The Carroll Sentinel from Carroll, Iowa on December 7, 1894 · Page 8
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The Carroll Sentinel from Carroll, Iowa · Page 8

Carroll, Iowa
Issue Date:
Friday, December 7, 1894
Page 8
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*vT Jt* *' ypivfy}^ j-v-i^i?* ^"ft t ^ M f 1* , • *T- i ' ^ v Y ' ' * * ' r ADDITIONAL LOCALS. Smoke fil Oemelo. Rubbers »t Moore's. Overshoes at Moore's, i Ladles' overshoes at Moore's. Children's overshoes at Moore's. , Gentlemen's overshoes at Moore's. The El Oemelo, best 5c cigar in town, tot sale at the Hub. You can get fine repairing done at Moore's shoe store. WANTED—A girl to do general house* Work. Inquire of U. 8. Hefielfingor. Vihen you Want first class fruita of any kind; call at Bcliachtner & Egan's cash grocery. Hear all the latest songs, dance? etc., at the opera house Monday night. Ladies free. Price 10, 80 and 30. Try n sack of Crosby's best flour, for •ale by Schachtner & Egan's grocery, and bo convinced of its superiority. A crate of new dishes—fine decorated Ware—just received at H. T. Daniels'. They will be sold at a bargain. For rent,—two dwelling houses, one located on north side and the other on the south side. Geo. W. Bo wen. Martin & Clovis have just received a new invoice of ice skates, having closed out their first invoice m short order. Rev. G. G. Jordan will not preach at the Presbyterian church next Sunday, bat will the Sunday following Dec. 16. The place to buy your holiday presents is at Sturges & Thurlimann's. They can please you in both qnality'and price. The folks are as good as the people antj Merchant will sell you choice Japan tea for 22 cents a pound and D pounds for of real water, steam boat etplosion and Lacey's plantation on the Mississippi. Any one who has children .will rejoice with Li. U. Afulford, of Plalnfleld, ». J. His little boy, five years of age, was sick With croup. For two days and nights he tried various remedies recommended by friends and neighbors. He says: "I thought sure 1 would lose him. 1 had seen Chamberlain's cough remedy advertised and thought I would try it as a last hope and am happy to say that after two doses he slept until morning. 1 gave It to him next day and a cure was effected, 1 keep this remedy In the house now and as soon as any of my children show signs of croup 1 give It to them and that is the last of it." 26 and 60 cent bottles for sale by J . W. Hatton, druggist. Catarrh Cannot be Cured with local applications, SB they cannot reach the seat of the disease. Catarrh Is a blood or constitutional disease, and In order to cure it you must take Internal remedies. Hall's Catarrh Cure is taken internally, and acts directly on the blood and mucous surfaces. Hall's Catarrh Cure Is not a quack medicine. It Was prescribed bjoneof the best physicians In this country for years, and IB a regular prescription. It Is composed of the best tonics known, combined with the beat purifiers, acting directly on the mucous surfaces. The perfect combination of the two ingtadlentsls'what produces such wonderful lesults In curing catarrh. Send for testimonials, free. F. J. CHENEY A CO., Props., Toledo, 0. Sold by druggists, price 75o. When you are. looking for holiday goods do not forget to call on Sturge* Us :• \ Thurlimann and examine their goods and ' get'prices. Billy Kurtz has been on the sick list for a couple of days and Mr. Florencourt lias been yery busy getting out the Oermania. We haye what we advertise and if you want groceries cheap, give us a trial order. H. T. Daniels, cash grocer, oppo- ' site, court house. * Call for genuine Boono lower vein 1 lump, Indiana block, Hocking Valley 'lump, free burning Anthracite 'coal, all ' sizes, at D. Joyce's. Did you notice that H. T. Daniels is ; selling best Minnesota flour at 65 cents a sack. Read his ad in another column. You will find plenty of profitable read" ng there. ' < Mrs. 8, F. Martin returned Wednesday evening from a six weeks' visit at Walla ' Walla, Wash, Miss Mabel did not return with her, but will remain to finish i her visit. ' . ' • -. GUB. Boch, of Dedham, waa a pleaeant caller yesterday. Be says the farmers in ,• that part of tbe county are disposing Of everything they have for sale'that requires grain. The two societies at the high school ,. building Have purchased lumber for a 'VStt'ge and have aUo purchased foot lights and a carpet. The stage will be used for ''the entertainment Saturday evening by ' Uje Occidents. Dr. Robert Coyle, probably tbe finest ; ( Orator that ever appeared before a Carroll ', audience, after spending the past year among the Pacific islands, is now lectur- t ing in tbid state on "Hawaii." He would prove an attraction in our; city. For rheumatism I have found nothing equal to Chamberlain's pain balm. Jt re, Haves the pain as soon as applied. J. W. f „ Young, West Liberty, W. Va. The » prompt relief it affords is alone worth / many times tbe cost, 50 cents. Its contlu- , ued use will effect a permanent cure. For salebj J, If. Hatton,druggist. The Olio club will meet at tbe home of Mrs, A. L, Wrlgbt next Saturday afternoon at three o'clock. Topic* for Dec. Miss Mamie STJBS OABBoiiii COUNTY. On the fifteenth of this month notice was served' on the county auditor that H. O. Clausen bad brought action against Carroll oonnty for the sum of 81550. Mr. Clausen is a constable in Warren township and bad presented a bill to the board for the above amount which was lejeoted. Toe plaintiff bad a warrant placed in bit hands as an officer for the arreet of J. H. Brown., After searching for him the papers were returned nn- esrved for the reason 'that Mr. Brown could not be found. The board rejected the bill on the ground that the constable had Incurred the expense while searching for the man, against whom the warrant was sworn out, in .Crawford and Shelby counties, and in going outside of the county the board claims exceeded hie jurisdiction. The trial is set for' Tuesday ,Deo. 11, before Justice Johnson of Warren township, and will be held at Manning. ' _ The greatest nnmber of case* of tardiness in any one room wts font, MiM Sange' room enjoyed the distinction of hating not a single flsse In rjaptember* For the bame month there were' eleven esses of tardiness on the south side, Miss Boderiok having none, and the greatest nnmber in any one room being seven. Comparing the reports with those of a year ago, it is found that tardiness has decreased in our eohoola nearly forty percent. _ An Awful Funny Story was related by Smylhe at the club cue other night. Wben the slaughter bad subsided some one said! "Smythe, I never saw a man change as ion have during the past roar. A few months auto, you were the most taciturn man Imaginable; now you tiro the life of the putty. HOW' Is It?" "My dear fellow," replied gmythe, "a year ago, 1 was a sick mam I was suffering tram liver and stomach derangements. I,W«B morbid and melancholy, and my friends, the doctor Included* thought I wai 'going Into consumption.' une day Home one advised me to take Dr. Pierce' B Golden Medical Discovery. I did so, and 1 am a new man. It has actually renewed my youth, and I enjoy life as I have not for years " •• Dr. B. V. FIIRCB: Sir— Allow me to offer my thank*, to you for my good health since Using jour "Ooiqen Medical Discovery."- I was bat the shadow of a person, so thin and haggard, without one moment's ease; had suffered for years with my stomach and liver, and this spring had a very severe attack of La Grippe. I then commenced using the "Discovery''- and rny recovery is wonderful. I am forty-five years old, and feel ai well and strong as I did when sltteen years old; my sleep Is aa sound as' ah Infant's. I remain, fours thankfully, R. A. GILES; ...... ..... - ....... Arlington, Nelson Co., Va. LINED SALE The ladies of the Aid society of the Presbyterian church will give a linen esle at the vacant store room first door east of the postoffioe Wednesday, December 12. A chicken pie dinner and; an oyster supper will be served. Everybody in invited to board with them for the day. The fancy work and linen goods will be disposed of during the GREAT, UNPABAM/BLBD, UNCOMPABABLE. HpHday sale, will be our next move. Look out for it. Watch for it. It will not be long in coming. Our prices are the telltale of our enormous ealee this season, but our holiday sales will and mast eclipse all our former efforts. , ' We are determined that when the year of 1895 dawns on the fair oily of Carroll we will be able to invoice the smallest stock of olothing, etc., we have ever invoiced. Look out for par red. letter holiday sale and prices. ......... MOSBS SIMON. day and evening. also be conducted are ell cordially A oandy booth will by 1 the- ladies. Yon invited. Ladies' Aid society Presbyterian obnrob. "All Full Inside?" "Can't speak for the other paaengers, driver, but tnut last dumpllngillled me up." Yes, and 'twill "lay yon out," if it was as doughy a* tome of them are, and then you'll need ur. Plerce'e Pleasant Pnlletg to rollevn your pain, and gently remove from the stomach and bowels, all Irritating matter. No drastic purges these, but gently cathartic, more laxutlvn than cathartic, yet though, mild, doing thorough work, and easy to take; a specific In diseases of too stomach, liver and bowels. In vials to preserve their virtues. Of ail medicine dealers. It is prepared with the utmost care and skill from the choicest leaf grown; possessing a flavor and substance that makes it dear to the heart of every tobacco chewer. It is made by the oldest tobacco manufacturers in America, and the largest in the world, and cannot be excelled. Try it "Voti'll agree with the many thousand discriminating chewers who use it exclusively, and pronounce it much the best BOLL OF HONOB. The following pnpile of the south aide were perfect in spelling last week: Katie Flanagan Lizzie Kramer Agnes Kurtzhali Bessie Bllmer Bessie Wler May Humphrey. Mamie Arabs Jessie Hullo j OnaiTlscui Minnie Stokes Clara Bomls Earl Sinclair Henry Soharnweber Emma Kramer Pearl Bunting OraTolion : KmmaTledge Vrankie Yonker DottioKIng Alice Whalen Minnie FUuus Fred Elliott Eisle Christopher Ethel Dean . Bertha'knrtzhals Patrick Donelon Wilbur Day Anna Folken , Frank Flanagan, Winnie O'Brien' Fred Brown Jessie Btokos Outta Fischer Heny Kurtzhali \ «; Villas and Tombs, ' ..Macomber; Pantheon, Mrs. Wright; *' Archei, Mrs. Culburtson; Cicero, Mrs. , Letts. John Kerpor filed in the auditor's office a notice of contest on last Wednesday, it being the last day for filing tuch noticei. Contest is mode against Frank Turechnck to the office of Justice of the peace in Pleasant Valley. Mr. Turecheok was '«4e,e»ed to tbe office by 41 vote*. The modern mother has fouud that her little ones are Improved wore by the pleasant laxative, Syrup of Figs, when in need of the laxative effect of a gentle remedy than by any other, and that U IB more acceptable to them, Children enjoy it and It oeueflts them. The tiuo remedy) Syrup of Figs, is manufactured by the California Fig Syrup Co. only. •>> W. K. Sluraei came down town yesterday w> morning wearing a smile that illuminated i toll whole countenance, the caute being .a.bojiuclpg now baby boy tUtU Just ar- |j»ed at fcki home, Mr*. tHurgei and Mr. , JJturgsi, Jr., are bpth doing nicely which will be glad news to their nianjr friend*. The great holiday lale »t the Palace .drug store commenced yesterday and will v Boottoue until New Year,'*. Prices have r beoa put down to § hard'Uaiei hauls aud ' all cap attord to buy Christm»* ureaeum Palace drug i»0r.e, fievd the I ^vcrlUemont eliewbore, in Mil* P»per '' ['call apd examine their floe flock. T}»e "WhiteBlavo" will be given an pr«»ouXa,Uou by the WiUou at the Uorwaoiu onora liouec week. ThU popular louludruuia i raide more mouay aud wol with iu»ro je Approval th»u any play of UB ch»s i! ' POPOOBN STAND. I am now located at Frank Geooke'e billiard ball. Ladies may leave orders at Sohaohtner & Egan's grocery store, which will receive prompt attention. Job lots delivered to any part of town. Patronage solicited. FBAMK FBITZ. TBB SAUHOVB BOMB BDBOLABIZED. Manalng Monitor. Some npkuown person or. persons mode the home of Mr. B. I. Salinger an informal and totally unexpected' call, early last Sunday morning. The host was unaware of the presence ot gueeU, and did not make an appearance, so tbe visitors entertained themselves tbe best they could and upon their departure carried off a gold watch and a small amount of cash aa mementoes of their pleasant visjt. Mr. Salinger is not in tbe habit of looking the front door of his residence, and some one acquainted with this fact muBtJhsve done tbe job. Incidents of this nature are far too numerous in Manning, and it tbe offender is ever apprehended it will go bard with him. AMUBBMBNTB. "Wife for Wife," a comedy drama ot merit will be one ot the leading plays presented by the Wilson Theatre company during their engagement at the Oermania opera bouts next week. Tbe pbjy is a love story of southern life beautifully told, pleasing in plot, entertaining in climax", interwoven with humor and pathos, replete with singing and dancing specialties. Its is the tendereat, ite hero the most heroic, and ito villain ot tbe deepest dye, Tb* Did you Ever Try Electric Bitten as •> remedy for your trouble,?, If not, get • bottle now_ and net relief. This medicine has been faund to ' be peculiarly ' adapted to the relief and cure of fell female noom- plalnU, exerting a wonderful direct Influence in ; giving strength and ton* to the 'organ*. If you have 'loss of appetite, constipation, headache, fainting spells, or are nervous, ileepiess nights, excitable, melancholy or troubled with dizzy spells, Electric Bitter* Is tbe medicine you need. Hoaitb and ttrength an guaranteed br IU me. Large bottles onlf fifty cents at J. W. Hatton '• drugstore. 3 THB The following program will be given by the Occident society at tbe bigb school room Saturday evening, Deo 8. Program begins at 8 o'clock: Looking at two sides of a Subject j Lanreame.. B«»* PMterton Medley Edward Youker Violin Solo ..Bmma£g*rmay«r When buying Christmas presents why not buy something useful, something that will help to furnish a home, something that will be both useful and ornamental, something that will make your wife, husband, father, mother, sister, brother, or sweetheart happy on Christmas day and add to their comfort ever after (?) Parlor$uits, $35 tO $100 ' * 7" ' - . '" • T, • .„, • ;/ *•,•.>, Bedroom Suits, 14 " 60 .- • •-.*"• Book Cases, »5 and upward. ^g~Full line of Hobby Horses, Cradles and Shop Flies. $ .86 tO$ 20 " 2Q and upw'd! Rockers, Mattresses, BestCarpet Sweepers, t^**We are making a special run on sweepers and now is the time to secure a bargain. In all we have the finest and cheapest line of FURNITURE ever shown in Carroll. Best of material and workmanship at the lowest prices., Quartette Buajr on Corns. Sougs ot Seven . Emma Young \ Edith Voting I win. Egermarer •Kltort Wllhlte Giiai. Youlter IMTKHHISRION. rcnilduood Boioaooe Love -{Maternity Widowhood Main St., Op. Court House. & LAUGILIN U|T«D InMarrlttg* IConglDg for Home Instrumental Solo ............... Carrie Atkinson Voor Little Joe/ ................ .....FtarlDree* Vocal Duet ......... MUion Bang* and Pallerson Cntlc't Beuort ......... .... Bupt. J . 1. HuUabon fartlugBong BuoklW* Anno* Tb*tw*t Mlve in to* world ler Quit, Bruu**, ^the additional duty of one-tenth of a cent per pound imposed by the Wil«on oct on sugars Imported from bounty paying Countries. The secretary sajrs the discrimination i* peinlwIMr «t railanw iprlthtbe twaty stipulation* and holds that payment on e^iwW! iwftw*» e8n< not be considered to tht Hgbt ef adU- crimination; certainly net atpw so than tbe imposition of a ptotoMva ot practically prohibitive duty on the importation of an artists. The two measures are the same IB pritWhpl* the qnesMon as to vioH* idwU w»«fc«?t*#, * •^natter of domaitio DoUoy. Bach U In- Ob*i>p*d HaBd*,OaUUala* BrapUoos, and pesltlT«lr caret FU«* or M pay r»tulred I* «lv* p*rlMl ror**|*b J. scenery used for this piece sbowa the audienoe a revelation in mechanical effect*. This season tba Wilson Company numbers fifteen people and has a car load of baggaga and eoMwy. Prices will ba lO.aOand 80oi.u»s. Ladies ticket*' free on Monday night. STILL ANGRY. ssti «•>»»•-"•—- •-— —t— — TTT-- m - — f-m - ' t traded to oreata a nattof at a4vont«0e in nroduotion or n>anuf aotare m* between the two the bounty, i* mote lawot aW« to tbe inhabitants of forsia* oountriw, •inoe it tend* to enable them to get cheaper article* at (he expense of the 'bounty paying government. 'In eonelu- 1 Statement of tb$ Contention Over Tariff Duties. ocroty tto duty levied on bounty paying sugar by the act of IHD« U a dtwrtMfnalon, (hat it is an attempt to e**e» • «Na*stlo favor cr encouragemeftt to pjn«t*roinaui' by the very WD<MW AHOTHEE BETALIATOEY MEA6UEE, goveniHleot doss - withT*- apt Toe plot Sleferly "arrtod out, and tl>- »«»i»»tunu TABPINKHS IN TO* Bupt. ^meut furnishes the following etuiistioal matter; Iu aeptember of this year there we** thirteen oases of tanlloeat in the norlh building. Tbe high school and tbe primuriea take high rank, then being but oue ouau iu the uigh aoboo) and two In the primuriea. While great credit to due our primary t*uyu«« tor inoulc«tiug the woslleut principle ot puootuaJUy, th« smull per cent of tardinej« aHtong the little ouwj apeak* voluataf for tbe good seuse of the moHieiti ot Qi»r city. Buod«ir»tU Will l»«r*SS* »«»• on I*»r»M M.tUr 'at I*»f m I» HI* B»l»»*--l > ri>»' r »t>U foer ror U«tt«rTr*>4* fUlallou*. WABHINOTON, Deo, •.•—The president on Wednesday aent to oongraM the utttto- went of the (lorraan contention in refor- euoetothe dUorlmlntittoo against tb« IwiMrtatlon in the United State of (lor- inttu sugar, to which reference was mad« U> hU loewugo to oongresj. The state* ment in in the form of a letter from fcleo- retary Greihum to the president. In subatanoe, thU i« » recital of the Ger- y,rote»t muds Al»g, W l«ltag«lu»t additional dutiw claU* the In jlvS, for protest on sujftiuv not shown to bo the prodoot or manufaoturo of Pruwla. , HUM 0«riuen B»UII*MiHi. hu* taJies. Hw Mta «w itop toward curtailing the Hrida« before of an- oiernt at Bremen. . He say* that m future cotfcmieed. oil and oilnuUfcad seed* will pay » higher duty. Tbe raising of the duty is supported by there- port that it* use for food purposes rose from l«9,000 pounds in 1885 to over BOO,000 pounds in 18»8. Py m*"" of simple processes of refining, cottonseed oil can be turned into sweet oil and is used to a great extept in the manufacture of artificial butter and also for the conservation of fl»h. "All this means in goodGtarman," says (be consul, "one pretend* to strike at cottonseed oil and means to strikt oleomargarine. If officially drugged so as to be unlit for transformation into food, tbe oil will be admitted at a much lower rate. The result will be a considerable riw In tbe price of the material for the manufacture of oleomargarine, but, unlike our American manufactur- en, tbe German*, have not succeeded in Pfodtudng the oil from the seed fit for food purpose*." m Tb* oonaul marks the progrew of this tariff war in th* aignttoant poragrapbt "I bad hoped to be able to report tba> there w«i « •'•»««« **}** <* *• W* °[ tbe Qerwan peopte to Join tb« people of the United Statef in a mutual effort for tbe e*t«n»lon of tto commerce of both ntrt*. bo* »•» tortgoing, together with woent edicts afulnat Amflrloa» beef, would Indicate to a certain ertwt • different attitude IB thU country toward the enlargement of rates on Ameri can product*." Judge Burford severely scored the jury, for their verdict, 8p»lu Will Bftftln Cub«, MADKIU, Deo. «,— In the chamber of deputies Sonor Ascarte, a Republican member, wade a speech warmly advocating the autonomy of Cuba, Prime Minister Sagosta declared Spain would shed her last drop of blood aud spend her lust dollar to retain Cuba. TUB debate was stupended, tbe proceeding* having become uproarou*. An oxijOHiTui thu" mctUou* of the L«ke Carrier*' UHftortwtlou |M niiwiu In a •peoial report by I«*s>r Coniui|8»louer Lewis of nil-,-. EID5IEOC combined Agruriau «a4 arti that It will *<»4*0 l»MFfttr4 a»ur«* » Jury. EL RKNO, O. T., Pw. fl.— Tom O'Hare, on trial tor the murder of Wolf Hare, a Cheyenne Indian, «t Giieywuo, U. T., but apriugi brought here ou u clmugt* of venue, wai awqulttwl by ujuryttfter throe days' d.Uburutiou, This UUiog oocttoioned trouble between lied Moou'o Uuui aud tUo Ta«w r»uger«, O'Hare wit* it wwwbw of tU« r»ng«rs aud wtw g««»tiy fjateted at the'!rt»t brthejuit, BevoraJ 9t tbe i«ry were »i'r»P4«r» ana trade tobaccos, will findlk bnd superior to all ortiery

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