Ironwood Daily Globe from Ironwood, Michigan on August 5, 1965 · Page 14
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Ironwood Daily Globe from Ironwood, Michigan · Page 14

Ironwood, Michigan
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Thursday, August 5, 1965
Page 14
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FOURTEEN MartFeatui Gold-Minin Shares' Ral NEW YORK <AP> gold-miring shares mixed session on the Stock Exchange earl ernoon Prices of most showed little or no c The gold shares or 2 points, making: in some instances. 1 fleeted a jump in gold or. the London change to the highe years Fear of currency in Britain had its ecl~s Street, as the Britisrt the dollar are closel> international finance Some of the bes~ gold - mining share Street n-ere trimmed ever, as other stocks London, showing that diate impact of the news was softened. Some other natur issues on the Big cipally nonferrous on a good show but stock list was The Associated of 60 stocks at at 328.4 trials, rails and utill' changfd as well. The Dow Jones inc erage nt noon was 883.34 The major steelmal- scarcely any chara; the same conditioi~t among the top auto :== IBM was off 2 wli:==; a point or so were m = Smelting and Contro ~ Prices were higheir~ ate trading on the- Stock Exchange. Corporate bond r> z mixed. U.S. Treas-= sagged in reaction vance in the price London Stock M NOON QUOTA'l NEW YORK ing is a sectioned transactions ontlie Stock Exchange at net change from px Allied Ch Am Can Af Mot Am Tel & Tel Armour Beth Steel Calum H Ches & Ohio Chrysler Cities Service Consumer Pw Cont Can Copper Rng Det Edison Dow Chem du Pont East Kod Ford Mot Gen Fds Gen Motors Gen Tel Gillette Goodrich Goodyear Hamm Pap Inland Steel Inter Chem Interlak Ir lnt Bus Mch lnt Nick Int. Tel & Tel Johns Man Kim Clk LOF Glass Ligg & My Mack Trk Mont Ward NY Central Penney, JC PA RR Pfizer Repub Stl Sears roeb Std Brand Std Oil ind Std Oil NJ Stauff Ch Un Carbide US Steel Wn Un Tel U—Up. D— CHICAGO CHICAGO (AP) Hogs 4.500; butclm.« 25 lower: 1-2 19O- 25.00; mixed 1-3 i 24.25-24.75; 2-3 25O- 24.25; mixed 1-3 3« 22.50-23.00. Cattle 700; cz slaughter steers := al lots choice 9OO— 26.50; several lots 900-1,000 lb heifer several loads and Ibs 23.25-25.50. CHICAGO i»M CHICAGO i AF» > Merchantile Exchs steady to firm whc prices *'* higher: 60Vi>; 92 A 60VJ; 9O ; cars 90 GB Eggs steady: win* prices unchanged; or better Grade mixed 33, mediuro- ards 26; dirties- checks 21. Asa Gray's "Ma any." hich appe-; serves H? a 'iand.1 oan botanists. IRONWOOD DAILY GLOBE, IRONWOOD, MICHIGAN THURSDAY, AUGUST 5, 1965. Obituaries Jack Hrivnak Council Okays Proposal About ; New Hospital i married to the Rev. Richard L. : Vork at Mercer. They m a d c j BESSEMER — Jack Hrivnak. their home at Hibbing, Minn., i 66. of Presque Isle, Wis., died f 01 - ^x months, and then moved Wednesday at the Divine Infant , to Washburn, residing there for Hospital. Wakefield. where he three years. The couple late was admitted Monday. moved to Bclmont. Wis.. where The remains are at the Frick- they resided for two and one aiZielinski Funeral Home, Besse- half years, and then moed to by the board of- -trustees of the: pie. .- York mer - Funeral arrangements are Nerst rand in January. 1964. .Grand View Hospital to erect i I incomplete at this time She is surv ived by her hus- z new hos pltal building, was en- i Hrivnak was born in Besse- band: two daughters, Diane 5.: ,,„_-,, H,, thn n 0 cc«,vmv r i t •« ;mer Oct. 3. 1898. He attended . Llnaa> 3; ner * arents . Mr _ and dorsed by the Bessemei City issues the local schools and later he Mrs Erne st Craw: two brothers Council Monday evening, by a e. .lived in turn in Cleveland, O., ; and one S i s t e r. I 9 ' 1 vote - Al) councilmen voted Ritualist Practice Of RAM Set Aug. 11 A. Ted Johnson, high priest of Minerva Chapter, Royal Arch' Masons, reminds all officers and! members of the Upcoming Tri-' State Royal Arch Festival to be Shriners Meet At Marquette MARQUETTE — Approximate- held in Bessemer Saturday. Aug. iy 400 Shriners from Tripoli Tem- 28. The first ritualist practice .pie of Milwaukee will come to Hospital Notes i GRAND VIEW. Admitted 1 Wednesday: Robert Balclo \v 1 n, Hurley, surgery: Lester Sederholm. 323 W. Tamarack St., medical. Discharged Wednesday: Mrs. Mary Pretti, Hurley: A r t h u r; Corrier, Washburn: Mrs Kathryn Reardon. Sharon Mancheste lly by I s aft- 1 / , , , »" w "• ^...... ..i...-- i rvn Kearoou. omuim ivitnn-uv-oLt for that festival will be held Marquettc this weekend tc take;..'' Amelia Goodwin Iron, Wednesday. Aug. 11, at 7:30 p.m. ; part in the traditional summ e r! '• BESSEMER — The proposal a t the Bessemer Masonic Tem-i ceremononial of Ahmed Shrine; uul DIVINE INFANT, Wakefield. and Presque Isle, where he oper- Funeral serices were held at " yes " with the exception of; ated the Little OxBow Lake Re- Nerstrancl Me thodist Church on' Councilman Carl R. Olson, who; c-«*-t ff\f on I'porc Tn rMPVPlann «. . .. -. ... .. i 'nflssAn "- sort 20 Draft Call for Month Increased Milwaukee Shriners' con-; Admitted Wednesday: mi a. ^n-, ;••-•- --•--•• . g ,, bcsl Conterio, Maren i s c o, val on Aug. i anci a int Committees Get Set for Muskie Festival at Gile Members of the Gilc Flowane ueK,. Association are wmManglia,-cllo . Ba-j make this: year sMusk c Festi tingent will feature six u n i t s,; tista J. among them a horse patrol, an medical; Arne Sturkol, W a k e: oriental band, chanters and the field, accident; Lawrence Loni regular drill patrol. They will do, Wakefield, surgery. ever. All of the members have been he was y , ears J , Saturday> July 31 m P IO - vedyGe Rev. Dr. Edwar wlth the Edward S. Martin ! present a big program in the | Northern Michigan University ! Mary LaClaw, Ironwoocl. _ fieldhouse at 7:30 Saturday even- passed." ! ....... " ing. A parade will be held at 1. ' The action was taken after' LANSING .AP> - Michigan's Saturday afternoon in the down- ; A --HI CQ " ^ *• busy selling tickets, working on Wednesday Mrs i games and events and making wean«.s,adj (arrangcments for entcrtainme n t and refreshments for the fourth- ... . . . . _ v . _. _„_ 0 . Wiatvlll , . Motors Corp., until he retired d th Re A B utzman of- ! discussion of a communication draft call for September has town area of the city. and returned to Presque Isle in , ficiatlne Tnterement was at ' received from the Hospital board been increa sed from 910 to 1,410 In addition to the Milwaukee 1961. Since his return, he had g . Bp k Cemeterv Sand jof trustees, supplemented by, Selective Ser vice Director Ar- group, Shriners from throughout C/emetery ' 5anfl - ir l-uation !worked ful1 time at the Llttle stone Minn Wa SiO- rt he was mar- no«bearers ' Eerett of Wall -. how- Old Stone Church. She survives i him together with a stepdaughter, Mrs. Vera Weber, Graf ton. . O.; one brother James. Clevel- : explanation by Councilmen Ed- tn Holrnes announced today, the Upper Peninsula and their were ™ un ^ *° dd '. a m Tnf ° f J he The increased call is a result' families will be coming to Mar; board of trustees; William Wag- f t , announcement by Presi- 1 quette. Registration at the Ma'< ner, chairman of the hospi t a 1 . _. T _,,., Dr>1 , n t ari inri-pasp in sonic Temple Saturday morning n - and health committee; William ^"in 01 " s ° ns f tr eiVh nf Viet is expected to exceed 1,000 for of Nam The original national call the big "hot sands" event rs ' of17.000 men for September was Heading the list of feat u r e d Ro KS Wnrrpn Wairen a n - d Hansen - former member thp lne hnnrrl anrl ooara, ana von \ akL pdiiutdrerb were ; Points stressed in the discus, sion were tne need f a , ^ creased to ^7 400 increased ° § uests Wl11 be Barney w examination of! imperial Potentate of the 837 ,000 •-•»' -< coining activities. The chairman for the r v e n I is Louis Cardini, thc club president, and he is assisted by the co-chairmen Marco Gotta and Ted Brunelle. They have spent many hours organizing and coor- ,dinating various projects and homemakers from t h c , committee activities, •enlnsula who attended The various committees lor annual Homemakers the festival are as follows. Week for Finance committee—Val Gene i w"o'men'"~on July 27-30, Mrs. Lee Coxey, chairman: Cardini, Mar- d two slsters§ Mrs . julia community welfare;: "" r Ge ss. Robert Hope. J o h n to Michigan men imme-j BroC heck, Cleveland, and M r s. i reasons for a new hospi t a i • , an( , j a m e Bru- 'nelle, chairman; Robert Norman, Cardini and Bernard Peterson. Lunch committee — Peter son ;- and Brunelle, co-chairmen: John J '"'" cs"\n 'general"sessions" to help Gulan. George Petrusha. rt,,r nnmrmakers htmrove thc quality Gygi. Fred Lantta and Eugene siae ai me major acu vines dur- nomcmaKeih UH^IUM. mi. ».|uaiii.> • ° ... The September draft call con- . .. ceremonial Vernon M of living in their homes, the vaiam. i'- Hospital. She had been ill two her brother. Raymond Marti, i ^v^emodelhTrhe' 'existin-tinned an increase in the month- ^ sn ^ aCnC1CI ^ £„ a te of Tr - community and the world. Games coninu tee - - J*™* i-'months. Sheboygan Falls, Wis.. whe r e; J t j uct ure if nft practical or I ly calls this vear. Previous calls ^\f V^";, B ^ c "H« th« ions nu This vear's theme was "To- Gerry and Caii Ramaldo. co- of the' Mrs. Frank A. Kujala. 75, Bes- Mrs. Raymond Sargent, 40, of semer Township, died Wednes- 224 W. Norrie St.. Ironw o o d . rerage day at 9:30 p.m. at Grand View died Wednesday at the home of un * Indus PhvsVaVexaminations in Septem- t n UlK hosp tal serv ; ber. be a ssured: P rea son 5; « aaui = u - * ta ° • Ahnd 3.11 un- The former Anna K. Pelikka'She was visiting. , was born May 23. 1890 in Oulun- Mrs. Sargent was born July av- Laani, Finland, and was educat-' 21 . 1925 . in Rhinelander, W 1 s .. »r^:r .54 at ed in Finland. She came to the 1 ana moved with her family to 'United States in 1911, settling i Mercer when she was still a zsr-s showed • here. On Aug. 28, 1913 she was I cl ^ 6 \ Sne attended the Mercer Almost married here to Frank A, Kuja- i schools and graduated from ,-ailed la. He died Nov. 10. 1961. She ; Mercer^ High School m 1943 .She Bay, : was a member of the Evangel-; was of ical Lutheran Church. i w ' s -- for ab °^ one y ear - T She was the former Joyce and was married to Ray- y calls this year. Previous calls u Temple neads tne 1965 di . This year's theme was "To- Gerry and can Kama ;ere 363 in January. 284 in Feb- ^ for ^ Mllwaukee group . da y s Homcmaker Shapes To- chan "en Jol , Nafe.o economical; the need of the hos- weie ODOH ^m.uc,,,.-^...-" van j or tne Miiwausee group, uuy a nu,,,^ '"^',. »'^-> — Marolla Robert Norman. Domi- pital from the standpoint of ruary, 521 in Marcfc. 689 in Ap il Registration for the visito r s morrow's World. Dr. Zclma * a'o la - «°^" public health and the industrial 724 in May, 1.009 in June, 1.17o wiu take place al 8:30 SatU rday George, noted sociologist and "^ uia h"" lino and economic growth of the in July, and 1.117 in August. morning in the temple, although former delegate to the United Da '',','''„,....,.„„ Card j n area; and general financing in- The call by draft boards in many of tne riign itaries will ar- Nations General Assembly, was ^£ n( £ ^™'™ ° G ^ v Fral formation as reported by board Gogebic and Ontonagon Counties rive tllc prev ious evening. ; the keynote speaker. He dis- of trustees in their communica- is as follows: and Gerry. Frank Maffesanti. tion. The board of trustees Gogebic. noted three. five; that "The Gogebic County Board The total for all boards of Supervisors has called a spe- the state is 1,410. cial election to allow the people At^vil IT 1 QAA ! ^ ial CICV^LIUil LU C111WVY 111.- j^v, K .*- ^Li«L,rA;!to decide whether or not they v U.S. Surviving are two daughters, Mrs. Jacob Luoma of Babbitt, rmocler-: Minn., and Mrs. Arthur M.' -d=^:merican! Chesley of Ironwood; one sister, Mrs. Jenny Ilminen of Iron-' """V^f Thi'rp" thPv^h-vP j voters wln De asked to vote on c«ss were wood; three grandchildren and :, ™" w °?r' y I the question of building a new ^ bonds! four great-grandchildren. ' she was a member of the hospital and the issuance of tne ad-' Funeral services will be held' wSey^i'ethodS Chur?h. '~~ '" " in. Saturday at 1:30 p.m. at the Ny- wesiey wetnoaibi j berg-Miller Mortuary with the _ i Rev. Oliver A. Hallberg offi- one elating. Interment will be at Riverside Cemetery. ; The mortuary will be open for J visitation beginning at 5 p.m. '•• Friday and until time of services Saturday. Local Tourist Busy The Shriners- party for crip-'cussed "Change anci Conflict npvnrn(r() cnmm \ ncc _ Marco Ontonagon, pled cnildren at Sl . Lukc - s H os- Around the World." ^ « a B L co " n1 ^ gj^ 1 ^ pital will take place at 10 Sat- While in East Lansing Mrs. ,go« d -<*£i » a ^*"™ ° L ouis La urday morning. Miller also heard Jeanettc Lee. ^-' H ^.^' k p^e Ma fesanti Shriners will form for the pa- dean of the College of Home R U1 a . ' OI nlcK - ^ ete rade at 12:30 Saturday afternoon. Economics, discuss "The Chal- ",,„ H,^^ '•"', Various programs are sched- lenge of Home Economics at uled throughout the day for the Your University." Also speak- visiting nobles, novices from j n g at the event was Lou Ahmed and members of Ahmed whitefield. assistant director of and their ladies. ! $400.000 in general otaligat i o n Julv i ias De en a busy month extension for home economics. Mrs. Miller attended sets of nce committee has an- a c f ^ e music for t h e dth | u S old-fash- \ "" ?" u ,-„ bc f n . ^ « Si n r Raivre tKio - committee 'for games and actlvUles du ,. inp , hP day h as For Disabled, - rniir «:i>;rprs rvirs > u 11 n - -11 ui.u..»v,i. wj. -------- -. ---- m and Mrs HarveJ Ed' |three C6ntS P6r Week ii S ° m6 ? wood Chamber of Commerce. Rhinelander Mrs Robert i W more: some wn ' pay le f^ At the travel information sta- ' and some se nior citiz ens wi 1 e Chambe , I^ollow of stock Mrs. Emma Johnson York Mrs. Emma Johnson. 87. John Anderson, Mercer; and Marti, Uon operated by the Chambe , exempt. Approval of both of 400 sion Service and the MSU Con- in , hp aftenloons ; , lld evenings, tinuing Education Service spoil- . x , ola , of $f)00 in cash ^\\\ he sor the "College Week for givcn mi , m ;UldU ion to $110 in boygan Falls. of held at S f 00 ooo ™ the ss Households or persons who e willing and qualified to take of elderly, infirm, or disabled people are being sou g h t by the Iron County welfare De- p / Licuun ui H iii--\s , , t partment, according to Forrest fJOV hosD a" U the crease m tne numbe1 ' ° f traV Foote. supervisor in charge of " U / H°TL^clic at lers visitinu there in coir.pari- ., assistance and disabled U 0/10/1/0/1 Of t -S* 2 O -^4, U 1 li U -^ s U i b U * -t U - 8 u 3-jj U '^r^^t^^^^ ° f a new the Re Burfai a ^ill L be ' Vt ^"leSKLS,^ 110 " 1118 " so » to last year ' s COUnt in the aid ;?ogr7mrrn theVgencyT' In the auto accident that took . , „ The hospital board notes that same time perioc1 ' It is reported that homes are place on the Black River Road to -share in the enjoyment and of the proposals will Tn .' s y ear ; | nntnc "?P"._ ,,„„„" needed for recipients of the aids Tuesday afternoon in which Miss including transistor radios i and .stuffed animals. Money raised from this endeav- !or will'go to help local groups interested in Gogebic Range recreational promotion and helping build up the club's Gogebic Corn- One of the persons inju r c d munity College scholarship fund. All local residents are invited Friends may call at the Eng-| U D four weeks. Vs She was born at Carlst a d s. „,,.„„, ir,,r,r.vo"i wnmo in Mnripv, — - 'i Sweden, on Nov. 8. 1877, and f/° ni ^n " Sdav The re-' be published prior to the elec-; Vi came to the United States with i n JlL L,r^ .5,"° L »i" ,„;=.!tions so that the voters may bc| Vs her husband in 1912. They Vi moved to the Hurley area 's Her husband. Gustaf Johnson ?i preceded her in death in 1935, and for the past 25 years she - in nil effort to make tins tcs- ly alone. 8.153 tllc visitors have wno requ j re S0 me supervision in Bonnie Tilton, 18, of Montreal, tival a succss. , , , "l r T"l U °" addition to food and shelter. The was killed, is reported in criti- >,i had made her home with a 3 Is daughter in law, Mrs. Jean Johnson, Hurley. She was a U 1 2 member of the Vasa Lodge, 's She is survived by one son, Henry. Another son, Frank, V4 died May 9, 1962. Funeral services will be held i s at 3 p.m. Saturday at the Hur- t^mf of'VSbic Range is ley Presbyterian Church with Jj 6 ^ of tne °°B eD1 ? K a n B e . i SICIG , IronWOOCl. ' to discuss the"nospital proposal's, ; year, in the month 01 juiy. oniy room .. for certaln cases . Township, a tront seat passcn- Continued from Page One they said extending an invita- 6,752 tourists visited the center. According to Foote. this is an gcr in the car, is reported by vicl Coil B were killed m two Ition for organizations, to ask for opportunity for additional in- the attending physician to be government operations in cen- the services of a speaker by PVilirrh Events come for nousenolds or P ersons suffering from a brain concus- lral Vun Nam - Hc saia "' v , e calling the office of the superin-i v ^ liuiv " 11 , , ., who are found qualified. In ad- s j on m addition to other injuries killecl in a sweep in Phu \cn tendent of the hospital, at phone' Mass-St. Paul s Luther an dition . it would fin a grca t need which include a fractured'right Province. 240 miles northeast of 93" 2595 ^ Tne board of trustees Wl11 meet for the Iron County Welfare De- thigh bone and arm and h e ad Saigon nnd thc other 30 in Bmh A report was presented of the tonight at 7:30. ;partment. lacerations! Dinh Province. 275 miles north- joint meeting of the council and : ~— . i Foote emphasizes that this Another passenger, Miss Ro- east ot Saigon. city planning commission, to Ironwood Man Forfeits agency is trying to set up a pro- bma Brown 16 of 117 s . Range In tne air war in South Met study the plan for the long- D , u,,,| au Tn-.r* gram so tnal P ersons needing Rd is rep orted improved. Nam - V' S ' and , \^ tna "l ese range over-all physical develop- DOnd Of Murley LOUrt ; some miner supervision and The driver of the car Marvin P laiies flew nearly 300 sorties of Commer c e i ment ' p i an prepared by the Raymond DeGeorgio, I r o n -• services can be taken care of Morrison 19 of w Hautanen a g ainsl suspected Viet Cong as it starts its drive for new | planning commission, bef o r e wood, forfeited a bail bond in in the home of a relative or Rd Ironwood Township is re- fortifications. Forward artillery members from each of t h e I submitting it at a proposed pub- the amount of S15 Monday at; non-relative. This is believed to Dor { ed much improved The at- observers reported 75 Viet Cong irea. ' ]ic hearing It was noted that,! Iron County Court on a charge, be an advantage to the client and t endine nhvsician m-evious 1 v killed in the strikes but this was Jaycees Begin Area Drive for New Members in this area. _ ! ]j c hearing. Friends may call at the Eng- "Xnyone"between 21 and 35; a ' tv thiTstud'y session, "city"Attor-'' of driving a motor vehicle with- the agency. It will provide a LtaTe'That^Mo''^^^ ^usta"n e d not confirmed by body count. >r-:r, PV William F. Fellow Questioned out a valid driver's license. home setting for those need i n g ',,'„.„,. , in=0 Qnrl ; oorl ,.,„„,.. Militarj briefing officers re- strom Funeral Home in Hurley after 2 p.m. Friday. years of age may join this or- j ney \villiam F. Fellow questioned ganization, and in order to make t ne legality of certain provisions ! Iron County Judge Arne H. these services, and it is to the ^fractured nose and head lacer;it truly a success, it is neces- of the° proposed ordinances. Ac-'Wicklund ordered the bail bond benefit of the welfare depart- MrS Thomas Kutrovac isary that a large number of tion on t he report was tabled forfeited. The arrest was made ment in several ways. s U I 1 s BESSEMER — Mrs Thomas Persons in this age bracket for fur ther study, at this spe- by the state traffic officer on ( The care must be provided in Kutrovac 78 of 219 E' Iron St ! from each of the communities j cia j meeting. Highway 51, Hurley. a home setting and not in a » u Vs , died Wednesday at 10-30 p.m. at: on the range join. j After discussion of the report i group situation, according to Divine Infant Hospital, Wake-| Up to now there is not a sin- and report O f Supreme Court J u |j us C Penna Jr. -ii D 2 U 1 4' fieldi wh ere she was admitted member from Hurley and i Tu e S day afternoon when she suf-l there are very few from Besse- D 1,8 fered a heart seizure. mer and Wakefield. It is hoped rulings of questions of legal i t y by the City of Troy, the council approved the suggestion of Pel- l ported relatively heavy raids i during the night against targets i in North Viet Nam. They gave ! this report: l Seventeen Navy planes at!tacked the Dai Thuong barracks I area 6T miles northwest of 'Hanoi. Pilots reported 26 build- An Aug. 19 date has been set ings nestroyed and another Innocent Plea in Case ! is looking for persons with the Receives Promotion j ability to provide the services ...^ ., „ Mr and Mrs. Julius Penna,: and supervision. No specialized fora psychiatric examination ; dama gecl. All planes returned The "former MaKdeTine Turkal officials said at a meeting j^ that Harold" "schieber, re-1 Montreal, have received word' tarining is necessary. for Robert Roose, Vallejo.Calit . safely to tne carrier mdepend- as born March 31 1M7 in Yu- 1 W e d n e s d a y evening, that itlrea mine superintendent, who that their son. Julius C. Penna Persons who have some inter-, who on Tuesday in Iron County ence '/4 i g'oslavia and had resided in Bes- enough interest can be gener- has had experience in zoning jr., has been promoted to dis- est are urged to visit the wel-i Court at Huiley, entered a plea Twelve U.S. Air Force F105 ^'serner since 1906 She was mar- ated from persons living in and othei . factors involved, be trict manager for Lakeside Lab- fare department offices at the of innocent, by reason of msan- Thund-rchiefs attacked the S»-a U i s Tied to Thomas Kutrovac by the these communities to join this linvlted to tnc next meeting of j oratories, Milwaukee, for the Courthouse in Hurley where ad-.ity to a charge of burglary vinh army barrackSi hil by lhe I 1 * U \a late Rev C J Swoboda and "young persons club" a n d tne coun cil on Aug. 16, to dis- Florida. Georgia and Alabama ditional information can be ob- ^ It was ^erroneously ^ reported same number of Air Force U U Vi was . , , «ao 8 D U 1 U ' and was'a member of St. Se- make it a success, both for the| cuss t he ordinance provisions, territory. His headquarters are tained bastian Catholic Church, the! group itself and the areas the The counc .ji moved to also invite at Jacksonville. Fla. Julius is Ladies Guild of the church, and! memb ers represent. tn e citv planning commission to a graduate of the J. E. Murphy „,.._-.,. = _= < ,~... - . | H . gh Scnool H u r iey. T6 l s U Vsjthe Bessemer Golden Age Club. Since this is one of few organ-. tnis meeting. • 8 | Surviving, besids her h u s- i izatlons in the area oriented to- Funerals S9i 4 D Vis j band, ar six daughters, Mrs.' ward young people m general,! 'Ernest Shaw of Ingelwo o d .! officials feel it is in the best, Calif., Mrs. Toivo Pikka O f, interests of any and all persons] ' '- this age bracket to join an 38: D Vs OCK Wakefield, Mrs. Walter Peter-: son of Minneapolis, Mrs. Robert' - ... v ^« Judd of Memphis, Tenn., Mrs.' their interests and to that or; « TJSDA)— i Arthur Carli of Ironwood and their respective communities. steady to! Bessmer: 13 grandchildrn and| Members of the orgamzati o n it> 94 75. one brother. Joseph Turkal of \ will Mrs. James Sweeney of Detroit; members Demos Are To Take Over State Colleges .Tuesday that Roose had en-, , anes Wednesclay . A tolal of 19 , tered a plea of guilty to the Dulldings were reported de- I charge. stroyeci and 14 others damaged . Roose was arrested on July 30 d ln th lw missions gea jby the Hurley Police pep a ri-! AU , anes returned safel t : ment, with the cooperation of the j base ^ ' Ironwood Police Department. In Tuesday's court appear- 250 Ibs Itos 23.75- —3.SO lb sows none ; sever—5 lb 25.25_ choice S 0.75-26.00; t: s 800-1,000 i O nl o o d nom iiomsoou 15 great-grandchildren. BONN 7 IE iM. TILTON Funeral services for Miss Bonnie May Tilton 18 daughter of ance > Roose testified that he Mr. and Mrs. Leonard Tilt o n, nad Previously used the name; Montreal, who was fatally in- By AL SANDNER Democratic Gov. G. Mennen jured in an auto accident Tues- Associated Press Writer Williams as assistant professor clay, will be held Friday after- iTAqx T ANTING (AP) The of journalism. Murray also has noon at 2 at the Hurley Prestay- EAST LANSING «AP) - The ^ a ^^ lnformatlon Qffi . Lerian Church . Foui other F105s extensively the Lang Minn mili- e T. • . -. . -T , • •. * tJtCl 1 n MUUiiVrf iinwiiiiai'iv./!) um «—-»•».. v .. b . > v ... B ^».- e ^.^.... ancl t^ neighboring towns It is Michigan State University stu- cej . for ^ ne Democratic Party Friends may call at the Eng- Funeral services will be held, planned that a large numoei 01 dent newspaper charged today and tne state Highway Depart- strom Funeral Home at Hurley Saturday at 9 a.m. at St. Sebas-1 present members win wther ... _ B .„...„. tian catholic Church with the ride around in an automoblK Sj^fUS o^^lc,^ ""^ C. J. Fraczek officiating, carry a sign advertising the •>, after 2 this afternoon. Robert Bronson. now in County be f's officers, for and will then be Iron County Jail the test Fifteen Navy p i anes made n five strikes during the night and l nit vehicles, caves and building south of Hanoi. Burial will bVat Hlllcre'st Ce^-eed for additional members un "Third was the "clearing of 1 and other state colleges and important board of trustees BKliNDA BOTT etery. tiJ more persons join. agenda items with top Demo- Funeral services for Bre n d a W iji Democratic State Chairman cratic leaders," wrote Wells. B °tt, five-month old daughter of U v Zolton Ferency and MSU Board The meeting, Ferency and Ml '. and Mrs. Thomas Bott, will •>•" "t—" — •-- — — 0 _ H it ic , ,,„„„,] HiPiv rp«5nnn<;p of Trustees Chairman Warren Huff said separately, was open, be held at 10 a.m. Friday at the 2 p.m. Friday. Parish rosary at; and it « (s ^ dnithe 3 1hp ™ s P? n ^ Huff, a Democrat, denied the Ferencv added that it was "one Engstrom Funeral Horn e , 8 p.m. Friday will be followed' wil be positive, members of the a]1 ions o£ a sedes aimed at establish- Hurley. by Ladies Guild rosary devotions, group saia. . naner _ {he gtate Newg _ hig . a f:ommittee Qf academ i- Officiating will be the Rev The Frick-Zielinski Fun e r a 1 Prospective candidates Home will open for visitation at also be contacted Corps to Be In Two Events State News, ing a committee of academi- ; charged in a page one banner clans who want to aid, as- pS^ 0 ™ 5 "^! at the Eng J Portorama celebrations and the story that the "power struggle" sist and advise us as experts in g=» Butter nArS. KlCnOro L.. VOTK Jnuuic w we v< ^ t «.^ .,.„. w..>, r —~. oo-- ^-^- "••" ^*.,.,^ *...- ..« —, ... t v u n p r sale buying! Mrs. Richard L. Vork, 30, of Plans PJCnJC Aug. 7 extends to the faculty the ad- various field*" ;^ 10 Frdav afternoon score AA Nerstrand. Minn., former Mer- The Hiawatha Square Dance ministration and the board of Huff said the meeting was to - P- m - "" a > aiicinuun. S 59V'a;89C cer resident, died Wednesday, C)UD JB niannine a potluck sup- trustees. encourage discussion of pub- 89 C59V4.-July 28. at St. Mary's Hospital • D er and dance Saturday Aug. If successful, wrote Editor-in- lie policy and that Republicans sale buying at Minneapolis. 7 at 6 3P p m at the Black Riv- CMe{ Charles Wells, the plan ought to do the same thing. per cent^ The former Judith Diane Craw e j. Ha'-bor Park would be triecl at otner state in " In tne past 2 ' 2 years - Fe rency continued from Pa^e One The Ironwood Blue Knights j Junior Drum and Bugle Corps; will travel to Duluth F r i d a y i where they will take part in the! The Ironwood Counc i I, Knights of Columbus, will meet this evening at 7:30. The Lamb Barbecue Committee will meet immediately after this meeting. THE WEATHEl Taylor 1 Home after parade which is being held that' ,..„,. 24 ,„. evening at 7. On Saturday, the unit will, travel to Ishpcining to take: part in the Firemen's Parade. ( Corps officials said today the > unit is becoming increasingly RKS IN IRONWOOD <lav, August a, IUfi5. period ending HI 12 noon. 2 p.m. 78 10 p.m. UJ fi a.m. r,S I p.m. 76 Midnight K2 B a.m M R p.m. 76 2 a.m. 62 10 a.m 72 R p.m. 72 4 a.m. 50 Noon "11 Barometer: 6 a.m. 29.88; Noon 2989. RANGE SKIES _ _ ___. ___ would be triecl at other state in- liifes 33;'was born at Mercer on April 16, ""Those^lanni'ng to attend may stitutions. said, "we have made a special crease the armed forces total to; better and that it is looking fof-j Sunset today 8:26. Sunrise to- stand-! 1935. She attended school there, ca rj Mrs Robert Paquin in re- He based his statements on effort to develop resource peo- 2.98 million men. ward to copping new honors this; morrow 5:47. Moonset tomorrow Tonquoted; and was graduated from t h e gards to the supper, p h o n e : three recent events on the cam- pie on the campuses of this Johnson also got a report : ' ! us. .state. We have no other sources 'Mercer High School in 1954 as 932-5276 pus .state. We have no other sources Wednesday from his roving 'am- year. The addition of 16 members 12:46 a.m. Full Moon Aug. 12. of the former Iron County Drum ! Prominent Star—Antares, below valedk-torian of her class. She 1 Maurice Bennett will be the Flrst was a Jline 17 meeting of information. We do not have bassador, W. Avrell Harriman, and Bugle Corps to the Blue the Moon. Visible^Planets—Ve- of Bot- was a 1957 graduate of the St. ' ... .... .. . .. . . , ... ... . , _..~ ,„ , in 1848, Luke School of Nursing at Du- of Ame.-i-. luth. i On Dec. 28, 1957, she was USE DAiLV GLUBi, WAW'I-ATJS ( Murray, former assistant to ex- executive office." t- caller and all area square danc- Ol 'acuity members called by the vast resources of the state iust back from a trip to various Knights' ranks has helped con- mis, low in west 9:08 p.m. Sa•'- ers are invited to attend Ferency. to use in our research on key European capitals after confer-. siclcrably, officials stated, and turn, rises 10:12 p.m. Mars, sets ' Second was the hirinu of John issues. Wr no longer hold the rinp . in Moscow with Premier that the group as a whole has 10:20 p.m. Jupiter, ris/s 2:15 jAlcxei N. Kotsygin. i been doing an admirable job, ,a.m.

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