The Malvern Leader from Malvern, Iowa on January 18, 1934 · Page 8
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The Malvern Leader from Malvern, Iowa · Page 8

Malvern, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 18, 1934
Page 8
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PAGEfelGHt tH£ MALVfeft* LtUPfefr HALVED few S T R A H A N fftefe wffl be a meeting this} (Tftfrrsdiy) evening at 7:89 In the atrdftorftttti of the Strahan «*0oi, for Deer Cre** and White CJewd townships, for the purpose of ttisctrssing the "Cotft and Hog* redaction program ittd explaining tfce terms. County Agent Brace ftlfpatrtefc will be present to help with the meeting. Let everyone interested in this big program attend. U;*t. M> *- B Basketball See a fast game Friday, Jan. 19 tit Stfahan school STRAHAN town team vs. RANDOLPH Plenty of sport and Si* weeks tests ate over and many of the stodeuts are rejoic ing. the report cards will »e given out Wednesday. the final declamatory contest will be field Wednesday, Jan. 24 at the senool hotise. Spotts the Strahan Junior high boys defeated the Randolph Junior high boys with a score of 10 to 8 last Friday night. the Strahan girls defeated the Coburg girls With a score of 28 to 11. Marvel Jndah scored 10 | points and Marjorle Langhlin 16. Nellie Mae More played a good game at center. The Strahan boys defeated the Coburg boys with a score of 31 to 18. Delmos Costello scored 12 points and Earl Watts 8. Edward Plburn played very well at guard. ftftfll&yi -i. *affr* ^ I t^iftl^-a y* [1MB wnn t*ci0ui A uun The ebfWren of Mr. a*d Mrs. Wni. McCain catne to t&etr Swntfay to cetebrftte fire of their mother, their sister, and her baby flanghter. A flue pfcnie dWmer at noon was the feature of the day and the afternoon wat spent in rlsftlng. Those present were Lloyd McCain and family of near Sidney, Mr. and Mrs. Harold McCain, Mr. and Mrs. Hngfe McCain and son, Mr. and Mrs. Gilbert McCain, Mr. and Mrs. Walter Martin and three children of near Sidney, and Mr. and Mrs. Win McCain. Town Tea«i la M«ei j&jffgf » on Mr. and Mrs. Hugo Selpold Were Sunday dinner guests in the Martin Selpold home. Miss Vera Pollltt was a week end visitor in the home of her sister, Mrs. Clarence Nagel. STATEMENT OF THE CONDITION OF FARMERS STATE BANK organized under the Uws of Iowa, located at Stratum, in the County of Mills, At the done of bosineM on the 80th day of December, A, ». 1088. RESOURCES Strahan'g town basketball team ill clash with the Randolph earn tomorrow (Friday) evening n the Strahan school floor. An tceptlonally low admission of Oc to all will be made. Strahan was victorious in the last encounter with the Randolph qalntet and the game Friday win furnish plenty of excitement and good basketball as the old rivals get under way. Loans and Discounts, Bonds and Securities Overdrafts ....—.__.. -------- ---Bank House ---------- ---- . _________ % Furniture and Fixtures ------ ______ __ Due from banks and bankers, cash and cash Items ---------- -------- ... 3,600.00 1,600.00 1116,921.32 12.67 6,000.00 31,210.22 Total Resources LIABILITIES Capital Stock . ..; f 26,000.00 Surplus fund __.._ „_, _ 6,000.00 Individual deposits subject to check .... 101,828.39 Savings deposits __,. „. 6,991.29 Time certificates of deposit _ 11,700.31 Demand certificates, certified checks, cashier's checks and unpaid dividends 117.07 Total Liabilities .. !__ _. STATE OF IOWA 1162,144.11 80,000.00 119,637.06 1162,144.11 Mills County ' a iu^" 1 ^ 1 Brateltonr President; Chas, Olpe, Vice President; and ?i ¥'.9 r H w * U( P Mhl ? r ' "Mb* bank above named, do solemnly swear .that the foregoing^statement la full, true and correct, to tfce best of our knowledge and belief. : / ;T, M, Braselton, President, Chas, Oipe, Vice President. . ' ' . S. M. Crlswell, Cashier, i Sworn to before me and subscribed in my presence by T. M. Brazelton, Chas, Olpe, and S. M. Crlswell, this 13th day of January, 1934. (SEAL) Chas. Hambscb, Justice of Peace In and for Mills County. Attested By : H. W. Dye. Zeno Bass-. Directors. GirU Give Shower tot Mrs. Clarence Nagel Mrs. Clarence Nagel was given a miscellaneous shower Jan. 2 at the home of Miss {Catherine Bhaw who was assisted by Frieda Fellows of Hastings. After all the guests were assembled the presents were brought out and presented to the honor guest by Roger Lynn Shaw and Charlotte at 11* Mm* tf»fc j^jt yiWjjydjtaHfc IB «**!« ii«tia& witt 0tt ns&N&d ttt to* & w t* maftmm th* fi*ff«Mi MtrstfWf fc«ct MT1 h*t« * dttpl««merrf of . •MM* ev%Kiaf «& IMi left tSf frtt bofte Ii T*±s*. tfe h«<t fc*^ *»! awfftn* tttfstWg » t»BKt«f + &§ Mt .4"*. *>. --IS ttnndredg «t Mlfls ftns read the Wtfit Adi week. ftA¥fig P«* line, each to** *****S* An additional t«Hlc0 charge of ife will be made fof each blind id which ftttst be *n* «wered at The Leader office, Birthday Surprise Hdnors JoMphine Dye Monday num. nn in i n , Mrs, Willis Dye and daughter, Charlotte, surprised Josephine Monday evening, it being her fourteenth birthday. The evening was spefit With cards, two tables *»v B <" JJJMU ouan auu V>u»riOllB'§,-,.. — „__.* LaVonne Combs. After due in- belag U8ed> spectlon of the gifts the hostesses Mrs. Dye, assisted by Mrs. served refreshments of chicken i Zeno Bass and Mrs. Morris Wood- sandwiches, olives, cake, fruit salad, and coffee. Friends attending were Mrs. Dwight Fellows and Frieda Fellows of Hastings, Mrs. Millard Curtis, Mrs. Virgil CurtlB, Mrs. Alva Lovell, Mrs. Ed Nagel and Dorothy, Mrs. Jesse Wilson, Mrs. Ed Pollltt, Vera and Charlotte Lavonne, and Mrs. Alfred Shaw and Roger Lynn. Katherlne, and Mr. and Mrs. Everett Qlpe returned last week from the Hamburg hospital where they had both been for several days for treatment and observation, Mr. and Mrs. Asa Smith entertained a group of neighbors at their home Saturday evening. Refreshments of cake and coffee were served. Dancing formed the evening's amusement. The 8. H, D. club and their families enjoyed-an oyster supper together at the home of Mr, and Mrs, Fred Clark near Hastings Saturday evening. Card games were played during the evening. Mr, and Mrs. Ed Laughlin were visitors Monday in the home of their son, Dale. Administrator's PublicSALE I will offer at public sale at the C, J, Dilley farm one- half mile south of Henderson on FRIDAY,Jan.26 Commencing at I o'clock p. m. the following property; 20 Jersey Bull, 6 yrs. old, Jersey QOW, 5 yrs, old, with calf at side, 4 Jersey sows, 3 to 6 yrs, old, all giving milk, 2 Jersey cows, 3 to 6 yrs, old, due to freshen soon, 2 Jersey heifers, 3 yrs, old, giving milk, 4 Jersey heifers, 2 yrs, old, g Jersey yearling heifers. ,. herd produced 3910,3 Jbs. of but lor y^ar Oct. 10, to Oct. IS, im . ei-ageid a§0 Ibi. «f , teifat for nambsp „. cowa milked for tiua period and will iaak§ a fiae, profltablt b«i4 ISP M$WS> : M A C H 1 N E R cultivator. Dempster two row cultivator. Wallia Traetor. 16^0. wife nlowg anmnkte. TERMS —Ciuh, «;, n'> A fill, served delicious home made ice cream and cake. Young people attending were Carol Jean Olson, Lorraine Olson, Anna Rose Bass, Charlotte and Josephine Dye, Edward Plburn, Richard and Robert Barnard, Dale Hill yer, and Leon Lemonds. Others were Mr. and Mrs. M. C. Wood- nil and Mrs. Zeno Bass. Mr. and Mrs. Walter Angus, David, Anna Edith, and Mrs. Sophia Bralnard were Sunday evening visitors in the Frank Johnson home. Mr, and Mrs. Lawrence Reed and Delores of Olenwood were visitors Sunday in the home of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Perry Bayea. C Mr, and Mrs. Willis Dye were dlniier«,;gueat* /w aatttrday in* the home of Mr,«and Mrs, John'Dye in Malvern., ; •-><•„ <• Mr. and Mrs, B. A, Pettlgrew entertained at dinner Sunday, Mr, and Mrs, B. O. Wederorist and FWrence Doris, and Mr. and Mrs. Frank Johnson^ 'jlr. and Mrs. Walter Knop were Sunday dinner guest* In the home of Mr. and Mrs, Ernest Pontow. , Strahan Church Notea The pastor is yery grateful for all the help given last week in cutting the wood. It was a help that was most sincerely appreciated, ... ^ Our attendance has not been what it should have been the past two weeks. The pastor is hoping that we shall each try- to help the services nest Sunday by our pres* enee, > The pastor is sorry indeed that so many have been ill and it bop. Ing to bear that 9 n hire fully * Plans are Mag made for father ana 109 banquet* * two all men tend. An being CANDY GOODIES *TpHB'tired mother whose children J *• clamor to make candy, If she Is wise, win iet out a few Ingredients, give a few necessary directions and quietly close the kitchen door and steal away to read and forget the mess they are making. Let It be part of the fun to clean up and leave everything in order. ' Simple confections should be tried at first, then the more complicated, when they have learned to handle materials and follow recipes. HPI-H la one that is easy; this Is sometimes called Jew bread or Dats Loaf. Take a pound of dates, remove ttin nits and cut fine or chop with on*- cupful of nuts and just enough orange juice to moisten so that It may be pressed Into a small pan or cracker shape. When well chilled sprinkle with salt, wrap In waxed paper after cutting into slices or" dip the small slices into melted 'chocolate. • - - -"•• f. Taffy. •- ./ . , Take one cupful of brown sugar, ifftA Misnfcal jw#* •*A&t«__^_A ^_'_* *.'_«* Ji_ - , - ' ' : i-*•••-• f -WT^^ ^r«W9»J=^« formal.a soft'ball ,to cold-water. Sprinkle a buttered pan with coconut, pour the hot mixture ever thla ana coo], Wfcen it (a coc4 fni to handle, -knead and pnjl, ad, ohoOgh'coconut-to use a cupful together, ^RolMnto.a small ni) and'cat Into inch length'* with tht •elsaenk- Roll, in wconnt |tnd aet away, to" harden. This neke* one and bne-fourta pounds. Leader Want Ads pay,und pay, '^"^'Sffi^Sr: EAST UBHMTY Mrs. Matilda Fowler Diet in California Relatives here recently received word of the death of Mrs. Matilda Fowler of, Los Angeles, Calif,'The F.owlew were residents of Mills county a good many years ago and will no doubt be remembered by some of our read* ers, Mrs, Fowler who was ninety- six years, six months, and fifteen days of age, was {lie aunf of Mrs, Laura Kerney, Mrs; Daisy Rtmel, and-Mrs. Frank Du Vat of this vicinity; also of Mrs. Winnie Moore and Mrs. 8. P. Btranathan of Olenwood, Robert Kirkpatrick of Emerson visited with Frank Rimelat the Mrs. Daisy Rimel home one day last week. Harry Lyons from near .Wayne, 'Nebr. has been spending several days at the Mrs. Laura Kerney home. , The Bast Liberty Ladles' .Aid Society is to serve lunch at the Dewey, Van Orsdel sale .next T^e»day,iJan.;,*8,,They,..w|ft,api |^IJ«m«»M«|»>'*ori|lit>}ti»^' ftpSjftbose^wno.^care'^hllplind can do so.'-'. ' v -; *.- ,',-f^-" • Miss Josie Kerney -was on the sick list the past two week« and OonQned to her be* several days but is, much, improved at this writing, ' •* • ; l -.' : The .Ladies' Aid Society' met with Mrs. Fred'8eU Wednesday, Jan. 3,. There were fourteen present to-enjoy the'pot luck dinner and several more came in the afternoon. The social time was much enjoyed by all, The, next,meeting %Jil be IftJd with Mrs, R. K, Hen- derson^Weflnea'day. Feb," 7, ABSfRACtJ} OF Complete Abstract of ftiie r«e* « for each piece ef property la Mills County, , litlto Owttty Abstract Oo, « (Member of the American Titl« Astfl. and Iowa Title Aitu.) ; __<tt«iwo»d, lew*. lilt SEEDS AND FEEDS Fid* Sal*—Alfalfa ha* «»t, neeond, and third cuttings, $g per ton at the farm. Phone 18o*F22. Dickersbaeh, .. 2?-2, A ""t. / Bed Clover and Alfalfa hay for >ale. — Claude Brooks, Phone ' For Sale — Baled alfalfa hay la barn. — Ben Breeding. . 8*tf, FOR RENT For Bent —Modern houw.— J. H. Beckwith. »tf. WORK WANTED Wanted—-Plain sewing.—Ida Ireland, Phone 1S8-J. 2**2 r HOOS For Sale — Chester Whit« spring boars. — Phone 179-F6, 'Oscar Leu. < ,";-. i4tf, Vpr S*le —15 bead Hampshire ctiu, brad ;for, April farrow, «•*,.' Harry. Kemp, l|, J, Malvern, U»tl %& n& -K- "•*"'¥** jS™ff*S'' generalTjousewor Wearin. ' ., !', '?!* Dead Animal*—Ca» Art Jensl kins. Phone 84, Emerson. Party who picked up brown coin purse in Mulholland's Batur' day }s known. No questions asked if purse and money are returned to Leader office., 3,1, The Malvern Mill will accept 4-7 bushels good corn in ex. change for a 49 Jb. sack of flour, that; l&V . -- > *tJ ."'ii V VA- i ?< -1 - ^ v.\^ %H' i M *^*&K$ .. Jai ,^, w .^^ -'' f^T

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