nvmt. wpeeled eilizctiH, dh«l at her bimio at Suhooner (iuluh thin morning at eight o'clock. Her death WHH m.t wholly unexpoutcd nh nbo wtm unite advanced in ytitirH i .nd verv ieeblo. Her) husband Btill Uvon to mourn this unruc-| ,W~V? V }"* purcliHwilHIiiKLK^wnMiOioiiw nni'ilnhln \naa und Ir, <lin ImnWonf 1 renpRCtflllly solicit the; piltrobugo Of tile ]iublln oncilanio losg .RtiU to Dim Hie Hearts ol ull w B ,bluK. lruntug, as'i auUais dono with nent our citizens j£0 out in wannest Hympathy.' uenanii maputoS. litHiiu.i Washing and Ironing! Ah Pood's \Va>!io»siv »'«r. I'liurfb niKlNlvveunou Hit,, Dkiuli. NOTICE! Of Meeting of tho Hoard of Kqmiliza- tioa of Hie Town of Ukiah City, VrGTH'H IS HKKUflV (JIVKN THAT THK 1.1 HoKfil of Trustees of the Town of l.'kliih City will meet ul the Town Ilnli in UK lull citv at 10 o'clock A. M. on MOMIAY, At:uiVT lltli, istiii, und »lt as n lloiu'.l of K-.;i;ullz,nloii io equullze UHsessineiits, unit thai lo Hie meniiiKne said assessment hook will rvmulii in my ollle,' Ior tbe Inspection of nil persons . r.tereste'd. Ukiuli, Cal., AUKiisi ,'i, ISD0, 11. MOltlllS. * v " i:letll. Notice of Administrator's Sale. Notice to Ocditora. ues»»n<lai«p«itcli. UtHiiuVl AUWJOH . Al^mt^ 18!)Q. gSTATB Oi 3. H. HOI,MAN, UKCEASIKI). Notiee U herebv fjiven by the \inderi,ti',;H'il udiiiliilstmlrlx of die estute uf ,1. s. Iddiuun, die ceased, to tin* eredttoru of und all i>.;rsoiis iuiv- Inir elalni.s iitfuinst the tald ileeeii'-ed la exhibit llu'in with the neeesscry en::.' JUTS, itlihln four months after ilie lirHi piiiilleiiMon of this notice, to the administratrix: ut tier vv„li\v»ce In the town of Wllliis, Aleudoeino eoiiiuy, Hie SADIO tudim the place for the traiiMicitoti of the business of duld estate. MRS, I). K. II01.MAN, AilmlnlHtrntrix of tho Kslnle of J«. Uolinuil, deeeaised. JN T1IK F>UI<KKU')K l.'OOUT OF THE COIJN- l tv oi Memlof-Ino.SlftW ef llulHorlilu. Jn'iiie mr.iter of the estate of c, U. Arthm,- ilceensed. Notice Is hereby given llmt in pur- suiinee of an ovdev of tho Superior Court of- Meinloelno Ci'linty, Htate of California, made on the 1Mb ot April, IH'JI). in tbe mutter of tliees'.ulo ofc. 11. Artlitir, deceased, the utidersl^ued. tbo Ailniinlstrator de IIOUIH nitii with lhe Will annexed, of tbe..said estate, will sell ut uubllo auction, to the highest blddet, for ca:,b, i?old enin nf the United Slates, initl siibjei.-t lo eoiillr- ination hy said Suiierior Court, on Siilnrilay, tint JDlli tiny of tlugiiKt. 1890, At 2 o'clock i\ M., In front of tlte door of tho j rotirt House, in L'kluli City, Mendocino count), j Cal.,all tbe ritdit, titli, Interest and estate of j the said C. It. Arthur at tho time of 111;; ik-aili, f un<: all the rlylc. line and inlercst llmt tbe suid estioe has by ojiei.ition of law or otherwise ue- •Inired, other than In adi'ltlon to tliat of tint 1 said C. It. Aitltiir ill tn" ttnii' of hi? death, In ' and too all Hint certain lot, piece or parcel of hind situate, lyiiiif and helm; ,'n tbe said comity of Mendocino, Slute of Callfoi'iiht, und bounded iiild deserttwd as follows, to wit: 'Mi ot rtW}^ of Sect ion lii. T Vi N, 1< 1(1 W, M D M. Terms ttnd coiidilioiiH of sale—ehsb, 10 per cent %>t tin? pin-ebiise price, in gold cctu rif the Helled "lutes, puviiUle on ilnv of the sale, hul- mice luivahle on eotitiri.iatloii of tlu iilo by Dm .IUIIKC of this Court. Deed at uxpeiis.-l of pui- eluiser. ttkiiih, August 7th, i «eo. IJ. A. OVKI.MISYER, ArtmliilMrutorde lionla non, with (ho Will un- nexeil ot tlio B»li«i! ot C. K. Artliuv deceuieil. YBU it HSAWKLL, AUociuiyn tor f.diu. stasia

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