The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on July 8, 1948 · Page 10
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 10

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, July 8, 1948
Page 10
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THURSI1AV, .!i:i.Y8, 194ft m.YTHKVIU.K (ARK.) COURIER NEWS Foreign Dishes \Pineapple-Rice Now Naturalized Spaghetti With Meat Said to Be American By Scoret of Cooks »•<•]! Hint Anil i Ills tun ccrUinly he said ftbom n nwal. When I lie budget gels do.v.'i SI rinds and strands of food fun I That's one way of describing spa- Zlielti. And another way Is to refer ... you to Hie Chinese because believe | _ lld it or not history give.? the fabulous I ' ", Marco Polo Hie credit for bringing back spaghetti from the Orient anil | Ol bor.s! They have greeted it wiili sreat joy and guslo because i'. « lo ihe Rom.Tiis aim Sicilians anit i luscar.s thai we look for spaghetti lore today. By now SiWRlielti with Meat San™ can certainly be considered a naturalized American, it's mad3 Ihe rppiuaton of many a novire hn.ste.-s and will ramimie to do .->;) because cooked correctly, Spaghetti »'ltl> Meat Sauce is as good a disil as ever fni a hungry man—or woman! Bct:cr .still, it ijivcs us a good rhance lo make use of the ihrifty cuts of beef that can be ground up fur the important coinple.ce protein ir.';redicnt in the rich sauce. The crov:uing touch of a spaghetti dinner is of course the sauce for which we shall give you t good, classic recciue. But there are im- ponant steps in cooking ihe spaghetti ii.sfli which can make the difference between a jierlect disii Mid one that's just fair. No seif- resueciing spaghetti cook would ever rinse the spaghetti after its sojourn in boiling water. Instead of rinsing the spaghetti, here is the technique to use. Cook the spaghetti in lo'.s find lot* of water! Call on your biggest ' kettle or cooking pot, pot:r lol.s of water into it, bring it to a Vj boil, salt it lavishly, and then to ihe practically all-gone „,, you can give a plain menl a wonderful lift with a just right dessert, Here's a modern version of an old- lime favorite thai never goes amiss, put a pleasing to a -of-the-inill foreriinner. tiijiple Kice I'uddlng light brown sugar; one cup of crushed pineapple; there cujxs inil'i or one and one-hall cmis evuixjrat- rd milk diluted with one and oiu 1 half cups water; two eygs ;oiK'-h»lf teaspoon salt. Wash rife and let stand In hike- | or butter Steamed Puddings Use* Leftover Coke or Bread Every so nfien the bread box reveals an assortment of odds mid ends of stale bakery soods. Trier* may be two of three pieces of cake, mine cookies, a doughnut anrt some scraps of bread. Tills food Is still perfect- yKood. but it is, problem to make It Into a dish that can proudlv au Hear at the dinne'r uble P loday's recipe transforms these f d!TV, 0 ,°u' ln(0 * |) " rtdlil « »'»i is delightfully fresh .nd inviting 1 he pudding i, stc , m «, ln «' double boiler. Your porcelain" an.Med one Is Ideal because It h", a broad, flat base which holds suf. ficlcnt water to malnlaln the right temperature with very little attention. The enamelrd surface is ensily cleaned, loo. Stramcd 1 cup milk 1 lablesixwn melted murgarlne porcelain enameled double boiler. Cover anrt cook over boiling water (or about one ami one-half hours. Serve with creum or with, a oustaid sauce. Makes 6 servings. ' Read Courier News Wnnt Ada. fc'urm water for horn one-half to i one hour. Diain, pin in Hie top of a double boiler wilh the milk or di- lulert evapoiatcd milk. Add salt and let coot until the rice is tender. Add sugar, beaten egg yolks, an:t grated pineapple, M It conies from the can, taking on the Juice that cup honey or linlil corn syrup i cup chopped <lalf» 'i cup chopped mils l -i teaspoon cinnamon 1 teaspoon soda *'•• cups stale cake, cookies, doughnuts, bread (or mixture o( Mil Break cake, cookies or bread Into has formed an allegiance with the | slnall ,,]<.,.,,., Mi ,, •„..„,,[.,.;; ^IffS b'Tr.MSc r-'i^^J?^".'^^ ture. Pour into a greasrd bakin:; ! Serves four. . . dish and bake about 30 minutes in H slow oven, about 30D degrees. Serve warm wilh cream, have it, oj- top milk. if yon EASY TO COOK! Arkansas Rlrr Growrrn <'n-up. Assn. I goes the spaghetti. Latin folks who ' use .spaghetti ns a staple in their meals have a long handled fork HS standard equipment and at quite frequent intervals while the spaghetti ii boiling, they fork into ihe mixture and give it a good lifting with the fork so that the strands won't sick together. Spaghet-.i cooked in this way will need no rinse after it's cooked. Just drain it and it's ready for the sauce. Another "must" 'among people who know good spaghetti is the nage at which it is considered cooked. The Latini have all expre.s- «ion to describe perfectly cooked jpaghetti and that expression a "al ricnte." This means tender to t.he tooth—that the tooth c»n bite down and sever the strand of spa- Bhetti easily. It is neither too chewy nor too mushy, but just right. Agri Specialists Say It's Important- To Store Properly Where and how food i.s placed In the refrigerator Ls important for keeping It fresh and wholesome, especially in hot weather, household equipment specialists ol the U.S. Department of Agriculture .say. Priority on the coldest space in the cabinet, which Is usually nearest the freezing cabinet, .should be .given to the most perishable foods, for which a lemperature of 40 degrees T. or slightly colder is recommended. The foods which need coldest .storage because they spoil most easily are: fresh and cooked mea«,, poultry and fish; meat broth, gelatin <1ishe.s; milk; milk-and-egg di.slies like custard; and cottage or other soft cheeses. Modern refrigerators arc designed to encourage this arrangement of food by providing tall shelves for milk bottles beside freezing units ' a no a covered compartment for meal Just underneath. In general, * these very perishable foods keep i best i; covered. Uncooked meat should be loosely covered, or simply taken out of Us wrappings and placed in the meat compartment of the refrigerator which provides it with enough ventilation for good keeping. When putlin? food? in the refrU- eralor take care not to crowd them .so closely together that the circulation of cold air around them is cut off. Lcl cooked [cod cool to room temperature before putting it in the refrigerator in order not to heat no Ihe atmosphere inside and overworK Ihe motor. However, as soon a.s the lood has cooled, gel it into tile refrigerator promptly. Read Courier News Want Ads Bur your BerNARrtin aps A l.ids todar...YOUI~ RcrNARdin is here to Ml) yuii, «ith hllill-in li vcrulibcrrins.'. and food- safe while enamelled lids. Itujr BEKNAR01N...lhc terj "Rest fof Success" in ranninKl BERNARDIN S fan *NP UP?.. /J/VP Pur« Cane SUGAR - - - 3 Tali or 6 Small PET MILK - - No. 2 Can PORK & BEANS - - Shop and Save at These Low Prices 10ibs.85c - - - 42c - 3for29c KARO SYRUP 21c Starkist Grated TUNA FISH ..... can39c Pints, doz. 68c FRUIT JARS qts doz 79c FRESH PRODUCE 11/4 Ib. BofH. Home Grown TOMATOES „, 11 Arkansas Red, U. S. No. 1 POTATOES ,,,,,43 Garden Fresh CUCUMBERS California ORANGES lh hap 48 C FRESH MEATS . .wift's Premium SLICED BACON Ib. 69c Tender Cut PORK CHOPS lb.69<s Armour Star, Swift's Premium A or AA CHUCK ROAST Extra Ige. Guaranteed Fresh EGGS Parkay, Alisweet, Bluebonnct OLEOMARGARINE lb.42< A n _i /^ _ . doz. 55$ 4 Pound Carton PURE LARD $1.05 We Dress Our Own FRYERS Watermelon Ib. 3' PLENTY OF FREE PARKING SPACE Freeman & Henley Gro. 2016 W. Main Free Delivery Phone 2231 PAGE THIRTEEN SUGAR Pure Cane Granulated. Coownut, Cherrie* WhiU Frosting BREAD SALAD DRESSING Knihussy KROGER COOKIES Cluu-ohile Chip KROGER CRACKER SiilU-d Stidns, Fresher, Cris pimn BUTTER Kroner Manic Mix PEACHES 1'ndrt CnliforniH Halvenor Avondale FRUIT COCKTAIL Kroner. Five Dictd Fruit* in Syrup KROGER PEARS Fancy Bart 1*11 PORK AND BEANS Slandard Brand ASPARAGUS Kroner New I'ack SPINACH Kroger New I'ack 2 No. 1 <:ans No. 2^, 3 1R-(K. AAi c>i» £9 No. I 2 No. Z In Blytheville It's KROGER For Better Values in Meats. VEAL SIRLOIN STEAKS "CHOPS VEAL CHUCK ROAST VEAL ROUND STEAKS GROUND VEAL VEAL ROAST FRYING CHICKENS Krogvr Cut - 69< Kroger Cut Kroger Cirt For Loaf or Pattict Bontleft Rolled ib. Ib. 1948 Fresh Dressed Pan Ready. ib. Ib. Ib. No Calendar Needed 73* Kvery Kroner lindlord kn«wi when the first of \he month h«i come — every Kroner »lore p«yi Id rent itrictly en tlm«. Kroger It lino a goo<J eu«- lorncr of locil light and powtr cbmpanleii. And a new e*r r«- modeled Kroger «lor« m««n« work for local ctrp«nter> anil olher skilled work«r«. A Kro(*r stoic i.s an as.set in tx-ery community it scrvei. Yroqe V ) SLICED BACON „, 69 Slorrell's Pride SALT MEAT „, 29 Slreak-n-l.can BACON „, 59 Ooxlcr Sliced SHRIMP '"' „, 79° Sand Vein Uernov«<l WINDSOR CHEESE 99 Kiimnus Wisconsin Quality MARGARINE ( „'! 33 Kiilmorc. I'rcsh and I'tire NUCOA ;;: 43 Margarine SPOTLIGHT ',t 40 Kroner Hot-IJnled Coffee ICED TEA ; s r 39 Kroger Special Ulend KROGER COLA 3 iSl 23 C Assorted leverages. I'ltis Deposil HUMKO (n ' 1" Dainty Cooking Tal BABY FOODS «<„„, 47' Hc'\n7,, Clapp's or Gcrbers. Sir. CHOCOLATE SYRUP )5 Hcrshcv. I-Pound Can CIGARETTES I'onular lirands DOG FOOD 3/23 WEIGHT amiR BOYS Buy Kroger Fresh Fruits and Veg- etables Priced by the Pound for Better Value -.'• CANTALOUPES Jumbo i Sizt, Ib. Guaranteed Sweet, Vine Ripe! Buy 'em by the pound. ORANGES 5 9c 45c PEACHES 2 > 25c U.S. No. 1 Arkansas Freestone Elberta. WATERMELONS - - ib 3k California Juicy. Mesh Bag nn Delicious Red Rip* CARROTS - U.S. No. 1 Quality. Green Corn 4 Ear* IOC 19c Fancy Golden Swtet.

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