Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa on July 8, 1948 · Page 13
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Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa · Page 13

Mason City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, July 8, 1948
Page 13
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New Tax Cut Knutson Goal Says He Might Run Again to Get It Washington, (£>)—Another four billion dollar tax cut in 1950 is the goal of Rep. Knutson (El- Mum.), who said Wednesday he might run for congress once more in order to fight for the reduction. Knutson, chairman of the house ways and means committee, said last month he probably would retire in January when his present term ends. The 68 year old lawmaker now completing his 32nd consecutive year in the house led the drive this year for passage of the $4,500,000,000 tax cut • bill which sailed through congress over a presidential veto. "I want to complete the tax program I started in 1947," he told a reporter Wednesday. Knutson said the only major tax measure that would be considered in 1949 is the one for a technical revision of existing tax laws—estimated to lop off taxes by some $600,000,000. It passed the house, but failed to get through the senate in the recently adjourned congress. . However, Knutson said, "by 1950 this country should be in good enough financial shape to permit a healthy tax reduction." A drive for a cut of around 15 per cent m individual income taxes will be put on in 1950, Knutson said. He estimated that would result in a tax slash of about $4,000,000,000 annually. When it was suggested that his comments on tax plans for 1949 and 1950 indicated that he would run for re-election, the Minnesotan replied: "Well. I lean that way right now." He said he will probably undergo a gallstone operation in Minnesota this summer. He plans to leave for home Saturday. He will make a final decision while home on whether to run for re-election. Name New Chairman of Chickasaw Board New Hampton — Henry Drape, Jr., Fredericksburg, is the new chairman of the Chickasaw county board of supervisors, succeeding J. J. White, who died last month Guests at Dance Wesley — Members of the town council and other town officials and their wives were given complimentary tickets to the pre-opening dance Wednesday at the new Surf ballroom in Clear Lake. Moths love animal fibers. The larvae of beetle feed hair, wool, made from the moth of carpet upon fur, feathers bristles and fabrics them. United Financial Service ; "Family Financial Counsellors" GEORGE F. OLSON, Mgr. 153 North Federal (Over Ford Hopkins Drug) Phone 57 A. Day Takes Gavel as President of Rotary Club The gavel of the Mason City Rotary club was turned over to the new president, L. A. Day, and the past president's emblem pinned on George C. Senn at the annual, president's dinner party held at the Mason City Country club Tuesday night. The party was a combined event honoring ladies of Rotary and nstalling officers of the club for the coming year. Edward C. Jones was installed as vice president and* Kenneth Long as secretary of the club. Tables decorated with fern eaves and garden flowers were set up in both dining rooms to accommodate the large crowd of 177 lotarians, wives and guests in at- endance. A chicken dinner was served following which the tables were removed and all persons gathered _ the main room for the program that had been prepared with H. B. 'Hank" Hook as master of ceremonies. Rotary Governor Here Present for the occasion were Rotary Governor Dallas Harrison and Mrs. Harrison of Hampton and district governor of Rotary, the Rev. Cecil J. Semans of Estherville. Special entertainment was provided by the "Flora Dora" girls from Lake Mills and Joe Gannon, harmonica player, also from Lake Mills. New members of the club taken in since the last formal induction of new members at the Christmas party were given their formal induction and it was announced that the club now has a membership totaling 123. The program opened with a song toast to the ladies, "Let Me Call You Sweetheart," led by Clayton Wornson, to which the ladies responded by repeating the selection, the "Flora Dora" girls taking the lead. New Members Presented . Following this Charles E. Strickland introduced the new members and Carl Dwyer gave them the formal induction charge. Along with serious comments on Rotary in general, Dwyer noted that the club was "non-political though indications are that a few democrats belong to it." Before the installation of officers took place Gannon was presented as the "Larry Adler of North Iowa" in a group of numbers entitled "Harmonica Capers." His selections included "Sugar Blues," "Wagon Wheels" and an "imitation of the train leaving Manly for Ma- I L5, Blk. », A. T. Parker PI., Add. to M. C., I., 0-11-4H. \Verthenbach, Frederick, et, at. to Cora M. Werthenbsch, SI, <QCU) LI3, Blk. 3, Parker's 6lh Add. lo M. C.; L«2 For- t»t l>»rk Add. to M. C.. I., H-24-48., Frank J. and Margaret, to Strobe! E. and Frances P. Hosletlcr, ]t. ten., $). (WD) 1,11, Blk. 13, the Highlands, M. C., tf-2(f-48. Telford, Jennie M., to Iva Myrtle Mo- Mullen, $1, (WD> L<« In Auditor's plat of LIU and II, in Auditor's plat of S!b SWii of N>VV< and N!i NW',i SW!i 1090-20, 5-14-48. Martin, Frederick A., and Ruth E. Martin, to John R. and Virginia U. James, J(. ten., *1, (WD) L2 In G. B. Mclntosh's Replat in Blk. 34 in M. Tuttle'u 2nd Add. to Clear Lake, 0-1D-I8. Lltxet, Nick, to Donald and Verna P. OU, Jt. teu., $1, (WO) Lti, Blk. 1, E. H. Campion's Subd. of part of L2 in Subd. of SWli SWVi 7-DG-IM, fl-2:t-48. Cuinmlngs, Roscoe A., to Tom Donaldson, 51, (WD) L740 1st Add. to Midland lifts., M. C., I., (i-12-48. Sherman, Katherlne G. and C. B. Sherman, to O. W. and Madelyn L. Waltmo, SI, (WD) L3, Blk. 40, Warren C. Clark's Add. to M. C., I., (>-W-48. Boomhowcr, Dora, to Leslie D. and Carol M. Reed, jt. ten., $1, (WD) L5, (I, 7, and 8, Blk. 2, Broadlawns 3rd Add to M. C., 0-'JO-48. O'Dell, Fred and Violet, lo Laverue Harcey, $1, (WD) Lift. Blk. 0 in th Highlands, M. C., I., fl-115-48. Cerro Gordo Abstract Co., to Lucle C Gruber, $1, (QCD) L» In Chas. D. Wll son's Subd. of Ln and 7, Blk. 3 Parke and Foster's 2nd Add. to South M. C. G-32-48. Myhr, Henry and Opal L., to Jullu and Josephine Ilcnff, jt. ten., SI, (QCD SW',<! of L14 In C. L. Highlands, Add M. C., I., fl-14-48. Erickson, II. L. and Alma, to Julius an Joseph Ileng. jt. ten.. 51, (WD) SW', of L14 In C. L. Highlands, M. C., «-'21-48 Rud, Leonard H. and Ramona, U M. Grant, *l, (WD) S<i of Lots !i« and 1. In Blk. 14, R. S. Xo«ng'» Subd. 11- Xi-20. «-2<>-48. Chappell, Idonla B., et. al., to LewU E. and Lucy M. Chrlsteiisen, Jt. ten., II, WD) LI, Ulk. 3, Country Club Hgti., Add. to C. L., 0-18-48. Myhr, B. C. and Constance I., to Thomas C. and Bellyjean Mellvaln, jt. en., $1, (WD) LSI R. S. Young's N. Shore Subd. of LI and 2, U-SG-W, 6-2S-4B. Farmer, Guy and Genevleve, to A. M. Dougan, Jl, (WD) tract of land in NE'.i NWMi 10-9B-20, (1-20-48. Farmer, Howard S. and Veda, to Guy Farmer, $1, (QCD) tract of laBd In NEV* NW'.i 10-94!-20, 6-21-48. O'Leary, H. A. and Mary, to Dave Ryan, $1, (QCD) LSI), Blk. 14, the Highlands, Add. to M. C., I., 6-28-48. Police Court Overtime Parking—W. J. Hughes, Jr. on River Heights, and R. S. Lord, Cerro Gordo hotel, each forfeited $1 bond. Shooting Flrecraekeri—Alfred J. Mats- Ion), »il Harrison N. W., forfeited IS bond. Births Reported (At Mercy Hospital)—Son to Mr. and Mrs. Robert Klnsey, J2li Virginia S. E. Tuesday. Son to Mr. and Mrs. Robert Shay Clear Lake, Tuesday. Fire Calls At 5:12 p. m. Tuesday to the front o 74H 2nd S. W. Broken gas pipe lead int residence was ignited by lantern. At C:27 p. m. to 22 1st S. W. Electrl iron left on Ironing board at Ideal Amer' can laundry. Ian Flight, lane Ride at Workshop Cedar Fall*—An imaginery airplane flight in a Link trainer and an actual airplane ride over Wa- ;erloo and Cedar Falls will be of- 'ered to Campus school and col- ege students during the Civil Aeronautics workshop July 6, 7, 8 and 9. The workshop will be held on the Iowa State Teachers college campus and will include a series of talks, demonstrations and movie films. Plans are also being made to serve a picnic supper at the Cedar Falls-Waterloo airport. It is planned to have a small plane on the landing field at the driver training range south of the campus. The Link trainer, which stimulates a plane in flight, is to be set up in the Campus school. The workshop will be under the direction of Ric I. Jorgensen of the Iowa Aeronautics commission. Jorgensen plans to visit classes July 6 and arrange for various programs to be given after 3 p. m. daily. All students interested, as well June 30, 1948 9 Mason City Globe-Gazette, Ma»n City, I*. as the general public, are invited to attend and participate in these various activities. Tuition is free. Here is an opportunity for teachers to learn about civil aeronautics and how such work may be fitted into their various classroom units. Lad's Skull Fractured in Fall From Haymow Rudd — Seven year old Bobby Schrage, son of Mr. and Mrs. Paul Schrage, fell from the haymow o£ their barn and received a skull fracture. Moth eggs do not lie dormant during the cold months and hatch in the spring. Fast, Blissful Relief from Itching Skin Misery "Wouldn't be without it!" Say Resinol users when telling how amazingly this soothing ointment comforts the fiery itch of dry eczema, common rash, pimples, externally caused. Well worth trying. son City," which drew a of We carry a complete line of Haines Summer Underwear. Complete size range in "Fig Leaf" briefs, regulars 30 to 46. Extra sizes 48 to 54. SAM RAIZES DEPARTMENT STORE 301 South Federal Phone 434 These Shorts won't sell you short THE smart new colors, stripes and all-whites in Hanes Woven Shorts are made of Sanforized fabrics—shrink less than 1% by Government tests. Cut full for your comfort—won't bind now or later. Elastic sides. Gripper fasteners. Honest-to-goodness values at $1 to $1.45. AS ADVIftTISID IN LlfE chuckles from his listeners. He was called back for an encore and played "a polka." Mr. Harrison was then presented with Mrs. Harrison in his "last appearance as governor of Rotary in Iowa." He responded briefly with the remark that he would "rather be a has been-er than a never was-er." Senn was officially escorted out of office with Rob Roy Cerney giving him the past president's pin. Cerney expressed appreciation in behalf of tho club for the excellent functioning of the club under Senn's administration the past year. Grows With Community "If a club grows with the growth of its community it is an excellent demonstration of the club's health," Cerney said. Senn responded saying that if the club had functioned well it was due to the co-operation of the work committees and pointed out some of their achievements during the past year. The new president was installed by Walter J. Walker. He pointed j out the civic record of the "colonel" both in past communities where he had lived and participation in business affairs and home life in Mason City. Day responded saying he hoped to serve the club in the same high tradition its past presidents had served it. Dr. T. E. Davidson introduced the district governor, Mr. Semans, who spoke briefly, his talk filled chiefly with anecdotes and references to various members of the club including the "voluble master of ceremonies" who had hinted that "speakers should be brief." Flora Dora Girls Here Last on the program was the entertainment by the "Flora Dora" girls, who lived up to their policy that "if you can go ahead and forget yourself and where you are from you can be a Flora Dora." Dressed in "attic" costumes they drew a big hand for their singing of such "pre-atomic" selections as "Only a Bird in a Gilded Cage," "There Are Women," "Drifting and Dreaming," "By the Light of the Silvery Moon" and a solo by one member, "Take a Little Tip From Father." Presented by Hook to the audience as "talent he had found in his meanderings through North Iowa," the quartet introduced themselves in one of their songs OR Mrs. W. C. Godfrodson, Mrs. H. W. Thomnson. Mrs. F. C. Streeter and Mrs. W. C. Bendickson. They were accompanied by Miss Margaret Karl who also played dinner music on the piano. The program closed with everyone singing "God Bless America." Invocation was given by Doctor Lloyd A. Gustafson. Mrs. Davidson was in charge of decorations and Joel Hancs was program chairman. • If you're athletically inclined, yon'll particularly like the Hones T-Shirt and Fij? Leaf Brief. This Brief has a superior quality elastic waistband and elastic in leg openings. Gentle athletic support. Double-panel sent. BriefB, 85c-$1.15. T-Shiris, $1. Be happy »n too* for ffilt dlt- tlnctir* Hani* Individual ctl/o- phon* packog* whin /ou tnop tor fht Honti fig Ltaf tiltl. NEWS ot RECORD Marriage Licenses Arnold Katz, 23, and Bertha Shllmo- vltz, 21, both of Minneapolis; Le Roy G»rr, 23, Eden Valley, MJnn., and Beverly IVendroth, 18, Richmond, Minn. -the label ot quality knitting in underwear and sportswear . H. HIM* KnltllM Ci.. Wlniton-Suem I. N. C. We Carry Hanes Underwear FEDERAL CLOTHES SHOP 115 South Federal Divorces Granted Fern Larson divorced from Roy I-nr- Chicago, on grounds of cruelly. She Is granted custody of a child, Slo monthly support and each keeps hU own personal property. Granted by default. New Car Sales Reran Bros., .II!) Delaware S. F.., Ford truck; Prltchard Motor Co., Mnnon City, Ford; Anton Lee, Rock Falls. Chevrolet truck; Ilenkel ConnlrucUon Co., fiW 0th S. E., Bnlck; E. I. Weiseth. 1K3 30th N. W., Bulck; John H. Johnson, Swnledale, Kaiser; Dick Dirks, Meservey, Chevrolet; Standard Oil Co., Mason City, Cadillac; the Rev. and Mrs. F. R. Wryland, Thornton, Chevrolet; D. D. Sperry, 540 Bth S. E., Kaiser. Realty Transfers Hill, Margaret M., et. al., to Ruth J and Francis M. Spcnce, jt. ten., $1, 2-:(rds Int. In SW'/i SE'/i-Scc. 24 and SE'/< NW',i and U",4 NE'.i-Scc. nil In 0121. 2-7-48. Beck, Allen F., et. al., to Dexter and Virginia Ewers, jt. ten., SI. (\VO) strip of land 88 feet E and W and 111) feet and S In S\V corner of strip of land In HWV« 8E«,i In S-IM1-20. 5-4-48. Quintan, M. Wendell and Lel» O. to Mo yd G. and Bethel !.. Kellogg, jt. ten. »1, (WD) S l-3rd of LI and 2, Blk. 10 In Farker's 3rd Add. to M. C., I., 0-25-IH. Cornwell, C. E., et. al., to Oscar D Kartell. |1, (WD) MW>, nik. 14 in tl.c Highlands, M. C., I., n-25-18. Barlell, Oscar D., to Dave Ryan, (WD) I.:i<>, Blk. 1.4, the Highlands C., I., n-21-18. Mcl.arn, R. If. and Elizabeth, lo M Wendell and Lela G. Quintan, $1, (WD S l-3rd «f Lot* 1 and 2, Blk. 10, Park en Srd Add. M. C., R-17-48. n.olm*n. I.vftl" ptid C"rl A., to John M uiid Ltlui-i* j. iitrttvu, j.. ten., v' At Penney's MEN! START YOUR 4th RIGHT AT PENNEY'S COOL RAYON SLACKS 4.98 You can't beat rayon slacks for a combination of cool comfort and smart good looks! Solid colors in brown, tan, blue. This low price makes them an outstanding value! RAYON SOX 39c Neat clocks in serviceable rayon at a thrifty price. Summer colors. Elastic top. 10-12. . GABARDINE SPORT SHIRTS 4.98 Spun rayon gabardine that's light enough for summer heat but substantial enough to stay neat - looking-. Long sleeves, two button flap pockets. S-M-L. 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