The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on July 8, 1948 · Page 11
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 11

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, July 8, 1948
Page 11
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M.G« FOUKTEEH CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION •* * ...... • limct IMT IUM p«r «*jr ...... U UaM p*r Ua« ME d*r ...... *c on IMC m .......... , ..... Me count JEt?* *r«r«« word* •• *&• tio« Ad or4«r«d (or tlmt or •!* Um«« ud •to pp*d bcfor* MplnUon wUJ b« cbfcrg •d for Uw aumb*r of UOLM tb* ad appeared ud adjuitmtot of bill 00*4*. All ciMtlll*! Ad?«rtUln« copr • ub- nlit«4 by P*I*CBI rwldlnc out*ld« ol the oily mutt b< Accompanied by c**b Ratw j»*y b« MtUf computed .from tb* •boor* ufela. AdrwtlaLnc Off**t tot imf uUc fn"Mono t*kac tin OM UA« ml*. No rMpuulbUHr »W b« t*** for Boor* thfca on* Incorrect UbMrttaa ad mi e.M*Ut«d *d. All «U tvi« rt*trtct*d W their »rop*i cl&Mliicallon, »t>U »nd U»«- The Courl*r r«MrvM lU* right to wii« oj reject «x» twL Apartment for Rent W1U share thfee room -Apartment with working girl. Ca.ll 3944 b el ore 9 x Two room furnished cott&gt, Phona fjifi. 1708 W. Ualo. 7|7-pk-'.0 *i** p o-room lurnljhtd apartment. Phon* 2«4, ViT-pK-7^ 3 room panlalty furnished apt. 224 W. Uoufcin. -7-6-plt-9 Bedroom or apartment. Phone ^i29, 7;a-pic-io 3 room apl. with bath, Jtl E. Mtse- COUK1KR NKWS LOAM*. AMMoMfe-ttt- tur* —comAfcw-furultur*. Quick, ph. : I* MfTlo*. P*rtouUa>d ttuatloa C0m» In or wlephon.. MM. OENEKAL CONTRACT rUBCHASI CORPOHAT1OM 1M I. ntth •«. •If UWTlli* AtK. UM-M-U Money to Loan Do you a««d * tou to repair at n- modrtT Ma down paymvat, no MOT- APP»OVK> R4TB I*. AfiK rO* DETAILS Logan, Realtor '34 l^ytxch BuildiAi Blytbtrtlk. Art. • -tt-ck*ti Real Estate Loans F. H. A. Loans Farm Loans TERRY ABSTRACT AND REAI/1T COMPANY Ju w. WAmuT rsom jjsi IJU-cK-tl Lott and Found round—L«dl« wrist watch. Call Till. Notice Small a room unfurnished house ltleily couple prefeired. Phone JJ74 7 ; B-plt-12 Business Service Directory CURLET RlfJOINS Contact l.utlier Rearden by ninlt Rt ncr. Important, P. O. Box a<T7 IJIy- llevllle, Ark. 1|B-|ik-9 GATKWA V UIMBKK COMPANY Now open for business. Comnlptr- line or llullders SuppllM.'I-ocmcs not . door to Jodie Nnhers Store on HlctiwRv I 18 West. c:. D. Gt.n Mnnnger. 1'Motie 22J2 or 4178. /. 7|7-pk-6,1 Auto Supplier and Services \ou will find » complete line of USKU AUTO TARTS. Priced reasonable «t HOCOTT'S AUTO PARTS. Air Base Road Call 13J. 7|l-pk-9 CHAPMAN 6IRVIOK STATION K«ln « DtTUlon Phone 2563 JJon't endanger your ft Uy wtlb rtultr ttr»—BUI LEE T1RBS _^ lllll-ck-tl Jeep parts now available at POOLE MOTOR CO. W» c»n fill ill your need! Get genuine ptrts from out complete Un«. toLis POOLI owatn * OPKRATOH South Highway 81 kt steele. Mo Phona atMU 49 Foods for ule. 509 K. Missouri. 7'8-iik-lI Insurance For Complete Insurance Protection ' Call 3545 W. J. Pollard Agency Planned Protection GUCNCOE HOTEL BUILDING •**ia« w ASH ST ' ••-• • «»-ck-tl Household Goods ' _«« « D»nter or opeed Qu«n w»»h«r • t ADAMS APPLIANCE COMPANY »ow. 208 W M»ln, phon. 3071 _ LIGHTING "PLANT" US1D Have lights when and whert you need them. 3000 watt remote control 115 Volt AC. You can buy this plant for the balance due. Pay by the month. MONTGOMERY WARD. 7-1 ck 9 Services o yoxl need mi experienced baby sitter? . . . c«ll 3I3J. ' Betty Jo Duncan SOS I. Cherry PUBLIC HAULING ~~ I _ Local or Jong distance day or nlfcht. I 75] ° ?nfl GeRn <r *" ckln 8 Co: Phone ' 7-7-pk-8-7| "PORTRAITS"i 'hoto finish untl commercial work ' MAYER BENTLEY STUDIO Local and Long Diatiince MOVING Phone 2077 ' ' 24-pk-7-2-l Lawn Mowers, sliarpened and repaired. Blythcvillo Machine Shop, Phone 2828. 211 S. Second. 4-6-ck-^f Try the Miracle Painter for your im p.lnt Job. Call P. E Nelson, piione *"*• 6;ll-pk-7|12 dewing h'Jf 1 '' 1 '^ , B "CKI.E3. 'covered buttons button holes. Mac Miller. Alra» Buss fclnia Crowdpr- Phone 3,^30 If no an'«'/• «3»- «<M N. 5th St. •«," Before You Buy Used Cars or Trucks Look over the Lot PHILLIPS MOTOR CO, 1918 Ford Super Pel.uxe Tudor, radio, healer and while sidcwall lires I'J'17 Kurd Super I)el,uxe Sedan Cnui>e, radio and Healer 191H Ford Suiter Del.uxe Tudor, radio and heater 19-16 Super Ocl.uxe Tudor, radio and heater while sidcwall (ires Ford Pickup 19-16 InlcrnaUoiial Pickup Bernard Gooch, Mgr. S(h •( Walnut ompany Raymond Colt, Soletnu, Phont 44S> Six room tioti Property ni IX)ug»n". i oHHi- nss. BrBc lot. HulldliiBB can b« connected imo lour ' room dwelling, juoo or less Uacnvllle. Mrs. Meador. 9,H-plc-7|U Mr owner, 3-room nonw. <crc«nrd re«r porch. 2213 Carolyn. e-m-uk-T-lo OJJCCjGl One of the nicest homes in Blylhcville now offered for sale, At less than replacement cost. Has automatic GE heat. \V. Davis 220 W. Davis One adding register, iice call BUI. machine nun one casli «l 105 N. Franklin or 621-cX-ll TOUGH, BUT HANDSOMK Sherwiu-U'illiams Mar-Not .................. - **••-• i^, vt . -ams ar-ot Four bedrooms, allic fan, Varnish protects floors wood beautiful hardwood floors, work from scuffs, scratches Well located on large corner slain*. Builders Surmli' (',', ' . „.. j|i.^^ ^f*jit;i lol on Chickasawba. Shown bj appointmejit only. 4 bedroom home on Kentucky Street. Tins home is in first class condition. David Real Estate & Investment Co. Plione 3633 or 2486 7-6-ck-9 for Sale, Mite. 2 Inrsc rilxs. 2 rug jmdj, dranerlci IOUIIKC chair, mlllly 'cabinet, , e, oo m]>s. phone 2475. 1025 W. Ash. 7iS-|lK-12 model 3-wlicel delivery scoolcr me Orocery. 7j7-j)K-lo cases. l I I.:HL- Cecil 1. i Complete household furniture for snle, Cnll \v . H. IMerce. I'lione HIM hc- IWf.'ii 5 mid 0 p.m ............ liV-pK-H China cabinet. kitchen cabinet. renkt.ifit loom suit, oil coakslove t;ee 1 5U-1 K. Hose SI. 7J-pk-10 RESTORE BRAUTY lo old floors, woodwork, furniture with ShiM-win-Willinnis M sir- Not Varnish. Scratch, scuff- i-c.sistant. BU1LDKRS SUI'- PLY, INC., S. Highwar 01. ____ __ ife-ck-tt 1 Setlrjrs kltcli^ sink with fittings Typewriter TYPEWRITERS Horn, Smith. Corona «.urj itruilna- inn PorUbl* ' * DON EDWARDS 110 n Th« Second 8t an 3JS2 IP rk u farmer's Column FARMERS AUTO 1'MITS. Air Base Road.' appreciate It. Wu im ve rj t h e ' Iftmifi If It Is a Inrm you wmr us « ring. SVHy pay tin, 1,1.,,, wiien you cnn own a K(K xl fji?,,, ^Ivo c "u ! rrihlnct nnd 1 single Plionc 2(J77. 7-pk-10 ACETHYLENE WELDING OUTFIT A used outfit you can have for much less than a new one. Includes torch, hose and regulators. Now only ?25.00. Pay by the month.'MONTGOMERY WARD. 7-1 ck 9 j Two 2-i" window fans. Com- stain.s. Builders Supply Co.,' Hiway 01 South. Phone 2882. 6-23-ck-lf OLD NEWSPAPERS COUHIKR Nnwa orrici 10:10 ti Fresri-N-Alre rtnor Ian Private Rooms licarooin. front bedroo trance, private Walnut. Sleeping room '««. Ill E. ASH rent. Phone 7.2-pk-a Oood loeailon. Phone 2-183. 6:l8-pK-7 18 6-10-pk-7-10 Nice bedroom. Men on i y . p )lrmc 4W3 Ulrnron Hn..i 622-pk-7i22 Nice bedroom. Men onK 6M Walnut. Phone 2«6. " rrille Hntfel- oii E. Mnin. 622-pk-~i22 wtlh Wonted * 0 Buy sprl rar s and VriK-k^ Phillips Motor Co. 5-6-ck-tf _ Uito rnoflo! A-C combines. Write Box C. Y. Courier 6-22-ck-7-13 '" Prepara 7I1-PIC-0 ! Hill Inrm for snle or trade. On 63 c.H T!M n '" 13 " 1|J sMc °' Hil «ly- C "" •*•""• l-G-ck.7-13 ' Farms For Sale res or gooci lonrn land. Two c One 5 H. P. 3 phase motor. One 3 H. P. 3 motor. One 1 H. P. 3 phase motor. Wiring and switches with the ' T[l-p Sporting Goods Sec our seUcllon of tides, pistols shot In5V, mh T. n " 1011 - """"* «l»'P'"cni «na baseball ediilpment. ADAMS AP- t'UANCE COMPANY. 203 W MRln °°« =071 j"" New Holland Hay Press. c Excellent condition. Call Bob jLowe, Manila, 91, or B. C. 1 Land Co., I.eachville. , 6-18-ck-tf 7 ,3 BOATS See them at Wards. Ply-j wood with hardwood frame.' Pay only ?9.00 per month. 12 ft- size only $87.50. 14 ft. size only $99.50. MONTGOMERY FERTILIZER 3-9-18 Plnnlci-s Coop. Phone 720 5-6 ck 7-7 WARD. 7-1 ck 9 _ _ Read Courier News \Vanl~ArJ5 For BETTER AUTO SERVICE ALWAYS Langston-Wroten SAFE SUMMER DRIVING 100% outside White Paint ' '?4.98 gallon ; f 24.50 in 5 gallons. Garden tractors li/» h.p. at ?109.85. Screen doors $7.15 up JIM BROWN STORE 105 W. Alain 4-14-ck-tf r,^' P * RMER; Let n. build yonr m« ,*£". Ir "" er bEIlE - An >' 51z e <"• na oon't forset to ste'the Shelby J li" r iS i Or wltno "t springs, llen- > Wcslbrook Shop, 225 N. J-'lrs,. plwne Iel ' 6,!6-ck-7;26 For Sale, Cars, Trucks One A-mode] Ford Call l»3 .tier 4:00 FOR 8AL«: — In perfect sh&p* n m 19'IO Lincoln Coupe. Excellent condition. ?750. $300 down, balance monthly. Sec Wilson at 11G N. Second. 7-7-ck-7-10 Come to Lee Motor Sales for used cars and trucks. 1347 Chevrolet Fleetline four-door j-'edan, radio and heater. Air Ride tires. above. One heavy duty Delta Drill Press. One 30" heavy clut_\ saw. Neatest trick in summer cooking Js preparation of the meat dish in the pressure saucepan, Swiss steaks j pot roasts, stews, iamb shanks, short I ribs-these you've probably already- cooked to moist tenderness In th ' THURSDAY, JULY 8, 194S You Are King When You Come 1JCEA1MENT eon YOUR CAR. V/ ? Ur Faclo ^-tf»m*d m*ch*n. ic« Vno«r yout car like & book ind know iXt btu lubric.ntl loc «ch ipot. Factory-approved r,j,lae. in , n , won , yoll , , OWi[d , SULLIVAN-NELSON CHEVROLET CO. 301 W. Walnut BlyCheville Phone 578-579 cfevKletl 120 rfuu 80 acres. No lonn nnrl "nT h^i^?".?! 1 . 0 ^^ 1 " 11 " rtown P n >'"'e"t v,iu hold It lill Fall. Price (HO per acit. yt) Rcrcs. Two KCXXI nouses. 73 ncrcs tn ciUtlvatJon. J3500. HO. scr«s short distance from Kenneth. Front oa. Highway 25 i- 2 mile Uood house and barn, ncixrly RU \ n cotton. Quick sale, si 10 per acre. 40 acres riRlu In town of Hollund Mo Oood four room and two room house* AH in cotton croiK Will show for U- BCir, »ns per acre. 40 acres. GobTer, Mo. Extra TIJC« residence. Tenant house, two barns nnt\ out houses. School bus mnii rourc Hoth hovises have electricity. All Iri cottoix. llest of lonm soil. S?00 per ticre and you get one fourth of cotton ana S ,oc* of 8 ™,1 , 1M d clothing Itor- r^ss'tre Z^A' r: s^ f ^; —• ^^'"^K"^; | 0 . L 111 and see me. I am strictly In the 7[0-plc-7]I2 rnrm laml and loan rjiiancM. One Revco Dccp Frccz — L , ke ncw H!iq;ahi 8 cubic rcet. $175 Also War- rcr. ciisptny f .. asc . s nn<1 coo i c[ . 5 . Williams rtMrlgerotlon Co.. 116 Lilly, phone One 10" liba\'j' duty jointer. One heavy duty rip saw Above with power or without. One acetylene ^as generator. One metal table. Call 4489 Blytheville Compress. 7-1 ck 7-9 pressure pan. But have you prepared making meat loaves all summer for hand ] )icnic * anrt budget .dinners, yon might like to keep your kitchen cool by cooking them In the pressure pan. . me. I am strictly In the nd loan business. Riales Land Co. Office across street from City Kail 3322—2 Phones—-1139 Phone 2882. 7-G-ck-tf For Sale, City Property room house with half bath, chicken house and garase. J2650. $375 uown Halance on terms. See or call Doc Uean. Phone 4403. 7|7-pk 12 Four room residence with garden spot. Price $2500. §1250 cash. Bal. on terms. Immediate possession. H. C. Campbell I'hone 44-16 or 2930 7-7-ck-10 Modern, neat, and new— five rooms, bath and shower. Coleman floor furnace, attic stairs with storage space, insulated for comfort and economy. Possession today—FHA financed. En ill of everlasting- brick ...,,.,. .,, <_., t-i taming oriCK J.i-U two-tone, five passen-; and tile. Two bedrooms. Auto- cliilj coupe—a real nice one. Two 1940 Chevrolet two- door sedans. Five used pick-ups to choose from. Jlodels 1941 to 1947. CMC, Dodge and Chevrolet. We now can supply you with a complete line of new trucks from IV, tons up. LEE MOTOR SALES Phone 2056 7-7-ck-tf malic attic, fan. Royal Jet- Flow heating system designed for efficiency. Why pay rent? FHA financed. Five rooms .and hath. Two blocks off Mai,, O n Sycamore. Owner must sell today. Priced lo move fast. Max Logan, Realtor Phone L'0;;.l Lynch Bldg. 7-G-ck-l'a Houses for Rent furnished rail 4603 Suburban Property! 40 acres of choice hind located 1 mile S. of Rlythevillc on Highway 61. Has For 5of«, Farms 80 Acr«« with the best of Improvements 011 Mutl Route. School Bus. Tills «s somenlMng you wsnl to see. The Price is 18000. J3SOO will hunrtle. Bal swo per year on principal. L«t u» «now you this pluce. We have something nr<]| worth the money. 1200 acres of the finest land with good Improvements, the crop will show what the land Is. All tractor lanct close to good town. See this for Investment. Price J12S ntr icre. Will carry »90 pei acre loan. 10 «cn>s well located «nd well Improved with good home, two Unant noiitn ana bam. one ot the Best small tracks of land In Pcmiscot Co.. Mo. \\est or CaruThersrllle Ownpr selling K we have sold him 320 »crea. For Sale or Trade Cnhlnct electric mnchltie for able. 2-136 McCnll. 103? w. Ash WI-pk-15 i-'lsh bait. 905 Clierry. ~ port* If you're hurrying—we can rebuild your shoes in shortest time possible by REAL workmanship. Of course, close prices, host material. The meat loaf mixture should! be too moist as it would tend toi break up during cooking. Another' factor in keeping the loaf firm is' to wrap it in wr.xed paper and chill' it in the refrigerator an hour or i more before cooking. For best results, make the meat mixture into two small loaves and brown very thoroughly In hot fat before pressure cookiiiB. turning carefully with a pancake turner. For a meat loaf dinner, arrange whole potatoes and carrois around the loaf, s pr - ^ | e with salt, add '; cup water and c jk at 10 pounds pressure for J5 minutes. Now there's a quick dinner and a cool one, too! : Unmade Bed C'osls $50 BOSTON (UP) - Miss O'Brien, rooming house keeper was lined tec lor failing to make"' the bed of one of her guests, a retirtrl Harvard professor. Dickinson S Miller. Lioness Goes for a Spin *i:GQft£W4Nti. SEE THE NEW INTERNATIONAL HARVESTER CONVENIENT SIZES... FROST-LOK VAC-U-SEAL TIGHT-WAD Delta Implements, Inc. 312 So. 2nd Phone 863 „„,. ,_ . "•' «•«««> "KIUI l( t(l,? ! i room house with bath. Also one new four room house with bath and two tenant houses. Beautiful lawn and ROO( | shade. Milk I 1()ll .so, chicken house and machine shed. Will he glad lo show anyone vvant- jr«,v icc co """' y home - scc i JOHNNY MARR, R ca Uor 11-? S. Second Phone .1111 r,r2.50G luisscll Jlarr, Thone 807 7-G-ck-tf! iNolhing like going; (or a spin around an almost perpendicular wall with a lioness sitting next to you. Earl Purtlc seems to eniov it a<; he sud Qiieonie roar around the motordrome at Palisades Park' Is. J. While Qucenie is out galivanting, iier three cubs are watched' Mop wall, by a springer spaniel. Everybody wants to get in act! W« With to Announce MR. FRANK BRODERICK 30 YEARS EXPERIENCE Is In Charge of Our Machine Shop HENRY WESTBROOK'S SHOP This Week's SPECIAL! 1948 Fleetline Chevrolet Four Door. Radio, heater, whiU *idewall tires ... all the extrai. Come In and See It! SMITH PONTIAC CO. Bl.VFHFVn II

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