Ames Daily Tribune from Ames, Iowa on October 24, 1933 · Page 20
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Ames Daily Tribune from Ames, Iowa · Page 20

Ames, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, October 24, 1933
Page 20
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'1VT BtTTKS V AM* •MUM DAILT TBtiUV»TmM. AMU. IOWA. TTHMDAY, OOTOttl M, AND HIS FRIENDS Hot Under the Collar! MJOBK UK WD HJ1UE MILJOIIO Hooked Rug Patterns If You Break A Lee i All •(<*« wr « . - , • _ .._ O' Would You Call a All shades of yarn and emhroWery threads, stamped linen* and pUlow Dentist? The Brown Shop 212 M*ln St. 3 Day Radio Show Thursday, Friday and Saturday Christenien Hdwe. 126 Main Phone 12 If you have the misfortune of getting your automobile body swashed, call us, W* have made automobile body rebuilding a study ever siuce they were first made. Ames Glass & Body J Wednesday Luncheon Phone 5S8-J Company Am**, la. Have Your Furnace Cleaned NOW! Cliicken Broth (Guaranteed work with our tuper Roast Loin of Pork, apple sauce 85c j ••rrlcv vacuum cleaner. Pot Roast of Beef, southern •tylc '_ 35c Baked Ham Loaf, Chili sauce __S5c Hot Rolls—Whined Potatoes Stew jd Tomatoes—Creamed Horn- iny — Perfection Salad Lemon cwffon pie i Coffee •:• Tea -:- Milk Palmer Plumbing Co. 10* Haywartf Av«. Phona 1091 C. L. Dixon Drugs Inc. MADAM: DO YOU NEED TO have a package delivered? If you haven't the time or your husband Is usrag the car call 572-W. Ames Motorcycle Delivery Service. I—AutoiftobUM, Tracks tor Special Bargains For This Week Only 1930 Plymouth 4-door Sedan _-fl25 1929 Ertkine Coach, clean $125 1928 Erskihe Panel Truck $95 W31 Ford Coach, like new $230 1931 Ford Town Sedan, clean $315 ]982 Chevrolet 6-wheel Coach with trunk, low mileage -•. $435 1930 Chevrolet 4-door Sedan —$240 1929 Chevrolet Truck, with 32x6 10-ply tires and farm box —$165 Several other good buys ' Allen Motor Co. Chevrolet Dealers Phone 395 5th tc Douglas and Well Work PHONE 226 E. A. FOY AMES GARBAGE CO. LEW.COLO. Phon* 2061. 9ft—Help Warned, Pesaate YOUNG GIRL F OR ' HOUSE work. References. Go home nites. Write 2710 Tribune. Help Watted, Male PROTESTANT YOUNG MAN, high school graduate, for local work. |150 for 60 days. Write 2709 Tribune. ±7—Work Wanted, Female WANTED: GENERAL ROUSE work of all kinds; Gooo clean work guaranteed. Both uptown and fourth ward. Call 2014. VWN POP Oh the Trail! By Oman A pictujc or YEP, UTTLE BOf- \ SHE CMWCD »T WITH TV* POOt? MJU THE. Tint / UTTLL WE UVEO HE&C / T* at «c evco WENTON FATHER? TVC f. KWEfc NEVEfc LA»D MS ON V*M OOMMBKXTER, THE ALLEY OOP A Surprise Party! By Hamlin 1931 Willys 6 Sedan Six wheels, side mounts. Trunk rack. New tires. Runs perfect. $285.00 Open Evenings. Dodge - Plymouth - - Oldsmobile W. H. Nutty Garage Phone 35 AMES 414 Main St. We Pay Cash for Light Used Cars '31 Bukk DeLuxe Coupe $495 '30 Pontiae-Sedan, like new —$295 '30 Plymouth Sedan $225 Max Duitch Auto Ex. USED~CAR SALE~~ , All Prices Reduced 3930 Marquttte Sedan _—.-— 5215 1932 Ford Cabriolet *-85 1930 Ford Coupe -„ 1190 1929 Pontiac, clean $185 1929 Ford Pickup —?9S Mathison Motor Co. Fore 1 Sales & Service Nash -:- Plymouth DeSota '31 Cbe . Coupe, rumble. Perfect '30 Olds. Coach. Very clean. McGee Motor Co. Phone 294 -: : 321 Lincoln. Way WILL TAKE OFF SCREENS wash and hang windows, clean rugs. 475-W. WANTED: PRACTICAL NURS- ing. Day or night Red Cross training. Write 2708 Tribune. RELIABLE WOMAN WOULD like hour work. Phone 1454-L.J GIRL WANTS Phone 271-J. HOUSEWORK HOUSEWORK WANTED: EX periencefl woman. Phone 411-J. S—Auto Part*. Accessor!** 41—Wasted to Borrow WANTED TO BORROW: $1,000 from private party on clear Polk county, lowaj 160-acre farm. Write tribune 2703. WANTED TO BORROW: fl,200 lit mortgage on Ames property. Write 2706,^Tribune.^ f g .^. 44—Business Instruction EXCEPTIONAL OPPORTUNITY. For a limited number of students desiring a business training, we are making a special offer. It will pay you to investigate this opportunity at once. Phone or write Northwestern Institute, Box 143, Ames, Iowa. &7—MiscellaneoH* for Sale Prepare Your Car For Winter Driving Heaters, Prestone, alcohol, antifreezes. Cliff Roberson Garage 412 Burnett . Phdne 84 CHRYSLER AND PLYMOUTH "TO THE*PRESENT*CON- dition this shop will give a shampoo and finger wave for 75c, shampoo and marcel for Soc. Other work accordingly. Phone 227 — Cadd's Beauty Shop." L i f ESPRIT D' A.WCR (SPIRIT OF Love), the new dry perfume, leaves no tell-tale rings. The Primp Shop. Phone SOft-W. THE EGYPTIAN OIL PERMA- nent wave is a superior wave. Hedrick Comfort Shop, phone 1252. JlS— Buslaeat Sorric* <Wemi| NAIVETTE PERMANENTS. EVA Rae hair tints. Allcne's Beauty Shoppe. P'lone 427. | Jl You ay e Quite a Lovely Person ia your soiled and rumpled clothing, BUT WHO CAN TELL THAT AT FIRST GLANCE? Keep your clothes looking as lovely as YOU really are. You'll find it much easier to make successful business and social contacts. PHONE 231 Ames Pantorium Quality Cleaners ., $1.00 Dust Mop 50c Broom BOTH FOR 45c THURSDAY! Christensen Hdwe. 125 Main - Phone 12 Repossessed 4-burher full porcelain CITY GAS STOVE $19.50 .V Christensen Hdwe. 125 Main , Phohe 12 59—FiMl GOOD IOWA COAL Iowa has some good coal and some th-vt'e worse than poor. Slate, shale and black-jack don't make good fuel. Our IOWP coal is mined right, cleaned, sized and graded. It's more than just Iowa coal. Our deliverymen are reliable. Gilchrist Coal & Feed Kellogg Ave.— Phone 232 IOWA COAL Benson's Lower Vein Also Ogden $2.75 and up. Foster Coal Co. Day Phont 2780-J. Nite Ph. 285-W Moran, Harold, Ogden Iowa's Best Coal Phone 566-W 410 Douglas Phone 231 Furnace Cleaning We clean and repair all makes of furnaces, New low prices on new furnaces. A. G. Speers ' Furnace and Tin Shop Phone 882 400 Main NEW FURNACES Gen. rurr.t.ce repnlr work. Furnace* vacuunv cienned. Eve trov>ft|i work F. A. Gould Phone 527-J m M>jn St Starting Thursday Range and Heater Sale Christensen Hdwe. 135 Main Phoue 12 COAL: CALL 1392-W FOR IOWA j coal. Hennick Coal Co. ' HERL'SWHtRE GOODBYE YOU'VE BEEN SO ! K1ND- l HATE TO TELL YOU 60006YE WHAD'YA KNOW ABOUT FELLER 15AURK3HT New York Stocks Close Today Good used Sewing Machines $6.00 Good electric sewing machines $24.50 Burroughs adding machine, good shape Walsh Furn. & Hdwe. First showing of the new model See It Thursday. Lowest price in history Christensen Hdwe. 125 Main Phone 12 •9—Radio* for Sale CROSLEY dual 5-tube lowboy $36 Christensen Hdwe. 25 Main Phone 12 75—For Sale, Miscellaneous Circulating Heater room size, $69.50 value. Sale price $39.50 Christensen Hdwe. 125 Main Phone 12 EXTRA SPECIAL! 89;50 Rock Island range, sale price $59.50 Christensen Hdwe. 25 Main * Phofle 12 HOGS: 17,000, Including 5,000 directs. Packing sows steady, others fully lOc lower. Bulk 140 to 300 Ibs., $4.10@$4.40, top $4.50. Packing sows $3.25®$3.65. Light light, HO to 160 Ibs., good and choice, $4GO@$4.35;. light weight. 160 to 200 Ibs., good and choice, $4,15@$4.45; medium, :,200- to 250 Ibs., good and choice, $4.25 @$4.50; heavy weight, 250 to 350 Ibs., good and choice, $3.85@$4.40; packing «o*vs, 27B to 550 Ibs., medium and good, $100@$3.75; slaughter pigs, 100 to 130 Ibs., good and choice, J3.2S@$4.00. CATTLE: ' 8,000, calves 2,000. Bulk 1,000 to 1150 Ibi.,, top S6.40. Light heifers and mixfid yearlings of 900 Ibs. down, 10 to 15c higher. Several loads of heifers $6.00@ $6.15. Mediujm and weighty bullocks -about steady, bulk '$5.00 <8> $5.75. Cows scarce and strong. Bulls strong to lOc higher. Vealers steady. Slaughter cattle and vealera: steers, 550 to 900 Ibs.,. good and choice, $5.25@$6.50; 900 to 1100 Ibs., good and choice, $5.0Q@ $6.50; 1100 to 1300 Ibs., good and choice, $4.75@$6.25; 1300 to 1500 Ibs., good and choice, $4.50@$6.25; 550 to 1300 . Ibs., .common and medium,. $2.78@$i.OO^ Heifers, 550 to 750 Ibs., good and choice, $5.25<g> $6.40; common and medium, $3.00 ©$5.25". Cows, good, $2.75@$4.00; common and medium, $L8S@$2.75; low cutter $1.85. Bulls good (beef) and ctltter, $1.00 @ '(yearlings excluded) $3.00@$3.35; cutter, . CALL 486-J Apartments and houses, cloce to college, clean, eat. convenient, priced rifbt. Chas. Millar, 13i Hayward Ave. GREY, ALL WOOL, BOYS' STJIT, size 10. Call 2047. \*EW REMINGTON AUTOMATIC with case. Call 35. 7e—Waat*d, TWO OR THREE ROOMS WITH bath. Close to downtown business section on bus line. All strictly modern. These are extra large pleasant rooms. New, clean wall )aper. For further particulars write 2702 in Care of Tribune- Times. FURNISHED APARTMENTS AND furnished dwelling. Phone 196. Little Brothers. common and medium, ?1.75@$3.00. Vealers, good and choice, $5.75@ $7.50; medium, $4.50®$5.75; cull and common, ?3.50@$4.50. Stockef and feeder cattle: Steers, 500 to 1050 Ibs., good and choice, $3.75@ $5.25; common and medium, $2.b @$3.75. ~" 'SHEEP: 10,000. Lamb undertone strong to 25c higher. Desirable natives up to $7.25. Sheep firm., White-faced: feeding lambs up to I $6.25. Slaughter sheep-and lambs:. Lambs, 90 Ibs. down, good and choice, $6.25@$7.50; common and medium, $4.25@?6.50. Ewes, 90 to 150 Ibs., good and choice. $1.50® $3.00; all wts., common and medium, $1.00 @ $2.00. - Feeding lambs, 50 to 75 Ibs., good and choice, $6.00 @|6,60. i NEW YORK (UP) — Following are Tuesday's closing bids oa the New York stock exchanger American Can 89% American Locomotive ..24 American T. and T 114% American Tobacco B r-79% Anaconda .14% Atchison, T, & S. F 49% Bethlehem Steel C. & N. W. Com. Chrysler .....8 Corn Products -.79% DuPont '....76% General Electric .. 18 ^ General Motors .27% International Harvester .36% Montgomery Ward New York .Central Pennsylvania R. R 26& Sears-Roebuck .... . ....37% Standard Oil of N. J. .... ;...41 Studebaker 4^ II. S. Rubber 14% U. S. Steel 394 Westinghouse Electric 33% Standard Oil of Ind 29% Cities Service .... , 2% MU8KIE CAUQHT IN RIVER and Mrs. Lester Nelson. Low scor MENOMINEE, Mich., (HE)—A 40^ prize to Mr. and Mrs. F. T. Reis. inch inuikalunje, one of the few ever to be caught on the Menomt- nee river, is being exhibited, by Emil Kossow as evidence of hit skill. The fish was captured after ft 35-minute battle. TABLETS TO MARK f*f RTACE SUPERIOR, WiB., (01). — The rduta of thfe historic Brule river- Lake St. Croix; portage, first trod by Diiluth, the French explorer, in 1690, will be marked with 11 bronze tablets je. in boulders by the Superior Garden club. PRODUCE CHICAGO (GB— Produce: EGGS: Market firm; receipts 3,192 cases; extra, firsts 20; current receipts i2%<g>13; dirties 16% Old gold and gold filled jewelry, ridges, crowns, etc. Charles G. Ray JEWELER 230 Main St. with Dixon Drug VANTED TO BUY: FURNITURE, rugs, Stoves or what have you. Call 2338. WANTED: DOUBLE GARAGE OR building about 20x20 feet. Good ondltion. Phone 371-J. WANTED TO BUY: EAR CORN. Phone 39F15, f»—Poultry for Sal* OULTRY — DRESSED CHICK- ens. Springs 15c per Ib. Hens. 4c per Ib. No charge for dressing nd delivery. Woodland Farms, hnnp 4S5. LUTHER'S BEST COAL. L1V- Inggton Bros. Phone 1712-J. «—<la«le« POTATOES. APPLES, ONIONS. caKbagiv Acorn and Hubbafd squash, pumpkins, sorghum and honey. Davis Roadside Stand, V mile south on No. t>5 82—Room and Board .,n.u.., "iM.MSHED ROOM, board If desired. 307 Russell. PJhone 1520-W. FREE ROOM WITH MflALS. GA- rage. g20_Dpugla8. for FOK Kiv.Vi: VERY NICK 6 ROOM modern housfi and garage. 214 K. Seventh street. TWO NICELY FURNISHE.) rooms and sleeping porch. S15 Burnett Phone 1266-W. NEATLY , FURNISHED THREE room apartment. Close in. Immediate possession. Ill Lincoln way. HIGHLY DESIRABLE APT. FOR rent. Brookridge neighborhood. Call 61S-W or 2356. CHICAGO CUE)—Grain range: .Open High Low close WHEAT: May 88% 90 87% 86% 87^. 84^ 86% 84 UNFURNISHED THREE ROOMS, kitchenette and bath. Oak floors. 722 Grand. July Dec. CORN: May 51% July 53% Dec. 45% OATS: May 38% July 35% Dec. 35% RYE: May 63^4 July 85 Dec. 56% BARLEY: May 53% July Dec. 48 87% 85 y. S4% 52% 54% 46% 39 V* 36 % 66 U 66V4 59% 53*4 48% 51 50 44% 37% 34% 34% 61% 64% 53% 46% 38% 36 35% 65 65 y 4 51% 52% 47 BUTTER: Market unsettled; receipts 12,809 tubs; specials 23% @ 24; extras 23; extra firsts 20% 3 22; firsts iS^19%; seconds 16% @17; standards 21. POULTRY: Steady to Ic lower; receipts 47 trucks; fowls 12%@13: broilers 9; leghorns 7; ducks S@D; geese 9; turkeys 8; young turkeys 12@13. CHEESE: Twins, ll*i@12; Lohghorns, 12% @12%. POTATOES: On track 399; arrivals 75; shipments 644; market dull. 3 ROOM APT.. 1ST FLOOR, PRI- vate entrance and bath. Phone 1214-W. CHOICE FURNISHED 3 apt Close in. Call 1274. ROOM FOR RENT: Fifth. APARTMENT. 716 APARTMENT. ,522 DOUGLAS Phone SOC. / FOR RENT: GOOD APARTMENT Dr. Prector, j CO5JY TWO APT. !)3!UV. 84»—Bat-no fend Oarages Today** Markets f Prices Bid by Local Dealer* GARAGE AT Sa? WlLKO.v. 181S-.I. 101 — Lo (B for Sale FOK HW.N'J proved acreag uoou 54F5, MODRHN 5-ROOM Cell 1302. i oa—w»m« BUNGALOW!I ."...,....,. uoJ: Konl K.«iti««> LOT in 4t.h wiird. lf.4(i-J. No. 2 corn 31c Ned shelled corn 25c Oats 4' 26c Hogs $3.85 Cream, sweet 25c Cream, sour 24c Eggs. No. I 19c Eggs, No. 2 .I5c Heavy hens, 4»4 Ibs. and up —7c Heavy hens under 4% Ibs Be Heavy breed springs, 4 Ibs. and over 7c Heavy breed springs under 4 Jbs. 6c Leghorn springs 5c Leghorn hens .. 5c All cox 3c Plan Formation of Teachert Branch Iowa State college staff member* who are members of the Iowa State Teachers association will meet at 4:10 Wednesday in the vo; cational education office, Agricultural annex, to discuss formation of a local branch of the state association. Twenty-six at Iowa State now are enrolled in the state organization. Each 26 members and each additional 50 members or major fraction thereof entitles a branch to one delegate In the delegates as. ssmbly. Answers to Test Questions 1 INDIANS' LARDERS FILLED WABINO, WIs., (UP) — Lac dn Flambeau Indians of this section iftlsed enough produce In garden projects sponsored by the Indlnn service during the paat summer !o keep tholr larders fllle.l during the winter. Method* of drying fruit and vfgd^bic* employed by 'heir iuicostors were revived by Below are tht answer* to the t*st question* i rintud on p»B« 11. Gertrude Ederle. 2. May It benefit your good health. 3. Thirteen, <• The pupa case of an insect. '>• Japanese rice wine. Off the coast of California. Nathaniel Hawthorne. Fishing. Diamond. 10. Prince Otto von Blimarck, . Chancellor of the Gormnn Em- (Continued; from Page 3) nus of Iowa State college, was the guest speaker at the regular meeting of the international relations group of the American Association of University Women held Monday evening at the home of Mrs. W. H. Stevenson, 320 Ash avenue. Thirty-five were in attendance. Mr. Adamson was graduated from the civil engineering division at Iowa State college in 1907. For several years Mr. Adamson had charge of- the Y. M. C. A. building program in China, Later he was returned to New York where he was engaged in' work for the national Y. M. C. A.. For the past four 'years Mr. Adamson has been in Jerusalem where he has had charge of the erection of a $1,000,000 Y. M. C. A. building. His interesting talk was on pra- aent conditions In Palestine, in regard to educational, social, religi- otis and economic phases. He also gave a most interesting comparison of the conditions of the country before and after the World war. Mr. and Mrs. Adamson are spend Ing two weeks in Ames en route from New York City to California and are guests at the Delta Tau Delta fraternity house. Their son George Adamson Is a junior stu dent at Iowa State college. <8> « <S> Playmaker* Netting Wed. Thfe Playmakers will meet witl Mrs. R. I. Simpson. 504 Ash avenue. Wednesday evening at S o'clock. * » « Rebekah Lodge Supper Meeting Marlon Reb'.kaJi lodge No. 108 will hold a covered dish snpper preceding the regular lodge session for The traveling prize was won by Mrs. D. H. Schrotder., At the clo»e of games a delicious luncheon was served by the hostesi carrying out Hallowe'en colors. The guests were: Mr. and Mr«; Lester Nelson, Mr. and Mrs. JacJc Rienerbon, Mr. and Mr«. D. H. Schroeder, Mr. and Mrs. George Stiegler, Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Ryg, Mr. and Mrs. Dewey Fausch, Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Clark, Mr. and Mrs. H, W. Marshall, Mr. and Mrs. Philip Rood, Mr. and Mrs. W. B. McBride, Mr. and Mrs. G. Johnson, Mr. and Mrs. Bert Sutter, Mr.' and Mrs. Morrel Nervig, all of Slater; Mr. and Mrs. B^n Hokel, Huxlei; Mr. and Mrs. Elbert Shonk, Collins; Mr. and Mrs. Elmer Dett« barn of Ames. «*«>.« Ontario P. T. A. Meeting Is Held The Ontario Parent Teacher association held its business meeting and program -Friday evening in the school. The meeting opened with. a. Hal- lowe'en parade by. the children and songs, "Hallowe'en" and "Hob Goblin. Time." . A play, "October Days." was giv. en by the upper grades. Other num. bers on the program were: Song, "Hallowe'en Gnomes," first grada children; recitation, "Little Orphan Annie," Corrine Wierson; play, "The Hallowe'en Party," upper grades; song, school; piano trio, Violet and I^eorna Wright and Corinne Wierson. Refreshments were served during the social hour. F. F. C. Club Holds Meeting The Friendly Farmers Country Thursday evening, at 6:30 members and ttieir families. Knights Ttmplar To Meet Wtdntsday Ascension Commandery No. 69. Knights Templar, will meet in the Masonic tempi* Wednesday evening for practice. 7. 8. 9. County Society Neu* Hold Masqu»rcd» Party at tlattr Mr. and Mrs. John Gunderaou and Mr. and Mri. John AulJ were hoit) to a hard time masquerade party at the Lfgion club rooms in Sinter recfntly. Afur contents, the Kucsta unm»«k«d and bridge wai pkyed at 10 tables. Hiffli score pr)7.p w«s nwnnled to Mr. und Mr* Clnrence Ryg, second iilftb lo Mr club met Saturday evening at the country home of Mr. and Mrs. Magnus Horness near Story city. , A short business meeting was held and later a program was given. ; Program numbers included: Recitation, "Welcome," Katherihe Larson; vocal selection, Orvi» Hougland; reading. Mrs. Henry Bickelhaupt; jokes, Berdella Hougland; poem. Mrs. Andrew Bickelhaupt; reading. Lucille McPeek; song by club members. Refreshments were served by the hostess during the social hour. The club will hold Its next meeting Nov. 3 at the home of Mr. and, Mrs. Albert Omvig. * * * North Grant Community Mttti-j The North Grant community club will hold a business meeting and program Friday evening at the North Grant school. Each family is asked to bring pumpkin pie. Stvertid-Paltnder Marriag* (s Announced Mr. and Mrs. A. M. Severeid of Seattle, Wash,, formerly of Tux- ley, announce the marriage of their daughter. Miss Marguerite L. Severeid. to Allen Palender of Seattle which took place Oct. 14. Th» bride graduated from tb» Huxley high school. After a short wedding trip tb« couple will bp at home In Seattle. <*><$><» Entertains At H«llow«'«r» Party A group of members of Fldet'.ty odgf of Colo enjoyed a H«llow*>n part/ Saturday afternoon la th* iV(>;<Im»n hall. Miss Anna Orr was n ehsrjre. Kach member h«d iavitml a ruc«t a&d thn aft«rncon hmim W*M p?nt In lolly n*rr.*n and eoRi*cU, M!::::'.. [} \tti* «. - - j

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