Ironwood Daily Globe from Ironwood, Michigan on August 5, 1965 · Page 16
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Ironwood Daily Globe from Ironwood, Michigan · Page 16

Ironwood, Michigan
Issue Date:
Thursday, August 5, 1965
Page 16
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SIXTEEN IRONWOOD DAILY GLOBE, IRONWOOD, MICHIGAN THURSDAY, AUGUST 5, 1965. Your Horoscope By Sydney Omorr Fr'tlay. August 6 i "The wise man cor.lrols h i s destiny. . .Astrology points t h e way." ARI£S -Mar. Cl — Apr. 19': Lessons learned in past can now be utilized. Ker>p mind ope n . Don't n'lterapt to hang to pas;. Unfinished business may nerd' TATFRUS i Apr. 20 — May •;-!ii: Bright, new oor.taci indited. U'xpre<-s ri'rv:--:'.'. .\?.~: ;>-V-:A<:,'-. Display Interest. Oilier.s an;:-:o'is to ma UP favorable ir.ipi cs.sicn . i-jv^niiiji finK for attending ai'air. GEMINI i May 2! — Jur.f 20): Conditions around base of operations may be unusually tense. Utilize innate wisdom. Be flexible. . .listen to all sides of question. Realize family members ,iavc right to express opinion. CANCER (June 21 — July 22): Best to entertain at home, if practical. Forces appear scat- :ered. Confusion reigns unless you slow pace. Utilize sense of ;iming. . .then you go in right direction. LEO (July 23 — Aug. 221: Avoid extravagance. Tendency now is to throw caution out of window. Be aware of det a i 1 s. hidden clauses. Fine social even- '.ng indicated. But don't overdo it! VIRGO (Aug. 23 —Sept. 22): Answer you seek is close a t home. You can get what you want if you are obser v a n t. Change, travel and vari e t y featured. Member of oppos i t e sex due to play significant role. LIBRA (Sept. 23 — Oct. 22): Indications are that you require additional information. Money, savings, investments may be involved. Check possessions. B e sure of directions, basic purpose. SCORPIO (Oct. 23 —Nov. 21): Best course is not to mix money and friendship. Individual who confides problem may only b e "testing." Know this and react accordingly. Seek additional information. SAGITTARIUS (Nov. 22 — Dec. 21): Cycle high. You are able to put across views, pro- cii'ct. Be confident, and you reap rewards. Members of opposite sex much attracted. Your personal magnetism rating soars! CAPRICORN i Dec. 22 — Jan. 191: If you apply yourself . . . you come UD with profitable answers. Key is examining all angles of current situation. One who teaches could provide miss- Ing link. Investigate! AQUARIUS (Jan. 20 — Feb. 18): New approach now pays di- vidonrN. Don't hana- on to outmoded methods. Attention t o younger person may be neces- BRIDGE BY JACOBY i and the heart would have broken up the squeeze. Q — The bidding has been: 2932-H \. m t fr^s ^iv-'v.^ " -^ NORTH 46.? V A ,1 2 • Q 8 ? VTES A T A J ' 0 9 5 4 V ll ? 4 7 I 1 + 6f East i V Pa,:.-' Dblc Dblc Op 3 £ A ¥ • Jf, BoUi 5 A Q.J 10 E KAST A AK V K. Q • K r ) + 74 Q82 T 5 A J 109 a K 9 (D) 108 6 4 4 wiliicrable South West ? * n +_ J . * Pass Pass Pas:; Pass Pass ening lead — + North 3 + 3 V 7 ^ Pass 6 Kast 1 * 2 * Pass Pass You South 1 * 3 A 4 4k West North 1 * I N.T. Dble Pass Dble Pass South, hold: A None A None *AKP7fi;> •AQJ10764 What dn you do'.' A — Bid five hearts! Your partner should read thin bid as a demand that lie bid six In one of Ihe red suits. He should also rralirr that you actually arc showing- six hearts and seven diamonds. TODAY'S QUESTION Wist passes. Your partner bids five no-tnimp. What do you do now after Kast passes'? Answer Tomorrow BEN CASKY By Ncal AdanM Y I LOOK AT IT? GOTTA WATCH OUT FOR THIS HAND. IT MAKES A I.OTOFMONEXFORME. CASEY! OH, DON'T KNOW. 6RABBED HIS HAND AND HE IIJST... WHAT HAPPENED IT'S NOTHING, NOTHING.'JUST A TWINGE. FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS By Merrill Blossef Quick Quiz A LOVELY QUILT!- Lovely, roses made from bias tape and ; easy embroidery combine with ; appliquecl butterflies to form a most attractive coverlet for any' bedroom! Pattern No. 2932-H has hot-iron ; transfer for 8 rose motifs: pat- : tern piece for butterfly: full directions. : To order, send 35c in coins to: ! Anne Cabot, Ironwood Daily Globe, 407 S. Wacker Drive, Chicago, 111., 60607 For Ist-class mailing add lOc for each pattern. Print name, address with zip code, style No. and size Send 50c now for your new '65 Fall and Winter Album! Regular features: custom collection; items to crochet, knit, stitch! sary. Accent independence, initiative, originality. PISCES (Feb. 19 — Mar. 201: No time to argue or force issues. You gain most throu g h tact, diplomacy. Trust intuition. Study and observe. Best to play waiting game. . .let others make initial moves. "5 <?> <> IF TODAY IS YOUR BIRTHDAY, .you have warm personality, are attractive to members of opposite sex. You are interested in music and drama. O O <1 GENE RAL TENDENCIES: Cycle high for Sagittarius. Capricorn. Special word to Cancer: Concentrate forces. Finish what you start. , By JACOBY & SON Don't think that North's bidding represented insanity. Quite the contrary! North was of very sound mind but slightly hard of hearing. When East opened the bidding with one heart. North thought he had said "Pass." Hence North was bidding on the assumption that Walter Malowan who s a t South had opened with a forcing two diamond bid. East was pretty sure that his opponents were confused and his double was an attempt to punish them for their confusion. It also was a great mistake. West assumed that the double called for a club lead and led a club whereupon Walter was able to make a grand slam. It wasn't very lucky? All it required was a diamond finesse: a two-two trump break: a favorable opening lead and the possession by East of the ace-king of spades and king-queen of hearts so that a squeeze would be developed. Walter won the club lead in dummy and led the queen of diamonds. East covered and a second lead exhausted the adverse trumps. Then Walter ran off the rest of the club suit while discarding fwo low spades and a low heart from his own hand. Then came the rest of the trumps. The discards from dummy were two spades and a heart so that dummy was left with the ace-jack of hearts and East with a splitting headache. He could not protect both major suits and Walter made one of the luckiest grand slams in history. Note that if East had not doubled the slam West would almost surely have led a heart Q—when was Baltimore. Md., the U.S. capital? A—For about two months when the Continental Congress fled there as British troops threatened to capture Philadelphia. Q—Who designates the U.S. wilderness areas? A—The secretary of agriculture. Q—Do giraffes have vocal cords and do they make any sound at all? A—Yes. but they are not highly developed. They can make sounds for certain reasons. When in great pain or distress, giraffes utter groans or moos: cow giraffes also produce a call when a calf strays. WMT ELSE WOULD A CAT BE CHASING A CARP PRISCILLA'S POP By Al Vcrmeer Reptile Heads List Of Shoppers' Prizes MUSKEGON HEIGHTS (API —An eight-foot anaconda heads the list of prizes for shoppers i taking advantage of the annual sidewalk sales promotion scheduled Friday and Saturday by Muskegon Heights merchants. The reptile was donated by showman Ted Schmidt. MORTY MEEKLE By Dick Cavalli Romney Will Speak TRENTON, N. J. iAP>—Gov. George Romney of Michigan will speak at a SlOO-a-plate fund-raising dinner Sept. 29 in New Jersey for Republican gubernatorial candidate Wayne Dumont Jr., it was announcedj Tuesday. Pay Increases Voted ANN ARBOR fAP) — Pay raises of 5 to 15 per cent, totaling about $45,000 a year, were approved for approximately 150 municipal employes by the City Council Tuesday. CAPTAIN EASY By Leslie Turner Great Star of Africa, now in the Imperial Scepter of Great Britain, is the world's largest i diamond. It weighs 530 carets, i SIDE GLANCES—By Gill Fox BCGS BUNNY / IT'S NO USE, PORKY: i CAN; STAV OSJ TMES WATER SKIS: WAIT THERE 1 I PAID GOOD DOJSM T 1 RENT THAT BOAT, AN' MY AIONEY'S \V08Tn. ' SJPER BRA,\ S A_\\A">S WORK, PARA'rVAL— Bv Dick Turner 8-5 "What's wrong with a little horror? It'll take your mind off the daily news!" VOUK. BDNPFOLP 6EHINP YOU, OUTA 1 ME TEXACTLV. now GET EXCUSE /OF ALL THE NERVE 1 . IT'S TWO DISTURB FOLKS GOING, 5OMNV'. OMB ME,eiK,,,rw O'CLOCK IN THE LOOKIW FOR BEAT IT, OR I'LL REPORT VOU TO FIND JELKIE1 V& MISHTV DEAD NOBODVU EVER. IEVE THI& MOE JELKIE'S V F OK PI5TUR6ING THE PEAC6! HOUS&- TBE BORN LOSER By Art Sansom IT C5 -SPRiMoTIMEASAlU! A LITTLE WIMP BILLOWS UP IKJ THE TPEES AWP A 6EUTLE FAUM ^TIRS PESTIVELV ALLEY OOP By V. T. Hamlia I Timely Tidbit Answer to Previous Puzzle ACROSS J Chronometer face 5 Lengthy time period 9 24 hours 1 2 Against 13 Feminine appellation 14 Island (Fr.l 15 Inflexibleness 17 Stitch 18 Desired expectantly 19 Enforces 21 Arboreal home 23 Scoltish stream 24 Lifetime 27 Handle ~9 Premium (ab.) 32 Give 34 Betrothed one 36 Dirner course 37 Trying time 38 Withered 39 Uncommon 41 Highways lab 42 Social insect 44 Oriental coini 46 Indian city 4H Silly M Circle part •>1 Subdues 5fi Mall brew 57 Ufc il-atinl .V3 Mortuary rc >D ,59 Conducted fiO Otherwise 61 Ration for needy DOWN 1 Shatter 2 I'rrpositiou 3 Above 4 Klaxeii doth 9 Destrier 10 Toward the sheltered side 11 Kvergrecn trees 16 Fancy 20 Restuff 22 Gibe 24 Fruit drinks 2f> Infatuated icoll.i 20 Enrapt 'ZK Kather Uian (dial.) 30 Habitat plant form 31 Tormc and Blanc 33 Cockpit 35 Peaceful 48 Wicked 40 Properly items SO I-arge pulpit 43 Thing found 51 Masculine 4.=> Hair fillet appellation 46 Idol r,2 Italian city 47 Mystery writer, 55 Scottish sail Gardner vard (i Cluioses "Afld Uii.-n whua money looaens up my HUSBAND gels light!" I •JKWSI'AI'JKli. it ASS*. YOU KNOW IT'S WHW YOU GET AT WHAT 'COLD 1 NIGHT IF Y'PON'T IS, DON'T /A MICE WARM SKIN YOU? r*( TO COVER UP WITH.' RIGHT! NOW SUPPOSIKJG YOU HAP ID PILE ON FIVE SKINS TO KEEP FROM GETTING COLP... ...PVOU KNOW > "-vJ / ...IT'P GET WHAT WOULD/ IT'P \ HARP, HAPPEN TO / FREEZE, V LIKE A WATER? J THATS WHAT.' THAT WOULP ) AW, BE ICE.' J YOU'RE KIPPIN'/ OUT OUR WAY— By J. R. Williams SCW\E PEEPUL MEVER THINJK OF OTHER PEE-PUL— THEIRSELVES.' M-UWBLE-- / TAKE IT—TAKE IT/ I'LL EAT OUT OF MY < I HAND.' I'LL. GET A \ KJOSE BAG/I CAW T SIT THRU ONJE MEM,, BECAUSE >C>LI NAFTA SIT THRU TWO OR THREE MOVIES.' I'LL—I'LL-- WHY MOTHERS GE « GRAY OUR BOARDING HOUSE—with Major lioople /HE'4. HAuWSeLLS STILL. YE6AD, THAT WAS oT£P COT6ID;- AMD SEE MKP )A H 'S SttKIN'l AT Rlf\!G- ) I HAPP&ME.D ^^-4-/NoT,e,,o HOMOR- [\ HAVE ARV MEM?EI?-\ CHAMP UHEy'LL 1 WAIT UNTIL

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