The Austin Daily Herald from Austin, Minnesota on January 14, 1959 · Page 17
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The Austin Daily Herald from Austin, Minnesota · Page 17

Austin, Minnesota
Issue Date:
Wednesday, January 14, 1959
Page 17
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ANNlt SHOULD A LOT ,. _ OP CRIMINAL* M WNNWLOOte. T14 WHBfcfi CxrSERVB 1^8 •-6INW etl6«T,.. ALHCT6PTD EXPECT. PARPON IW/.. BVE&A HOtSU UA6UNB? MARY WORTH Irt 600D TO5EE VOU,CONNIU»'ANO A LITTLE STAKTLINQ!- I'LL WEAR YOU LEFTTEMVEAR5 BEHIND YOU ON THE DOCK. AT GENOA! WONDERFUL TOJEE VDU AGAIN! A§Nt* -By Al Vcrmeer MMM!~\ HE \ LET ME mt t| Nf» »,..,!. Inc. T.M. Rii, VJ. m. Ofl BOARDINGJlOUSE-With Major Hoeple iip&£ .. • YIME PipjSdys—foME RETRED < HIM, LEAVIN6H 6VER -me ONE -A gOT HlSWlF6TAK6SlMffOAW>ERS/ I'A\ ^:" 1 LOOKS LIKE IT ^ v "' v ' ou &OT A STORY, WE'LL ALRsW Y£\V$S STePPEDW^^-THEYTELL OVERDUE/ I \ Ort BYAivJELKT^^J^Af 1 H= CARNIVAL-By Dick Turner OUT OUR WAY-8y J. R. William* I WANTED YOU 7£> SEE \ fUT HIS CLOTHES J WAY BACK SO HE'f? HAVE TO GET UP TO GET THEM-- AK1P MOW HE PUSHES THE BEP TO THEM/ V WHV MOTHER* Gi- \ jKAV e',","' TIZZY-by Kate Ojann "I believe he's lost his will to livs, doctor. Just a few minutes ago he told m« to shut up!" Want Ads Have Bargains and Good Buys! —. *, JEWISH HIT FILIBUSTER CHURCH HOSPITALS EXPAND _-V^ Ak-~ ,-« * EW YORK * -/he social^ HEW YORK ^ _ Assetg of _^- •" SI m****.mAi-*~ ^ »^ action commission of the Union' .... -*^ ^> «i-.»««fc*.»»T* »,.«»,.,„, of Americaj) Hebfew Congrega .i Pnvate hospitals in the- United tions has urged Congress to abol- ^ tates ' Ulan >' & them church-own ibh the filibuster as an "undemo-'ed. have climbed beyond a total . cratic device" preventing action of S billion dollars, the American IT PAYS TO RIAO TH1 CLASSIFIED APS £ irLT l 5t 8regarding iac " ASBU ' *»»*™** ^^ « "It's ft hope oh«»t, but so far all I've put in i» mothballs!" ORAW/NG THE TOODLCS . FlANC2EIN1DSEl.eCT HERSEL.fjSl OAUGMT6e' MIGHT NOT ARIN6TO REMIND ME OF VOU WHILE A LITTLE LARGE2 TOO MUCH./— AUSTIN (Minn,) HIRA16 f <f *Vedn« s day, Jan, U,'59 || -^"*n -it—t' i mill i-rimLi_imjL_ SHORT RIBS '<* HtO LIARN TO KEEP Hltf MOWH SH^f-Ug «Mft ARCHIE WBST tHEV KNOWVOM,. ME HERE/ / YOU'«E SO £ HAVE A REPUTATION THE PIN BOVS/ KNOCK •< EM-DOWN " LWS l« H6RE/;/ ".'.•^.i SAXON-By Ken Bdd and Jerty Bforidfitld STEVE, YOU'VE~H r I ,...ANP WHEN YOU FINALLY TOOK ITOPP THE .f' RS I.IH'NG YOU SAW WAS SOT TO FORGET WHY YOU LEFT HERE.SURE,I KNOW... YOU HAP YOUR EYE "IEDTO A MICROSCOPE TOO MANY YEARS.. POOP Afte WAN H6R9., MORTY MEEKLf NOW THAT WE'RE (3000 FRIENDS, HOW'S ABOUT LENDING >OUR OLD f>AL ^ AD/ME,OLDBUOCV?' >< WHVTHERS'6 SO LITTLE FRIENDSHIP IN THE WOftLOTOOAV TO MAKE A NEW FRIEND EVERV CW. WOCU? YOU UKE TO 0e MY FRIEND? JUST LIKE 1 TOLPJUH.. LOO^G KXJ NB S° U ^SSI' 3 FDS5IL / G£T 'IM BACK '..AM' FAST/V SHADOWS! THERE) K\vw/ 6MBLLS LIKE A CWRISTMA9 ! BET IT'LL TASTE LIKE ONE, TOO/ y "" U " AK 50ME SOUP WILL PICK ME A BIT WASH TUBBS IN THI& VICINITX—THf CBHTER OF . ALL 8 B0MBIWSS- WE'Ke CUIETLY 1 Cb 5 .^.^'? OK! DYWAWITB EXPERTS AND 5 SLOW WORK! IP THB W!tWE$5SS V WS'LU |OBSp CUUBft, THBY KIPWAP6P A(?e \ OR LUCK! HW>.\,,! GKiAT! pouce STILL ALiVBi WB WU5T THE PAPER 15 OUT 3M-1. MLiVBi V>tr MU&T line rftl'SK l£ OUl FIKJD 'EW FAST. OR / WITH JUP'S 5TOKV BUGS BUNNY JACOBY'S BRIDGE By OSWALD JACOBT Written fot Nt2A 8«fVlc« North probably bid a trlflt too"" strongly but loU of North player* do 80 do some Ea»U, WftBts and Souths. It will bo noted that the slum would be » Inydottn It declarer happened to hold throe spadet and two dla-. monds Mnee a »piul« ruff -would b« the twelfth trick, it will also be noted that a trump load would havs be*t*d th« hand but Wc«t opened th» foxit at dlamondt. George Cardenai of N«w Tork plfty- cd low from dummy. Maybe west was leading from ft combination that Included the ten »pot In which case the load would hiivn given him the Imnd but no such pleasant thing h8t>' u'd. Nevertheless, aeorge did bring home the bacon. He won the trick, led a" olub to dummy'! ao«, ruffed * club, KOHTB 4Kt VK* 14 Jf-AJStS EAST K864 + K 10 9 1 80I/TH 4AS ¥AQJIC4i • A»t *7 Morlh >od South vulnerable If Ml Kwfll tMt Pass 2 * Pats Pats 4 K.T. Past Pass 0¥ ^as» Pas* Opening lead— + 4 led a low heart and promptly ed dummy's tight spot. if this tineas* had lost Oeorge would; b# down two but l{ worked. Now George ruffed another club, got back to dummy with the king of hearts and mffed » fourth club. , This established dummy'* last elub as a trick. Guorge drew the last trump and still had th« king of spades as an entry to dummy for that good club. Easy-to-AAemorize FRECKLES SAY we MAKE A ROUND OF THE NIQHT-SPOTS P.M.? Yes, INDEED/WE'LL NOT MiSS A THIN6 THATfe WORTH SEE- IMS ' 'BYE NOW / ALLTXE MIGHT SPOTS/ WbW/ilt SAY THIS FC NUTTY ~WHEN HE DOES PATE, HE GOES AU. Of<xib«t » VMltil Of )8» with Usu otianan« Wiabington" aquar*. Your* — •etrf, .ctoth, *pre»d, to oberlcli, with m NOW IF WE HUR»5 MY DeAR.WE CAN TOUR. THE ART TUTE

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