Redlands Daily Facts from Redlands, California on May 21, 1965 · Page 14
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Redlands Daily Facts from Redlands, California · Page 14

Redlands, California
Issue Date:
Friday, May 21, 1965
Page 14
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BEN CASEY By NEAL ADAJVIS SHORT RIBS By FRANK O'NEAL l-OOK AT THE -T(2 \CK IN ins MUD/ /j DOhi'-riHlNfCVOU'Ll-^ BE ABLE fO KILL HIM. DAN FLAGG By DON SHERWOOD C4--05^:i... / yOUC FATHER TO BE (M SYBIL. : f SHE !?EAay LOVES THE GU/... ?0(? H£l? SAKE I HOPE j- VIA WRONG .' ,• VESYTIRED ;- r ' / A 'tL. HE WOffKS TOO \ H41?PA\'D T0N !6HTAr nWEC WE'LL 6ET HIM A X ^WAy peOM HiS CARES, THE BORN LOSER By ART SANSOM PRISCILLA'S POP By AL VERMEER CAPTAIN EASY By LESLIE TURNER OBVIOU^UV /AK./ LBT'5 LOOK UP WtKEE... TROON PiPN'T ( 6BE HOW HE'5 FARED AT REIAEWBERTHEV GLOsspp MANOR i 5HEPHERP, OH /W?,McKEE,EA5y I OOUT NEEP A Y "^^^^ PSStHIATKIST Vill BDT I MAY 500N. iprw E>;TOsep ANV L0NS6R TO MESTOP PsycH05i 15 CHECKEP, YOU'RE IN MY CUSTOPVi J.Rl""50 RELAJC WITH THE C3THER5. LEARN TO PLAV" A6AIN1 MORTY MEEKLE By DICK CAVALLI I CON'rUIZSyOUATALLi TO'SEBHa'/MAHY Rici; I LOATHE vou// NINE Y»VOieS \ 1' '•-^^-] ANPNOTASINGie . -^^ •Virtu •r 1 W h MtA, I.c T M, U.!. W- OUR BOARDING HOUSE with MAJOR HOOPLE OUT OUR WAY J. R. WILLIAMS Redlands Daily Facts 14-Friday. May 21,1965 Piccard to try for new balloon record CALIFORNIA CITY (UPI) Dr. Don Piccard, son of llic world famoii.s Dr. .Jacques Piccard, loday announced lie wi try lo break 27 world's records for aerial balloon.s Saturday. Starling from California City Airport, just north of Mojave, Piccard will Iry lo take his balloon, the "Golden Bear," to a height of more than 20 mile;. The current altitude record is 21.54 miles and is held by Malcolm Ross. Read Classified Ads CLASSIFIED RATES Minimum 2 Itnci, .1 avcrasa words to the Une. 'SI letters and spaces. Do not abbreviate. 1 Time 3 Time* G Time* ... »i.m) $i.14 *2.(i4 2 Lines, .'i Lmen. 4 i.ini;!-. 5 Linen n Un-7 LineK 8 binr^ 0 Linf.T 10 Line. J.00 l.OS i.:a )M l.WI , 2.11 •JM 2.70 2.10 2 ..-III .1.00 4.;!2 .1.04 .1.70 0 43 •'.20 3M 3 .2a 0.00 7.02 10 For Rent A — APARTMENTS Per Month by tile line — .»4 00 Coinnicrt-'.iit Itstns nn Request CLASSIFICATION INDEX LoBt nnd Found - i Mcr»onalii 2 Special NollCBK —. 3 Cmployrnent Wanted . 4 Help Wanted „ to Schooln - InHtructlnns NEW 2 Bedroom, unfurnished, built- ins. patio, adults. $90. 792-6005. FuriN'ISHiSD single. lovely, just decorated, cooler, SfiO. 321 Sonera. TUHNiSHED S'INGLE APARTMENT 2*'-*" W. Redlands Blvd. 1 BKDBbOM unfurnished, stove and! retrificrator. Adults. 792-3563. 13.20 Nuruerlrs - Dny SchooU iloom nnd Board i^or Rent J" Wanted to Rent Bargain Spot 1; IluKinesi Services ^ - Vlu.'.icnl instruments ^ 2« fteal E:^tatc Loans ™ Money to Loan - •- - \7onuy Wanted - ^- MortRnKth - Deeds „ 4,' business Opportunities - — 44 Income Property „ Beach - Mountain 1 BP.:DR 00 M furnished apartment. ClobC to Sago's. 792-788Q. 1 BtlDROOM furnished; all utilities paid. Lovely park-like setting, near Redlands Hospital. $60. 793-1237. 10 For Rent B —HOUSES BACHELOR apartment, freshly painted, close in, air conditioned. $50. 7»:j-5663. 230 S. Suena_Vista. StiLLMAN A'PARTMENTS — 1 bedroom, furnished, pool, yard care, _$yO. 792-6i:jI_O^792-3360. • 2 BEDROOM, unfurnished. South* side. S85. BERT MARCUM, Realtor. 7U3-2422. J R 60 M, furnished, close in. Utilities Industrial Property Lots and AcreaRe . Real Estate ExchanBes... Groves and Ranches Reveals tally on accidents CinCAGO fC )-Thc National Safely Cou..cil said today that 3,400 persons died in highway accidents across the nation during March. The figure was 340 higher than for February, but 3 per cent lower than March 1964. The council said about 350,000, .o-.r.=.,.«T. pe,-sons received injuries in! „ , .t^^'l^'"*^'?^^,b,e .d ' , . , , . . 1. Readable and iinoer^tandable ad^ iMarch auto accidents that dlS-i (iiomole greater results. The use ol iabled Ihem beyond the day of I ^"J'',^«P'»^'»"<»"<' i Classified Advertisements Is lalse (Ihe acciuenl. leconomy. therefore only Standard Abbreviations are authorlred. ^e'l EsUte Wonted.. Commercial Property Houses for Sale . Mobile Homes - Trailers Trucks - Trailers Automotive „ Imported CarR , 47 .. 46 . 40 _ 50 _ 51 .. 52 _ 53 _ 54 _ 55 _ 58 ._ 59 ... 60 eOA paid, laundry facilities. Adults only. 792-4009 after 4. LARGE furnished lower, lights paid. Adulls. SOD. 330 S. Buena Vista. Appointmeiit. 792-1440. 2 BEDROOM furnished apartment, $05 month. TERRY HIGDON, Real- _tor, 600 Te.vas. 792-4043. DtiUBLE and single. Low rent, all utilities paid. Adults. No pets. 248 Cajon. Apt. 1. SaO — 2 bedroom, unfurnished duplex. Close in. southside, air conditioning, water and disposal paid- Adults. 792-3461. HUGE 1 bedroom, also large 2 bedroom. Pool. Adults. CYPRESS TERRACE APTS., 325 E. Cypress. _7!J3-55™. SOUTHSIEIE, I bedroom duplex, carpeted, covered patio. Gardening and; 3 AND 4 bedrooln brand new hcincV. Family room, carpeted, air conditioner. Available July lo. Hurr.v. S167,3Q month. VIRGIL SIMS. Rcal- tor. 13 W. Citrus, 783-2777. LEASE — 3 bedrooms. 2 baths, laVe'e rumpus room, lovely yard. Smiley Heights. 14Io Monte Vista. 733-3350 evenings or weekends. S22j month, water paid. IMMACULATE 3 bedroom and family room home on Eucalyptus St. Carpets, drapes, air conditioned. Beautiful, fenced, landscaped yard. Available July 1. S240 month. Call CITATION REALTY. 201 W. Redlands Blvd., 793-2437. FOR LEASE — Mediterranean Estate on viewful 1^ acre. 4 bedrocnjs, 4 baths, dining room, large living room, finished basement. S325 month. Water and gardener paid. BERT MARCUM, Realtor, 793-2422 or Eves. Jim_Belhell._793-3059. AVAILABLE FOR 3 MONTHS 3 bedrooms. 2 paths. unfurni...hed. Available May 15 to August 15. Prefer no small children. SlOO per month in return for good care of house and yard. Contact Perry at _Sav..yer Real Estate. 793-2314. 2 BEDROOSIS and den. 2'baths, formal dining room, carpets and drapes. Close in. Available now S175 month VIRGIL J. SIMS. Realtor 18 W. Citrus 793-1177 2 BEDROOM, unfurnished, carpets _ S85 2 BEDROOM, unfurnished $63 2 BEDROOM, furnished 585 Wanda Hale, Realfor 126 W. Colton 793-2473 NICE clean 3 bedroom, fenced. Lease or lease option . . S P(l 2-BEDR06MS -rbiriltrin-n7rg -erDra^,'2 SfDROOM, furnished Adull.-. S so carpets. University district. Only ,?.,S £P/,09^'- unfurms-hed 5 ,3 water paid. Adults. S75. 307 Bond. 793-1158 or .'Ul Bond. 793-4095. I \\ I'D S=&TH£ DAY A VOU PSO.N\ IN THE HlCTOi?V OF PU6IU4.M.' -.. iOU'KB ASOUT TO SEE THE FIRST WORKOUT Or KOCI<y ^TONE.'IN SlMTkyJl \r lOO<SUKB)\mK6i A FEW.•SHORT /AOMTHS, mcKY T ^ " ' * A t-tV^ 'OHUK.l /.-it^l^ in^.r^s^i-r-/ ^ I THE MAivjOrt MA!^d^^!0 VJILLBE REMEM8&REO) /p|^ipji_LV HA5 >A IS IHl^ 5iD= Or VvV CW =£:K.BiJT^ 6UT16 ROCKY NOTICE or TKITSTLE'S SALE No. 55«]84 On Thursday, the 3rd dav of June 19Uo. at 9::i0 a.m.. al the North entrance of the County Court House, in the City of San Bernardino, County of San Bernardino. Slate of California. FIRST AMERICAN TITLE INSURANCE & TRUST COMPANY. Trustee under that certain deed of trust executed by R. J. Maddox and Dolores Maddox, husband and wife and Virgil B. Fluegel and Cathryn Fluegel, husband and wife, as Trus­ tors, to FIRST AMERICAN TITLE INSURANCE & TRUST COMPANY, California corporation, as Trustee. Harvey Brockway Alverson, a married man. as to an undivided ^/b interest and Seymour Tucker, a married man, as to an undivided ^gths interest, as Beneficiaries, dated April 2. 1964. and recorded June 3. 1964. in Book 6161, page 705 of Official records, and re-recorded June 16, 1964, in Book 6170, page 929 of Official Records of San Bernardino County, State of California, now the owner and holder hereof, will sell at public auction to the highest bidder for cash or lawful money of the United States of America, payable at the time of the sale, the following real property situated in the County of San Bernardino, more particularly described as: A portion of Lots 30 and 31, Block 77, RANCHO SAN BERNARDINO, in the City of Redlands, County of San Bernardino, State of California, as per plat recorded in Book 7 of Maps, page 2, and that portion of High Avenue vacated by Resolution of the Mayor and Common Council of the City of Redlands, Resolution No. 2188. recorded July 2, 1962. in Book 5726 of Official Records, page 856, records of said County, described as follows: BEGINNING at a point 331 feet South and 9 feet li inches East of the Northeast corner of Lot 30. Block 77. RANCHO S.AN BERNARDINO, said point of beginning being on (he West line of Church Street: thence We-it, parallel to and 3;jl feet South of the North line of said Lot ^O, Block 77. Rancho San Bernardino. 331 feet to a point on Ine East line of Tract 1935. rc- rorded in Book 23 of Maps, page 5. records of said County; thence South along the Eatt line of said Tract 1935, 323.57 feel, more or le;^s. to a point in the Northerly line of the land conveyed to the State of Caiitornia by deed recorded July 11. 1960. in Book 5182 of Official Records, page 181: thence along said Northerly line South 68' 26' 47" East, 109.95 feet; thence along a tangent curve concave Southwesterly with a radius of 550 feet through an angle of 10' or 47" a distance of 96.76 feet; thence South 58' 22' 00" East 52.74 feet to a point on the North line of High Avenue i60 feet wide', said point being the most WesU erly corner of that portion of High Avenue vacated by Resolution No. 2188, recorded July 2. 1962. in Book 5726 of Official Records, page 856; thence continuing along the Northerly line of said State land. South 58° 22' 00" East 97.44 feet to the most Southeasterly corner of said vacated portion of High Avenue; thence North 00" 08' 31" West along the Easterly line of said vacated portion of High Avenue, 51.32 feet to the North line of High Avenue; thence along the North line of High Avenue. North 89" 50' 57" East, 14 feet to the West line of Church Street: thence North along the West line of Church Street, 416.18 feet, more or less, to the point of beginning. Said Sale will he made, but without covenant or warranty expressed or implied regarding title, posses sion or encumbrances to pay the remaining principal sum of said note, to-wit: S22.500.00, with interest thereon at the rate of 6^^ per annum from 6-3-64. advances if any under the terms of said Deed of Transfer, fees, charges and expenses of the Trustee and of Trusts created by said Deed of Transfer. The Beneficiaries under said Deed oC Transfer by reason of a breach or defauH in the obligations secured -hereby heretofore executed and delivered to Ihe undersigned a written Notice of Breach and Election to Sell said property to satisfy said obliga- Iions and thereafter on 1-27-65 the undersigned caused said Notice of Breach and Eleciinn to Sell to be recorded in Book 6318. Page 937 of Official Records of San Bernardinoj County. State of California, and mailed a copy of said Notice by reg- .tered mail lo: R. J. Maddox. Kt. I, Box 543. Mentone. California. Dolores Msddox. Rt. I. Box 543. Mentone. California, CANCELLATION Cancellations of private party ad* .nay be made until 9 a.m, the day ol publication. If made after 9 a.m.. cancellation will made for the following day. Each ad placed must be published one time or there will be a type set- tine cost of Sl.OO. CLOSE-IN. nice, first floor 2 bed room apartment SI 10 2-BEDROT5MS—cTrT^t—dTipes, air!^ ci.rm^"''^"' -.r-.'oOl condition, stove, refrigerator, d jj. I (>. >i=-sLJ-iFtls _ ,.1.,.-o09 ERRORS Where an error is made on the part of the Redlands Daily Facts, and the Facts is notified by 9 a.m. day following first insertion, correction wili be made and the ad will be run properly one add'tional day. The Redlands Daily Facts will not be responsible for more than one incorrect insertion. DEADLINES Private party ads —4:30 p.m. da? preceding publication. Commercial Ads —3 p.m. day preceding publication. PHONE 793-3221 Dally 8:00 a.m. to 5 p.m. 8:00 a.m. ro M Noon Saturday Trading Stamp Directory S90. Ben M. Nymeyer, 826 E. High. 793-4950. posal. garags. healed pool. ^3 block shopping and bus. S99.50 or furnished S115. 16 N. San Mateo. _ NEW 2 bedroom duplex, S70 a month. Water and trash pick-up furnished. Call 797-1.978 or mquire at 239 County Line Rd.. Calimesa, after •^130 p.m. FURMSHJiD APARTMENTS, weekly rates, S15 and up, monthly rates. £30 and up, utilities Included. Children welcome. 792-7585. 1122 Weit Palm. Aot. 3 ,S12i 2 BEDROOM home, southside LARGE 2 BEDROOM apt., near Sages, built-in stove, new paint, carpet, drapes , ... 5^100 2 BEDROOM apt-, southside. built-in stove, drapes » S5 PRESCOTT'S. Realtors 5 W. State 7q3-.'',lRS FOR LEASE 4 Bedroom. 1 =4 baths... COTTAGE - APARTMENTS Gracious Living at its Best'. ROOSEVELT COURTS 792-2293 534 Roosevelt Rd. 793-4945 r~3EDR0dM APARTMENT. Hardwood floors. Refrigeration cooling. 537.30 month. Earl Johnson, Realtor 792-6360. eve. 792-3269. 793-2451 3 Bedroom, m baths ?145 Built-in range and oven. Carpet, fenced, lawn. EARL JOHNSON, REALTOR 13 N. 7th St. 79^-6350 Eves. 793-2451. 792-3269 Pickwick Arms DELUXE TOWN HOUSE APTS. 522 LaVerne 793-1010 ALL THIS: 2 bedrooms, stove, refrigerator, heated swimming pool, clubhouse privileges. Only S95. Available now 1316 Sylvan Blvd., Manager Apt. 7, 792-3955. S. & H. Green Stamps THE HARRIS CO. 17 T. State ^non^ -ta3-?.36fr 1 Lost and Found LOST—Vicinity of Live Oak Canyon, 6 months old female Weimaraner, silver grey. Reward! 792-1670. REDLANDS TC-.VN HOUSE CAJON and CLARK Redecorated, modern, most desirable. 2 bedroom upper. Ideal location, walking distance town, shopping. Available now. 793-4481. C-. ROOMS BEAUTIFUL, comfortable, room for man. $12 week, $40 month. 792-1257. NICELY furnished room, garage, private bath, separate entrance, breakfast, utilities paid. Business or retired person. 797-7719. 2 Personals DRIVING to Ohio soon, wiU take passenger. 796-6231. Durrell's Apartmen+s Nearly new. turnished, attractive 2 bedroom unit in spacious court. Electric kitchen, dishmastcr, carport, storage, patio, pool and play area, laundry facilities. S117.50. loll E. Central Ave. See Manager, Unit -D". 924 E. Central. 7S3-5785. D — OFFICES • BUILDINGS BUSINESS building. W. Redlands Blvd., SlOO. Key 112 1st, 792-4611. SMALL commercial building, air conditioned, S75. 535 W. Citrus. Maurice Clapp. 794-1111. UNIQUE office building, 650 sq. ft. 3 rooms, air-conditioned, lease S160. Littlepage, Realtor. 793-2766 DELUXE stores and offices available in Boulevard Plaza, Third and Redlands Blvd. Maurice Clapp. 794-1111. MODERN, air conditioned, mahogany panelled small office. Good parking, private rest rooms. S37.50. 1055 E. 6th St., Beaumont, 845-9018. 3 Special Notices 21" CITY water credit for sale. Best offer will take. Write Box G, Facts. 4 Employment Wanted IRONING or baby sitting in my home. Reasonable. 253 Myrtle St. HOME repairs, cabinets, alterations. General carpentry. Watkins^JgTjl596 TILE — Remodeling baths or hew work. Estimates. 792-68t5tj. Durrell's Apartments Unfurnished, attractive 2 bedroom unit in spacious court. Electric range and refrigerator. Attached carport, .storage. Laundry facilities, pool and play area. S90 and up. Durrcll. Unit D. 924 E. Central. 793-5733. 13 Wanted to Rent RETIRED couple wish to rent or sublet furnished apartment for the summer. 793-5237. 115 Bargain Spot ZEGER'S painting a'nd decorating. Licensed and insured. 793-1358. LANDSCAPE gardening, lawns installed, rolotilling. 796-0922. PAINTlNti — A-1 workmanship, rea- soitable. "Bob" DeWitl. 793-3722._ PRACTICAL nurse, light housekeeping, hospital experience. "Write Facts Box "K". TAKE care of your property in exchange for furnished place or what have you. P. O. Box 65, Colton. Calif. COLLEGE graduate home for summer, desires employment for 3 months. Typing, filing, willingness to learn. Write Box H, c/o Facts. 6 Help Wanted WOMAN to clean. 1 day a week- Own transportation. 792-o204. BEAUTY operator, ten years experience or more. Older woman preferred. Call 794-1900. RESTAURANT cook. Experienced in cooking Mexican food necessary. Oscar's. 19 No. 5th. 792-9333. Completely Furnished ^ I and 2 bedrooms ^ Heated pool and patio ^ Carports, laundry, insulated 4 Water and gas paid TED'S APARTMENTS 27385 W. Redlands Blvd. Near Alabama 793-3679 A — AUTOMOTIVE Park Terrace Apts. 1324 Stillman Ave. 2 — 2 bedroom, l^i baths. Stove, refrigerator, fully carpeted, drapes, pool, patios, carports, guest parking. Adults. $125. Manager. Apartment 5. 793-2748 792-3724 NICE 1959 Chevy ton pickup: 8"ft. box. .S695. 793-240S or 792-6161. 1954 FORD station wagon. SlOO casli. 792-2264 after 4. rgofPLYMOUTH hardtop. R a d i o". heater, seat beits. $250. 711 Hibiscus Drive. 792-3237. "i^VOLKSWAGEN. 1500 S, station wagon, brand new. 793-2121, Ext. 346. Heini Lange. 1962 RAMBLER American station wagon, stick shift, excellent running condition. 792-4766 after 6 p.m. 1959"OLr>SMOBILE 88 2-door: Power steering, brakes, radio, heater, air. S795. 792-2074 evening 159 T -BIRD. black, air conditioned, healer, power brakes, steering and windows. 66.000 actual miles. One owner. S950. Call 792-3566. Orangewood Village E Citrus and Cook 2 bedrooms, l'^ baths, unfurnished Studio Apartments Built-ins. dishwasher, forced air heat, refrigerative cooling, carpets, drapes, carports with storage, laundry facilities. $97.50 Per Month NO LEASE Mgr.. 103-5 E. Citrus. Apt. 2 1959 FORD, white, 8 cylinder station •wagon. Automatic transmission, whitewalls. S850. 792-2188, eves., 793-5317. 1960 CADILL.AC. 4 door, sedan de- ville. Air conditioned, full power, good tires. rOne owner car. Very clean. S1995. 792-6606. Julianna Apts. 30 and 50 N. Ash St. REAL Estate Salesman to specialize ^ bedroom. 1 bath S120, 5125 m land and commercial. Must nave^ renewal license. Jim Talcott, The Land Man. 797-9153. WOMEN for gat"hering eggs. experienced man for poultry ranch. .35594 County Line Road, Yucaipa. •97-1192. MIDDLE age couple to work poultry ranch. Hau,Mng. utilities, mcidentals plus t-alarv. Must be experienced. CallJ794-1149. HAIR STYL'ISTS—Golden opportunity for experienced hair stylists at Redlands" newest and most plush Salon St Redlands Plaza. Many fringe benefits. Our quality prices [ will warrant only ihe finest hairj stvlists. Call 6o9-5180. 2 bedroom. 1'.- baths, studio $155 Forced air heat, cooling and private patio. 2 bedroom. 2 baths S163 Forced air heat, cooling and private patio. Carpeting and drapes, built-in electric range and oven, pool, recreation room. Free laundry facilities. GAS and CITY SERVICES PAID. Mgr. No. 4 792-6770. 792-5964 i96r"6LDSMOBILE 35 Cutlass Sport Coupe; good condition, factory air. Call 793-2111 between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m.; 792-1593 between 6 and » p.m. 1 Virgil B. Fluegel, Rt. 1. Box 543. Mentone, California. Cathryn Fluegel. Rt. 1, Box 543. Mentone. California. Dated: May 10, 1965. FIRST AMERICAN TITLE INSURANCE & TRUST COMPANY. By Lorene Meek. Assistant Secretary. First American Title Insurance & Trust Company, 323 Court Street. San Bernardino. California, "RECEPTIONIST PABX OPERATOR 3 Years minimum experience neces- sarv. Tvping and ability with figures helpful. Sal3ry commensurate with qualifications. Must nave own transportation. H you are an attractive, mature person who has career in mind, please call 793-3271 or 8;(4-1251 between 8 and 4 for appointment^ TEACHERS Here's an opportunity you never dreamed of. A Summer job, that could result in additional income during teaching days. Need money! Have Enthusiasm: Have the spirit of adventure! Call today for an appointment. 792-4098. 9 Room and Board NOTICE TO CREDITORS No. 34684 Superior Court of the State of California, for the County of San Bernardino. Estate of ALICE VAN BIBBER, also Jcnown as MRS. WILLIAM VAN BIBBER, Deceased. NOTICE IS HEREY GIVEN to the creditors of the above named decedent that all persons having claims against the said decedent are required to file them, with the necessary vouchers, in the office of the clerk of the above entitled court, or to present them, with the necessary vouchers, to the undersigned at the law offices of Surr & HeUycr. 599 .Arrowhead Avenue, San Bernardino. California, which is the place of business of the undersigned in all matters pertaining to the estate of said decedent, within six months after the first publication of this notice. Dated Hay 18. 1965. FRANK B. MILLER, Executor of the Will of the above named decedent. SURR & HELLYER, 599 Arrowhead Avenue, San Bernardino, Calif., TU 4-4704, Attorneys for Executor. (First publication May 21. 19651 HOTEL CASA DEL REY Retirement bote 1^92-9068 HOME atmosphere, cooking, laundry. Cooler 792-3594. 10 For Rent A —APARTMENTS CLOSE in, convenient. Summer rate. 622 Glenwood Dr. 793-3829. CLE.AN 2 bedroom, furnished, upstairs. S65. 245 Grant. 792-4327. USE THE FACTS FAST ACTION "CLASSIFIED" CALL 793-3221 Brookside Patios Presfige Apartments 711 Brookside Ave. FURNISHED — UNFURNISHED 1 Bedroom; 2 Bedroom, 1 bath; 2 Bedroom. 2 baths. 4 Private patios or private balconies. ^ Refrigerated cooling. ^ Free circulating hot water. ^ Large heated POOL, 4 Badminton court. ^ Golf putting green. ^ Garages, plus off - street guest parking. ^ Laundry. 4 Convenient to markets, schools. 4 fREE CITY SERVICES. MANAGER 793-4275 or 793-3014 LIDO PALMS FURNISHED OR L-NFURNISHED Gas, Water, Electricity & City Services Included Bachelor S 90.00 1 Bedroom .... 110.00 2 Bedroom .... 140.00 Studio IW.OO Refrigerated Cooling Range, refrigerator, drapes, fully carpeted; soundproofed, private balcony or patio, beautiful grounds, heated pool. Adult Section—Child's Section McKinley - Cope School District Military Personnel Welcome 100 TENNESSEE STREET West on Brookside to Market Basket, right for 3 blocks. Manager. Apartment I 792-7016 1963 BUICK RIVIERA Factory Air, Power Steering. Powef Brakes, Power Windows, Radio, Heater. S3200. Calories Limited, Inc. 550 Brookside Redlands 793-2852 B ~ TRAILERS - BOATS 12' SKI Boat, Mercury 55, American trailer. E.xcellent condition. Must sell. S595. 792-5105. SMALL trailer, sleeps 2. Butane light and hot plate. '65 license. $200. 797-1501. D - FURNITURE NEW. Used Furniture, llospital equipment. Buy. Sell. Rent. 792-4240. HOME FURNITURE, 515_Orange. FINE, modern, wooden bedstead". Hard innerspring mattress and springs. S68.50. 702-4753^ CASH for your good used furniture and household accessories. Value Center Furniture, 792-1111. RALPH•i^ BARGAIN SPOT Used Furniture - Appliances We buy and sell most anything. 342 Orange St. 792-5857 Closed Sun. Res. 792-23fiJ B-HOUSES NEW 4 bedroom, cooler, 30 E. Crescent. SloO. 1617 Orange St. 2 Bedroom unfurnished. S73. Water and disposal _paid. 792-5130 after 6 p.m. I BEDROOM, unftimished. clean. Water paid. 132 Norwood. $55. 792-6131 •92-3350. YUCAIPA-C.ALIMESA — 3 bedrooms or 2 bedrooms and den, unfurnished. Large utility area, air conditioning, fireplace, fenced yard, 1 block from school. 797-1746. WIDE MOUNTAIN VIEW 3 bedroom furnished home. Patio, garden. 5120 month includes water. 794-2505. McMAHAN'S USED FURNITURE Table radio S 995 MOO CFM Essick cooler S69.95 10' Crosley refrigerator 2-pc. living room set 589.93 Full size mattress and box S29.95 Weslinghouse auto, washer 559.93 Picture S 7.93 Club chair S 9.95 Maytag wringer washer S79.9.> Table lamps 57.95 each Full size mattress and box S39.93 End tables 56.93 each Roper gas range 579.95 Early American lamps .59.95 each Metal bed, full size S 5.93 Child's wagon S 9.95 Love seat sofa S59-9o Kenmore auto, -washer S79.95 Vanity dresser _ S24.95 Full size mattress...- S14.9S Sofa -539.93 FREE DELrVERY 127 E. State 793-2812

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