Panama City News-Herald from Panama City, Florida on July 1, 1974 · Page 15
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Panama City News-Herald from Panama City, Florida · Page 15

Panama City, Florida
Issue Date:
Monday, July 1, 1974
Page 15
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The pro sports explosion Davidson's leagues turn order into cliaos By BlllSehoU (PtrM ol Tim Relatwl Artlclas) Those handy littfe pocket calculators came on the market just in time. Now Joe Fan has at least a fighting Chinee to keep some sort of Ubaon the mind-boggling ex' 'blorion of professional sports . Lured by the promise of that big dollar sign In the sky, pro sports franchises are proliferating at a rate pre- vlously reserved exclusively for rabbits. At last count, no less than 147 teams spread around in six sports were in various stages of operation. About one-third of these are less than two years old and about M per cent are losing money. Once the World Football League (WFD officially spins off the ground,, pro footDall will be the most prolific of all sports with 38 clubs. Hockey has 28, basketball 26, baseball 24, while tennis has 16 and soccer IS. What a difference from, say, 15 years ago when the list was a cozy collection of 42 .or so in only four sports. Then every school kid on the block had a working knowledge of every team and, in season, could recite the names of most of the players. Today those school kids and their parents who care can't even begin to keep track of all the team nicknames. They are overwhelmed by GARY DAVIDSON: The system is simple. Bears, Bulls, Lions, Tigers, Rams, Colts, Broncos, Bruins, Dolphins, Whalers, Gators, Lobsters and White Caps as well as Eagles, Orioles, Flamingos and Penguins. There are also Cowboys. Indians, Chiefs, Braves and Redskins: Angels, Saints and even Fighting Saints; Astros. Cosmos, Comets, Stars and North Stars; Jets, Mets, Nets and Sets; Pirates and Raiders and assorted extras such as Loves, Strings, Triangles, Atoms, Quakes and Aztecs, as well as such singular names as Sun, Storm. Fire and Bell. What is behind the siren call of pro sports that causes men to fall over each other in an endless rush to buy team franchises? First, there is the excitement and glamor radiated by sports. To become a part of the inner workings and rub elbows with assorted heroes on a first-name basis is a longing of countless frustrated jocks with money. Second reason for the explosion of sports franchises, little known to the public that ultimately fools the bill, Is a series of Intricate rulings by the Internal Revenue Service enabling sports entrepreneurs to write off their losses against other Income. Often this reduces their real out-of- pocket losses to nothing. Many new owners go In fully expecting to take a financial bath at the outset, but hoping for better years ahead. Some drown In red Ink before better years arrive, if ever, but the strangest part Is that most still manage to come out bent, but unbroken. That's because there always is a lineup of monied jocks waiting outside the door to pick up the franchise and ball out the latest victim. And franchises almost invariably escalate in selling price no matter how dismally they have done on the balance sheet. Bob Short's recent profit of a cool million dollars on the sale of the Texas Rangers should renew the faith of every other owner in pro sports. If Short can accomplish that on the track record of the one-time Washington Senators, It's obvious the Mother Lode hasn't been mined out yet. Although sometimes it seems as though new teams sprcut from the ground as if by magic, the key factor is the formation of new leagues. Young Gary Davidson is a g rime mover in this area, nee the Californlan swings Into action, the gathering of new owners and clubs to match is little more than a formality. Davidson is the Johnny Apr ileseed of pro sports. He aunched the American Basketball Association to challenge the NBA, put together the World Hockey Association to unmonopolize hockey from the NHL, and now Is almost a year into his biggest venture, the World Football League. While the established leagues dole out new franchises at a painfully slow pace, Davidson tosses entire new leagues Into the picture and turns everything upside down. Davidson, a 39 -year-old Newport Beach attorney, has shaken pro sports by his ability to create new leagues strong enough to challenge the entrenched establishment. Although he comes on like a prep school product with old money behind him. Davidson is a tough, street wise product of Compton, Calif. "Sports kept me out of jail, Davidson told one biographer. "In order to play sports, I had to have good grades. I got them." His playing was good enough to make him a four- letter man (football, basketball, track and tennis) and his grades were good enough for UCLA and law school. His system Is deceptively simple. He creates a new league simply by calling a press conference - and always awards himself the first franchise. Other would-be owners flock to buy franchises of their own. Always the deal includes installing Davidson as league president at a salary befitting his lifestyle. His law firm Is also assured of the new league's business - likely to be formidable as old leagues contest claim- jUmping, player-raids and the other tactics of in- terleague warfare. With the number of new teams coming into being, competition is fueling player salaries to record neights. The scramble for talent suddenly intensifies, and Davidson becomes richer. His profit doesn't come from a well- operated club, but from an early sale of the franchise or two he always stakes out for himself at the outset. Davidson's friends often profit, too. CLASSIFIED ADS 3. Notices To inform the elderly tt lervlcn and progrimi •vailable In Bay County. To aiiiit them on obtaining theic aervtec* and enjoying theie prog- rami. To serve balanced meals and to offer stimulating programs in health and nutrition to the elderly of Bay County. To call on the community for assistance in ihese projects we need volunteers, Bay County Council On Aging Nutrition Program For The Elderly 416 Jenks Avenue 78S-<4«7; 769-2307 I will not be responsible for any debts not authorized by me. Signed: EVERT RUSSELL KINO 4. Personals We want to welcome every new family recently moved to Panama City • Bay County, Call now for a welcome hostess and free gift cards, 763-1780 or write P.O. Box 2211 No cost or obligation! Panama City newcomer welcome service. PREGNANT Family planning of Florida Inc. Toll Free, in Florida, 1-800432-3753, WANTED: Persons interested in providing a home for a mentally retarded child or adult who needs a chance to share in faaily Activities. Contact Division of retardation, reg- ion2-A Office, Panama City, Florida telephone No. 763-7055 or 763-0090, DIVORCE KIT for uncontested cases. For free details write: Kit, Box 791, Pompano, FL. 33M1. 5. Lost & Found Lost, male & female Brittaney Spaniel, orange & white in color. In Forest Park, Ph. 7694546, LOST: Light brown wallet with leatther slltchiing. Western style. Lost in vicinity of Memorial Hospital, Keep the cash. Just return papers. Calf Hubert W. Birown, 234-9516-during business hours only. LOST: Maledog,answersto"snoop" Red and Brown. Fiest and Peking- ncse. Reward! Contact R.V. Quattlebaum at 785-4231 or Langford Garrett at Rt, 4 Greenhead, Cnipley.. Lost: One 6-mo, Old Female puppy brown with black nose. Answers to "TAWNY", Lost in the Laguna Beach area. 763-7077. REWARD! Lost male Dachshund. Reddish brown color. Answers to "Buttons". Little boys pet. 769-1831. 8. Services Offered TREE EXPERTS Cutting, Trimming, Removing, 78S-6764. FREE Estimates. 7634005. PAINTING: Forallyour interior and exterior painting needs call: C,E GIBSON & SON, Inc. 785-^40. Weather's Construction Co. Painting, Rooflng; Remodeling Fi Estimates. 763-2437. ree Twice Slimming! Printed Pattern The womaa with a knowiat; eye will recognize that prin- csBs seaming carves a narrower look from top to hem. Sew dress, pantsuit in knits. Printed Pattern 9255: Women's Sizes 34, 36, 38, 40, 12, 44. 46, 48. Size 36 (bust 40) takes 2V6 yards 45-lnch. Send $1.00 for each pattern. Add 25f for each pattern for flrst-class mail and special handllnK. Send to Marian Martin News-Herald Pattern Dept.. 232 West l.Sth St.. New York. N. Y. 10011. Print NAME, ADDRESS, ZIP, SIZE and STYLE NUMBER. ONK FUKK PATTKUN of your cholct' to Bi -nii for. ont' fvfv pattern inside NEW SPUING- SrMMKU PATTKUN ('ATA- 1.0(5. 100 Htlles. all BIZ.'R . fn-i- pHttern coupon. Send "'n- now. 8EW+KNIT Hook wlih basic ilsBiU' piitlern. $l ,2ri Instant Fashion Tlnok SI .00 Instant Sewing Ttrnk ...,.$1,00 8. Services Offered NEED HOUSE REPAIRS? NO JOB too small. I believe I can glease|ou. Call §fter 6 722-4267, MILL'S TREE SERVICE ' trimming, topping, removing and stump removal. Free estimates. 763-S60S or 286-5222. SaTConslrucilonCo. Free citlmatM. New tonstruetkm and remodeling. 769-M41. CENTIPEDE GRASS SOD Delivered. Lawns planted, rerilllxed. FrceEstlmaltB.7C9.M78 D It D Roofing; Repairing, rcraoting our specially. » yrs. experience. Frceestima(ci.2(M»7. THE HANDYMAN Complete Residential & Commercial RepairScrvlce.. , "NoJob too small." FREE ESTIMATES "One caU does It all" FINANCING AVAIUBLE 769-2323 DEAL CONSTRUCTION CO. BIdgs, Repairs, Remodeling, Free Eslbnates. 26S.M7I, Lynn Haven. TRUCKINO, DOZINO AND CONCRETE WORK, till dirt hautod. CaH John Houtntr 722-4377 MH PAINTING For all your Int. and Ext; needs Call 234-6338 FREE ESTIMATES wall papering, WASHINGTON PAINTING AND CLEANING SERVICE Paint Int, and Ext. Guarantee Satisfaction Call 7694550 ELEaRICAL WORK Save money- low overhead in county area, 769-4506 or 785-8284. HAULING. FILL DIRT. CLAY, BACK HO^ SERVICES. 7^3-8649. BULLDOZER WORK • LAND CLEARING and leveling, call RAY KIRKLAND • 763-8217 or 265-3844 HELI-ARC welding call Dennis Hopkins 7854242,265-3648. RICKS STRUCTURE CLEANING Kill Fungus 8t Mildev^ on eaves & Homes 769-0333 Bull dozer work - land clearing - dumptnicks. S. 0. Johnson, 234-6167. LONNIE WHITE'S ROOFING, re- roofing, repairingft built up roofs are our specialty. FREE ECTIMATES. 7694182. GRON-T CORP. DivarsHM hnn Enltrpritat. LondKopIng, buth hogging, lepieil, •Ic. Oo wllh edvenctd Itnew'hew, Cuta llnM. BEAT OUR PRICE! Coll 785-9205 or 7S5-3712 RICHARDSON CONSTRUCTION COMPANY, building, remodeling, repairs, painting & buUd up roofs. 785-0772. FREE estimates. JUNK CARS MOVED, FREE OF COST. DAY, 785-4<67, NIGHTS, 7(3-3253. E-Z Flashing signs on trailer. $795; on stand, $745; you mount it, $695. $25.00 monthly rental purchase plan 7026 Thomas Dr. 234-2666 Anytime E-Z MAGNETIC SIGNS, $9.95 pair. All sizes, colors. 7026 Thomas Dr.234-2666 anytime. PORTABLE WELDING no Job too small. The price is right, Dennis Hopkins, 785-4242, 265-3648. PATTERSON BUILDING CoBtrac- tor* Addittons, Remodeling, Repairs, FREE ESTIMATES...763-5439. FURNITURE REFINISHED Cabinets Made! C it L CABINET SHOP 763-7441 769-1992 WELDING all typesof metal. Dennis Hopkins, 7854242,265-3648. E-Z Trailer Signs - "Share Our Sign Plan" is your lowest rental or purcti- ase cost any where. No other company can match it! 234-2666 Anytime, BAY COOL, INC Specializing in window air conditioner repairs. Phone 265-3459 or 769-2323. HAULING Oyster shell, fill dirt, top soil, day and gravel. Call JIMMY HICKS • 7634391. 234-5873, CALL ME for Driveways, patloa and screen porches. Remodeling. Phone 763-7857 anytime. PERRY'S KEY SHOP LOCKSMITH - TOOIS - SHARKNID 2124 E. BUS. HWY. 98 PANAMA CITY, FU. SMALL CARPENTER REPAIR Free Estimates 26S-SSS6 REMODELING, REPalr, additions, all carpenter work. 78$-0M7. lee'S TREE SERVICE Trimming • topping, complete tree & slump removal. Also specializing in SOD, GRASS SPRIGGD^G & TREE SPRAYING, FREE ESTIMATES, call nnow, 785^485. swimming lessons: private backyard pool, small classes.qualified instructors, 2 week sessions. Ph. Ronald Carter, 769-1741 or 769-OSOl. land clearing bush hogging, discing, dirt moving. Reasonable rates, 722-4222. Will mow lawns on weekends 8i afternoons. Free estimates, 785-7676. CITADEL PAINTING CO. INC. . PM WALL SPICIALISTS • TEXTURED CEILINGS . STUCCO BLOWN ON EXTERIORS . COMMERdAL . RESIDENTIAL . ARTS. . 90NDED. ESTABLISHED .RELIABLE 265-5602 OR 769-0335 FREE ESTIMATES

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