Ukiah Daily Journal from Ukiah, California on July 25, 1890 · Page 4
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Ukiah Daily Journal from Ukiah, California · Page 4

Ukiah, California
Issue Date:
Friday, July 25, 1890
Page 4
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E.S.AMES & CO., Palace Shoe Stoke, Grand Hotel Block, State Street, UKIAH, CAL WE ARE NOW OPENING A TREMENDOUS STOCK OF oots, Shoes, Slippers & Ties tOU THE MPIUSfl AVO Nl'JI.WEH TKAJII', Imported direct from the very best Manufacturers. Look at the Latest Styles ! They are all Neat, Durable and Comfortable, and the Very Best Goods that money can buy, and they will be sold as low as Reliable Goods oan possibly be sold. TERMS CASH, AND CASH ONLY! If you want Credit, we can't Trade. Goods sent to any part of the County C. 0. ])., or on receipt of money order. All kinds of Boots and Shoes made to Order. REPAIRING NEATLY DONE. Palace Shoe Store, Grand Hotel Block, State Street. Ukiah, Cal. PEOTECTION-PHIGES. | THE TENDENCY TO LOWER PRICES' IS GENERAL. The Protectionist!) Claim That It I» the Tariff That Does It, but Hie flRmi -i of the Treasury Ptpnrtmttnt Show tin Sftme Decline In ttlo rrlees of Import). The report on "Forctjm Commerce and Navigation," recently issued by tlis treasury department, give3 some highly interesting figures as to the general decline of prices of goods imported into the country. One of the cheapest tricks of the protectionists is to call our attention to the decline in price of some domestic article, and say, "See there! What a good thing protection is!" The simple souls fancy that if the price of any article happens. to go down after protective duties have been imposed, notliing Imt protection could have caused this decline, and eveu the champion protectionist himself, Secretary Blaine, claims that the general effect of protection is to lower prices. But it is evident that the protectionists will have to adopt some more trustworthy method of proving this statement. It will not do to point to prices when the duty was first imposed and prices at the present time. That method simply proves nothing at all. for in nearly every department of human endeavor there have been improvements of processes and of machinery which, as can easily be shown, havo. had an enormous influence iu bringing prices down). When a machiuo has been invented which will do the work of ten men we have a factor which cannot be ignored in estimating the cause of lower price*. Improved processes and machinery are things whose effects can be accivratoly measured; the effects of protection am never be stated in doll.irs and cents, and can at best only be guessed at, even by protectionists themselves, in the absence of anything tangible they "claim everything" for protection, mid when they get hold of a price list of some lino of domestic goods they fondly point at how the tariff has brought down prices, A protectionist of this stamp is Mr. T, J. Clark, who was a delegate to the recent Illinois Republican convention. Mr. Clark is a fanner who fancies thai protection has done n greatc!«nl for him. In this convention he made a speech to his fellow protectionists, and among other things he pointed cut the beauties of protection in the following ! uniinous words: "The blankets under which 1 sleep, that cost mo $12 per pair fifteen years ago, can bo bought today, the same weight and kind, for $6 per pair. Cotton and dress goods have decreased in price rince 1800 in like proportions. The ax 1 use cost me seventy-five cents—a better ax in every respect than the ono my father bought in '57 for a $2 bill. The wagon I use cost me $00, and a better wagon than my father bought during the good old Democratic free trade dayB of1858 to '60 for $140." That may be very convincing to the "simple, childlike faith" of a man like Mr. Clark; but what would he say when it is pointed out that the prices of nearly all foreign goods havo declined in the same way? Would he claim that protection did that, too? Men like Mr. Clark should study the figures on pages 23 and 24 in the latest report of the treasury department on "Foreign Commerce and Navigation." Those pages givo the prices of several different kinds of manufactured and crude articles imported into the country from 1878 to 1889. The price of ordinary unpolished window glass in 1878 was 8.4 cents per pound; in 1889 it was 1.9. In 1878 foreign plate glass cost 77.3 cent" per square foot; last year it was 82.4. This latter fact Is very interesting in view of a dispatch from Pittsburg, Pa., which was recently printed in the daily papers, and in which it was claimed that "until a few years ago very nearly all the plate glass used in America was imported ana WAS sold at about ?1.50 a foot." But the treasury reports for twelve years back give the price of foreign glass as 77 .8 cents; and the decline In price has been mere than one-half. But this Pittsburg dispatch goes on to pay: "Now the home manufacture has grown to such a degree that irnporta- ttona have ceased almrwr- completely, and the price has come down to OS to P0 cents a foot." The question arising here is, if protection caused the price of domestic plate glass to fall from $1.00 a foot to 65 to 90 cento, what caused the imported flaw to fall from 77. a to 32 .4 cents per Foot? Protection could not possibly have oantad the foreign glass to decline in price; and if this declined without protection, why may not the domestic article have declined, likewiso with no regard for protection? As a matter of fact Me decline was due in both instances to Improved methods. But returning to the treasury report w» find that in 1878 foreign pig iron K >M at #88.723) list year it was $16,186. Bar iron felt from 3.8 cents a pound to l.«t*nt«. Steel rails started at $48 ,188 • toa; last year they were $28.056—a decline of morn than half in twelve years. Aavd yet it it steel rails, above all things tlat, that tn« protectionists [mint to a* having been cheapened by protection. Tin plat** fell from 4.i cents to 2.8; raw •uWar from 4.7 to 8 cent*. The average pries of foreign carpeting of all kind* • WM 91 .418 a yard in 197*; in 1889 it was $1 ,111, and in 1800 it U as low a* 65 .7 ;• canto, We have been trying to koop up the k pita* d dconestli; wool by means of high ^iaftWt br-t the attempt has not sue- \-agftt4, 'and foreign wools have been * rrfjjjril *T ** steadily declining prices. ^sThAs 'fnuwS ysr pound aiu &» tulluwn: ^ ** B "' , ism 1839. , ...M .40 Mas, ^jTWIHi r '"1- .M.o se.i mmw** :-v-' M -•;••••"•» ivMnaral tendency to tower !.OTKfctJM» b* shown inrnany tftodartlolajt,hot the' reports ; fc{ the** tablat. Hie lg* *%b&m— to show the general lowering of prices which is going on all over the world, and which the protectionists make hast* to claim as the result of our high tarif. They would have people to believe that It is only in America that prices have become lower. But what do protectionists mean by claiming that the protective tariff lowers prices? What right have they to make that claim? Does not their great apostle McKinley assure us that protection is intended to do just the opposite thing? He defended his high duties when making his noted tariff speech in congress by saying, "We want no return to cheap times in our own corntry," and also "when merchandise is the cheapost men are the poorest." And yet when prices fall the protectionist children sitting in the market place pipe to one another and say, "Protection did it! protection did it!" How can these contrary claims be reconciled? If "protoetvMi did it," then McKinley must give the country a SKIPPED A COG. He Tnok In the Ouruc, but It Wouldn 't Work. I™ waiting at the railroad depot at Cairo, Ills., mid fell in with a young farmer and had quite a lengthy clint with him about agricultural ma.tte.vs. We took tho same train and got into the souoku', and w« had scarcely left Cairo when a young man sat down in the se.'it fAeinjr us and began to throw three cards about. It was the old, old game, nud 1 smiled In contempt. Not so with my acquaintance, however. He was at once Interested, and when I denounced tho game as r. swindle he replied: "Well, I duuno about that. I believe I kin pick out that, keerd." It wasn't three minutes before he bet tlmt he could, and he won. Then lie bet •10 and won. Then he bet $10 more and wot). "You were born lucky," paid the sharper. "Don't, you want to raise your bet?" "I guess so. I'll KO you $7", this time." I expectexl to see him lose, of course, but he won, and as he did so the other uttered an oath about a rod long, and put up the totally different kind of medicine if hoi c)m \ s . i saw tbat be was greatly perturbed wants "no return to cheap times in our and said: .i .vn country." Let it 1 K > kept in mind ' that Dr. McKinley wauts to keep the ! temperature of his patient up. Bnt if | the temperature goes down in spite of his quack medicines he has no right to toast that he reduced the temperature and thus saved the life of his patient. He was trying to keep the temperature up. PERSONAL GOSSIP. "What's the matter, old mauf" "That's what I'd like to know myself." he angrily exelnirc^d. "I'm no professional; I'm a farmer's hired man. About two weeks ago a chap came along and offered to 9how me how to work this for $25. I took it in. This is the first time I've tried it in public." "And you are about a hundred dollars ontf" "Exactly. Hang me for a yaller calf, but the durned machinery has skipped a nog, blown out a flue, broke a piston rod or bust a oiler on me somewberes, and I'm so near dead broke that 1 can't raise a chaw of tobacco. 1 orter known better. Kick my shins if I ever did have sense enough to burglarize a haystack, and here I've gone broke mxl made a fool of myself to bootl"—-New York Sun. If You Have CONSUMPTION I COUGH OR COLD BRONCHITIS] Throat Auction SCROFULA I Wasting of Flesh. Or any Dtsenee uhere the Throat and £M »0* are Inflamed, tack of Strength or Xrr*» rower, you can be ret Uvea and Cured fry SCOTT'S EMULSION OF PUKE COD LIVER OIL With Hypophosphites. PALATABLE AS MILK. Ask for 5 >'0 'f* JPrnu 'Wo**. and let n* em* pJanafton or eoticitatten induce f/uti t» aoctpt a eubititut*. Sold by all X>rnugt3ts* SCOTT * BOWNE,Ch*>ml»tc, N.Y. If You Have K« appetite, Indtsrastton, Flatulence, Hick HeuUHCho, "all rum dona." 1 M> lug- ilcxb, you will 1'luil NOTICE OF SHERIFF'S FORECLOSURE SALE, NOTICE OF SHERIFF'S FORECLOSURE SALE, DO YOU READ THE- Order of Sale and Decree of Fore- j Order of Sale nud Decree of Foreclosure and Sale. closure and Sale. Acquiring Information. "Kxcuse me, sir," he said, as he stepped into the office, "but do you carry any life insurance?" "I'd like to answer that question by asking another," said the merchant. "Do you carry any Are Inaurancef" "Why, no. I" "Well, if you go out, quietly you won't bo fired, that's all."—Detroit Free Press. The oldest member of Lord Salisbury's cabinet Is I^ord Craubrook. who is 78, Lord Salisbury himself Is 60. Mr. Edison has Invented an Instrument by which ono may sign a oheck for any amount at a distance of hundreds of miles. One of the tallest mc:: in congress Is Representative Mansur, of Missouri. He is t) feet 3 Inches In height and Is built In proportion. The richest pension attorney in Washington is George E. Lemon. He is a bachelor with a fortune of $2,000,000, and spends about «25,0QO a year. Otto Goldschuiidt is engaged busily iu writing a life of his wife, the late Jenny Lind. It is said that some of the memoirs will be very curious. Signor Crispi ia said to have been at one time a subject of the sultan, his father and mother emigrating in the time of All Pasha from Janlna to Sicily. John L. Sullivan Is to locate In Berkshire county, Mass., on a stock farm. Into which, it Is said, he lias put most of the money that he has saved. J. B. Haggiu, the turfman, Is reported to bo worth from W,000,«M to 110,000,000. The greater part of his fortune is invested in a Montana copper mine. The wealthiest of all the presidents was probably Washington, whose estate when he became chief executive was considered worth from $800,000 to 1500,000, It Is not generally known that Mnj. McKinley received as a Christmas present in ISSttt.he handsomest watch ever designed and made in the United Ststos. Judge .1. P. Smith, of Fort Worth, who is now worth t\ .IWO.OOO. once walked from Kentucky to Teias because be did not have enough money to pay his passage. "Old H,utch," the Chicago speculator, in the. midst of an enormous business )lnd» time to devote much attention to reading novels. He is an admirer of good writing. Searen, a Parisian, who made millions out of the Panama canal, haa gone to Egypt in the interest of the project to convert the Desert of Sahara Into an inland sea. A man acknowledged to bo the leading philatolist of today Is J. B. Moeus.ot Brussels, Belgium. Ills investments In his hobby are said to be upward of a million francs. Senator Call, of Florida, Is a Kentuck- tB.ii by birth. He is 0 feet toll, weighs about 200 pounds, and is erect, dignified and courteous. His hair is black and his eyes blue. Clement Garnett Morgan is the only Harvard class day orator who has achieved the distinction of having the salient points ot his oration telegraphed all over the United States. Lord Randolph Churchill can answer the old question, "Who reads an American book?" with the prompt reply "I do," for ( he is said to havo a pai'tlculur fondness j for American novels. Charles Stewart Paruell is a close reader of American newspapers and American literature generally. Balfour, chief secretary for Ireland, is also an omnivorous reader of American newspapers. Of Professor Johu Fisko in private life, The Book Buyer says that ho has an excellent baritone voice and sings.German \ and English songs with expression, taste and feeding. He can also execute a Beethoven sonata upon the piano. Col. Sir Edward Bradford, the new chief commissioner of the London police, is a very distinguished military officer and was on» of the most celebrated sportsmen of the British army. He has but one arm, the other having been torn off by a tigresa which ho bad attacked In India. Young Coningsby Disraeli, the nephew and heir of the late Lord Beaconsfield, is developing into a • fluent speaker. In personal appearance he much resembles th« early portraits of bis famous uncle, bis features potsssssing In a marked degree the characteristics of tho race to which ha belongs. Cardinal Manning awns a •mall farm, from which he dally receives dairy produce and such vegetables »nd fruits as are in season. The library is his working and .. living room, end here he almost alwaysh*a * ru STW» everywhere, a Are, for bis decreased vitality maks* him feel chilly. The cardinal knows the piece of every book. the reinorir yon need. Therteieenp the weak stomach and build up tue flngglug; eaer{Hee. Auflerere from ntoiitnl or )thy*ac*l overwook will rind relief from tiieui. Nicely eug-er coated. SOr,D> J2VJEIIYWIII2KE. D ISPATGH«M1 EMOGRAT? IF NOT, YOU J DO I S TOT SEE All the Local News All the Court;y News, All tL > General News, All the Court News, All the Supervisors' Proceedui- s, All the Real Estate Transfer s, All the Legal Advertisements, All the Business Advertisements, OUR FACILITIES FOR DOINO JOB PRINTING NANCY IIELDT, 1 T TNI1EU AND IIV j of side ami .Ic OEO. nEl .DT. | DcfeUilnnl. j Vll'.TUR OF AN nltriEK i-y of fun'etoKUrv, ami >mh- iHHiied out of l!ie Hupi'rior t'oitrt of Hie County of .MiMldoclno, Hlsle of Cnlifnrniu, on tin; Until day of June, A. l>. IS'JO. hi (lie above entitled action, wlwrcln Nancy Hcldt, iliu above nnnic'il tilalutill', ohtutut-U u "judgment and decree of foreclosure and sale aitalml tieome Heidi, de- fondant, on the 23d duv of June, A. 1>. 1!*0. for the sum of twelve humfrcd and two and twenty- SECI.-ItlTY SAVINUS ] HANK, Huintiir. WII.UAM K. 1'lfc', Mot Hit Match. A fellow thinking to appear smart entered a notion store on Sixth avenue the other day and said to one of the salesladies, "Ever Lave any call for husbands here?" "Oh, yea, occasionally. Are you looking for a market?" 'Yes," said Smarty. "All right. Step right up on the ten cent counter."—Texas Sittings. Vnailut. "Now, my boy," said the old gentleman, "I want you to model your career on strict principles of integrity." "Is that so?" "Certainly—yon seum surprised!" "Well, I must say I had rather expected you would want me KO carry ou the business of your ofllce when you got ready to retire."—Washington Post. To cure Biliousness, Sick Ileadacho, Constipation, Malaria, Liver Complaints, take the safe and certain remedy,. SMITH'S BILE BEANS I'so the SJIAU, BUe (401ittle Beans to tho bottle). TllEV ARE TUB MOST OONVSNLE .Ni'. Snlublo lor all Je-e^e). Price of either nl»e, 85u. per Bottle. «*.BV HiU Mailed Tor 4 cu. (eoFfxr. or iTn ^st. J.f.SMtTH£.C9 .Mi)lieriof-BiLBBEAKg l --fiT.tQUIS M9. Of Every Description are Unsurpassed. WITH OUR t A Mild Rebuke. Patron (J\wt ticdiug atauiling room on overloaded street car)— I tliink this com* , pjitiy nhoultl >e stopped from overloading its cars this way. Conductor—Please, sir, the company don't overload them. It's the people get- tin' on after the earn U full.—New York Weekly, 1 I flrffiutant. j nndt'riunl by virtue uf 1111 orflor of ffiln iniilde- erwi 01' I'Mn -cluMwv ami sale tf»nue<J uut uf Hie siui«»rtor Cuufl n( ilio Oouijtv --A Mendociuo, SttiH' 01' t'Hlifoi nl.-i, on rheUtli day tn June, A. U. 1*1*0, >.n tin- above ftii it led notion, wherein sjoiMirity ^livings Iltuik, the abov« unmtd (litilptiir. ohtuin.'il a juilgment iind deerve oi loiveloNiiri* Hiiii suit* nttnfiiKt Win. K. Utilesplo, oiu- one-limiuivdthy ilalluia in I. ! tilted | dt'feruliiut. on the yth day of June, A. D. 1S10, lor Slales fjold coin, l.eMdeH Interest, ensi*. and ; tin* aumofiixteen th-.u-snnd one hundred and 1 lees. inaLlntf In all il-iSl.'Jl whieh Mild tie- , forty-two nud liity .six 0110 hundredths ($16,14i!.5G) dollars in V. S. Kold eotn, besides Interest and eosts and counsel fees making hi nil •frUi.fiofi.OJ, b -'Hlik 's corns iiinl iuteiest 10 accrue, which said decree WHS , on the '.lib day of Juue, A. \). recorded in Judgment Book No. :i, of .nald Court at IUIKO . 1 am commanded to .-ell all the eerie in lot, piece or puree Is 01 land shn.ile. lyWig and belim In thu count v ijf .Mendocino, .-rate of Cull for 11 In. mid bounded ami described 10 follows, lo -wil: Ht -^luniufj; u the north wi-st corner of Beetton siMeen ntij, township Uu-he (li!J north, ruugu eleven (11) wed; tlieite- youth Wcliuius, thuuee CH.-K;IJ chain-:, tlnjiuc south '2Q chains, tlieueo ea .-t i;».VH chains, thence north IW'li.', east WM .i chain-., ihetice e.'isl 17.4i> chiiliiH, theiti 'e ui-rth -10 chain.- to the eommun comer of aoctloua 'i, 10, l.i ami H>. thence wi'.-t iio C I IH I UH , theuce uortli L'O chains tlu-uee eusi 20 cbuine, thence north 'JiJ • miin;., Iheucc west '20 chains, thRiiee north tdmiiiH to the Mouth line of section four (4), Uieuee north westerly -LM) chains to the Uklah and Cloverdale road, theuce northerly alon? sisid road follow* the beuds thereof to a point >U>u chuins, cast to the northwest corner or the uorthwest (.juurter of the (tout beast ouarter o£ section lour (4), thence west to HU M corner, thence Houth 20 chains, thence west '20 chains, thenee south V0 chains, theuce we?»t 40 chains, lhem*t> north'JO chains theue» west 20 chnlus, theuce north L'Ochains, thence west '20 chains, thence north 40 chains, thence west 100 chains, Iu the township Hue, theuce eoutmuiuff west 1*0 chains, theueo soutlt 40 chains, llieuee east lliO chains to the township line, theuce continuing east 'SO chains theuce south 20 chains ibeuee east 40 chains; thence south '20 chains to the northwest coruer ot .section eight, thence east 40 chains thence south 20 chains, thenca east 20 chains, theuce south 20 chains theuce cast 20 chains, to the west line of section nine, theiiee south 20 chains, thence east 40 chain?, 1 hence south 20 chains, thence west 40 chains to the piaee of he ;;innlnjc, containing 2.IC0 acres, comprising portions of Cuitccl States townships I twelve (12) uorth, range eicven (11) west and i twelve (lv.) uorth, rai'ige twelve (12) west, Mount Diablo Base and Meridian, excepting and reserving therefrom the Occident Quicksilver miniujf hind known as lot thirty-seven. Public notice is hereby given that on Oree wrts, on the 2Hd d :iv of June, US'.'O, recorded in Judgment i '.ook So. ;i of siild Ctmrl, at page 297, I am commanded to sell all that certain lot, piece or parcel of land situate, lying and bein^ in the county <d Mendocino. Htnlo of California, ami bounded and described as follow*, to wit: Being lu I tie vtlhipi* nf rj^jmr, and eommevu 1 - Injiat a point on ilic enMcriv line of tht* coast roa.i, distant tifty hvi souih'-ity of *h«* «outh- w.'st coruci" of tin- panel of laud ou which Frank Kelly's xtore 1ml Id Burs an- slluateil; thence ruunlng from <»aid point cu' beginning north W'', east four hundred and *hlr\v-«d.\ feet; Tlience Boulhcrly parall'-l w'tii Miid road one hundred feci; Ihenee smuli 4*" west, tour hundred and lliirty -<i\ feet to tt:" en.sierly line of said rood; theuce on the f ^i -ue .'ly line of said load northerly one hundred feci to tiie point ot beginning. Public uoticc is hereby given that on Snhinlny, the Jil day of August, 1890, At 2 o'clock' P. M. of that day, iu frotitot the Court House door of the county o)".Meud' CLiub, 1 wlil, lu obedhuce to said order oi sub: and de crco of foreclosure and sale, sell the above described property or *o much thereof as may fje necessary to satisfy said Judgment, with Interest and costs, etc., to the highest :'" ( 1 best bidder for gold enln of tlm United States. bated thisUOth dav of June, J. -M. STANULBY, Sheriff. By T. J, WtiLOON. Under .Sheriff. "NOTICE OF SHERIFF'S T ORE-" CLOSURE SALE. Order of Sale anil Decree of Fore closure and Sale, ANNIE E. DIXON, J'•(«(« I (J, A. II. AKMSTONO, l!t Al TTNDER AND IIV VIRTUE IJ of sale titnl di'cm'. nf inr> Power Press t Steam Engine We are prepared to turn out First-Class Work on Short Notice and at Reasonable Rates. OF AN OKDIvl: I H"SU». I J out of th(.'Supt-rinr ('oun 01 l tii- enmity of McndoiMiio, Snue ot CidiKii-niii, nu tin* l'^ih iltiy ol July, A. IK l.^'JO, in tlw uliovc fuuiU'it action, wliotvln Aiwiit! 1C. lil .xon, the nonve naiat-d plalntiH', <".',tiilni?tl a Jtulf;int''.H ami decree ol t -->r<'(>los ».tre nml P!I!L * n^niil.'il A. M. Anu- Hlroui; ai 'il K. A. ohiM\voo (l, defi 'mlmit;-, on tho :11st ilay of March, A. D. 1W.I0, for the sum of t'lirht hu'K'rt'il ami syvcti- tpuu ami oiKhty-elpM one iitiii 'lri 'dth.-- (iSlT.Kh) ilollaM, In United Elates Mold eoiu, hesldes In- tere«t, eostH (ii:t.:»0), and neeruin^ Interest and coslB, \yhieh salii deeree ^\•a'^ (>u the l'JIh dav July, A. D. lwio, reeorde.l in Judgment iiodk '3 of .said Court, at ]>at:e ^7'-', 1 am eutnmunded to . Bell all \i\e. certain lov, vleee "r jtureels of laud, j Bltuato, lyiufr ami Induj; in the comity of Meni doelno. Slate of California, and hounded uud dcHerllH 'd an follow*, to wU: The S\V H of the SK '. 4 ' and SIC 1 ot S\Y H<H! tlon III, and the NI! of the NW '.. and Die NW % of thu NK '< of See III, In Tu W N. li- 11 W, M 11 M. containing h;0 acres, together \i ftlx and singular the tenemeuu iiereiiltamentH and ap- purtenanccs thereto Ijelonglug or iu uuywiae appertainint,'. I'uhlic notice U hereby jriveu that ou i Siiliirdny, the 20Ih day of July, 1890, at 1:30 o'clock r. M . of tbat day, In front of the Court H OUHO door of the county of Mendocino, I will, In ohedleiice to said order of sale and de* cree of foreclosure and. sale, sell the above described property orco much thereof as may bu necessary to satisfy said Judgment, with Interest, and costB, etc., to thu highest and best blddar for gold coin of the United .Stales. Dated this Mth dav of juue, 1SS0. J. M. !STANl)LEY ,8h «rttT. lty T. J. VVni.Dox, I'nder-bherlir. S9td Order of Adjudication of Insolvency JJeop he* told u* tho tale of • mult) which, from overfeedlnir, iralloped ebout and fell guy, e»ytn« to hluieelf: "Mr father, nurely. •u ft hicb-niiiUlod racar, and I am bin own child In ipeed and spirit.' Next day he was iia*and wenrr; ho then exolAiined: "I must save made a tnlnaku; my father, after all, could hare h«eo only an u*»." A man, after eating a good dinner, may fori extravairaiulr loroua; but next day (I don't mean you to Infer be feel* like an mul he la aurly and irriro, hla atomach and Uver are tiiignith, ba la ..- Jlusi raoroea, deauondent and " out of sorta -- • - ladiireirJon, B ' of the Stoi._, , _ . B5 «r«6, Dr. Pleroe'a Golden Medical Dlaoov- eraUy. derannjmeiif* BUiouaiMS aai _ inach. Liver and •en>d all ery )• an unequaled Bemedr. Contalna DO aloohol to inebriate; no ayrup or sugar to ferment and derange the dlgeiUve prooeaKa, It oteantaa the tyatem and ourea " rlniple*. ind Scalp nlotehea, eruj«looa and all Skin and OUeaaea. Scrofuloua affeotlona, aa Fever- asrea, Hip-Joint Dlaeaae, liwelllnga and Tu- mora, yield to Ita auperlor alterative propor- noa, Uanufaotunri, Buffalo, N, 7. V /WOwUU offered for ai, tw , \ i| Incurable can " * "»# of Catarrh lu the Head, by •f^"--* J" , the proprtotora of Dr. Sajrea Catank Remedy. Only 60 cant*. Sold hi One Way to. tear* a-nail, Many people* divllka to taka httit at table because they do not with a» much aa the usual nixed buncnee oi ura-wa or • whole orange or banana On* entertainer, whoae fruit la always aaten with a rallab, prepare* It lu s dainty mnaner oo plat*«, one of Trbich U uended to each gueat. 1,'hs center of the table ia of course I darned with beautifully Kcrasgad trait (torn which, vhe v '*tea cas be raplantahad if neoteaary. The boat*** prepam (papcE by cutting the baneucft lata MM II bit*, each eobtai^- !ng parbapa • doses, grapes. Two of U MSS elystafa, of dllarent eolon, an than tied togotbar with Barrow ribbon, and the/ ara •errsd on tbo plates with quarters ot oritifss, wkoss sfBUBu are pullsd aligbf-r ir 'aaait to gl«« tbs W posaibU trwkl* IteltlH .• •• ' ' t'nr Ciitavrl. V. V. 1.INIMKM lllix >'u \ I'vn: Try it. j Ijulorsot hy (he MwlivHl FAenlty. l-re ^erilH -it l»y Mrtu |rrHMeii-eii *a l.ertdlua; l'li ,>ni «:iuiiH, Camphor Chloral Liniment. O AKLAND February 7,1890. "This may certify that wo hftvc uatxl the C C. I.Ininient lu our family, and have found It to be the best and most cflVclive medicine for ncu- rnlyja tisid kludred dl^-ascn of any that we have tried. Wt-cttii unliesltalinjily letommend i( us a most powerful and useful /eiucdv." E. K. U1M.E, Paptor of the Firm M, K. Church. For nil chronic ea^e.v, in eonneevlou wlthC. C. UNIM KNT, use "CoMl'uUN'D BU1.FHUK BOW- 1 >KU " fox*thoroughly cli anting the blood and toniiiK tip toe entire ttjstem. It \n put up only by 'llie W. II. Hone <'o., 12 Bush Htivet, In larjie bottles. Price $1 per holUe, 0 boUlen for 50; nont postpaid ou receipt of price, THE i\ (!. iilXniK!»T CO., VI Itinli htoe»», S. V. JTsir -l'OR RALK BY ALL DRUClOlSTa, xxr. zs. xsoso-zi, UeiivrHl Haulier niut Hecretnry CALL AND SEE SAMPLES AND GET PRICES. Anything from a Visiting Card to a Three-sheet Poster printed in the most artistic style. 6^"If yon are going to Call on a Neighbor, Dun an Enemy, Marry a Friend, or Start a Circus, the pain will be greatly allaviated by patronizing the DISPATCH AND DEMOCRAT Steam Printing House. Administratrix Sale oi' ifeul Estate. T. YOTICfi W IIKRKBY CUVEX, THAT IN i'l-'U- i\ nuance of an ordi r of tin-HnjiiM ior L'ouit of Uie said eouidv of Mcndoeino, Svate of I'nlifoi- nla, made on Lbc Uith day of Jnlv, IW'0, in the matter of the e.-tate of J. D. Wathen. deceased, the under.-* I K nod, lb u Administratrix, will ftell ut public auction, to the highest bidder, for cash, and mibject to rsoufiriOKtiou by said Superior Court, ou V.d.h nu> of Auenst. lKPO, at one o'eiot'k i*. M ., (jovelo, HI II. Minks' stt >r» i , In the county of Mcndm-hio, «U the riRlit, title, inttMCKt i'it I eitute ot* tin- said decen-n>d, id the time of bin death, and all the rif-hl, liiio and intercut that the Mild estate lias, b> operation of law or otherw We, aenuired other than tic in ud- ditiou to that of the wald J. li. Wathen, de- , cea«ed, at the tltau of hi« death. In and to all' IM that certuiu loi. ptere or pnieel o; laud situate,' I lyiut?, and bi-iiic in tin* f-nid tonit-' of Mendo- \ Jov tin eino, Stale of CuMfoi-nia, and bonndud and de- seribwl i»» follow d, to wit: Ali ttta» rut! estrtle situate in Mondnchn) conntv, State ot Ualif .ir- nla, de^'ribod 0" folioWH. io u'it; NW ot -Sec 1, and .iK J, of Ni; \' x of -Sec ft, iu T 22 N, r XI \V, M W M. Alpo all thai real estate Hitnnle in Trinity county, Slate of Callfortiiii, deftmbed as foltoWH, to wit: Ne % of So of «ec 10, Nw of sw and W y x of NW y\ oi ri. ell, a!«o W >. v ol N w N a I N THE ^UI'KIIIOII C(K:KT OF THE COUK- ty of Meudoeluo, lit ate of Caiiforula. lu the matter ot Timothy Murray, an Insolvent debtor.--Timothy Murray having tiled (u this Court his petltlou, schedule and inventory In lusolveney iroei which itunpoars that he is an lusnlveul"Debtor, the said Timothy Murray I K hereby declared tu he iusoiveut. Tho j?he;JtVof'tlie countv of Mendocino iu hereby directed to take possesion of all the eatute, real and personal, of the said Timothy Murray, tu* H .dvent Debtor, except such us may bo by law exempt from exeetttlou, and of all his deedn, vouchers, books, of account, and papers, ami to keep the same safely mill! the appointment of au ASH I KUCC of hit* estate All persons tire for* bidden to pay any debts to the said Insolvent,nr front of the I to deliver any propertv, belon?iim tu such In' .solvent, to him or to any pet -Bon, Crm, corporation or association for his tme; nud thu «uld debtor '>s hereby forbidden to traimluror deliver any property, 'until the further order of thia Court, except as herein ordered. it h further ordered, that all the creditors of said debtor be and appear before thu Hon. K. MiM.nvvvuy, Judge of the superior Court of thu county of Mendocino, lu open Court, at. the Courtroom of .said Court, ii: the County of Meudncluo, ou the 11th dzy of August, lft)0, ar 10 o'clock A . M., of that duy, to prove thelv debt* and choose oue or more assignees of the estalo of said debtor. It Is further ordered, that the order he published in the D I.S I 'ATCU- D EMOCHAT . a newspaper of t<eueral circulation, published in the county of Mendocino, as*often as the said paper in pub- llMied >»efnre the said day set for the. meeting uf iTcditOfs. Audit is further ordered, that, in tho meantime, «Ft proceedings ugnluat the said iusolvtut be staved. Dated June ijlh, 1890. it. McOARVEY, ::?td Judee of the Superior Court. L. O.wtoTHKHri, Att'y for Fetltlouer. Saturday, (lie Kith day of Augiut. iilOO, At 2 o'clock i\ M., of that day, iu , , . . —. •Court House do., rot the County of Mendocino, j solvent, to himor to any petHon, briu, I will, lu oU 'dieiice to said ordrt* of Hale and ' "" " "'' di-cree of foreclosure and sain, sell the ut>ove described properly, or so much thereof as may bo necessary to satisfy sulci iudRment, with inter- tNt and costs, tte., to ibe highest and best bidder, ibr tf.dd coin oi the L'uited -jtates. Dated July LHh, l»'.»o. ,f. M. .STANDI.KY, HheriO*. Ily T. J. W KI.DO S , Vnder SherlfT 42- Id Notice. of Uu> N w of the Nu.S^fjec li\, also'hit No \ of v.he tiw }•+ of the Sw {•:, of Hec 11, and the H V, (he Se of See lu, also a W: and Ne of Sw of $o of .See lu, all In Tt i of S OL* 20, lite *W !-4 of ,-ire ; u y. of in Tp 27 N, E Lighting! •T.kOUII.MO. nA4.k.AS.TEX. The New Hone Sewing Maehlnn Compsny, Patttflc iic,)i«ttnieiU,Dliitrlb«thigOmce,1aj IH .r- kotPtreot, Hlatory BHlldln?, Mrtu Kranclicn.Cal, CU A UAHT i, CUNNINOIUif, Satf A ««B U, Dklub, Cal. The North Pacific Land and Improvement Company will put in an Electric Light System in Ukiah as soon as the weather will permit, and will furnish Electric Lights and Electric Power at the lowest possible figure. For particulars address W. H. H. GRAVES, Secretary North Pacific Land and Improvement Co. 20 New Montgomery, San Francisco. U und N'w UK, 11 M. AlliO Sw t;<lf tl:i' Hw 1 N« }i nml Sw Ki of ilie 'J7 N, It 12 \V, Mil M. AlHO Sw ii of the Nw W, ti.e N >..-, of the nml Ihe so '..J ol the !•»• ot tioc : M , lu f \ itl'iW.M DM. 8 X A of f • '-4 anil the Sw of the 8w nnd lot 3 uf Sec ll, in Tp 0 H. It S K, II M. Al«otlve one un'iivUUHl ImU lulyront lu oil that real entitle Hituntc In Trlully eotimy. stuto of C:iUion:lu, kuov, u unil lU'Heriljetl UH followf,, lo wit.: The UUM tb(,Be',;,Sw:-i ol the fie i.; nn,| the of the Sw S' of riee VI . i .lno Xe }.i of the Hw ii. Bo 1 , ol the Nw 1 and \V \» o( the Sv ol See 8, blj of the Be !i of See t'0, onil the W U of theHw C'of SenUl, nil in Ti. r. H, 11 » E, 11 M., Nw H of8,'c 't p I s, it il K. II M. T I;«M~AMI > Ct'SBirioN* o* S .4i .t: TASH— Ten per cent, of the jitiri:h :t90 money to he paid lo thLMniittoneer on the Oav of suln, bulimec ou eonilnnfltlon of sale bs siiio Superior Court. JJeeil nr. expeude of purchaser. July liiib, ISSO. El.t.EN' WATIfKV, AilllllnlitrHlrlT. J. K. Cn .iMBEn". Att'y for .'.iltn'lrix. N PURSTJAXCE Or' AN ACT ENTITLED Alf 1 to etttiilill.t 'h u brunou IllKune A«ylum ; lionme of the Stnte of Cullfornlii, lit Ukluh, Meuiloeluo Cmtuty" (Slut, of ISSI J, ('hup. piiu'^'i.-, to we ure herehy HUthor- iz,.d to advertise for settled proposal*, whicii will Ujreeelved ut the oillee oi lite 1'reshleut of the Hoard of Directors of the Mendoelno Statu A*yiuni for the lusHne In the Town of Uittiih, Memlocluo County, r:allf»rnla, until 12 o'eloel; M.. on MONDAY, TIIK UTH DAY OV AIXIUST, ltyo, for the sevenil brunchen of labor nml ititi- terluls to be furnished for the erection and eoinpletlon of ImildtuKS for vhe Meiuloclao Stitto AHylum lor the luiiane on tiie lnud Unowit as the "llartlott Uauch," hear tho Town of Uklah, Me.iuloeino 'JouitVy, t 'ulit 'ornla. Drawing* and epeelllentloii." for tho noid hullillnpi fan he seen daily from y u'eloelt A. M, until 4 o'clii:!: r. .v., ut the oilleu of the arclil- leeis of the iiild Hoard, C'opelund .1 Felree, No. VMi Kearny Street, Sun Fviuieifco, Col. hlittik proj )Onal forms, and all information la remml lo the uiauner In which tiroposuU ure to be teudered, to be obtained from tho architects aforesuld. I'ttvmenta to be made In Htate warrants, whieh will be available at the time Mated lu the aforesaid Act. Uiieb nrnpoKal mvtM be oceompanlea by u bond of 10 per cent of the amount of tho proposal tendered. No Chinese labor, or materials inaiinlnenired bv Chi ue«'i labor, to Iw used In tho erection of tiie said building. , , , The Hoard of Director* reterven tho right lo reject ouy or all bids If found neeeitBry as tho public h'ood "my require. U KIAH , July lltb.lsao. AUCHIB.\l.D YEI.T,, J. 11. S EAWEIX , Secretary. l 'teslrtent. For Ihe Board of Dlreutom oi ttlo Mendocluo Btule Asylum for the Insane. 1 TNITKU STATUS I.ASD Ol'F'.CE, 3\S FRANI Cisco, Cal., Julv 1, Jiitiu. Notle« 1« liwbv ylvei> tlmt In eompHn;>rsN wllh the prorlKlons of the Act oi CotiKlvss of June 1S7K, entitled "An Aet for tho HII I O of timber lauds lu the States of t'nlifornln, Oregon, Nevada and Wa*htnftlon T.-rrliorv," SYDNEY (1. M1TCIIKI-U of Alameda, Coviutv o( Alameda, (slate ol California. Im? this dny filed In ill I a nllleelila iworn ttnteitteut No . for the purebare. of Lot 3 of Section No. IK, In Township No. 15 north, ka'iitu No. II west, M. (1. M„ ami will oll'er proof lo •bow that 1 lit- laud i.u,ii/hi I, mow valuable (or Its tlmlKH' or (done than for agricultural onrpoit- e», and lo Ills claim lo said land before tiiu Ketfltlcr and Receiver ol this office at Sim KrnuelBco, Cal., on Tl'KSDAY, the 2,'ld day of P. Kotbermel, C. (I, liali.'.v, all of San Election Notice. September, IMUJ. lie names us wltuessos: Morrell, T, J. B;ilk<>, r. n. Francisco. Cal Any and all Hbovu-f JOHN I', DUfElUX, KeglMer, SCHOOL TAX. y anil all nrraont «laltnlii| Kdversolv the • '•'nil i M i'"" 1 " " r " f")'"-'" 1 "' •« fllK 'thelr mil2 AU 0,1 or ^''ofu "aid SSd day of VOTICK 1R HltllKHY 01VEN TO THU Ql'AL- 1> inert elector, of Mill Crock School oi»tr("«, Crtiiuiy of Mendocino, State of California, Unit an election will be held ou tho Serum! day of August, 1800, at wbleti will be submitted tho quentlon of vmiHK » la* 1" niUe lunils to purchase the land (two acres) where the school house stands f! will hn necessary lo raise for this put The polls will be open «t Mill Creek bVliool House from 0 o'clock /.. M. until 7 o'clock v. M. The J:wl«c» appointed tn conduct tho election — • "-ntiuuel Dldillo, Sr., ami purpose arc: itobert C'liuk, Clnbe U BI tlott. ii J OHN T ILLMAN, It. llAIICOCH, W.P.V AN N APM, UUtrist Schgoi Triutwjjj i

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