Ukiah Daily Journal from Ukiah, California on August 1, 1890 · Page 4
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Ukiah Daily Journal from Ukiah, California · Page 4

Ukiah, California
Issue Date:
Friday, August 1, 1890
Page 4
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E. S.AMES & CO., PALACE SHOE STORE, GEAND HOTEL BLOCK, STATE STREET, UKTAH, CAL WE ARE NOW OPENING A TREMENDOUS STOCK OF n & ta FUR THE NPRIM) A.I'D SUNNl'll THAWS, Imported direct from the very best Manufacturers. Look at the Latest Styles ! They are all Neat, Durable and Comfortable, !| and the Very Best Goods that money oar buy, and they will be sold as low Jj as Reliable Goods can possibly be sold. TERMS CASH, AND CASH ONLY! If you want Credit, we can't Trade. Goods sent to any part of the County C. 0. D., or on receipt of money order. All kinds of Boots and Shoes made to Order. REPAIRING NEATLY DONE. Palace Shoe Store, Grand Hotel Block, State Street, Ukiah, Cal. SIX FAT CONGRESSMEN LEGISLATORS WHO HAVE BIG BODIES /S WELL AS BIG BRAINS. MR. BARNES. 1 Some of the brightest men in congress an fat, notwithstanding the opinion of stotfcin slender ones that iat and intellect nay not combine. Here are six examples. Sitting down there in the very first seat in the front row of tit* Democratic side, right before the •Beaker's chair, is the champion congressional fat man. His name is George T. Barnes and ho comes from Augusta, Ga. He is nearly sixty years old, but he loo Its fifteen years younger. He weighs 3S5 pounds, and yet it is not so many years ago that he scarcely tipped the beams at ISO pounds. He is 5 feet 9 inches in height and laia circumference around the stomach is 0 ltot 10 inches, so that he is just IS inches bigger around than he is high. He support* this weight on remarkably small feet lor so lirge a man, for he wears No. 7 shoes with ease and comfort. He Is proud of MIL BEEP. his weight and would not lose a •ingle pound of it for a good dual. He goes to bed at 0 o'clock every night and gets up at daybreak, winter and summer. When he is preparing a speech for delivery in the 'house—aud lie can make a good one, too— .lie drinks a miy of buttermilk on first arising in the Cioruing and then settles down to work, having his breakfast later. He says tho buttermilk clears the brain and assists the faculties. His appetite is well proportioned to his stee, nud he has been seen to eat for his supper two bis •teaks with all their accompaniments of vegetables, bread, etc. Sir. Barnes seldom stumps his diotrict in the ordinary acceptation of tho term. His method of conducting his canvass is peculiar to himself. He goes to the various towns of his district when tho county courts are in session and the country people am in attendance. Providing himself with a huge palm leaf fan he eits down in the ihade of a big tree near the court house, and to the crowd of admiring rustics When Mr. Itced was a paymaster in tho navy he only weighed about 13.1 podmis. but he had at that time, with his slim figure, the name big head that, he has now, only his face was not so fat, and the effect, as seen In a photograph which is in the possession of one of hiy friends, is very peculiar. Congressman John W. Rife, of Miille- town, Pa., is another big man. He weighs about 315 pounds and n good deal of it i* about his face and neck. The adipose tisane around his body is arranged very neatly, making it appear, with his head and legs cut off, very much like a round ball some five feet in circumference. It is said that he goes to one of the hotels every time ho wants to take a bath, because his own tub in the house he occupies is not large enough for him. Mr. William Cogswell represents t>,s Salem district of Massachusetts and is » thoroughly good fellow such as the Salem- ltes like. There are 2tf0 pounds of ?iim, and every pound added otily seems to make him that much jollier. He is one of the dressiest men in the house, and i;i always neatly attired. He Is a bright fellow and, although not heard frequently on the floor of congress, wheu he does speak always commands the attention of tho members. He is a stalwart Republican, and during the last administration wasoften mistaken for Grover Cleveland. "Billy" Mason, as the jovial William E. is called, is thefuunyman of the Illinois delegation. He is not very tall, but what I Justly Offended. There came across the ocean the other day a Highlander who chose to wear the coBtume to which he had been accustomed while dwelling among his native hills, viz., the kilt. After leaving the Cunard wharf and crossing the East Boston ferry he entered a horsecar, creating no little sensa tiou among the passengers. Wholly indifferent to glances of admiration or surprise, I he took his seat and began to scan the various advertisements displayed in the | car. Suddenly his brow grew dark, and j rising he signaled the conductor to atop. "Yon said yon wanted to go to the Cunard office," said the conductor; "this is nowhere near it." "lift me off." The car was stopped, aud as he descended the steps the conductor, thinking something might have offended him, asked: "Is there anything the matter?" "Look at that, sign in tho car there," be will, as, giving a swish to his kilts, he dropped into the street. The conductor looked at the sign. It rend: "Do you wear pants?"—Boston Courier. If You CONSUMPTION BRONCHITIS SCROFULA Two "Ads." IiOst—A lady's purse, imported, sen! brown iu color, inlaid gold ornamentation, gold clasp, gold and enamel medallion on Bide with initials A. H. II. Finder can keep contents and will receive additional reward by returning purso to Mrs. A. H. H., No. 500 Fashion avenue. Found—A lady's purse, brown with brass trimmings, initials A. H. H. Contents one car ticket, two pennies, nineteen samples dry goods, recipo for removing warts, list of toilet preparations, live corn plasters and box lip salve. Finder can have same by applying to the chore boy, Cheap John's second hand store, 111 Slop­ shop street, and paying for this advertisement.—Good News. He Believed Her. "George," she said, "1 do noi deny that I love you. It would be useless for me to attempt to conceal lt.' : "Is that so," said George* who did not seem entirely at ease. "Yes; but I can never marry you." "Ah, dariing; now I indeed believe that you love me."—Washington Post. MB. COGSWELL, he lacks in height he makes up In width. He weighs something over 200 pounds. He 'ias a chubby face, little round fat legs and a chubby body, and with his mustache OH would look like a big, fat, overgrown baby. He is an orator, however, of no mean order, and everybody prepares himself for a laugh when "Billy" gets up to speak. The senate has several intellectual fat men, but the biggest and fattest of them all is Mr. Reagan, of Texas. He is a regular giant. He is about 6 feet 4 inches tall, and weighs something over S30 pounds. Ha has a seat assigned to him with his name elegantly engraved on a silver plate u pon it, but he has an unaccountable aver- I sion to using it, and if there is another vacant chair around (and there usually Is) he j is sure to prefer it. He was tho secretary of the treasury of the Cor federate cabinet, and was a member of rhe house before being elected to tho senate. One very warm day a bill was under discussion in which he was much interested, but the A Sure Slgu. Fond Mother—Th dear little children aeera to be getting used to each other. Father—Oh, yes; they are getting to be Just like brothers. They mauled each other today for the first time.—Texas Sittings. A Brainy Boy. Chicago Teacher—Yes, corned beef is one of our most famous exports. Now, who can tell me what stands next to corned beef? Boston Little Boy (triumphantly)—Cob- bagel—American Grocer. COUGH 03 COLLi Throat Affscticn Wasting ef Flesh. Or any I>UIJT$6 ich<T* t*i« Throat anil X,unga are Itiflumed, Tracts of Strmyth or Afttt 2*owtr t you can be relieved ami Cured by SCOTT'S EMULSION PURE COD LIVER OIL With Hypophosphltes. PALATABLE AS MILK. A*h for Scott'* Emotion, and let no e»- plaiifitlon or aotleitation induce you r« aevept a tubatifutr. Sold by all Druggists, 8COTT A. DOWNE,Chemists. N.Y« DO YOU READ NOTICE OF SHERIFF'S FORECLOSURE SALE. Order of Adjudication of Insolvency Order of Sale and Decree of Foreclosure and Sale. MOGRAT? Tocnrernntivcncsn f I:« m«<tlcine rami be mora rhuu u purgative. T« bo |»«r* «u*ueut% it must coutftlH Tonic, ASterativo and Cathartic Properties. Tutl's Pills ]>ons«.s these qualities In »u eialuenl «iu«a 1 «e, and Speedily Restore f the bowela their tmtuskl pertstaltlo auoilou, so «sscutial to rerralarlty. Sold S -cerATwlievo. IF ISTOT, -sroTJ uo ITOT SEE I All the Local News, All the County News, All the General News, All the Court News, | All the Supervisors' Proceedings, | All the Heal Estate Transfers, All the Legal Advertisements, All the Business Advertisements. OUR FACILITIES FOR DOING B PRINTING Of Every Description are Unsurpassed. His Surpassing Achievement. Tourist (in antique cemetery)—Here lies Ebenezer K. Grasp, eh? (indulgently) Well, my good man, what great thing slid he do? Sexton (after some thought)—Died, air. —American Grocer. To cure Biliousness, Sick Headache, Constipation, Malaria, Liver Complaints, take, the safe and certain remoay, SMITH'S BILE BEANS Use the SMALL Size (40little Beans to the Lottie). T HEY ARE THE MOST OONVKNIPNT. SuitHblo tax- All AgoM. Price of cither »lze, 25c. per JHottlg. niVvlllV^^ for* Ml. (coppers cr*inui{>«l. J.F.SMiTH4C0.Mat«r.of'llILEOKAN8,'ST.l0UIS MO. A Witty Wife "John, you are a fool." "I am, am I? How do you make me u fool?" "Bless you, I don't make you a fool. You make a fool of yourself."—Boston Courier. Can't Be Blown Out, but Will Blow Up. Hotel Clerk—Now, when you retire, don't try to blow out the light. Farmer—Why not? Hotel Clerk—Because it is an electric light, and yon r.p't.— Harper's Weekly. UR. RIVE. which quickly gathers around him he ftalla etorlee of life in congress and In Waeh- flag ton. A* he is a good story teller and now not fail to put In a word for himself, fee soon hiu, the crowd in a good humor ready to send him buck, to congress to gather up more stories. r There & i i a good one told on him, by the •way. The other day he went with some •outbern friends u.t his up into the loft of |tha etata, war and nary department* build- lag, from whence a fine view of the city and river U to be had. While they were lap there Barnes' friends noticed bin: ta iturn pale and look scared. Tu«y asked jklm what the matter wiw, and he tremblingly painted to & placard which readi 3fea supportlof ttienfcth of this fioor is ISO Iba. per *q. ft. ; "Great Scott!" he exclaimed; "I weigh Marl; #» pounds, and it 1 doa't straddle ««>* I'll go down)" : And suiting his action to the word he . began to take long .tep», so that bis whole wWgfct wouldn't oome on ..ny one square Hoot of the floor s .jSwnrbody know* that Tom Reed is a :Mg nuut-HW big Intellectually as ha la bod- jKpr, He stand* a trifle over six feat in his Jr,*fft inuiwimitar t%a?ha ^i «¥goo3 i% wet*** ta tha affair* of the how m* tmt&za of the K» and odd poandi K» measure* about N tote M * all MR. MASON", heat was so great as to induce him to go and cool oil in the bathroom of the Capitol, promising himself that he would hs back before a vote would be reached on the bill. So he went downstairs, and wai just beginning to enjoy the manipulations of the sable attendant of the bathrooms when ho heard the pages calling the members to tho floor to vote, it was his bill that WHS being voted upon, and there ho was naked and wet in the bath tub! He. was a candidate for the senate, and what would his people say if he were not found voting ou the passage of the bill in which they » ere so much interested? Tho situation warranted desperate measures. A moment's hesitation and he Jumped out of the bath: Seizing a big sheet he wrapped it 'round his massive form and rushed from the bath- MB. REAGAN, room upstairs. He got into tho speaker'* lobby Just as His name was called, an4 Ihruatrag his red, wet taoe in the doorway *»»' aved tat Mm. A SOARED EDITOn. A rugged fanner stalked into tbe sanctum with a Wit whip under his arm. "Be you the editor?" "I am," trM the half apprehensive repiy. •' Here's two dollars—send mo your paper, for life," he sold. " You see," he went on, "our daughter was sick and like to itio; she drooped and « TCW weak and pale, had headaches, no appetite, bock ached, bands and feet like ice, couldn't sleep, hacked with cough, and we thought Bhe had consumption. No medicine helped her until she tried that Dr. Pierce's Favorite i^ro- scrlptloo mentioned in your paper, when she beiaa to meud in no time ana Is now well and handsome aa a rose—put mo down u a iifo suhscribor." ... ^ Now tha editor is locking for mother scare. The medicine baa cured thousands afflicted as wss the farmer's daughter, restoring tho female functions to boaltliy action, ana remov- I DS * tbe obstruction!} and suppressions which caused her trouble. It is guaranteed to give satisfaction in every case, or price (»1.<X» refunded. It's a legitimate medicine, not a beverage- Contains no alcohol to inebriate; no syrup or sugar to sour or ferment la the stomach and derange digestion. For a Book rf MO pages on Woman: Her Diseases, and Hov to Cure them, (sent sealed in plain envelope) enclose ten cents, In stamps, to WORLD'S DisPEvasnr Miotcu, Assocu- raOM, Ko. «B Main Street, Buffalo, In. V. NANCY I1KLDT. I'jlintijJ', GEO. HKI.IlT, Dr.ftndnnt. TINDER AND I1Y VIl'.TCE OF AN ORDISll I i of sale umi iK-rree oi fonvlonure ami t«HinMi out oi [lie SuiJi 'rior I'ourt ot the Covlntv ol Mendocino, State ,it Callfurula, on the WMU day of June, A. li. 1KH0. In the above entitled artlon. wlii'rein Nancy MeMt, the above named nhiimllV, obtained a judgment and decree of fon-c!i>*iin- and *ate tmalti^t tieoriie Helilt, defendant, on IheL'liil duv of June. A. I). ISHI, fur the sum oi twelve hnnilrt'd and two aud twenty- one one-liuudrccltliM (?r_M2 dollars in t'nlted fflah '8 Kohl enin, h"xldefi interen'. CON I H , and eoun.-.'t iei-s. making In all *1'^1.21 which *ald de- eree was, on the ?M\ day of June, IhUQ, recorded in Judgment Hook No. :i of aald Court, at paire '^'.17, 1 am commanded to sell all that eer- tain lot, jdtri: or parcel of laud situate, lyitttc and heh:i; In the county of Mendocino, .State of California. anJ bounded and described At follows, to u it: Helnn in the village of Ca ^Hr, and commonc- iiifiata point on the caNlet lv line of the eoa *t toad, distant fifty fevt southerly of the southwest corner of the rmtvel of land on which Frank Kelly's jnore buildliis's are .Hiluatett; thenee runn'luK from said point of heiritiultitf north 8.^. east four hundred and thirty-six fuel; thence southerly parallel with said roatl one hundred feet', thence poutb KH- 1 west, four hundred and tlilrty-sdx feet to the easterly line of said road; theuco on the easterly llu^ o: «.ahl road uorlkerly one linmlred feet to Iho point of bewinnln^. Tublle notice h hereby given that ou Saturday, ilie 2d day of August, 1890, At- o'clock p. M. of tbntdav. In front of the Court House door of the county of Meudocim».at l!l.tah, I will, In obedience to said order of sale and du crce of foreclosure and sale, sell the aboye described property or so much thereof as m»y b. jiecessarj to satisfy said Judgment, w'th Interest and costs, etc., to the hlKhest aud best bidder for gold coin of the United states. bated this 30th dav of June, lS'JO. 'J. M. siTANULBY. Sheriff. By T. ;. W KLDOM , Under Sheriff. I N THE SUPEUUm t'OUl'.T OF THE COtJK- ty oi Mendocino, Jftate of California. 1 u the mailer of Timothy Murray, an Insolvent debtor.—Timothy Murray haviliK filed In this Court his petition, schedule and inventory In Insolvency inmi which It appears that he Is an Insolvent'Ueluor. the said Tttnotliy Murray Is her.-nv declared to be Insolvent. The .Sherifl'of'the counlv of Mendocino Is hereby diiteted to take possession of all the estate, real and per.-onal. of the said Timothy Murray, fn- dyt-nt Detttor, except sueh us m'av be by law exempt from execullo! NOTICE OF SHERIFF'S FORECLOSURE SALE. Order of Sale and Decree of Foreclosure and Sale. PR. PIEHCE'S PELLETS »o v eSfly Laxative, or Ctthartlo, aocoi-tSlng to size of dose. Smallest, Cheapest, Snffar -rosteaaad Kulest to take. Cure SIclT Ueadacho. BIliuuaneBS, Constipation. By dnu- gUSa. m «>ut* a viol. ^ fellow if Var STntnrrli C. «'. LISIMENT Has So Wvr. Try Jt. lli«t«rMe4t Ity the Medtenl FHciitfy. 1'reHorilM'd t»y Nau||rraiielc«*o's Leading I'liyNiciaiM. Camphor Chloral Liniment. "This limy rovtiiy thut we have UKCH I tho f;. C. Liniment in our family, and have Joiuul It to be Iho hest iinrt uiti.Kt ^IVt 'Ctivt* jiii'dielim for nt 'U- af >(.'s <>f any tliai wi? havv trit'tl. Wy t-an unhfsitniinKly rocomiucnil it as a wont ]»<,'\vt _Tful and UM 'ful rcmodv." K. )i. VJLLR. Victor of iho First M. K. Chinch. ror 8ll cV.ronir ens us, Iu oonnectioa wMh C. O. LIMMKNT, uso 4 '(:(>;.ri"*'.?NL> ;S'JLPHV T K I'OW- DEll"' foi Uioroiiiihly I 'le .diainK thu hiood and touiuR up the untirp svniein. His put up onlv by'Ilie W. II. Iloiet! <'o.. 12 Hush street, in hirgo hnuh'fi. Prlco *1 yav bottle, c> bottlos for sent postpaid uurcix-ijH oi' ]>riw. TUE €. C. UailMEKT CO., Is linsli Slecet, S. r. i *»»»FOR SALE BY ALL DRUGGISTS.-^tOl Oeneral >lnlinger nnil Kecremrj. Power Press t Steam Engine We are prepared to turn out First-Class Work on Short Notice and at Reasonable Rates. AXXIE E. DIXON, ve. A. M. ARMSTOX(J, Kl Al DcjCiulant*. T|NDKR AND BY VIUTUE OF AN ORDER U nf tvud deem 1 ; of forfrloNure and sale, it-^Ufd out of the truperior Court of the County of M 'Mtdneiuo, Stale uf Culiforulit, on I Yit\\ duv of JuU'j A. h. ISwO, iu tbe above entitled action, wherein Anui« K. Dixon, the above limned iilalutiiV, obtKlued a jud^ntetu and decree of foreelorturo and tsh!e u^nhiHt A. M. Ann- Hlrona and K. A. sherwood, defendantw, ou che »l*t day of March. A. D. 1MQ, for the -111111 of eight hundred and naveii- tcea and eiiihtv-eiirbt one huudri'dths (*H17.HH) doUara, iu United atates xohl eoiu, besiduw in- len'st, eoHts (*1X.:>0), »ml accrutuK interest and costs, which MII 1c] decree Man, on the 12th day July, A. D. IS90, recorded iu Judpueut llook 3 of si'.ld Court, at page 27'J, I am rojninanded to Htdi all the reitaln lot, jdec or pa.rceld of hind, Bituate, Jyliiij ami beinv; In tho county of Mendocino, plate of California, and bounded and described us follows, U. wit: i The 3\V of the ^ HIK I SE 't of BW ^ Sec i tlon 12, ami the N'K ' 4 of tbe NW aud tlie N\V . i-i of the NK 1. 4 of 8e'« IX, l;i Tp lit Is, R 16 W. M j V M. couUiiiiitiK h^ ocrefi, tucethi-r with and 1 Ktimular the teueiiieiita hereditajnmitfl and aj>- [ purteiianres thereto belonging or iu anywise ; appertaining. rubile notice in hereby given that on Saturday, the IGlli day of Jugua, 1^90, JU 2 o'clock P . M., of that day, in front of tho ilourt House door of the County of Mendocino. 1 will, in obedience to said order of Hale aud decree of foreelotmre and t-ali*, hell tho above described property, or HO much thureof a?: :iuijr bo necessary to snliajy said jndKineiit, with interest and roMf, e !e., to the hiphoH aud best bidder, for told coin of the United itatcH. Dated Julv l;Ah. ]S',»n, J. M. ^TANDMSY, Sheriff. T.y T. J. W KLIIOS , Under ShcriiV. -W.-U\ CALL AND SEE SAMPLES AND GET PRICES. Anything from a Visiting Card to a Three-sheet Poster printed in the most artistic style. Administratrix Sale of Kcnl Estate. ^"If you are going to Call on a Neighbor, Dun an Enemy, Marry a Frionc!, or Start a Circus, the pain will bs greatly alleviated by patronizing the DISPATCH AND DEMOCRAT Steam [Printing House, lectric Li Nitw H0Mf ">[wING'jMACHIN((»of?flN6(-MftJs tSfc »°.?l. 28 UNION OQUMRE,N.Y75 »Nh^- 8T.l0Uia.M0. ' nA.Li.A5.TEX. The Now Homo Sewlnif Msolilne Comp»ny, Pftolfln Bonattment.niitrlbutinBOrao,726 Market »Sroet,lII»tory Building, 8«n P'rsucltc'j.iJsl, ma CIuLFAMTiyilNNlSoHS^ A*»at »,V »laij,c»l. The North Pacific Land and Improvement Company will put in an Electric Light System in Ukiah as soon as the weather will permit, and will furnish Electric Lights and Electric Power at the lowest possible figure. For particulars address W. H. H. GRAVES, Secretary North Pacific Land and Improvement Co. 29 New Montgomery, San Francisco. 18 HKHKDY I.IVEN, TH AT IN PVR- A Hiiatice of an order of the Superior Court, of the* said counlv <>f Mendocino, Htate of California, made on the itith day of Julv, 1,11)0, In the mattor oi the eslale of J D. Wainen, dect'niud. the nud«rsiKued, the Adminl.stnitrlx, will oeil ittpubMi; iiuetlou, to the hlphent bidder, for (•aHb, and aubjeel t<> couflrnii'Mon by Raid Hn- perlor Court, on tho Ititli day of \i»{*n'«?, at oue o'clock f. M.. 1*1 ^Jo \tu(i, »t ti. M .irlis* store, ,;i the county of .Mendocino, all tbe ri;;iit, title, interest an 1 estate of the said oecv asfd, at the time af hia death, and all tbe riyht, ii«U* nnd Intcreht thai (lie caid f-Hlate hiiri, by opimtlon of law or otherwise, inquired otht 'r ihan or In ditiou lo thai of thn h*U\ J. D. AVathcu, de- cvivKed, at the Hin« ul hiB death. In aud to nil , lhat certain bd, pii;ce or parcel of land nitimtf, j lyiuff. and beiiiK In the fin Id coin ti' of Mcndn- . (Vino, 8tuie of California, aud hounded and rte- f scribed as foll«»v,-s, to nil: Alt that real estate uitiui-tc In JUMidueiitd county, Htate of California, defli ^ribi'd as follows, to \rIt: Nw V-£ of ^ee -I, ami 9K of N 'e U' of S*c 5, in N, r 12 W, M 1) :d. Also all tliut r ."ii ate in Trinity roiinty, otuie of California, dcHeribcd as folluwa, to wit: Ne \4 of Be U of Ace JO, Nw 'i o( Hw W and W \t oi NW % of See 11, also W ?•] of Nw\ x Nt» l -i cl the Nw V. of the No % of See alno lot N'n \ of tho fc!w oi the H\r '-i o! tiec II. and the H M of the H of Sec 10, also 3 U* nnd Ne of 8w W uud Nw of Se !i of Sec It), all In Tp ft H, H AUo Bw v'of tho 9w \{ of Sec 20, tho \V ).£ of Kr y. and Nv/ V( of the \>i of Hee 28, lu Tp Also Sw x / t of tho Nw V it the N }•£ of the Sw ^, and the He % of tin: d\v \\ of Hec W, in Tp 27 N, 11 12 W,M I) M. 8 H M RTUD S TY K of the Sw and lot 3 of Stic 11. in Ti>6S, li A K, If M. AlROthe one undivided hHlf Iute:-;st in nil thut ma! SNtutt! MtiuitQ in trinity coumy, fit«t« of CaUioriiia, known and described as follows, to wit.: The HUof ihi-Hc Sw'-i of theBe M and the He x 4 of the 8\v of Sec 21, al«o Ne J: of the aw f <£,69 \i oftbo Nw v.;, and \V of tno No 'i of t^o a, ti}>: of tlio Se X A of Hw a), and the W V- of thu f-.f of t?ec 21, ull inTn.SH, R 8 E, H "M„ Nw Ki of 8cc 22, Tp 19, HO U. H M. TCllMS A NO CONOITION.H OF 8ALK 1 . V^ASIT — Ten per ecui of tho purchase money to hs paid to theiiuctlonefir on the day of unle, balance on uonflnitalfoii of itale by said Superior Court. Deed at expense of purcbuHcr, July ltith, ELf.EN WATUES', AdmiutBtr*trl\. J. K. CiiAMnKnu. AU'y for Adm'lrix. 42-10 _., and uf all his deeds, voUelicrK, book.H of uccount, and pupers, and to keep the nuim-safely until the appointment an Ait.vifrnee of bis c-jfate All persons ore for* bidden to I>MV any d .-bi« to the »>ihl iHsotvent.vir to deliver any property, belonging to such ' t u- Holveut, to him or lo any person, firm, corporation or iiHHoeiution fi>r* his x\*<r, and the '-aid debtor ii hcrebv forbidden to transfer or de.Uvcr any propeitv, 'until the furilier order of this Court, except u« h -rein ordered. It In further ordered, that all the creditors of Raid debtur be ind appear oefore the Hon. R. MeOarvey, Jud.oc of the Muperior Court o:t tho eonnly of Mendocino, in open Court, al the Court-room of Miid Court, in the County of Mendocino, on the 11th duv of Antrim, 1SD0, at li) o'eloek A. M ., of thHt day, to prove their denU nnd i-hunee one or inure usslguee* of the Cstata of *aid debtor. It in further ordered, that the order be published in the D INIMTLU- D KMOCIIAT. a newspaper of Kei.vral circulation, published in the county of Meihioeino, ns often as the mild paper Is published ijL'fore the said day set for the ui«eting of creditors. And it 1 H further ordered, that, in the mean* time, all proceeding against the said Insolvent be Kiayod. l»att*d J UDO ;oth, UOO. K. MeUARVEY, R9ld Jnd-e of the Superior Court T. L. CiRorituns, AU'y for Petitioner. Noli CO. TN PURSUANCE OF AN ACT ENTITLED AN X. "Act to establish a branch lusanr) Awylum for the lusane of tlie State of C:Ui'oruio, at L'klah 1 Meudoeiuo County" (Stat, of lSrty, Cha : !. 23. pajieH2j to 32), we are hereby author- iitid to ailvertlse for sealed nropohtils, which will be received at the otlica of the President of the board of Directors of the Mendocino Btata Anyhim for the Insane in the Town of Ukiah, Mendocino County, Ctlifornia, uuiJI 12 o'clock .v.. on MONDAY, THE 11TH DAY OF AUGUST, isyo. for the Heveral branches of labor aud Material* to be furnished for Hie erection and completion of buildings for the Mendocino State Asylum for the Insane ou tho land known as the "Bartlett Hunch," neur (he Town of Ukiah, Mendocino County, California. Drawings and Bpeci Heat Ions lor tho said buildlufca cau b« soen daily from 9 o'clock A. M. until 4 o'clock p. M., at the odice of the arcUU tects of the said ttourd, Copcland A Peirce, No, VJa Kearny street, San Francisco, Cal. Blank proposal forms, and all information lu repard to the nmnner In which nroposals nre to be tendered, to be obtained from the architect aforecaid. Payments 'o be made iu State wnrra; .ta, wMoh will be available at the time stated in the afore* bald Act. Each proposal must be accompanied by a bond of 10 per ecu! of the amount of the pro- poml tendered. No Chinese labor, or materials manufactured, by Chinese l;(i»':r, to be uaed Iu the erection of the Raid building. The Beard of Directors reserves thn rlRht to reject Hny or all bido if found necessary as tho public Rood ratw u-quire. U KIAH , July Uth.lSyO. ARCHIBALD YELL, J. H. S KA WELL , Seeremry. President. For the Hoard of Directors of the Mondooiuo Btui.e Anyhnn for tlie Inbauo, Election Notice. SCHOOL TAX. XTOTICK TR IimtEnY GIVEN TO THE QUAL* IN !(3ed eleetorsnf Mill Creek School District, County of Mendocino, t?tate of California, that an election will be held on the -Second day of August, 1S0O, at which will be submitted tho qtiestiou of voting a tax ta raise funds to purchase tho laud (two acre?:) where tlie school house alutuls. It will be necessary to raise for this purpose the mim of »120.W. The polls will be open at MID Creek Seliool Hou«e from f- o'clock A. M . until 7 o'clock M. The Judges appointed to conduct the election arc: Robert Clark, Samuel Diddle, Sr., aud. Clab«i UarHett, J OHN H MXMAN, K. H ARCOCK. W. P. V AN N ADKH, 42 DiHlrict School Tvuatces, NOTICE OF SHERIFF'S FORECLOSURE SALE, Order of Sale and Decree of Foreclosure and Sale. ELIZABETH MARDKN, ;ons MIKTO, It. M. UANIKI.B nml J. 11. HUNT, Defendants. Umterand by virtue of Hit order o! Bale nnd dt*- cre« ol 1i>Tei'lo«t!rt! ami Bule iBauett oul oi thn Superior Court of the Comity oi Moudacluo, ) Btoli! of Callfnrnin, on the l-itli day ot July, A. D. i layo, In the above I'titltled action, wherein Elizabeth Mnrdeu, the ehove uaiued plalntitf. ! ol'ti'lned u tutlKiiient and denreo of forccloKuns ! snd hule ugftliiHl John Mini", 11. M. Daniels iitut ; J. H. Hunt, (lefeuduutii, nil tlie I4tl\ day ,.; July, ! A. D. 1840, fo, the uiiu) of twenty-six iiuudrea Mud twenty-one and tllty-three one huudre*ith8 <*J.< 21.6S1 dollars In United SUucs Rtild eolu, hetddes intereBt and costs and routiuel feci., said juilguiPiit umauutlug In nil to 4s.7SU.Ofl. Ami, whereas, on ihe same <'ay lu tue mtntrt ecllou the suld defendant J. n. Iiiint recovered a Judgment against the defendant 11. M. Daniels tor tlte sum of tllteuii hundreii and thlrty -scveu and tweuty-Hve one hundredths (fi ,:,37.'Ai) dol- lari, hesldOH Interest, eoatu aud eounbel feen. mating In all »l,ti37.2.>. Haid nal« to be ninde for the fftttsfaetloti of both of the ahovo Juilgtnuuts, amonnt- Ini; to M.4*^7.73, besides lntorest and costs to accrue, which hald decree WRH , on the 11th tlsy of July, A. P. WJO, recorded iu Judgment llook No. 8. ot Bald Court at pa^e 2H7, J am com- mauded to sell all thut certalu loi, piece or parcels of laud situate, lying aud l»>luic lu tl,« [ eountv ui Air .ndocino, Stale of California, nud. • souu'led aud described ni follows, in-wit: The southwest quarter of the uortheiut quarter of section three !3), thn south half of thu southwest qunrler of section two (2) and itio east half of the uorluwest quarter ol section eleven (11! au.t tl,a northwest quarter of the northwest quarter ol section eleven (11). all lu towushlp fourteen (Hi uoit'i of range fifteen (1 ) west, Mount Diablo Meridian, coGtulninR two hundred and forty acre*. Also, allot that portion of north half of tho TTSITEI1 STATES i.AXl) OFFICE, HAN FRANI ! Cisco, Cal,, July 1, JS3U. "Motlce Is herebv given that In comnllauca with the provisions of thu Act of Cointreau of J ii ne 11,1H7H, etillt'.eil "An Aul for the mill* ol timber lauds in Iho Stales of California, Oregon, Nevada and Washington Ten'dory," SYDNEY O. MITCHE/.f.. of Alaircda, County ol Alameda, Stale ot California, has tills day filed in thUoRleelils sworn statement N" . 'or the purchas* of Lot S of Section No. W, In'l'nwnshio No. 15 north, R BMK» No 11 west, M. D. M„ and will offer proof to nbow that the. land sought Is more valuable lor Us timber or stone, thau for agricultural purposes, and to establish his claim to said land before the Register nnil Receiver of this office at Ban Francisco, Cal., ou TUESDAY, the 2M dav of Bentemher, lftus. lie niiinea us wltnessest I'. RottiPrme), C. O, Meri-.'ll, T. j.Uulloy, F. It. Bailey, ull of Ban rranclsco, Cal. Auy aud all persona clttlulUK adversely the above-described lauds arc requested to file their cl alios in this oihec on or before «uld 28d day ol JOHJ1 F. 8BEE1UI{, S.e s l«<.si. v , . un , ,>w>,iu,, vi nonu naif of tho northeast quarter of .sec-tlou eleven (11) In towu- thlp fourtcon (U) north of range fifteen (16) west, that Ilea south ol the county road, con• taluintr eighteen acres more or less,together Willi all and singular the tcuomotits, horeilltument , i anil appurtenances thercunlo bulouirlntr or iu any wlso appertaining. Public notice is hereby given that on Sulurdaj, the Mil day of August, 1890, •t2o'c)nrli r. «. .if that day, In front o[ the Court Hems* door of the couutyof Meudoeiuo, I will, lu obedience |o said order ot sale and de- cruo of foreclosure mid sale, sell the above described property or so murh thereof as may be. necessary to satisfy said lud|rRieul,wlth luterent and costs, etc., to the highest and best bidder for fold coin of tho United States. Dstoci this 2-tlh day of July, 1B90. J. M. BTANIH.EY, Hherlff. By T. J. WKLnoM. l.'nilnr-Sherltr. «8Ul rerflonR stiliscilhe lur tits lllBI 'ATCll-Dli.MOCUAT can do »o tlirou.ifii uny poHlmiVHtBr, * PIANOS Ooly »p» CnilKHWi.noi ,163.«1)S on a „,4 Viifi. drllv.ntd, t»M-l irK .oit tv,» J rr'.icl UBklaQil wfdi £w>tl .Uhil sua .-nv .T rM .>lf<J ffprlM. Kjill; wwrnqn. 1 - %*w|».l !'i «JJ H, Vmaia. (i.fclMul, n,|l t...^^.,i !^w ^ ia , i ^a,M inl },jii'

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