Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa on July 8, 1948 · Page 8
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Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa · Page 8

Mason City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, July 8, 1948
Page 8
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14 June 30, 1*48 City OUW-Gairtt*. Ma*«a City, U. MOVIE REVIEWS By CARL WRIGHT "If Vou : Knew Susie" Wings Eddie Cantor and Joan Davis as the stars of this RKO Radio musicaJ comedy to the Cecil theater, starting Thursday. Cantor and Miss Davis play retired vaudevillians who buy back . the Cantor ancestral hpme to serve as a night club. The local blue- bloods boycott the grand opening, which forces an auction of the furniture, during which an old document is discovered. Signed by George Washington, it awards $50,000 to one of Cantor's ancestors for services during the Revolutionary war. They take the document to Washington, and officialdom discovers that the government owes Cantor several billion dollars in interest. Cantor's patriotic gesture in refusing the money makes him a national hero, and the bluebloods welcome him back to his old home and his triumphant nightclub reopening. * * * As merchant seamen, Jackie Cooper and Jackie Coogan run into a black-market mob and hectic escapades with the gendarmes in France in the picture, "French Leave," showing currently at the Palace theater. The 2 former child actors co-star in their 2nd comedy-drama together. Co-starring Boris &arloff with Ralph Byrd in the co-hit, "Dick Tracy Meets Gruesome," the film presents the 4th and most gripping of RKO Radio's series based on Chester Gould's famous cartoon sleuth. » * * Jesse James, the Dalton Brothers and Belle Star are. a few of the lawless figures of the Old West, who live again on the screen in "Badman's Territory," showing THEATERS AT A GLANCE CECIL—"The Bride Goes Wild" clo&ei Wednesday. "If You Knew Susie" epeni Tbm!»d»y. PALACE—"French Leave" and "Tr»ey Meet* Gruesome" now ib»win». STRAND—"Bad Mae's Territory" and "Dlnj Dong- Williams" now showing STATE—"Driftwood" and "Lost Honoy- rnoen" now showing;. LAKE—"The Senator Was Indiscreet" and "Speed to Spare" close Wednesday. "Mickey" opens Thursday. PARK—"I'nder California Stars" and "Strawberry Roan" open Thursday. currently at the Strand theater. Randolph Scott and Ann Richards carry the love interest and George "Gabby" Hayes adds his special brand of comedy to the picture. "Ding Dong Williams" is the co- hit on the bill. * * * Picture the plight of Franchot Tone, who on the eve of his marriage to the boss' daughter, is confronted with an English war bride and a pair of twins—all said to be his. This furnishes the plot of "Lost Honeymoon," showing currently at the State. The co-hit is "Driftwood,"'with Natalie Wood, 8 year old star, featured in the picture. * * * Opening Thursday at the Lake theater is the Hawkeye Holidays premiere picture, "Mickey," adapted from the.novel, "Clementine," by Peggy Goodin. It's a story of a teenage tomboy in a typical Midwestern small town. Lois Butler plays the role of "Mickey," while Bill Goodwin plays her father, George Kelly. A jamboree in the. west will open Thursday at the Park theater, with "Under California Stars," featuring Roy Rogers and his horse, Trigger, and another cowboy picture, "The Strawberry Roan," featuring Gene Autry and his famous horse, Champion. These are two A-l westerns in color, filled with action and music. END WEDNESDAY Senator Was Indiscreet Speed To Spare CLEAK T.AKE THURS. - FRl. - SAT. lOVEwlAUGUTEE? 1?rfmiwrui with -fte JOY a«d CHARM of "MARGIE COLOR BILL GOODWIN HATTIE JRENE JOHN SUTTON Continuous Show Saturday, July 3rd, Starting at 1 P. M. Ends Wednesdoy—"BRIDE GOES WILD"—Butch Jenkins STARTS THURS. and ioads of bring you the show of th» season! CANTOR -DAVIS ALLYN JOSLYN CHARLES DINGLE BOBBY DRISCOLL - PtTJS ' CARTOON — NEWS FETE SMITH A N O T H E. R BIG LAUGH RIOTf MEET ME AT THE CECIL SUNDAY "THE DULLER BRUSH MAN" > • BED SKELTON — JANET BLAIR LEGAL NOTICES NOTICE OF INCORPORATION Notice is hereby given that a corporation has been organized under the provisions of Chapter 491 of the 1946 Code of Iowa and Acts Amendatory thereto, with its principal place of business In Mason City. Cerro Gordo County, lowa, and the general nature of the business to be transacted by said corporation shall be to buy. sell, and manufacture shoe polishes:, shoe shining and repair equipment. «.nd furniture and fixtures for shoe shining and shoe polishing and repairing establishments: to construct, equip, and manufacture shoe polishes, leather finishing products: to operate and conduct- laboratories for research: to manufacture chemical;, and chemical products, and manufacture, buy and sell chemicals. foot applinnces. powder?. parte&, deodorants, sanitation powders and liquids and spray: to buy, sell, lease, encumber, and convey real estate: to buy and sell patents and patented articles, and to do all things necessary and Incidental to the carrying out of the powers herein expressed, and those incidental thereto, the same as a natural person might or could do. The corporation shall commence business on the twenty-ninth 129) day of May A. D., 1948, and continue for twenty (20) years with right of renewal unless sooner dissolved by a three-fourths IV*) vote of all the outstanding stock. The amount of capital stock authorized is Twenty-five Thousand ($25,000.00) Dollars divided into one thousand (lOOOi shares of Twenty-five ($25.00) Dollars each—said stock to be paid for in cash before issued, or to be paid for in property on the approval of the Executive Council of the State of Iowa as provided by law. The affairs of the corporation are lo be conducted by a board of not less than three (31 nor more than seven (71 directors. The directors shall be elected at the annual meeting of the stockholders on the last Saturday in May of each year, and until the first annual election, the Board of Directors shall consist of Tyler P. Stewart, Mason City, Iowa, Dr. E. K Stewart, Mason City. Iowa. Archie R. Simmons, Evanston, I!!., and Betty Jo Simmons, Evanston. Illinois. The officers if said corporation shall consist of a president, vice president, secretary and reasurer. The office of secretary and rcasurer may be held by one person. The annual meeting of the stockholders hall be on the iast Saturday in the month of May in each year. Until the irst annual meeting of the stockholders on the last Saturday In May, 1949. th« officers of said corporation shall be Archie R. Simmons, Evanston, Illinois, President: Dr. E. K. Stewart. Mason City, lowa. Vice President; Tyler P. Stewart, Mason City. Iowa. Secretary and Treasurer. The private property ol the stockholders shall be exempt from corporate debts. TYLER P. STEWART DR. E. K. STEWART ARCHIE R. SIMMONS BETTY JO SIMMONS Incorporate™ D. H. FITZPATRICK, Attorney NOTICE OP PBOBATE OP WILL STATE OF IOWA, Cerro Gordo County, ss. In District Court. No. 8947. June Term, 1948. Ta all whom It may concern: You are hereby notified, that an Instrument of writing purporting to be the last Will and Testament of Alice Gallagher, Deceased, dated October 11, 1844, having been this day filed, opened and read, Monday the 28th day of June, 1948, Is fixed for hearing proof of same at the Court House in Mason City, Iowa, before the District Court of Raid County, or the Clerk of said Court; and at 2 o'clock P. M., of the day above mentioned all persons interested are hereby notified and required to appear, and show cause, if any they have, why said instrument should not be probated and allowed as and for the last Will and Testament of MWBhMB^KaHHMBHMOMMUWHMMBMH DANCE JIMMY SMITH And His Orchestra Wed., June 30 Dancing From 9 Till 1 Admission $1.00, Tax Incl., Per Person RIVERSIDE BARN 725 North Kentucky Mason City C.'LLAR LAKE THURS. - FRl. - SAT. Battle of the Cowboys! Continuous Saturday From 1 P. M. deceased. Dated at Mason City, lowa. June 948. S. H. MacPEAK. Clerk of District Court HERE a.d THERE Brltt — Mr. and Mrs. Al Stoddard of Lawrence Harbor, N. J., recently visited in the home of Mr. and Mrs. John Dimond. The Stoddards were on their way to Sioux Falls, S. Dak., to visit a daughter. Mrs. Stoddard is a sister of Mrs. Dimond. Waucoma — Mr. and Mrs. Don E. Kizer and 2 children left for the marine base at Quantico, Va., where Don will be on active duty for 2 months. Swea City — Mr. and Mrs. William Christensen and Billy, Jr., together with the Christensen's daughter, Dorothy, her husband, Ingmar Haugen, and their children are spending a week at Isle, Minn., on Lake. Mille Lacs. Ilanlontown — Roger, 6 year old son of Mr. and Mrs. Oren Cockrum, underwent an appendectomy recently at Mercy hospital, Mason City. Joice — Supt. Richard 'Schuchert. SPORTS -^ ifr- ROUNDUP by Huqh S rullerton |r Princeton, N. J., (IP) —Wyandotte, Mich., an industrial town near Detroit, also is a rowing town, and if Wyandotte's collection of high school kids should happen to win the Olympic crew trials here Bill Kreger probably will be elected to congress Kreger, a big. soft-spoken man, is the Wyandotte Boat club coach, a candidate for a congressional nomination and the guy who talked the city council into appropriating $1,200 to send the crew here "We don't District Softball Tourney Will Be Held at Sheffield Den Moine* —R. R. Watson, superintendent of schools of Shef- 'ield and a member of the board of control of the Iowa High School Athletic Association, has been named 7th district softball commissioner by Jack North, the Iowa commissioner. The district takes in Winnebago, Worth, Cerro Gordo, Mitchell, Hancock, Wright, Franklin, Butler and Floyd counties. The district tournament sanctioned by the A. S. A., will be held at Sheffield, probably in early August with the winner eligible get college oarsmen; most of our boys don't even go to college, bui we have the best heavy crew we have had in 20 years," Bill explains. All of them are products of 2 local high schools and the oldest is only 20. "During .NOTICE OF INCORPORATION The name of this Corporation shall be SKYLAND PARK AMUSEMENTS." The principal place for the transaction jf its business shall be in Mason Town- hip, in the County of Cerro Gordo. in he State of Iowa. The object and purpose of this Corporation and the general nature of its justness shall be: (aI To operate and maintain a swimming pool Ib) To estab- !sh and conduct a general amusement enterprise and to furnish amusement generally. <c> To acquire, establish, own, lold. sell, lease, conduct and manage airs, carnivals, exhibitions, contests, theatrical productions or amusement enter- jrises of every kind and nature, (d) To nirchnse, acquire, develop, sell, lease, own and manage fair grounds, theaters, play houses, gardens or other grounds or >laces for exhibitions, contest!) and imusements of every kind and nature, (e) to employ performers, exhibitors, con- estants or other persons for the purpose of the business and to give prizes and purses to contestants or exhibitors, (ft To jromote and conduct boxing, wrestling and athletic contests and exhibitions of every kind and description, (gl To es- ablish and maintain suitable grounds, erections and improvements for the conduct of exhibits and contests of all kinds and descriptions, 'hi To conduct restaurants, cafes and other stands for the sale of food and other refreshments to persons on said premises and to let the privilege of conducting the same to others, (i) To let the privilege of conducting exhibitions or contests and the furnishing of amusements of all kinds and descriptions to others, (j) To borrow money of any person, firm or corporation and to ssue debentures or obligations of this Corporation from time to time for any of tlie objects or purposes of the Corporation, and to secure the same by mort- ;agc. pledge, deed of trust, or any other lawful means. Ik) To do each and everything necessary, suitable or proper for the accomplishment of any of the purposes or the attainment of any one or more of the objects within enumerated or which shall at any time appear conducive to or expedient for the protection or benefit of this Corporation. In general, to take on any other lawful business whatever in connection with the foregoing or which is calculated directly or indirectly, to promote the interests of the Corporation or to enhance the value of its properties. The Corporate existence herein shall begin on the date of the Issuance of a Certificate of Incorporation by the Secretary of State, and shall continue for a period of twenty 1201 years from said date, with the right of renewal as provided by law unless sooner dissolved by a vote of not less than two-thirds (2/3) of the capital stock then outstnnding at any annual meeting of the stockholders or at a special meeting called for that purpose, or by unanimous consent as provided by law. The affairs of this Corporation shall be managed by a Board of Directors of not less than two (2) nor more than seven (71 members, as may be fixed by the bylaws. The Directors shall be elected at the annual meeting of the stockholders to be held at the general office of the Corporation in Mason Township, Cerro Gordo County, Iowa, on the first Tuesday after the first Monday in January, at Two O'clock P. M., each year, and until the first election shall be held on the 4tli dny of January. 1949, the following persons shall be Directors: Gcorpe H. Krieger, Mason City. Iowa Dorothy n. Krieger, Mason City, Iowa The total authorized capital stock of this Corporation is Ten Thousand Dollars ($JO.fIOO.OO) divided Into shares of One Hundred Dollars ($100.001 each. No slock shall be issued until the Corporation has received payment in full there- for, at par, in cash or property; provided, however, that when stock is to be Issued for anything other than money, it must be subject to the approval of the Executive Council of Iowa. The private property of the owners of stock in this Corporation shall be exempt from corporate liability, except to the extent and in the manner provided by the Laws of I he St.itc of Iowa INCORPORATORS GEORGE H. KRIEGER DOROTHY R. KRIEGER s'LOCK."" Deputy j Andrew and George Almelien and Richard Arneson have returned from a week of fishing in northern Minnesota. Chester — Mrs. A. Cuglum and Lavonne Jones are attending summer school at Luther college. Rake — Miss Phyllis Espeland left Saturday for Hawkeye Girls State at Grinnell. Phyllis is a junior in the local high: school. Osage— Mr. and Mrs. Frederick Wilmot, Mason City, spent the weekend at the Balsley home near Orchard, where they were guests of Mrs. Frank Wilmot, Jr. Rake — Misses Marilyn Larson and Phyllis Espeland entertained a group of friends at the Larson home in honor of Phyllis Terbeck who made her home with Mr. and Mrs. Elmer Christenson during the school year. She will make her home in Woden. Goldfield — Glen Pinkham has accepted a position as. dramatic instructor in the Boone schools for the next school year. Rake — O. E. Quam is building a large machine shed on his property in the east edge of Rake. Plymouth — Miss Esther Claus is visiting her niece, Mrs. William Odegaard, at Emmons, Minn., for for the state tournament scheduled to start Aug. 21. The district meet ts open to all amateur teams in the 9 counties. Teams interested in the meet should contact R. R. Watson at Sheffield. MIDGET BASEBALL LEAGUE Decker Brothers defeated Montgomery Ward 3-1 in a 9 inning game Monday to take over first place in the Midget baseball league at East park. Marshall- Swift defeated Betsy Ross to gain a 3rd place tie in the standings: W L Pet. i 2 '.6417 W t, Pel. M.-Swift 8 3 .500 Coca Cola 1 4 .200 Decker's Ward's Betsy Ko» 3 3 .BOO Ty'r-Kyan I 4 .800 PEE WEE LEAGUE STANDINGS W L Pet.| W L Fct. Athletic* S £ .600'Eed Sox 3 Z .«00 Glanti I t .eOOIYankt S I .4M Indians * Z .6W|Cardt 1 4 .»* 2 weeks. Fredcricksburg—V. M. Upham NOW! END FRIDAY Randolph Scott in "BADMAN'S TERRITORY" "Ding Dong Williams" Now! End Thursday YOUR ACTION SLEUTH Boris Karloff Ralph Byrd.Anne Gwynna' Plus A Laff A Minute! JACKIE COOPER-JACKIE COCOSN fl DRENCH si is a patient at the New Hampton hospital, where he submitted to surgery. Algona — Twenty-nine Girl Scouts from here left for a week's camping at the Girl Scout camp at Clear Lake. Plymouth—Mrs. Vinora Chesebro of Long Beach, Cal., is spending a vacation with home folks. Fertile—Dale B. Jones of Tucson, Ariz., arrived in Fertile to join his wife and children who arrived a short time ago. Rudd—Mr. and Mrs. Jack Utter attended funeral services recently at Grand Meadow, Minn., for John Burgett, a nephew of Mr. Utter. Rudd—Mr. and Mrs. Hank Gorzynski of Chicago have purchased the Rudd cafe and have taken possession. Mrs. Gorzynski was the former Audrey-Stalker. Alta Vista—Tommy Mahoney, Nancy White, John Loes, Mary Catherine Mahoney, Lloyd Webb and Margaret Bird went to Clear Lake for an outing. Ackley—Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Daniels have returned from their wedding trip to Hot Springs. Ark. Alta Visia—Mr. and Mrs. E. S. Rogers and children left Sunday for St. Paul, Minn., where they procured living quarters. Mrs. Rogers and sons have been making their home with Mr. and Mrs. L. B. Mahoney here because they were unable to find a place to live in St. Paul where Mr. Rogers is employed. Ackley—Mr.and Mrs. C.^L. Sant- Ackley — Mr. and Mrs. C. L. Santmyer, Vintcm, are visiting in the home of their granddaughter, Mrs. Eugene Gidel. Rudd—Mr. and Mrs. Lynn Rathjen and Gary have returned from a week's fishing trip in northern Minnesota. They were accompanied by Mr. and Mrs. Elmer Treloar and Tommy of Clear Lake. Rake—The following from the Zion congregation are spending a week at the Lutheran Bible camp at Randall: La Vonne Jacobson. Mary Lee LeLgried, Janice Halvorson, Avon Lund, Ruth Toft, Mardelle Quamme, Opal Quamme and Marilyn Halverson. Geneva—The Rev. and Mrs. Roger Tappmeyer are enjoying a few days' visit with Mr. and Mrs. H. P. Kersey and son Richard, and Mrs. H. C. Ausderkeide of St. Louis, Mo. ffe—Lancy the \var \ve didn't have any older boys, so we concentrated on high school rowing," Kreger continues "These kids have had from 2 to 6 yeafs of experience and they're big (averaging 5-feet-ll and 176 pounds). We may not beat Washington or Harvard, but we'll bea some of the crews here." Nassau Nonsense Eastern college athletic directors provided a big send-off Monday night for 2 of their retiring colleagues, Biff Jones of Army and Whitey Taylor of Navy . . . Biff is going into business in Washington, Whitey to headquarters in the Pacific . . . Artie Moher, Yale shortstop, just signed by the Tigers, is one of the Eli baseballers who started there when Red Rolfe, now Detroit farm head, was Yale coach . . . The Dodgers' Bobby Bragan is tickled pink to get a job managing Fort Worth in a fast minor league instead of decorating the Brooklyn bench . . . And after seeing Bob Wakefield, Dick's kid brother, work out at Ebbets field, Leo Durocher thinks the Illinois belter already Is ripe for American Association ball. Cleaning the Cuff Hymie Caplin, who once retired as a manager and went broke, is trying to convert Blackjack Billy Fox into a heavyweight contender. ... It probably saved each college that has a crew in the Olympic trials 1,000 bucks when the tryouts were Philadelphia. quartered and fed on the campus instead of in expensive hotels. moved here from The athletes are Soos 17, Lincoln 16 in 38-Hit Game Which Included 10 Homers By The Associated Press Sioux City and Lincoln struggled through one of the Western league's longest games of the season Tuesday night with the Soos finally winning, 17-16, in the 13th inning. Thirty-eight base hits were made during the game, including 10 home runs. Lincoln's Ed Boehm got 3 homers. DCS. Moines won the first of a scheduled doubleheader from first place Pueblo 7-3. The 2nd game was postponed because of rain. Denver climbed out of the cellar by whipping Omaha 8-3. Danville Goes to 3rd in Three-/ Standings By United Press Danville was in 3rd place by a full game in the Three-I league Wednesday after sweeping Terre Haute 8-2 Tuesday to break a tie for 3rd rank by the 2 teams at 30 wins to 23 losses. The Illinois club hit safely 14 times and played errorless ball. Terre Haute collected 6 nils and 2 misplays, scoring both runs in the final frame. League-leading Quincy came from behind a 2-1 score to drive in 2 runs in the 8th and down Waterloo 3-2 at Waterloo. Evansville, in the 2nd spot behind Quincy. defeated Decatnr 6-2 and Davenport moved past Springfield 5-4. Lewis, former owner of the Lnncy Lewis Dairy, submitted to major surgery recently at Mercy hospital, Mason City. Rake — Miss Marion Matson spent a few days with Hosebelle Kirk who is attending Drake university in Des Moines. Osase—Mrs. Ben Donsker is recovering satisfactorily following ma.ior surgery at St. Mary's hospital, Rochester. St. Ansgrar—Mr. and Mrs. Glenn Anderson of Clinton, who are visiting at the parental Anderson home, was called to Mason City recently by the death of her brother, Rex Kay. Indianapolis Now 7 Games in Front in AA By The Associated Press The seemingly unstoppable Indianapolis Indians had ballooned their American Association lead to 7 games Wednesday on Ihe crest of a fi-game victory streak. The Tribe made Starter Mai Malletle their 5th southpaw victim Tuesday night with a 13-hit attack for a 13-7 crusher over Kansas City. In Tuesday night's only other game, Minneapolis scored 5 times in the 6th inning to dissolve a 2-0 deficit and down Louisville 5-4. AMERICAN LEGION DAY DOUGHERTY, IOWA . . . THURSDAY, JULY 1 ... ALL DAY 1:00 P.M. Merchants Parade 7:30 P.M. Band Concert 2:30 P.M. Baseball 8:15 P. M. Boxing ROCKFORD y,. ROCKWELL 9:0 o P. M. Dancing 5:00 P.M. Street Sports CASTLE CLUB ORCH. EVANS OF KANSAS CITY CARNIVAL "WHITING" HOME FREEZER AWARD AT 10 P. M. BOOXE VALLEY STANDINGS W 1, Prl ! W 1. Pot. nelmnnd < II I.HIIVcinrlon •_> Corwlth .1 1 .">0'Kiina\vlii 1 K. Grove H I .T.'ll'Alden II Thor •• S ..inn.Gsirnrr o SUNDAV SCHEDULE Thor at Garner. Knnawha at Alrfen. CUrlon ftt Corwlth. Eagle Grove at Belmond. ..V'O .5(10 .000 .000 ROOKIE RECEIVER RIPS COVER OFF BASEBALL, Santa Clara, Calif., (/P)—One of the most sparkling freshman baseball records in the history of the University of Santa Clara was written by frosh catcher Lou Berberet this season. Berberet hit safely in 17 consecutive games, missed' one contest and connected again in the final game—the 19th. He batted in runs in 18 of the 19 tilts, chalked up a .438 batting average and hit 6 homers. BACK AND FORTH New York —Wilfred Crosslcy, who represented Atlanta while winning the United States Golf Association amateur public links title last year, will represent New York in this year's test—which will be held in Atlanta, beginning July 19. t The bike that i» really different . . . with new juper-itreamlincd air-flow design . . . new "Air- Wing" head shield , . . new "Kromegard" rear bumper . . . new iponge rubber padded saddle with weather-resistant plastic-type cover . . . new heavy- duty luggage carrier with gleaming chrome-plated automobile-jtyle grille . . . beautiful new mar-proof and chip resistant finhh . . . and dozen* of other exciting new feature*. In and See It TODAY I We Carry o Complete Stock of Bicycle Parts and Do Bicycle Repairing — 48 Hour Service. LOCALLY OWNED NATIONALLY ORGANIZED r ET READY FOR THE SPORT SHIRTS Sanforized. .. Wash Rayon.. Two-Tone Gabardines... T-SHIRTS Fancy Weaves I 98 BOYS' SPORTSWEAR Sport Shirts . Tee-Shirts . . Lastex-Trunks 1.98 98c 2.79 Men's Slacks . Lastex Trunks Dress Straws Loafers . . Wash Pants • • • § 4.95 2.95 1.98 3.95 2.95 Store MEN'S CLOTHING BOYS' CLOTHING 123 South Federal

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