The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on July 8, 1948 · Page 9
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 9

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, July 8, 1948
Page 9
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'TWELVE BT/VTHKVIU.E (ARK.)' COURIER NKWS' I Broiler Entrees life Easy to Cook i •- Main Course Aided , By Salad, Hot Rolls ! .' In Summer Menus THURSDAY, .JULY 8, 1948 i !"*Th* brpiler In your stove can b<* i a joy to you thus summer for quirk • and easy cooking! Broiled meats ; make delicious entrees and the rrM i of the maiu course can bo fooke-J I right in the broiler, loo, A typical j broiled dinner might include harn- | I burgers, tomato halves «nd potato ' i wedges 'as pictured on preceding j page). Round out ihe menu with a j tossed salad ,hot rolls. Iced te;i, I Iresh fruit in season and fun cnkes. 1 Tf you've, one of handsome J broiler platters, broil the foori i-i%\i*, I on it mid bring to [lie table lo i serve, 1 How In Prepare- Brollcri -. Hamimrgi'rs . For teua( r, juicy nnd veil ll,i- ! voreri hamburgers, purchase beef I chuck, and have' it £invmd uy your , meatman. Season with l le;<i»i j salt and 1-8 lea spoon pepper to .1 • pound ol meat. Shape into pa (.tie.? j about 3-1 inch thick. If desired, add ! some chopped onion, celery .sMi ut I garlic salt to ihe meal mixtihv. > Brush with b.irberue -s:uu'e. chiii ' sauce or melted butler. Arrange oa ( broiler rat-It and broi! 4 tnmme,s on • each .side for rare, 6 m mules for J medium done, and 8 minutes for , well done. i To prepare tomatoes for broil J ing, wash and nil in half, SCUHO.I \ with -salt and popper, then .shrink!? 1 grated over the top. As thr.S'i I need only 5 mimue.s for cooking, do \ } not place on broiler rack or phutor j j t until hamburgers are turned. For E1 I the potatoes, use quartoied, partial- !l 1 ly cooked large potatoes. veil :: \ with butter or margarine and hiy ! \ On broiler wlih hamburgers \vhpn j 1 they are first put in. • 1 Central Urn i ling Directions | ; 'i"hft broiler is usually preheated \ ' before using. Consult directions ; given with your niove lor median- 1 t ' Jcal adjustnUMils to Rive r::- . J suits. If lucre are none available, I 1 preheat broiler for 10 mimiU'.s with j I unit turned to "broil." If you are j j using ft n electric Move, lenve M^o ; I broiler door ajar for pre-heatm;; J ' and during broiling, Be [Off; piv- \ i heating broiler, remove the viu-k and i \ broiler pan from the fitove In ;hi.s j \ way you'll avoid Jim-ini; the ini?at I ! wire-marked trom the broiler rack. ' ' To prevent nicaLs from sticking , !" {Turing cooking, grease the rack of , t the broiler with a bit of fat. i ' > In preparing steaks and cho;>s ' for broiling, the very c ()<;(• o' ! • the fat with kitchen icipsors or H i nhnrp knife, culling a bit on thp bin. 1 ;. This snipping keeps the .steak or chop .smooth and flat. As sail draws out the Juice.? Irom meat, do not season until each side is cooked. Extension Agent Advises Control Of Pantry Pests ' Here Is an opportunity for Nodli MLvsuvippl County homemnkf'rs w save b*)lh f<x>rt and money, by .saving uiitUi prodncl.s in the puntry and by destroying ui.soct.s, fays Mrs. <Jt'i uutlo Jl. Holiman, home <lem- on.stMition agent. I'o conti'ol pantry follow those live steps: 1. Clean the sht-lu-.s tlioroiiKliIy. Food xt*ts .spilled, and purifc'lci .sjlt out of packages. This food -s(Ji>'-'5 on the shelf or lod^e.s in cracks and fornor.s. and insr-c-fs CPU !i\'c on rhi.s lixwJ. CLriurntr .shelves iemo\'e.s thii .saiiiL'C uf 1 Spray Che ojpboartl with i )«•!• cent DDT. HriiKH'c fill p!U'V:ai:^.s ot food an.I prunl oi' .iprny a live |X*r rent DOT .suliKion iij) i IIP iiu*'] mr suJ'fiUT.s of the cupboard. A deposit ot 13DT tj \.--r uls will li'Jiu^n a Her the Uti- niil h:t.s rti iod. 'J'hfse iry.stal.s will bt 1 (MI','tti\e for .M-vnul inonils.s. Tljo ciiy DDT deposit 'A'ill not hnnn food inside pufiiHgCJ 1 ;. Such a spray in.Kinc'iii will be oi ]io value a^, jn>ec?.s inline pftcki^es heeiniso thry will in>i t -ou:t! in contact wuh the cl all packages of food ,s«d, Stfriliae food which will not be used right away and store it In tight coiiliOnei.v AA rfrscribcd bt- iow. 4, S(<rlli7^ piodu.'i.s b>' hputinjt at' 140 degrees F. lor one-half bom. Mast dry lood producU e"n be freed of Insect life by heating them in the oven at MO'doRiws r. for about oifc'hnlf-hour. Small packages can be heated just a.s they are. The of larwei packanas may be sjjreud on cake or pie pans or on baking sheet.s, -^n the heat can j penetrate more easily. H there is t any que.stion nbou'- tin 1 product being infe.strci, jji^e it the heat treatment. 5, Store fo<jcl In lljOn conlunn Sloi'R .sm:h foody in dean mom plri5S contaiiiers with riuht-fit lids. Before rensinif H con la that has held Infested food. I the container In boiling uau-r o Mr$ t Holiman Suggests Lap Table for Housewife \ Kvery kitchen should have *.[ place, where the homcrmker may' sit to work, .says Mrs. Gertrude B.i Hollmnn. home deniojisLraUon agent ( A lap table, either jwrtable or t' part of the kitchen cabinet, pro-1 vldcs this convenience. Height of' the workhiK surface from the floor! depends on the worker's body nica- sunnenU. For many women a com- fortabJe hcl«ht i.s between 24 nnd 2(i inches from the floor. The fooi- the oven. Use the contenLs of one package before opening ajiolher. WJiej, you open a new package, store the unused remainder in a covered con- j tainer. The cover must fit lightly' to prevent, liny Insects /rom crawling in, lorn of the,working surface «hould cle»r the worker's lap. The table can be any sly*. H should be lar«e enough to hold all utensils and .supplies needed at one lime. Some women find 20 by 30 inches satisfactory. If the lap table Ix a pull-out board built as a part of the kitchen cabinet, H may be placed between a series of drawers in one section of the cabinet. A portable lap table on cantors can be easily moved to any part of the kitchen, utility porch, or elsewhere In the house. There are many uses for a hip table other than In the kitchen. To be comfortable while sitting to work, the homemaker should sit erect, well back hi the chair, with feel flat on the floor, explains Mrs. Hollnmn. Rend Courier News Want Adj. Dewcy Criticized For Paring State Aid to Teachers CLEVELAND, July S, (UPi—Rc- publkai) presidential candidate Thomas E. Dewey yesteiduy was I sharply crlllcHxcd for reduclne st;ile aid lo schools in Ills current term I as governor of New York during j a hot debate at the National Education Convention here. ' His sharpest, critic was Mrs.] Catharine A. Barrett of Syracuse,! president of the New York Teachers Welfare League, who lashed at Dewey for paring state school nid from JIG5,000,000 last S'enr to $41,000.000 this year. The debate broke nut when a mo! lion was introduced to have niimeo- 1 graphed and circulated an article by « jyndlcsted Washington columnist charging that D«wey had tiled to persuade other governors to Join him In "smashing the teachers' lobby." A statement Jrom Dewey's office sent to the. convention denied the chariie and promised that the New York governor would discuss fully federal aid to education in his coming presidential campaign, shut. Some 10 minutes lat«r, Mrs. McKeown returned to finish the de- frostiiid; job. Imagine her surprise when she O|>cned the door to find Patsy Inside where the grocerlc* usually stay. 3, ln> You nuty /iiu! in.sfct.s in floii" iiH-Lil. «<'i t-al.s. i'()iiisi:trcli, fruckei s. IncukhiM (<><K|.S, m HI a rum ajitl .^putilieui, 1-fwik tlmm^li such fork's <'iij'"Timy. In^euls ihat feed on jjiai'i protiUvls may aUn *ie found in spices, nut nirnt-s, ch'AXilsitP. cncon. drhydratiHt Uwds, dried fruif.s. dry ,ioup mix".s, don biscuiL and birri > .jurisp goodv Slo-cuwofto flavor-rich perfection Bacon J For d brighter bredV- f<sst, for a light lunch or luppor, Ever-Good Bacon adds extra rest and nutrition. You enjoy every bile of every rich, $at?i- fying, golden-brown tlice. Be sure you get the finest. Get slo -cure d , fldvor-ricri Ever-Good Bacon at your dealers Morrill Hall, creeled at Okla- J homa A- and M. College at Still- | ^'Rier In 1906. was named to honor ; Sen. Justin A. Merrill of Vermont. \ author of the federal act establish- \ ing land-grant institutions. MEMPHIS PACKING CO Memphis, Tenn. ; > Family Fat f orife MAYROSE FRANKS MAYROSE TEST KITCHEN \ FrLinkfun and B.iked Bv.m Casserole (6 M\ tr.niklun-s < u[ ib : fr.inklurl 1 . irilo . .^. Mix s - I'l.ue- niiMtirr i ri , i svcroic. 1 nit \v it \ W-Minuta in a Closed Ice Box Enough for Girl MEMPHIS, Tenn., July 8. <UP) —Little Palsy McKeown doesn't mind the heat anymore. Her mother was defrosting the refrigerator. While she busied he.'self around the house, 3-year old Patsy made herself comfortable inside the box until her younger brother, Kenneth' .pushed the door Sacramento No. 2'/ 2 Can FRUIT COCKTAIL Pine Grove No. 2 Can BLACK-EYED PEAS IBc Worth Your Money WASHING POWDER •'- *•» 15c Fresh Water Large Can FLAKED FISH- 15t Heil Brand, Grade "A" Sliced Bacon - - Ib. 64c All Meat, Franks or Weiners - - - Ib. 44c Tasty Bologna - - - Ib. 39c American Cheese - - - Ib, 55c SUGAR 10 Ib bag 83c PET MILK 3 rail cans .... 43c Blue Ribbon Toilet Tissu 3 rolls 38c Krcsh, Ripe, Yellow CANTALOUPE 10 C Meaty Neck Bones Ib. 12c Sunkist LEMCNS Fresh, Home Dressed Hens and Fryers Frcsli, f;reen. Hell PEPPERS 14 Kresh. fZrecn, Pascal CELERY 19 l ;ilk I £ Fresh Juicy I tars NM. 2' 2 Can PRUNE iS 15 Salad Queen—(Jiwrt SALAD DRESS. 33 Tiesl Kvcr BLEACH o, 10 (jinn I .lar PICKLES 13 Coffee Shon 1 COFFEE 33 CSCACOLA Texsun GRAPEFRUIT JUSCE 15 Old Houlh C.IANGE JUICE 19 APPLE JUICE 12 C n( it TOMATO JUICE ir, 25' Liberty Cash Grocery Y-WARY IE! TAYtOJS Assorted Cold Mean Crr-mrd P.Hatcf* .mil Prai SI rrtf Frrsh Tomaio»* wjih Salad Dressing Sliced Brr^.f Butter or Margarine Chocolate Pfppvrmini Drmert {Rcrir* bflof) Iccrf TP^ with Lrninn Wrdge* or IcotlCoffre \-OTT: [.no* frr i^. t.i ip.u.i. Chocolate . . . Fapperral^t Dessert Rrnntlcaxt: July JO, J9!R l ,/r«p*»t*r li'^iipfphirtcA./ t • J T '. , in. Conk r.indy ilou-ly uruil mrlrprj in '/^ up iv.itrr. Put pudding pmvJer into Scir in mixture oi mill, and cmaining !-i cup water. Add mcltrd -,intJy. i Ic.ii and ilir to boiling; (hen ook .nnrl s-tir 30 iccomJs- Cover and ;Kili. Oil or rinse witti watrr n quart .nold. Linr side* of «ioM ^-iih 8 strips of c^kc. Fill wuS layers of puHdiriR and rcmainini; 4 itnp* of Ci\ke. HAVC pudding on lop jind bottom. Chi!! unril firm. Txirn out to .<trv*. Garnish fiih cru.^hfd peppermint xictc cAndy, f dcxired. Matci H stn-m R ». : or split Udy fiuRcrt can b« used. Pet Milk, can 15c Chocolate I'tiddinjr Powder, pkg. .. 9 Plain Cake, ea.35c COMPLETE Liberty Gash Grocery ONE STOP Food Service Low Prices Everyday

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