Ukiah Daily Journal from Ukiah, California on August 1, 1890 · Page 2
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Ukiah Daily Journal from Ukiah, California · Page 2

Ukiah, California
Issue Date:
Friday, August 1, 1890
Page 2
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DISPATCH AND DEMOCRAT. at FRIDAY.. ex. , . .AUGUST 1, 1890. DEMOCRATIC TICKET. EDITORIAL NOTES, <WV !(n' TiCKKT. sc i'i:Ricr. .icnoc.. 1!. McGARVKY.. C. W.TINllAU.. .Ukiah ISSCMaiYMAV. IFF, MHf. J. M. STANDLEV COOTV CLKKK, j. j. MOHKOW COl'NTV, D. M. OIBSOX OlSTlUCT ATTOIISKV, J. 0. WHITE COCSrV RKVOHPrn, K. C. ALBERTSOS SCHOOL *V1'E1UNTKSPKNT, MRS. •>. W. HASKETT CORONl'.R ASP rt-rinc DAVID CAUSON ASSKSsnri, «. P. SMITH COlNTV SVF.VRVOn, B. F. YOItK SVFERVISOn, A. IE. DAVIDSON L. REDEMKYKK ...t'Mnli ...VJMali ...rualt The Record of tlio District Attorney, j Mit.'"Ei>n , ou•- in the recentunfounded | arraignment of the record of I ho District I Attorney of this county, by the writor in tliu AYrnd.b'ciin l'rr*y, there is :in assumption which, oven if tnte, ought not to he allowed to pass unnoticed. Tho assumption is (.'tut tlif pnblir prater ulw in oouuri lo Cuiirh't eivry perxna who is prwctttnd /or a pulilc offewe. This may have boon the expectation anil the usual result, (luring dark ages of the [vast, but nothing ooulil bo more contrary to tlio function!* of n I court or the duties of a public prosecutor in our day ami country. The very object j of ft trial is to ascertain the truth and | mote out justice. Now to aasuino that [ every man and woman accused of a pnb- j lie offense is guilty, and that therefore THK Southern States have made! die District Attorney mimt secure phenomenal strides in the past ten ^conviction, or fail in hi* duty and The city of Birmingham, i for,e,t ,us «°» « • competent ofh SOUTHERN flAMFORHIA, .TI'ST think of bulldozer Heed run - ning Blaine out of the .Republican party ! Tho conceit of the man is incomprehensible. Blaine lias more personal admirers in tlio Kopitbli- can party than any man living. UKUH, like all tho other towns in the State, is disappointed with the result of the census. We figured ov fully 2000, but wo have to be I'dutAmu ! content with 102:3. Eureka, which ...shencowi j has been claiming 8000 returns only j 4830, and so it goes all through Notes of a Hurried Trip Throug-k That Sunny Southland. \t\mtfii tit. Wo were upon 'tl'ioiu lint tiyr tin- point of leaving ! the State. THE VICE OF jmis. .i..*, y V ~. , i CM \H to reverse a first principle of jnris- VI.M, Alabama, litis increased tdi per cent j prn( | enoe> AI.MISI««»TOK . , sim;.. 1880; Memphis ha» increased ! Emv ueeusod person goes to his trial Hot Sprnis-* ill • " i.2.'f per cent, ami the other pronii- presumably innocent, and no one ought nont eities of the Soutli show n ; to rejoice, more, than the District Attorney growth ranging' from 40 per cont i »the result of the trial is to vindicate tbn " luard '' innocenco °^ " l0 unused. The duties of upwaic . j the .District Attorney are quasi judicial, A FORp.tGN syndicate), capitalized i and he is as much bound to acquit the PARTY RULE ' nt S ')0,000,000, is said to bo at work j innocent as convict tho guilty. Besides .Thint District | ..Fifth District I FOREIGX at SoO,000,000 securing control of the timber roc-ion ' ever >' ono ^milinr with legal proceedings i A ,,- c,, , • I. c ii -i i knows that, tho guilty often escape, e\en T,lnl.« «-;tb 1R013 votes and a of tins State, especially of the rail-1 . V. " , 1 l4t » Idaho, with lo,iu.i voces ana U| . 1 . | when everv officer has performed his Constitution which disfranchises all j J'oads. Numerous largo transact-, (iuty Xci „, M muu . t Attornov8 Ilor members of tho Mormon church j tions in timber lands in Humboldt! ,. our , s Clm m nll tll0 ev id en ce in every whether polvgamists or not, has \ been admitted into the Union by a | color to this rumor. Kepublican Congress on the assttr tt will tnko aims tiir.c to smooth down (he rough edges which arc ihc natural I vc-ult of the rush which accuinpanie.! 'luj i boom. At tho very |>uin! of lliu peninsula we reach tho llmcl del Coronado, of wliicn we had heard so nun !i. This is j certainly a marvelous insiinilion. There i Sama I'arbain for bus .Angeles when we is an air of oriental iiiau 'nilicencc about i'. | loft our readers last. week. Wo retrace which makes It dciighiiul. Ii may help our ride along the ocean beach, through our readers to appreciate iis magnificent Simla Clara valley, with its beans and proporiions by giving a few figures. The. oil, to Stvigus. Tlio return trip is much Hour area of tho hole! i.s 7' a acres, and enjoyed, for there is a seductive beauty it contains 7 ,M) rooms. The dining room, aboil! tho country from ^nugns to Santa which in its shape reminded iw much of Barbara. At (he former place we catch ; the interior oi the Mormon Tabernacle at the through exiiress and journey on to, Stilt l.iilte, seals ui.l!I persons. The tho " <'ity of tlio Almoin." After pass- 1 arched ceiling of this muncnse room has iug through San Fernando tunnel (l lL , J not a pillar nor prop to support it except milea long) wo begin lo strike tho relics | the walls which surround it. To uddition of tho late lamented boom in tho shape ! to the dining room there is a breakfast of " busted " towns. 1* is really a piti- j room will) an area of 4.K00 square feet, able sight to see them. In some places 1 The ball room, a beautiful circular apart-! von find elegant brick blocks, and bitu- ] merit, has an area of 11,000 squarp feet. | tuitions paved sidewalks in desert fields, j Kvcry room in the house is lighted by | burned to death at The buildings are not only tenantless but I electricity, and there are t\.")i )0 iueiiudes- look very much as if they had never | cent lights in the building. The ap- heen occupied, and weeds, rank and i pointmonts are perfect and tho service wild, are fast hiding sideivalks which \ excellent. In the center of tho buiklim,' is a large courtyard where tropical plants, rich foliage, grottoes and fountains make a fairy scene. The afternoon was spent in roaming about the hotel and visiting other points of interest. A half hour was NEWS OF THE WEEK. would bo a credit to any city. As for streets, wo doubt if in many of the places there ever were any—there are certainly no evidences left to tell tho tale. All these boom towns have high sounding ] names, and in the boom-days were doubt- 1 also delightfully spent in surf bathing, less declared to be the zenith cities of the ; which is quite a pastime here. In the south. Tho tenantless piles of brick and j evening was the regular Saturday night unce that her Congressman and two Senators will be Republicans. On precisely the same assurance oming has been admitted with 1S,-| 010 votes, male and female, and aj Constitution which gives the ballot not only to polygamous Mormons but to each of their plural wives., time New Mexico, with! Gu opportunities will slip away. ! and Del Norte counties seem to give j case, nor are they responsible for the caprices of juries or the pressure of public sentiment. Nor is a conviction always best. A pubiie prosecution, though it WE doubt if tho fruit growers of Mendocino will reap anybeneiit from i " ul in acquittal or a disagreement of tho I tho high prices and heavy demand : jl / r - v is 11,0BS ? n ,vl,i , dl l,I,s ilB effact »P on >> .v- 1 . . '?. ... T . ', . ; the community and is a moral force and deterrent of crime as well. So far as Mr. White is roncerned, he needs no defense. JnuTtcis. for fruit this season. It should not j be thus, but until some more sys- j tematic work is done and consider-' able more enterprise is shown in' tho fruit business here, these gold- 1 continue to j Hops and Hop-Growers. At the same 200,000 inhabitants, and no Mormon population to speak of, is kept out of the Union beotuisp she cannot be relied on to return Representatives and Senators who will vote with the party in power. Arizona, with double tho population of Wyoming, j the mails on any stage-coach, and j hop-growers will probably make consid- The San Francisco Call in its trade report this weak says: THE Postoffico Department has j "Hops are stiff at. \~K cents lo 20 cents issued a circular offering a reward i for eUher oki or nfMV - Growers are very of $1000 for the arrest and con vie-! " r,n ' a "? b " vers " re nmv t>'« anxious ones. 1 ho Pacific Const contracts now aggregate a largequantity, those o[ Washington amounting to 25,000 bales out of mortar now stand as imposing monuments to the folly of those who went down in the great crash that followed the era oi land speculation which broke like a tempestuous sea over Southern California two years ago. Along the route, however, are to be found some prosperous looking towns, among them Newliali, Snn Fernando and i dancing party for Ihe guests, but the I high pressure at which we had been ruii- j ning for a week bad taken the jingle out ; of our heel" and we were content lo roam | around the gardens and enjoy tho beauty | of Hie night. The climate hero is certainly 'perfect. There is a softness about the | air that is indescribable, and tho constant | music of the ocean, whose waves lap the Unrbnnk. Fruit drying seemed to be in ! " bore "''"lin a few feet of the hotel, adds full blast in many places, hundreds 0 ( I a peculiar charm t.» tho situation. tion of each person found guilty of robbing any mail-car by use of dangerous weapons; -S000 for robbing | nu estimated crop of 00,000 bales. Tho is also refused admission because she has tho misfortune of being Democratic. These are cold facts and figures which Republicans cannot deny. It is legislating for party rather than country, pure and simple. This same partisan action has disfranchised more than a dozen districts in the present House by unseating men elected by the people and seating men defeated j at the ballot box, and has disfran-j ohised one State by seating the; Senators who were clearly never elected. The passage of the Federal Election Bill by the House was a fitting finale to the many pernicious schemes which the Republicans have employed to perpetuate their power. Such rank partisan legislation cannot fail to meet rebuke at the hands of the people. Thinking men of the Republican party do not endorse such high-handed proceedings, There is every prospect that Mr. Harrison's administration will have a Democratic House to deal with during the last two years of its existence. erable money this year and everybody will bo glad of it, for the market bus been against them for several yoars. S.u-HANinNTo, July 29.—At a meeting of the State Hop-growers' Association txlay , , r , i the following resolution was adopted : Duiusn the past week Morrows! . . ,. , , JL , ,. , i « III:HI:AS, WO feel tho uijmtioe of light for tho Republican guberna- j seven pollm | 8 tH ro; and whereas, the torial nomination has been greatly j Stale How-growers' Association at its last $250 for attempting to rob either, j Those rewards are to bo paid for j offenses committed during the fiscal J year ending June 90, 1891. ! strengthened, and we will be suv- meeting adopted a resolution that a tare i of H!v pounds be declared a proper tare ; prised if he does not win the race. ! llenolred, That we concur and reallirm Markham's boom seems to have j " ,e introduced at the last reg- ! ular meeting; and bo it further reached its climax, and the gemal j i.Wivd, That tho Secretary be in- Colonel from the southern citrus atnKited to notify all dealers and buyers , , , ,1 of hops that the growers will allow onlv a belt will have a struggle to hold | tare of 3}.; pouuds. what he already has. The Re- . The remarks made during the Mission publican State Convention will be j indicate that tho hop-growers are alive to held a week from next Tuesday. | their interests in all parts of tho Coast, — | and that dealers and consumers will be i WE call tho attention of all parties i compelled to recognize their domands. A ! who desire to become naturalized \ "omuiittee "'as appointed to draw up the form of a contract between the growers and the Chinese contractors for picking in time to bo able to vote at the fall election to the fact that Judge McGarvey will hold a special session of tho Superior Court on August 3d and 4th exclusively for the purpose of hearing applications for; naturalization. This will be the j last opportunity to secure nalurali- 1 zation papers before the 90 day [ limit. j by the terms of which e-?tra pay to the foremen and cooks of hop-picking gangs would not be submitted to in the future Sonoma Hop Orower«. From tho proceedings of n regular session of the Sonoma county Hop-Grower's j association at Santa Kosa Inst week, wo I clip the following items of interest: THE Senate does not seem to be | The reports of the officers showed the enthusiastically impressed with the i Association to bo in a good condition. A favorable outlook for the year's crop was IT is pretty hard for some of the Republican Congressman to take r ° , _ , . ,. | i-ll 1*1! ttivuiuuit; uuuuun tut too vem n crup was Muscovite Reed's medicine. Rep- 1 Federal Election law bill, and tlie | a!s0 in aicated by the reports of individual resentative DeHaven recently said! probabilities are that it will that the Speaker was an absolute dictator, and others are taking occasion to rebel against the power which they placed in his hands. Strublo of Iowa, one of the leading Republicans in the House, recently smothered. Should the Senate fail to take it up and pass it before the fall elections, its doom is sealed, because the next House will undoubtedly be Democratic, and will spend its time in more respectable such scored the Speaker for bis tyranny, j occupation than passing sucii in»s will be seen by the following dis-i famous measures as this "force patch from Washington : In speaking to one of the SMIMC amendments to the Sundry Civil Bill, Strnble of Iowa rarnte a bitter attack upon Speaker Reeil for hig action toward gentlemen havlnir Interest in pui/llc bill." THE San Francisco Call, in speaking of Congressman Do Haven, says that he hails from the Eighteenth buiidinRbiiis. HocontniKtedtiiecourteoitsnton- 1 Congressional District of Culifomia. ner of Swuker Carlisle toward all Ktolliaen _. . , ,,. i;„„l„ I .o,l the munition, with the ai,r.o 5 t «„eer- 1 The intelligence dtspla>ed by the ing manner in which the present speaker I «j a n Francisco press on matters treated xueh requests. The Sp-jaJcer treated the members as thouRh they were hoys. He did nol propose lo stand this sort of treatment any tou- g«r without o protest. Should the members, he aKked, continue to submit like cowards to the dictation of tho Speaker? Should they not rather combine In av. hottest attetepi tj k.v-": recognition? tie was tor rebellion against the rulings of the Speaker in regard to public bultdlnc hills. press connected with this State outside of San Francisco, is at times beyond j comprehension. It was not long REED and McKinley, with their j rule or ruin policy, propone to drive j Secretary Blaine out of tho Rcpub j lican party for criticizing their tar-, > iff policy. The following dispatch indicates that they have lot slip the dogs of war, and that the " plumed knight" had better don his armour: WASIIISOTO}!, July W.-The Star (Republican) any* lo-nlt;hl: The indignation of Kepublh-nii Congressmen over Mr. Blaine's interference lu the tariff ol^cusifion has reached such a beliKcr- £nt stale that It is proposed, since the publication of hi* last letter to Senator V'rye, that he nhnll be forced out of the Cabinet, and, if possible, out of the party. This may seem extreme *indstartling, bin it i» what at. this moment Is helug seriously discussed by those gentlemen lu Congress who might be expected to bear a feeling of angry sentiment agulnst the tinin who has done more than auy other to Injure the restitution of the bill upon which they are dependent for campaign capital. Conferences have been held by lje»e g'eailemcit since iho appear- unce of this last letter tt) Mr. Frje lo determine waat Ihey had best do under the eirennstonees, The opinion Is stranu-cly unanimous that he has done au Irreparable Injury to his party by his criticism. The Sonoma Democrat should correct the error it made iu stating that a wrtingle in the Lake County Democratic Convention resulted in the election of four delegates to the State Convention iu favor of Hudson, for Congress, and one delegate against him, The Btitement is untrue. The nistire delegation is for .ffudfion, and weve«ilu.«i tlio further ItKftftrt ion that ft majority of tiu> riatajfrates iu the District Convention |fij| b» tot him A 1 «0, ago that the Chronicle located Eureka, Humboldt county, in Oregon, and during the storms last winter j three fourths of the San Francisco j press had gangs of men fighting | snow drifts on the Clovordalo and Ukiah railroad north of Ukiah, As there are only six Congressional districts in California, it is pretty hard to toll wherts De Haven belongs. THE publication of the corros pondence between the United States and England on the Behriug Sea conhoversy shows Secretary Blaine up in a very creditable light. He has handled the cpuestion in an able mttnuer and IIIIB asserted the American position with force and earnestness that does tho country honor. While the question seems as far from settlement as ever, nevertheless our Statu Department has conducted its side of tho ease entirely satisfactorily. Mr. Blaino took up the matter whore Mr. Bayard left it and has pursued tho policy inaugurated by the previous Administration, sustaining its action in every particular and vigorously urging the rights then demanded. be j members. On motion of Charles Solomon the price for picking white hops was fixed at $1 a hundred pounds. No price was fixed on the red hops. The Secretary read a communication from tho S. F. & N. P. Railway Company in which the rato of transportation on hops was given as follows from the various stations where hops are shipped: Santa Kosa, IS cents; i-iealdaburg, 27; .Sebastopol, 22; Green Valley 30; Car- rigers, 20. On motion of Mr. Solomon tho Association decided not to except less than 20 cents for the hops of tho members during the next twenty days. The preceding motion, after some discussion, was rescinded, it being goncrally understood that every grower would do the best he could with his crop. It was moved nnd carried that tho Association request the State Hop-Grower's Association to change the tare on hops from 7 to 'A)4 pounds, and if tho State hop-growers adopt tho 3j.j pound tare n» a standard, being the same as in New- York State, that this Association will adopt said V/i pound tare as a standard. That Toll. j Tho following has been handed us as the toll charged, and the length of road in each county, on the ilopland A Lakeport Toll Road:" In bake Co.,-1.2-5 miles, (i horse In bake Co., 4.2-5 miles, 4 horse Mendocino Co., -1 miles, 0 horse Mendocino Co., 4 utiles, A hoiso Making through ratos on six horses $2.00 and four horses $1.75. Now we hope litis information is correct mid we humbly beg pardon of the Board of Supervisors of Mendocino County for our unjust comments founded uu- der false information.—Aiinfam.'/ie, men, women and children being actively engaged iu the work. bos Angeles is reached shortly after I! i\ .w., a little over 5 hours being con sunied in our trip from Santa liarbara. We were agreeably disappointed in this beautiful city. As much as wo had beard of bos Angeles we were not prepared to find a city of such magnificent proportions nnd prepossessing appearances. We have no hesitancy tr. oronouncing it the most, beau' 5 iul city ip the State. Its business streets, lined on both sides with magnificent buildings, are at onco the wonder and admiration of the visitor, who realizes that thev represent the enterprise nnd labor of only a few years. The city is grid-ironed with street car and cable lines, which as out stay was short, we liberally patronized. And how those cable cars do travel! For speed they would compare favorably with the time made by Ihe Southern Pacific through San .fonqttin valley and the Mojnvo desert. The cable cars of San Francisco are mighty slow a flairs compared willi them. Suburban towns are connected by motor roads, electric roads, railroads, and uumerons other means of travel, and fares arc very low. The city is well lighted, but (be streets do not Wo left the Hotel del Coronado next morning at (i:30 homeward bound. We returned In the same line on which the down trip \v,.ns made until Orange (a few j miles north of Santa Ana) was reached. Here vu> changed cars forthe "belllino" which detours to (he east, and takes in a miignilieoul sweep of country, running, in fact, through the very garden of the south. Numerous towns and settlements are passed through, and at noon Uiver- side is reached. Wishing ti take more than a passing glance at this place we took n lav over oi nearly four hours, and by liberal patronage of street curs,most of tho sights, including the famous Magnolia Avenue, are hastily visited. What a paradise this valley is! Although small in area, the products are immense, bast season the sales of fruit represented an income of %U a week the year round for every nuin, woman and child iu ihe valley. Leaving Riverside and its orange orchards we hoard the ears again and continue on through l.'oltun, San Bernardino, I'oniona, and numerous other thriving towns and fnioful valleys. Pasadena, the magnificent suburb of f.os Angeles is reached, end we view its grandeur as best we can from the rear of the car. A few minutes mure and we roll present the cleanliness I Lev should; it is ! im ° Lc ' H " is ««"•'>• » "''lock Tnnisii.v v, July 24. — A Chinaman of!! fercd ilUU! to the San Diego Customs ! olliccr if he would allow 2nd of hi.- ivnn-1 ! I rvmeu wiio are at I'.nsernido lo coi.,e : over the line Stinol went a half mile ; | at fletroit iu 1 :tc'., . . A disastrous wash- | I o;n is reported near I 'enver on the Color- \ | ado Centra) railroad the ilamavc is esli- j j muted ut $2rj (l,lMi) The climk-imikers , ' and nianiifaclurers of New York have at j I I.T-,1 ai 'iived at ;in :> jreement nnd thej ! men will return to work Pueblo, Cob , | orndo, has 27.4 ->'i inhnlutniils, having; ' doubled its population in the two ' years . The forces of San Salvador have won si", battles from Ihe Cuatainnlans and captured large qiiantitos of arms and ammunition ; main' have been killed and i wounded on boih sides. FitiDAY, .Inly 25.—Four children were Kfpou, San .loaquin county Twenty-five miles of territory WUM laid waste by grass nnd timber lires near M'hon, this State Very hot weather is reported throughout the State and in Nevada The Macon Tsbgroph declares that Southern merchants do not favor a boycott of Northern products in caso of Iho passage of the Federal election law Secretary Blaine lias written another letter urging reciprocity treaties with the, American countries ft is estimated that France will have to import U(),0..ii),l)00 bushels of wheat ihe coming year.. . .The San Salvador troops win another victory Ex-King Milan of Servia is to marry a rich American girl, name not given. SATCIIDAY , July 26.—John D. Fiske, the well-known theatrical manager of Fresno, was shot and killed by an inventor named Joseph Sttllman Mrs. Macktty is to takn up her residenco in Washington City next season A recount in the census has been ordered in Minneapolis and St. Paul More rottenness has been developed in Mare Island navy yard South Lawrence, Mass., was visited by a cyclone; eight persons wore instantly killed and many seriously wounded; great damage was done to property A revolution is reported to have broken out in theArgentir.e Republic . . .Emperor William will hereafter supervise all interviews with Prince Hismnrck. SCNDAY , July 27.—The town of Wallace. Idaho, was destroyed by lire; 1500 people aro said to be homeless . . . A family of live persons was struck by a train at Grafton, W. Vit., and instantly killed. An English syndicate is negotiating for the purchase of the New Jersey cranberry swamps A French steamer has arrived in New York with small-pox on board . .Governor Ross of Texas declares the proposed boycott, of the North by the South is utterly impracticable. .... Black rot is doing great damage in Ihe vineyards of New York . . ..CongrosH is endeavoring to formulate; an effective law airainst lotteries Further advices from Argentine Republic indicate that tho revolutionists will overthrow the Government. The Beet Selected Stock of GENERAL MERCHANDISE Ever Brought to COVELO. GAL., Must be Cleared within July 1st. Goods Will Be Sold STRICTLY FOR CASH, And at Prices Lower than ever before Offered. Clifton & Weill. Axnni:w CAAKCOIK has jnrt given IjoO,- 000 of money, taken from American taxpayers, to found it library in a Scotch tow ii; lid ban also written an article for the ,V"f.'/» American Tttview, in which ho insistfi upon higher tariff protection for cur infant industries. In ids iron Infant industry the tariff has in tw«nly-nine years t{jven him a fortune of $65,000,000. If an Infant does so well by Mr. Carnegie, what will t|ia industry do when it is an •dnjt 1-A)m, The Santa Rosa Democrat in giviirg the names of the bake county nominees and the delegates to the Stats Convention, takes occasion to mention a wrangle which resulted in n delegation of four for Hudson for Congress and one against him. We cannot understand where the Democrat got itsnuthoiity ior such a statement. Wo cannot state to our knowledge that a single dologtito is against him. There is one man in the delegation that is not personally friendly to Hudson, but he is one of tho moBt honorable and independent man in the county, and Hudson was perfectly willing to have him go without a pledge. Hudson could liavo named the entire delegation If lie had so clioBen, but ho did not name a single mnn, but ho oh. jected to one man who attacked him, and tho Convention rejected the delegate, allowing very plainly UmUhe C»nvontU>n was for Hudson as all tho Democrats are, and a large number of Republicans. He will be nominated and get the largest yoto in the county that any candidate for Congress ever received and the samo lu true of tlio district,— LaktfOJt Democrat. hard, however, to keep these public improvements up lo the proper murk in such a growing city. Beautiful homes are to be found everywhere, and delightful parks aro scattered throughout the city. Wo noticed many magnificent buildings in course of erection, notable among them a $1,000,000 court house, a $300,000 city hall, ft large high school, and an immense building which is to be a Catholic institution of some kind. The court house is a superb structure erected on .the ton of a high knoll in the centre of the city. In its elevated position it commando a magnificent view of the city an<l country, and is a conspicuous object of massive beauty from all points. The city hall is about finished. The other buildings mentioned are on a fair way to completion. Our short visit to this city was made doubly pleasant by the chance meeting of several friends of the writor's boyhood days. Having met only three persons in an absence of nine years from our native heath, whom we hud known before our departure from the parental roof, the pleasure of this meeting has to be experienced to be proporly appreciated. The next morning found us on our way to San Diego. The distance is about 130 miles, and the ride is a most enjoyable one. Fruit farms, orange orchards, vineyards, and prosperous looking towns are found all along Iho road. Thirty-six miles south of Los Angeles is Santa Ana, located in a beautiful valley of that name. We were very sotry that our limited time would not permit of our laying ovor hero, ior we would have liked very much to have seen Bro. Peabody of the Blade, and enjoyed a few hours with him in his charming home. In our flying visit through the soulh tre were moro favorably in)pressed with Santa Ana valley than any point in the great citrus bell. Its magnificent orchards and gardens attest to .bo productiveness of tho soil, while the close proximity uf the ocean bespeaks an equitable •1.75. land enjoyable climato. At San-.lnan-by- •1.10. I (bo-Sea the ocean greets our vision, and •75. j from there to San Diego, a distnnco of ••it). 1 about seventy miles, we skim along the seashore, passing through such seaside resorts ns Ocennside. Carlsbad, Del Mar j and others. San Diego is reached at | noon, and after a hurried visit to the j principal parts of the city we lake thej ferry and motor road for Coronado Beach. | San Diego is the marvel ol tho soutli-j ernoounlry. A few years ago It \vn:s i\ 1 dull, sleepy town of a few inhabitants, a hundred miles from a railroad, and having as its only prerequisite ol future greatness a salubrious climato and a magnificent land-locked bay. To-day it is a city of 20,000 inhabitants, possessing all tho attributes of a great city. .Splendid business houses lino its miles of streets, and its fine harbor is a forest of masts. Everything is done on a scalo which would laud yen to believe that you woro in a city of 100,000 pooplo. During tho past two years the city has been suffering a terrible squeeze from the reaction of the boom, but her people seem to have when we sit down to dinner, and at 1 1.1 :M 1 MYixniy, July 2S.—Seven more non- i'. >t. we lake the night express for San i union molilers arrived in San Francisco Francisco. .Morning finds us descending Tehucbipa Pass, and at noon we are being cooked with the, heat oi San Joaquin valley. It is so dusty riding through this vast stretch of country that 1 passengers aro compelled to keep tho windows and doors of tho cars closed. With the intense heat this makes traveling almost unbearable, and we are very glad when evening comes and Port Costa is reached. The trip home through the San .lotionin afforded us an opportunity to see the country through Fresno, Merced ami Stanislaus counties, which was passed through on the down trip in the night. With the exception of the country around Fresno City, wheat fields predominate. For miles around the above named place it is a vast raisin vineyard ui .or.'ipersed here nnd there with orchards. Tho progress oi this section is marvulous. At 0 p. M . we reach San Francisco, and at noon the noxt day we arrive safe and sound in Ukiah. from the East, Not a single business house was left in Wallace, Idaho, after yesterday's fire ; the loss was $412,000... The English wheat crop will fall below tho average.. . .The prices of wheat and corn show marked advance in New York. ... .Two river steamers came in collision near Baltimore ; five persons were killed and many injured The Johnstown Flood Relief Committee has at last made a report, showing the total amount received was •2,912,340.30; expended, •2,845,140.83, leaving a balance on hand of$04,205.47... .An unsuccessful attempt was made to assassinate tho President of Guatemala The revolution continues at Buenos Ayres. TUESDAY , July 29.—A portion of three busiuess blocks were burned in tho town of Travcr, this State The President j has sent a message to Cougresj urging legislation that will prevent lottery companies from using the mails.. . . A big advance has been made in the price oi silverware... .In the eleven battles fought LE TRIANON, Blue Lakes, lEIMrilJE VEEDIEB, Lake County, Cal. PEOPEIBTOB. THE ri3ST HOTEL COMING FROM UKIAH. \Tli\V ANP SM.EXHID SfMJIElt RE30P.T ON THE K1I0RK Or HI UK LAKES, IN THE CENT. i\ ter oi a park oi ceiUnry-old trees. Lawn tennis and croquet itromids, swings, hammocks, etc.- Hoatlnir. bathliiK and fishing. 1'lrst-cl.iss loeuch cooking. CtfT "'i'o enjoy a tine Sunday party there is no plae..- e.puu to --Le Trianon." Address, EMILE VERDIER, Lake County. Cal. Iiertha 1'. O. Best Cough Medicine. Recommended by Physicians. Cures where oil elso fails, j 'leasant and agreeable to the taste. Children take it without objection. By druggists, Coast Items. Point Arena Record. Mr. Tom Hiett left Point Arena-on Inst Tuesday with a large force oi men, which he contemplates putting to work on the new road between hero and Ukiah. The road, Mr. Hiett thinks, will be finished in about seven weeks. The road lo be constructed is about two and a half miles long. A person can now make a through trip to Ukiah in one day. The stage leaving j yards had a $300,000 fire. Point Arena at fi A. M . arriving at -Mendocino in limn to catch the out bound stage to Ukiah which reaches its destination about eight o'clock. A through trip to West port can bo made between six in tho morning and six at night. This is unusually good accommodation for Mendocino county. Tho Prohibition County Convention. In response to n call of the State Central Committee 0 number of delegates met iu the .M. E. Church at .Mendocino last Friday at ten o'clock .4. AI . Rev. W. B. Priddy, of Ukiah, was electi d temporary Chairman nnd Rev. J. M. Clark, Secretary. After promiscouR remarks by a number of delegates the following permanent offi- botween Guatemala attdSan Salvador the cers were elected: Rev. W. B. Priddy, latter ImB been victorious in every ono of President; Hugh Grirlin, John Marsen, them Conflicting reports come from Buenos Ayres; the indications aro that the revolution is Hearing the end.. .Cholera is raging at Bagdad and vicinity and great apprehensions aro felt lest the scourge spread westward. WEDNESDAY , July 30.—John Gannon, aged 28, committed suicide at Vallejo.... The business portion of Seneca Falls, N. Y., was destroyed by tire; the loss is estimated at $1,000,000 Chicago lumber Every business house iu Bairdstown, Ohio, was burned. . . .A disastrous hailstorm visited the southern part of North Dakota Large exports of silver are being made from New \ r ork to London.. . .The Texas fever has appeared among the caltle of New York Damaging floods are reported in Austria. From Mendocino Reacon. The new mail service from Greenwood to Ukiah, via Boonville, is most unsatisfactory. The residents of Anderson Wiley denounced it as a humbug, and pray for tho renowal of the old Clovcrdale and j Mendocino service. J Tho flags were hoisled at tho City Ho- 1 lei and Kelly comer in commemoration I of tho liSth stnniversarv of Ihc arrival of J those two old pioneers—J. E. Carlson i and W. H. Kelly. .Minn Crockett, while out riding in search of blackberries Suiu!::y at Caspar was thrown from tho buggy ami sustained severe injuries about the head. Dr. McCormack was sent for and nf once went upand attended the sufferer, who is progressing favorably. The first of the week, 11. II. Brown and a party of citizens were up tho river a short.distance picking berries, and lo their great surprise they soon found they had as a neighbor a lnrije bear. Mr. Bruin was after berries also, but Henry, with a determination to have all or nono confidence jn her future greatness, nnd i of the fruit, challenged the bear to n exhibit a degree of pluck and enterprise I duel, which resulted in the death of the that is highly commendable. | latter. II. 11. is a successful and Al A magnificent anue* to San Dingo is I hunter. Coronado Boncb. The I rip across Iho bay is a short one, nnd a motor car awaits UH at, tlio landing. To the Hotel del Coronado must be a mile and a half at least. Tlie road is lined on both sides I P ,ace "1 the pulpit By tho schooner Lily from Humboldt, now discharging at Mission No. 2, there arrived a splendid pioco of redwood timber, which is dosiined for the World's Fair at Chicago. It is hewn out of a trunk of a tree, is ten feet high, 10 feot! existence and wo believe should B. G. Mast. R. W. Van and J. C. Holliday, Vice-Presidents; Rev. J. M.Clark, Secretary. The following delegates were found to be entitled to scats in the convention: Rev. W. 15. Priddy, Rev. J. M. Clark, Hugh Grilliu, I. C. Perry, .1. A. Morgan, J. Whited, B, G. Mast, Oie Simousou, Rev. W. E. Road, Mrs. Sawyer and Mrs. Whited. On motion the following Committees were appointed by the Chairman: On resolutions, Hugh Grillln, W.E .Road, Ole Siniouson. On nominations for County Oflicers, 1. C. Perry, R. W. Van, Jos. Whited. Convention adjourned iiil 11 A.M. On reassembling the report of the Committee on resolutions was read and adopted us follows ; WIIEBCAS , We believe Ihe liquor Iraflio is the greatest vice of ihe day, and calculated to doilrov Ihe peace of society and tho happiness of our mothers, wives and children, and impair the health and happiness of uiir citizens, and WHKKKAS , The saloon inllm-nce is corrupting the fountains of our gnvernuieiiial con- wide and 8 inches thick. Bark adhors to tho sides, and it is securely braced laterally and vertically to prevent it from warping. If will bo planed and polished before being placed on exhibition.— S. K Cull. The White Divorce Case. in the George K. White vs. Frnnltio While divorce case Judge Garber has given his decision, denying ihc motions ior a now trial and for tho appointment of a receiver, tho latter denial being mario because tho injunction forbidding the plaintiff to dispose of any of the. property sufficiently protects the defendant's present an:' prospective rights.— S. I'. Call. Take Oare I There is Bangor of can- Prosbvterian the entire wny with magnificent palm j Church. lie wa* delighted by his tour, trees. Tlie peninsula is thickly settled, but likcs California belter than ever.— but it lift* » rather ragged appearaucw.' Htaldtbuig Knterprue. In allowing inactivity of the kidneys to prow 1 through neglect, The deadly shoals of p.rlght's disease and diabetes will wreck the godly bark of health if It Is allowed to drift rudderless upon litem. The bladder, too, if luaetive, and Judi- 1 *Ioue medication does not speedily direct the helm toward the port of safely, will be whelmed by tho quicksand o( disease. In selecting a I , , 1 diuretic, let your choice flit upon Hosteller's i Rev. end Mrs. U. b. McBridc have re-j stomach Hitters, which stimulates ihe venal' turned from their visit lo tlio P.itt end "wans without Irritating and exciting them, iiirneu irom ineir \ tsit to too, i.nq j , wo eawi% t0 be approin,,,,!,,,! itom ih e unmcdl- (he revorend gentleman will resume his 1 catcd stimuli largely resorted to. These have a ' tendency to react prejudicially. The bitten Invigorate tho klilucvsaud the bladder, In coin- trem with Ihe nerves and the dlgi-itivt- organs. and so aifbrd lasting aid. Ii also atlbrds dual • if. preventing and curing !»4errnil. teat and remittent {ever. Ullllousness, constipation and rheumatism It aUo subjuuuu-s. be trolled by the strong arm in ihe law, tbereiiire. be it llegulml. Thai we heartily indorse the platform cf the Prohibition SiMe Convention and tho National I'tohibhion Puny. Html ml. That as the. candidates thai, have already been nominated for county oltieos in Mendocino county are directly or indirectly contributing lo Ihe liquor interests, that wo recommend Ilia! the Prohibition Convention lo meet iu Mendocino, August KHth, do nominate a ticket for county ollicers. Iiemilved, That when Ibis Convention adjourns it in to mwt in this church August, 28, at 10 o'clock .t. 10 transact such business as it may have on hand. The following persons were appointed as a committee on nominal ions for county officers to report at the Convention, August 28: l.C. Perry, R. W. Vim, Jos. Whited, T. J. Stewart, Jon. Sbepard, James Grill'm, F. J. llinson, Huge Griffin, John Marsen, II G. Mast, J. C. llol- liday. Adjourned. W. C. PRIDDY , Chairman J. M. Ci .AHic, Secretary. Notioe to Milk Customers. On nnd after the first day uf August nil our milk bills must be paid within thirty dH .vs, unless previous contracts havo been made. 3w. SKA'I'TVCB BROS. NEW ADVERTISEMENTS. A Rare Opportunity! Good Agricultural Laud for $10 to $20 per Acre. The Pacific Improvmont Company has recently purchased twelve thousand acres of lscid in the heart of Tcluuna county, for the purpose ot promoting subdivisions and settlement. This html embraces lands irom first-class Sacrameuto Valley agriculture laud, to laud of fair average, quality, r.'Jd is offered at trout $10 to I'.'O per acre, iu subdivisions ot 43, SCI, 1'JJ, lrJO, f-'JO acres. The terms upon which these lauds are. offered are especially attractive. They will be sold lu sub:tl visions, as above Indicated, by the payment of Interest only for three years at which timothe purchaser can begin the payment of priuclpal by paving tlie tlrst of five equal annual Installments, 'thus no part of the priuclpal is to bo paid t jr t tree years, and then the purchaser is to' have live years in which to pay five equal unuii- al Installments, with interest at the rate of ceveu per cent per annum, making payments extending over a period ot ekdit years. Intending pereiue-ers :.e .ii„ured thai this Is ml opportunity to purchase lnnd o! fair average qualities at .$10 per acre, and goou agricultural laud at £c) pvr 11 eve, with other grades of laud ittpricis u> correspond la-nveen these figures. Tlie ii^si-ition is frequently made that good lands,suitable lurgencral Vanning and especially adapted for fruit eruwing, cannot be lied in California for less than from Jill) to $100 an acre. All examination of the land subject of thts advertisement will prove to linijie seekrs tl: ii this i-.i mi uie«irtuutty for ihe purchase of good ae,- land at $^0 an acre, and for qualities grading tloivn 10 fair agricultural laud at $10 au acre, on terms o( payment which should make the disposition oi these laniis 10 actual settlers it result easy of aeeeuqC.isl.iueut. The pvlmnry object uf Ihe (mrrluise of this boiiy heel was the breaking up of a largo holding for the piu-pov of promoting lis nettle- mewl In smaller quantities and its devotion to diliecnt 1, list .ami 1 y. For furl her particulars call upon, or address, w. 11. aiujj, I.uud Agent of the c. V. Ii. it., Fourth an.l Townselul streets, Suu 1'ralictseo, t.'al. UKIAH NORMAL SCHOOL. #»-The Hist term,of foiirschotastlc months, w!l! begin In IS AUNJis' IIAi.L, MONDAY,SKPT 1, M0. and close DEC. Ki, isao. The second term will open JAN. 6, IR.II, „ mi continue, iwcnty Weeks. Instruction win be given <•-• ihc l'rir.o .iN and liramiuar Grammar School Course. fades, aud tho TERMS, 4a PER MONTH, i'«;«iMe iiiimthly, in ,u!uince. l-nlll August tan, address mo .tt Santa Rome. J. S. AUSTIN, A. iM. Principal. iis-am. Sacred Heart tat of Mercy ? A BOAROINQ AMD DAY 8CHOOL FOH YOUNO LADIES. ConihuUcd by |h 0 slstcra of Mercy, „„.„„ MondiMiiio Co., Cal. Vox further liartlciulsn ou- ply lutiiB MOTUEH SUt>rf.RIOBB8S, L'klalt, lam op- Ukiah, C«L

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