Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on February 22, 1895 · Page 5
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 5

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Friday, February 22, 1895
Page 5
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New Spring * Styles of Hats Arriving Daily at LEGISLATIVE NOTES. DEWENTER, THE HATTER and FURNISHER. I f\M GOING f\WfVY, g — i Zm Said one of our Customers, but I want you to save g} & my measure. Wen I get a GOOK TAILOR I g g stick to him. .You Suit me to a T, # 7« E, PLURIBUS UNUM! S TUCKER &YOUNG, | THB PERRL STRBET TfllLORS, MONEY TO LOAN Personal. Renl Kstnto or Collateral Security. Any Amount. Any Time, E, B. Ovcrshlnor, 327 Fourth Street. DAILY JOURNAL. FRIDAY MORNING, FEB. 22. Drink McLin's Kolatona. Mrs. J. J. Campbell is quite ill. 'A heavy 'j-4 sheatlng for 12* cents, at »he Beo Hlvo. Mlsa Dwyor or Marlon la visiting Mls'3 Mamo Boam. Tho now city electric light plnnt has now forty consumers. Dray loads of sample shoos havo unloaded at Otto Kraus 1 tho past few days. Otto wants shoe salesmen ihis morn Ing. Apply at the atoro. Good wages for experienced men. A glass show ease standing in front of John Grnv'8 wns blown over yenter day evening and badly damaged. Tho ladles all eay that tho Trade .Palace has outdone anyLhirg in One goods and low prices ever known in Logansport. , DewlttC. Justice and family are paring to occupy the late homo of ls latbor, Dr. J. M. Justice, corner of Market and Tenth streets. Mrs. J M. Justice will reside with the eon's family. The now firm of Fox & Dtmkleberg / will make decided improvements In •' the quoenswaro establishment on / Market street. A new window has / been put in, and numerous changes will be made in the Interior. ' Andrew Dahaven of Indianapolis, who was formerly Eastman, Sohleioh- or & Lee'a head man. has entered Into a contract with the Logansport Wall Paper Co., to design and execute their fino work. Mr. Dahaven is an accomplished workman In every branch of the decorative line and Logansport should be proud of having secured such a man coming hero with all the latest designs of work. Mr. Pratt will bo glad to show his customers the latest styles of wall paper for this season. Awarded Highest Honors—World's Fair. •DR; T. J. LEGG WAS CHOSEN CREAM BAKING MOST PERFECT MADE. A TUT* Grape Cream t.' Tartar Powder. Free j mm Ammonia. Alumo, ™y other adulterant / 40 YEARS THE STANDARD, To JlcprewEiit Iiidliuin Foresters at llio Supremo Court—Will Sail for JLoiHlou, July 30. It was reported by the lafilanapolia papora, and BO staled by tho Logana part dallies, that Mr. Schocover o[ .\tllca, lad., bad been chosen by tho High Court of Indiana, I. 0 F., in session last week at Indianapolis, to represent Indiana at the supreme court of tho world, which will convene at London, England, next summer. The statement was a mistake. T. J. Legpr of thla city wa3 tho one chosen, and ho had no opposition, whatever. An evening paper aMempted an explanation of Mr, Lefjg's defeat, for which the writer's Imagination was tapped, as Mr. L?gg was not beaten. Tho Supreme Cours will meet at London, England, bogianing July Slet. Tho high chief ranger, and delegate from tho High Court of Indiana, will Bail from Philadelphia July 20. THAT I'UULIC BUILDING ConsrCHVinii Hsummon* ^Iixnascs to Introduce tho Jt;ll a Fc\v l»ny» .Ucfjrc Ailjutiriinieiit. 'A special from Washington dated Wednesday says: Representative Hammond has introduced a bill in the House appropriating :?100 000 for the purchase ot a site and the erection of a public building at Logansport. There ia scant prospect for the passage of the bill at this lato day. If the committee on public buildings and grounds ii given a day be/ora tha end of the BesalonMr. Bynum will make an effort to paee tho bill for the Indianapolis public building. TEN ClflLDREN And Their M»t«i< rs Who Were tcnni- Irm-, Helped on Their Way, Mrs. Sullivan and Mrs. Stockec, Bisters, having in charge ten children, were lodged at tho county jail Wednesday night, and given a lift yesterday on their way to Danville, 111. Tbe party claimed to bail from Toledo, 0. The members cf the party were evidently hungry «nd were badly in need o' clothing. I»o«ihOfMr». M. J. Clcmmen*. Mrs. Sarah Clemmens d^d yestor. day at 2 a. m., aged 41 years, at the residence, No. 1114. Broadway. The deceased leaves her husband, H J. CLemmena lo mourn the loss of a good and faithful wife. The body wai taken to North BrUtol, Ohio, for burial, leaving this city at 4:57. yes. terday evening over the Wabash. A Falto »UfB««l>< La grippe is confounded by many persons with a severe attack o( catarrb, which in aome respects resemblea the ,'ormer. These individuals suffer ae* verely with pain about the forehead, eyes and ears, with soreness in throat and stoppage of tho nasal passages, and in fact, are incapacitated for work of any kind for dayi at * time. These are catarrhal sufferers, Ely's Cream has baen used with the best re ults In «uoh cases The remdey will give instant relief. About the XlehoUM Bill :»nd . crallc Official Wtoo Gmve Away Whlrtky. ••;. Indianapolis, Feb. 31. Andrew Jackion, the repreeantatlvo from our neighboring Carroll 'created a sensation and almost stampeded the Democrate during the discussion of the Nicholses bill bj|etating that there was a barrel of whisky in the ba«e- •ent and that members were being subsidized by it. The Sentinel used big head lines over the matter and attempted to make political capital out of It. Wow oosnei Michael Cain, the Demooratio engineer at the -State House and says: -This U all a mistake that wbitky Is sold here. I haven't been selling any whisky. I know too much to do that; it would be against the law. A man would have the United States government after him. It IB true that I have had a little whisky in the cellar; but! never sold any of it. I may have asked ten or a dozen Senators and Representatives to take a little of it. When I saw that a man was sick, I would ask him if ho wanted some liquor. J suppose not more than a dozen men were asked to drink.. "I had no barrel of whleky. I havo only had two quarts altogether. • In fact, I bought the second quart last Thursday. I believe. Two years ago bad some liquor In the basement—only two quarts. "Tbe way I came to ask Mr. Jackson to have some liquor was this: About a year and a half ago his son svas killed, and last week another eon was badly kicked by ahorse. I saw that Mr. Jackson was feeling bad, and I asked him if bethought some liquor would help him. He said he wouldn't take any just then. Tha<; is all there is to it," This same Michael CaLn is very anxious to be retained and ia probably doing a little electioneering in bis own way. He accosted Senator (Jollett a fflw days ago and stated that he had never had any troub'e, and that he would like to ba retained. "Hotv long have you been here?" asked Senator Collett. "fourteen years." was the reply. "How many Rspubllcans have you appointed underyou during that time?' 1 asked the Senator from Cast. "Not any," faltered the engineer. "Well, look here," my friend," said Collott, "you are exhibiting a good deal of what we call gall up our way In asking Republicans to keep you in office." * Tho new legislative apportionment bill has passed tr e House. It givss Cass a representative end Ciss, Miami and Wabash a joint representative. Cass and Pulaekl form the Senatorial district which will be represented for throe years yet by Senator Collott. It is the Republican caucus measure and will pass the Senate. The Con ^ressiocai apportionment bill has not yet beftn introduced but it leaves out o( the old Tenth Cass, Carroll and Fulton. Carroll goes in with a dis trict south of it and Cass with a district oast containing Miami, Wab sh, Huntington, Ho ivard and Grant. Tnis will be the strongest Rspubllcan district in lha State. * * The Nicholson bill has been the sub ject of dlscussloa.the last two days. A vote will be reached tomorrow. The bill has been changed somewhat and will pass the House in its present ihapo. The Senate will likely 'urtber amend as the bill has several Objectionable features. Every Democrat thus kr has voted to pass it just as It stood and thus great change in he party has not escaped comment. * * * The Senate has passed 144 bills. Tbe House has advanced most of its measures to third reading and they will be disposed of rapidly. * * The Ways and Means committee has reported the appropriations. The bill reduces alli-winces |215 000 which is quite a saving to the people of the State, Rllrr Ellis mil be Tried Today. TDO case of Rilov Ellis implicated and indicted, with Harry .Worden in the assault on Warren Knowles, will be called today, M. J. Fleck, the Louisville cyclist. Is trying to arrange a southern racing circuit, to comprise the following cities: Jacksonville, Savannah, Charleston, Apusta, Macon, Columbus, Montgomery. Birmingham, Chattanooga, Knoi- viile, Memphis, Nashville and Louisville. /• Tie Sodcn Iirtlld Has tastes medicinally, in keeping with other luxuries. A remedy must be pleasantly acceptable in form, purely wholesome in composition, truly beneficial In effect and entirely free from every objectionable quality. If really 111 he consults a physician; If constipated he uses the gentle amily laxative Syrup of Figs. SAMPLE SHOE SALE. PftRTIfVL PRICE LIST. SALE OPENS THIS MORNING. 15c Sample Lot Children Shoes 48c Childs Kip Spring heel 5-8 Shoes 48c Childs Grain Button Heel 6-8 Shoes O9c Childs Kid Button Toe, 8211 75c Childs Kid Button Square Toe 75c Ladies Kid Button, Patent Tip 93c Boys Samples Congress and Lace 98c Youths Calf Button, Spring Heel 98c Youths Sample Assorted Congress and Button 98c Ladies Spring heel, Tip, worth $3 ¥1.15 Boys Calf Lace Shoes, worth $3 J.IO Old Ladies Lace and Congress, worth $3 I.OS Mens Congress and Lace $3 Shoes (>5c Sample Lot Lndies Slippers $1 Choice of Lot Ladies Oxfords, worth $3, si/,e 1 to 3 I Boys Leather Boots I Hens Leather Boots J.75 Mens Rubber Boots 1.00 Boys Rubber Boots ~.5c Mens Solid Plow Shoes 90c Mens Congress Plow Shoes, soled $1.25 1.25 1.25 1 1. 18 99s $359 3.50 1.25 ?5c Ladies Peerless Gaiters, actual value $5. Small sizes only. Meas Calf Cordovan and Dongola and Lace, worth $3.50 and * 3. Samples. Ladies French Donpolas, narrow squaw- toe, patent leather tip. worth f2.50. Choice Ladies Sample Kid Button, aH stales, sizes 2 to s, worth £4 to $5. ,\Iens Fine Calf, spring stylo, r»7.or toes, all sizes and widths, worth $3.50. Ladies P»teut Trimmed Lace Shoes, Piccadilly foe, patent tip, worth ?2.. r >0. Misses Kid Spring, Sumples, all styles aud siz-'s, wortll $'2 Ladies Fine Dress Button mid Lace, Saa>- ples, all [-i/.e:?, worth ^3. Mous Puteur. Leather, Lace and .Conprro«&, Hitiul Sowed, best uuulo, worth from $G to $3. Choice Moti's Cordovan, Enamel, Catt, Unu-jaroo and Tan, la'.ut-t style.-, nil frizes, worth $5 to $7. Ladies Kid Button ar.d Luce, small sizes, 1. 1 1-2, 2, 2 1-2. 3, all new floods, latest style?, worth J}'~.50 to §3. Mens Dow Shoes. OTTO KRf\US, CLOTHIER and SHOER / Great .Sample Shoe Sale now going on. Train l>elu,V» d Two Hour*. A hot box on ft drive wheol of the locomotive on the Pan Handle passenger No. 45, caused a delay of two hours in that train's arrival hero. St. Fatrlcl&'N l>»y OlHtrrvnnce. St. Patrick's day. March 17tb, will be properly observed by St. Bridget's council, No. 190, the order having decided to march in a body to attend high mass. Will Spur *"UP PolntK. Prof. P. J. Piixlln announces toil' ho will go into regular training /or a sparring bout for po'.nt.s with Prof Steley of Chicago, as Boon as tho articles arc signed. Solomon Pvice. jr.,'of Clinton township, and Miss Bessie Dlckersoa were married Wednesday night at the home of the bride's parents in Clymers. The Rsv. Hagenbuckof Oumden officiated. JTIallclonN JIi, enter of BOj-H. Tbe police have been notified of the act of some mischievous boys on the West Side who are accused of breaking the windows in the unoccupied residence of John Elpers on Linden avenue. Annual Cfciirch Mcetlns. The members of St. Luke's Eogllsh Lutheran church will hold their annual meeting this evening at 7:30 o'clock at the, church In addition to the election of officers, matters ot importance relative to the fuluro work of the congregatipn will be considered. Be Wan KeniLerrd L'uconwcloun. Joseph Henderson sustained a terrible fall yesterday. morning on the Ice near Eleventh street on Market. Mr. Sanderson's bead was injured and he was for a Jew moments rendered unconscious. He orocesded down town in spite of bis injury, A Ple»«»»t Surprise. Christian Firdler, known as •Grandpa" Fiedler, wai seventy years old yesterday and hU relatives and friends perpetrated a surprise on him. He was sent to church and when he returned he found hto Harrison township home fairly overflowing with good cheer and jolly friends. Ati elaborate dinner was served and all present enjoyed the occasion, but none more than did the jovial victim. Lout In X«-w York. The Lyceum dramatic coropanj undoubtedly includes a number o f artists in specialty as' well as legitimate work. Tbe organization presented "Lost In New York," last night to a good-audience In a way that pro duced much entbueiastic applause To. night "Oliver Twist" will be gnren.. Tom Sawyer" will be given at the Saturday matinee, and the la?t attraction will be --Down the Slope," Saturday night. LONDON LANDMARKS. Principal I'!aco« of Special Intercut to AmorioiuiH. Giles Lytcott, "first comptroller general of all the accompt.s of the customs of Eiifrluml and of all tho English colonies in America," lived in the parish aud doubtless commenced that system of book'ceepiny which just, one huihlrecl years nftcr his (!e;:th drove the colonies to revolt. He was ;: great map in his,timc, :I:K! when he died and was buried iu All Jl:illo\v.s, a monn- .mont was erected to his memory. Ife was only eleven yo'ir.s cider than William I'uaa and pro'..ably knew tho young man until in 1'jflO he left tlic paternal roof on Tower hill for Oxford imivcreitj-. there to gut into trouble for doctrinal heresies which rendered him quite unfit for further recognition or patvon-.ijye by so eminently respectable n man as the "comptrollcrgcncrnl o£ all the accompts of tho customs of ling-land and of all the English colonies in America." The house of Adm. Sir William Penn on Tower hill overlooked All Jlallows and he naturally had his son christened in that, church. The baptismal register, book I., still preserved, has this entry: "JG-14, October L'O. William, son of William Penn and Margaret, his wife, of the Tower Liberty." The font in which the infant Perm was baptized may still be seen beneath tho southeast window. It is of marble and has n, carved wooden cover with angels plucking fruit and flowers. The connection of John Quincy Adams with All Hallows, Barking, appears to have been purely accidental except that the lady who was to be his wife lived in the parish. Adams met her when passing through London on the mission to the Prussian states with, which be was entrusted by his father in the first year of the lattcr's presidency, and the courtship was a brief one, as this entry in book V. of tho parish register of All Hallows sufficiently attests: "1707, July 20. Joha Quincy Adams, Esq., of Boston, in N. 'America, and Louisia Catherine Johnson, of this parish, by license,"—John Gennings, in Chautauquaru A IJosiness Woman. Pretty Girl—Are you Miss Backbay's waiting maid? Tilaid—Yes'm. "Miss Backbay is a great heiress from. Boston, isn't sbe?" "She is," "And very much sought after?" "Well, yes." "I presume so. Well, if you will give me the addresses of her g-entlemen admirers, 1 will be very much obliged." ''Dear me! What for?" "I am selling- encyclopedias."—X. Y. Weekly. A Chance to KF-KC. "My dear.'' said Mr. llicks, who had been shopping jvith his wife, "it seems to me that if you women would make up vour minds more quickly, and the shopkeepers would return your change more speedily, you ctiuld do your shopping in about half the time it takes now." "Perhaps," said Mrs. Hicks, "but then we'd be worn out. If it wasn't for tne good Ion? rests we have while making up onr miads and waiting- for change, I don't think we could stand iU' r-Hai-per's Bazar. SHE BOSSED THE JOB. Aj>jic:ir:iMCen I>lil N<»r AucrurlViiU for Liu JtrUl^room. The folio-winy incident seems almost incredible for Boston in this latter part of the nineteenth century, yet one of the leading ministers of this eity vouches for its recent concurrence: The minister went into '.he parlor ia answer to a summons to meet callers, and fuun-1 there a company of four strangers—two men and two women— very crude and awkward in their dross und* appenrsmce. "Js this the parion?" nsked a. givat, strapping woman, the large .si of the parly. "J am the minister," answered the reverend ffentle-* mnn, bowing. "Wai,"said the woman, jerking her elbow toward the liuJc fellow .silting by her .--ide, "me 'n' bini's cum to git hkdioil, 'n' him 'n'licr's cum. to see us."' The ceremony was performed with all the dignity and gravity due to the occasion, and at the conclusion of the rite" the woman took her "wallet" from her pocket, with the remark: "Wai, parson, whut's th' damage? 1 ' The bill for "damages" having 1 , been duly settled, the quartette went away, apparently much happier, if not any wiser.—Boston Budget. — Little Ada (who is about to suV scribe forapaper)—"Mamma, howshalX- I send the money?' 1 Mamma—"Just put the bill in with the letter, deaji' and seal it up." Little Ada—"Why,' mamma, you can't do that! Don't yam know all the signs say, 'Post no bills.*" — Lucifer matches were patented at. 183-1, while -friction matches precedes, them by thirteen years. The improved' machinery by which matches are Do«f made l>y the million at a trifling co«t. were the inventions of comparativi>|y recent years"You make me tired-," said the ox 1* the treadmill-—Chicago Tribune. IMCKEJfKXTS. D OI-4NS OPERA ITOCSE. S. B. PATTEHSOX, llASAOER. SEASON AND BETTER THAN ETJEB, TUESDAY, FEB. 26, Elmer E. Vance's -~~ BeaJIstic Railroad Comedj Drama, ,^2 LIMITED MAIL With the Wonderful A Four Act 'Excorplon law *he Realms at siB and Hooiance. The o-e supreme novelty of a d»cade. Crowded with exrtilng Incidents. Orerflowlng wilt; siirprl»«i. BuDbung over wlib merriment. Theirs 11 ' of the 'Limited Mall ' Tbe Thrtlllni; Wreck Scene. The Awe iDtp ring KlecUle*] Vflect*. . The Blood Curdling Saw Mill -cene. The d«a<llv straggle at tne lercr. Tha ironiler!ul telegraph scene, ana eo bone slngins i&e pwlse at ih« greateirt njeccinlc*! plar ever produced. Advance t-lt open* Yonday momlnc. Price*: Baloroy, 25; Parqnrt, 50; Circle 7i SEE

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