The Carroll Sentinel from Carroll, Iowa on December 14, 1894 · Page 1
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The Carroll Sentinel from Carroll, Iowa · Page 1

Carroll, Iowa
Issue Date:
Friday, December 14, 1894
Page 1
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VOL, XVIII. NO, 84, CARROLL, IOWA, FRIDAY; DECEMBER 14, 1894. WHOLE NO, 922 KASH I KING! AND IN ORDER TO GET FULL VALUE FOR YOUR CASH Guild's YOU MUST <GK> TO Guild's He sells for cash only and makes; one price to everybody, consequently he does not make them that pay for their goods pay for them that don't pay as they do in stores that sell on time. Our stock is all new and bought with the tariff off, and in order to see the difference in values it will pay you to compare prices before you buy. It is not a question of how much we can get for goods now, but how little we can sell them for. Dress Goods I fc^-AAAJ*-**--.-^.--V—•-^^-^-^-^-M^-M-T.-.f...... Underwear AT c. We will sell you a lady's fine Egypt- Ian Jersey Ribbed Natural Gray Vest or Pants, sizes from 2 to 5. Heavy fleeced name goods sold last year at 50c. AT 5Qc. The 13. E. J., the finest, combed Egyptian Vests and Pants on the mar ket, today are being advertised In Chicago at 03c., they ought to be cheap In Carroll at 606. AT 69c- Gents heavy all-wool Underwear, 'ibis is a great bargain as you can not duplicate them for less than one dollar! anywhere. AT C. , Extra' fine quality heavy weight medicated scarlet pure wool underwear. They good value at 91.26. Flannels AT An extra heavy Kersey flannel. Would be very cheap at fifteen cents. AT 15 » C. A double thick fleeced Flannel, just the thing to keep you warm. These goods are selling every whore at 18c. AT A fine medicated twilled scarlet all- wool Flannel. If you are looking for a bargain, be sure you see this. AT 20°. A western W., six oz. to the yard. In red or .blue. These goods are worth and sold every where at 25c. AT c. Wo will sell you a heavy twilled 5 oz scarlet Flannel. Compare this with any 860. quality and I know you will take ours. AT 39c. A very fine Shaker Flannel yard with all wool/extra heavy and soft. This Is a regular fifty cent quality. Blankets AT C. per Pair • A 10x4 Peruvian' .Blanket, floe and soft, just the thing these cold nights, and they would be cheap at 75c. AT Our large 10x4 Fleetwing Blankets. This is a bummer as they are 81.26 everywhere AT $1.75 An extra large 11x4 very heavy Blankets. These goods sold last year for 82.60. AT $3.50 An extra good quality all wool Blankets In white or gray. 61 ba to the pair. These are honest goods and made by the cupitoi city woolen mills iu our state. AT. $4.95 The largest, the best, the heaviest and warmest blanket In Iowa for the money. Cloaks AT $6-25 A Lady's Fine Cloak in Bine Kersey cloth r ! 3 This garment is well made-and Handsomely finished. You can't match It for less than 37.50 any where. AT $925 A very Stylish Goat made from the now covort elotb, durable nnd very becoming. This garment is a bargain, bo sure you see it. i AT $9.95 A Beautiful Black Fur Trimmed Beaver cloak. 'This Is a regular 812.00 garment. AT $10.95 A 27 inch Elegant Fur Cape* It you intend buyloA-anything of this kind, you can't nfrTSfoto miss this as it would be clienp Ht fMS.v Astrakan and Electric Seal capes, proportionately low. Hoods & Fascinators AT £5c. A Rood all wool Knit Ladies' Hood. This la a great baigaln as you can't buy the yarn that is In it for that price, they come in black and brown. AT 39c. A very fine large hood, made from Fleishcrs best Gurmaiitown Zephyrs yarn. This hood would be very cheap Bt50c. AT 39c. A beautiful Knit Facinator In Black or iriiite, large size, made from very fine wool an«! would be good value at 65o. AT 49c. This fascinator Is made from extra fine Saxony Tarn and beaded, It comes in black, white blue and pink. )f you dou't gut one of them you willbe sorry. AT 65c. You Rim got something grand. Don't pay H dollar for one when you c«u get one here for 660. AT 15c. A yard wide covert cloth. These, goods will wear and have the appear anceof very expensive goods. AT 23c. A full 80 Inch English Cashmere, we have them in all colors. This is the same goods you have been paying 35c for. AT 33c. A fine all wool Flannel broad cloth finish, 40 in wide in all the latest shades, be sure you see this as you always pay fOo for this quality. AT 45c. A line of /Maid flannels with Bourette Checks. Those are 65e goods. IFe put this price on them to sell them out quick. OUR 65c Black Henrietta beats the world; This Is Julliards goods 42 inches wide guaranteee a wooded black and would lie a bargain at 76c. :B3F~A VISIT TO OUR STORE will convince anyone that Dry Goods, Notions, Fueaishing Goods, Cloaks and Furs are being sold as cheap by us as anywhere in the United States. We make close prices, sell our goods, and our trade so far this fall has far exceeded our expectations which shows that the people appreciate our efforts in giving good goods at a nominal price. These prices can only be had at GUILD'S DRY GOODS STORE Next door west of Fostofflce. OHUBOH DIBItrTOBT , 7*) p.m. i B»v. Oao. fouOM. Pastw. . U a. St.: *f*ntoi t*wt*» .j Y. P. a. 0. 1. asnteel p. m. i Oan- «wBo'iM» P. m,; Prejretlla»ttM.TInm4ar veatofl, 740 p. n. , *. •. GURU*, anp*tU>t*ndeat. fjffmtsssttUSi on Sunday fro** • to Wa.». ae* STAB BODTKB. Mt, Osrmsl and Xeatner, dally. Departs at 1> N r ,', > ^.t'^^HKbllto.,d.l> r . Depart. 1ai*>.; arrives 8: no p. m. O. •Jo. I Omlona limited.. He, I • ,.«.. •» • TaAIMBMV M. » Me, | fiwtr Local,...,.., I i jr* ._ _ 77 g* ••* IIS TH» OooiDurra. Last Saturday evening tbe Occident society ot tbe public eobool gave its weekly program to a large and interested audience, The Orient* indeed bad an interesting program e week ago, jet while tbe land* of tbe oast may start a mighty movement, the west realito* and perfect* it. Firm tbe band that grasp* tbe tiller, majestic and earnest the crew; not the dreamy ornamentation of the Orient, but the bold activity of the peraistent West. Looking at both side* ot the subject, Orient and Occident, brought forth tbe best efforts of Misses Bench and Belter nod the applause of theitudieuce. From the broud lands of Cathay Miss Beach watched the dawn of progre**, while from the tortile Held* of tbe Oregon Mis* Better iU perfection. Thus came the two aide* together, which have hitherto parated by thousand* ot mile* and thousands of yean, 'Twere long to tell what iutereal and merriment each individual Occident aroneed; bow tbe representation of "Lanreame" by Miss Patterson called fort the commendation it deserved; bow tb* select reading* of Mise Boar w*re roundly applauded; bow the MOftof seven tied obildhoqd, youth pod ege together, which opened * current of different tboDgbt*, Ilk* tbe •'Soldier'* Bong 1 ' when all sang Annie bow Btmmla Btolgerwalt'* reoi- OQ "Bihi**," not geography ttrouaed tbeatbmtiou of e«ch boy who like* oar« of that—to tbe hoy—article so ewily di*p*n*ed with; bow Charlie Youokw'* "Oorna" awoke tb* feeling* of the lodiorou* i» each hearer; bow the music luugjil *n«gy combined with the practical M peculiarly oharMterlalto of aitiou and ia steering "firmly toward tbe harbor of anooeaa. * 1 N«w Juaoas. Following are tbe grand jorora drawn for tbe ensuing year:, George Nettle J. W. Hobo* D. L. Fatten Wm. Babb Wm. Buplper Jon. Sohroer Baroey We»illDg Henry Hundl Webb Earle Goo. Dierl Alex Tuel Blcnard Bieke Tne petit juror* for tbe January term of the district court are a* follow*: Jei. Beu* P. J. Olbertx M. Gute Oeo, 8lpe J. IT. Hackle V. C. Soiwmier John Plate Jacob Bboad*** Joan Wall Jr J. B, Pap* John Boeltel ' £ 0. Huddcn r, K, rerkiui O.B.NODI* Perry Ueater otto Bower' rrunk FrIUc Jobu T. Uorlue Frank Kawl P. W. Young Geo. Buolibolt Jame* Murphy AUK. 8t**k Oeo. Schniloh tbe itt Quietly, iwiftly, nQdauutedly Owideut ship mov** giuiu* i* aim preaidsot, it* of wartf t «ad »l tbe p«it —Ouuurr Socntvv, Pxo. 16. Piano Solo .....rraukDree* Becltatlon uaudO'Mual Cornet (tola J. II. Kger miiyer Kmy ....Adadlllman BeolWtlon Oliver Motes . ............ t ........... IMTIIUIIIIUUOH. llooiuilon ....................... ,Un» Ulckiuan Ontholio church when a child and baa been a constant member etooe. The writer haa known him for the past thirteen year* and ha* alwavs found him to be u good, kind hearted man. He baa provided for hie wife and three little oues by leaving a certificate of 82,000, on hi* life in tbe Northwestern Legion of Qouor, which will, no doubt, be paid to bis family in due time. Hi* wife, children and relatives have the sympathy ot tbie entire community in this their aad aflliotion. Recitation ........................ <teor«e AUunoh Sooiuiy J'«iier ................... .J. H. X«erm*yer luttruuieuui Solo . . . ., ........... Blanche O'Neal Uaonlne one* Orttl«'«B»uo»t, 1. B Atklutou. DBATO ov Sous liugeriug three weelte with that dread di«e»w, typhoid fever, at U :80 la*t Saturday ev«nin«r, Pcoewher 1, Jobu Signal breuthed bis Itwt, Qia relutivee aod frieiidi bad «troug bopaj of bin re- ouvery uutU the isjt twenty -(our iioura, wbeii he beg« Q to sink from which be could not rally. He va* born in Lee county, Tiling**, April JQ, 1806, aod ouue MIOU «owty in 1879 witb hi* ftft, who h«ve *iuoe r«si4*4 o« tueir QAHUONY AT TUB "HOSPITAL." Boon* Democrat, The ever-lasting fight in tb« faculty at the agricultural college •has broken out again. Them have bean two factious there ever Biuoa that hospital for decayed politioiaue WAS iuatiluled. The latest pboae of the fight is n euit by Prof. Jiimee Wilson, ("Tarou Jim"), nguiuBt B, I, BurriJge, editor of the Aruarioau Creamery, of OhioHgo, for 826,000 because of on alleged libaloua publication iu bis pnper. The article WUB priuted in the Ootobor Creamery aud charged that Prof. Wilaou demanded 8100 of a oburu manufacturer for a taatimouia) recommending bit ohuru, aud that wbaa the nioue* WM refuted and exposure threatened, Wilaou offered to biibe the man with a position iu the college if he would deny the charge. Pyer & Stevepa have oorameuoed Iheenlt iu tlw Story oouuty district court aud papurs ware aervadou Burrldge while be watt iu attendance at the Iowa Creamery Association meeting. It i» iutiuuted that the o«*e will be taken to the federal court. Hugo Still Untoiubed. Complaint is niodo in Paris that Victor Hugo's remains are iieglocted. When the great man's remarkablefuneral was over, the coffin containing his body waa Bolemtily placed on two improvised benches in the Paiithoou. There it remains just as it was left, no attempt having been umdo to prepare a tomb for it. And uothiug more is heard of the groat Hugo memorial for which sab soripUous were solicited just after the poet's death.— Paris Correspondent CARROLL. Classified Business Directory. MILLINERY. MRS. M. SHADLK, Fashionable Millinery. MISS KLLi TODD, Mllllnerj and Vanor OoMa FINANCIAL. ftoturu of th« OhemlM. Tho ohoiniso hat returned to stay, for this souson ut least, und 1C la to bu hopoU forevor. Batiste und wash illks nro tbo favorite mntarluU for this becoming un- dorgnruiont. Mnny aro long aud trimmud around tlio bottom to answer tbo purpose of a short skirt. Thuro aro ilozons of ex- oellout Bhnpoil nooks—pomimdour, with llttlu fullness, for plump fluurus, uiul otliora out round witli plenty of gather* tor sparo ones. Winter Tourlat Rate* Qu TUe Nortbweeteru Line. Tlw Northwestern Wuo U »ow tolling ouiolQu tickets, ut greatly ruduotd rattm to tuu health aud ple«iiuroi'«»urtB of California, Florida, TOJCUB, Moxluo, New Meslco, toujiiaus, afUuUuippi, Georgia, Houtb OaroUiw, T«une«»ee and Alabama. r"or tickets (Mia full iuformatlou apply tA and Kit* UwiUaobt). yor iual«ila «ud liver Itobuiwi tl>w u&va bawi urovod luvalutblo. TUwr «r«KUttrauto«atobe i>«r(Mtly (res from svrry ilelvtuilou* «ubjUiuoe «ud to be |iur«ly v*««Ublg Tt«j» do not «w»k«n br their IOUM, but \>i gi«iu« tuue to Ut» itouuuib uua uow«U vrMlly lu»lgor- flae farm aonae three uile« uojr|ha«at of Men Take Warning. Aim, how prevalent »rt> those auttreulng dli- eime« and wonknoaiMi wlilch nuke young men pruiimlutBljf old, pule, llttieu, low Ipltlted, languid. omlljr tired. furKBlful »nd Im-aimblui Oil mail-homes and «woir the ll»u of tuloldo*; »on*riil« liunb»ii(ls and wives; bring untold tufturlug to million*, oven unto the lElrU and four Hi Ktmorattoni The ultlluted will r«cmnUo ouhr tuo plulniy to wlmt ela»« or iu«ludle« wa rof«r. Auoinpii'to niui miauiltto Ireutlsu (acut nuljr in plain uealwl euvolopo) on receipt of teu oanu (the oont or poim««) ir Inolonad wlih thin uoitot to World'i UlinenMry Uedio«l ittoola- tiou, CDS Mitiu at., nuintio, N. y. Dr. Price's Cream Baking- Powder Aw»ni«a Gold MtdtlMMwIoUr P«ir. S*q Pfuncltta. ' Tharo la uow » pnbjlo soundal in eaoa of tlio two loading fuiuiliwi of our Amwlomi uobility, Thoro In uu uqunlly public uuiuKlul iu tho family of tho lord high Pooh Bah of oar Amarionu nobility. If tliiH koopn ou, it will toou bo hurdly ruspeutublo for uouimou pooplo to be louu bpuukiug to our nubility. V1BST NATIOHAL BANK. Cor. Main aad Kirtn atrteia. NOBTHWB8TBBN BUILMNO AND LOAN ASSOCIATION. Fifth 8tM»L PEED MILLS.* I. J. i. B. HATI.OCK, Klfth Street. H RNESS. ETC. L. T. ANDRBSON, Harnew and Horn* Clotblni. Trnnki. Vallttm aud SeWlug PLUMBERS AND STEAM FITTERS. WUIflfBUD * PATT^BSOU, Wind Ullln, Tank* and Pump*, JOB PRINTING. DAILY ttUOTINia, AdMUi Stnet Be»t Equipped PrlDtluf OBM In Western Iowa, Professional Cards. JAS, L. MAKTIH. u. K. MAKTIM, MARTIN & MARTIN, •r Prompt attention «i«eo to eolleotloot, KotwyluofflM. OBo* la MeLaftn Bloek BBAOH A HOYT LAWYERS pt «•!!•* la state ana twUtal ooert*. (Ml** M»u>tu»i. over Ruwoo^^ ^rieodTwot 6cuU four ada»» to U. K. ItucklMi ik Co., uui- ty«i «uU (»t a ttve wiuplo box ut Dr. KIU«'« Now Llfo I'lllH. A trim will oouvinco you or ibeir wwlie, TU«M ptlU ar« oaiy la wtiou and «r« QBO. W, KOBTJS, LAWYER. Ottte go ant ooyr u«rmaa Urpf MUM Iu iUltt and ( F. M. OAYRNPORT, TTOHNK AVUW, W. *OWK* ATTORNEY A f LAW, MtlWW-

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