The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on July 8, 1948 · Page 12
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 12

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, July 8, 1948
Page 12
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THURSDAY, JULY 8, ' COURIKR AM AWFUL S1.0W rKCIG GET UP AKT Give ME A HAND DP-. I'M PAKAL.VZEP. EGAD. Oh* YOUR lOT ZSKE'S SJfthJCM IS THE TICKET .'-.— THE go vs woouo ilovo ABOOT \ii FEEL c^e ".BUfeR/HAGuveuv-S OAKES^AS 6\ A, LOTTERY .-_ AV wi! DARK AlU Sllt,» gin ^ STICk. J OOR OOT^ 1 Ale 88 61 SO-.- IT'S A ClMCH S'OU . Of- A TGMDERFOOT~ . A<i FOB ME, OP COURS6 t\'6 PU I hi VlO "Tl .AB IT LOG li HvXi>^ 4 SELLS Mlr^AM IDEA .M17 AND BUYS A CRSE R,D£ MARCUS STEUUNG, p l ajbo . scio NOTICK OK GRANTING Or HQUOR PERMIT , ,, NoUce . is hereby given thai the Oommi.y,iou e r ot Revenue* of the stale of Arkansas KM issued a permit. No. 208 to Welch Poster to sell snd dispense vinous o ispirituous liquors for beverage al reun on Hie premises dcicribed as 106 N. Broadway, Blythevllle, Ark, Thi« permit issued o n the 1st rtav of July, 1M8 and expire., on tlie 30th day of June. l»«. WELCH POSTER Permittee .ro-^ Dr. W. F. BREWER ]| DENTIST OFFICE 209',4 w. MAIN ST PHONE 2172 Slytheville, *rk. Remember Rothrock'g for PRESCRIPTIONS PHONE 4451 THE CURTAIN SHOP .Mrs. N. J. Humphrey liquidated fortune. - —,_......v. because (10,000 he could nol pay In a fashionable community on New York's outskirts, tie aln '°r» g C f *" " SU>P hB "way along the driveway lo his garane He shlil off Ihe motor and slid forward m the seat, his broad shoulders slouched back a g a i nst the cushion. It was a soMure of spiritual defeat It bothered him thai he hart P"t m the day ns a fugitive from something to which he knew he would have to return. He grinned bitterly when he thought of himself as a fugitive Tc dodge the telephone, he had tarried only a few nervous minutes at bis desk, had avoided his regular noonday club, had driven aimlessly to Connecticut On the way back, after dusk had fallen Phone 81S 108 S<>. First j Protect Your Loved Ones See E. H. FORD Before You DIE! Politico! Announcements ri . a5 M rlzed to announce the folio candidates, subject to the Pnintrles. Julj 27 and COUNT! TKEASIJUEB Frank Whitworth COUNTS COURT CLERK Elizabeth BIythe FOR CORONEK E. M. HOLT FO* COUNTY ASSESSOR Herbert T. Shippen STATK REPRESENTATIVi: Jimmie Edwards I* H Autry H. K. "Bud" Pibher L*ilie N_ "Diikie" Soeck T»T Count; Judge ".oland Green Fielder pecry For Circuit court Clerk Harvey Morris CONSTABI E (Chiskasawaba Township) J. Robert Crosskno Arch IJndsty - -..., __,....,v, nllL . r ausK nad , aMGn , lie hnd slopped at an obscure place J j in Westehester for dinner I . . A ,'?"," "y ol hope had r/iat I1 into his low mood during tiie drive back to Clifstor.. But the hope had died when he turned his car toward the driveway and the be.m M Uie headlights swept the gray- rock house set back from the road The house was ominously dark a sprawling sepiildicr to match Sterling's returning despair Sterling had known Ihe servants .would not be there. They would ne at their homes on a Thursday night. He knew, loo, that Miriam (generally found something lo lake 'tonight, he had thought, she would be there, awaiting him. Awaiting' him to relent, he had confidently 1 expected. Miriam had taught him to expect that, although she never before had been so positive in denying him a. she had been at j breakfast I Recalling his wife's cold refusal Sterling jerked up in his seat, shut oft the headlights. That left the driveway a well of black shadow 'between the house and a screen of tail evergreens. The lall French windows of Ihe library alcove ' a few feet to (he right, were barely definable. Outside the car, Sterling sniffed at the soft almosphere of Ihe May night, fragrant from late afternoon showers. Rounding from Die driveway to the front porch, he found the silent house suddenly welcome. II beckoned to him encouragingly haven for his weariness. Why riot gtt i classy sports convtrtibl. with lme», Dad? W. all n..d th. «lr— and my go for that typ» of car!" FRBCKLKg A HIS FRIENDS B, MEWULL C.eliulr* *| . »>M>r. Merlin^ r,, 1<n lrd dropped InUi Ih, tlass. carefully until ii ;imllr was nf loujrher white (lobulra had I knew n was after 10 when I called. Sterling. I don't fool will, people who break promises. Vou deliver tonight." "But that's impossible" "We'll see, Sterling. I'm giving .you a little time. It's now 13 after ,, » k !m me a[ >"°"r home at "Bill, Bindle . . ."I'll be there at 11 ^ the dot." Sterlings further prolesl died unspoken. The bang ag a . ns , 1™ eardrum mad* it emphatic Iba Harry Bindle was no longer on II Protect Your Loved Ones See E. H. FORD Before You DIE! s Vou Are Cordially Invited to Viiit The Accessory Shop j Feminint Apparel \ M«b«I Hogan Jessie Srlle ! Hotel Nohle BWg. « Blytheville, Ark. MALONE I A T the library door h« paused •"• briefly in the shadowed hall, then flooded the large room wilb light. He crossed to the amply equipped bar and mixed a drink- downed it quickly. He had passed vip drinking during the diiy. That had been a recurrent struggle against temptation. His victory • had been a selfish one. He had still i been counting on Miriam. That I had brought him home stone sober. | Sterling had reached a chair I with his second drink when the telephone rang. He went lo j eagerly. That would be Miriam She had probably rung up half a tlozen times Hie evening , hoping to find him liorne. He spoke 11 into the telephone brightly, then something inside him sank when he heard the gruff, throaty voice that came over the wire. "Sorry. Bindle, bu« I Jo-H got home." Sterling said. "I guess it ain't none of my business where you. have been all day," came the angry rejoinder. "How aboul the messages I left for you?" "Wasn't at the offic*. H«d to get out on a trip." "And I ytxt couldn't remember my number. You made promises last night, Sterling. You didn't say nothing about a trip. Noon today, in case you don't remember, was the deadline." "I know. Bindle, but it WM all unexpected. I'll get in touch wilh you tomorrow." "Tomorrow you won't h* Jtivinj me another nmaround. I'm secine you tonight" "Bui it's after Ifl, I inything more tonight." STERLING'S immedi ale decision was night I us overwroWRhl sl:ite, he coul think of no plan lieyond post (inning the inevitable meeling wit Hmdle. He'd drive out to hi coimlry club and stay there over night. In his room. Sterling ncede only five minutes to pack a travel ing bag. He wos switching off th lishl when he thought of his wife Miriam was still his sole c|,an« . . . belter not antagonize her b letting her think he was havinq i nighl oul because of what had happened at |i, e breakfast table Hed leave a note Cor her. He wen lo his desk and wrote it rapidly Across the hall, he let himscl into his wife's room, turned on a light. The room wns luxuriously feminine. ]n his haunted mood blerling studied the room with , depressed momentarily D y the consciousncM that he alone was denying himself the comfort and protection it ofTpicd He shrugged off the unwelcome nccusnlion and crossed to the dressing table. Sterling fouml amusement in Ihe assortment of bottles and vials recognizing perfume containers he himself had jiv«n Miriam on the lhre« Chrislmase* of their married l«e. A small boltle arrested Ins a lention. tt seemed out of place, like a sh&bbily dressed peanut at a costum* ball. The label caught his eye ... POISON in red lel- len. Sterling breathed more eas- Jly when he discovered lhal it had been prescribed by his wile's physician. The directions read: more than six drops in liquid upon retiring. Sterling remembered Tsgiicly that Miriam used some sort of ilecping potion. He was relieved o find_ thai the tx.ui e was almost I. fcvidently, Miriam iifcd the drops raiely. Kot more than six OP * ' ' ' Stcrlin K thoii|;ht over must bf po lcnt _ Pfasfe U himself from an tm' bidden trend of thought, Stcr- ">« slipped hi., note against the mirror, w|, c ., c ), e W . )F ......,, Mi[ .| would see il. l(e pictured her discovering il. Probably her comb would pause in her thick black "air as she'd reach for the note and read it eagerly. Thero',1 be a flush in her cheeks. Sterling-, normal e Ka Wils reu , ming _ He s sure Miriam would appreciate ' thoiiKhtfuliicss. His wife asked ">r nothing, he was SMe , beyond rc.ih.siiriiiK'c thnt he cared for her I his was good strategy, leaving Ihe note. H might p;iy off. Sterling Icfl his traveling bag m Ihe lower hnll beside the door. He was more composed, moved less hurriedly. His wrist- walch showed only 10:30 . . . half an hour before Hindlc was due lirne for a drink or Iwo before slutting, liiick in the library, he had jusl relaxed in his chair, sipping at a drink, when a thought jollcd him abruptly: what would happen when Dindle arrived? Suppose Miriam should'be home and open Ihe door, or suppose Hindlc should wail until Miriam arrived? 'Hie thought of that possibility was staggering. Sterling knew he would have lo wait lor Bindle . handle him somehow . . , devise' iomc way lo delay the crisis, lie Mudicd his 'half-empty glnss, thought of his well-slocked bar. he couldn't hope In drink Bindle into a conciliatory frame of mind. Bindle's voice on the telephone was too definitely unremitting. Then Sterling grinned. Hindlc would accept al loast one Irink. There was Miriam's bottle, f nothing more than to gel Bindle : drowsy. Then he could bundle him oul ot the house , . . into a cab, j jr even into his own car. He'd t>e rid of Hindlc for Ihe night. • .Sterling selected a clean glass il the bar. In Miriam'* room, he : vas amused by his own caution i when he used a handkerchief to < void fingerprints. Six drops ... hat was for Miriam . . . Bindle was of tougher flher. Sterling •ounlMl carefulU imlij 13 white ! lobules had dropped inlo th« ' lass. i In the library, Sletling placed he prepared glass on <lw bar mong others. H e wcr) i back to is ch.iir wilh his drink. He was nnoyed al Ihe heavy pounding of is heart He'd have (o *eU( e own. He was a novice M what e was planning to do. It wouldn't - lo be nervous. Bindle probably s by n.ilme suspicious. Ke'd olicc it. Sterling knew he'd have > en about il calmly. He forced imsclt v> le«n back, rrlRi. ThTi th« wnrrwi <y * motor cached him. A CLUB is JUST WHAT-we NEED VIC FLINT f That's no H: far f youny /„ to behave.' Safety 1'tir.suer and Pursued Besides, iesier is too much By AL VERMEEB THtRi S OUR fRIEND WITH THEtOSTMEM "T- «JT WUfMS RAUIA? »i MICHA10L O'MAU.EY »nd~RALPH LANj WASH TUBBS H« Ciin Wear That By LESLIE TUUNKB r and Stucco Phone 2029 NOTICK OF GRANTING Of LIQUOR PERMIT ^Notice Is hemjy given lhal. thr Commissioner of Revenues of th- fetate of Arkansas ha* iwued « per- mil No. 207 to Welch Paster to sell and dispense vinous or sp iritoi« l.quoix lor beverage Rt relail on the premwcs dcici ibed as 120 Main Street, Blytheville, This permit Issued on tj,? |.,i y of July. 1945 and expires on Ihe *«h day of uJne. 1049. WEl/IH rOSTER- Pcrniitt.;e NOTtCK Of GRANTING (>F UQUOR PERMIT Notice i, hereby g l v e n „,„,. „„ Commissioner of Revenues of the "UN." Arkansil -' i ha * "--sued a permit, No. 318 lo Stewarts Drun Stor,> UfHrvoy st^rt, to sell ,,, d ^. pense vinous or spirituous liquor.? lor beverage at retail „„ tnp p ,. e . mise, dwcnbed a, 2lg A . Man. Blyihcvillc, Ark This permit issued on the 1st day ?' -"i'V- 1«« <""i «pires on th. 30th day nf June. 194Q. HARVEY STEWART Pcriitittce NOTICK OK C,RA\TIN(i OF UQUOR PERMIT N'otirf | s hereby B j v(m u, a i ComniiMloncr of HeraiuM of tli" Stale of Arkaima ha« l.«u«d a ix-r- mit. No. 213 to E,isi End Whlskev Store H, M. Chappell, lo sell and vinous or spirituous liquors for beverage nt retail on the prr- "V s " Ascribed BS 326 B. Man,. Blylheville, Ark. ^^This peiralt issued on Die day 30th day ol June, 1^49. U M CHAPPF.UTj fermillce ( SUtTOSE! r-T WR.VlcKEE WSCOvfRED IT IN TIME T 0 CHAW6! JUST LIKE WB T" BUT BUT VOU DIO,GKMWOP'."ir«"l«l WE SWArTHP WURaom TO W CHEMISTRY CASE MCt — THAT IN TH' C« I OfT WITHOUT JWOULO'vE IF hE OFaOTHI»H/OU«CHEMI5TltV . Of=F FORA WEEKS VACATIOW- By FRED HARMAN I HAD TO.' T = D WAS bOltv'6 TO A DOCTOR HI6 WOUNDED .R,^./ THAT WOULD H.U/E LAN'OEO , v Jin, HOW ABOtir IT. PINK1 1 LET \n ' JAKE WONT HELP TED, BILL/ WE'Ll HIS CHAiVCE TO U9 RICH ' WANTED TO FIND OUT THE RCAU SEASON you SHOT TED.OAKE. WT TH£ STORV YOU TOLD THE 'ER'Fr" AND J?^pr BOOTS AND HEK BUDDIES By EDGAR MARTIN

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