The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on February 13, 1933 · Page 6
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 6

Bakersfield, California
Issue Date:
Monday, February 13, 1933
Page 6
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<• ' - . J «' J I •'"*- * *- '•' . ' "• ' L ' '•I."'/.-/, - 'r. " ' t' '- ^ , >. 'Si-iV '' ^ i r 1 -' • '•.-,•* •,. * - ,. , i'. 1 -' •*.. I h • '-I 1 f I •' - t 0 THE BAKERSFIELD CALIFORNIAN, MONDAY, FEBRUARY 13,193$ due Amusement^ LUXURY ABOARD SHIP. IS THEME Inlimulc Lives of Passengers Disclosed in New Fox FcHturr ON FOX SCREEN TODAY Brent, 7ltn .Tolinnn. Opnomo, Allco Whlto, Yrrrri* dale, C. A.ubroy Smith mid Krnnk Monrnn nenci the "pn^Hongor lift" of "T.tmiry 7/I nor," rtrntnn which poseH tho Intimate lives nf pmsfo on n, transatlantic l!\ior, showing at Iho Fox theater todny and tomorrow. The picture Is a CHIRK pection of life nhoard a magnificent pten.mshlp ply- \r\K from TCurnpo to Amerfrn. Tn the six rtnyj* of Its vnynjjr lifo nnd dnnth lake pin*- 1 ** nn its drrlts; romantic love ami passionate- hatred flourish. Central figure?" In tho drama arc n. physician nnd his nurse. Tho physician hns secured th« position of ship's dor tor for tho voyage to attempt, to a f fort a reconciliation with hip wtfo, who hns rlopod nhotird It •with another mnn. Hut Ms work. makes it impossible for him to do inoro than catch an occasional glimpse, of her. Tlio.«c glimpses, however, are. enough to , drive nor to desperate ineapiirpM which affect, tho liven of everyone on the pafcHrngor list. Her ultimate Htep in ono which given tho phyHician nnd tho nurse, the opportunity to tttraighton out their own tangled lives together. MOTOR TAXES HIGH American motorists paid $1,088,000,000 in special motor taxes durlnff 1932, tho American Automobile Association reportH. This represents an Increase of 0 per cent over the tax rcturnh of IP 30. n I LT IS STAR MA TODAY SCENE FROM "LUXURY LINER/' FEATURING QEORQE BRENT. 285.0 M.—KNX—1050 K. CONTINUOUS. 2:30 TO 11:00 - TODAY AND TOMORROW HELL-BENT FOR LIFE! A TANGLE OF LIVES YOU'LL NEVER FORGET1 L- -V .*•: >.*•_• VJ*.fl cftonct •HINT ZITA JO* The Sexes at Sea for Six Crowded Days! 0—News. ti:K>—r'ocll and Sally. 6:30—81 and ICImer. 0:45—Currier's Heroiiaderw. 7—Frank Wulunubt* and tho Hon. Archie. * 7:15—Musical program. 7:SO—Concert orchestra. S—Tilght concert music. 8:30—Happy Chappies. S:4G—Golden Memories. 9—News. It: 15—I'ruekett Mntnitalnocrrj. !»:I!0—Cnlmon T<ubovtakl and Claire Mellonlnu. 10—KNX dunce band. 10:00—Orgwn recital. ' II to 12 midnight—New Paris Inn. 468.5 M.—KFI—640 K. .String orchestra. 0—The HulrU program. "Makers of History." cast and 7:110—M. J. H. Revue. 8—Amos 'n' Andy. H:i;>—The Sfal of the Don. S::tO—Tho Voice of Firestone. !»—KKI Kun Kiu-tory. 10—Kichflold Keportor of tho Air. 10:ir»—Phil Harris' orchestra. 11:30 to lli mldniglit—Organ concert. EXTRA ADDED DELIGHTS1 ^f^^^^^f * ^ V * ^^^f ' ^^f^^ -^ 0^ ft €*••&' Utitc OLIV rut it. "TOWED IN A HOLE SOUVENIR—SONG—NEWS Continuous From 1:30 to 11 p. m. ( CM 300 GOOD SEATS I ALWAYS • Now! Two First Run Features "THE SPORT PARADE" With JOEL McCREA "DARING DAUGHTERS" With MARIAN MARSH Hilarious Comedy Farce ZASU HTTI AND YOUN Shows 7 and 9 Today and Tomorrow •^ — in a Romantic Drama Also Tom Mix in HIDDEN GOLD How Is Your Radio? INIA OPEN 12-11 P. M.—1Gc ANY TIME Tom Brown. Jam Thrilling Story of Callente Days Youth, Speed, Sport, Sensation! Comedy. News, Cartoon Tomorrow—"Young America" This Ad and Only 50c entitloH you to have our Radio Technician call at your homo nnd TUNIC YOUR HADrO with thu latent factor)' equip- mont. Phone 231 or 232 --, -' ; - - i f*j -- • 5 TO 0 P. M., I5e; AFTER 6. I6t, 25e TODAY TUBS DAY eat res Th ord ree for WHEN YOU JH1NK OF RADIO THINK OF G. E. Bakersfield Hardware Co. Exclusive General Electric Home Appliance Dealer 2015 Chester Avenue til KERN—1200 K. G-rhostrrfleld, Ruth Kiting, Ijconurd Hnytnn'w Orchestra. G: 15—Art Jarri»tt's Oivhrstru. li;30—To bo announced. 6:45—Tarzan nf the Apen. 7—President Hoover'n addreHH. 8—UhiR Monday Jamboree. 10—"Cross Culn." 10.05—All Request Porgram. 10:-tO—Frank Orccnougli Orrhostra. It—Oanrlng With tho Stars. 11:30—Danco Orchestra. Jack Holt In ti role that la not nympathoHn! Tt's happened. Tn "This ± Sporting AKR" you woo tho personable hero of "Flight," "Vnr Corrrnpond- enl/' "DlriKlblo," "SuhniHrlnc" and othnr horo yarn?, ns » liutnan enough follow hut ono who lnHrs vnngoance In II!H own handa. When hin bnlovod daughter, played by TCvnlyn Knapp, Walter Wyrori (the .srapogrnoe ro- manttu Jn Ihc Btory) TTnll takes re- vnngo In Ills own luirnlH. Ati army officer and .star polo plnyer. he meets his man on tho polo field and wreaka Juntlee- abruptly. ^Toreover. lie !«_ a fllrtatlouH type of Individual, a detached male who lets his eyen wander in the direction of tho eome-hlt.her vamp essnyed • by Uutli la harmed by "This sporting Age,'* ro-dlrecte^ by A. l'\ KrlrlcHon nnd Andrew ttonnlaon, ha« tho swank bnrkgrnund of an ex- elusive eoiinlry club, HB well as the interesting and colorful setting of an army post. Others in the oast arc TIartHo Albright, J. Farrell MaeDon- :ild, Reno and Ixiddle. It IM showing at, the Rex theater today and Tticq- day. "Hidden Gold." with Tom Mix as star, is also on the program. S. R. 0. Signs Likely at March 4 Event NILE STARS \ ZA5U PITTS SLIM SUMMERVILLE and 333.1 M.—KHJ—900 K. i vv G—-TBS pro6Ti*:nn8 to S. S—Win* Monday .lamhorce. 10—News Items and TBlsquldc band. 10:16—Ktmlo Kthiopinns. 10;SO—Frank fjroenouph orchestra. 11—Dancing With the Stars. 11:30—Rob ITolman'K orchestra. 12 lo 1 a. m.—Marshall Grant, nrpan. No Woman Can Have A GOOD COMPLEXION With Intestinal Stasis Press Lcnitcd Wire) WASHINGTON, Feb. 13.— Tho Roosevelt Inaugural committee selling tickets for tho March 4 reviewing atands may have to hang out tho "S. R. O." sign. Stands capable of seating 59,000 people are under construction, extending from the White House far along Pennsylvania avenue, but the demand is so great they probably will be far from enough and there Is no room for more. Orders for tickets have come from every state. All told a throng of 200,000 visitors is expected here on the day the government changes hands. Just tYad to Get Married," which opened yesterday at th* Nile, Is what is commonly known as a riot. ! H Is ono of the funniest pictures of the season, and caused yesterday's audiences to shriek with laughter. This picture serves to bring together again as stars of the picture, that clever comedy pair, Slim Summervlllo and S5asu> Pitta. Summorvlllc's awkwardness Is a perfect foil for Miss Pitts' lackadaisical nervousness, and RH man and wife they are the center of a awlft succession of hilarious situations. Miss Pitts has never before been given such an opportunity for thft display of her pantomime. Their supporting cast .Includes such accomplished players as Roland Young, Vcrree Teasdale, Flfl D'Orsay, C. Aubrey Smith, Vivian Oakland, Henry Armetta and many others. The shorts on tho program include a Ruth Ettlng comedy, Universal news reol and Vltaphone acts. MACHINERY HELPS HIM Since the Introduction of mechanical power and machinery Into farms, an American agricultural worker Is able to care for three times as many acres of crops as he could 76 years ago. •.- '>>X''-!-v * •*.v^v.^Hi Don't Force Nature to Elimi nate Poisons Through The Skin—Ruins Complexion. "No woman can have a good complexion or be physically at her best who is an habitual sufferer from Intestinal Stasis." Thl.s statement by a practising phynlcinn tells tho real reason why so many women cannot claar up their complexions, and get the velvety skin men .so much admire. POP complexions, In most every case, uro ritused by polHons within the body whicn nature is trying to force out. REAL CAUSE OF BLEMISHES If your blood IH poisoned by waste food matter then your sUtn cannot be properly nourished. The results ape pimplfN, bolls, a sallow complexion, nnd many final! blemishes. Tin- raiiHi' of such blemishes IH goner- rrally Intestinal Stasis, or the too blow movotnent nf waste food matter through .the howtils. You ran havo one or two bowel movements a cluy und ^tlll h»vt' Intestinal Ktasls. The inovpmentH an? Incomplete, however, much wasto nuUtor being left to prison the system. GET A SMOOTH, CLEAR SKIN So, if you havo a "blotchy" complex* Ion that does not 8t?i>m to got better, nt thrt ivtutto. (.iet rid of body pol- . Adlerlka does that i ua thorough yet pentle and ^aft- way. H elves u complete Intestinal clean^intf, acting on botli upper and lower bowels. Its mild tonic effect strengthens digestive, organs and helps to prevent the return of Intestinal Stasis. Adlerlka has boon on tho market for over thirty years. It bus helped thousands of women get smooth clear skint* by keeping their blood free from waste food poisons. For FRISK TRIAL write Adlerlka, Dept. R-164, St. Paul, Minn. Sold iu kersfleld by Hughes Pru» Store; In Bakersfield by Kern Drug Adv. TWO L A. BADLY WOUNDED r Both Shot by Deputy Sheriff While Attempting to Rob 14 Curd Players BACK TO FILMS. (United /Ve«H Leatcd Wire) LOS ANGELAS, Fob. 13.—Two atf- eerted bandits lny critically wounded In a hospital today, the victims of ft deputy sheriff's unerring aim, toHted when they Bought to rob 14 bridge players nt the Klo Hondo Country Club. V. J, Fleming, captain of the sheriff's Florence substation, was seated at a Uiblo when three gunmen, wearing maaks, entered and ordered the guests to turn over tholr valuables. Fleming whipped out a revolver from his shoulder holster and opened fire, wounding Paul Ferguson In the buck and hand and his companion, George MacDonald, 23, In the lung. The third member escaped after firing a single shot, which went wild. Police . said MacDonald formerly worked at the club. One of the crack marksmen on the county force, Fleming- a year ago killed a bnnk robber and captured his two companions after a holdup. AUTO'S TOLL IN 1932 It is estimated tlmt automobile accidents caused the IOHS of more than 29,000 lives In the United States during Peggy Hopkins Joyce as she appeared upon returning to Hollywood after an absence of six years, to make her first "talkie." She will play, the part of herself, "Peggy Hopkins Joyce," In "International House." LINOYS MAY LIVE N FRANCE. . * Slory Credited to Flyer's Sister-in-Law; Friends, * However, Doubt It , NEW YORK, Fob. 13,— friends of Colonel Charles A. Lindbergh doubted today that the flyers and Mrs. Lindbergh planned to llvfe In France. They Halt! a reported statement abroad by thu former Elizabeth Morrow, ulster* Inlaw of Colonel Lindbergh, that ho would live In Franco probably WBH actually a statement only that the colonel planned a trip to Franco. He has been Invited to attend a celebration In Paste In May of the anniversary of his transatlantic flight. NIC1G, France, Feb. 13. (U. P.) Mrs, Elizabeth Morrow Morgan, sisterly-law of Colonel Charles A. .Lindbergh, left Nice with her husband for an unannounced destination today after refusing to eomtnent on reports * that she hnd said Colonel Lindbergh Intended to live on the French Rtvtern. Mr. and Mrs. Morgan are on their honeymoon. Mrs. Morgan has refused several times to confirm reports that the Lindbergh family planned to mo to' France. DRIVERS RESPONSIBLE Automobile drivers are responsible for from 85 to 90 per cent of all auto- moblln accidents, according' to Uio National Safety Council. SHINGTON'S BIRTHDAY round trip to San Francisco GOOD FEB. 21-22 BE BACK BY MAR. 7 EE the Washington Birthday Bi-ccntcn- nial Parade and dedication of die War Memorial in San Francisco. t Also FEBRUARY 24, 25 and 26 6.60 Round Trip San Francisco 21.45 Round Trip Grand Canyon *ETURN LIMIT MARCH 7 santa fcTICKET OFFICE; & TRAVEL BUREAU W. R. WHITE, Agent '_'. U H13NRY, Traveling Passenger A^-ent Santa Fo Station. Phone 40. Bakersfield, California NOTHING DOES SO MUCH FOR SO LITTLE AS YOUR TELEPHONE quickly Tomorrow Morning You Will Find: The Women's Ready-to-Wear Department and IN Millinery THEIR NEW LOCATIONS MAIN FLOOR ready for business and ready to with entire lines of Dresses, Coats, Wraps. serve and all Ready-to-Wear including Millinery Spring lines The complete Drj Goods Department including Silks, Dress Goods, Domestics, Draperies, Beddings and Pattern Departments will be in position ready for business IN THE BASEMENT Other department changes will follow in quick NEW LOCATIONS which succession full announcement will be .made as soon as these changes are. made Watch the Paper IF YOU are in search of a position better position, see that there's a tele- . >> w: f -• »: \&, ione in your home now. , ph Be ready week, or tomorrow « 'HE PACIFIC TELEPH Opportunity calls you next t Hotel El Tejon A DELIGHTFUL PLACE • IN WHICH TO EAT AVhern You (let the Highest Quality m tho 1x>went Cost Sl.OO • Special Rainbow Trout Dinner.... Club Breakfast, ^5c to 50c Lunches, 50c nnd S«c Dinners, 50c to $1.50 A Delicious T-Bone Steak Dinner, |1.00 Afcworted Toasted Sundwichea, l Tejon Made Plea a la Mode, IGc ;, or this very day. >NE AND TELEGRAPH COMPANY Business Office: 1520 Twentieth Street Telephone 86 ardage! Beddings! Draperies! Men's We a Shoes! Hosiery REDUCED PRICES Needs the Home At Clock Tower Phone Hiti F n t t DELIVfeKY S t H V I C t \ J. MOOKi; IM.. I'AKKLK AUTO GLASS SPECIAL (ONE WEEK ONLY) Any Size Crystal Door Glaas Installed for $1.95 Tribble Glass and Mirror Works 1906 Nineteenth Street Phone 314 USIC Ml I S ee 51 C Publishers' Prices v Quick Servlc^ Office Over Klmball A Ston« Nineteenth and Chester DR. GOODNIGHT Ready-to-Wear! orsets! Underwear! \ »::• l*..:

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