The Salina Journal from Salina, Kansas on May 18, 1997 · Page 20
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The Salina Journal from Salina, Kansas · Page 20

Salina, Kansas
Issue Date:
Sunday, May 18, 1997
Page 20
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B8 SUNDAY, MAY 18, 1997 LIFE THE SAUNA JOURNAL HOUSEHOLD HINTS HELOISE King Features Arthritis pain leads to changes in kitchen Dear Heloise: When arthritis made it painful to lift my coffee carafe full of water, I simply moved the coffeemaker near enough to the sink to be able to use the spray base to fill the water reservoir. It doesn't hurt my hand and there are no irksome spills. I sincerely enjoy your helpful hints. — Charlene Southwick, Phoenix Dear Charlene: Adapting is a real strength, no matter the age or circumstance. Your hint is a good, shining example. — Heloise Dear Heloise: When my children may need a medication at night, I premeasure it the night before and put it in a labeled bottle, like a bottle of the same medicine from a previous refill. That prevents my making a dangerous error in the middle of the night. It is also a good way for a baby sitter to give medication. One dose in a labeled bottle. It can make a big difference in a medical emergency situation. — Janet Hogan, Huntsville, Ala. Dear Heloise: Instead of buying brown paper wrap for mailing packages, I use a large paper grocery bag. (They do want us to recycle!) Cut it on the same edges that they glue, open it up, turn it with the printing on the inside and wrap away! The outside of your package will be clean for writing the address. — Diane Sullivan, Spokane, Wash. Send tips to Heloise, PO Box 795000, San Antonio TX 78279-5000 or fax it to 210-HELOISE. T MEDICINE THE SUNDAY CROSSWORD 77 Dehumanized 80 Put to the proof 82 Smithsonian's — Qay 83 Increase 84 Adam's grandson 85 Sign up 86 'The Woman —": Wilder/Radnor film 87 Nancy of mysteries 88 Anglers' enticements 89 Earth goddess Nehru's daughter 94 Let 95 Playing marble 98 Homebase for Chuck? 100 Hideaway for Ezra? 103 Chesterfield 104 Like a team of 105 Shenandoah caverns 106 Sea mammal 107 Large multitude 108 Space stations 109 Obliterate 110 Type of top 1 91 oxen DOWN Washed out 2 Borodin's prince 3 Novice 4 Walked on too high heels 5 Doges'diet, perhaps 6 See 1 Down 7 Ocho—, Jamaica 8 Damage 9 Wlndflower 10 Trailing 11 Surprise, In a big way 12 Get along 13 Evergreen 14 Lieutenant of "South Pacific" 15 Border on "TRAVELOGUE" By BERNICE GORDON ACROSS 1 Gold medalist skater 5 Italian cheese- producing province 10 Golf stroke 14 Phone 18 Money changing 19 Charlie Chan, for one 20 Mode of correspondence 22 Leigh Hunt hero 23 Hideaway for Oliver and Dinah? 25 Ed and Jean's retreat? 27 Turns like a wheel 28 A color yellow 30 Uncle — 31 Novelist Hunter 32 Greene of "Bonanza" 33 Cattle 34 Solid: Comb, form 37 Used a strop 38 A key letter 39 NE China river 42 Not so rosy 43 Takes the A train 44 Chief executive 46 "— Lang Syne" 47 Trilled 48 Cruet contents 49 Fodder food 50 Sect start 51 Bora for Betty and Vanna? 55 Fine furrow 56 Supports 58 Salon solution 59 Semitic god 60 Procreating 61 Weatherman's device 62 Elevation 64 Advice to a spendthrift 65 Ekberg or Ekland, e.g. 66 "Nothing is here —": Milton 68 Rate highly 70 Spot for Dylan and Danny? 72 Soak flax 73 Short final? 74 Pt. of the Congress 75 Sheltered side 76 Cleric, in Cluny ANSWERS TO TODAY'S PUZZLE ARE ON PAGE B4. 16 Actress Petty 17 Olympics' runner 21 Restricts 24 Mrs. Fred MacMurray, June — 26 Moses' Mount 29 War god 32 Resort hotel 33 Ship stabilizers 34 Squabbles 35 Orion's bullish neighbor 36 Perry's place? 37 Makes a suggestion 38 Pickling juice 39 Where Minnie and Bailey vacation? 40 He's opposed 41 "—Small World" 43 Feeling remorse 44 Self-possessed assurance 45 Advanced age 47 '97 award- winning movie 51 Postpone 52 Prelude 53 Actress Hunt 54 Where llamas range 55 Ancient Egyptian 57 Emotional state 59 See 30 Across 61 Excalibur 62 Like Swiss cheese 63 High-pitched 65 Oxfords 66 Threadlike 67 Lieu 68 Hindu sacred writings 69 Cut 70 Cast 71 Floral containers 76 Historian 78 Country singer Glbbs 79 Nervous 80 Blackbirds 81 Skyline standout 82 Down source 85 African antelopes 87 "— Harry" 88 Less 89 Lab vessels 90 Change the color again 91 Victim of the Spaniards 92 Jordan's queen 93 Small amount 94 Mischievous Norse god 95 Volga River feeder 96 Notion 97 Alaska's first governor 99 Collins or Cruise 101 "—Town" 102 Antlered animal 01997 Los Angeles Times Syndicate Overexertion prompts blood in urine Dear Dr. Donohue: Could you please go into depth about blood in the urine from exercise? This happened to me about $ a year ago. Numerous tests could not find any reason for me having blood in the urine. I remember that I overexerted myself doing aerobics, and that night, my back hurt. — M.M. Dear M.M.: Hematuria — blood in the urine — happens to as v many as one in five athletes who overexert. Nevertheless, when urine is bloody, everyone becomes unglued. And rightly so, for there are many serious conditions that can cause blood in the urine, including cancer, infections and stones. You had what I like to call DR. PAUL DONOHUE North America Syndicate "sports hematuria." The duration of exercise is a major factor in causing it. I can give you many explanations for why it happens, but let's keep it simple: The jostling movements of exercise break small, fragile blood vessels in the bladder and kidney. With two days of rest, the urine clears. No more blood is seen. An athlete participating in any sport is wise to consult a doctor when blood is seen in the urine. That is especially true if the athlete is older than 40, when urinary tract tumors peak. In most cases, nothing serious is found. All the same, self-diagnosis for a such an alarming sign is treading on thin ice. Dear Dr. Donohue: Every year I get tennis elbow. I can bank on it as much as I can that crabgrass will sprout in my lawn. What can I do to prevent it? — N.A. Dear N.A.: To prevent tennis elbow, strengthen forearm muscles. Get a lightweight dumbbell, 3 pounds maximum. While seated, rest your forearms on your thighs. Hold onto the dumbbell with your hand, knuckles up. Your hands should be hanging freely, not supported by your thighs. Bend your wrist slowly up and down eight times in a row. Then reverse your grip, holding the dumbbell with your knuckles down. Go for another eight bends of the wrist. As you gain strength, increase the dumbbell weight. There are many more preventive steps you should take. They are best left to a tennis pro, who can teach you proper stroke technique. Here are a few: • Use a comfortable grip. • Try to hit the ball well in front ofyou. • Don't bend your elbow when you hit a backhand shot. Dear Dr. Donohue: I am a novice runner — at age 73! I like it, but my feet are somewhat sore af- ter I run. Which is the better shoe for me — a soft, well-padded one, or one with a firmer sole? — J.J. Dear J. J.: Intuition might point you in the direction of the well- padded, softer shoe. But intuition would be wrong in this case. Dr. Steven Robbins of Montreal General Hospital points out that you are able to keep your balance better when you wear shoes with thinner, harder soles. And such shoes might be easier on your feet. With shoes that have very soft soles, your feet don't pick up signals indicating change in the running surface. Falls are more common with such shoes. Get shoes with relatively thin, hard-rubber soles. Leather lace-up shoes with hard, skid-resistant soles also would be good. Dr. Donohue is unable to answer individual letters, but he will incorporate them in his column whenever possible. Write: P.O. Box 5539, Riverton, NJ 08077-5539. Now Accepting Applications for Enrollment for Summer Day damp Camp begins May 30 thru August 18 Boys & Girls - 1st thru 6th grade Monday thru Friday Call or Stop by The Salvation Army 913-823-3441 from 1 pm to 8 pm Monday thru Friday 1137 N. Santa Fe, Salina Cwgwtulatiaw, fyaduate Graduation is a special time at any age and Precious Moments 9 collectibles by Enesco are the perfect way to commemorate this momentous event. Each heart warming figurine is a lifelong reminder of this wonderful achievement. Carroll's Hallmark 200 S. Santa Fe 827-2907 Also Available at Sunset Plaza and Central Mall © 1997 Enesco Corp., Illusl. shown © 1978-1997 Precious Moments, Inc. Lie. Enesco Corp. A YOU'RE READY FOR A NEW MATTRESSlWft • . • > Your mattress is older than you are. >You finally vacuum all the crumbs off your mattress and it actually becomes less comfortable. • You deliberately pick fights with your spouse just so you can sleep on the couch. • Your kids jump and play on your bed, but you can't hear them over the mattress noise. DOM this sound Ilk* your mtttms? H to, It's thm for • MW ono. .AND WE'RE READY WITH I SPECIAL CLOSEOUT PRICES! AS LOW AS STARTING $<|AQOO TWIN EA. PC. I 5:30 pm lay 9'til 5pm 90 Days Same as Cash 1930 S. 9th • Salina • 823-3971 T DRUNK DRIVING Drunk-driving deaths rise despite MADD By The Associated Press The long national campaign against drunk-driving seems to have stalled, and 17,274 people died in alcohol-related traffic crashes during the last year for which statistics are available. That figure represents, for the first time in almost a decade, an increase in the number of drunk- driving fatalities compared to the preceding year. While deaths from drunk-driving are up, fund raising for Mothers Against Drunk Driving is down, as is media coverage given to the drunk-driving issue. Efforts to lower the legal blood alcohol concentration from .10 percent to .08 percent continue to founder in many states, thanks to vigorous lobbying by the liquor and hospitality industries. "You've heard so much about drunk-driving that there is a perception that it's a problem fixed or almost fixed," said Katherine Prescott, national president of MADD. But the problem is not fixed. In fact, 41 percent of all traffic fatalities involve alcohol. Licensed Child Care Center (for Kdg. enrollees-up to 12 years) on-site at YMCA & YWCA Roller Skating Bowling Art Projects Flag Football Soccer Movies Racquet Ball Field Trips many, many more!!.' Y YMCA (ttMtef fee icak) for those who qualify. Ask us about it. For Camp SWAT Packet Call (913) 825 2151 1997 National Cancer Survivors Day The 10th Annual Celebration for Life for cancer survivors and their families will be held Sunday, June 1, 1997 • Lakewood Park 1 to 2 p.m. - Chicken Picnic (Catered) 2 to 3 p.m. - "Celebration of Life" service, tree dedication, visiting and fellowship > We hope you will join this celebration to reinforce the , ,/ ^ fo$ that people ijjrvive cancer, and that the American Cancer Society and others are working hard to help increase the chances of cure and long-term survival. By participating in this celebration you will be sending a message of hope to persons with cancer in the community. Ye*! Name to attend the "Celebration of Life" Picnic _ Number of Dinners ($2 ea.) _ Address Please complete this coupon and return it to the address below by Thursday, May 29,1997. Be sure to enclose $2.00 for each dinner. Mail to: Marg* D«cker 831 E. Wayne, Apt 202 Salina, KS 67401 Salina Regional Health Center

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