Cumberland Evening Times from Cumberland, Maryland on December 6, 1955 · Page 20
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Cumberland Evening Times from Cumberland, Maryland · Page 20

Cumberland, Maryland
Issue Date:
Tuesday, December 6, 1955
Page 20
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TWENTY EVENING TIMES, CUMBERLAND, MD., TUESDAY, DECEMBER 6, 1955 Dial PA-2-4600 for a WANT AD Tak«« Fire Destroys Buildings, Hay; Loss $30,000 CHURCH HILL, Mo. </P> - Fire destroyed three buildings and 14,000 bales of hay tonight on a farm owned by James Clay Stevens, former Queen Amies County commissioner, about seven. miles northeast of here. -:Fire Chief Fred Courscy of Church Hill estimated the loss at $30,000. Notorious Moro-Piralcs Wearing New Uniforms MANILA «v_The southern Philippines' notorious Moro pirates have turned up in new garb. Reports say a band which struck twice from the sea in the Sulu archipelago and made off with $15,000 in booty — valuables and livestock — wore Philippine Navy marine uniforms. 4% DIVIDENDS ON SAVINGS An Unbroken Record For 15 Years All Funds Invested in First Mortgages on Homes WE INVITE YOUR ACCOUNT NOME Building & Loan ASSOCIATION, INC. 19 South Liberty St. Cumberland, Md. PHONE PA 4-1900 Assignment: Memory Expert Asserts Anybody Can Learn To Remember Anything («»B. u. ». fat. OH.) : By PHYLLIS IATTELLE NEW YORK (INS)-I am a per son who remembers phone num bcrs but forgets addresses; remem bers tunes but forgets the lyrics: remembers weather forecasts bui forgets umbrellas, and remembers birthdays but forgets whose. I have a large collection of single gloves which 1 remembered bu left behind the mates of. And when 1 meet someone with a familiar face and a forgotten name ] say "Hi" and hate myself. (Some people say "Hi there," but I believe if you're going to be rude you don't need to expand on '(..• "Am I," I asked Dr. Bruno Furst, the nation's leading memory expert, "abnormal?" "You are very normal," said Dr. Furst, comfortingly. '.'Generally speaking, women are a little better ai. remembering people's names than men are, and men arc belter at remembering texts and dates than women are. But when you put the faults of both men and women together, you strike a sort of average." Average in this case, he explained, means a lazy mental attitude and a shortage of what he refers to as "hooks" in the brain cells." The best way to remember names and faces and make the twain meet in the cranium, he explained, is to develop mental "hooks," upon which to hang associations. And through associations of thought, a person can remember anything he wants to remember Then, instead of saying "Hi" to a familiar face, you can address it — "Why hello, Ernest .Addleman from Darien, Connecticut, and how are your three children and the old English sheepdog?" Dr. Furst, whose teachings in memory are forming hooks in 75,000 student brains from coast to Coast, first began worrying about remembering things in the 1920's when, as a law student at the University of Munich he found he could not "cram" so effectively as fellow students. He studied the arts of memory and association, began teaching it and writing pamphlets and books on it, and is by now the most bulging-brained menmoncst (memory expert) .extant. After Hitler's rise he came to this country and he now teaches classes in U. S. universities, runs in own N. Y. C. school and correspondence courses, and has the reputation for being more dependable than a herd of elephants in the field. A mild-mannered gentleman who rarely speaks unless he has a hook to plant in a companionable brain, he concedes that "the current tempo of life is making people more and more forgetful—and it iakes a good deal of mental regimenting to dust off the brain processes." It can and should be done, however, he insists. Life is more fulfilling • if you remember what is [oing one. Dr. Furst admits there is one catch to memory-cultivation. While you can learn to retain all the vital cnowledge you read, hear or see— you may also retain some vital People Like 'Em Longer Shows On Television Due Next Year Sharp Pruning Scheduled On State Budget Figures By CHARLES MERCER NEW YORK Wi-The trend of television programing in 1956 nowi appears fairly weJl defined. It wil. be a year when the program ol 90 minutes and longer is commonplace. This, it seems to me, is a healthy development for both the industry and the viewing public. As far as the industry is concerned big programs—in concept as well as length—are a strong answer to the proponents of pay-see TV. A public (hat already has a variety BALTIMORE Mi — If the Slat' administration is to hold budge figures for next year within prescn bounds, it will have to do sonr sharp pruning. All but four State agencies hav submitted their requests, the De partment of Budget and Procure information about life which you would sooner forget. Is there any available instructor on the art of forgetting? We asked. Dr. Furst thought a moment, and you could almost see the hooks rembling in his cells. "I don't exactly approve of it," he said, "but I am told the man ,o see is your neighborhood distill- The U.S. Ajr Force's Bell X-lA wlds the unofficial altitude record, reaching 90,000 feet (17 miles). LEISURE HOURS WITH SCHWARENBACH'S Unusual Sport Shirts AT !-'..*<•' Wonderful gift shirts . . . wonderful values . . . including plaids, stripes and the fine Sire Gabarine at only . . . Famous Van Heusen Van Gab . . . washable checks and plaids . . . handsome stripes that feature Italian styling. McGregor's superb Scot Sweep gabardine . . . colorful, wearable plaids . . . fine shirts for every man on your gift list! SUk-WOOl B|. nlJ by Eas , $10.95 In smart deep-toned stripes McGregor B o«d s,. $10.95 U plain and I plaid shirt, gift boxed> Pendleton Wool $12.95 Regular shirt style of fine woolens. ol feature-length entertainment on its TV screens : is not likely to enjoy the prospect of paying to see unknown quality feature-length entertainment on the same set. Some observers believe that the networks' bitter opposition to pay- see TV has inspired the trend to bigger programs. The motive is unimportant. What matters is that the public is benefiting with a variety of more imaginative programs than it saw a year andj more ago. Within the 90-minute. format television has demonstrated it can hold both the lazy or I-only-want- to-be-arriused audience and the alert or let-me-think-about-this audience. It's demonstrating its holding power weekly with a'variety of 90-minute programs that would have been amazing a few years ago. . Ford Star Jubilee (CBS-TV), in presenting Noel Coward and Maryi Martin as the only performers in ; a 90-minute period, uncovered a huge audience eager to be amused. Edward R. Murrow's See It Now pulls a big audience that wants to think about it. NBC-TV holds these diverse audiences in equally diverse 90-minute formats. Now_ Robert E. Kintner, President of ABC, has placed his network 'on ' record as following the trend begun by NBC and CBS "It is my guess," he says, "that next season will see many one- and-a-half and two-hour programs in the daytime and nighttime on a regular basis . . . There is nothing sacred about the half-hour and hour timing- of programing." Great length or size is not necessarily a virtue in any branch of the arts or entertainment. But greater time means greater freedom for experimentation to many of television's first-rate artists. The fact the viewing public has clearly demonstrated it likes and wants more big-size TV programs is a challenge to the industry and its best talents. Aulo Crash Nets Woodsman Deer One hunter yesterday spent an unsuccessful day in the woods, bu didn't come empty handed. He got a buck on the highway with his car. John Bowen. of Seat Pleasant near Washington, D. C., who is staying at the Gunter Hotel in Frostburg, went on a hunting trip in the Negro Mountain section bui didn't get a shot at a deer. On his way back to the hotel in his convertible Bowen was descending Little Savage and near Lhe Milton Race -farm, a six-point buck darted into the path of his ar. The impact resulted in one dead deer and quite a bit of damage to .he grill work and windshield of the car.. Ellis Yr.tcs,' of Frostburg, who had been.' hunting in the Deep Creek section, was enroute home and when he saw Bowen and the deer, stopped and assisted Bowen in dressing the animal. . The Seat Pleasant man told Yates it was "well worth it" de- spile the damage, to his' convertible. Incidentally.Yates bagged a five point buck • which weighed about 120 pounds. High Road Highest automobile road in the United States is the Mount Evans highway, in Clear Creek county, Colo., \vhich rises to an altitude of 1-1,260 feet. The water system of the Mississippi River with its tributaries and their tributaries exceeds 12,000 miles. • AH Prescriptions Triple Checked • Four Registered Pharmacists Walsh, McCagh PHARMACY 101 N. Centre St. FREE DELIVERY PHONES PA-4-3646 — PA-4-3647 Maryland's Leading Prescription Store year. The requests increase of >r' cent over agencies last in and later )ly will un- im, there is little liklihood of getting the budget down to present size. Factors existing which may cause a relatively high final figure include proposals for State salary increases, social security for State employes, and boosting State aid to local school construction by about four million dollars. McKeldin is scheduled to p a tax program to take care pacted increased spending z the first of the year. The G Assembly will meet at a session in February to act. budget proposals. .^EVEEYBODYS' HAPPY- CJL08/ CHOOSE ONE OF THESE CLUB CLASSES DEPOSIT WEEKLY $ .50 1.00. 2.00 5.00 10.00 RECEIVE IN 50 WEEKS $ 25.00 • 50.00 100.00 250.00 500.00 N, •»*^' \e. \ Old Santa knows! A little forethought makes a big difference when it comes to Christmas giving. Take a tip from Santa! Plan now to have a worry-free, bill-free Christmas in 1956. •• ' •'•-. • • f> Decide how much cash you'd like to have when the next Yuletide rolls around. Pick the Christ-. mas Club Plan that fits your needs . . .and join npw. Save a little every week. At Christmas, you'll have what it takes to cover your entire gift list. . ECOND National Bank • 5 ec.ond f o N o n Member Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation No down payment with an "IB" charge account 1 SOLVE YOUR "DOUBLE-PROBLEM" CHRISTMAS WITH TH/S LUXURIOUS KROEHLER SOFA Undecided on what to get for the home this Christmas. Here's an idea that will solve two problems for you. With this comfortable, "cushionized-constructed" Kroehler sofa bed you get a gift for the home and af the same time have additional sleeping facilities for holiday guests. Naturally, a choice of colors. C/Cf, Others as low at $59.95

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