The Carroll Sentinel from Carroll, Iowa on December 7, 1894 · Page 12
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The Carroll Sentinel from Carroll, Iowa · Page 12

Carroll, Iowa
Issue Date:
Friday, December 7, 1894
Page 12
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FORTY MILLION CAKES YEARLY. THE PROCTER & GAMBLE Canwll DAILY AND WEEKLY. ALL HOME PRINT. THK 8«NMHBL Is the only newspaper In Cot- fOU oountr tbat Is printed all at borne and It con- Una more local and county news tban any other two papers ID this county. _ POWBBS & COLCLO, PrOpB. FBIDAV, DECEMBER 7, 1894. 55: PEOPLE AND EVENTS. Visit Moore'e shoe store. Seethe great "Duel" scene in "Wite tot Wiffi." • Hon. H. B. Haselton was in the city Tuesday. Heffelfinger ia receiving holiday goods everyday. Patent photograph envelopes for sale at this office. BOOB & Langblin, funeral directors and embalmere. W. H. Smith and W. H. Scott were at Sioux City. Saturday. W. B. Potter, of Glidden, was a city visitor Wednesday. Bee the wonderful rain storm of real water in "The White Slave." Diseases of the eye, ear, throat and anew. Dr. 0. L. Wright, Oarroll. Call at Heffelflnger'B and see the cut glass ware and new silver ware. Diseases of women and children a specialty. Dn. B. C, KBLLET, Carroll, la. Insurance, and money to loan on real- •eatate at 6 per cent. MABTIN & MABTIN. G. W. Wattles arrived in the city from Omaha Friday night and remained over Sunday. Robes and blankets are cheaper than ever. Do not fail to get prices of L. T. Anderson. Chas. Weitel, the six year old son of Chas. Weitel, of Roselle township, died Wednesday morning. J. R. Whitney and T. P. Barbee have ' rooms fitted up for offices in the rear of ' the Schumacher building. Until farther notice tbe public library will be open on Tuesdays and Fridays, from 6:80 p. m. until 8 p. m. Prof. G. I. Miller, of Boone, was in t the city Friday attending tbe session of ' tbe Educators' Round Table. B. T. Boynton, West Side, Iowa, ton in the work of straightening out his books before the time for taking account of stock the first Of the year. Schumacher & Mitts have plenty of their Salt Lake potatoes on hand. All parties ordering now will be furnished from the car at wholesale prices. Mrs. J. A. McWaid and Mrs. E. 0. Gnge, of Atlantic, mother and sister of Mrs. E. F. Clqvis, spent Thanksgiving in the city and returned home Saturday. J. L.J'.Wilson, deputy treasurer, and wife returned Friday evening from Breda Where they spent Thanksgiving with their parents, U. C. Jones and wife. Schumacher & Mitts, dealers in flour, feed and produce are prepared to furnish goods cheaper than ever before. Call on them when in want of anything in their line. \ The members of the Round Table .visited the high school building Saturday and expressed their surprise ft finding the building so well equipped and elegantly arranged for school work. A number of the local Turn Vereiners took Monday's train for Ida Grove, to be present at an exhibition given at that place that evening by the home turners assisted by those from Holstein. "Our Experiments in Financial Legislation," is the title of an important and timely article by the comptroller of the currency, Hon. James H. Eckels, that FIT. A PERFECT " Hey, Nellie, how big la de bird ? " " Cut off its neok an* len, an' allow foi wet It'd low in de oooHn', a* if 4 fit y*r itnmmik like a glove."—Life. < CITY all in school work gives a decided impetus to the schools in that, section. L. A. Jennings presided, and he is a competed officer. Our rural teachers in Jasper and in Sheridan townships will derive benefit by attending these meetings at Liberty,. Thirty-two section crews on the Milwaukee between Perry and Council Bluffs were laid off last week. The road's earnings last month are said to have been f 150.000 less thau the same month last year and retrenchment has become imperative. The men in the round house at Manilla have also been discharged and the men at the same work at Perry have been put on half time.— appears in the North American Reyiew I Manning Free Press. ' • • for December. Knights of Pythias will be interested In The tax sale Monday at the treasurer's knowing that Lily division of the Unt- offlce was quite lively, there being a large form Rank of Knights of Pythas. of number of bidders ready to take all the pieces of property offered for sale. There were abeut 310 descriptions disposed of, this being about the same number of sales as on former years. We have mad* arrangements by which we can fnrniahHbia paper and the twioe- a-week New York World all for only $2 .a year. Here ia the opportunity to get your own local paper and the New York World twice every week at extraordinarily low ratei. Addreee THB Carroll, la.- The Wilson Company has been on the road for years and came to Carroll stamped with the leal of public approyal and tbe well wishes of the legion of friends they have made every where tjiev have played. Ladlea' tickets free first night. Seats on sale Saturday morning. Price 10, 20 and 80 cents. bleeder of registered Poland China piga,' Westbrook realizes that thl la a time bee piga of both 6ex«a for sale. wnen nionev is scarce but tbe children and loved ones must have their presents. So he has concluded to place his holiday goods on sale at a price which comes within tbe reach of all. Read his "ad' Postmaster C. F. Duncombe of Ft. Do not forget that yon can get needles repaira for any sewing machine made at L. T. Anderson's store. of 1 Dodge, has been appointed custodian of the public buildings in that city. All persons having old clothes to give the poor will leave their gifts with Misses Clara Guam and Jessie Talbott. BOOB & Langhlin have just received •hair line of holiday furniture and it is the fines* ever exhibited in Carroll. 0. B. Reynolds retutned Saturday from Grand Junction where he had been for several days visiting at the old home. Mrs. E. O. Wagner, of West Side, remained in the city over Sunday the £Uvftt Qf her mother, Mrs. Kail, and relatives, The roller skating rink at Grand Junc- t tlon U said to be very popular and is , well patronised by the young men of Jefferson, Hear Lafe Woodson sing "Johnny, my old friend John," "The old stave door" etc., at the Germania opera bouse Monday night. Lounges 98,20, mattresses, $2.50, bedroom anils $15, parlor suit* $80, In (act we have rook bottom pnoes ou all our goods. Boos & Laugulio. It is a little Btruiitfu that the foot ball craze bus never struck our city. Nearly every towu the »mt of this and many •mailer are now wild witu it. Ob say I Are ypu going to give or •end any Christmas preeentef If BO onll nnd get Booa & Lsugblin'e prioea on oonobee, rookere and lonngea. J. R. Whitney is assisting J. W, Uot- and you will see be is determined to make prices so cheap that there is no reason 1 why all cannot be supplied i with a floe present. > A number of the young friends of Mable Bowen joined her Monday in celebrating her eleventh birthday. The little folks bad a jolly good time enjoying themselves as they always do on such occasions. Refreshments were served. The guests departed with their best wishes for many more happy returns ot the event they brated. bad so pleaesntly cele- Awarded fllfheet Honors— World's •DR; Pair, CH1AM BAKING PERFECT MADE. A puitqiape Cream of Tartar Powder. Frw torn Ammonia, Alum or any other adulterant, 49 YEARS Trie STANDARD. John Wichmer, an enterprising young ttan from Carroll, has decided to go into the oil business here. He will make the rounds each day, taking orders and delivering the oil at the homes, at'the same price given by the merchants.' tie will handle both gasoline and kerosene. We hope tbat he may his new enterprise.—Manning Monitor. The team owned .by Herman Dreeszen became frightened Monday while passing down Sixth street. On turning the corner at the Presbyterian church the buggy was overturned and Mr. Dressen WHS thrown to the ground with considerable force but fortunately was not hurt. No damage ef any consequents was done. The surplus of the First National band was increased #3,000,00 tue first of December which is a creditable suowiuK for the present financial and business condition of the country. It U always with pleasure that wo note the solidity of our bunks, as they are the mainstay of eoourity. Carroll is favored iwitb three splendid financial institutions of thle kind. Monday two pupils were trying the entrance examination for the high school. If they succeed the enrollment lu that department since opening the schools In September will have reached one hundred uud three—a phenomenal enrollment for a city of this siye. The "tale Duperin- tondont'e last report, 1809.8, shows an enrollment in the Boone high school ot one hundred and five—but two more tban we now have. Liberty school, district No. 0, ia Bher- Idttu township hold its teachers' meutlug lust Saturday evening. The Aachen of east 8heridttn township and Mtiool patrons were present, Ttt« pWgc»JB w«* In entertaining, and Instructive. The louclurs brought OM! Mtelr director* The pupils CILIUO aJto »nd th« utipgUug of Radclifle, has just been honored by the Iowa brigade, by the presentation of an appropriate flag in behalf of the brigade and as an appreciation of the Hignet Knights of Iowa, of the efficiency of Lily division, in its drill at the national encampment held at Washington last August. . Monslgnior Satolli has written an article for the December number of the North American Review which has an important bearing on the Catholic school question in tbe United States. It is a careful and interesting description of "The Catholic school system of Rome," and illustrates the principles and methods which the highest authorities of the Catholic church regard as pertinent to tbe settlement of the' educational problem. This is the first contribution which the papal delenate has mad** to American periodical literature. The name of Frank C. Letts, of Marshalltown, a brother ot Jno. Letts of this city, is being quite favorably men tioned as a candidate for governor on the Republican ticket. While Mr. Letts is a Republican, he has many good qualities which recommend him very highly for tbe position for which bis name is being mentioned. Re is tbe moving spirit in leading the present fight against the railroads' attempt for an increase in local rates and if he is successful or not in this be should have the support of those who are opposed to these railroad corporations completely dominating the legislation and controlling the officials of our state. Mr. Letts would make an ideal goveruorrfor tbe people. W. L, Culbertson came down town Monday evening to attend a meeting of the Grand Army post and upon returning 'home was much surprised to find a nunv her of friends assembled to assist him In celebrating tbe passage of tbe half century mark in his life's journey. The evening was very pleasantly spent at whist and Mrs, Culbertson had prepared some delicate and appetizing retresb,' menu, which were much enjoyed, and a delightful evening was had by all. Mr. Oulbertson hardly looks like a man who has passed through the cares an dviciesltu des of fifty winters and It is no wonder tbe ladies joined lu. saying he grows younger looking and better looking every day of his life. _ THB OUIBMTH, The inaugural program given by the Orient society at tbe high school building Saturday night was all that it* triende bad anticipated. Long before the time for Uginuiog tbe exeroiees tb* assembly room was crowded lo its fullest capacity. Extra chairs oiled Ibe uialw and still a large number were compelled to remain etauding. Th« gtage on the eoulu slda bad be*n elevated and WM beautifully decorated with rugs, portiere* and other orient*! trappings which gave it ell the appearance ot ense end luxury tteiully found in the ma^nifloent pulaoej of tba far ees». The proceeds for tua evening WM 110.60, The exercises were promptly begun «| eight o'clock, PreaJdanl Gny M. Lie* delivered Iba iuaugarel addreea in « ptouiug atyle peouliar to biuvelf and von many •videnoM of »p§»rovaJ from tbe large eudienM, He pointed out the parpotei of tbeeoftely «nd in • buutorouj vein eiwved *by the Orieute would be Ibe winning eo«My. ViU> ell M4 Plot Link won (eU |« enthnsiastio leader for tbe Orients. Tb« in» Drees and Edith Maoomber, f'Oolden Youth," waa rendered with brilliancy and artistic tonou. We Loj/a io ut,u ;bese young people before the public again. We assure them a hearty welcome. "The Sioux Chief's Daughter" was delivered by Miss Grace with fine dramatic effect. Miss Grace al wnye interests her hearers and in this difficult piece «he proves her ability oa an artist Miss Florence Minohen's vocal eolo, "Of Thee I Am Thinking," waa very sweet and the audience was eorry when ebe was tbrongb, for they were delighted with tbe music and alao the singer. "The Seven Agea of Man," presented in pantomime by fifteen of the ladies of the society, under Miss Gertrude Drees' instruction, was. incomparable io ita beaut j and classical loveliness. li was a vision of fair ones outrivaling dreame of eastern beautiea and of kaleidoaoopio interest. As each eoaue gave place to another of equal beauty we could only mnrmnr, "Sunshine broken In the till, Tho' turned aild* la luniblne still." ' Tbe last number on the program be- lore intermission waa an instrumental selection by Miae Elisabeth Maoleao. Thia aelection, "Baltarello," waa perfoimed with delicacy and spirit, ahowing fine artistic feeling which could not help bat pleaee the audience. , . The Baggage Fiend" by Ernest Dnryea was a oomioal aeleotion delivered with toroa and vigor end wen for the speaker long and repeated applause. Erneat baa all tbe elemente of e good apeaker end we traat be will loea no opportunity to improve bis ability in • this direction. , Tbe "Fable" by Miss Anna Loebel was an original production deeoribing an imaginary visit te tbe various planets in which ebe ahowad considerable thought end ideae tbat were peculiarly her own. Tbe tableen given by the ladiee ot tbe society representing seven of tba^world's greatest paintings waa Miaa Gertrude Dreea' conception end proved one of the moat beautiful attractions on tbe program. Tbevooal CAHKOM,, IOWA, Dec. 4,1694, Oouncli met In itgular session M the of nee At E. M. Parsons. Present, k. M I'lUhtitis. mayor; Mftutlce Bowler. W Liewer, U. 11. lioelt, E. N. Merchant, Sain Todd, J. A, NcNelll, W, 0. Klch and Wm Trowbridxo, council, 3fldutes of previous meeting Were read and approved. Wm. tKahI appeared before the councl lu behalf of Parsons Hose company No. i and presented a bill for robin rent for said company which was allowed. Motion made that the mayor, marshal and Sam Todd be appointed as a com- nutten to see to the fitting up ot the hose cart bouse so as to provide a-warm place for the bone nnd also to provide a better place ot meetlug for the hose companies, The following bills were then sctet upon and allowed: Parsons Hose Co., room rent......... 7 60 M.Yegger, 6^ hours Inbor on street.. 1 68 B, Bolster,7davslabor ou crossings...... 11 28 J. Bolster, 8 •' " sidewalk...... 4 SO Iokart.1 " " gutter............ 150 B. Remolds, one tiajr with team on gutter.. 3 00 3. Luppe, 1 da; labor on cresting.......... 1 5C T. Wlliou, 1 dar labor on water mains.... 1 M M. Button,5hours " " crosilngi....... It J.Funk,8boara " " ildewilk........ 60 F. Brooks 8ft tionrslnbor v on sidewalk.-:.. 50 H. Sch»rnw«bur,lubor on pump house BOO " " " " 88068000 " extra labor on pomp bouse..... 88 76 •Sexton Bros,, drilling well ,..,156 40 Earl Parsons, barfing dog and ihbor...... 76 O. W, Bowen,salary8months.............. 2t 00 Jnnod * Oulbertson, coal ' ' 220 Electric Light and Power Co. light,to Dec.l 103 15 J. Bolster, ^fe day labor on oemeterjr........ 75 O.D. Mitts, hauling coal......:..... ...... 800 D. Jojoe, lumber..... ..............119 CO Standard OH Co., balance due... 1 05 Sheniold & Patterson, labor.... 4 60 A..Greieing, repairing SO H, W. Hacomber,Insurance...... 82 00 Cook Automatic Coal Co., fine cleaner. 90 E. M, Parsons, coal .. .1687 E. u, parsons, freight ou same. 1305 Martin & Gloria, hardware 795 Motion made to raise 0. Shaven's wages two dollars additional to his present salary. Carri«d. Motion to adjourn. Carried. JOHN SCIIACHTNKH, E. M. PABSONS, City Clerk. Mayor. MIDLAND MONTHLY. With tbe beautiful December (Christmas) number The Midland- Monthly, of Des Molnes, closes its second volume. Its index shows a largo Increase in number and variety of themes. Its prospectus for 1895 is Irresistable. Every midland family must have it, and at 81.60 a year,- with the December number thrown in, it Is within easy reach of all. '• The twenty-sir contributions to the December number include a charming "Prairie Queen," .picture and poem; "Christmas among the Ghost-Dancers," by Elaine Goodale Kastmun; "Tbe isle of Wight," by G. W. E. Hill; "Concord," by W. W. Gist; drawings by "Zlrn," the famous caricaturist of Judge; a poem on Holmes, by Major Byers; a delightful Christmas romance, by Mrs. Patchln; "Old Shady," with portrait, In the popular "Midland War Sketches;" a war story, "Private John Tompkins;" "A Practleal Kemedy for Labor Troubles," by .Grand Secretary Daniels, of the Order of Kail- way Conductors; u, beautiful description of Mount Shasta, by that master of descriptive art, Hamllu Garland,—and the half has not yet been mentioned. Start your 1895 subscription now and secure this rare number free. The offer is good as long as the edition lasts. aooonpeDied the t«aiaiii« to ib« oily will remain the rebt uf tb» wt*k with old friends. Her many frienda Would bt pleased to meet her daring h«r Ma* with ns. .;...•..,'..'. "How te Cure all skin Diaoaaee." lyapiiHSiiriyhe'i ointment. No Internal ne required, Cunr tetter. toMini, 1MB, ption* <m th« T raee. hands, note. et&, th«iklael*ar.»»hite and healthy. Its MM tot fa medloine all erupt Itatiut th.»e an ea treat hwltng and curative powers are brnootbe/ remedl. ARk your 8wayei«'s olntmotit WlMON THH4TBB OoUPAMV, During their engagement here next week ' this popular organization will present the/ latest and greatest success In years, e romantic comedy drama, "Work andl Wages. ',' . This is the story of the great strike which actually took place in one of the great Iron works Of Pennsylvania. During the action of the nlay the interior of the iron works are shown with machinery In full operation. The great strike scene- la acknowledged to be the most intense- dramatic scene ever produced on any • stage {this scene was painted especially for this production At great expense. )— The play deals not only with the working classes but with the rich, showing the great line that IB drawn between the manufacturer and the laborer, and It Is calculated to meet the interest of both as It Is detrimental to neither. It Is full of Inter-, eat acd intense dramatic scenes and replete with good comedy. N During the action of the play choir sing- ng and dancing specialties are Introduced >y Afr. Lafe Woodson and' Miss Qaeenie* Dale. '{ . •'.;'•• Plleel Piles I KChlnar Pllee. Symptoms moisture; lutenie Itching and atlasr ng, most at nigbt; worse by Bcratchmg. If al owed to continue tumors form, which often bleed and ulcerate, becoming very sore. Bwav> ne'a ointment stops the Itching and bleeding, teals ulcerntlon and In matt oases remove! th» amora. At druggists, or by mall, for 50 oenta Dr. Swayne 4 Bon, Philadelphia. 6-1-M Advertleed LetterB. The following letters remain uncalled or at tbe postofflce, Dec. 8, 1884. Jnloss delivered witblu thirty days from ate they will be forwarded to the dead letter office at Washington, D. 0.: Jaa. Williams Dan MoCarthr Thos. Hoss Willie Movers C. L. Rosworth. The law provides that one cent shall be paid for ail/ letters advertised. When calling for same please state date of advertisement. JNO. L. POWERS, P.M. duet by Lain Smith end Ella Lynch, "Till We Meet Again," was beautiful in harmony and aweetnees. Their flute-like voices filled tbe room with melody, touching each heart, while •parkliog eyea responded ("Well done, eweat singers, your miaaion ia love. We ever bow to ita gentle influences aod pay respect to these devotees of heavenly muse." Miss Lulo Long reed a very charmingly arranged medley and her happy selections were often emphasized by prolonged applause. Her ideal of the Orient society waa no doubt painted in ita most gorgeous colors and we bope that ehe will not be disappointed in the realization ot her dreams, Tbe cornet duet by JOB. and Edward Egerwayer waa tbe flneat musical •election. of tbe evening, end thoae who did not enjoy it were deaf to Ibeeweet •trains of music. This a< lection WHS greeted with enthusiasm as it richly da- Tbe program oloeed with tba oritio'e report by Miae Butcow and the society eong wbloh wee given behind tb» our- telo, end it wee probably ae well that it fef, for tbe musicians evidently were in need of private Instruction. Tbe flret effort of this society WM a f rand euooeet end impressed every one tbat their motto, "Wowing, not drifting," it an appropriate one, But while tbe Orient* are "rowing" tbe Occidents are by no Been* "elandiog Idly in tbe bey." I4gbtly, gracefully, with «U tbe gay end dreamy fancy of tbe ewrt, Ibe Oriente 1 bjfk bee greoafoily dJp|*d teto view, dr. Po w4»r BMITH-MCTBBB. . Wedoeeday the marriage oaremooy of W. fl. Smith of tbia city end Miae Tenie Meyen, of Brads, waa eolemniBed at the home ot the bride, Rev. L. Hoendling offloiating. Tbe cieremony took place at 10 o'clock. A number of frienda of the oontraoting partiea wee preaant to eon- gratulate them on the bappy event, Tbe bride, Miaa Tenie, ia tbe daughter of Henry Meyrire, one of Ike wealthy end nepeoted 0itiBana of Wheatland towoBhip. All wbo know tbia family •peek in the bigbeet praise of them. Tbe bride waa alao well knbwu to a large number of our eJtiaena aa ehe bad made bar borne bare for come yean. Tbe groptn, familiarly known to «ll as "Billy," baa for e long time been known u one ot tbe progr«esive energetic business men of our city. He ie ^one of tboea whole •ouled fallowe who makes frienda where- ever be goes end. enjoys) tbe friendabip ot ell wbo know him. While tbe newa of tblb marriage cornea ea e surprise to a great many they will join in wishing them both a long and bappy lite, full of •unabine and happiness. The newly married couple will return to tbe city and begin housekeeping at once. They will be residents of tbe allk atookiog ward where they will be et borne to their frienda. We extend congratulations, AT RIOT, Wednesday the remains of 8. 8. Bprague, one of Oarroll'e oldeet aettlere, wee brought from Keitbsburg,' III,, for bedel. Tbe dvoeajed wee • charter member of Jeff 0. D»vi» poet et this plaoe end it woe hie deaire that bin body be laid to rest in the Qarrnll cemetery beside nia little boy. It was also bit wiab tbat tbe post bare have charge of tbe burial. In acoordanoa with this request hie wife bed tbe remaioe moved here for final burial. Tba members of the poet, heeded by tbe Union band,woorted the body to tba wmatary where the regular ritual aervioee were observed. After tbia Rev, Dr. Folvom performed the lost rite* end Ike body was lajd |g reet where ||r< t|pr«f if b|Hl oftan eiprMaed bJe deelre IP bi burled. About • ytar ego the d»omii(t *a* buried at K*ilbjt>ar«,lU. PEOPLE ABB PBOTESTINO. Davenport Democrat A number of people here are planning- an indignant protest against tbe praotioe of many of our merchant* in making the' customer advertise tbe store by carrying bia purchase home in a wrapper thai displays tbe bnaineae card of tbe firm with all the prominence of a three-sheet stand of bill* on a bnsy corner. There ia no reason why tbe purchasing pnblio ahonld submit to tbia, One lady bare baa a way of ridding herself of tbe nnia- enoB. She pate it to the clerk wbo doee< apber package thus: "You turn tbat advertising paper inside, or elea yon deliver the parcel and charge it." There ia room fore grand united kick about here, ' ' \ S um twelve cents In postage stamps to 86 Corcoran Building, WaiblOKton, D. 0.. and yoaj will receive four oopioa of Kxru FiaLp's WAUB- IMOTOM, containing natter of special intereit. Wive name and addresa, and, say where roa saw this advertisement. ALMOST A Niw X*OBX DAILY. The? Democratic wonder, the Ifcw York Weekly World, baa joat changed its weekly into a Iwioa-a-weak paper, and yon can now get toe two papers a week for tba> aame old price— tl a year. Think of ill The news from New York right at year door fresh every that* daya- 104 papera a year. Winter fount flatea On The Northwestern Line. The North- Western Line Is now selling exeuralon tickets, at greatly reduced ratea to the health and pleasure resorts of California, Florida, Texas, ' Mexico, New Mexico, LouUlan*, Mississippi, Georgia. South Carolina, Tennessee and Alabama* Kor tickets end full information apply to Ag eats Chicago and Northwestern Ball- '' .... Reduced Hate* to Dee Moiner On account of the Annual Meeting of toe Iowa State Teachers' Association, at Des Molnes, December Sfllh to 2Btb, th» Northwestern Llnu will toll tickets at reduced rates. For full Information apply to Agents of the Chicago & Northwestern Hailwiy. _ • Sheriff 'a Sale. Notice U herebr given that by virtue ot a general execution, to m« dlrwWu Oy the clerk ot iut> dUtrlat court of Oarroll county, low*, against tiie goods, eiiatwii. land*. tao«ui«ntf . eto.,of W.H.BI0ker»au,Mik«J. Uloko»on and M. J. f. Mueller deCondaote, In favor or The Cedar Haplda,, National B«ok plaintiff, I will offer »t public vale to the ttwbeat and best b|<M«r foroaah, at tliudoor ot toe court kowut, In the town of Carroll, oounty of 0*rroll, lows. OD tu« iMth day orDeaewbur, UM, between toe JUMiraofD o'clock a. ro andlp'olook P.m. on iuidimy, nil of s«td 4«(«ndanU. H. J, f. Mwller right, U«e and Interest In and lo the following describe* real estate, situated In Carroll opuntr. W-wll: Bouiueiiit Quarter ol the southeast • •• -• ••- "Silt (08) township eighty..... • of

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