The Malvern Leader from Malvern, Iowa on January 18, 1934 · Page 4
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The Malvern Leader from Malvern, Iowa · Page 4

Malvern, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 18, 1934
Page 4
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PAGfeFdtm tH£ MALVERfi LtA&fcft, MAi^a^ tWIb lAJWAillf Mb EH LOCAL NEWS OP tw WEEK IN MALVERN Mr. and Mrs. Dale Dyke drove up to Council Bluffs with Mrs. Vern Crook Friday afternoon to visit Mr. Crook in the Edmundson hospital. Mr. Crook, who was operated on fof appendicitis week preceding is getting along very well Indeed and hopes to be able to come home soon. Mr. and Mrs. O. R. Hyde were in Omaha Thursday and While there visited Mrs. Guy Breeding in the Clarkson hospital. Vernon Clark, instructor in the high school in Wales Consolidated, was ah over Sunday guest in the home of Rev. R. E. Gngeler. He was a former parlshoner of Mr. Gngeler at Bagley. ; MPRESO THEATER IOWA FRIDAY,S«TORDAY »M. 10-20 Richard Dtt in a great •Jr epic. Guaranteed atttnaction, ACE OP ACES Also Two Reel Comedy. lOc * 2Bc SUNDAY - MONDAY Jan. 21-22 Joan Blondel, Dick I'otrell, Guy Kibbee, and ten Great Stars in A Comedy Riot. Don't miss it* , Tills picture will play first „ mn Omaha next week. Added Bbotta. lOc • 2Sc. WEDNESDAY ONLY WILD BOYS OF THE ROAD This is the surprise picture of the year. The manage- went will personally gnar. antee you more actual thrills and entertainment than In any picture you hare seen this season. Also Cartoon. Regular Bargain Prices, 5c. lOc Mis* Clara Wise and Miss Ida Ireland with Samuel Hatchings as chauffeur drore to Council Bluffs Thursday where Miss Ireland visited the clinic for a further examination regarding her operation of a few weeks ago and which had been bothering her soine recently. Mr. and Mrs. W. P. Wortman were fn Omaha Friday and visited Mrs. Ony Breeding in the Clarkson hospital. Mrs. Breeding has recovered nicely from her operation of three weeks ago and was able to come home Saturday. THE BlO PARADE OF COMICS—Bigger, Better, and more comics in the Sunday Bee-News than ever before. Now, 16 pages of comics Instead of 12. the Sunday Bee-News. SStf. Will Hognelson frt>m south of town was in the past week ana enrolled upon our subscription list tor the coming year. Frank and Ray Hilton from down Randolph way were in town Saturday and made our office a pleasant call. Mrs. W. F. Conner from east of Strahan came In Saturday and advanced their Leader subscription. She said they just couldn't get along without the Leader; and this pleased us as much as the renewal. Rev. and Mrs. M. A. Gable and daughters, Enid and Rowena, of Indlanola drove down Saturday and were guests in the homes of Mrs. E. C. Kayton and George F. Salyers. They also visited other Malvern friends of whom they have a large number. Some girls' and women's aboea at 98 cents and up.—-Fred Hall Shoe Store. First class repairing. adr. Mr. and Mrs. L. F. Klever and Mr. and Mrs. T. E. Halerty of Exlra visited in the L. Z. Henry home Monday. Mr. and Mrs. Arra Burr us drove in from Crete, Nebr. Tuesday morning and spent the day visiting friends in Malvern. They were dinner guests in the J. A. Fletcher home. Mrs. Lyle Howard was taken to the Edmundson hospital Sunday and on Monday underwent a severe abdominal operation. Mr. Howard and Dr. D. M. Kline accompanied her to the hospital, Harry J. Widows,' administrator of the M. C. Harover estate of Henderson, waa in town Tuesday afternoon and called at our office to arrange 'for "some sale advertising for a public sale he is holding for the estate Jan. 26. See ad in this paper. Miss Bernlce Wilson, who is majoring in mathematics in the Nebraska State Unlrerslty, has been honored by election to the Pi Mu Epsilon, honorary mathematics fraternal society, and on last Thursday evening was giren her initiation following a banquet at the Hotel Corn Husker in Lincoln, The new members included thirteen men and three women of the university. Rubber footwear for every member of the family.— Fred Hall Shoe Store. First class repairing. adr Dale Allen was in Monday and renewed his subscription to The Leader for himself and also for Mrs. Arthur Mateer at Osceola Don't Wait a Minute Longer have your Harness Oiled NOW Spring work is just around the corner, Be ready for it by having us QJI and Repair your Harness now. ft will save expensive delay when the rush season starts, WE DO GOOD WORK We guarantee our work to be good and you'll find that it will save you money ta keep your harness in good shape. SHOE REPAIRING Expert work done while you wait at a wmable price. Give ua § trial, George Skinner from *t> Sftte* City w*§ ftt «c*«ay **« to enron tfo* «tr gcrilrtion list again, after fceln* off ft abort time. Mr. and Mrs. Frank Austin, Mr. and Mrs. RaitA Bianan, pierce, and Mfss Helen iiarthari of the towa-ftebfa*ka Lfght and Power conipafty went over to Red Oak fhur*day evetttg to tttend a meeting fit tft* Ltte Wtf* aftd Safety Fifsl clnlHi. A dtimef »M sertej! ftfsl followed fey an eda-i cational meeting for all employes of the company in the Red Oak district. V. V. Wyant of Rawle* *a» in yesterday and called to add his name to our subscription list. Levi Bellwood from *outh of town was in yesterday and said he Would have to take The Leader again and gave us the wherewithal to keep it going. Mr. Bellwood was the forty-second to add his name to our list since Jan. 1, besides a number of renewals. We sure enjoy their tonflng. Ony Jordan and Harold Smith from over Emerson way were In town Saturday and stopped in to pay up on The Leader and visited us briefly. Reduction on children's shoes, at 39 cents and up.— Fred Hall Shoe Store. adv. Raymond Hogueison, from south of town, was able to return Tuesday from the Edmundson hospital in Council Bluffs where he had been for an operation for appendicitis, and is getting along One. Dr. D. M. Kline reports the condition of Harvey Gary, which was very serious last week, as much improved now and he is apparently on the road to recovery. Dr. Kline was up to Council Bluffs Tuesday to visit another patient, Mrs. Jesse Phelps, and reports her getting along flue and that she will soon be able to come home. Miss Frances Dunn, who is in the Edmundson hospital following an operation, is reported to be Improving rapidly and will soon le able to come home. I. J., the younger son of Mr. and Mrs. J. N. Swain, bad a narrow escape from death Sunday while coasting. He crossed tbe street just in time to Intercept a car coming down. Tbe car hit the sled and skidded it about 30 feet, but tbe little chap held on and escaped with a few bruises. Had he fallen off he would hare been run over by the car. It waa sure a narrow squeak. It was hard to tell which was tbe worse scared — tbe boy or those in the car. ttONERS Diutth Offsets t0 Hit* Df. Church Buddha lived i normal Ufa wtffc a wife and family, tad when h* was thirty, left home ifi Search of happiness. BOM8R8 art atfttat httSKSr&m found (a tiiffltesaoo p«* etMys, ttc^t by tetcntrs. The aqnatic plants differ ffom th« terrestrial plsnu In that they are completely surrounded by their *fr tlronment • • * When Napoleon's last attack tt Waterloo failed, he turned very pale sad rode at full gallop to St. Helena. * * * The Egyptian pyramid was tudt la the shape of a huge trlanguUf cube. « * * large deposits of guano art found in Anatole, France. » * * Archipelago It a long run la music. Foxworthy P. T. A. Meeto .The P. T.-A. of the Foxworthy school district held their monthly meeting Friday evening, Jan. 12, at the school house. The meeting was called to order by Mrs. Dale Herern after which a short program was given, Musical numbers were furnished by Rollle Wishard, Edna Mae Lowrey, and Mr, Herrold, the meeting adjourned at an early hour because of light attendance, the next meeting will be held Friday evening, Feb. 8. Ruth Lindsey, reporter. WESLEY CHAPEL Milvarn Harness Clinton and Kenneth Parker, Lawrence Lisle, and Lula Lemert are having a seige of the mumps this week. Mr. and Mrs. June Fickel left Sunday afternoon for Washing* ton, D. C. where they will take up their residence, Mrs. Fickel expects to take up her duties as executive secretary at the- Democratic headquarters at once. Word was received from the Jennie Edmundson hospital Mon* day evening that Mrs. Rose Plumb's condition was not so good. Clinton' and Lynn Parker and Elsworth Plumb were called and Nurse Irene Plumb is caring for ber. Later: Mrs. Plumb 4le4 Tuesday afternoon, Mr. and Mrs, Claud Wilson, Mrs. Mabel Pierson, and Mr, and MID. Elswortb plumb attended installation of the Eastern star and Masonic lodges Wednesday is Macedonia. Roily Fight was considerably bruised Sunday night and bis car badly damaged in aa ac-cident on tbe Pioneer trail, team of horses were }oo»e 90 tbe road and to tryiog to aroi* bit* then* fee sfct44«4 on tb» tc? roads and went Into tbe ditob, Mrs. Cla»4e WU§ej» Is log for him at ft« Elder Mr. and Mr»» Qeo, Parker are tbe nlca weattiejr si are In a "I'LL BE GETTIN* ALONG" By ANNS CAMPBELL , H E WAS shabby and grixxled and old, And he stood at the side of the road. In his arms were bis clothes, no great load, But all that; bit frail arms could hold. He bad tried in vain for a ride, As he stood in the afternoon sun. And i, homeward bound, my work •done, Remained for a bit by hii aide. At last, as he bummed a blithe ". ' wng, He turned down the strtet toward ..tbe light* Of the ran sliding down from its An4 be saM JBB be gWtinV •long r Til b« gettln'-alongT and biftons Bad a ringing and resolute sound, And hi* old feet •truck bard on tbe ground A* they strode toward the aunset alone. , And I, when I beard him, grew strong! , In spite of the [difficult years Because of the pain and the tears, I, too, "will b» gettln' along J" GRAPHICQOLF AVOID FORCING STRAIGHT LEFT ARM S O MEGS barbwa writes aba ftt itnlfltt Wt wm Oat t average cgife? forcef hlnnff|f adopt it, Tbw» U UtU» CTObt tt wh,aoan,_... ««" UuL §»['"" dttee** from «o*fc a*d an *fME of 50 mties win «r«ei tt tfee W*tfcodfet church in eh*tta*<!o*!» at ttSO Thursday MgM, I**. 18, I* Sear fir. George 8. flo%e?» «irri«6* of tie United CiBftli totally eftttade. address 'ttrefe on the offiStted movement of 18 ProtertftM CBttfenes to "re- *tt«i«e w etrtiteB Interest. ffelent at tits meeting and Sefrffig si presiding officer will fee Ret. Peter Jacobs, chairman of the ioWa committee In charge of this Crusade, which begins Feb. 25 and lasts through Easter and April 8 throughout ioWa and Nebraska. Rer. Arthur Mortensen. secretary Of the Iowa committee, will aleo be fresefat. fif. fiowey, the speaker, represent* the Home Missions council, representative of the Home Mis* etoas boards of 28 Pfotestant church, and has conducted Crusades in i? metropolitan areas, tie is originally from Lot Angeles, Calif., where he was a Presbyterian minister. He completed a most successful Crusade In Minneapolis lit December. the Crusade is not an evangelistic scheme destined to heighten religious terror for a few weeks' period, but an effort to reawaken latent interest of church mem* hers already on the roil) to get 1 ; new members; and to rehabilitate church finances. The Crusade director supplies the materials and suggestions for the movement but the church workers themselves carry on the program. Henfy t»l« t^fte, Sunday *ciroof at 10. Morning worship at for the wofBlrtp service " and Serving." the attendance at both Siraday school and en art* tervlees was encouragingly good considering the coftdHloh of the sidewalk* and roads on Sabbath last. If the membership of oaf various Mat- refn churches should decide t6 attend their respective chorehe* neit Sabbath what a day that would be! If the entire body Of Christian people, regardless of membership, would attend church regularly for the neit month, not only would there be a spiritual revival but there would he aft industrial revival. A better community understanding would be ere^- ated, discouraged people would take heart and homes would thrive under a new spirit of friendship and comradeship. Let us try it in a New Revival of Al^ leglance to Jesus Christ, that is the NRA that we want in our churches now. Teachers* Examination* The next regular examination for uniform county certificates will be held at the County Superintendent's office in Qlenwood, Iowa, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday, Jan. 24, 26, 26. Examinations will begin at 8 o'clock Wednesday morning. Amy Hammers, County Superintendent. Report Activities of Rural Schools Silrer School Those baring perfect attendance in Silrer school the past »lx weeks are: Betty Conger, Nancy Conger, and Bobby Conger. One new name baa been written on the dental honor roll in this school, that of Delpha Gilbert. •*. Those', with - an,- average -above 80 'per cent the put aiz weeks are Martin Richardson, Delpha Gilbert, and Nancy Conger. * Prairie Valley School Margaret Mills is the only pupil in Prairie Valley school with a perfect attendance record for tbe past six weeks. She has been neither absent nor tardy tbis year. Those with averages above 80 per cent for tbe six weeks period are Betty Jirovsky, Margaret Mills, and Margie Gray, Foxworthy School Those having an average of 90 per cent or more for tbe past six weeks period are; Ruth Herrold, June Luclle Graham, Charles Rubenking, Wanda Miller, Dorothy Baldozier, Hazel Hasselquist, Dorothy Hasselquist, Frances Swoboda, Betty Alley, Harvey Hasselquist, Mary Alley, Jeane Herrick, Gordon Herern, ,Wayne Herern, Marjorie Swoboda, Sid. ney Hasselqujet, Annabel Alberta. Those being neither absent nor tardy were; Jean Herrick, Qeor» gift Marsh, Marjorie gwoboda, Gordon Herern, Frances Swoboda. Those on tbe dental honor roll: Dorothy Baldojier, June Lucije Grabam, Gordon Herern, Dorothy Hasieluuist, Marjorie gwoboda, Vincent HerroJd»', Sidney Hansel, quiet, Annabel Alberts, Pauline Rubenking, Georgia Marsh, ~ Qn Wednesday, j ftn , }Q, tbe county nwree, Mrs, Smith, and JW» Rammers visited tbe wbool •84 lB9P.ected each indivWyial. Tbia ta»nefitJon waa followed by « heaitb, talk by Mrs, W. tt. Trimmer with his truck loaded with a butchering outfit has been in this locality lately doing jobs of butchering for farm" era. He has lately made an Innovation In toe making of sausage. Instead of tediously grinding by hand he attaches a belt to a raised rear wheel of the truck and the power wheel of the grinder and the truck grinds out the sausage in a minimum of time. Mr. Trimmer says he has handled as many as eleven head of hogs in%ne butchering. Miss Luclle Mclntyre who wields the wand of knowledge at Mt. Vernon school makes her dally trip afoot between her home in town and the school, except in bad weather, when she stays at the Harley Stevesson home. The tedium of teaching and loneliness in the school house, for she has only nine pupils, Is sometimes enlivened by the visits of her girl friends from town who emulate the teacher in walking the one and one-half miles to the school from town. It is comforting to note that Qoethe said the one unendurable condition in the. world was con- tlnual prosperity.—Toledo Blade. L. ft. Bftt»1tftt, Psstof tTie Bfbfe School fs well on ft, #af «ft tfce y**f *»**. Win ^ make the fttefftfe attendant* greater than the last yesrf It tt make progtew we will. We if we win, incre**« the jktteft both at Suftday tchool IB tie motaiftg thftfe the second serftOft in lire on God. 6tnb}«et this Sanday, "What and Whete Is God?» Are you Interested in tJodf Most people are. What ft God? Where ig God? are two Wg and vital questions. Evening service at t. Sermoa theme, "the Security & n « Strength of Jtopft." Thursday evening at the church is open keflslngton night A program wilt be glten and f<s freshments will fee kitted, the ladies intite all theif friends and their husbands to cofte and have a soda) and friendly time. "He that hath friends must show hint. self friendly" says the Bible. Methodist Church Roy B. Gufeief, pastor there was an increase in attendance at tfe<P jftnng people's meeting last Sunday evening, the music by the young people Wat greatly appreciated. During the lesson period there was good response in discussion. The same arrangement will prevail for next Sunday evening. Bach person i» asked to bring enough sandwiches for him or herself and any guest they may bring, "Chore will be cocoa to go with 'the sandwiches. The time of starting {« 6:30 p. m. The social fellowship should close not later than 8:80 p. m. Services next Sunday will be at follows: Sunday school at 10 and morning worship at 11; vesper service at 6 p. m. and the young people's meeting at 8:30 p. m. the sermon subject In the morning will be "Words Sometimes Mispronounced." One man says of bis church: "It represents Christ's best gift to me. I hare united with it la solemn covenant, that It shall have my best in attendance, prayer, service, sacrifice, seal, giving, patience, and love. To be loyal to Him I must be loyal to it," COCOA ,„. Jay PEANUT (Jreap^GHBW; iwfBB, p»reBt<i were 88, we CUrlw tot la teett *MW it J* or low natural, JMM b*iwtf} ft •test Mi t«te ««sfstear W* UBJ • tiMBff twi k B|, B*t* Swltb. Bit ou Miller, fl»e. Mr. 494 Mri< Roy QmaUft ylaitoTf lajt («« ^ifttt w» ia ^ • to BajJflf 1M tar, Mr, Malvern ^^•^^M ' ' S n. S » ^ Fruit and Grocery Stop and Shop at the Malvern Wholesale Fruit and Grocery for all of your Fresh Meats, Fruits, and Vegetables, Fancy and Staple Groceries and all of the good things to make up the daily menu. WE SELL RETAIL AT WHOLESALE PRICES Marsh Seedless GRAPEFRUIT, large size, 4 for 2$c Good Cooking or Baking POTATOES, pk. - M .. J»c Fancy Jonathan, Rom. Beauty, Virginia Beauty APPLES, 10 Ibs. „„,,.,...,.„ .,3^ Juicy Sweet Texas ORANGES, <"" ""*" Large Size TANGERINES, doz, Iceberg Large Head LETTUCE BACON Squares, Jo. —,-„„„ Round STEAK, Jb, Best Cuts Shoulder BEEF Roast, Jp. nv ~, w «Fresh HAMS, Whole, lb. ^ WEINERS, lb, — 8»/gc HAMBURGER, . Pork SAUSAGB, lb, „.,„ », Pure LARD» lb» 6 Fresh qt. Urge Celery »..,„.,„.,.,„. „„, Libby PORK and BEANS, eaT 6 lb, Can GQBN STOIP „ •

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