Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa on July 8, 1948 · Page 7
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Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa · Page 7

Mason City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, July 8, 1948
Page 7
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Maisc City GUfc«-G»iette, M»(«n City, la. June 30, 1948 LEGAL NOTICES NOTICE OF THE APPOINTMENT Ot ADMINISTRATORS STATE OF IOWA, Cerro Gordo County, ss. No. 8954. ,_ . Notice Is hereby given, that the " nder : signed have been duly appointed and qualified as Administrators of the estate ol Ruby G. Kreider, Deceased, late oi Cerro Gordo County. All persons indebted to said estate are requested to make im- ... *„ _^J *Vtrte-A naVTintf of common thall become a member of thi. mediate "payment; "and those claims against the same will having present CMirns <tiit»Ai*i»fc »**& ^^..™ • - — m-- them, duty authenticated, to the under- slsned for allowance, and Hie In the oi- iice of the Clerk of the District Court. KENNETH D. KREIDER LA WREN D. KREIDER GEORGE S. MARTY, Attorney Dated June 19, 1948 S H. MacPEAK, Clerk District Court By EVELYN SLOCK, Deputy ARTICLES OF INCORPORATION THE PORTLAND CENTER £O-OPERATIVE TELEPHONE ASSOCIATION, PORTLAND, IOWA We, whose names are hereto subscribed, hereby associate ourselves into a cooperative Association under the Provisions of Chapter 499 of the 1946 Code of Iowa and acts amendatory thereto, assuming all the rights and privileges Eranled corporate bodies under said law. Wn do hereby adopt the following Articles of Incorporation. ARTICLE 1. Name The name of this Corporation shall be the Portland Center Co-operative Telephone Association, with its place of business at Portland, Iowa. ARTICLE II. Objects, Purposes and Powers The objects, purposes and powers of this corporation are the following: ' 1 To furnish telephone service to its members and others at the lowest possible cost consistent with the proper maintenance of its telephone lines and other 2 To construct, purchase, lease, acquire or reconstruct in any manner and to own. hold, maintain, use, sell or dispqse of telephone lines, exchanges and all equip- to S pty alMegat o^liytlons o£ this •»ocU- tion. Second, to jpay in equal shares to the holders of the common stock. ARTICLE XIII. The private property ol! the ers of this corporation shall ..- ---- from corporate liability. This Article will not be changed except by a unanimous •miA r*t all ih^ common stoclcrioicic* s* VO*C OX Mil luc uun* *•»»**• »Vr The by-laws of this association may be amend J by a majority vote of the stockholders at any regular meeting or at a special meeting called for that purpose, or ten days' written notice to the stockholders of «-£ ORpORATORS: BEN F. EMMERT HUGH HUGHES PAUL CAHALAN, Vice iPresident HARRY V. PIPPERT Secretary and Treasurer HENRY GRUBEN, President ELMER W. KRAUSE F. A. KRAUSE By E. W. Krause, Agent RAY GRUBEN . STATE OF IOWA, County of Cerro On" this 4th day of June, 1948, before a Notary Public In and for said , ment and accessories necessary purposes herein stated. to trie 21 uur>l:> iici tin .j!.****.«• 3 To purchase, lease or acquire in any ' ' own, hold, use, sell. manner and to mauiitri unn ^ ^«.., , - . ,_*_ mortgage, or dispose of any real estate or personal property, or any interest therein, deemed necessary, convenient or appropriate to the purposes and uses ot this association. 4 To acquire, hold, use and exercise, and to the extent permitted by law, to sell pledge, hypothecate and in any man- ner'dispose of franchise, rights, privileges, licenses, rights-of-way and easements appropriate, convenient or necessary to tne purposes of the Association. 5 To borrow money and otherwise contract indebtedness and give any suitable form of obligation or security therefor, including Hens and mortgages upon its property. . . 6. To contract for exchange service and toll service and reciprocal telephone service with connecting lines, with local exchanges, and long distance companies in such manner as shall be deemed to the best interest o£ the company. ARTICLE HI. Duration The corporate life of this association shall begin on the date the Secretary of State issues a Certificate of Incorporation and shall be perpetual unless changed by an amendment to these Articles or terminated by dissolution. ARTICLE IV. The authorized capital stock of this corporation is $10,000 divided into SO shares of common stock of the par value of $123-00 each. Each holder of common stock shall be entitled to one vote in the conduct of the affairs of this corporation. The common stock shall be eligible to patronage dividends, if any, not to exceed 6%. The capital stock authorized may be increased by a majority vote of the holders of common stock at any regular stock holders meeting or at a special meeting called for that purpose by the adoption of an amendment to these Articles of Incorporation. ARTICLE V. Distribution at Earnings Tlie directors shall annually dispose of the earnings of the Corporation In excess of its operating expenses, as follows: a. Provide a reasonable reserve for depreciation, obsolescence, bad debts, or contingent losses or expenses. b. At least 10% of the remaining earnings must bo added to surplus until surplus equals 30% o£ the total of all capital paid In by the stockholders. No addition shall be made to the surplus whenever it exceeds 50Tr of such total. c. Not less than 1% nor more than a c /o of such earnings in excess of reserve may be placed In an educational fund to be vised as the directors deem suitable for teaching or promoting co-operation. d. The directors may use the surplus earnings to pay the obligations of the corporation or add to the capita! of the corporation. All persons who are users of the service furnished by this corporation may become members by applying to the Board of Directors for membership and paying for and receiving one share of common stock, and no person shall be furnished the service of this corporation without first having received and paid for one share of common stock. , ARTICLE VI. Tlie common stock of this corporation shall not be transferable but if any holder of common stock dies or becomes ineligible or is expelled or ceases to patronize this corporation for two consecutive years, his common stock shall forthwith be canceled and he shall receive on the cancellation of said stock, the par value of same, minus unpaid obligations to the me, a i\uiciijr i nun*- *.» —..— — Countv and State, personally appeared Ben F. Emmert, Hugh Hughes, Paul Cahalan, Harry V. Pippcrt, Henry Gruben Elmer W. Krause, F. A. Krause, Ray Gruben, said persons being to me personally known to be the identical persons whose names are subscribed to the fore- eoing Articles of Incorporation and each for himself acknowledged that the same to be his voluntary act and deed for the uses and purposes thereon expressed. Witness my hand and Notarial Seal at Portland, Iowa, Cerro Gordo County, the day and year last above written. BERNARD R. DUNN, A Notary Public in and for Cerro Gordo County, Iowa NOTICE OF INCORPORATION ASSOCIATED HOLDINGS, INC. Notice is hereby given of the incorporation of the Associated Holdings, Inc. with its principal place of business in Mason City, Cerro Gordo County, Iowa. The general nature of the business to be transacted by this corporation shall be: To own, buy, sell, lease and deal in real estate and personal property of every kind or description and to own, build, construct, lease or otherwise handle and dispose of business and residential structures and properties; also to deal in real estate and personal property as owner or agent and to borrow or lend money and to deal in and with mortgages, trust deeds or other evidences of indebtedness and securities of every nature, including its own stocks and stocks of other corporations and also to engage in any other general business of like or related nature HERE'S ECONOMICAL ME4T TO TAKE YOUR HOLIDAY OUTING! DECKER SMOKED SHORT SHANK A" GRADE DECKER'S SKINLESS A" GRADE Hens corporation. ARTICLE VII Management The affairs of this corporation shall be conducted by a board of five directors who shall be elected from the holders of the common stock. One director shall be elected for one year, two directors for and two directors for three and to have all of the powers ol corporations as now or hereafter provided by law of the State of Iowa. The authorized capital slock of this corporation shall be as follows: (A) Two Hundred (200) shares o£ common stock without par value. The common stock shall have the exclusive right to vote at stockholders meetings and to control the management of this corporation and shall be entitled to receive the entire distribution of profits of this corporation over and above the preference provided hereinafter for non-voting cumulative 5 per cent preferred stock and the said common stock shall have a pro rata interest in the property of this corporation over and above the preference provided hereinafter for preferred stock. (B) One Hundred Fifty (150) shares of non-voting cumulative 5 per cent preferred stock of the par value of One Hundred ($100.00) each, which said preferred stock shall have no right to participate in any stockholders meetings or to vote at any meeting of the stockholders, annual or special, or to participate in the management of the affairs of this corporation. Said preferred stock shall have an interest in the property of the corporation to the extent of its par value with a preference over the common stock of this corporation and in liquidation said preferred stock shall first be retired before any distribution of money or other property is made to the holders of common stock. Said preferred stock shall be entitled to a preference over the common stock to the extent o£ Five ($5.00) Dollars per share per annum from the earned profits or surplus as and when determined by resolution of the Board of Directors and that such preference in dividends shall be cumulative. The corporation shall have the right to call and to retire any and all shares of preferred stock at any time after one (1) year from the date o£ issue by giving the holder of such preferred stock notice in writing at least thirty (30) days before the date of such retirement. AH retirements of preferred stock shall be in the order in which it has been issued unless all of the outstanding preferred stock is called and retired at one time. Such retirement of preferred stock shall be made on the basis of One Hundred Two ($102.00) Dollars per share. The capital stock may be increased by vote of three-fourths of all common stock issued and outstanding at any such time. When the capital stock is to be increased, the additional shares shall be offered to the existing stockholders proportionately to their holdings at not less than the par , value. None of the shares shall be transferable except upon the books of the corporation. None o£ the said capital stock shall be issued until the same is ther paid for in cash at not less than e par value or in property as pro- ded by law. The time of commencement of this orporation shall be the date of issuance f Certificate o£ Incorporation by the ecrctary of State of the State of Iowa, nd the termination shall be twenty (201 ears from said date. This corporation two years years. Tlie directors shall elect from their own number a President, a Vice President, a Secretary and Treasurer. The office of Secretary and Treasurer may be held by one person. ARTICLE VIII. Election ol Officers and Directors- Meetings — Fiscal Year The annual election of directors by the stockholders shall be held at the prlncipa place of business on the 4th Tuesday o March of each year and a quorum o stockholders shall be not less than fifty one per cent of the total number of com mon stockholders of record. The annual election of officers by th directors shall be held immediately fol lowing the adjournment of the stockhold crs' meeting. No director shall hold offic for more than two terms in succession Until the first election shall be held o the 4th Tuesday of March, 1940. the fo lowing persons shall be directors: Henry Gruben, President. Paul Cahalan, Vice President. Harry V. Pippcrt, Secretary and Treas urer. and tlie following shall be the officer Henry Gruben, President. Paul Cahalan. Vice President. Harry V. Pippert, Secretary and Trea urcr. The officers of this association sha hold office for the term of one year until their successors are and have qual fied. ARTICLE IX. Special meetings of the stockholde may be called at any time by the President, giving 10 days notice in writing to the stockholders, and shall be called by him at any time upon the request of the majority of the common stockholders, and in case of his negligence or refusal to call a special meeting, 23% of the stockholders may Join in a call for a special meeting, and such meeting shall have the same force and effect as though called by the President. At all meetings of the stockholders each stockholder shall be entitled to but one' vote regardless of the number of shares held by him. This association may make and alter by-laws at pleasure by a two-thirds vote of the common stockholders present at any regular or special meeting called for that purpose, and may authorize the directors to do so. ARTICLE X. These Articles of Incorporation may be amended by a majority vote of the stockholders at any regular meeting or at a special meeting called for that purpose, or ten days' written notice to the stockholders of record. ARTICLE XI. Any officer or director may be rr- may be dissolved at any time prior .. ic date of Its termination by a majority ote of the stockholders. The business affairs of this corpora- on shall be managed and controlled by Board of Directors consisting of not ess than five and not more than nine s determined by the stockholders at the nnual stockholders meeting, who shall lold office for one year or until their uccessors are elected and qualified, and he directors shall be elected annually by the stockholders at the regular annual meeting of the stockholders of this corporation, and until the next annual meeting of the stockholders of this corporation, the following persons shall be iirectors, to wit: Frank J. Enbusk Mason City, Iowa iarry G. Lewis Mason City, Iowa Keith P. Sanborn Mason City, Iowa Wallace Stute Mason City, Iowa Virgil R. Lockwood Mason City. Iowa Lyle H. Hillmer Mason City, Iowa The directors of this corporation immediately after their election at the annual meeting shall meet and elect from their number a president, a vice-president, a secretary and a treasurer. Any two of the offices may be held by the same person if so ordered by the Board of Directors. The Board of Directors shall have the right and the power to appoint an assistant secretary and treasurer who need not be a director of the corporation. Until the next annual meeting of stockholders the officers of the corporation shall be. to wi(: Frank J. Enbusk President Harry G. Lewis Vice President movcd at nny regular meeting or special meeting called for that purpose by a mnjority vote of all the common stockholders. Any person who may be a telephone user or a prospective telephone uter in the territory served by this Association and wbo becomes the owner of one inara Keith P. Sanborn Secretary Wallace Stutc Treasurer Each director shall be a stockholder and if any director shall cease to be a stockholder in this corporation he or she shall automatically cease to be a director. The Board of Directors may fill all vacancies occurring in its members between annual meetings by the appointment ot a qualified person to hold the office for the remainder of the term. The annual meeting of the stockholders shall be held at the principal place of business of the corporation on the fourth Monday In July of each year for the election o£ directors and to transact any other business of the corporation as shall •be necessary and proper. The private property of the stockholders of this corporation shall not be liable or subject to the debts of the corporation. Dated this 26th day of June, 1948. ASSOCIATED HOLDINGS, INC. Frank J. Enbusk, President, Keith P. Sanborn, Secretary. Visits at Joice Joice —Miss Gertrude Dolan, 86, former Joice resident, who has been a guest the past several years at the Ebcnezer Home in Minneapolis, is still well and able to , travel. She visited recently at the home of her nephew, George Dolan, and is a guest of her niece and husband, Mr. and Mrs. Knute Peterson, this week. ALL MEAT — LEAN — FRESH GROUND ^^* "• ^" • V • •• * » ^l^^^^^R^^ ^^^^^^^^^k ^R^B^B^B^R^K ^B^b GROUND BEEF . «>• 4 LEAN — END CUTS >ORK HOPS LEAN — EXCELLENT CURED SLICED BACON FOR YOUR SHOPPING CONVENIENCE THESE PRICES ARE EFFECTIVE THURSDAY, FRIDAY, SATURDAY JULY 1-2-3 CORN COUNTRY BUTTER . Per Lb. S3 KRAFT VELVEETA Cllb. KRAFT VtLYttiA *^*± CHEESE. a 98 41 FARM FRESH EGGS Per K Doz. EXCELLENT VARIETY ASSORTED BEST BLADE CUTS RATH OLD B with 16-oz. Tin 55 U ROA 1C lib. NATIONAL Hamburger SCOTT'S POTATO CHIPS ROOT BEER NATCO—GINGER ALE, COLA 3 24-0,. •y c ,™u Bo«tlet^||^C DEPOSIT ^^mms I SUNKIST LEMONS LARGE SIZES 2 "" CALIFORNIA PASCAL CELERY JUMBO 24-SfZE STALK SALAD DRESSING OUR BREAKFAST COFFEE CREST—ASST. FLAVOttS NECTAR 2 8-01. Bottle 19 HAZEL PORK & BEANS SUNKIST VALENCIA | ORANGES c SELECTED FIRM, RIPE 288-344 SIZE TOMATOES NATGO CATSUP 25 19 _ Tube C of 4 RICHLY SEASONED VAN CAMP'S f, RATED _ TUU* FtSW * SPAGHmi^WWICR ' NANCY TAI.BOT—PT.AIK OK SUC.AWKH DOUGHNUTS No. 2Vi Can CARROTS SWEET FLAVORED VINE-RIPENED CANTALOUPE JUMBO 27 SIZE 25 Pitt ista LUNCHEON MEAT jr« 12-oz. 45C TIN RATH'S CRACKER JACK) icio <? PRIZE IN EVItY PACKAGE 9c |£MartWWm*; MWWWWHWWWWWWf Kw»--™T««-r'™ »« I NEW CABBAGE HOME GROWN 2 "* 13* FANCY, SLICING CUCUMBERS 2-17« C <?*• Jar CANDY BARS 3 *"* 13c POPULAR 5c VARIETIES LOMC «MEN WAXTEX J«J^ PAFWt 125 H. Roll FIG BARS 29c «•

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