The Carroll Sentinel from Carroll, Iowa on December 7, 1894 · Page 9
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The Carroll Sentinel from Carroll, Iowa · Page 9

Carroll, Iowa
Issue Date:
Friday, December 7, 1894
Page 9
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It will eclipse anything ever known in the history of the clothing trade in Carroll county. IMMENSE REWJCTIONS IN BUSINESS AND DRESS SUITS. UNPflRfVLLELED VfiLUES. MBN'S SUITS. Men's Scotch Tweed Frock Suits. Splendid value at..... Heduced to ...... Ten styles in fine double-breasted Scotch, black and blue Cheviots. Olay worsted suits. Suits for business or dress. Great (ft IF sellers X'l Jl:.. Thankagsving at..... M/Av saleoi OVERGORTS. Our line of fine Kerseys in all shades, Irish frize in double breasted Sack and Long Prince Charles, , are immense. Learn our prices. They are beyond comparison. UNDERWBfVR. See pur immense line of ribbed, fleece lined and double breasted natural wool. We save you 25 to 35 PS? cent. PLU5H GliPS LARGE SELECTION LOW PRICES FREE TO OUR CUSTOMERS, The World's Pair album-310 finest photos. "A Trip Around the World," or Tennyson's Poems, all elegantly bound, ind a souvenir fit to grace your parlor or CDCC n r library can be secured r litt U r We So icit Your to JL. ^L •. . ^^^i^^ . '' JIL ^^^ Of the Famous Clothing • •'-AND-f Merchant Tailoring House * -1 I AHEAD OP A.T/L MAGAZINES I this country lias teen.—Albany Atgas. A BIG WHALE ON LAND —4 IN THE! NoFth]American Review AMI ALWAYS FOUND The Bight Topics, By the Biffht Men, At the Bight Time. The North American Review Is recognized on both sides of the Atlantic as the foremost Review in the English language, and no expenditure is spared in maintain ing It in its unrivalled position. The Review is tho mouthpiece of the men and women who know most about the great topics on which Americans require and desire to be informed from month to month. Its list of contributors forms a roll of the representative men and women of the age. Subjects that concern the interests of AMERICAN WOMEN '' •' ' receive, constant and special attention Among topics recently discussed are: * "Woman Suffrage Iu Pr»ot)ce"; "The Renali aencoot Women"; "Women In Polities"; "Tbe New Aspect of the Woman Question" and "Tbe Modern ttlrl." by the author of "The Heavenly Twlnt": "The Future of Marrlane"; "*vlls •( Karly Marriage,.; "The Servant filrl of the Future" " The KTmuuHl Dependence of Women": •"Trades-Unions for Wonun"; ."The Lsok o «ood8arvaiiis"; "American Lite and Phnlpal Deterioration"; "G >od aod Bad Mothers" "The Tyranny of the Kitchen"; "The Amateur Nurse"; "Murk Twain's Decease of Harriett Shelley, "etc, etc." A New Feature For 1895. Tks Review will publish In 11 chapters, beginning with the January nnmbsr, the Personal History of the Second Empire a historic*! work o( unsarpsiiwl Importance wblob will throw it Hood of new I «Ut up<;n tbo oueqsered career of Nuooleon HI, and tho In tlaenoM wblob lad to the oAilapue ol bis Empire lo tbe cjnntle struggle with anltod Oerm>tnv under wllheln I, aud bU iron Chancellor. It I as fasoloutnc as § romanoa. baton rlobly enea- dotal and fuirol Information drawn 'rom sour- ess hitherto Inaccessible, presented la the gr'phleand ylvaolouo stole Which "The Eng fltbmaa of Psrls," by us same'author, has made familiar to thouiand* of reader*, 6O Grata » Copy; W • Yew. 1 rth American Reuieiu, 3 B«*t 14th St., New York. 1 aRATIFUL-OOMFQRTINQ EPPS'S COCOA BREAKFAST-SUPPER, TRANGE DISCOVERIES MADE SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA. IN keleton of the Big Fish Unearthed In • Street IB tos Angeles—The Old Prospector's DUcoTery—History Written la the Hills Bod the Bocks. Once while watching the excavation of a street through one of the steep hills hat constitute a feature of the oily of JOB Angeles I saw something projeot- ng from the soil, which, when nnoov red by the workmen, proved to be the keleton of a whale that had been lying here for untold ages. Its huge length tretohed across the street, its tail lost wnoath the fashionable houses of the vicinity. There was something irresistibly fascinating in this idea—walking np a treat and "running f obi, "as the sailors put it, of a whale, and whenever I passed that way I almost effftoted to tear some one shout, "There she blows!" and could see in my mind's eye the giant rising from the deep water that onoe flowed over tbe now populous City of the Angels and tho surrounding hills. Having hod this slight experience with whales on dry land, I was not surprised when a friend related a similar ixperieuce to mo and • the astonishment ts discovery produced. He was an old resident and in former years had boon a prospector, and at times the old fover tor discovery oarae upon him, upon which he would wander off on tho edge of the desert or np among the mountains of southern California in search of color. On one of these expeditions he fol lowed np a dry wash, whiqh in winter •was a roaring torrent, and which for ngos had saut down the rook and gravel of tho adjacent mountains to tbe valley below, finally turning into a branch canyon, which gradually grew narrower and narrower until be found himself .at the top of tbe range near the divide overlooking a deep amphitheater. On tbe north side the mountain had been out down vertically, and from where be •toed it looked as though a gigantic knife bad cleft tbo mountain side, leaving tbe edge bare and the red eartl Ailed with great bowlders ready io roll down after eaob winter rain. This ledge and tbe deposit at its bam attracted the attention of the prospector, and oomiug to the latter be fount among the heaps of stones a huge bone, which might havp passed for tbe limb of a tree Imbedded iu the soil Follow imf up tho slope, be raised bis eyes fc tbe cliff a»id saw protruding from If other bones. Gradually, to hi» amaze ment, they took euupo, mid he saw the skeleton of a giguuUo whulo etretoued along tbe sMo of tho mountain, etand ing out in strong relief against tbe red eartb. Some of the bones bad fallen down, but tbe greater uniuber stood in tb* natunU position. M tbe monster b«4 died, aw} tbe wbale tbat bi4 ouoa swum over tbil *pot aud ejtpoeod IU euoruioui IWRtb to too bot aw uow lay »tretohe< along tbo w»Ql»wt «eo bottom, Hbad tMMU lifted by wwo mighty cataolygn Pi wV*n ll^^^^ HW»*if WSw MP| *W™ w^vptTW"VP ™C gr«M IMP PlWpipg ir« bflttOi, WW wlH 5w V«|IM »wdMwlijiiug it, wbilo lb« BM Mutt wp owe* itp bouio hftd veowtw) and , Tbo ol* pjwpwtojr 00014 jbMdt* teaj laefwi moment tt»* M»« bant allied to the mammoth, while ton iles from San Juan I visited a bed of arge shells that covered acres of oonn- ry, so closely packed together that they r ere shoveled out in solid masses and ground np into lime. Along the southern Sierras, espeoial- r in the coast range, it is possible to go whaling! fishing and shell bunting from ,000 to 3, 000 feet above tbe present evel of the ocean and with a positive assurance of finding the remains of ome of these stranded animate. That lis extraordinary convulsion of nature id not occur so very long ago is evi- ent from the good preservation of the xmes, and on the seashore shells are ound 40 feet above high water mark Imost identical with those living be- ow them. Several thousand years ago came the tirth of the coast range of mountains. 'hey were forced upward, and with hem the entire coast was elevated. tovions to this the ocean undoubtedly •lowed over the orange groves of south- irn California, aud the great deserts may have been arms of tbe sea from whioh projected isolated peaks. The island of Catalma probably ap- teored at this time, and- upon its summit are found great deposits of shells i.OOO feet above the sea. With them ore found the teeth of gigantic sharks that must have been nearly 100 feet in engtb, capable of attacking tbe largest whales. ' The entire country of northern Call- 'ornia presents the details of its history n stone, and one familiar with those evidences may turn the leaves and read hem as a book. Among the bills that (outaiuod the bones of these leviathans : found deposits of flue olay, the bed of an ancient lake in which were the re- uains of myriads of fishes that had been eft by the water and buried in the bottom, to be found in after ages to tell their story. —Cor. Philadelphia Times. A tMug Felt Want, A druggist's clerk iu Boston bM nip- ceedod in making a medicine which will deprive a oat pf its voice without injuring it iu tbe least, Seven large arnoata .were experimented upon last week. They sat on the peak of a roof ind made frightful faces at each other lor four hours without uttering a sound. —Philadelphia Press. OrMBland's Glaciers. Nearly all tbo Greenland glaciers and tongues from tbo internal loo cap terminate in vortical faces from 100 to 1,000 feet high, presenting facilities for Investigation. The vortical fao«s reveal pronounced stratification on tbo basal even earth materials in tho bases carried by the ioe being arranged in layers. Fluo lumluntiouw woro soon 18 or 80 to an tuou. The layers are some tiuutt twisted mid ooutoitod and oven "shoved" over each other. Tho glacier movement at tbo ice border is a foot per day to a foot per week.— Science. Addtac »u»ult to Old bady-~Tbttt parrot I bought of you uaoa dreadful luugaage. Dird Pwilov—Ah, iimiu, yon shouU be wevry oaixitul wlmt you ueu ufuro it, Jt'» u»toultU» bow quick tlium bird* pick up auythiukl—Pick ale Up. after losing her buebauuj dooliuod to uwrry ug»U», Sbe suta tlmt if hw seo. pad gbduld prove good aho would be IB oo«|t«wt 1w of kwtajt biutj if otber- v\to, M constant fewaf iwt losing him, One woiild'TlVe V» JlWOW «aj»d tbft O»Q roll RATES RESTORED TO OLD BASIS. Advance IB Ronnd Trip Ticket* From Missouri River to Colorado. CHIC AOO, Dec. «.— The transcontinental lines decided that eff active March 1 round trip rates to the Pacific coast would be advanced $10, except in the cue of the Shasta route, where the advance will be only $7.00. All round trip rates to points in Montana and Colorado have been withdrawn for a portion of the 'ear. Instead of putting them on v sal« br'the entire year ai heretofore, the round trip tickets will be on sale only 'rom May 1 to Sept t. Colorado and Jtab rates from the Missouri river will be restored to the old basis of |18,75, the present rate being |10.76. This action is iot, the roads claim, an elevation of the rate, but a restoration of the tariff which iras in effect before the present demoral- iation began. This change on the Colorado and Utah rates, which becomes effective at once, carries with it the restoration of the pld local rates between Colorado and Utah points to 'the same basis in the same propoition as the through rates. , Olney Aiks For Mar* DENVEB, Dec. 6.— United States Attorney, General Olney filed in the United States circuit court of Colorado a petition for the appointment of additional receivers for the Union Pacific Railway company, similar petitions having been filed in the other states through which the Union Pacific railroads are built. He avers that receivers heretofore appointed have been named without the consent of the United States. He represents that the United States Is a holder of a Hen on part of the Union Pacific railway between Kansas City and Denver to tho amount of more than 10,000,000, no part of which is yet due. The petition recites many official acts and also asks that Frederick R. Oondert and J, W Doone be added to the list of receivers iu this court. . Government officials have made a vigorous protest to Germany against the war on American cattle. Congress will 1* asked to either repair or remove the unsightly tablets to deceased congressmen In th« congressional COMING ANOTHER YEAR DfiT DOWNING This Skillful and Sellable . SPECIALIST The ART AMATEUR. T3a.«> •WILL VISIT- OABfiOLL, IOWA, THURSDAY, DEC. 13, Burke's Hotel One day only every montb. Consultation free. (The only Art Periodical swarded a Medal at he World's fair.) Invaluable for all who wish to make their Ut- Inn by art or to make their homes beautiful. 3Vvr. 1i"ist we will send to anyone mention J? Or 1\JC tlonlog this publication a spaa men copy, with superb color plates, for copying or training) and 8 sup- lementarr pages of designs (regular rtoe thirty flv« cents). Or .T. Ofif» «« "I" •end » lso " P r ^OC KOK BEliINNEKS"(90p4rfe»). Montague Marks, 2S Union Square. N .T Complexion Preserved DM. HEBHA'S GE THE CHICAGO TIMES ESTABLISHED 1634. Hie Leading Daily of the Weit j-HK CH10AGO T1UK9 u lo every respaet « ' uNlIoaeu newHuuner, U oontslun iho new* of liu worluiii evory Issue. In addition to the »uiulctQ ffipoft ojt tho AvsuulHtod froftit Tin Tiui>8 rwotvei » sw-olul sorviou oovorlug overy treat »e«r» osowr m tbe UnlWd Stiles, U on- iiluyi morettian 1,500 Social •|-BK OH10AUO T1MK8 Hives »peol(U Wjeutlou 1 to the now* of Hi? northwest, an* tor lot ople residing In adjoining siadis sod as tar i*i as the IwSlty mount»l»» H U the raott vitl- hl " •"•* InterelUnic of any OblouKO dully pa< edliorls)MM«of Tua TIHMD U writ •bl«M writers on uelttlo*, loam*, set" v Iti opinions sro «ouibl ror r WB pB s bv HII who wtuit » »»fe |Uld W* nil wnoKHM W«M «*««i* f BoiutQ MU iKWllii ItUbjOOltt. THE CHICAOO SUNDAY TIMES 40-PAOE8-40 In 8UNOAV TIUK8 • sud but Dsadvy i all tba tttte»l *,M U protuaely aud by («« l&l n«vr»p«ner 8«nd for Sample Copies, TP CHICAGO TIMES He Cures When Othera Full. ALL CHRONIC DISEASED Diseases of LUNQS and HEART StOMACH and LIVER NERVOUS DISEASES D/SEASSSof WOMEN DISEASES o/ MEN CATARRH, ETC,, ETC, Young and Middle Aged Men ant Mini from LOST MANHOOD. Nertous or PaysleaT Debility, Semrail Weakness, Lost , Drains. Utor, DseUna of alaaly Powers, KXOMSSS, CNHOM IN XOUTH. •!«., etc., produolai sosio of the following alette. It* fcenousaese. •mttstons, Pimples, Blolokss, IMUIty.Ms4am, MfseUf • Uswonr, ASSMM of Will Power, OoDfusloB of Ideas, Aversion to soolsty, Bsjtosl BsbswttOB. Fala I* tks Back, SM., bUfBttag the moil tadUoi h ~ derlng marrlace unhappy and bu urs; aweeplaf thousands loan un up u 'Oil as, islnei loan untimely grave, oousalt Uie • who have msknets witon would reuder maniacs a *U appointment would do woll to call on us. REMARKABLE CURES. Or. ttttwnuig has tnutted over iUUO patients in Iowa durlug tn» pwt yew and Ua. UMUmMiiali from leading vUusiu who had (ailed to obuii relief from othwt uny«lolaqs, spwialUU, and "iusUtuws." Hi D*ntU*lou u» rofert to the following well known oUiiens: ». L. Hook, atrtMord. lows- ^ Cured o» n*r«ousdi(Wiitjr and kidney John Detiue, Pslsisbuni, lowu- Ound of «s.tanb, «U, Mrs. D. ». Bowmrd, Osliwln, Iowa- Wind or (uuisi* wMkussa. Ohii.i. , MMOUvl.- Cured a*u«W ur putlyale. Mrs. fl. W. Bwdait. cswaiivhe, low«- flurail i>f feui»l» wesknsss. Kuv. U. tttiyehst, ttuuiou. Neb, Cot«u sou of epll«|»)r, lout slsudln|. Mrs. L. M. pause, Moorlautl, lowa- Om«d of oslaitl) Iu BWI« aud ilwu«sb, I, Uluiuan, MtMUOkDla, |or«Dured of u*now pf looms, ?«* B. Atoerlou, (luslloa ol tht> u««e«) lows- Our«i|o»o«u(j«rsoiU»u«r»l(rtbillly, y. flatt, Carroll, Iowa- Cured ol ai>hroaleoU««*« all dredi ot dollar* without w wroti <yt<T otiun ffo « Iiunuurn auu imn, nuu ro> Etorta tho skin lo its original tesbness. producing a flloor and healthy «im- ploxlon. BnporJopt" pnij.aratloru P.:"J i druggists, orciii.) -'. i harmless. AtTatt Bend for Circular VIOLA . . .r.-iiJ.l f>r Ito .. .. out. JitJnuii.u, p.ip,e a$ Cents. • G. C. BITTNER & CO., TOLEDO. O. 1st 0*7. 16th Day. THE GREAT SOth RESTORES VITAUTY. Madea Well Man of Me. irwlnccs the above results ln'.3U ditys. ItscSS wwerfully sod qulokly. Ou»« wiian sll othen fall Vouiin men will remtu their lost msauood.aadoM nen will recover their youthful vigor by oslss; RKV1VO. It quickly »nd surely raitoTO* NemMSr Dem. Lost Vlullt)-. Impolenoy. Nightly BmlMlos*, tort Power, Failing Memory, Wtstlui Diseases, aM all efArft* of selt-sbuse or eiooss ud Indisoretlssi. (thloli imflU one (or study, bunineaa or oisrrlaie. IS 4Qt only cures by lUrtlng st tbo sett of dlseasa, bM Is asrest Bervn tonic snd blood builder. brias> IDS bsok the pink s;low to pale checks and r» noring the Ore of jrouth. It wsrds off luualt* snd Oonsuraptlon. Insist on bs«ing BKVIVO.M ether. It can be carried In vest pookel. By auU, II^>OperpsokHe.or sii forSW.OO, wltfc• — " live written iruantnt«« to our* or ibcmoiiey, Olroulu(r». Addms IOYAIMEOICINI CO..» Miter St., CMICMO. Mi For Sale at Carroll, Iowa, by J. W. Hiittun, DruggiHt. TYLER'S FAM ROLL CURTAIN DE5K8. ii

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