Ukiah Daily Journal from Ukiah, California on August 1, 1890 · Page 1
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Ukiah Daily Journal from Ukiah, California · Page 1

Ukiah, California
Issue Date:
Friday, August 1, 1890
Page 1
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4 T H K «F > 4 ^Dispatch- Democrat^ . THE mm CIRCULATION »ln Mendocino County TH K Dispatch- Democrat IS HKCOGMIIED AI-,— THE mm mum DISPATCH AND DEMOCRAT. PUBLISHED EVERY l'SIDAY, UKIAH, • • • MENDOCINO CO.. CAL,, • By JNO. BUCKINGHAM, HUH8CM1TI0N RATKS: One Tear Six Manilla ... 1'hreo Months «2 m . . 1 25 75 ABVEUTISltfa RATES'. Space. Mouthtv. Yearlv. 1 lucb I 2 SO" $V2»0 2 Inches 3 75 is 00 8 Indies 6 00 SI 00 4 Indies « S5 U0 00 6 Indies 1 25 «« 00 * I adieu s oo S3 oo 7 Indies H 70 42 00 8 Inches '.' so 4H 00 9 Indies 10 2f> M 00 10 tuehes 11 00 HO 00 One-halfcolumn. .... 11 r>0 (50 00 One column 1.'. 'JO 120 00 Three months same rnte as for one year. Two months 11* times one monlli. Less than one month %\ per Inch for first Insertion. ft(J cents per Inch for each subsequent Insertion Leital advertisements $1 per Inch for ench Insertion. Specified position i> pu cent, extra. The above are net figures. PROFESSIONAL CARDS. J. Q. WHITE, Dlatrlet Attorney mill Attorney nt Lnw, Ukiah City, Mendocino Co., Oal. OFFICE—In Court House. Will prnctlce lu al! State and Federal Courts. 1-lltf J. H. MANNON, Attorney HH.I Counselor »t !,»». Uklah, Mendocino County, Cal. Will practice in all Courts of this 8tate. OFFtcif—In Masonic Hall building, corner of School ami Perkins street*. l-Itf. J. A. C0O1-KK, Attorney nnrt <'«;io»elor »l lair. Uklah City, Cn!. OFFICE—In Odd Fellows' Bull llnpr. Will promptly attend to all business Intrusted 5o his care lu any oftheCotirt.sof thlsstate. I-Mil YELL it SEA WELL. Attorney* "nnd Counselor* nt I.Hir. Cklali City, Mendocino Co., Cal. OFFICK—In New Law BuUdlnir, west of Court House. Will practice In all Courts of this State. (l-7tf. 5'. L. CAROTilEKS, Attorney nn<l Counselor nt Law, Uki'tli City, California. Office in New Law Building, west of Court House, Praottoes lu all State and. Federal Courts. I4-1U S. C. POAOE, Attorney fit Lat) t Uklah City, Cal. Special attention paid to Probate business. Will practlec In all the Courts. JAMES E. PEMHEHTON. Attorney nnd t'onnuelor nt law. Lansing St., Mendocino City. Will practice in all the Courts of this State. l-7tf. J. K. CHAMBEHS, Attorney nnd CouiMetor nt Covelo, Mendocino Co., Col. Practices in all the Courts of this State. If. X. MOOItE, M. V., Physician and Surgeon, Uklah City, Cnl. |M *"-Omco in Old Law Building, corner of School and Perkins streets. J. L. BUNJ), nr. J). : Phynielnn anil NnrK«ou, Uklah City, Cal. OFFICK—On west side of Court House, in Hegor'a building. GEO. H. STOUT, M. D., I'brsli'lttu n ii d N ii r K e o ii, Uklah City, Cal. OFFICE—At Uklah Hotel. i2-2ltf. J. II'. HUDSON, .If. i). Physician and tturgoon, Uklah, Cal. Office: Northwest cor. Stamper and School sts. Rooms at A. O. Carpenter's, State St. a. T. MASON, M. D. Phyalciiui, Siirtccmi niul UyneeologUt. San Francisco, Cnl. Telephone No. 3118. 610 Hayes Street. Make* a specialty of lliseaseB of Females and ull diseases of the Stomach and Digestive Organs IP. il. JIOOSIIEAD, D. D. S. D EXT I ST. Uklah City, Mendocino Co., Cal. OFFICE—West of Express Office. Gas administered. 10-21 tf. WM. M. PEKRV, Real Estate Agent, Conveyancer and Senroheir of Records, Ukiali.Cal. Office with County Clerk. All business entrusted to my cam altended to promptly. 'K'lf. Q. A. OVIlltMEYEK, 4 fiualable niul Collector Uklah City. Cal. OI'FICB—Opposite DISPATCH oflice. Prompt attention given to all business eu- trusted to my care. F. M. MASON, Architeot and Builder, Uklah City, Cul. •• riant, BrvocllloatlonH and Estimates made to -order. Will contract for nil kinds of building., to furnish material, or otherwise. Satisfaction .guaranteed,. 3-K!tf. WHITTEiM * THE 4 SADDLER, N«IT DOOB TO Kxi'Btss Orricu, 'Oklnh City. California. I IIODOniDC for the "MKMDOCIMO DIB- Utl^VvlllDC PATCH AN I) llEMOCIlAT, ...eBKST LOCAL PAPBRpnulUucu In Metido- el 10 County, AH ftie local, general, aud market Brwi ilvM «Wi wMk. Swofuiiaiitpliiooir F. BRUNNER'S Well stocked ESTABLISHMENT -YOU FIND- The Largest Assortment of BulMcr 'R Hardv.'nrc ( Muutitiiiic '8 Tools, Mann's, Hunt's and Kurd's Axes, ilnrvey IVaeo Hmid und X Saws, Trunin*: Tools. The Imperial Plow, llicsl Flow in the World.) —ALSO— Tlin Rno)coyc Combined Harrow and SoedtT, The Jlut'keye rump, The Buckeye Wind Motor, The ltrldse, Beach & Co, superior Stoves «ud KtinjrcB, The Adams A Westhike Monarch Ua»- ollne lianges, aud a SiiM )*lr«Hl nnd PU« tlilutfw oruauivulnl uud iHefiil, AT LOWEST RATES. THE F1 S H IOi\Ev|iMMEKo ST A B LES OpiMMlte theUrnnd Hotel, J. R. MATHEWS State Street, Ukiah, Cal. SMITH & HILL, Proprietor. C&-Qoo>\ Aitmouts for hire—Double and Single teams, and Saddle Horse*. The beat of care given to transient stock. Teams furnished with or wUhoutdclvers. Your vutrounge is solicited, aud latJsfactlon sunrauted. 9-7tf. U. K. 9ANKORD. J. M. 3ANI'ORD. NEW SHOP NEW PRICES For Best Meats and at Lowest Prices don't fail to call on SANFORD 6 L SON, Opposite the Poet-Office. Slate Street, • - Ukiah City. L. EDWARDS. B. EDWARDS. EDWARDS BROS', ft" Meat Market tTKIAH, CAL. r We wish to inform the public that we have opened a meat market in the building recently occupied by B. Marks it Co, whero wo will continually keep on hand the very choicest meats to be found lu the market. Meat rteliv red freo to all parts of the city. Kemcmber we arc hero to stay. EDWARDS BROS, a. B. SMITH. 11. E. DONOHOE. Smith & Donohoe (Successors to Duncan & Smith.) Searchers of Records, Othec with County Assessor, UKUU CITY, • • CALIFORNIA Abstracts made audcouveyancinff Done. Agents for Fire Association of Philadelphia. Refer by permission to: Roht. MeGarvey, Superior Judge; S. D. Paxtou, County Clerk I Thos. L. Carothers, Ea.i,; If. A. Peabody, Editor of DISPATCH. 12-7tf. IVIentlocino County Abstract •:- Bureau! And Land Title Office, School St., Bdj. Christian Church, UKIAU, OAL. J5^" Sole proprietors of Durfee's Self-Correcting .System of deduclnif Laud Titles. Only com plete abstracta of Mendocino County. Searchers of Records. Insurance and Loan Agents. SUP.VE7ING S, COITVEVANCI^G SPECIALTIES RICE A BAL.TZELL, i-Mtf. Proprietors. Appledale Nursery, Scott's Vatlcy, Lake Co., Gal. Offers for the season of 1889 a choice lot ot TREES, Atrsasonable piicus. Fruit Growers and oilier, doslring trees are lufited to call and inspect i'uuui at tho Nursery, or .end for prlc« lUt. ill) itvck jf»i»»i»incj!fl to be free from I lined N and illwtase, Addio.s E. P.WRAY, Lakoporl, Cal. S-^Ulf A WEAK MAN Can now euro himself of the deplorable results of «mrl:r «bii«<>. and perli'Ctly restore hit vlKor nn<l vltnltty uy tl>.« (Irent Auulrtllan Iteni'idy. The rrranrlinulr rarest of hmieless CBSCH of Nnrvom llebllll* and Hrlvtiw t oiH|ililllit* are everywhere stamping o>it quackery. The Medicine, a physician's »-lfl to suircrliig bumaitlty, will be went free io those aftllcted. Address, Dr. M. B. TAYLOR. ' a «» M«rkat Stteot, SHE JTrauvlM*' CITY PHARMACY! North Side of Court House, Stand ley St., Uklah, Cal. [. n. mux FIRE MUGS AND MEDICINES. Choice Perfumeries. Fine - Toilet - Articles! Pure Chemicals and Pharmaceutical Preparations. Patent Medicines, Cigars, Etc. -) ICE-COLD SODA WATER.(— nilillg Prpmcriptiotlsi A Specialty, New Hoods! Pinesi Quality! Low Fries:! MERCHANT TAILOR School Street, Ukiah. H AS A LARGE AND SELECT STOCK OFTIIE j*. Hnest goods, both foreign ami domestic, which he will inaUc up nt bedrock prices. A Ooou KITOUARAS.EED. Uive him an early call, make your selections, and secure a perfect lit, wherebj you will be protectable at all times. 9-'iitf. HUMe Slioet, VUlnli. Have the largest and best ^tock of Furniture and Carpets EVER UROUOHT TO MENDOCINO Co. Everthirif appertaining; to a first- class furniture establishment constant ly on hand. Buying for cash direct from the manufacturer we are enabled to sell at San Francisco prices. Call and be couvinced. IU AHE l'OB Mil For Health and Pleasure THIS mmui The prcnlmnss of aimv lu the sierra (his venr will e the wnterfulls of the Y«;ieMilit? u splendor m-ver ecimiled before. The Kflolel iivl >lontt<, fttiti'st spot In Cnli- foniiti, Invites you. It in not exju-nhive. Kver camped lu tins Mtntii <'i uz Monnt* KIIIMY li nut, you huve never lived. li" you Willi t to see Untun-'s luiudiwuik, visit wranti uld Sn«»*-erowiieil Ana there are I.;H!»H'», -THIUJ-'. r'i .'ii'.jer. Tilde- peudeure' Webber und otheiM,- \vh <?i -e ihere nre the pui"-'. ?ir iind th«: bi-si iishiiig uud boating in tbt- world. Oi course yon remember ^nnli* ,>Si>iiicit. E*oia:r lieiieSi find Mite'i. K {icrt»iir ;i. looking i"or >pri n^-s? There lire the Oey.terp, Nfipti JJ.HIH . While -Sulphur, i '.i-.i'tletl, Iiynni, ,'Kliui, Ili ^hhMui, K liimtitli, I'on^iv .si:, ' Vii:-i\ Hobies, Giiruy, l'aralso, slniHtii fcotfii nnd others. A.-JK VOK THE feOCTIIEItS V.\rirlC Co.'ifP.VNV'i* I 'AMl'ltl-FT, " OAUfvtUSl.v'S ItESDU'Vb." KverythiiiR'in Culil'orniu wcrtli seelnfr is on the Ilne.i uf the SOITHKKS PACIFIC COWPAXY lilClf'U (JKAV, T. 11, (JOOl 'MAN, <icn. ft-ujlic Manuttvr. (/eu. l J a:.x. Agt. SAN KKANUSCO, V-KL. RAILROAD LANDS ! For Si*le on JienNonnblt* T ^riux. For Lands In Central nnd Norlheiii f*«-<.!!fer­ ula. Oregon, Nevtidn nnd L'tah, rtpplv to or ml- dress W, if. MILLS. Lund Atft, C. 1*. it. ft. Sttu Franeiseo. For T.nnd« In Southern Califomirt, upplv to ur addrcHS JKROME MADIJEN. LandAfft. S. P. •IS Snti Francisco. Do M Me Chinese or Tenement House Made Cigars, Terms Strictly Cash. SSTOur undertaking department is thoroughly equipped. Orders in this line promptly attended. THE UKIAH Cigar Factory! MAKES THE FINEST GRADES OF CICASS TO BE FOUND ANYWHERE. LANE'S SPRINGS, SiW Valley, Monaotino Countj, Cal, FOURTEEN MILES NORTH OF UKIAH. A»U OTHER WA.TKIUI. Dent Camping Grounds In tho County. Water, wood aud grounds free. Good pasturage for hortes at moderate rales. 87-«m T. A. LANE, Prop. C. E. TRYON, General Blacksmith! Corner of State and Stevenson Street*, adjoin- tny Kentucky Stable/, Uklah City, Cat. Carriage and wagon making, shoeing and general hlacksmithlug doue. Agent for the Peering Mower.Self Dumping Hakes, Mitchell Wagon, and olhcr farm machinery. 8-2Jtf. Washing and Ironing! Ah Pooli's Washousc, Cor. t'hlirrh mid Nteveuitou Mia,, L'lilnh Only the choicest material used and White Labor exclusively employed. Cigar dealers, do not fail to give our cigars a trial. Your patrons will be delighted with them. Ukiah Cigar Factory, PAUL BAIER, Prop. FOR SALE! ( fl AND 20 ACRE TRACTS OF RICH BOTI \1 torn !,\mt (or bale in Little Lake Valley. Subdivisions of Hie If. L. Norton HOME RANCH. Easy terms. Apply to n. H. JIL'JR, Willlts, or II. 1 1. NORTON, 10 Cat. St., S. E„ Oal. -THE INTERNATIONAL! Haying purchased Sing Lcc'swanhhou'ic I respectfully solicit tlic patronageolthopublic « anhliig, Ironing, aud fluting done with neat UCM and dispatch. UMiu.i AII POOH, When you buy a Piano or Organ of a traveling agent, you not only pay hit expense* and wages, but a big profit on it besides. Save these ex- p<>ases by buying your instruments of Sam L. Moore, Ukiah, who is agent for the leading makes and who, owing to his special advantages, is enabled to sell them at a small advance on wholesale prices. ^UceelneA it>23. _ m JkW IV1 SjlBj .»•.,H. F.—Hours 1 tot. It .,oikl »!ul_»tjl3,6toy •»l0 J >looufW, tx >0l iX*' ^ff'ff^i 9l 'l'"»Mabit, Stuttoiiuf, Mulu, eta rilobfUliiU,mriotur* Maweured: nop'la or rick, Dr Aikln!• recvlar, wlentlfto,tkllIralicctuulthim or, !fl^e«wl>rfijrMoutiigaMUtwt*^^riward. etc, 1M%. C%U.'«twrU *tK«. AvtlSctil i or ri.k. TYPEWRITER. A strictly f>rst-rlnn» mnt'liino. Fully wai'vautCil. MH.IO l'rom vory !>nst. niste- i-inl, hy Hkillt'il wnrktnon, uiifl with the best toulw Hint luivu over been IICVIHOU tor tlie pill'pDuo. WiirrnntL'tl to tin nl! tliat- t'Hn he resworinWy expected of the very I'OHt. typewriter exltint. Cnpnble of writing 150 WOIIIB per minute—or more— nccotdiug to the ability of t|ie operittor. PRICE, - - ©(OO.PO. If there in no nitPiH in your town, mi- drCBB tho rnnniif>iL-lui-«rK-. THE PARISH MC'Q CO., Agent) WanltiL 1'nrtih, ,V, J'. Bnwri STKNOG1UPHV ftUil TYi'li;- vRast WRirtNti FHKE . First-oiws facllitii -H imtl lie«t of teiicliers. AcU'rosK, with Htamp for return postage. THE rAUISH MK CO. VarUli. Ji. Y. Pa'i Francisco Alta. CotigrPHs ha* rei'cntly Jebntpd an proprmtion ot foOJ.UOO for tho urertinn in Washington City of a I.Rtin-Americnn Metnoi'ml KniUt 1 n*». When Urn utility ot thin IJ . A. M. B. WHS naked for, tho reply way, tlitit it WIIH to promote trade with Lutiu America. We have no trade to speak of with Latin America, therefore we erect a building, n memorial temple, to tlint part of the world with which we have no trade. It is .sonintliiiit; new in commercial economy. (Jermany slintH out our pork and other food productH; why not, therefore, erect a memorial building at a east of $500,000 to Germany an a sort of monument to no trado and n reminder of the Aineiican hog? Mr. Blaine senilis to have promoted this Latin American fad. Ho presided over the Pan- American Conference and listened to its discussions carried on in a language he does not understand, and seems to have learned that his former position on the tariff was wrong. It was costly knowledge gained by Mr. Bla'.no, for the school in which he learned it was paid for by the American taxpayers. The knowledge having come to him through translations from the Spanish, it is not remarkable, perhaps, that he is not. yet clear. He has told what he knows as fur as he has got in a letter,to Senator Five, on tho McKinley hill. Ho says "there is not a section or a line in the entire bill that will open a market for another bushel of wheat or another barrel of purk." The Alta has been telling this same thing to the farmers for months, amidst the derision of esteemed contemporaries, who habitually hoarsen their throats yelling for "Jim Binino." Well, "Jim" Blaine certifies that the Alta was right. He fives the lie to McKinley's speech introductory to his bill, nnd so far agrees with the Democrats entirely in their tariff policy. The next step in the Frye letter is a proposition to retain tho tax on sugar until Cuba and Porto Kico will admit free our breadstull's and provisions. He says: "With nearly 4100,000,000 worth of sugar seeking our market every year, we shall provo most unskilled legislators if we do not secure a large field for tho sale and .••onsiiiiiplion of our breadstnffs and provisions. The late conference of American Republics proved the existence of a common desire for closer relations. Our Congress should take up the work whore the International Conlerence left it. Our field for development and progress lies south of us." This means that we must nrrange to facilitate trade with tho field south of us by reducing duties on what it desires to exchange with us, when It reduces diltjes on what we desire to sond in return. This is good commercial common sense, but why not apply It to the rest of the world? Why confine a very proper policy i,o Latin America alone? In another part of his letter Mr. Blaine says : "Our foreign market for breadstuffs grows narrower. Great Britain is exerting every nerve to secure her broadstufTs from India." This is true, and we are delighted that Mr. Bltilno has found it out. We hope that he will go further and find out the reason. Great Britain eats bread and meat, and does not produce enough in the British Islands to feed her people The British people cut more and fare better than any other Europeans. Their standard of living is nearer that of Americans than any other people Those people are of our blood. Tha Welsh, Irish, Scotch and Anglo-Saxon strains In us respond to their like In Great Britain. Wo liave had a trado with Great Britain amounting to over n billion and a quarter a yenr. We have sent to Great Britain over $600,000,000 of onr products annually, and have taken a like amount of hers in return. We have had a larger trade with Great Britnin than with all tho rest of the world. Indeed, our trade with her has exceeded in volume the entire and total foreign commerce oi all Latin America. Three-fourths of our exports to Great Britain have been tho products of agriculture. They have been such food products aa Lntin America does not use, or such us the 1 .atin-American Bepublics enn produce in competition with us. Lntin America exportH beef. Tho southern lomperntn zone produces wheat. Have Cnliiornians forgotten the time that all their flour came from Latin America? Tho corn plant grows ns well In Latin America ns In Indiana, Illinois or lown, nnd pork dependB on corn. Hogs and corn go together. How long does Mr. Blaino expect to send wheat and pork to Latin America? We aro glad that he desires to send thorn n! all, but why not save tho market we have in Grout Britain? Ho says Kngland "is exerting every norvo to secure her bread supplies from Iridic," nnd "our foreign market for tireadfituffR grows narrower." True, and the only way to arrest this, loss of the best market wo ever hitd, or evor will have, is by applying to Grunt Britain the same policy Mr. Blniiie proposes for Lntin America. We compelled Great. Britain to seek a now wheat field In India. That field was plowed by Mr. Blaine's Jaw. [ Ho laments that the MclCinloy bill as it i stands does not make a markotforanoth- 1 er bushel of wheat or barrel of pork. Ho [ may go further nun iqment that It cuts j oil' iho market for many thousands of bushels and of hnrrnjtr The 8!>t'!!ic!d cutlers nlo our bread nnd pork, and paid for (hem its their producls. The MvKin- loy bill puts a prescriptive tn.t on fcfiof- fleld culiory, i<ml -iVhfjn Shofllold protests against being forbidden the use of our flour nnd pork "Mr. Blaine's orgnna exult over It ns evidence that the McKlnloy bill Ik jrist right! Whero wl|l Blaine find a filieffiold In Latin Amorioii? The Me- Klnley bill putn « prescriptive tax on Irieh linens. Wo hnvo been sending our flour and pork to Ireland to pay for Uip linens which are marie there better ItiiiM elsewhere In the world.. The McKlnley bi )l forbids Irian, weavers American pork nnd flour. Will Mr. Blaine tell ns just where in Lnlin America he can find another Belfast? Mr. Blaine's poultice for the healing of onr trade is all right, but he applies it at tho wrong plnco. As a politician he fosters American prejudice and ill-feeling against the best market we have and the best market tho world can furnish, while ho wants to erect memorial bniUlingB to a market that produces every farm crop in competition with us, and will not in it thousand years grow into the consuming capacity possessed by Groat Britain to-day. The Federal Election Bill. In tho House of Kepresentatives on the 28th day of June, while this bill was under consideration, -Mr. Ew.irt, a Republican member irom North Carolina, arose in his seat and bravely spoke as follows: M r. Spenker, it is a matter of deep regret that a stern sense of duty compels me to antagonize a proposition which a large majority of the politcn! party to which I belong are committed and have formally endorsed as a party measure. I nin well aware of the penalty I shall have to pay in opposing this measure. Unfortunately it has reached thnt point in American polities where, under the iron despotic ruling of King Caucus, a representative of the people is often forced - to forget that he has a conscience, aud blindly ignoring all sense of self-respect and manly pride commits himself to the support of measures which, deep down in his heart, he knows to be utterly wrong. AVe often hear of the nerve and boldness of politicians. That is a mere figure of speech ; a flight of the imagination. As n rule tho politician is an arrant coward, and rarely ever possesesthe cour- nge of his convictions. His good aense, his cool judgment, his conscience, if he has nnv, may nil condemn tho measure under consideration, but the crack of the pnrty lnsh generally brings him cowering and whimpering to the feet of his master to do his bidding. We need not go far to illustrate what I mean. To -day, to our shame nnd discredit be it said, there aro Kepresentatives from sovereign States on this floor who, deep down in their hearts, know that this election bill is as damn- ablo, illogical, inequitable aud vicious n piece of legislation as was ever attempted to bo placed upon the statute books of this Itepublic. [Applause.] And yet at a sacrifice of their manhood, sober judgi-vent, their sense of fairness and justness, feeling the keen sting of the caucus lash, they will dnpport a measuro which will add untold miseries to the woes of the unfortunato peoplo it is designed to help, race troubles and factional strife in our fair South land, and breed political confusion worse confounded. I represent a district to-day that has a majority of white Republicans, in the ranks of which are our bravest young men, our largest tax-payers and nur best peoplo. Northern capita) is pouring into the district., and tho next census will show it to be the richest in the State. I do not desire to check this prosperity by voting for legislation tlint will prove Inimical to their best interests. I do not know what course other Southern Republican Representatives may take in this matter; but, speaking for myself, I will never vote or voice support to a proposition that tends to humiliate or degrade my no';pl«. I shall, it I am the only Republican on this floor, protest against the passage of n law that will sow foul Beeds of factional discoid among the people, be a fruitful cause of unutterable woo to the unfortunate class it is designed to benefit. If that be treason to the party to which I have ever been loyal, make the most of it. [Prolonged applause.] Coast Items, Fort Brngg Advocate. Sunday afternoon Rev. Mr. Fleenor, assisted by Rev. J. S. Ross of Caspar, bap­ tised five persons in Puddiug creek near its mouth. A largo crowd was in attendance. Cnlvin Stewart and Alex Sanderson left Wednesday ior Boar Harbor. Mr, Sanderson will put the wharf aud chute at this place In running order and load a vessel heforo returning. The shipping facilities are about the same as at Noyo, Joe Putro, a Portuguese, was badly injured Friday evening, jiiRt before supper time, at Camp 1 on Pudding creek. Ho was working around tho team, and when the teamster started on the last trip of the day, jumped on tho hind log to rido to camp. Just as the cattle oc the lead arrived at the landing, the logs shot ahead over a Hteop pitch, and Datro becoming alarmed, jumped, to the ground. Tho log on which he was riding suddenly rolled to one side as he left it, knocking him down and passing over both his legs, which were broken, Quite a number of fntal accidonts hnvo occurred this year iu the Fort Bragg Red. wood Company's woods on Pudding creek, the last being that of Tuesday of lust week, In which Charles Salvnnder, u native of Finland, aged about 30 years, lost his life, nt tho new cemp on the other side of the creok about n mile from town. Tho particulnrn of tho all'air MID about n» follows; The locomotive '.vais puliing on a five-eighth wire cable, one end of which was attached to a log. Tho cable was In tho sliape of a right angle, being held in that position by a block which was made iii»t to a Btiiinp above the rrtilrofld track. The fastening) of the block gave way, and the block and cable straightened out, hitting Salvander on the head, and killing hi in. instantly, Justice Frank A, Whipple held a Coroner's inquest on tho remain*, the jury returning a verdict of accidental death. Ho was buried WoditUHdnv lu tho cemetery at this plane with secular rites, Mr. I'. GalisKer, oiT5ciat ,|«g, 0. W. TlndMI will receive pubrwrlntiotm (or the DtWATca-PeMOCBAi at Ft. Arm*. Is it anybody's business If a }r <-uUO (K^ti shouM choose I'M wall upon a lady If the lady don't refuse? Or, to speak a little plainer, That the meaning ull may know, Is it anybody's business If a lady has a beau'.' In It Kuyl.odv'4 business When that gentleman may call, or when he leaver, the lady. Or If he leaves at all? Or IK it necessary That the enrlain should bedrawn, To save from further irouhlo The outside lookers-on',' Is It anybody's business But the lady's, If her beau Hides out with other ladies, And doesn't, let her know ? Is it anybody's business But the gentleman's, If she Accepts another escort, Where he doesn't choose to be ? If a person's on the sidewalk. Whether great or whether small, Is It anybody's business Where that person means to call ? Or If yon see a person. As he's calling anywhere, Is It any of your business What his business may be there ? The substance of our query, Simply stated, would I.e this: Is it anybody's business What another's business Is? If it is. or If It Isn't, We would really like to know; For we're certain, If It isn't, There arc some who make it so. Wtlllts, Cat., July il, q. z. Senator and Convict. The Pittsburg Leader (Republican) Raid editorially in a recent Issue: "It is curious how iate deals with men. The telegraphic dispatches announced that Stevr- son Archer, late treasurer of the State of Maryland and ex-chairman of the Democratic State Committee, who embezzled one hundred and thirty odd thousand dollars from the funds under his control, has been convicted and sentenced to five years in the penitentiary. With tho embezzling treasurer of her faster State and nearest neighbor In a felon's cell, how- must Pensylvanla blush when site reflects that one of her ox-treasurers is accused, without denial, of stealing from her funds double the amount, and, instead of being in the penitentiary or having proved the charges unfounded, is at the head of the Republican party of the nation, and has tho effrontery to say to her, 'Hero is my man for the highest executive office in your gift. Make Dolamnter Governor or suffer my dispk-usuro.' "He is a trusted and loved adviser of our pious nonenity, Benjamin Harrison, and of our still moro pious millionaire Postmaster General, who takes cure to fill his own pockets and grip sack with both hands, while his mouth drops precious pearls about tho hlosslngs of poverty and submission to the will of heaven under its trials. "Marvlnnd is a Southern Democratic State, but she honors herself by calling a thief n thief, while Pennsylvania, a Northern Republican State, elevates her accused ox -State Treasurer to tho position of slave driver, puts a whip in his hand nnd crouches nt his feet to be submissive to his will." "Royal Gallery of Poetry and Art" is the title of a sumptuous Royal Quarto Volume of 542 pages devoted to selections from the wide range of English literature, both prose and poetry, made by skillful and sympathetic hands. Its value is enhanced by short biographies of each of the 400 standard authors, whose production it contains. A promineut feature of wonderful beauty, interest and attract- ivecoss is found in its nearly 4J0 superb illustrations. Tho combined result is an inexpensive yet elegant volume (retailing for $3.60 nnd $4.50 in choico bindings) which introduces us to the best companv tho world has ever known. The work is sold by subscription only, and its rare artistic, as woli as great literary nnd historic value, are at once recognized and appreciated by ngent and subscriber alike, making it a sure sale for beginners a* well as more experienced canvassers, Fortsrms or agency apply to The J. Dewing Company, 813 Market St., San Francisco, 3t. Of M «ndocCno Courtly.J A*,>A *MiAtwyuy >iMs»*»*<yJ NtJilBEK 44 New Route from TTklah to Hydesvllle. S. K. Chronicle. The Snn Frnnefaoo & North Pacific has ontered into nn agreement with the Kel River nnd Kureka Railroad Company to maintain a stage line l>etween I'kiah and llydesville, n distance of about 148 miles.. The Kel River road was built, in W.i, and was intended originally for nothing , but the carrying of lumber. Now, h'ow- pver, ull kinds of freight are handled and > a regular pnssenger servico hag teen'm- tablished. Recently the road which rtinn from Eureka, in Humboldt, county; KMIML tt> Rurrell'e Station, has lieen extended ten miles south to a little'town nRtndtt Hydeavillo. The distance from the l«tt *r1 place to Kureka is about forty mileti, and from Ukiah to Eureka is ITHmilos. The entire stage journey will be made in forty-two hours, including a rent of six hours nt some suitable spot nnt yet determined. Tickets will be issued right through to Kureka or Hydenville from t his city, and from those places to San Francisco or any intermediate points on the I\,nnhne line. Some years ago, before tlie branch from Cloverdale to Uklah was built, an attempt was made to run a stage line from the former place to Kureka, but the distance was too great and tlie patronage insufficient to make It a paying project. The directors are satisfied that this new stage line will pay, as It will be a short cut ior business men and wilt afford pleasure seekers an opportunity d traveling through much wild and picturesque scenery. All the arrangements for the servlc* have been perfected and stages will be-, gin to run at once. [There has been a stage line running betweeu Ukiah bud Hydeeville for several years. The above article evidently refers to a more thorough equipment ot the liue in order to make the passenger service better.—En.] The meeting of the California Prsse Association at. irlanta Barbara thin yenr wan more a business proposition than a junketing trip. Among other things the Executive Committee fixed rates for legal and official advertising. Tlie first application of this excellent, business principle was manifest in Orange county. The seven papers of the county notified the Board of Supervisors that they, would no longer do county work for next to nothing, and all have agreed to charge the rates e«tah- lished by the Association or not do the work at all. The rate is quito reasonable; and as the law distinctly provides that tho work must be done in the county, it looks as if the Supervisors would be compelled to bow to the Association's schedule. For some years past the prices paid forofficial advertising to the county press have beenjnnt a notch above starvation figures. It is not good policy for tho county government to insist on niggardly rates for the newspaper.— S. F. Examiner. Real Estate Trausfers, [FROM THE OFFICIAL HKCOBDS.) D M Oltwon (executor ot estate oi Pord Henry, deceased) to J. u.' Smith and John Hill—Lot in Ukiah City D I, Sawyers to O T Wells—Lot In Willita.. S II MoCreary to K Lamb, J E nnd D E Mccreary—SW H of sec S3, t 17, r 11 W. and otherlands J F Todd to J A Cooper—All of block A in Uklah north addition North Taciflc Land A Improvement Co to J A Cooper—All of block A in UkiaU addition iiooo 700 10 42$ 20 The Pacific Coast Wood and Iran says There in not the best of feeling existing among lumbermen. Last month the manufacturers of redwood raised their prices, but contracts has been made h\ most of the mills throe months in advance, so that really the advance will not effect thorn much before September, and perhaps October. In the meantime the unsettled condition of the trado casts a gloom over all so that the outlook is far from being favorable, and it is hard to prognosticate as to the end. Tho fact is that every rodwood mill In the State had better shut down rather than to continue the sale of their products at prices so low that no profit is secured. j jc Lowrey to M i C Galvlu—N« of 8K« of SEK and NE« oi »ec IS, t U,r 14 ... North Pacific Land & Improvement Co to J L Brown—Lota 11 and 12 in block J, Ukiah uort'tf addition C Anderson to D Deitriek—The of that ponlon of the Kft 'K ot the SW>f tec * K 1 16, r 17 W,lying north of the stream ot Lilt 'le River. II and 0 C tlolcorab to J A Cooper—tlW W ot HE'i of HK. XI auoSV4 oi NEVj and NW'.i oi NE^' oi secW.t «,v lf> North PiicIS: ^aud & Improvement Co to .1 Ct WliBlen—Lots 6 aud 7 So block P, Uklah n»rtbaddition S C ll&stluiiH ot ul to LT Day—Lots*.9, Jo aud u of Ilastlugs suburban addition to Uklah City , A W de la Coin- Carroll to II Meyers— KW H ot o! sec Si, 112. r 10 T J Haiidlev to John Gates—S'-J of SE'i of sec 22, tie.r 16, J Prince to E M Moot and fl II Sanderson —Lot 7 of sec o aud other lands in 116, til I N 15 and A Kelso to E A Hlbbcrd— t J$ of sc 1 .^ OI sec 11. and c 1 ^ of neV£ of sec 14, 11-', r 1:1, and other land* LC and H Austin to \\ II HasKell—Lot In Point Arena U A Glut to Auuie Ohrt—KJi of »! i of sec 9,121, riV, Elk Creek K 'A Co to Greenwood K B Co- All of tho property, estate. rlKhts, privileges and franchises, rallroada. roa.1.. hods, roiling slock, casenicritv cte .. (Ami other valuable consideration!.. ( O and M A tHclnbtirir to Aleximdpr KalV- Klve aenrt lu »Jj of "en JKI, 119. r I". ... 0 S lugrrsall In Mary Vorbles—Lot» 6 and 8 of sec 4,119, rie J M Walker to Cou.-.ty of Mendocino— Rlght-of-Way J II nnd tellen Donohoe to Mrs SUSHII llak. er—Pan of lot 85 o! Hcalev s survey and map of Yokayo Kuncho.. M o and K A Welter to K fttlpp—An undivided third int tti Mat part ot lot 67 of Yokayo liancho lying northwestufly of Anderson Vnllcy mad, 60aaruti. M S and E A Waller to E Stlup—Part ol lot 67 of Yokayo Kancho, 4U anrt's Nina Comtc toSForeatlur—Kighl-of-way.. Kurt lirasrtr ltd Co to II R am) W 1 llitadtirs- UN In Fort BraitR: •• W T Tomlluson to W II Haskell—An undivided half lnt In lots, bik <>. Pt Area*. Fort BraBK Rd Co to F A WhlpiiltwUMnli, 7 and K, lilk 47. Ft HI-IUM 20 700 lies » 10 8,i;c 100 10 2,1471 10 10 si­ tu An exchange says: No worm or inpect Is ever found upon the eucalyptus tree, or in the earth whore the roots penetrate A row of theso trees planted through an orchard or vineyard will causa inserts, worms or caterpillar* to vacate that region. I Tilts branches of tho eucalyptus used in | tho rooms or windows, or .;u» decorations in dwelling rooms, will cause mosquitoes, moths, fleas and flios to leave the promises, nnd when tho leayos aro placed beneath a carpet around tho hordor of tho ropm when the carpet is laid, is an assurance sgainst tho moth, nnd brunches placed beneath tho bed pillows arc a protection against fleas. A Peterson to Mrs CM Htltler— w*j n»H of sc!< of see S. t is. r in ' 3 " ow! * V « l .«,Muti,H,J o Woou-Nw}< o| Bw i> „# Y A *noKirtrl(to i to Wra Payne— WVi of n- *' <•;, and i.% of nwj* of FM nSTt K -rli 4 i seres The squaw aud child of Geronlmo, the notorious Apncjin Chlftf, hftve iwit bap­ tised Into tho Catholici church nt Mobile. of sen Hi, t is, : "'V* V' »W1 W S „t5 'J B . N u !? 1 * '» H O'Keen-r'f of rttfcX fit rV 1KA" -100; 1.500 ,<M0 ' '••1WM, ii**"_ The illiterate Inhabitants of, Portugal are officially etated at surdity pc* 4Wi»r.',i)f| thetotsil,' C Kugnn,, toll O Hl)|piaii-Part Dials nr. swjif of ecc *), t Jflj (. M. ™ W ft " f .„ i n" miiu to Ai,rirt * i| *ft-«£«*ar.& •ooownjntt-wwn rj.**! v .f ft) t^T'*' 1 Smaller to: lywr -r ' •BS. 1

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